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    Written by: Don Battye   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Chris Sheil

The next morning, Wayne's car pulls up at the side of a road. Susan is sitting in the passenger seat and Wayne asks her, "Do you want me to wait for you while you pick up your rings?" Susan, however, replies, "I've got a few other things to do. You'd only be waiting too long." Wayne asks suspiciously, "What else?" Susan tells him, "Hairdresser's - and I was going to see if the car was ready to collect; they said the service was a big one." Wayne asks, "What if it's not ready?" Susan snaps, "Then I'll get a taxi home." Wayne mutters, "OK. Just make sure you pick up those rings from the cleaners." With that, Susan opens the car door and climbs out. Wayne drives off, leaving Susan standing there, looking worried.

Pamela is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's when Charlie totters in and cries, "How can I lose a handbag in a room this size? If I don't make my hair appointment, Raphael will skin me alive!" She looks in a drawer in the drinks cabinet and exclaims suddenly, "There you are!" Looking puzzled, she comments, "Why on earth would I put it in there?" With that, she adds, "Bye, darling!" and goes to head out. She opens the front door, though, to find Nick standing on the step. She smiles, "Hello, Nick, darling. Come on in! Are you after Alison?" Pamela appears in the doorway to the lounge room as Nick nods, "Yeah." Charlie tells him, "She's out, I'm afraid. She could be back in half an hour, or it could be lunchtime." Nick looks at his watch and says, "I might try waiting half an hour or so." He then looks at Pamela and asks, "How are you?" Charlie gasps, "Yes, of course: Pamela can keep you company!" She then adds, "Must go. Ciao!" She heads out. Nick closes the front door and then heads into the lounge room, where Pamela says sourly, "You wanted to see Alison." Nick nods, "That's right." Pamela growls, "I would've thought you'd forgotten all about her after our night out." Nick shrugs, "She's not an easy lady to forget - but then I didn't forget you, either." Pamela mutters sarcastically, "I feel so flattered!" Nick holds out a small gift-wrapped present. Pamela, however, retorts, "No, thankyou. How do I know it was meant for me?" Nick replies, "By the card - and I'm sure you'll like the gift: it's as good as Alison's." The two of them sit down as Pamela demands, "Is that supposed to make me fall in a faint at your feet?" Nick smiles, "Come on, stop playing hurt." Pamela, however, retorts, "I don't get hurt and I don't share my men, either." Nick remarks, "I thought you'd be broad-minded enough to know the score." Pamela raises her eyebrows and snaps, "Oh did you?" Nick goes on, "You're a very attractive woman, Pamela, and I like you. I know you like me - I know you find me attractive - but there are other women in my life, and if one of them happens to be Alison, so what?" Pamela growls, "That's not the way I look at it." Nick smiles, "You mustn't take yourself so seriously; not at this early stage, anyway." Pamela retorts "Who said I was? I just don't like sharing." Nick holds out the present again and smiles, "Come on... take it. What's the harm?" Pamela grabs it as Nick adds, "I'm sure you'll like it."

Andy is heading along the hallway at the mansion. He's wearing a leather jacket, a grey T-shirt and blue jeans. As he passes the door to Fiona's room, Janice emerges suddenly and demands, "Where are you off to, Andy?" Andy turns to her and retorts, "Out." Janice snaps, "Dressed like that?" Andy growls, "How do you want me to go? Naked?" Janice mutters, "There's no need to be sarcastic." Andy goes to walk out. Janice, however, grabs his arm and cries, "Oh no you don't. You look a disgrace." Andy starts struggling with her. Fiona emerges from her room, suddenly, and sighs, "Janice, dear, I do think it's time you gave Andy a break." Janice retorts, "I don't see why." Fiona reminds her, "Don't forget: the deal was that you both took each other on, and Janice, dear, I do really think it's your turn." A triumphant smile crosses Andy's face as Janice turns to him and asks, "What do you want me to do?" Andy retorts, "Staying away from me for one thing will do fine, thankyou very much." Janice cries, "I don't think that's very nice." Fiona tells Andy curtly, "Nor do I. You are a very selfish, arrogant, young man, Andy." Andy glares at her and snaps, "I make a really good whipping-boy for you, Fiona, don't I? Every damn move I make you're there to stick a knife in it. I have had enough. It's a bit of a joke coming from you, anyway, setting yourself up as some judge and jury with the things you've done in your time." Janice says quickly, "Excuse me, I don't think I can stand any more of this." She walks off. Andy takes a step towards Fiona and goes on curtly, "Anyone would think that you were a saint, the way that you carry on. There have been times when you have done just as much scheming as Wayne, or Alison, for that matter. But there you are, sweetness and light, pretending that the light shines on whatever you do - and it's all one big fake." Fiona looks at him before replying, "You know, a lot of what you say is quite right, Andy, and I do apologise." Andy stares at her in surprise and says, "I beg your pardon?" Fiona tells him, "Even after it was proven that you weren't at fault about Wayne, I still didn't trust you, and I am truly sorry. However, that does not excuse the way you've treated Janice. Regardless of what you might think, she is a well-meaning, good-hearted human being, and she does not deserve your sort of behaviour. Now, you might not take the challenge that I set up between you seriously, but she does." Andy murmurs, "Yeah, I know that." Fiona carries on, "Well why don't you do something about it? At least let her feel that you're taking it seriously, too." Andy nods guiltily, "Yeah, I will." Fiona says quickly, "Good. That's what I thought you'd say!"

Charlie is walking along past a parade of shops when Susan emerges from the hairdresser's in front of her. Charlie stops in her tracks and smiles, "Hello, darling! You look simply marvellous. Raphael has done wonders! I hope he's got enough inspiration left over for me!" Susan says quickly, "I'm sure he has, Charlie. If you'll excuse me, I'm in rather a hurry." She goes to walk off. Charlie grabs her shoulder, though, and sighs, "Darling, the day is only young. Don't try and rush it away." Susan tells her, "I've got to pick up my car from the garage." Charlie, however, points out, "I hardly think they're going to give it away; they want your money." Susan stands there, looking uncomfortable as Charlie starts going on, "I must say, that place certainly knows how to charge. The last time I had my car in for a service, I nearly died when they presented the bill. I remember saying to the young man - he was rather cute, actually! - that I could almost have bought another car for what they were charging. In fact, it nearly crossed my mind to let them keep the stupid thing and go on travelling by taxi. In fact, I'm sure it would work out cheaper in the end." Susan stares at her and, looking suddenly excited, gasps, "Charlie, that's brilliant! Thanks! Bye!" With that, she dashes off, leaving Charlie mouthing in surprise, "Don't mention it!"

Sometime later, a taxi pulls up outside the front door at Dural and Susan climbs out. Wayne walks over to her, from where he's practising his golf, and comments, "Car wasn't ready after all?" Susan ignores this, instead holding up her left hand to show that she has her rings back on her finger. She demands, "Satisfied?" Wayne smiles, "That's much better. You look more like my wife now." Susan marches off inside.

Janice is sitting at the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion, tears in her eyes. Andy is sitting on the couch, sighing, "For heaven's sakes, Janice, will you stop crying? How can I apologise properly if you can't hear me?" Janice just sobs, "You wouldn't mean it anyway." Andy stands up and walks over to her, pleading, "Don't I deserve a second chance?" Janice cries, "After the things you said?" Andy crouches down next to her and says gently, "Look, I admit I lost my temper, but that's me; I mean, we're all different people. I know that you're not the sort of person to go off the deep end, but I am. We can't all be as patient and generous as yourself. Now, how about we take Fiona's challenge seriously?" Fiona walks into the room at that moment and smiles, "Ah, that's better! We all friends again?" Janice stands up and sniffs, "Almost." Fiona smiles, "Good! Now, what's the first step?" Looking at Andy, she adds, "Have you got any of that famous Andy Green advice?" Andy turns to Janice and, putting his hands on her shoulders, turns her round 360 degrees. He then tells Fiona, "I think the most obvious place to start is with the clothes." Janice demands quickly, "What's wrong with my clothes? Thousands of women wear the same thing." Andy retorts, "That's kind of the point, Janice!" Janice mutters, "I don't think I'm interested in your ideas after all." Fiona chips in quickly, "Janice, dear, I really do think that Andy does have a point." Janice snaps, "They're serviceable. They're practical, they're clean; what more do you want?" Andy tells her, "They don't let the real you come through, Janice." Fiona muses, "He's quite right, you know. The clothes have got to go!"

A short time later, Andy and Fiona are piling Janice's clothes into a basket on the stairs as Janice stands and demands, "What are you doing?" Fiona smiles, "Just pretend it's a clean-out!" She then picks up the basket and heads down to the hallway. As she does so, Janice insists, "I can't see what's wrong with them: plenty of people would be grateful for these." Andy exclaims, "Hey, that's a good idea!" Fiona adds "Yeah, you could drop them in a bin on your way." Janice asks blankly, "On the way where?" Fiona tells her, "Shopping." Janice replies blankly, "I'm not going shopping." Andy just says, "Oh yes you are!" Janice snaps, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with my clothes." She indicates what she's wearing and adds, "What's wrong with these, for instance?" Andy tells her, "I admit they're a bit better than what you had on before, but they're still pretty daggy." Janice retorts, "I disagree. Jeans are very in; they have been for years." Andy sighs, "Yes, but not those ones. Look at these, for instance." He indicates his own ripped jeans. Janice says quickly, "They look like they're falling apart. I'll mend them, if you like!" Andy sighs in exasperation, "That's what they're supposed to look like! That's what I'm trying to get across to you!" He then grabs Janice's arm and adds, "Come on." With that, he drags her to the front door, leaving Fiona standing with a bemused expression on her face!

A while later, Janice and Andy are walking past a parade of shops. Janice is holding some carrier bags, but she mutters, "I've never seen anything so ridiculous, all these stupid clothes." Andy retorts, "They're what anyone with taste are wearing." They walk along a bit further before stopping outside a hair salon. Andy tells Janice, "Next is the hair." Janice, however, retorts in horror, "I'm not going in there. I've seen what they do to some people's hair, and they're not going to do it to mine." Andy presses, "Come on, Janice. The guy in there is fantastic. Charlie has her hair done here." Janice growls, "Enough said!" Andy demands, "What is wrong with Charlie's hair?" Janice retorts, "How can you be sure it's her own?!" Andy sighs, "Don't be ridiculous. The guy in there is the best hairdresser in town." Janice just growls, "I'll stick to mine, thanks. I know I can trust her." Andy demands, "And who is yours?" Janice tells him, "Me!" Andy stares at her before sighing, "OK. I need my head read." With that, he marches her off up the road.

Susan is doing some gardening in the grounds at Dural when a red car pulls up and a smart-looking businessman climbs out. Looking suddenly nervous, Susan says to the man, "Something wrong?" The man smiles, "Nothing at all, Mrs. Hamilton. Just thought I'd bring the transfer papers over for you; save you coming in again." Susan insists quickly, "It wouldn't have been any trouble. Have you got them with you?" The man, ignoring this, reaches into the car as he goes on, "I also brought some pamphlets for you. Obviously you'll be wanting to look at a new car now." Susan tells him, "We've got enough cars, thanks." The man, however, just goes on, "You'd look great behind the wheels of a sports car, Mrs. Hamilton - and I can see you are aware of your image. Now, why don't you give your husband a pleasant surprise?" Susan says nervously, "Mr. Boyce, I'm really not interested in another car. The reason that I sold my own was because I was simply not getting enough use out of it. Now, could I have the papers, please? I'm rather busy." With that, she grabs the clipboard Boyce is holding. She takes a pen from the man and starts signing the papers, looking nervously towards the front door of the house as she does so. She then hands the papers back to Boyce and adds, "Thankyou for calling in." As she goes to return to her gardening, Boyce calls loudly, "Do you think I could interest your husband?" Susan looks back at him and replies nervously, "No, no, he's quite happy with what he's driving at the moment. In fact, he's just bought a car." Boyce shrugs, "Oh well. Worth asking! Bye!" With that, he climbs into Susan's old car, starts the engine and drives off. Susan returns to her gardening, looking worried.

A while later, Susan heads back inside. Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room, looking at a file of papers. He calls, "We got visitors?" Susan joins him and replies, "No, no. Someone looking for the Barkers." Wayne remarks, "You had quite a chat to them." Susan just retorts, "Him. He was quite pushy." She goes to the bar and pours herself a mineral water as Wayne comments, "I often wondered about the Barkers: neighbours for ten years and we hardly ever see them. Still, I don't suppose they see much of us." Susan murmurs, "No..." Wayne looks at her and asks, "You OK?" Susan nods quickly, "Just a bit hot from the weeding. I might wash-up and pick up the car." Wayne asks, "Want me to drive you?" Susan, however, tells him quickly, "Don't be silly. You've obviously got work to do. I can grab a taxi." Wayne remarks, "Not easy this time of the day." Susan just shrugs, "Got plenty of time." With that, she heads out into the hallway. She stops suddenly and sighs heavily before calling back, "Er... I might have a quick shower."

Fiona is folding up Janice's old clothes in her room at the mansion when there's a knock on the door and Pamela pokes her head in. She asks, "Got a few minutes?" Fiona smiles, "Certainly! Come on in. I was just thinking of making myself some lunch. Would you like to join me?" Pamela, however, says, "No thanks - I had a late breakfast." Fiona sighs, "So did I. I was just trying to think of something else to do; I'm a bit on edge." Pamela asks, "Why?" Fiona explains, "Andy Green's taken Janice out to try and jazz her up a bit. I'm just wondering what the outcome's going to be." Pamela asks, "What do you mean 'jazz her up'?" Fiona replies, "He's really trying to drag her into the twentieth century, basically, but knowing Andy, I'm not so sure: it could be into the 21st!" Pamela smiles, "You're a pretty with-it lady, aren't you!" Fiona shrugs, "I try to keep up." Pamela goes on, "Bet you've broken a few hearts in your time." Fiona replies, "And had mine broken a few times." She and Pamela sit down on the couch as Pamela says, "Haven't we all. I think I'm about to have another one." Fiona comments in surprise, "Oh! How long have you known him?" Pamela replies, "Long enough to be completely bowled-over by him." Fiona comments, "That serious?" Pamela says quickly, "Don't get me wrong: I'm not going to get too involved, but it could happen. The problem is he's seeing another woman." Fiona remarks, "He sounds like a first-class rat." Pamela, however, assures her, "No, no, no, he's just not taking it as seriously as I am." Fiona suggests, "Maybe you ought to back-off; you could get yourself hurt." Pamela replies, "I would if I didn't like him so much." Fiona muses, "You could still get yourself into trouble." Pamela says, "Somehow I've got to make him realise that I'm the one." Fiona points out, "Only you can do that - and it all depends on what he likes in a woman." Standing up, Pamela says, "He likes them to be complex... and interesting... He seems to like a bit of danger in the relationship." Fiona chuckles, "He sounds like a bit of a lad!" Pamela explains, "That's why I'm so attracted to him." Fiona tells her, "What you've got to do is go on out there and be interesting and be complex and do something that's going to knock him right off his feet." Pamela looks at her and exclaims, "I think you've just hit the nail on the head! Sometimes the answers are so obvious! They just need to be pointed out to you. Thankyou very much! Good luck with Janice!" With that, she heads for the door. Fiona stands up and calls after her, "Wait a minute! What did I say?" Pamela just replies, "Don't worry about it." With that, she pulls the door shut, leaving Fiona standing looking puzzled!

Nick is standing in his office, looking at a textbook. He makes a note on a sheet of paper and then puts the book back on the shelf of a bookcase. He looks at his watch and then heads towards the office door. As he does so, the door is opened from outside and Pamela steps into the room. Looking surprised, Nick asks, "What are you doing here?" Pamela closes the door and then leans against it. She smiles flirtatiously, "What do you think?" Nick replies, "I doubt it's what I'm thinking!" Pamela smiles, "Why don't you try me?!"

A while later, Pamela is sitting in Nick's office with her feet up on Nick's desk. Nick, looking slightly dishevelled, is sitting on the edge of the desk. He smiles at Pamela, "You're quite a lady, aren't you?" Pamela smiles back, "Glad you think so." Nick then looks across at the door and remarks in horror, "You didn't lock the door!" Pamela gasps in mock shock, "Didn't I?!" Nick points out, "My secretary - anyone - could have walked in." Pamela just smiles, "It would've been great fun watching you explain!" Nick remarks, "You're a crazy lady, too!" Pamela beams, "I love a bit of danger in my life." She then sits up suddenly and says, "You were on your way out as I was coming in. I'd better let you go." Nick assures her, "It was nothing that couldn't wait." Pamela just looks at him and then tells him, "I'll let you know when I've decided I want to see you again. Bye." With that, she heads out of the room. Nick sits on the edge of the desk, looking thoughtful.

Fiona is still folding up clothes in her room at the mansion when Charlie walks in, holding a pile of boxes and gifts. She asks Fiona, "Do you mind if I leave these things here, darling?" Fiona smiles, "No, dear, of course not. Why, what are you doing: organising a party or something?" Charlie, however, tells her, "No: Gordon's been in touch. These goodies are for Beryl; well, bribes, actually: things she can give the other women to keep them off her back. Fiona sighs, "It really is appalling when you come to think of it." Charlie replies, "I agree - but if it's the only way to ensure Beryl's safety... well, you know me, darling: any excuse to shop!" Fiona comments, "You should've been out with Andy and Janice!" Charlie asks in surprise, "Why?" Fiona explains, "Andy has taken Janice out to create a whole new image for her. I can't wait to see what he's managed to do!" Charlie, looking intrigued, gasps, "Really? You mean Janice is actually going to buy some new clothes?" Fiona nods, "That's right. We've had a big clean-out." Charlie beams, "I can't wait to see her. Do you mind if I stick around?" Fiona smiles, "Of course not - but you've got to promise me that you won't embarrass the girl." Charlie says in shock, "Me? I'll be the soul of tact!"

Andy is standing in the mansion hallway, calling upstairs, "Come on, Janice, you have to face the world eventually." Janice calls back sourly, "I don't want to." Andy sighs, "Come on... Be a sport." Fiona and Charlie emerge from Fiona's room suddenly, Fiona saying to Andy, "I thought I heard your voice. How did it go?" Andy replies, "You'll find out soon - if I can get her down." He then turns back to the stairs and calls up, "Janice, I'm going to count to three. One... two... three..." Janice appears suddenly at the top of the stairs. Seeing Fiona and Charlie standing there, she goes to run back into hiding again. Andy, however, grabs her hand and pulls her down the stairs. She's wearing a grey top and a short matching grey skirt. Charlie exclaims, "Darling! You look absolutely marvellous!" Fiona adds, "Janice, dear, you look very smart. You really do." Janice asks suspiciously, "Are you pulling my leg?" Fiona assures her, "Of course not." Charlie adds, "Heavens, no." Andy takes a step back and remarks, "I must say, it is quite a transformation - except for one thing." Janice demands, "What?" Andy tells her, "The hair: it must go." Janice retorts, "Go? I've told you before: my hair is my pride and joy. You're never satisfied." Andy just smiles, "We'll see!"

Wayne is looking through some files of papers in the lounge room at Dural when Susan comes in through the front door, carrying a couple of bags. She heads into the lounge room, a look of concern on her face. Wayne asks, "What's wrong?" Susan murmurs, "I don't know how to tell you." Wayne asks, "What's happened?" Susan replies, "I picked up the car--" Wayne interrupts and says, "You had an accident." Susan replies quickly, "No. No... but on the way home, I'd decided to pick up a few groceries. When I got back, the car was gone. It's been stolen." Wayne looks at her. He then comments, "It's not that long ago. I'll get the police onto it straight away." Susan, however, says quickly, "No, no, no, I've done that - and I've called the insurance company, too." Wayne asks, "Did you forget to lock it?" Susan replies, "No, I didn't. They say a car's stolen every minute of the day; I guess it was just my turn." Wayne asks, "Did you ask anybody if they saw anything?" Susan nods, "Yes, yes, it was no good." Wayne shrugs, "Well there's not much we can do about it, is there? Have to leave it up to the police." He then adds, "Are you sure you locked it?" Susan insists, "Positive." Wayne nods, "Righto." He then goes on, "I can't talk now. I'll see you later." With that, he packs his file of papers into his briefcase and heads out. Susan sits down on the couch, looking relieved.

A while later, Wayne pulls his car up at the side of a road. He climbs out and goes to lock it - but as he does so, he spots a businessman nearby about to climb into a red car. He stares at it and then runs towards the man, pulling him out of the car and shoving him up against it. He snarls, "Got you, you mug. This is my wife's car." The man, however, retorts indignantly, "Just a minute: I bought it from Mrs. Hamilton." Wayne retorts, "Yeah? Well I'm Mr. Hamilton and you can explain it to the cops." The man snaps, "I will - and I can prove it." Wayne stares at him.


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