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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

It's evening-time. Alison is pouring drinks in the lounge room at Charlie's. She's wearing a dressing gown and her hair is tousled. She has a smile on her face. Nick wanders into the room, suddenly, doing up his shirt. Alison turns to him and, indicating the drinks, says, "I was going to bring these in." Nick, however, tells her softly, "I really have to get going." Alison muses, "You're the fun-and-run type, are you?!" Nick leans in and kisses her neck, murmuring as he does so, "No I'm not." Alison looks at the drinks and asks, "Got time for this?" Nick smiles, "Almost tempted to make time for a lot more..." Alison asks, "But?" Nick tells her, "Duty calls." Alison smiles, "How is it that lust always runs a poor second to duty where professionals are concerned?" Nick suggests, "I guess we just have our priorities all wrong!" He then puts on his jacket and adds, "I'll make up for it next time. I'm assuming there will be a next time." Alison asks, "Do you want there to be?" Nick replies, "What do you think?" Alison shrugs, "The way you're rushing off, I think you want to forget the whole thing!" Nick assures her, "That's just you being paranoid. Of course I want a next time - and the next... and the next..." Alison smiles, "Don't count your chickens!" Nick asks, "How about dinner tomorrow night?" Alison tells him, "Pick me up here at 7:30." Nick says, "Better make it 8; I'm going to give Charlie's gym a try." He then adds, "Better go." He turns to head out. Alison looks round and says, "Hey! What happened to the big romantic exit?" Nick smiles, "I believe in the old showbiz adage 'leave them wanting more'. Tomorrow night..." With that, he heads out. Alison stands by the drinks cabinet, a smile on her face.

The next morning, the public 'phone is ringing in the hallway at the mansion. Janice runs downstairs to answer it. She picks up and says, "Hello. Mansion." She listens and then retorts curtly, "No, Andy's not here; I saw him going out earlier... I will certainly not leave any messages. If Andy wishes to run his gigolo service from this telephone, he can get someone else to be his secretary... You heard: gigolo service. I can tell from your voice that you're a woman of more mature years than Andy, and probably married, too. Have you no shame, madam?" She listens to the response before snapping, "There's no point getting abusive. Externalisation of guilt: that's what we call it in Psych class. Now, I suggest that you show a little dignity and leave Andy be. He doesn't need women like you pestering him." She hangs up as Fiona emerges from her room and walks over to her, a look of shock on her face. She yells at her niece, "What are you? A one-woman morality crusade?" Janice retorts, "It's not a matter of morals; it's a matter of social duty. Besides, you were the one who told me Andy needed help." Fiona growls, "There are subtler ways of going about it. There is a vast difference between doing social work and shoving your morals down somebody else's throat." Janice mutters, "I know that. I'm not stupid." She turns and marches off back upstairs.

Three female prisoners are standing together in the grounds and the Bendala Detention Centre. They look across at Beryl and one of them comments nastily, "Looks like Mrs. High-and-Mighty's got a few worries. I reckon I'll give her a few more, eh?" The other women smile evilly. The first prisoner then walks over to Beryl, who's sitting on a bench on the verandah, her head buried in her hands. The prisoner bends down to her and snarls, "Not too happy, Bezza?" Beryl looks up at her and mutters, "Go away." The prisoner tuts, "That's not very nice. A mate shows a bit of concern and what's she get for her trouble? 'Go away'. Anyone would think you're better than us." Beryl looks at her and retorts, "Anyone's better than you, Ruth. You're a petty, vicious little nothing, and if you don't go away I'll make you very sorry you came over here." Ruth grins sarcastically, "I'm really scared, Bezza!" She then goes on curtly, "Pam's not here to help you, now - and the protection money she paid for you can't last forever. So I wouldn't get too clever, if I was you." She grabs Beryl's wrist and yanks her to her feet. Beryl growls, "Let go of me." Ruth taunts, "Make me." Beryl lashes out suddenly and punches Ruth on the jaw. Ruth reels back as Beryl snarls, "You want a fight? Well come on, then, I'll give you one. You'll probably beat me, but you'll come out not looking too good either. You treat me like dirt and I'll do exactly the same to you." Ruth glares at her and starts to threaten, "You've just bought yourself--" Beryl interrupts and snaps, "I don't care. You hurt me and I'll hurt you back. I'm learning, Ruth, and I'm telling you now: you stay away from me or you'll bite off more than you can chew."

Pamela is standing with Fiona in Fiona's room at the mansion. She's saying nervously, "I feel like a kid heading off for her first day at school. I don't know whether to be scared or delighted or what!" Fiona chuckles, "Of course you're nervous, but it's only because you've been out of the workforce for years. It's a new start." Pamela tells her, "I'm terrified I'll blow it." Fiona, however, insists, "Come on, you'll be fine." Pamela nods, "Fingers crossed." She then adds, "I must go - I've got to show this young couple a house just near here." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Pamela tells Fiona, "You get that; I'll see myself out." Pamela heads out and Fiona picks up the 'phone. She listens and then smiles, "Oh, hi, Beryl!" She waves to Pamela - who's standing by the door - to hold on. She then goes on, "What a pleasant surprise. How are you?" She listens before replying, "I'm sorry, dear, he's not here. Is there anything I can do to help you?" She listens again before saying gently, "Are you alright? You don't sound so good." Beryl, who's standing in a corridor at the prison, talking on a public 'phone, sighs, "It's awful in here, Fiona. I don't know how much more I can stand. I even just attacked another prisoner. One minute I was sitting there, the next thing I hit her. I know they'll come after me, but something just snapped. What am I turning into, Fiona?" At the mansion, Fiona says uncertainly, "Er, look, Pamela's here, darling. Would it help any to talk to her?" Beryl, however, replies, "No, no, it's no good dragging her back into it all the time. She's starting a new life; she doesn't want me reminding her of this place. And it's not only the attack; it's Susan. When Gordon comes back, can you please say I can do with a visit?" She listens, but then insists, "No, I really don't want to talk to her. Bye." With that, she hangs up. Fiona does likewise at the mansion. Looking surprised, Pamela asks, "Why wouldn't she talk to me?" Fiona shrugs, "She said she didn't want to drag you into her troubles." Looking concerned, Pamela asks, "What's happened?" Fiona tells her, "I'd say that your bribing that warder is beginning to wear off. She's getting it rough from the other women again - and she's starting to lash back." Pamela rolls her eyes and sighs, "They'll make mincemeat out of her." Fiona nods, "That's what I'm worried about." She then suggests, "Maybe you could go and visit her, later on?" Pamela, however, retorts, "Forget later. Now." Fiona asks quickly, "What about your job?" Pamela says curtly, "One of the things you learn inside is that your mates come first." Fiona points out, "You've got people waiting to see a house." Pamela shrugs, "Let them wait." With that, she turns and heads out. Fiona sighs heavily.

A short time later, Beryl and Pamela are walking along a corridor at the prison. A guard is following them. Beryl says to Pamela, "Thanks for coming." Pamela smiles, "I wanted to see how you were getting on." She then glances round at the guard before saying in a hushed tone, "I found out why Ruth feels safe to come-on heavy again: the warder I took care of... he's running scared; he's under investigation." Beryl murmurs, "Oh. Well, I appreciate what you did. I'll just have to learn to fight my own battles." Pamela, however, warns her, "No, Beryl, don't fight. There are two ways to survive in this place: go with the flow or go for the throat. Me? I'm the kind of person who can fight and come out on top. You can't. You fight, all you're going to do is get yourself in more trouble." Beryl insists, "I can't just sit back and let Ruth trample all over me." Pamela, however, says, "Ruth's a moron. The minute some other mug turns up who's more fun to ride, she'll forget all about you. You want to get back to Robert as soon as you can, right? Well, the way to do that is lay low, play it cool and have the warders thinking you're a model prisoner. Stay out of any brawls." Beryl admits, "You're probably right. If it wasn't for Robert - and Gordon - I'd just give up." Pamela tells her, "Don't forget about your friends: they're all missing you out there. Mind you, none of them can understand why you decided to plead guilty, but I guess you had your reasons." Beryl murmurs, "I'd rather not talk about that." Pamela assures her, "That's not why I came." She then adds, "Just remember: stay out of trouble and your time here will be a lot more bearable. Take it from someone who went the other way." Beryl smiles, "I'll certainly try."

A while later, Charlie is standing with Pamela in the reception area at the gym, crying, "You've blown it. A wonderful job and you just toss it down the drain. Surely seeing Beryl could've waited? Tyler must have been livid." Pamela just looks at her and smiles, "Tyler was rapt!" Charlie, looking astonished, gasps, "Why?" Pamela explains, "Because I made a sale." Charlie asks in surprise, "How?" Pamela tells her, "I called the young couple and told them that the house they were going to see really wasn't the right one for them and that we were arranging for them to see something much more suitable - so that we had to put off the appointment for a couple of hours. Gave me time to see Beryl. They loved what I eventually did show them and they're buying. $200,000; the other was £130,000. Big difference in commission for the agency." Charlie smiles, "And for you!" Pamela declares, "Exactly!"

Debbie is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, the 'phone to her ear. She sighs heavily and asks, "Can't you just see me?" She listens to the response before sighing, "OK. I understand." She hangs up as Craig walks in from the kitchen and says, "I'm going to pick up my exam results. Want to come?" Debbie tells him wearily, "I'd like to, but I've got to keep trying here." She's holding the newspaper, and she sighs, "There must be something that's not already taken." Craig asks, "What's wrong with that one?" Debbie retorts, "They've had so many applicants they've just stopped taking names. I mean, I could be perfect for the job, but they won't even give me an interview." Craig assures her, "Something will turn up." Debbie turns back to the 'phone, leaving Craig standing and teasing, "'Good luck, Craig.' 'Oh, right, thanks, Deb.' 'You'll get all As, no worries; you're a genius.' 'Yeah, I know, but even we geniuses aren't too sure now and then!'" Debbie turns to him and smiles, "Shut up! Sorry, I should have said something. Good luck!" Craig gives her a kiss and then goes to head out. When he's gone, Debbie picks up the 'phone again and starts dialling a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Hello, my name's Debbie Halliday. I'm ringing about the job; I guess it's already taken... It's not? Great!"

A 'plane comes into land on a runway at a small airfield. Debbie is sitting in an office in a building nearby, telling a man in his thirties, who's sitting at a desk opposite her, "You can call me egotistical, if you like, but I'm exactly the person you need." The man muses, "I reckon the five other girls I interviewed today would have thought the same thing. Why do you reckon you're the one?" Debbie smiles, "Confidence, I suppose. Or desperation! I'm not sure which!" The man mutters, "You're not one of these women's-libbers, are you? The last one I had wouldn't do this, she wouldn't do that... Some bull about imposing the traditional female role on her. All I did was ask her to make me a ruddy sandwich." Debbie looks at him and asks, "Why couldn't you make your own sandwich?" The man retorts immediately, "There you go: that's what she said. You are one of those bra-burning sheilas, then!" Debbie grins, but assures him, "No, no, I was just wondering, that's all." The man stands up as he tells her, "I was ruddy flat-tack, that's why. She was sitting there doing her nails, so I didn't think it was too much to ask. She was a lazy cow; I'm better off without her." He then looks around at the state of the office as he adds, "Mind you, the place has got a bit disorganised since she left. Tell you what: I have to go out; have a go at putting it back into shape. Do a fair enough job and I'll give you a go." Debbie stares at him and gasps, "You mean it?" The man tells her, "I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. She's all yours, girlie." With that, he heads out. Debbie looks round at the mess in the room and mouths to herself, "Well, it's a job. At least, it could be..."

Craig arrives back at Beryl's to find the place deserted. He calls for Debbie, but there's no answer. He sits down on the couch and unfolds a sheet of green paper. He stares at it and sighs heavily.

Debbie is busy scrubbing the office at the airfield with a cloth when the door opens and the man who interviewed her steps inside. He looks around and remarks, "Cleaning around like there's no tomorrow. That's what I like to see: a woman who knows her place." Debbie spins round to stare at him, a frown on her face. The man grins, "Almost got you!" He then tells Debbie, "Like your style, girlie: you did a good job." Debbie asks, "Does this mean I'm employed?" The man goes to a nearby filing cabinet and opens a drawer. He then tells Debbie, "You are if you can tell me what you did in here. If I'm thinking straight, schedules should be filed away under 'S', right?" Debbie, however, replies, "Er, no. Under 'T'." The man asks in surprise, "When did schedules become tedules?!" Debbie chuckles, "When they became timetables. You might call them schedules, but they were written as 'Timetables' on the top; that's what I went by." She walks over to the cabinet and takes out a file. The man takes it as he says, "First rule in this office: never believe anything you read. Schedules... 'S'. Got a bit to learn, haven't you?!" Debbie nods, "Looks like it. At least I've got a job!" She smiles at the man in relief.

It's evening-time. Fiona, Janice and Nick are all exercising in the main room at the gym. Charlie walks over to Nick suddenly and smiles, "There you are, darling. Getting fit for tonight?!" Nick shrugs, "I can't imagine what you're talking about, Charlie!" Charlie slaps his shoulder lightly and smiles, "Cheeky! A little bird told me you were having a dinner-a-deux, c'est soir!" She then adds, "If Alison ever loses interest, you know where to find me!" Across the room, Janice, who's working out with some light weights, looks down at her body and complains to Fiona, "I have been doing these for months now, and nothing." Fiona just tells her, "Some are born great, some achieve greatness--" Charlie joins them and asks, "What are we talking about?" Fiona tells her, "Janice's boobs!" Janice, looking shocked, admonishes, "Aunty!" Charlie, however, tells her, "Oh, it's just between us girls, darling. Don't be coy. And Fiona's right." Janice demands, "What do you mean?" Charlie tells her, "Look at Caroline: born great. Look at me: greatness achieved. And we all know who has the greatness thrust upon them!" Janice asks blankly, "Who?" Charlie beams, "Any man you can catch, darling!" With that, she adds, "Ciao, darlings. I'm off home." She heads out as Andy walks in. He marches over to Janice and snaps, "I should kill you." Janice retorts, "I don't know what you're talking about." Andy growls, "I just had a call from Mrs. Klein, cancelling our date." Janice growls, "Don't blame me if your older and married lady friend got an attack of conscience." Andy snaps, "She just decided she did not want the hassle or the abuse. I'm warning you, Janice: butt out." Janice warns him coldly, "Some people need saving from themselves." Andy snaps, "You'll need saving, if you're not careful." With that, he marches back out. Fiona rolls her eyes!

Alison is lying on the couch in semi-darkness at Charlie's. Charlie sweeps in and trills, "C'est moi, darling!" She then looks at Alison lying there and asks in concern, "What's wrong? Are you alright?" Alison replies, "Yes, I'm fine. Why?" Charlie explains, "You were lying down. I thought you might not be feeling well." Alison, however, tells her, "I'm just thinking." Charlie beams, "No need to ask what about. How romantic!" Alison is holding a single red rose and she tells Charlie, "He brought this over this afternoon. He's the first man in ages who's made me feel anything." Charlie comments in surprise, "I thought we were talking a little dalliance here. It's not serious, is it?" Alison replies, "I didn't think so, but it's all I've thought about all day." Charlie sits down on the edge of the couch that Alison's lying on and says gently, "If he does turn out to be Mr. Right, I couldn't be happier for you. You've gone too long without that someone special." Alison murmurs, "I know it's early days yet, but I feel so good with him. I don't want it to be just a fling; I want more than that." Charlie sighs distantly, "Don't we all. Oh, one's a fine number, but there are times when two beats it hands-down." Alison tells her, "I think this is one of them..."

Nick is about to head out of the gym when he bumps into Pamela coming in. He smiles quickly, "Whoops!" Pam laughs, "Sorry! I'm so anxious to start my workout, I'm bulldozing the clients in the process!" Nick tells her, "Enjoy it! I've done my quota of suffering for the night!" Pamela smiles, "It can't have been that bad, surely, not for an impressive physical specimen like yourself." Nick laughs, "Flattery will get you everywhere. See you around!" He goes to head out. Pamela, however, tells him quickly, "I had my first day at work today; pulled off a coup. Feel like helping me celebrate?" Nick stands there, looking slightly uncomfortable. Pamela adds quickly, "This is the era of the liberated woman: we're allowed to make the suggestions!" Nick says quickly, "Sorry - I didn't mean to look... well, how I looked." He then adds, "Thanks for the offer, but I'm already booked-up for tonight. Some other time?" Pamela nods, "I'll hold you to that." With that, Nick heads out. Pamela's eyes follow him. Fiona emerges from the main room as he goes. Pamela looks across at her and smiles, "What I wouldn't have done to have had something like that tucked away in my cell when I was inside!" Fiona asks, "Interested?" Pamela replies, "That's putting it mildly!" Fiona comments, "I thought he was seeing Alison." Pamela replies dismissively, "No, there's nothing serious there." Fiona tells her, "I understood from Charlie that there was." Pamela shrugs, "Not unless Alison's keeping secrets. No, I think I've got a clear field..."

It's late evening when Debbie arrives back at Beryl's. She walks into the lounge room, where Michelle and Craig are sitting at the dining table, working. She smiles, "Hi! Am I bushed!" Craig asks coolly, "Where have you been? I was worried." Debbie replies, "Would you believe it? I've got a job! I'm a secretary at an airfield. I rang to let you know, but I couldn't get an answer." Craig retorts, "I've been here all afternoon, except for a few visits to the shops." Debbie comments, "Must have missed you then." Craig mutters, "Must have..." He then asks coldly, "Are you going to be this late all the time?" Debbie yawns as she replies, "Yeah, there'll be a few late nights involved - and it's such a hike without a car." She then turns and heads out to the kitchen. As she does so, she calls back, "Hey! Remember our bet: I got the job first, so you study full-time - and no arguments!" She heads into the kitchen. When she's gone, Michelle asks Craig, "Are you going to tell her about your exam results?" Craig mutters, "Why bother?" Michelle points out, "You passed." Craig retorts, "Just." Michelle insists, "You still passed." Craig growls, "She couldn't even be bothered asking." Michelle tells him, "She's just excited about her job; she'll remember." Craig just turns back to the books in front of them. As he goes to open one of them, a sheet of paper falls out. He looks at it: it has a pencil sketch of Michelle on it, with the words 'Woof! Woof!' written underneath. Craig stares at it and then asks, "You been getting more of these?" Michelle grabs the sheet of paper and screws it up as she retorts, "It doesn't matter." Craig, however, insists, "Sure it does. I'll see if I can find out who's doing it." Michelle tells him, "You've got better things to do with your time." Craig says curtly, "I'm going to do it, alright?" Michelle smiles gratefully, "Alright. Thanks." Craig turns back to the text book. Michelle gives him a look...

Fiona is tidying-up her room at the mansion. She rolls her eyes as she hears Andy and Janice arguing in the hallway. Andy is yelling, "I'm telling you, Janice, I'm not going to change for you or anyone." Janice snaps, "I don't know how you can live with yourself, playing up with these pathetic women with mid-life crises." Andy growls, "Just because you have done a few weeks of a psychology course, you think you're turning into Sigmund Freud. I'm sick and tired of you trying to convert me." Fiona throws her hands up in despair, suddenly, and she heads for her door and out into the hallway. She snaps at Janice and Andy, "Hold it, hold it, hold it. Can you two bring it back?" Andy glares at Janice and snaps at Fiona, "Will you get this girl off my back? She's driving me crazy." Fiona, however, says to him, "I'll tell you what: now, you think Janice is a prude; that she can't give you any advice because she's too stitched-up to see it, right?" Andy nods, "Spot-on." Janice admonishes, "Aunty!" Fiona turns to her niece and continues, "And you think that Andy has lived too much; that he's ruining his life with his loose-living." Janice retorts, "Totally." Andy mutters, "I've had enough of this." He goes to walk off. Fiona, however, says quickly, "Hold it, hold it. I'll do you both a deal." She looks at Andy and goes on, "You try and get on the straight and narrow for a week." She turns to Janice and adds, "And you try and unwind a bit." Andy starts to protest, "But that's--" Fiona interrupts him and snaps, "Just try and see each other's perspective for a few days and then we'll talk about it again." Andy protests, "It's stupid." Janice adds heatedly, "What's it going to do?" Fiona snaps, "It's a challenge - and if you were any sort of a social worker, you'd jump at the chance." Looking back at Andy, she adds, "It's the only way you're going to get her off your back." She then says, "OK, troops, do we have a deal?" Andy mutters, "OK, deal." Janice mutters reluctantly, "Deal."

Nick and Alison are sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's. Nick is wearing a white tuxedo and Alison is wearing a shimmering dark purple dress. The lights have been turned down and romantic music is playing. Candles have been lit on the coffee table. Alison looks into Nick's eyes and comments, "It was very tactful of Charlie to suddenly discover she had an appointment!" Nick smiles, "I thought so." He then clinks the glass of champagne that he's holding against Alison's glass and proposes, "To what I know will be a wonderful evening." They both sip from their glasses. Nick then takes Alison's glass and places it gently on the coffee table. He looks into her eyes. Neither of them hears the front door open. Pamela walks into the room, suddenly, to find Nick nuzzling Alison's neck. She stares at them, furiously, and then marches back out to the front door. She opens it - but then hesitates and looks back round to the lounge room. She has a stony look on her face as she mutters quietly, "Enjoy it while you can, sis..."


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