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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Wayne goes on smugly, "Not a very clever hiding place - I'm surprised the police didn't think of it. Still, you're not a suspect, are you? Not yet." Susan goes to grab for the bag again. Wayne pulls it away quickly, though, and taunts, "Uh uh. Don't want you having another potshot at me." Susan stands there as he then muses, "I should hand it over to the police, of course; after all, it is evidence: Exhibit A, you might say. Still, if you want to talk about it first, you know where to find me." With that, he walks off. Susan stands by Glen's grave, looking worried.

A short time later, Wayne closes the front door at Dural and heads into the lounge room, accompanied by Susan. He smiles, "Didn't take you long to get here." Susan demands, "How did you know it was me?" Wayne picks up a bottle of mineral water from behind the bar as he explains, "Beryl's confession didn't ring true; I realised she was covering for someone and I couldn't help thinking of you. Drink?" Susan nods at him. Wayne adds, "Word of advice: if you want to make it in crime, you have to cover your tracks." He pours Susan a mineral water as she growls, "You'd know." Wayne just goes on, "For example: paying a hitman by cheque was not a good move - and Clive Greer as a bookie was a joke!" Susan glares at him and demands, "Where have you put the gun?" Wayne smirks, "Where you won't find it." Susan asks, "How did you know where it was?" Wayne replies, "I read your mind: I knew you'd never got over Glen because you kept visiting his grave. Since you probably tried to shoot me as some sort of revenge for losing him, I thought the cemetery was a good bet." Susan looks down at the floor. She then asks wearily, "What do you want? I suppose you'll hand me over to the police/" Wayne, however, retorts, "No, that's exactly what you want, isn't it?" Susan cries, "Of course not! No one wants to go to prison." Wayne laughs, "Come on! You're not going to let Beryl spend eleven years in the cooler for a crime she didn't commit. She'll go grey, Gordon will forget her and Robert will grow up without her. On the other hand, if you give yourself up, Beryl goes free - but there's a problem, isn't there: the police won't believe you unless they get that gun with your fingerprints all over it." Susan glares at him and snaps, "Why don't you hand it over and be done with it? I thought you'd be glad to see me behind bars." Wayne shrugs, "For the time being, you're more used to me out of jail." Susan sighs heavily and asks, "What do you want?" Wayne tells her, "Come back to me as my wife and give me a son. After that, the gun's yours." Looking horrified, Susan gasps, "You've got to be joking! Expecting me to come back and... No way." Wayne tells her sharply, "Think it over - but don't forget Beryl: eleven years is a long time." Susan runs out of the room, suddenly, and heads for the front door. Wayne calls after her, "You've got 24 hours - otherwise the gun disappears forever." The front door bangs shut. Wayne stands in the lounge room and takes a sip of his mineral water, a smug grin on his face.

Susan is running along a road outside when a taxi comes along behind her. She turns to it and starts waving her hands at it, yelling, "Hey! Stop! Stop!" The taxi pulls to a halt and Susan climbs in. The driver asks, "Where to?" Susan snaps, "Just drive." The taxi pulls away.

Craig is sitting on the footpath outside the front gate at Beryl's, leaning against the fence, apparently studying. Debbie comes down the path from the house, opens the gate and tickles the back of his neck. Craig looks at her and smiles, "Going to give me a hand to study, eh?!" He turns back to his books. Debbie reminds him, "We've got to get to work." Craig just retorts, "And I'm going to fail my exam and I've still got a lot to catch up on." Debbie points out, "You've got your lunchtime." Craig murmurs, "I'll need longer than that." With that, though, he stands up and the two of them start walking to work.

A 'plane takes off at the airport in Sydney. The taxi driver is sitting watching it. He then kisses a wad of money and muses, "It takes all sorts."

Wayne is hanging a piece of art on the wall behind the bar at Dural. Michael is standing with him, watching, and Wayne remarks, "You caught me in the middle of redecorating. What brings you over here?" Michael shrugs, "Just a social visit." Wayne comments brightly, "I'm surprised you thought I'd be good company!" Michael looks at him and says, "I didn't expect you to be quite so chirpy. The last time we met, you were in the doldrums about Susan and I wasn't hopeful of a quick recovery." Wayne smiles, "You weren't very encouraging!" Michael shrugs, "I was trying to be realistic; I mean, expecting Susan to come back after all that happened...; well, I'm glad to see you're over it." Wayne smiles at him. Michael adds, "You are, aren't you?" Wayne nods, "Oh yes. I soon realised my mistake. It's no good staying depressed for too long: you end up going to pieces. You've got to do something; keep busy." He goes and sits down. Michael does likewise and asks, "What did you do?" Wayne replies, "I started setting up a deal. Had a bit of groundwork to do, but it looks like it's going to pay off." Michael smiles, "Congratulations! It often helps to lose yourself in work." Wayne declares smugly, "Especially when there's a big reward at the end of it!" He then asks Michael, "Why aren't you at work?" Michael tells him, "I'm taking a few days off." Wayne remarks, "It's not like you." Michael just shrugs, "I needed a break. I was thinking of heading off somewhere - fishing, maybe. Thought you might be interested." Wayne looks at him and nods, "Why not? Let things take care of themselves. I've got some beer out the back; we'll make a day of it."

Caroline is standing in her bare lounge room, holding a book. There's a knock on the front door, suddenly, and she put the book down on the mantelpiece. She goes and opens the front door to find Susan standing there, looking upset. Caroline stares at her and exclaims, "Susan! What a wonderful surprise! How are you?" Susan's face crumples suddenly and she falls into Caroline's arms, sobbing, "Caroline..."

A short time later, Caroline sits down on a stool in the kitchen and comments, "I've often wished Wayne dead, but actually going through with it." A cold look in her eyes, Susan, sitting on the other stool, murmurs, "It was easy. I just remembered everything he'd done to ruin my life. If only I had killed him..." Caroline suggests, "Maybe you didn't really want to?" Susan, however, growls, "Oh yes, I wanted to alright. I just got it all wrong; everything ended up back to front: Wayne's alive and mum's in jail." Caroline puts her hand on Susan's shoulder and says sympathetically, "I'm so sorry it's turned out like this." Susan replies sincerely, "Thanks for listening, Caroline. It's good to have someone to talk to. But I know now what I've got to do." Caroline warns quickly, "Susan... don't rush into anything." Susan stands up and starts pacing the kitchen floor as she cries, "Mum has spent enough time in jail just waiting for the trial. I didn't say anything because I thought she'd get off - but eleven years... ; it's not fair; I've got to give myself up." Caroline points out, "You mean give in to Wayne?" Susan retorts, "I've got no choice." Caroline tells her, "You'd be making the second biggest mistake of your life." Susan insists, "It's not for long." Caroline retorts, "Nearly a year. And what about Beryl? Think of the effect it'll have on her when she hears that you've gone back to him. She confessed so you could make a new start. It'll be the last straw." Susan cries, "She mustn't know. Promise you won't tell." Caroline assures her, "Of course I won't tell - but she's bound to find out sooner or later." Susan just murmurs, "If she does, she does - but at least I'll be getting her out in the long run. That's all that counts."

Debbie is polishing a car at the carwash. A man in a suit walks over to her and she tells him, "Your car's coming through now, Mr. Maryin." Maryin replies with a smile, "Good. I've made all my telephone calls. Things have worked out very well. You know I hate wasting time." Debbie assures him, "So do we." Maryin tells her, "I can see that. I'm most impressed." He then asks, "What's the name of the lad who's bringing my car through?" Debbie tells him, "That's Craig." Maryin comments, "And you're Debbie?" Debbie nods, "Uh huh." Maryin smiles, "I shall make a point of mentioning you both to your boss." At that moment, Maryin's car emerges from the big carwash machine, its windscreen wiper going, the radio on and the sunroof open. Maryin stares at it in horror and gasps, "What have you done?" He runs over to the car as Craig winds down the window - to reveal himself covered in soap suds! He tells Maryin quickly, "I'm sorry, sir - the sunroof was open; I didn't know how to close it." Maryin glares at him. He then pulls open the driver's door and water pours out. He cries, "Look at the mess!" Craig murmurs, "I'm sorry. I couldn't find the right button." Maryin snaps, "That's ridiculous: you must put hundreds of cars through." The carwash supervisor joins them suddenly and asks, "What's the trouble?" Maryin snaps at him, "Your half-witted employee left the sunroof open." The supervisor glares at Craig and snaps, "I've warned you before about slacking off." Debbie chips in quickly, "He wasn't. It was just a mistake." Maryin snaps, "I shall expect full compensation." With that, he marches off. Craig calls after him, "I'll dry it out for you." The supervisor, however, snarls, "No you won't. You've had your chance. You're fired." Debbie cries, "Hey, that's not fair!" The supervisor looks at her and retorts, "It's none of your business. Get back to work; I'm not having you slacking off." Debbie snaps, "I am not." The supervisor repeats, "I said get back to work." Debbie, however, retorts, "I'm not going 'til you tell me why he's fired." She indicates Craig. The supervisor snaps, "For incompetence. And you're fired for being rude and refusing to work." Craig protests, "Hang on - she hasn't done anything." The supervisor just snaps, "I'm sick of the pair of you. You're both fired."

A while later, Craig is sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's, looking at his textbooks. Debbie is sitting next to him. She bursts out laughing suddenly. Craig looks at her and asks, "What's so funny?" Debbie chuckles, "You should have seen yourself coming out of that carwash!" Craig sighs, "That car had me bushed. I tried every button. At one stage, I had the headlights, fog lights, hazard lights, the windscreen wipers were going, the radio was playing and the window started winding down!" He then mutters more seriously, "What a foul-up..." Debbie, however, smiles, "Look on the bright side: at least you get your study done tonight." She then suggests, "Maybe it is all for the best? With any luck, you could transfer and do the HSC full-time; you said yourself you weren't getting enough study done." Craig asks, "What about money? How are we going to live?" Debbie shrugs, "We'd work something out. Anyway, don't worry about that now. Concentrate on your exam." Craig muses, "I suppose I'd better pass or the whole day will be a total disaster." Debbie, however, tells him, "No it won't - for you or me; because I'm going to find myself another job."

Sometime later, Debbie is walking along a street. She heads into a shop. Over the next couple of hours, she tries several more shops, but leaves each one looking disappointed. She eventually reaches the end of the parade, looking dejected.

The front door opens at Caroline's and Doug comes in. Caroline emerges quickly from the lounge room, pulling the door shut behind her. She starts fussing, "Hello, darling! Welcome home!" She gives Doug a kiss and a hug. She then turns him towards the lounge room and says, "Shall we go in?" Doug nods, "That's what I had in mind!" Caroline tells him, "Close your eyes." Looking surprised, Doug asks, "Why?" Caroline retorts, "Just close them!" She then opens the lounge room door and escorts Doug inside. The room has been re-furnished. Susan is standing behind the door, a smile on her face. Caroline guides Doug to the middle of the room and says, "Alright. Open. Take a seat." Doug opens his eyes and then gasps, "Someone's been in here and waved a magic wand!" Caroline indicates Susan, standing behind the door, and she smiles, "Hi!" Doug cries, "You're the fairy godmother?" Caroline tells him, "She bought it all back from the dealer." Doug smiles at Susan, "You'll have to come and visit more often!" Susan, however, explains sincerely, "It was the least I could do after all you've done for me - and all the trouble I've caused." Doug smiles, "Thanks, Susie! You're an angel!" He then asks, "How long are you staying for?" Susan, looking suddenly uncomfortable, murmurs, "I don't know; I might be going back tomorrow." Doug tells her, "Stay as long as you like. We were sorry to hear about your mum; Caroline and I couldn't understand why she changed her plea." Caroline says quickly, "Let's talk about that later. Susie was just going off to have a nice, relaxing bath after all her travelling." Susan turns to head out of the room as Doug smiles, "I reckon the least we can do is offer you a bath after all this." He indicates the furniture. Susan leaves the room. Doug looks at Caroline and remarks, "Bit of a turn-up." Caroline nods, "Yes." Doug goes on, "She looks a bit run-down." Caroline tells him, "She's not coping too well with Beryl being in jail." Doug murmurs, "I'm sorry I put my foot in it." Caroline insists, "You weren't to know. But the less said about Beryl and the trial, the better, huh?" Doug nods, "Fair enough. We'll try and take her mind off it." Caroline stands there, looking worried.

Michael and Wayne walk into the reception area at the gym, wearing T-shirts and shorts and carrying rucksacks. Wayne is grinning, "You haven't got a hope!" Michael, however, retorts, "I admit it'll be close, but I think I've got the edge." They approach the reception desk. Fiona is standing there, and Michael asks in surprise, "What are you doing here?" Fiona replies, "Filling in for Andy." Wayne then tells her, "We have a slight difference of opinion. You can be referee, if you like." He adds, "We need to weigh-in. Where's the nearest set of scales?" Fiona points to the main room and replies, "They're in there. Why? Are you two worried about your weight?" Wayne grins, "Not ours!"

A few minutes later, standing in the otherwise-empty main room, Wayne removes a large fish from his rucksack . Michael, however, says, "Nice try, mate, but mine is definitely the catch of the day!" Michael removes his own fish from his bag. Fiona looks at the two fish and remarks, "I thought I could smell something funny." Wayne comments, "Is that all you can say?" Fiona retorts, "After everything that's happened round here lately, it's very surprising that you even felt like going fishing." Wayne mutters, "Don't blame me; it was Michael's idea." Fiona retorts, "Yeah, well I don't think the next aerobics class is going to appreciate the smell, so let's get the little ceremony over and done with, huh?" Michael puts his fish on the plate of a set of scales standing nearby and Fiona reads, "1.8 kilos." Michael smiles at the fish, "Well done, mate!" Wayne then puts his fish on the scales, saying, "Come on, baby, don't fail me!" Fiona reads, "1.9 kilos." Wayne shakes Michael's hand and grins, "Bad luck!" Fiona asks, "What does the winner get?" Michael replies, "I have to fillet his fish!"

Doug, Susan and Caroline are sitting at the kitchen table at Caroline's, eating dinner. Doug is talking about a couple of buskers at the bus queue and how bad they were. Susan and Caroline are looking miles away, however. When Doug finishes his story, there's an uncomfortable silence. Doug stands up eventually and says, "I promised I'd 'phone Bob Baxter." He heads out of the room. As soon as he's gone, Susan says to Caroline in an urgent tone, "I think I should leave. If Wayne finds out where I am, he's only going to cause trouble for you and Doug." Caroline, however, insists, "Don't be silly. He's not going to find out. Probably doesn't even know you're missing, yet." Susan murmurs, "It doesn't matter. I'm going back tomorrow." Caroline gasps, "To Wayne? You're not!" Susan retorts, "I've made up my mind." Caroline cries, "You must be mad." Susan just mutters, "Maybe I am." Caroline pleads, "Susan, stop and think. Be honest with yourself. Could you bear him touching you? Making love to you?" Susan sits there and sighs heavily. Tears well-up in her eyes as she murmurs, "I've got no choice." Caroline, however, says coldly, "You mightn't - but I have. You're going back to Wayne over my dead body."

Michelle is standing with Debbie in the kitchen at Beryl's, saying, "You were fired too? That's awful." Debbie grins, "I guess I asked for it!" Michelle asks, "What are you going go do?" Debbie tells her brightly, "I'll find another job. Been trying all afternoon." Michelle asks, "No luck?" Debbie shakes her head. She then adds, though, "At least it gave Craig a chance to study for the exam. I hope it went alright. He tried to hide it, but I know he was worried about it." At that moment, they hear the front door slam. Debbie comments, "That'll be him now." She and Michelle walk out into the lounge room as Craig walks in from the hallway. Debbie says, "Hi. How did you go?" Craig stands there for several seconds, looking grim-faced. A smile appears eventually, though, and he grins, "No trouble!" Debbie exclaims, "That's great!" Michelle asks, "What subject?" Craig replies, "Economics." Michelle says, "Really? I did that one yesterday." The three of them head into the kitchen, where Craig asks Michelle, "Did you have the butter and the margarine question?" Michelle replies, "With those crazy graphs?" Craig asks, "Didn't you understand them?" Michelle tells him, "Of course, but they had all these silly characters sitting on top of the supply and demand curves!" Craig chuckles, "I think that's old Pilser's of making it more fun." Michelle asks in surprise, "Does he teach you too?" Craig nods, "Yeah. Bit of a character, isn't he?" Debbie puts a plate of food on the table and tells Craig, "There you go." Craig looks at it and remarks, "Looks great!" Debbie explains, "It's from the book Michelle gave us for our engagement." Craig sits down at the table. Instead of tucking into his food, though, he looks at Michelle again and says, "Hey! You know, the other day, Pilser brought a plastic blow-up teddy bear into class! It nearly caused a riot. Guess what he called it." Michelle asks, "What?" Craig tells her, "Mr. Inflation! People were shouting, 'I can't 'bear' it!' and 'This is un'bear'able!'" As Craig and Michelle continue sharing classroom stories, Debbie stands there, looking put-out at missing out on the fun...

The next morning, Debbie is sitting at the kitchen table, circling job vacancies in the newspaper. Craig walks in, wearing just his pyjama bottoms, and Debbie smiles, "Morning, sleepy-head!" Craig comments, "You're up early. What are you up to?" Debbie replies, "Page 2 of the Job Classifieds!" Craig, looking annoyed with himself, realises, "I completely forgot to ask: how did it go yesterday?" Debbie just gives him a look. Craig comments, "I guess you didn't have much luck." Debbie replies, "No - but thanks for asking." Craig murmurs, "Sorry. My head was full of the exam last night." He sits down. Debbie tells him, "That's alright. Anyway, I feel lucky today." Craig declares, "So do I!" He goes to grab another newspaper. Debbie, however, says quickly, "Hang on! I thought you were going to study full-time." Craig asks, "And you'll support us both?" Debbie nods, "That's right." Craig, however, retorts, "Wrong. I'm going to pay my own way. I'll work and study at the same time." Debbie reminds him, "Trying to do that got us the sack yesterday, remember?" Craig just says curtly, "I'm not going to sponge off you, Deb." Debbie looks at him and sighs, "Craig, get with it. The sensible thing thing is for me to do the work while you study." Craig retorts, "It doesn't feel right." Debbie pauses before then saying, "What about this? We both look for jobs, but if I get a job first, you study full-time." Craig looks at her. He then says, "You're on."

Wayne is standing at the bar in the lounge room at Dural. He dials a number on the 'phone. When the call is answered, he says, "Morning, Charlie. Wayne. Can I have a word with Susan, please?" He listens to the response before saying in a shocked tone, "Didn't she spend the night at your place?... Any idea where she did spend it?... Bit of a mystery..." He then adds quickly, "No, no, nothing's wrong. Bye." With that, he hangs up. He stands there, looking stern-faced.

There's a hammering on the door of Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona calls, "Coming, coming." She opens the door and Wayne barges in, snapping, "Where is she?" Fiona asks in surprise, "Who?" Wayne retorts, "Susan." Fiona shrugs, "I've no idea." Wayne growls, "You're always covering for someone." Fiona insists, "She isn't here." Wayne snarls, "Come on, Fiona, I'm not in the mood for a wasted trip." Fiona, however, retorts angrily, "Don't threaten me, Wayne. If you'd have 'phoned, I could've told you." Wayne demands, "If she's not here, then where is she?" Fiona shrugs, "I don't know. Have you tried Charlie's?" Wayne mutters, "She's not there, either." Fiona asks, "Why is it you want to see her?" Wayne retorts, "To put it bluntly: none of your business." Fiona asks, "Don't you think it would be a good idea to leave her alone for a while? She is going through a rough patch at the moment." Wayne just snarls, "It'll get a lot rougher if I don't find her. Tell her that - when you see her." With that, he storms out.

Susan is sitting in the lounge room at Caroline's. Caroline is closing the front door. She then joins Susan and says brightly, "Now that Doug's out of the way, how about us doing some shopping?" Susan shrugs glumly, "Sounds lovely, but--" Caroline interrupts and retorts, "But nothing. Let's do it. Put all thoughts of Wayne out of your mind." Susan asks, "What about mum?" Caroline assures her, "We'll sort something out." Susan mutters, "That's easy to say." Caroline takes a sip of coffee from a cup she's picked up, but she grimaces, "It's gone cold. Would you like me to make some more?" Susan nods, "Please." Caroline heads out of the room. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Susan calls, "I'll get it." She picks up the 'phone, saying, "Hello." Wayne's voice comes on, saying smugly, "Hello, there. Little reminder call." Susan, looking horrified, asks, "How did you know where I was?" On the 'phone on the bar at Dural, Wayne just replies, "Wasn't very hard. I read your mind again. You always run off to Caroline. I hope she's making you see sense, because you're running out of time, Susan. If you don't come back to me now, your precious evidence will disappear without a trace." Susan snaps down the 'phone, "I'm not coming back, Wayne. No matter what happens, that's final." Wayne warns coldly, "You're making a big mistake, Susan." He hears a clicking sound suddenly, as Susan hangs up. He looks at the 'phone, angrily. At Caroline's, Caroline walks into the lounge room and says to Susan, "Well done. I'm proud of you." Susan turns to look at her and murmurs, "You're proud. I'm scared. Wayne won't give up without a fight, Caroline - and now he knows where I am..."


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