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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Sheil

It's evening-time when Alison and Pamela arrive back at Charlie's. Standing in the hallway, Charlie smiles at Pamela, "You hungry?" Pamela nods, "Starving - I haven't eaten since Albury!" Alison chips in, "Been too busy talking; we've got a lot to catch up on - more years than we care to think about." Charlie beams, "Well, darlings, hopefully you'll have twice as many years to make up for it - especially if Pamela decides to settle in Sydney." She heads into the lounge room. Alison follows her and says quickly, "Charlie, Pamela will decide where she wants to stay in her own time. Why don't we worry about dinner first?" Charlie shrugs and says, "Back in a tick!" She heads off to the kitchen. Alison offers Pamela a drink. She declines, though. Alison fills a glass for herself, commenting as she does so, "I think I need one after our talk! That was quite a marathon, wasn't it?" Pamela muses, "Not every day you find a sister!" Alison reaches into a drawer of the drinks cabinet suddenly, saying, "Oh - before I forget, I've got something to show you." She takes out a photo album and goes and sits down next to Pamela on the couch. She then opens the album and says, "Here we are: this is mum and dad. That's me." She points at a photo. Pamela, however, stands up and says sharply, "I'm not interested." Alison, looking annoyed with herself, says quickly, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so stupid; I didn't realise." Pamela, however, tells her, "It's not your fault; it's just that I need a little time to get used to my other family. Don't get me wrong - I want to know about them; I'd just rather not rush it." Alison assures her, "There's no hurry." Pamela then sits back down and says, "I've been wondering: if it's not too much trouble, maybe I could stay here for a while; we'd be able to spend more time together." Alison smiles, "That would be wonderful; you can stay as long as you like." Pamela asks, "Sure Charlie wouldn't mind?" Alison insists, "She'd love it! Honestly, she's as thrilled as I am we found each other. Well, almost as thrilled!" Pamela turns and looks out of the window, a sly look on her face...

Fiona opens the door of her room at the mansion to find Doug standing in the corridor. She invites him in and offers him a coffee. Doug, however, tells her that he's got to head back to the airport in a minute. Fiona remarks, "I didn't realise you're going back to Melbourne tonight." The two of them sit down and Doug explains, "I only called in to tell you about Wayne: he's taken off." A look of surprise on her face, Fiona asks, "Where?" Doug shrugs, "I don't know - but apart from being worried that the real murderer's going to have another crack at him, I think I scared him off a bit, too." Fiona asks, "Does Gordon know?" Doug nods, "He was out our way earlier." Fiona comments, "As long as Wayne turns up for the court case..." Doug assures her, "He will - and he'll tell the jury exactly what I told him to say. Beryl's going to be fine; you'll see." There's a knock on the door suddenly and Janice steps in. Fiona turns to her and says warmly, "Hello! How was Woombai?" Janice smiles, "Lovely. Everything was so green." Fiona asks, "How did Pamela enjoy it?" Janice replies, "She seemed to like it - but she suddenly left; something to do with Beryl, apparently." Fiona nods warily, "Yes, it was. Things were getting a bit rough out at the prison and Pamela came back; she thought she might be able to help." Janice asks, "Could she?" Fiona shrugs, "She's trying, but it's not as easy as you think - apparently she can't pull as many strings as she used to." Doug then stands up and announces, "I've got to go, girls, but before I do, I've got a little surprise for you." He goes and puts his briefcase down on the table, opens it and pulls out a T-shirt. It has a bright red pair of lips in the middle, which he presses. An electronic voice says, "Hello, lover! Give us a kiss!" Fiona bursts out laughing! Janice stands there, stony-faced. Doug hands a T-shirt to Fiona and says, "Wear them with pride!" Janice, looking aghast, exclaims at Fiona in horror, "Don't tell me you're thinking of actually wearing that." Fiona laughs, "No! But I know somebody who will!"

Debbie is putting dishes away in the kitchen at Caroline's as Caroline talks on the 'phone, saying, "Can I let you know tomorrow?... Yes, I understand, but I do need to think about it... Yes, I will. Bye." She hangs up. Debbie asks immediately, "Was that Doug?" Caroline, however, replies, "My publisher." Debbie asks, "Problems?" Caroline tells her, "I gave them a proposal for a new book - a sequel. They want me to do it." Debbie exclaims, "Then why the frown? You should be rapt!" Caroline explains, "Doug will hit the roof if I accept. We nearly split up over the last one." Debbie comments, "It was very successful." Caroline tells her, "It was also based on fact. Doug hated the thought of my writing about people that I knew; thought it was unethical." Debbie asks, "Why did you submit another proposal, then?" Caroline, sitting down at the kitchen table, explains, "My publisher kept on pushing me - and I wanted to do it, I can't deny that; but now that the contract's ready, I keep on thinking about what Doug's going to say. I just can't understand why I have to throw away the chance of doing something that I'm going to be proud of." She sighs heavily.

Craig sits back on the couch in Caroline's lounge room and stares at a sheet of paper he's holding. Debbie walks in and smiles, "How's it going?" Craig tells her, "I've got two options: either do my HSC full-time and live on a student allowance of eighty bucks a week; or I go to nightschool and keep my job at the carwash." Looking surprised, Debbie comments, "But this afternoon you decided to go to Tech full-time." Craig, however, points out, "Eighty bucks a week... it's not much when you stop and think about it." Debbie reminds him, "I'll be earning money. Besides, you can't go to work all day then go to Tech at night and still get your study done." Craig just shrugs, "I'll have to. Anyway, study's never been a problem for me." Debbie sits down next to him and asks, "When are you going to sleep?" Craig just replies, "Deb, I can't live on eighty bucks a week and fork out for that car I collected." Debbie tells him, "I can take care of the accident money." Craig, however, retorts, "There is no way you're footing the bills. Forget about what I said this afternoon; I'm going to pay my own way and that's it." Debbie looks at him and sighs heavily.

Charlie is sitting on one of the couches in her lounge room, holding Isabella. She looks at Pamela, who's sitting with Alison on the other couch, and comments, "Prison life must have been awful. Was it?" Pamela turns away and mutters, "Not much point in thinking about it now." Charlie goes on, "I only hope poor Beryl's alright; she must be going through hell waiting for her trial. Imagine what it must be like." Looking wary, Alison says suddenly, "Charlie, why don't you make some more coffee? I think we've just run out." Turing to Pamela, she adds, "I'll go and get some of those chocolate truffles Charlie's got hidden away at the back of the 'fridge. Won't be a sec." She and Charlie head out of the room. As soon as they've gone, Pamela stands up and heads over to the drinks cabinet. She picks up the telephone and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Dave, it's Pam. I think I can arrange the money; I'll get it to you tomorrow morning... Yeah, well just make sure the girls lay off Beryl... OK." With that, she hangs up again. She begins to wander back to her seat as Alison comes back in and asks brightly, "How do you find our happy little household so far? Think you'll like it?" Pamela smiles, "I'm sure I will - except..." She sits back down and then sighs, "No, it doesn't matter." Alison insists, "Tell me." Pamela looks at her and says, "I just feel a bit out of my league. I feel like the poor cousin from the black blocks." Alison tells her immediately, "Don't even think about it: whatever you want, I'm paying." Pamela murmurs, "I still look like a frump beside you and Charlie, and the rest of my wardrobe's not much better." Alison smiles, "That's easily fixed: tomorrow you can buy as many new clothes as you want, no expense spared." Pamela replies quickly, "I don't need much - just a couple of new dresses. I'll pay you back, of course." Alison, sitting down with her, insists, "You'll do nothing of the sort. We'll go shopping first thing in the morning." Looking suddenly put-out, Pamela says quickly, "You don't have to come--" Alison interrupts, however, and tells her, "I wouldn't miss it for the world! Besides, you're going to need two people to carry all the parcels: we are going to take a bite out of every dress shop in Sydney!" Pamela smiles at her, a hint of annoyance on her face...

Sometime later, Pamela and Alison are standing in Fiona's room at the mansion. Pamela announces, "We're sisters. Mum confirmed it this afternoon." Fiona stares at the two of them, looking shocked. Pamela adds, "I couldn't believe it, either!" Alison adds, "We've come to collect Pamela 's things. She's coming to stay with Charlie and me." Looking suspicious, Fiona asks, "Whose idea was that?" Alison retorts, "Charlie's, actually - she extended the invitation." Fiona nods warily at Pamela, "I don't wish to sound cynical, especially having been given the news, but with all due respect to Alison, moving in with her is really not the best idea." Alison starts to protest, "Fiona, that is in--" Fiona interrupts and retorts, "I'm sorry, Alison, but I've seen the way you work just far too often, and I don't want Pamela getting herself into trouble." Alison demands curtly, "Who gives you the right to decide what's best for my sister?" Pamela says suddenly, "Maybe it would be better if I had a word with Fiona alone?" Alison mutters, "I hate to think what she's going to say behind my back." Fiona shrugs, "Nothing I'm afraid to say in your face; you know me well enough by now." Alison stands there, looking annoyed. She then walks out, slamming the door behind her. Fiona and Pamela sit down on the couch and Fiona sighs, "Pamela, you are making a very big mistake. Alison may have her good points, but she can also be incredibly ruthless." Pamela nods, "I know." Fiona, however, tells her, "No you don't; you haven't got any idea." Pamela insists, "Yes I have - I've read the book; I know what she's capable of." Fiona sighs, "Then why are you going to live with her? That is madness." Pamela explains, "Because I've had enough experience with people to know when they're being genuine. Alison really believes that I got the rough end of the stick by being adopted out, and she's serious about wanting to make up for it - and I'm serious about wanting to get her know her better. We're the only real family we've got." Fiona comments warily, "I understand the way you feel, but even if Alison was to turn Snow White, it wouldn't last; she can't help herself. There'll come a point in time when she wants something from you and she will destroy everything that matters to get it; she always does. I can't explain it - but with Alison... it's almost basic instinct." Pamela muses, "Maybe it runs in the blood?" Fiona looks at her suspiciously. Pamela adds quickly, "Just joking. I'm sure living with Alison will be no problem at all." Fiona murmurs, "I wish I could believe that; I really do..."

Alison is outside, pacing the hallway floor, when Nick comes in through the front door. He smiles at Alison, "Hello! I would've thought you'd have been out wining and dining!" Alison just retorts, "Not every night." Nick smiles, "Not from lack of offers?" Alison tells him, "I'm very selective!" She then goes on, "What about you? I'm surprised you're not out somewhere yourself." Nick explains, "I thought I should tell Fiona I received a subpoena this afternoon: I've been called by Beryl's lawyers to give evidence on her behalf at the trial. Is she in?" Alison nods, "Yes." Nick goes to walk past her - but as he does so, he brushes against the handbag she's holding and it falls to the floor. He bends down quickly to pick it up. Alison does likewise. As Nick picks up the bag, he comments, "I've broken your compact." Alison muses, "You do seem rather accident prone!" They stand up again and Nick remarks, "It must be something about your company that distracts me - you see, normally I'm the epitome of control and self-discipline!" Alison shrugs, "It could've been worse: you might have driven into my car again!" At that moment, the door to Fiona's room opens and Pamela comes out, saying to Alison, "Sorry to keep you." Alison indicates Nick and says, "Have you two met?" Pamela replies, "Not officially." Alison tells her, "Nick Benson... Pamela Hudson, my sister." Nick just says to Pamela, "Hello. I've heard a lot about you." He then turns his attention back to Alison, leaving Pamela looking annoyed. He tells Alison, "You've got to believe me: I'm not normally a klutz; it's just when I'm around you." Alison muses, "If I have that effect, perhaps I should steer clear of you?" Pamela interjects suddenly, "Do you mind if we head off? I'm sort of falling asleep on my feet." Alison assures her, "Of course not." As she and Pamela head for the door, Nick calls, "I'm sorry about the compact. I hope to bump into you again - soon." Alison just smiles at him. She and Pamela then head out.

Doug is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Caroline's as Caroline pours him a drink. He's telling her, "I met with Susan, about the T-shirt business: she's still keen to back us. Then, on the 'plane down, I ran into an old business friend from America, Bob Baxter." Caroline asks, "How does he tie in?" Doug explains, "He liked the T-shirt idea so much, he's offered to be our American distributor." Caroline exclaims, "That's wonderful!" Doug, however, says warily, "Almost too good: supplying a market like America's going to take a lot more capital than Susan can handle." Caroline hands him his drink as he adds, "I'll just have to raise the money myself, and I'm damned if I know how I'm going to do that." Caroline hesitates before announcing, "I know a way: my publisher wants me to do a sequel to My Sister My Love. He's offered a big cash advance; it'll be enough to cover your manufacturing costs. Actually, I've even finished a rough draft of the first chapter." Doug stares at her. He then snaps, "What I think doesn't matter to you, does it?" Caroline asks blankly, "What do you mean?" Doug growls, "It's wrong to drag our friends' lives out into the open. You've already done it once; why on earth would you want to do it again? Look at the trouble it caused the first time." Caroline retorts, "If I can make enough money to put your company on its feet, then I--" Doug stands up suddenly and yells, "No! I wouldn't take the money; it's wrong." Caroline says sadly, "You're not making the slightest effort to see this from my point of view, are you? I was proud of the first book - but, if it means making a choice between the book and our marriage, then I won't give the book another thought." Doug murmurs, "I'm sorry, love. I know the book means a great deal to you - but I just can't shake my principles." Caroline tells him, "I'll 'phone the publisher in the morning; tell him I won't be signing my contract." Doug, however, says suddenly, "Hold on: I think I know a way we can get around this. What if you wrote a sequel that was total fiction? Then you couldn't put anyone's nose out of joint." Caroline shrugs, "I suppose I could..." Doug insists eagerly, "Of course you could! It'd be a bestseller. You'd get your book and I'd get the money I need for our business." Caroline warns him, "Writing fiction isn't that easy, Doug; at least with the first book I had the material to work with; I'm not sure if I could start a story from scratch." Doug insists, "You'll be fine. Anyway, you wouldn't know until you have it a shot." Caroline just looks at him. Doug adds, "You can do it." Caroline shrugs, "Alright. I'll contact the publisher after breakfast!"

The next morning, Alison and Pamela walk into Charlie's lounge room, loaded down with shopping bags. Alison smiles, "I can't wait to see you wearing them!" Pamela comments, "Probably won't recognise myself!" Charlie looks at Alison and tells her, "Pamela 's not the only one who's being spoilt, darling: the adorable Nick dropped by while you were out shopping - and he left you a token of his obvious affection." She holds out a small wrapped present. Alison comments, "I'm sorry I missed him." Charlie, however, beams, "From the way he was talking, you'll have plenty more opportunities!" Alison sits down and unwraps the present. It's a new makeup compact. She smiles, "Isn't that sweet of him?" She then takes a bracelet out from the wrapping, too. Charlie exclaims, "Darling, it's gorgeous - Isn't it, Pamela?" Pamela just mutters darkly, "Yeah, very nice." Charlie beams, "I can smell romance in the air!" Alison tells her, "I hope you're right - I think I rather like him." Charlie comments, "He's considerate, too: he's giving evidence for Beryl at her trial. Goodness knows she needs all the help she can get. Gordon's terrified she's still getting beaten-up by the other prisoners." Looking at Pamela, she adds, "It's a pity you weren't still inside to protect her." Pamela murmurs, "Yeah, I can't seem to arrange much from out here." Alison tells her quickly, "You're not responsible for that, now; all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself." Pamela replies, "Sure - I will - especially after today; and who knows? Maybe I'll find a man to buy me bracelets." Alison assures her, "Of course you will." Pamela stares at the bracelet as Alison puts it on her wrist. She comments longingly, "I've never seen anything so beautiful. Could I try it on?" Alison tells her, "You can do more than that: you can wear it whenever you want." Pamela insists quickly, "I couldn't." Alison, however, takes the bracelet off her own wrist and puts it on Pamela's. She then says, "Keep it on for a while - I want my sister to look good." Pamela nods, "OK. Thanks."

A while later, Pamela is standing with Fiona in her room at the mansion, saying, "I just dropped in to tell you that Beryl is going to be OK: I convinced the warder to do the right thing." Fiona exclaims, "That's wonderful! Gordon's going to be so relieved." Pamela adds, "I could only afford the first instalment, but it should help for a while." Janice, who's sitting at the table, asks in shock, "Do you mean you have to bribe the warder to guarantee her protection?" Pamela replies, "It's the only language they understand in there, love." Looking aghast, Janice exclaims, "That's disgusting! Personal security should be a matter of standard procedure. Someone should tell the police." Pamela, however, retorts, "It wouldn't help. You couldn't prove anything; all you do is risk getting Beryl into more strife." She then turns to Fiona and asks, "How's Gordon holding-up?" Fiona replies, "He's managing. We're making out a list of all the suspects - you know: anybody who wanted to get back at Wayne. If we can find out where they were at the time of the crime, we'll probably find out who the real murderer is." Pamela asks, "How are you going so far?" Fiona sighs, "Wayne has got so many enemies in his lifetime... it's going to be a very long process."

Alison is standing at the front door at Charlie's, with Nick. He tells her, "I wasn't going to miss you a second time." Alison says sincerely, "Thankyou for the bracelet - it was beautiful." Nick smiles, "It would be a crime to give you anything but the best." Alison smiles at him and comments, "I'm not used to flattery so early in the day!" Nick suggests, "Maybe I'd better flatter you over dinner?" Alison, however, tells him, "No, no, it's my turn. Why don't you come over for lunch?" Nick asks, "What time?" Pamela suggests, "About one." Nick nods, "It's a date." He then adds, "Of course, this doesn't rule out dinner..." He smiles at Alison and heads off!

Pamela and Janice emerge from Fiona's room at the mansion, Pamela sighing, "You're not still upset about the warder, are you?" Janice snaps, "Of course I am - it's despicable." Pamela warns her, "If you want to be a welfare worker, you've got to learn to accept these realities - they exist whether you like them or not." Fiona emerges from her room as well as Janice snaps, "I don't intend to lower my standards to those around me." Pamela demands, "Then how the hell do you expect to help people in trouble if you won't face up to the world that they live in?" Fiona chips in quickly, "Hold it, hold it, Michael's trying to sleep. I'll go and shut his door. She heads along to Michael's room - to find Michael sitting slumped over his desk. She sighs, "Oh dear." She heads into the room and pats him gently on his shoulder, saying, "Michael... Michael, come on, wake up." Michael stirs and looks at Fiona. She suggests, "Why don't you lie down on the bed and get a proper sleep?" Michael, however, tells her wearily, "It's OK - I've got to work." Fiona, however, insists, "You're in no condition to do anything." Michael explains, "I have to. I'm marking exam papers; I need the money." Fiona asks, "You got some sort of a problem?" Michael tells her, "It's a family problem: mum and dad are a bit strapped; I'm taking on extra work to help them out." Fiona looks at him and says, "I know that it's none of my business, but why don't you ask Nick to help out? He's in a much better position to do so." Michael just replies, "It's more complicated than that. Nick doesn't get on with mum and dad. I have to handle it myself." Fiona warns, "Just make sure your hospital work doesn't fall by the wayside because you're busting a boiler trying to help someone." Michael assures her, "I won't. Everything's under control." Fiona comments, "I hope so." Michael adds, "Honest - I wouldn't risk my medical career no matter what. Stop worrying." Fiona shrugs and heads back out of the room.

Alison is setting out canapés for her and Nick's lunch in the lounge room at Charlie's. Charlie walks in and smiles, "I'm off, darling. Now, you behave yourself with that gorgeous man!" Alison replies, "I'll try!" Pamela walks in at that moment and, looking at the food, comments, "If that's morning tea, I can't wait for lunch!" Charlie tells her warily, "Today's special: Alison's entertaining privately." Pamela 's face drops. Charlie then goes on, "Actually, I'm about to go to luncheon at this adorable little restaurant in the city. Why don't you come with me?" Pamela shrugs, "Got nothing else planned." She reaches down to pick up a canapé. As she does so, Alison says, "Before you go, could I have the--" She breaks off as she notices Pamela 's bare wrist. She then demands, "Where is it? The bracelet." Pamela looks at her wrist and says, "I don't know. It must've fallen off." Alison cries in horror, "How could you have been so careless?" Pamela insists, "I didn't mean to lose it." Alison snaps, "What am I going to tell Nick? He's coming over here in half an hour for lunch. I wanted to wear it." Pamela snaps, "I'm sorry, OK? If you're going to go off your head every time I make a mistake, I may as well pack my bags and leave right now." Alison says quickly, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry - I didn't mean to lose it. Forget I ever said it; it was stupid. The bracelet doesn't matter. You and I are more important. Forgive me?" Pamela nods her head. Alison then puts her arms around her sister. Pamela murmurs, "You're forgiven..."


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