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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Pino Amenta

The front door opens at the mansion and Alison and Charlie march in. They pass a stepladder that's standing in the hallway and turn towards Fiona's room. As they do so, Charlie snaps, "Two weeks isn't very long, darling; not if they have to find somewhere else to live." Alison starts ripping down notices on the board outside Fiona's room, retorting as she does so, "It's all we're required to give by law. I'm not doing anything illegal." Charlie points out curtly, "Except sending in the earth removers." Alison snaps, "It's my right as the owner. The boarding house is barely making money. A townhouse development on this site will make me a lot more." Charlie cries, "What about the tenants with leases?" Alison just retorts, "We're not talking about a block of flats, Charlie, we're talking about rooms to let. There are no leases." Charlie sighs, "It just seems so heartless. What about Fiona? What's she going to do? She's supposed to be a friend." Alison looks at her and growls, "She's a vile old cow who has to be taught a lesson. Anyway, I don't know why you're worried: that mud-raking exposé she wrote will earn her a tidy fortune. She'll be able to afford the Ritz with all the money she's going to make." Charlie mutters, "That's what this is really all about, isn't it? You don't brush-up too well in the book, so you're out to get revenge." Alison shrugs, "You make your bed, you lie on it. It's as simple as that." Having removed the last notice from the board, she then marches out. Charlie follows her.

Lying on the floor of the tent set up in the bush, Fiona groans, "Ow, it hurts..." Michael is kneeling next to her, and he asks gently, "How bad?" Fiona just murmurs, "I am going to be alright, aren't I?" Michael tells her, "Course you are." Fiona murmurs, "Absolutely nothing to worry about?" Looking worried, Michael nods, "I couldn't have put it better myself..."

Janice is running along in the bush. She trips and falls suddenly, though, crying, "Ow!" as she does so. She stands up, but starts hobbling along, having twisted her ankle. She stops in a clearing and looks around. As she struggles along in pain, she cries out loud to God, "Why did you let me hurt my ankle? What did I do wrong?" She slips over again, suddenly, and lands on her backside. She cries, "It's not fair. It's not my life we're talking about, it's Aunt Fiona's. She's the most wonderful woman in the world. If you do anything to take her away from me, I'll never be able to forgive you. Please help me..." All-of-a-sudden, she spots a motorbike on a nearby track. She struggles to her feet and yells, "Please help me. Help!" The motorcyclist spots her and rides over to her. Janice stares at the biker as if he's an angel from heaven! She then notices that the leather waistcoat he's wearing has 'Angel' sewn on it in silver lettering. Janice murmurs to herself, "I've died and gone to heaven..." The biker removes his helmet, though, and tells her gruffly, "You're not in heaven, love, you're in the Blue Mountains!" Janice murmurs, "Who are you?" The biker tells her, "Angel. It's me nickname." Janice cries, "I hope you can live up to it. You've got to help me." She holds out her hand. Angel climbs off his bike and goes and lifts her to her feet.

Charlie joins Alison in the lounge room at her house and offers her another cup of coffee. Alison, however, declines, saying, "No thanks - I have to get back to the mansion: the grader will be arriving soon." Charlie mutters, "You're so convinced Fiona wrote that blessed book, aren't you?" Alison just asks, "Who do you think wrote it, Charlie?" Charlie shrugs, "The author called herself Angela Johns. It could have been Angela or John - or both of them." Alison tells her, "I'd already thought of that." Charlie queries, "Have you asked them?" Alison replies, "I called them a couple of times, but there was no answer." Charlie implores, "Try again. If one of them admits it, it'll stop you doing Fiona a terrible disservice." Alison walks over to the 'phone and Charlie smiles, "I don't believe it! You're showing a bit of common sense for a change!" Alison, however, says, "Beware the eye that does not see, Charlie. Nothing is ever what it seems to be." Charlie looks at her blankly and says, "Pardon?!" Alison just dials a number! When the call is answered, she says, "Angela... it's your mother... Yes, yes, it has." She goes on, "I've read your book - the one you wrote with John - My Sister My Love." She listens and then retorts, "Of course you did. You'll be pleased to know it's caused me a great deal of embarrassment; then that was your intention from the outset, wasn't it?" She listens again before saying coolly, "Don't lie to me; you know it was. I want to see you and John here in Sydney as soon as possible. At the least, you owe your mother some kind of explanation. Goodbye." With that, she hangs up. She then turns to Charlie and remarks, "Well. That should send them scurrying off to the local bookshop." Charlie comments, "I thought you were convinced Fiona wrote it." Alison nods, "Yes, I am." Charlie asks in surprise, "Then why all that?" Alison retorts, "They haven't been to see me since I came back from overseas. I think it's time they did. When they've read the book and believe everyone thinks they wrote it, they'll be on the first 'plane south. Clever, aren't I?" Charlie just looks at her, warily.

Gordon is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Beryl's, taking off his shoes. He asks Beryl, who's standing next to him, "Where's Debbie now?" Beryl tells him, "Saying goodbye to her mum at the hotel where she's staying." She sits down on the arm of the couch, as Gordon remarks, "Quite a bit of drama you've had to put up with." Beryl nods, "Yes." Gordon then tells her, "I didn't get the job. The first position I ever applied for in my life and I blew it. That's the trouble being self-employed: you forget what it's like on the other side, having to queue up and sell yourself." Beryl assures him, "There'll be other queues." Gordon just smiles, "Let's hope I get to the top of one of them." Beryl assures him, "You will." Gordon then says quickly, "Oh - I got something for you today. I hope you like it." He goes to his briefcase, takes out a piece of paper and smiles, "Voila! One marriage licence." Beryl takes it and beams, "Oh, Gordon!" Gordon goes on, "I picked it up today and I booked the church. Six days. Do you think you can wait that long?" Beryl puts her arms round him and smiles, "I think I can manage!" Gordon suggests, "We'll have to start a guest list."

Susan is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, reading My Sister My Love. Wayne is standing behind the bar, and he says, "You want an orange juice?" Susan just retorts, "Don't tell me you're having one? We run out of scotch?" Wayne doesn't respond. Susan then puts down the book and comments, "You don't come out of it too well, do you? Quite the Black Knight." Wayne mutters, "You don't want to believe everything you read." Susan retorts, "I believe what I read before I believe you, that's for sure." She then asks, "So who do you think wrote all these 'dreadful lies' about you? I'm sure the question has crossed your mind." Wayne tells her, "Caroline." Susan asks, "Why?" Wayne explains, "Gut instinct." Susan tells him, "I think you're wrong." Wayne retorts, "I don't. She hates me. She's not all that buddy-buddy with Alison and we're certainly the ones who come out of it the worst. I can just imagine it: hunched over an old typewriter, working until all hours, convinced she's writing the great Australian novel." Susan just shakes her head and says, "I think you're letting your hatred get in the way. Whoever wrote My Sister My Love needed an intimate knowledge of the Hamiltons and the Palmers; history that goes way back. Caroline wouldn't know any of that." Wayne asks, "Who was it, then?" Susan just shrugs, "You tell me. One thing I'm sure of: it wasn't Caroline."

Fiona is lying in a bed in a room at Park Ridge Hospital. Janice is sitting at her bedside, and Michael is standing at the end of the bed, smiling at his patient, "Hard to believe we finally got you here, isn't it?" Fiona smiles weakly, "Yeah, it is." Michael asks, "Do you remember much?" Fiona murmurs, "Not really. Did a helicopter...?" Janice pats her hand and says, "I prayed for you, Aunt Fiona. He sent me an Angel." Fiona tells her softly, "I do admire your faith; I really do." Janice, however, says, "I'll go and get him." She stands up and heads out of the room. Fiona looks at Michael and asks, "Where is this angel? Waiting out in the corridor?" Michael laughs, "Yes, he is, actually!" Fiona asks, "Does he play a harp?" Michael smiles, "Mouth organ, actually! He carries one in his pocket!" The door to the room reopens and Janice walks in, followed by Angel. Janice says to Fiona, "Aunt Fiona, I'd like you to meet Angel." She then turns to Angel and says, "Angel, this is my Aunt Fiona." Angel smiles at Fiona, "G'day!" Fiona beams, "G'day!" She goes on, "I've always believed in heaven, but it does come as something of a surprise that the good Lord uses bikers for angels!"

A construction worker walks up the path to the mansion. He passes Alison, Charlie and a building foreman. A huge grader machine is parked on the road outside. Alison is telling the foreman, "I want you to start on all the outbuildings first. Knock them down and push all the rubble into a pile." The foreman asks, "How about the washing line?" Alison nods, "Yes, yes, that goes too. Everything." The foreman shrugs, "You're the boss." He walks away, leaving Charlie to gasp to Alison, "Washing lines? How are they expected to dry their clothes?" Alison retorts, "They have dryers in laundromats." She then looks ahead of her and gasps suddenly, "My God, will you look at that: Janice!" A motorbike pulls up and Janice begins climbs off the back. She calls over to Alison curtly, "What is going on?" Angel, however, tells her quickly, "Stay on the bike. I don't want you walking on that ankle." Janice stays where she is, but snaps at Alison, "What is that grader doing?" Alison retorts, "What does it look like?" Janice gasps, "You're knocking down Fiona's home while she lies in hospital?" Alison snaps, "It's my house, not Fiona's." Charlie asks in surprise, "Hospital?" Janice snaps, "Yes. She's recovering from an emergency appendix operation." Charlie cries, "How awful." She then looks at Alison and says, "You can't go ahead with the demolition now." The foreman walks over and asks Alison, "What do you want me to do, lady?" Alison retorts, "Fiona still wrote that book and she doesn't need this house to put a roof over her head. Go ahead." Janice glares at her and growls, "You're a worthless woman, Alison Carr. Now, stop that grader and start thinking about other people for a change." Alison snaps, "It's got nothing to do with you, Janice." Janice, however, retorts, "Hasn't it? We'll see about that." She then looks at Angel and clicks her fingers. She tells him, "On the ground." Angel lifts her up and lays her down on the path in front of the grader. She tells Alison curtly, "I am not moving until you get rid of that monstrosity. You'll have to run me over, first." Charlie stands there, looking impressed!

Gordon hangs up the 'phone at Beryl's and tells Beryl, "Rosie and Doug can't make it - but they send their love." Beryl remarks, "That's a pity they can't come." Gordon explains, "A touch of 'flu, apparently." He then asks, "Who's next on the list?" Beryl replies, "Susan." Gordon nods, "I'll give her a ring." Beryl remarks, "All these telephoned wedding invitations are going to put us back a tidy sum." Gordon, however, points out, "It's quick, and we get a 'yes' or 'no' answer straight away." Looking wary, Beryl asks, "What about Wayne? If Susie's coming down..." Gordon tells her coolly, "Beryl, I don't want Wayne anywhere near our wedding. He'll only spoil it." Beryl warns, "He'll be hurt." Gordon retorts, "No more than you or I if he turns up to cause trouble - and that's exactly what he'll do. I want our wedding day to be happy, not filled with tension wondering what my son might do."

Janice is sitting up on the front path at the mansion. Angel is crouching down next to her. Alison is snapping, "For heaven's sake, Janice, act your age. Get up and let the driver get on with his work." Janice, however, retorts, "I'm not moving." Alison warns, "Then you'll get run over." Angel stands up and warns, "You wouldn't want to try." Alison snaps, "Shut up, you great lug." Michael walks down the road and joins them. He looks around and asks, "What's going on?" Janice tells him, "We have here an extremely vindictive--" Alison interrupts and retorts, "Vindictive? Wait until you've read the book - then we'll see who's vindictive." Michael asks, "What book?" Alison tells him curtly, "Fiona wrote a book called My Sister My Love--" Janice interrupts and snaps, "You don't know that." Alison ignores her and goes on, " which I am painted as the Wicked Witch of the West." Janice tells Michael, "So Alison's knocking down her house out of spite." Michael remarks to Alison, "Sounds more like the Three Little Pigs - with you as the wolf!" He then takes Alison to one side and asks quietly, "What if Fiona didn't write the book? Maybe you owe her the benefit of the doubt." Alison snaps, "I don't owe her anything." Michael tells her, "You owe me." Alison demands, "For what?" Michael retorts, "I saved your life, remember? The snake bite?" Alison smiles, "And now you're calling in your dues." Michael nods, "At least until Fiona's over her operation and we find out if she wrote that book or not." Alison comments, "If Fiona didn't write that book, I'll fly her to the moon!" Michael says, "You'll call off the shovel 'til you're certain?" Alison hesitates before saying reluctantly, "Yes. Alright."

Gordon is talking on the 'phone at Beryl's, asking in surprise, "Did Alison say why she wants to pull down the boarding house?" He listens before gasping, "You're joking! Fiona didn't write that book any more than I did." Janice is on the other end of the 'phone, in Fiona's room at the mansion. She says, "You try telling Alison that. She's made up her mind and that's that. Pulling down the boarding house is her way of evening the score." Gordon says, "We'll see about that. Don't you worry about it: I'll go round to the publisher myself and see who did write that trash. It's about time they were hauled out of the woodwork." He then adds, "Bye," and hangs up. He turns to Beryl, who's sitting in an armchair, looking uncomfortable, and says, "I gather you picked up most of that." Beryl murmurs, "Yes." Gordon sits down and starts putting on his shoes, saying as he does so, "I'll have to give the coffee a miss if I'm going to be at the publishers by five. Damn book. It should never have been written. It's caused more trouble than it's worth." With that, he gives Beryl a quick kiss and heads out. Beryl sits there, looking worried. Once she's heard the front door bang, she stands up, heads over to the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says sharply, "It's Beryl. You'll have to reveal yourself." She listens to the response before saying coolly, "Because the wrong people are being accused of writing it, that's why. I know Gordon's going to be extremely angry because I kept the truth from him, but--" She's interrupted. When she's finished listening, she growls, "I know what I promised, and I don't care. I want you over here before seven to admit to Gordon that you're the culprit." With that, she hangs up.

Angel is sitting on the table in Fiona's room at the mansion, playing with Fiona's cuddly crocodile! Janice emerges from Fiona's bedroom, holding a bag and saying, "I think that's just about all Fiona will need: an extra nightie... hairbrush... toothpaste. I'll just go and have a wash and get changed, then we can be on our way. I won't be a moment." As she goes to head out, Angel stands up and says quickly, "Janice..." Janice turns to look at him. Angel says hesitantly, "Er... um... would you like to go and see a movie with me?" Janice stares at him and says, "You and me on a date?" Angel nods, "Yeah." Janice says, "That's very kind of you, Angel, but--" Angel interrupts and asks, "Don't you like me?" Janice insists, "It's not that..." Angel comments, "It's 'cos you think I'm a bikie." Janice retorts, "No! It's just that I won't have much time; I mean, I'll be looking after Aunt Fiona when she gets out of hospital, won't I?" Angel murmurs, "I guess so. Just thought I'd ask, you know?" Janice assures him, "I'm glad you did." Angel adds, "I'll still give you a lift to the hospital if you like." Janice smiles, "I won't be a moment." With that, she heads out of the room. Angel stands there, looking disappointed.

Wayne is standing behind the bar at Dural, pouring himself a glass of scotch. As he takes a sip, Susan walks in from the hallway and asks sourly, "What happened to the orange juice? Fallen off the wagon already, have you? And all because daddy didn't invite you to his wedding." Wayne growls, "Put a sock in it, Susan." Susan taunts, "He invited me." Wayne snaps, "Just shut up, OK?" Susan retorts, "I'll do and say what I like, thankyou very much." Wayne glares at her. He then murmurs, "It's starting to rub off, you know? You've been hanging around Alison too long. You're starting to sound like her. You think you're so damned smart; so pure. Well how pure do you think Alison is? Because that's how pure you're going to end up." Susan mutters, "Don't be ridiculous." Wayne just says quietly, "You have a look in the mirror. It's beginning to show. All that hate. It's the only thing that's keeping us together - and I bet, one day, it'll all come tumbling down on top of you..." With that, he heads out of the room. Susan stands there, looking worried.

It's evening-time. Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, looking at a file of papers. Charlie walks in and smiles, "What would you like for dinner, darling?" Alison just shrugs, "Whatever's going." Charlie says brightly, "That's not much help! I need inspiration if I'm going to create culinary magic in the microwave!" Alison stands up and snaps, "For goodness' sake, Charlie, do you have to rabbit on like an idiot all the time?" Charlie mutters, "Pardon me for living!" Alison sighs heavily and says, "I'm sorry - I didn't mean that. It just hasn't been the best of days for me, that's all: letting Fiona win the day without lifting a finger..." Charlie points out, "It hasn't been all bad, darling: your children are coming to see you." Alison mutters, "Yes - and look what it took to make them do that." She cries, "It hurts, you know, Charlie, when your children don't want anything to do with you." Charlie points out, "You can hardly blame them, darling: you always came after them with both guns blazing. That telephone call this morning... that was hardly in the spirit of reconciliation." Alison demands, "What was I supposed to say? 'Come home, darlings, all is forgiven, mother misses you?'" Charlie replies, "Why not? It was the truth." Alison asks, "What if they said 'no' - which they probably would've. I'd be feeling even worse than I do now." Charlie points out, "Someone's got to make the first move." Alison murmurs, "You tend to hold back when you think all you're going to get's a slap in the face." Charlie tells her earnestly, "I think you underestimate your offspring, darling. Most people respond to the truth." Alison sighs, "I'd like to believe that, Charlie, I really would. God, I wish I could just put my arms around them and hug them and tell them I love them; hear them say they love me. I want to be part of the family. I want to be part of their lives. I'm just scared. I'm scared..."

Lying in her hospital bed, Fiona asks, "Why didn't you say 'yes'? He seemed a decent enough young man." Janice, standing next to her, shrugs, "I know, but..." Fiona muses, "All those dreadful stories about bikers got in the way, did they? You couldn't get over the prejudice." Janice admits, "I suppose I couldn't. It wasn't very fair of me, was it?" Fiona agrees, "Uh-uh." Janice goes on, "He's terribly sweet... and he was kind enough to help me out with you... I feel awful now. Poor man: I've gone and hurt his feelings after everything he's done." There's suddenly a knock on the door. Fiona calls, "Come on in." The door opens to reveal Angel standing there, holding a bunch of flowers. Fiona smiles in delight, "Angel!" Angel tells her, "I thought you might like some flowers!" He hands them over and Fiona grins, "Thankyou! Thankyou very much! Aren't they lovely?" She then adds, "Janice, dear, will you take them for me?" Janice takes them and tells Angel, "Very kind of you; most thoughtful." Angel says to her sheepishly, "I thought you'd be gone by now. I didn't want to embarrass you." Janice says, "Embarrass me? How?" Angel replies, "You know: after this afternoon, I didn't want you to think I was hanging round 'cos I couldn't take 'no' for an answer." Janice insists, "I don't think that at all! In fact..." She looks at Fiona, who nods her head quickly. She then goes on, "If the offer's still open, I would like to take in a movie with you." Angel asks enthusiastically, "Really?" Janice adds, "Any time from tomorrow night onwards." Angel cries, "Yeah! You beauty!" He then realises something, though, and says, "I've got a rally I'm going on tomorrow. Be gone for a week." Janice suggests, "When you get back, then." Angel says eagerly, "Yeah! Yeah! It's a date!" Janice smiles, "Good!" Angel grabs the flowers from her and says, "I'll just get the nurse to put these in some flowers. Er... water!" With that, he dashes out of the room! Fiona smiles at Janice, "You know something? You're a good girl. I'm real proud of you." Janice declares, "I'm proud of myself - I think! I wonder what I'm letting myself in for...!"

Wayne is standing in Michael's room at the mansion, saying, "I only want to see him happy. It's all I've ever wanted for him." Michael asks, "He thinks you'll only cause trouble?" Wayne nods quietly, "Yeah." Michael asks, "Would you? If you had been invited?" Wayne insists, "No!" He then adds, "Couldn't see myself giving Beryl a kiss for good luck. I'd shake dad's hand and wish him all the best." Michael sighs and tells him, "Things don't work like that, mate. You can't put conditions on love. OK, you love your father - I believe you - but to be openly hostile to the woman he's marrying... that's saying 'I don't respect your decision. I don't trust your judgement'. And you can't do that - not if you really love someone." He hands Wayne a mug of coffee. As he takes it, Wayne announces, "I'm going to the wedding." Looking concerned, Michael says, "I don't think that's a good idea. You might make things worse." Wayne, however, retorts, "How worse can they be than they are now? Dad thinks I'm out to cause trouble. OK, I'll go to the wedding and I'll be as quiet as a mouse. They won't get boo out of me. It'll prove I can do the right thing. It's my last chance, mate. I can't pass it up. If it doesn't work out, it'll be the end of me and dad..."

Beryl is sitting in her lounge room, looking worried. Gordon is standing up, snapping, "Writers should not be allowed to hide behind false names. If they write something, they should take full responsibility for it." Beryl asks meekly, "Wouldn't the publishers even give you a clue who wrote it?" Gordon retorts, "No - they didn't even want to see me. Wasn't until I created a song and dance at the front desk that I actually got a hearing - not that it did me much good." Beryl murmurs, "No." There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Looking surprised, Gordon remarks, "It's a bit late for visitors. Are you expecting someone?" Beryl stands up and replies, "No - I can't imagine who it'll be." She heads out to the hallway and opens the door. As she looks at the person standing on the step, she says to them sharply, "I was beginning to think you weren't coming. I hope you're prepared to tell Gordon the truth?"


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