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    Written by: Boaz Stark   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Wayne begins to clamber down to where Glen's car is lying on its roof at the bottom of the bank at the side of the road. He reaches Ginny, who's lying on her back, next to the vehicle. Her head is turned to one side and she's not moving. Wayne then looks at Glen, lying nearby. He's not moving, either. Wayne stares at them. He then runs back up to his car, pulls out his carphone, dials a number and cries, "I need an ambulance. It's an emergency."

A while later, a trolley is being pulled along a corridor at Park Ridge hospital. Wayne and Michael follow it. Wayne is looking upset. Michael says to him, "Why don't you go home? I'll call if there's any news." Wayne, however, insists, "I have to stay." Michael tells him sharply, "You could do with some rest." Wayne, ignoring this, just asks, "What are the chances?" Michael replies, "Dr. Grey's performing the surgery. He's one of the best." Wayne murmurs, "He can't bring them back from the dead, can he?" Michael insists, "We can still save Glen." With that, he walks off, leaving Wayne standing in the corridor, looking worried.

It's dark outside when Alison opens the front door at Charlie's. A police officer is standing on the step and he says, "Miss. Carr?" Alison nods, "Yes. What do you want?" The officer tells her nervously, "I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. May I come in?" Alison stares at him.

The next morning, Susan is sitting in the kitchen at Beryl's, reading a book. She's oblivious to the fact that Gordon, Beryl and Robert have just rocked-up outside the front door. Gordon smiles at Beryl, "Here we are: home-sweet-home!" Beryl asks, "No regrets?" Gordon just smiles in reply, "Did Mohammed mind going to the mountain?!" He takes Robert from Beryl, who removes her house keys from her handbag. In the kitchen, Susan becomes suddenly aware of the noise at the door, and she calls, "Caroline?" Beryl, Gordon and Robert head inside and into the lounge room, where Gordon comments, "I think next time, we put ourselves and the car on the train!" Beryl nods, "It would certainly be less stressful." Susan, looking horrified at hearing their voices, leaps up from her chair in the kitchen. The 'phone rings suddenly. Susan begins to creep out through the back door as Beryl comments about the 'phone, "I've only been in the house for two minutes!" Susan hesitates by the back door as she appears to remember something. She then heads back inside. Beryl picks up the 'phone in the lounge room, listens and then says, "Hello, C; we've only just got back in. How's Sydney: still there?!" In the kitchen, Susan picks up a plastic bag as Beryl says on the 'phone, "Charlie... calm down and slow down. Now, what is it?" She listens and then gasps, "Oh my God. What about Glen?" She listens again before asking, "Do you have anyone with you?" Gordon stares at Beryl as she nods, "Good. You look after yourself. Let us know if anything else happens - and thanks for calling." In the kitchen, Susan finishes packing the food in the 'fridge into her plastic bag. In the lounge room, Gordon asks Beryl, "What was all that about?" Beryl replies slowly, "There's been a accident: Ginny's been killed and Glen's critical." In the kitchen, a look of horror crosses Susan's face. Gordon asks Beryl, "What happened?" Beryl explains, "A car accident. I don't know all the details; Charlie's very upset. Fiona's with her. I really should go back to be with Glen." Gordon, however, tells her, "No. You've just had a long drive. You need the rest. I'm sure they're doing everything they can for him. Ring Fiona in the morning; see how he is, eh?"

A short time later, Susan runs up to the front door at Caroline's and starts pounding on it, calling, "Caroline... Is anyone home? Please?" There's no answer. Susan suddenly spots a side window that's open slightly, and pulls it open wide and climbs in through it. She heads into the lounge room and looks around. She then notices Doug's pile of money on the sideboard, and she goes and picks some of it up. She then writes an explanatory note on a pad next to it.

Wayne is pacing the corridor at the hospital, holding a cup of coffee. Alison walks up to him, slowly. Wayne asks her, "How's Charlie?" Alison replies, "She's coming in later, with Fiona." She adds, "I tried contacting Glen's parents, but they're holidaying somewhere in Queensland. The relatives are going to keep trying." She pauses before looking at Wayne and snapping, "Stop feeling so sorry for yourself: Glen's the one hanging on by a thread, not you." Wayne just mutters, "My whole life's falling apart: Susan... dad... Tick... now this." Alison tells him, "You've only got yourself to blame." Wayne glares at her and growls, "It wasn't my fault Tick left. That was your doing." Alison retorts, "Tick was never yours to keep. I told you that, but you wouldn't listen. And if you're thinking of chasing up your real son, don't: Moya told me he's very happy where he is. I think you've disrupted enough lives; don't you?" Michael walks up to them suddenly. Wayne asks in concern, "Has he come out of his coma, yet?" Michael tells him, "No - and we've done some further tests. A lot of blood from the haemorrhage has seeped into the blood tissue." Alison asks, "What does that mean?" Michael explains, "Brain damage. We're not sure how serious, but it's almost definite Glen won't function as a normal person - if he survives..." Wayne looks down guiltily.

Caroline and Doug walk up to the front door at Caroline's, Doug saying as they do so, "I'm going to stop taking you with me." Caroline asks in surprise, "Why?" Doug retorts, "Because if I hear one more buyer ask you to try on a T-shirt so he can test the sensor, I'm going to start punching heads!" He suddenly notices the open window next to the door, and he says sharply to Caroline, "Did you leave this window open?" Caroline replies, "I don't think so." Doug comments, "There's no sign of it being forced..." They head inside and Doug goes to check the lounge room. Caroline heads into the kitchen. Doug looks round in the lounge room. He spots almost immediately that the money he'd collected has gone, and mutters in annoyance, "Damn." Caroline joins him and says, "Nothing's missing; 'fridge is still there." Doug is holding the note that Susan left. Caroline asks him, "What's that?" He explains, "It's a note - from Susan. She's our burglar." Caroline asks in surprise, "Why?" Doug tells her, "Glen's been in an accident. She needed the money to fly up to Sydney." Caroline comments in concern, "It must be serious." Doug says, "Death's door, according to this." Caroline remarks, "No wonder she broke-in; she must be half out of her mind." Doug says, "I want to know how she found out about it." Caroline, however, tells him, "That's not important; not now." She then declares, "I'm going to follow her up there. She'll need some support, and I want to be near Glen." Doug mutters, "She's taking too big a risk." Caroline just retorts, "She loves him, Doug. She's not thinking clearly." She adds pointedly, "I remember a certain man dropping everything and flying in from America when he heard I was in trouble." Doug retorts, "This is different. She's supposed to be dead, remember? What if somebody sees her? If it's Beryl, she could have a heart attack." Caroline just pleads, "Please, Doug: we made a promise. We just have to make sure that I find her before anybody else does."

Susan is sitting in an aeroplane, staring into space as the safety announcements are made. She closes her eyes and tears begin to well-up.

There's a knock on the front door at Caroline's. Doug opens it to find Beryl standing there. Looking surprised, he says, "Beryl! When did you get back?" Beryl replies, "This morning. Gordon and I drove back with Robert." Doug invites her in. As she steps inside and heads into the lounge room, she asks, "Is Caroline home?" Doug tells her, "No. She left for Sydney about half an hour ago." Beryl comments in surprise, "Then she knows about Ginny and Glen?" Doug says in surprise, "Ginny? We'd heard that Glen's been in an accident." Beryl says hesitantly, "Er... it was a car accident. Ginny died and Glen's critical." Doug, looking shocked, murmurs, "Strewth..." Beryl goes on, "I knew that Caroline and Glen were close, so I thought I'd break the news personally." Doug murmurs, "Thanks. Caroline would've appreciated it." Beryl, looking upset, says slowly, "First Susie, now Ginny... and Glen critical..." She sits down, going on, "I feel so selfish." Doug asks in surprise, "Why?" Beryl explains, "I should be thinking of Ginny and Glen, but I can't get Susan's death out of my mind. The accident's brought the whole thing back. Why did it happen? Why didn't she come to me? Surely there was something I could've done." She continues sadly, "She was always the eternal optimist when she was a little girl. I remember John broke a vase one day and he was going to draw out all his savings and buy me a new one. Susie wouldn't hear of it. She picked up all the pieces and glued them together." Looking worried, Doug starts to say, "Beryl, there's something you should know: Susan..." He breaks off. Beryl asks, "What?" Doug continues nervously, "Susan..." He then gives in and says, "Well, Susie's at peace now. You don't want to go on living too much in the past. You have to accept things." Beryl murmurs sadly, "I know, Doug. I know." Doug sits there, looking guilty.

A taxi driver is talking animatedly as Susan sits in the back of his cab in Sydney, tears streaming down her face. She has a black scarf wrapped round her head, and isn't listening to him. As he bursts out laughing, Susan just sits there, crying.

Wayne is sitting at the side of Glen's bed at the hospital. Glen is lying in the bed, tubes and sensors connected to him and bandages wrapped around his head. Wayne stares at him, sadly. A heart monitor beats at regular intervals. Outside, in the corridor, Susan walks round the corner. She has put on dark glasses, along with her headscarf. She looks around nervously and then goes to open the door to Glen's room. Before she can do so, though, Michael walks up to her and says quickly, "I'm sorry, but you can't go in there." Susan cries, "I have to see him." Michael asks, "Are you a relative?" Susan replies, "I'm a friend." Michael tells her, "We'll let you know if there's any change." Susan asks, "How is he?" Michael tells her, "He's in a coma. He sustained brain damage." A look of shock crosses Susan's face. She then asks, "Will he live?" Michael replies, "We've all got our fingers crossed." He then asks, "Would you like me to take you to the waiting area? I'll make you a cup of coffee." Susan asks in concern, "Who's there?" Michael tells her, "No one. Everyone's gone home to wait for the news. We're still expecting his parents to arrive from Queensland. Do you know them?" Susan shakes her head and replies, "No." She then cries, "I want to see him - just for a few moments." Michael, however, says, "I'm sorry. Mr. Young is in intensive care. He can't have visitors." Susan pleads, "Please, I have to see him." Michael insists, "Not until he gets a little better." Susan cries, "Please..." Realising her pleading is futile, she marches off, sobbing heavily. Michael opens the door to Glen's room and heads inside. Finding Wayne sitting by Glen's bed, he says sharply, "You're not meant to be in here, mate." Wayne just looks at him. He has tears rolling down his cheeks. Susan makes her way slowly along the corridor outside - and she suddenly comes face-to-face with Caroline. She sobs to Caroline, "They wouldn't let me see him." Caroline helps her to a seat and soothes, "It's going to be alright." Susan says quickly, "I'm sorry I took the money, but I had to come." Caroline assures her, "It's OK. We understand. Don't worry about it now. Save your strength for Glen: he's going to need you when he gets better." Susan cries, "They won't even let me in his room." Caroline suggests, "Maybe you should wait a while. There's less staff at the hospital at nights; you might have a better chance of getting in then." Susan murmurs, "What if he doesn't live that long?" Caroline says quickly, "Don't even think like that. Of course he will. Glen's a hero, remember? He saved your life when that canoe slipped its mooring - and he helped me over that rough patch recently. The good guys always pull through; you know that." They stand up and Caroline suggests, "Why don't you go down to that hotel near the hospital and book a room? I was going to do that myself. I can 'phone you there when I think it's safe for you to come back." Susan murmurs gratefully, "Thanks." They hear a noise behind them, suddenly. Caroline looks round and gasps, "It's Wayne." Susan turns and dashes off down the corridor as Wayne and Michael join Caroline. Wayne looks at the back of the departing Susan and asks, "Who was that?" Caroline tells him, "It was a college friend of Glen's." Michael adds, "She wanted to see him before, but I couldn't let her into his room." Caroline asks, "Are you his doctor?" Michael nods, "One of them." Caroline asks, "Is he going to be alright?" Wayne tells her, "We're hoping he will be." Caroline looks at him and growls, "I must say, you're the last person I expected to find here." Wayne insists, "I wanted to be here." Caroline growls, "Really? I thought you'd have been off in some bar somewhere, celebrating." Wayne sighs, "You don't give up, do you? You or Alison. You're as bad as each other. I want Glen to live as much as you and everyone else - and that's the truth." Michael says to Wayne quickly, "You're tired. Why don't you go home for a while? I'll come over as soon as I finish my shift." Wayne nods at him and then walks off. When he's gone, Michael says to Caroline, "Wayne was telling the truth just then: he's very concerned about Glen's welfare." Caroline says coldly, "You don't know him as well as I do." Michael replies, "Maybe not - but I did just see him in Glen's room, and if you'd seen his face, you wouldn't be so hard on him." Caroline mutters, "The only reason Wayne wants Glen to live is so that he won't have to feel guilty. I've spoken to Fiona; I know he's responsible for the accident. But someone should tell him not to worry - because Wayne has caused so many people so much pain, I don't think there's any room on his conscience left anymore." With that, she walks off, leaving Michael looking shocked.

It's evening-time, and Wayne is standing behind the bar at Dural, pouring himself a glass of scotch. Michael is sitting on the couch and he warns, "That stuff isn't going to help, you know?" Wayne just shrugs, "And it isn't going to hurt, either. I need some comfort, too." He walks over to Michael, going on, "They're right, you know: Alison... Caroline... et cetera. I had no right to be at that hospital. I hated Glen's guts and didn't make a secret of it." Michael murmurs, "Wayne... don't." Wayne just snaps, "Don't what? Face the truth? Don't listen to what people have been saying because I might start believing they're right?" He then murmurs, "I have started listening." He walks over and picks up the decanter of scotch from the bar, adding as he does so, "This helps me stop believing." Michael looks at him in concern.

There's a loud rapping on the front door at Charlie's. Alison goes and opens the door to find Michael standing there. He nods, "Hello, Alison." Alison says, "Come inside." As Michael does so, she adds, "Everything's alright, is it?" Michael replies, "You mean is Glen still alive? Yes. The hospital will contact me if there's any change. I came to talk about something else." They head into the lounge room and sit down, Alison saying as they do so, "I finally got Charlie off to sleep. She had to take something, though." Michael asks, "How about you?" Alison replies, "I'd rather wait for some news." She then asks, "What is it you wanted to say"? Michael tells her, "Wayne. I want you to call off the dogs." Alison pauses before saying, "I'm afraid it's not up to me. He brought the whole thing on himself." Michael retorts, "You can help, though." Alison asks, "How?" Michael replies, "By going easier on him." Alison stands up and mutters, "Give me three good reasons why I should." Michael tells her, "One: because the accident wasn't his fault." Alison stares at him and counters, "Glen and Ginny were following him, trying to stop him from killing someone else; someone innocent. If he hadn't been driving so fast, and had he not been quite so drunk, none of this would have happened." Michael stands up and cries, "He didn't ask them to follow him; you can't blame Wayne for that." Alison just shrugs, "Watch me. Next." Michael sighs and says, "He's been through a lot, lately. Any more stress and I think he could crack - or drown himself in a bottle." Alison just replies lightly, "I wouldn't worry about that: Wayne must be immune to alcohol by now." Michael stares at her and gasps, "How can you be so cold? Don't you think he's been punished enough?" Alison just muses, "If that was your final reason, I'm afraid you haven't changed my mind. You see, I don't think Wayne has been punished enough. I don't think he ever could." She then asks, "What do you care, anyway? You hardly even know him - and you know what he's capable of." Michael retorts, "That's exactly why I do care. If people stood by him during the bad times, he might not end up being so rough on everyone." Alison shrugs, "I'm afraid we can't all be quite as forgiving as--" She breaks off as Michael's pager beeps. Michael looks at it and then says, "May I use your 'phone?" Alison nods, "Yes, yes. Go ahead. Please." Michael picks up the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says, "It's Dr. Benson. Could I speak to Dr. Grey, please?" He waits and then says, "Gavin, it's Michael. What's up?" He listens. He then murmurs, "I see. OK. Thanks for letting me know." He hangs up slowly. Alison says to him, "He's dead, isn't he?" Michael replies, "No - but he's taken a turn for the worse. They don't expect him to make it through the night." A look of shock crosses Alison's face.

Caroline and Susan are walking along the hospital corridor. They stop outside Glen's room and Caroline says to Susan, "I'll stay here and warn you if anyone comes." Susan opens the door to the room, slowly, and heads inside. She walks over and sits down next to Glen's bed. She then says softly, "Glen... it's Susan. Can you hear me? I'm sorry I left you, but I'm back now." Glen's heart monitor keeps beeping, but there's silence otherwise. Susan goes on gently, "I wasn't really dead. I know it was the wrong thing to do, but I was desperate and I needed some time to sort myself out. Well, I've done that, and I know I want to be with you. All those times I told you we were finished, I was lying. You didn't know I could lie that well, did you!" She then sobs, "Glen... answer me... please?" There's no response. Susan sobs, "We'll go away together, just you and me. Nothing will get in the way this time." Glen's eyes open suddenly and he turns his head slowly to looks at Susan. He smiles in delight, "Susie!" As he does so, though, the pattern on his heart monitor begins to become erratic. He murmurs, "Susie," again before lapsing back into unconsciousness. Susan looks at him in horror and cries, "What's wrong?" She looks over at the heart monitor. It begins to flatline. Susan cries, "Glen?" The door to the room opens and Caroline dashes in. Susan murmurs to her, "It just went off." Caroline tells her urgently, "We'd better leave here, now. Someone will be along any minute." She grabs Susan, who keeps looking at Glen's body as she leaves the room. As they step outside, a doctor and nurse pass them and run into the room. They leave the door open and Susan and Caroline watch as the doctor begins to perform coronary heart massage. After a few seconds, though, he declares, "He's gone." A look of devastation crosses Susan's face...


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