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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

It's the next morning, and Fiona is placing some mail on the table in Michael's room at the mansion when Janice walks in, holding some clothes. Fiona looks at her and asks, "Have you started a laundry service?!" Janice replies, "I'm just helping Michael out: he hasn't got time to do silly things like ironing." Fiona sighs, "You're being a very silly girl, Janice." Janice, however, retorts, "Nonsense. There's nothing wrong with looking after someone, is there?" Fiona insists, "Of course not - except when there's something sinister in it." Janice demands, "What, may I ask, is sinister about helping the man I'd like to marry?" Fiona sighs, "Oh, Janice! Can't you see how ridiculous you are sounding? I have already told you that Michael is not interested in getting married until he's well and truly settled in his career. What on earth makes you think he's going to change his mind?" Janice just retorts, "You have your opinion, I have mine." Fiona mutters, "The worst thing is, all this nonsense has been brought about by a stupid pregnancy test you don't even know is accurate. And the reason you won't have a proper one done by a doctor is because you are scared." Janice snaps, "Rubbish." Fiona just goes on, "You are scared you are not pregnant - because if you are not pregnant, you can't feel guilty - and that is what this is all about, isn't it?" Janice mutters, "Stop talking in riddles." Fiona retorts, "And you stop trying to make a fool of yourself. You feel guilty about what happened and you want to be pregnant so you can feel punished." Janice glares at her and says coldly, "How dare you! You've talked some nonsense in your time, Aunt Fiona, but I take that as an insult." With that, she dashes out of the room and off upstairs.

Charlie sits down on the couch in her lounge room and sighs to Alison, "Oh dear. Is it really as bad as all that?" Alison tells her, "That's what Ginny says. There's no reason for her to lie. 'A mountain of debt' was the expression." Charlie comments, "It doesn't seem fair that Gordon should lose all his money as well." Alison tells her, "I agree. Still, you could do quite well out of it. I've been giving it some thought and I think it's possible for you to be able to get Wayne's share of the gym for yourself." Tick steps inside suddenly through the open french windows. Alison looks at him in surprise and says, "What are you doing here?" Tick tells her, "I'm bored." Alison comments, "I thought you'd be at school. Weren't you supposed to start?" Tick replies, "Yeah, soon. Got to get better first." Charlie asks, "What are you doing wandering about? Thought you'd be playing with Ginny and Wayne." Tick sighs, "He's busy, she's shopping." Alison tells him tersely, "We're quite busy ourselves. Why don't you go home and wait for Ginny to get back?" Tick, however, retorts, "I don't have to wait for anyone. I've got friends." With that, he turns and runs off. When he's gone, Charlie points out to Alison, "The poor lad was only after some company." Alison sighs, "I know, but we've got more important things to talk about. Now: my idea." Charlie recalls, "Oh yes, the gym. What did you have in mind?" Alison tells her, "If you pretended that you'd had an offer to buy both Wayne and your share, Wayne would be in it like a shot. The only thing he doesn't know is that you own the company that made the offer. That way, you'd be in control and he'd be out on his ear." A smile crossing her face, Charlie exclaims, "Darling, it's brilliant!" Alison beams, "Yes, I know it is!"

Janice escorts Wayne into Fiona's room at the mansion and offers him a cup of tea. He declines, though, saying, "I'm not here on a social call, Janice." Fiona closes the door behind him and says sharply, "Come on, Wayne: out with it." Wayne tells her, "Hamilton Industries is having a bit of a liquidity problem. We have to start realising some of our assets; that includes the boarding house. This place will have to be sold." Fiona murmurs in shock, "You're going to sell this place?" Wayne nods, "That's what I just said."

A few moments later, Fiona snaps, "One of your sick little jokes, is it, Wayne? I haven't heard anything about Hamilton Industries going broke." Wayne mutters, "You don't hear everything." Fiona insists, "Gordon would never sell this place." Wayne tells her, "He doesn't have any choice. The company needs every cent - and neither he nor I have a bean to help. The place will be sold vacant possession - which means everyone has to move out. Fast." Janice growls, "It sounds a little heartless." Wayne retorts, "It's called survival." Janice mutters, "Not for the people who live here." Wayne shrugs, "Business is business." Fiona glares at him and asks, "How did you blow it this time, Wayne? Because it has to be your fault. What crazy fool thing did you do this time?" Wayne just looks at her and retorts, "All you have to worry about is moving out - as soon as you can."

Debbie is cleaning the kitchen sink in her and Craig's new flat. As she turns on the tap, Craig yells out in horror, "Hey! What are you doing?!" He dashes in, a towel wrapped round him, and says, "I told you: don't turn the water on so hard when I'm trying to have a shower." Debbie murmurs, "Sorry - I forgot!" There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Craig goes to answer it. He finds a man standing there and he snaps, "Yes?" The man - their neighbour - murmurs, "I'm sorry. I live next door." Debbie joins Craig and says an embarrassed, "Hi, Mr. Porter!" She then adds by way of introduction, "This is my friend, Craig Maxwell." She goes on, "Did you want something?" Porter explains, "I just wanted to know if I can borrow a couple of teabags." Debbie goes to get them. She then returns and hands them over. Porter tells her, "I'm sorry to interrupt. I'll bring them back as soon as I can." With that, he walks off again. Debbie closes the door and sighs at Craig, "That was a bit embarrassing." Craig asks in surprise, "What?" Debbie points out, "You - answering the door like that." Craig looks down at his towel and asks, "What's wrong with it?" Debbie retorts, "He probably got a bit offended. He's thinking that we're... you know..." Craig tells her, "I wouldn't want to offend him, but don't you think we should be honest about living together?" Debbie murmurs, "I suppose so..." Craig asks, "Does it worry you?" Debbie insists quickly, "No! It doesn't worry me. I was just thinking about him - he's a nice man!" Craig, giving her a kiss, smiles, "So am I - and I'd like to have a hot shower, thankyou!" With that, he heads off back to the bathroom!

Fiona and Janice are walking down the front path at the mansion, carrying gym bags. Fiona is saying curtly, "I really don't think I'm in the mood for doing any exercises." Janice, however, insists, "It'll do you good - work out your aggression about Wayne. It's only for half an hour." She then adds, sounding suddenly excited, "Look who's back!" She takes a few steps forward and joins Michael, who's walking towards them. She smiles, "Finished your shift at the hospital?" Michael nods, "Yes. I thought I'd come home and do a bit of dreaded housework." Janice, however, smiles, "All done!" Michael queries, "Eh?" Janice explains, "I tidied up your room for you. I hope you don't mind." Michael sighs, "You shouldn't, Janice." He then asks suddenly, "What's going on? The place being sold?" He looks over to where a man is erecting a 'For Sale' sign. Fiona tells him grimly, "Yes. We only found out ourselves little while ago. Wayne's company has gone broke and they have to sell off all their assets." Janice adds, "We're all going to have to find other accommodation. Lord knows where; I can't go back to my parents' in my present condition." Michael smiles, "Don't throw in the towel too quickly - there's always an answer to everything." Fiona comments, "As yet, I fail to find one for the present situation." Looking thoughtful, Michael says, "I don't know if it'll do any good, but I might go over and have a word with Wayne..." With that, he walks off. Janice looks at Fiona and smiles, "Isn't he just wonderful?!" Fiona grimaces, "Come on, Janice: let's go and pump iron..."

In their flat, Craig is showing Debbie how to use the CB radio. Debbie sighs, "I do feel guilty, taking Andy's job." Craig insists, "Don't worry about it; I've got something else in mind." Hen then hands over the radio and says, "Give it a try." Debbie giggles and says into the radio, "Breaker breaker! Anyone out there want to talk?" The radio crackles and a male voice then comes on and says with a leer, "Hey, pussycat! Feel like purring for me?" Debbie, looking astonished, tells him quickly, "No, not this morning, thanks!" She turns the radio off! Craig then says, "All you have to do is call up 'Speedy' and I'll come on the channel." There's a knock on the front door, suddenly, and Craig goes and answers it. Andy steps inside, smiling, "Hello, gang!" He walks over to the radio and comments to Debbie, "Having a play, are you?" Craig says quickly, "Actually, Deb is going to be working the CB, mate." Andy looks at him in surprise. Craig goes on, "It's just that the business is starting to pick up, and it would be best if two of us were in the bug." Andy nods, "That's not a bad idea. I'd prefer to be outside." Looking at Debbie, he adds, "Just as long as you don't muck up on the orders!" Craig hands him a jacket before kissing Debbie and smiling, "Don't get carried away with chatting to people!" He and Andy head out.

Michael walks with Wayne into the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is saying, "It was the last thing we wanted, but there was no alternative." Michael comments, "You made a remark before about Alison..." Wayne explains, "She's really the one who's behind it. She set out to ruin dad and me and... I don't like admitting it: she's done a very thorough job. See, I'm in a situation where I have to come up with a lot of dollars every week to pay off interest and so on. If there was any way we could save the old place, we'd do it - but we need the cash." Michael asks, "Has Richard got any idea of what's going on?" Wayne replies, "In a way. We had a bit of a dust-up last night. The poor kid's gone off somewhere, playing by himself." He then suggests, "Why don't you stay for lunch? He'll be home as soon as he gets hungry. He'll be tickled pink to see you." Michael smiles, "Sure. Good idea."

Tick is standing behind a tree at the children's home, watching as his former friends muck around with a football. He looks upset.

At the flat, Debbie is saying on the 'phone, "Thanks for calling." She then hangs up and walks over to the radio. She picks it up - but before she can say anything, a male voice starts speaking. It sounds cold and threatening and it says slowly, "I hope you're there, Debbie. I'd really like to get to know you better. I'll be in touch." Debbie stares at the radio in horror.

Craig and Andy climb into the bug, Craig commenting as they do so, "See? It does need two of us." Debbie's voice comes on the radio suddenly, saying in an urgent tone, "Speedy, come in, please." Craig picks up the radio and replies, "Speedy to Deb. Fire away." Debbie says uncertainly, "Craig... could you come home?" Craig asks in surprise, "What's wrong?" Debbie just repeats, "Could you just please come home?" Craig tells her, "We should stay out until after the lunchtime rush, Deb. What is it?" Debbie, however, replies, "I don't want to say anything over the radio." Craig looks at Andy in concern and then says, "We're on our way." He hangs up and starts the car engine.

A short time later, Andy and Craig are standing with Debbie in the flat as Debbie explains, "I didn't even have time to say anything and there he was." Craig queries, "What exactly did he say again?" Debbie replies, "He said 'I hope you're there, Debbie. I'd really like to get to know you better.' And then he said that he'd be in touch." Craig comments, "That's not much different to what a lot of people say on the radio." Debbie sighs, "I know - but it sounded... funny." Andy suggests, "It was probably some idiot playing games." Debbie points out, "He knew my name." Craig, however, reminds her, "We talk to each other all the time. Anyone can hear us if they're on the same channel. Look, Deb, I really don't think there's anything to worry about." Debbie murmurs, "It's just the way that he said it that bothers me." She sits down at the table. Craig does likewise, telling her, "Like Andy said, it's just probably some idiot playing around." Debbie looks at him and then sighs, "If you reckon..." She then smiles guiltily, "I'm starting to feel silly now! Sorry to get you both in off the job." Craig tells her, "It's best to make sure." He then asks, "Any more orders come in?" Debbie nods, "Another five." She hands over the details. Craig then says, "If that guy says anything again, you just tell him to rack off. See you!" With that, he and Andy head back out. Debbie sits there, still looking worried.

Charlie is sitting with Wayne and Michael at the living room table at Dural. She's saying to Wayne, "I think it's a wonderful opportunity. It'll get us both off the hook." Wayne muses, "It does seem like a reasonable offer." Charlie, however, retorts, "Reasonable? I think we're lucky it's as much as it is." Wayne pauses and then declares, "OK. Consider me in. You say you've got the contracts?" Charlie nods, "Yes." She adds, "I'm so relieved - for both of us." Changing the subject, Wayne comments, "I wonder where Richard is. He should starving by now." Charlie asks, "Has the lad wandered off?" Wayne explains, "We had a bit of a disagreement. I'm not too popular." He then tells Charlie, "I'll be over this afternoon to sign the contracts." Charlie stands up, smiling, "Wonderful!" She then adds, "I hope you find Richard," and she heads off. When she's gone, Wayne looks at Michael and says earnestly, "I really am worried about him." Michael, however, points out, "You know what kids are like. If you had a fight with him, he's going to make you suffer as long as he can." He then adds, "I might skip lunch, thanks, Wayne - I've got a lot of study to catch up on." Looking thoughtful, Wayne remarks, "He might have gone over to the mansion." Michael nods, "Possible. Why don't you come back with me?" Wayne replies, "I will. I hope he is there..."

In the lounge room next door, Alison is pouring a drink as Charlie trills, "You'd have been proud of me, darling: he fell for it hook, line and sinker!" Alison hands her the drink and tells her, "You've done very well." Charlie muses, "Yes... but I'm not very happy about the way you're using innocent people to get back at Wayne." Alison insists, "They can take care of themselves." Charlie, however, retorts, "Not a small child. I think it's terrible the way Tick's been blamed for Ginny wiping that stupid computer thing." Alison shrugs, "It's all blown over by now." Charlie, however, tells her, "No it hasn't: Tick's run off - and if he feels that Wayne's against him, he'll think he hasn't got friend in the world; and you certainly didn't help this morning by the way you spoke to him." Alison murmurs, "I suppose I was rather offhand... Where did he say he was going?" Charlie shrugs, "He didn't. He just said he had friends." Alison, looking thoughtful, muses, "That's right. That's probably just where he is..."

Wayne walks into the reception area at the gym. Janice is standing behind the desk and she asks tautly, "What can I do for you?" Wayne explains, "I was looking for Richard. Michael and I thought he might have gone back to the mansion, but there's no sign of him." Janice asks, "Why didn't Michael come with you?" Wayne replies, "He said he had a lot of study to do." Janice murmurs, "Yes. He's very busy." Wayne looks around as several people walk past. He remarks, looking surprised, "So are you, by the look of it..." Janice asks him, "Did you think Tick might have come here?" Wayne nods, "Yes. I'm worried about him. You and Fiona haven't seen him today, have you?" Janice replies, "No. Fiona's in doing a workout and I've been with her all day. Sorry." Wayne looks around as more people walk past, and he comments, "Business looks brisk." Janice replies, "Yes. Ever since the advertising campaign, we can hardly keep up with them." Wayne raises his eyebrows and says, "Really?" Janice then indicates two people nearby and adds, "They're waiting for the next aerobics class because they simply couldn't fit any more in." Looking thoughtful, Wayne muses, "Interesting..."

Tick is walking along slowly in the grounds at the children's home. He stares as some boys play with a football. He then sees the Carters with another of the boys and he stares over at them. Mr. Simms is with them, and he smiles at the boy, "Going fishing, are you?" The boy nods, "Yeah. I really like fishing." Tick looks on, sadly.

A short time later, Tick is still standing by the tree when Alison walks up behind him and says gently, "Took a guess you might be here." Tick mutters, "Leave me alone." Alison shrugs, "Fine. If that's what you want." She turns and starts to walk off. Tick calls after her quickly, "What do you want?" Alison turns back to him and explains, "I was worried about you. So's Wayne." Tick mutters, "Wayne hates me and I hate him." He starts walking off. Alison follows him. She asks, "Are you sure about that?" Tick murmurs, "Course." Alison asks, "Would you rather be here than with Wayne?" Tick cries, "I just want a mum and dad." Alison tells him, "That still could be possible. Anyway, I thought you liked it at the Hamiltons'." Tick murmurs, "It's alright. Conned them in, pretty good. Then Susan died. And grandpa left. So Wayne doesn't want me." Alison remarks, "So now you're feeling pretty sorry for yourself." She then suggests, "Why don't we go for a drive? We can talk about it." Tick mutters, "What use is that?" Alison tells him, "The reason we're given problems is to make us think of solutions." Tick comments, "That sounds pretty stupid." Alison just asks, "Do you want to come for a drive or not?" Tick shrugs at her. Alison smiles at him and starts to walk off towards her car. A few seconds later, Tick follows her.

Wayne is standing at the front door at Charlie's. Charlie smiles, "Come on in." As Wayne steps inside, he asks, "How's the gym going?" Charlie replies quickly, "Oh. Well. You know yourself." Wayne comments, "I know what you've been telling me for the past few weeks. Pretty grim." They head into the lounge room, where Charlie nods, "Very." She then picks up a file of papers from the coffee table and adds, "Here are the contracts. It's all straightforward." Wayne takes the file and sits down. He starts looking through the pages. As he does so, Charlie remarks, "It'll be nice to have some cash again, won't it?" Wayne muses, "Yes... I'm looking forward to it." Charlie points at one of the sheets of paper and adds, "You only have to sign once: there." Wayne murmurs, "I can see where my name's typed..." He then takes out a pen. He pauses. Charlie looks at him and says, "Everything's alright, isn't it?" Wayne replies, "Seems to be. Always pays to read the fine print. Course, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you...?" Charlie mutters in annoyance, "Yes, I do." She then adds quickly, "But let's not allow what happened to spoil this deal." Wayne nods, "No. Doesn't worry me, of course." He then signs the sheet of paper and smiles, "There you go: I think we can say everything's come to a satisfactory conclusion. Your turn." He hands over the file and his pen. Charlie takes them and goes to sign the contract. She pauses suddenly, though, as she stares at the contract. She then looks at Wayne and asks, "What's the idea of writing 'sucker'?" Wayne retorts, "Isn't that what you thought I'd be, Charlie?" Charlie tells him, "I don't know what you're talking about." Wayne says coldly, "Don't you? Do you seriously think I wouldn't see through you? The gym's a financial disaster, is it? Reckoned I wouldn't go down there, do you? Reckoned I wouldn't see how well it's going?" Charlie cries quickly, "A lot of people owe money. It's not what it looks like." Wayne retorts, "Isn't it? Not according to Janice. The cash is rolling in - and you expected me to sign that away. I'll be taking my share of the profits, thankyou very much. Who do you think you are, trying to put something over me?" Charlie snaps suddenly, "It's what you deserve after the dirty deal you played on me with the waiver." Wayne retorts, "The only reason why I got away with that was because of your stupidity." Charlie snaps, "I haven't been so stupid over the gym, have I?" Wayne nods coolly, "True. Good to see it making a profit after all." He then adds, "You have to get up a lot earlier to catch me out, Charlie." With that, he stands up and says, "I'll see you for a workout sometime." He then grabs his pen back from her and walks off, leaving Charlie looking upset and annoyed.

Back at Dural, Wayne pours himself a drink at the bar. He hears a noise suddenly at the front door and he dashes out to the hallway to find Tick standing there with Alison. He looks at the boy and cries, "Thank God you're alright." Tick just says, "I'm going upstairs." He runs off. Wayne glares at Alison and snarls, "What have you said to him?" Alison indicates the lounge room and retorts, "Come in here for a minute." She heads in there and Wayne follows her. Alison closes the doors. Wayne repeats furiously, "I asked you what you said to him. Have you been putting me down?" Alison, however, retorts, "I didn't have to; you managed to achieve that all by yourself. The boy's feeling unwanted." Wayne growls, "I've given him everything." Alison sighs, "I know - and I know how you feel about him - but do you think it's fair?" Wayne retorts, "I love him; how much fairer can I be?" Alison says, "I think he should go back to the home, where he can be found foster parents and have the chance to lead a normal family life." Wayne growls, "You think that, do you? And I know why: it's a way of getting back at me. Is that what you've talked him into? Going back? Leaving me? You really do sink as low as you can, don't you?" Alison sighs, "I don't deny I'll give my eye teeth to see you at rock-bottom, but I certainly wouldn't use a child to do it. That's why I reneged on my original idea, if you care to remember." Wayne comments sourly, "That's right - and Richard chose to be with me anyway." Alison retorts, "Because he saw an opportunity, that's all. He's had to fend for himself most of his life. He's only been staying with you because he feels sorry for you." Wayne glares at her and gasps? "What? Where did you get that idea?" Alison replies, "From him. He wants a real mother and father. He wants stability. It wasn't so bad when Gordon and Susan were here; at least he had some sort of security." Wayne sits down and growls, "You've turned into a real child psychologist, haven't you?" Alison sighs, "I'm not trying to be smart. I happen to care about the boy. When he ran away, I thought the most likely place to find him would be the home - and I was right." Wayne stands up again and snaps, "He hates the place." Alison retorts, "Yes, but it represents something he needs - and as much and all as he doesn't like it, at least he has friends there. And he saw a couple today, taking another boy away with them, and he wanted to be that boy. Don't you see what I'm saying? You can't provide him with that." Wayne stands there. He then snarls, "Who's fault is all this mess, anyway? Yours. Everything would've been alright if you hadn't set out to ruin the Hamiltons." Alison sighs, "Now you're clutching at straws." She goes on curtly, "You're hanging on to that boy as if he's some sort of life-raft. You're treating him like one of your possessions and kidding yourself it's love. You can't possess love. He doesn't need you half as much as you need him. Can't you see that?" Wayne glares at her as she concludes, "Whether you like it or not, you've got a big decision to make."


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