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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Gordon murmurs, "Of course, you don't have to give me a reason or anything, but I was sure - I had hoped - that you might say 'yes'. Oh dear. I'm sorry. I think I'm making a fool of myself." Beryl, however, assures him, "No, you're not. If things were different..." She stands up and goes on, "For a start, it's this house: I couldn't live here after everything that's happened." Gordon asks, "Is it worse than living alone in your own home? There must be just as many memories of Susan there. More." Beryl nods, "Yes - but a lot happier than here, though. And it's not just that. It's Wayne: I could never live under the same roof as him." Gordon asks, "Apart from that, you'll think about it?" Beryl looks at him in surprise as she points out, "I've just been through all of this with David and I--" Gordon interrupts her and says, "You're right: I shouldn't be pressuring you. But maybe we can think about it again sometime, eh?" Beryl tells him, "The thing is, in a lot of ways, I really would like to." Gordon asks in surprise, "Do you mean that? And Wayne is the only problem?" Beryl points out curtly, "It's a very big 'only', Gordon." Gordon pauses and then says, "Beryl, if you marry me, Wayne will not be part of our lives. I give you my word. What do you say?" Beryl gasps, "You'd really send him away?" Gordon nods, "If you say 'yes', yes, as soon as he comes in." Beryl stares at him and then smiles, "Yes!" Gordon asks, "You will? You'll marry me?" Beryl grins, "I'd love to!" With that, Gordon steps towards her and puts his arms round her. As he does so, he sighs in relief, "I thought I'd blown it!" He then tells her, "I think we need each other, Beryl. I'm sure we'll be very happy." Beryl looks up at him and smiles happily, "I'm sure we will."

Michael is looking through the mail on the table in the hallway at the mansion. Ginny joins him and smiles, "Hi!" Michael comments, "You look a bit better than when I saw you last!" Ginny nods, "I won't be going on any more boats for a while, I can tell you that!" She then asks, "How about you? Settling in?" Michael replies, "Yeah. Nice place. Good atmosphere. I reckon I'll like it." Glen runs downstairs suddenly and joins them. As he does so, Michael announces, "I'm off to hospital. New boy on the job and all that. Can't afford to turn up late!" With that, he heads out. When he's gone, Ginny comments to Glen, "Seems like a nice guy." Glen nods, "Yeah - he's only been here for two days and he's getting mail already! It's enough to make a person feel neglected!" Ginny puts her arms round him and smiles, "We wouldn't want that! How about we go up to your room?!" Glen muses, "It's a long way up those stairs..." Ginny suggests, "Then let's stay here!" With that, they start kissing passionately! Janice walks down the stairs suddenly and stops in her tracks. She snaps at Ginny and Glen, "Look at you two, behaving like animals." Staring at Glen, she adds, "And you especially. Haven't you got any sense of decency?" Glen smiles, "Come on, Janice, normal people do like to kiss occasionally." Janice gasps, "I thought you'd be upset - but since you're not, surely you can control yourself for a few days at least, if only out of respect for Susan." With that, she storms off to Fiona's room. Glen follows her quickly and says, "What are you talking about? What's happened?" Janice stares at him and murmurs, "Oh dear. You don't know. I'm sorry." Glen pleads, "Janice, tell me what's happened."

Wayne is cleaning the swimming pool at the back of Dural when Glen and Ginny storm over to him, Glen snarling, "Hamilton, if there's one thing I'm going to wish for the rest of my life, I had've let the sharks get you when they had they had the chance." Wayne just glares at him and snaps, "Get out of here. I'm not in the mood for you. In case you haven't heard, Susan's dead." Glen retorts, "I know - I was just talking to Beryl, and she made it pretty clear whose fault it was." Wayne gasps, "Mine, I suppose. And what about you? If you'd just accepted it when she married me, instead of hanging around upsetting her and confusing her--" Glen grabs Wayne's shirt suddenly and shouts, "That's a load of bull and you know it. It was your fault." Ginny yells quickly, "Do you think this is what Susan would want? It was bad enough when she was alive, you two fighting all the time. How do you think she'd feel seeing you now?" Wayne pulls away from Glen and snaps, "Get off my property. Now. Otherwise I'll have you thrown off." Glen stands there for several seconds, glaring at Wayne. Ginny says to him, "It won't bring her back, Glen. Let's go." Glen nods, "You're right, Ginny. He's just a vicious, uncaring mongrel who'd make any decent person sick. There's nothing I can do about that, so why bother?" Turning to Wayne, he goes on angrily, "I just hope you've got some idea of what you've lost - and I hope it's hurting." With that, he marches off. Ginny follows him. Wayne watches them go.

Inside, sitting in the lounge room, Gordon asks Beryl, "How soon would you like it to be? Would you prefer a long engagement or not?" Beryl asks, "What would you prefer?" Gordon smiles, "I don't care either way; I'm just thrilled you said 'yes'! Although, to be honest, the sooner the better." Beryl tells him, "I think I feel that way, too - but let's just take a couple of days to think about it before making proper plans." Gordon nods, "Of course." Wayne storms in suddenly and goes to pour himself a drink at the bar. Gordon looks over and remarks, "Bit early for that, isn't it?" Wayne just mutters, "So?" Gordon stands up and tells his son, "I have some news for you: Beryl and I are getting married." A look of shock crosses Wayne's face and he gasps, "You're joking!" Gordon retorts, "Not in the least." Wayne growls, "Then you need your head read." Gordon says coldly, "I'm sure you didn't mean that the way it sounded, but nevertheless, I think it deserves an apology." Beryl, however, chips in tersely, "It's alright, Gordon: Wayne and I understand each other." Wayne growls, "Sure. The only thing I don't understand is what dad could possibly see in you." Gordon walks over to him son and snaps, "I'll see you outside. Now." Wayne marches out to the hallway. Out in the hallway, Wayne snaps, "Come on, dad, you can't be serious." Gordon, however, warns, "The day that you ever speak to Beryl like that again is the day that you stop being my son. Is that understood?" Wayne protests, "I can't believe you're being--" Gordon interrupts, though, and shouts angrily, "Is that understood?" Wayne stares at him.

Glen is busy working out on one of the machines at the gym, as Ginny watches. Charlie wanders in suddenly and murmurs to her, "Hello, darling." Ginny remarks, "Charlie, you look miserable." Charlie explains, "I've just come to look at the books, to see how bad things actually are." Glen carries on pumping iron. Charlie asks Ginny, "Does he have to do that?" Ginny explains, "He's only just found out about Susan." Charlie comments, "Must have hit him awfully bad." Ginny says, " I just wish there was something I could do." Charlie suggests, "Just let him get over it in his own time." At that moment, Glen finishes his exercising and walks over to them. Charlie tells him gently, "I'm sorry, Glen." Glen murmurs, "Yeah, I know, Charlie." He then asks, "So, what's the story with the gym? Are we staying open or not?" Charlie replies, "I haven't had the courage to look, yet, but I shouldn't think so." Glen tells her, "I still say the place has enormous earning potential." Charlie, however, smiles, "We won't earn anything if they close us down - and that's what they do when one goes broke." Glen points out, "If we had the cash, we could trade our way out of our difficulties." Charlie tells him, "If I had the money. Banks are funny, Glen: if they think you've been ripped-off through your own stupidity, they tend not to lend you any more!" Looking suddenly thoughtful, Glen says, "Maybe I can arrange something. Stay here; let me make a call."

A man in his fifties or sixties is sitting behind a desk in an office. He has the 'phone to his ear and he says, "Glen, how are you? It's been ages!" He listens and adds, "It sure has. How's your family?" From the 'phone on the gym's reception desk, Glen tells the man, "I don't know. I don't get to see much of them these days." He then says, "Frank, my trust accounts: have you been keeping an eye on my money for me?... Good, because I want to make a withdrawal."

In the main exercise room, Charlie is lifting some light weights up and down as she says to Ginny, "I appreciate Glen's concern, but I don't see what he can do. No one's going to throw good money after bad." Ginny, however, suggests, "You never know: he might come up with something." Glen walks back in and says, "I have. Father to the rescue." Charlie asks in surprise, "Whose father?" Glen replies, "Mine. I just gave him a call at the office and asked him if he'd like to invest in a health club chain that's going places. He said 'yes'!" Ginny gasps, "Just like that?" Glen nods, "Yeah!" Charlie exclaims happily, "I don't believe it!" Glen tells her, "The fact that I'm his son had something to do with it - but it's all a go, really. I can go round and pick up his cheque now!"

Wayne is sitting on Tick's bed at the hospital. Tick is sitting up and he exclaims, "Tomorrow?" Wayne smiles, "That's what the doctor said!" Tick grins, "That's great!" Wayne then tells him, "I've got a few things for you, too." He takes some clothes out of a plastic bag and hands Tick a T-shirt. Tick clambers out of bed and puts it on. He exclaims, "It's beaut!" Wayne smiles, "I've got something else for you, too." Tick asks eagerly, "What is it?" Wayne, however, tells him, "It's a surprise. It'll be waiting for you when you get home." The door to the room opens suddenly and Michael walks in. Seeing Tick standing on the floor, he says sharply, "Hey! You're not supposed to be out of bed." Tick insists, "I don't feel sick anymore. Can't I go home now?" Michael retorts, "No. And if you don't get back into bed, you won't be going home tomorrow, either." Wayne picks Tick up quickly and lays him back in bed. He then turns to Michael and says, "Fair go, doc. Don't be such a wet blanket. After what the kid's been through..." Michael, however, tells him, "I'm the doctor here, and I'm telling you: Richard is nowhere near well enough to be racing around out of bed." Wayne murmurs, "Fair enough." He then turns to Tick and shrugs, "I suppose we'd better do what the doctor says." Tick replies enthusiastically, "Alright. Can't wait 'til I get home tomorrow, though!" Wayne smiles, "Me neither, son."

There's a selection of gym wear strewn around the lounge room at Charlie's. Ginny is looking through some of it as Charlie says to Glen, "I'm still not sure why you want to use me in our campaign, darling." Glen explains, "It's personalised advertising. It appeals to people on a more-direct level. If you want the gym to succeed, that's where you've got to hit them." Ginny asks in surprise, "How come you know so much about it?" Glen explains, "It's the kind of thing I used to be involved in - before I dropped out." Charlie comments, "I just hope you know what I'm doing!" Glen smiles, "Trust me. Let's just pick you some clothes and get back over there." There's a knock on the front door suddenly and Gordon calls, "Anyone home?" Charlie calls back, "Come in." Gordon walks in - accompanied by Beryl. Gordon tells Charlie, "I'm sorry about the way I sounded off about the waiver." Charlie murmurs, "Over and forgotten about, darling." Gordon says, "Thankyou." He then goes on, "Something else you might all be interested in: Beryl and I have decided to get engaged." A look of shock crosses Charlie's face. She murmurs, however - not meeting Gordon's eyes - "How wonderful. Congratulations." Glen adds, "That's great news." Gordon smiles, "We think so." He goes on, "We're not going to make a big thing about it, because of Susan, but we'll make an announcement after everything's settled down." With that, he and Beryl head off again. When they've gone, Ginny remarks, "That came out of the blue." Glen suggests, "Maybe it's like they say: tragedy brings people closer together." Charlie stands there looking upset. Glen comments, "Let's get these clothes and move, eh?" Charlie, however, tears welling in her eyes, sobs, "I can't, darling. Sorry, not now." With that, she dashes out of the room. Glen calls in concern, "Charlie..." Ginny tells him quickly, "Charlie's always had a thing or two for Gordon. She's just had a shock. Give her an hour or two and she'll get it together." Glen points out, "We don't have an hour or two; the photographer's booked in twenty minutes." Ginny smiles, "Looks like Plan B!" Glen asks in surprise, "What Plan B?" Ginny replies, "As in 'beefcake'. You'd better get over there and start flexing for the camera or we won't have any campaign at all." Glen stands there looking thoughtful.

A while later, Glen is sitting on a bench at the gym, holding a weight his hands. The photographer takes a photo and then says, "That'll have to do; I've got another booking in ten minutes." Glen, however, asks quickly, "Can we have a quick shot on the sit-up machine? It'll only take a minute." The photographer sighs, "Thirty seconds. Let's go." Glen moves over to the machine and gets into position. The photographer takes a couple of shots. She then says, "OK, I'll send you the proofs as soon as they're ready." Glen says to her, "I don't suppose we could, er...; no, it's a silly idea." The photographer asks, "What?" Glen tells her, "I was going to suggest that maybe I could offer you a free fitness course for a discount on the shots - but I guess you don't really need it, being in such fantastic shape already!" The photographer smiles at him and says curtly, "Listen, I have to run. I'll see you another time." With that, she packs up her stuff and heads off. When she's gone, Ginny exclaims, "Huh! Discount?" Glen tells her, "I'm in the business of making money, Ginny - and by the time I'm finished, Hamilton will be kicking himself for ever letting go of this place. We are going to rake in the profits like you wouldn't believe!"

Gordon and Beryl are sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, telling Fiona and Janice, "To be honest, we thought we'd keep it low-key for the moment. You'll understand that Beryl isn't exactly feeling like a lot of celebration." Fiona just smiles, "However, a small glass of champagne between friends was definitely called for!" She then looks at her niece and adds, "Are you sure you won't have anything, Janice?" Janice replies, "No, not for me, thankyou." Fiona shrugs, "OK, suit yourself." She then asks Gordon and Beryl, "Have you decided on a date yet?" Gordon, however, tells her, "No, we'll work out the details later. Personally, I still don't believe it! Two things amaze me here: firstly, that I plucked up the courage to ask; and secondly that Beryl said 'yes'!" Beryl smiles, "Not half as amazed as I was!" Fiona asks, "What, that you said 'yes'?!" Beryl chuckles, "No, that he asked me!" Fiona beams, "That is the best surprise announcement that I have heard in a long, long time." Gordon suggests, "We'd better go, and let you finish preparing your lunch." Fiona asks, "Why don't you stay and have some with us?" Gordon, however, replies, "No, thankyou. We thought we'd have a picnic in the grounds at home." Fiona smiles, "That'll be nice." Everyone then stands up and Fiona goes on, "You will keep me posted about your plans, won't you?" Beryl assures her, "You'll be the first to know." With that, she and Gordon head off. Janice just stands there, looking sullen. Fiona remarks to her, "You were very quiet." Janice murmurs, "I know." Fiona says, "Would you like to tell me what's bothering you?" She guides her niece over to the couch and they sit down. Janice then sighs, "I don't know. I suppose it was just seeing Gordon and Beryl. I keep wondering when it's going to happen to me." Fiona insists, "You're young. Of course it will happen." Janice, however, tells her, "Even if I found someone, it wouldn't be a proper wedding: the church and the music and me all in white... it would be a lie." Fiona mutters, "Don't be so silly." Janice, however, insists, "It would be. All my life I've dreamed of having a nice wedding, and instead it's one awful day of getting drunk and ending up with a total stranger. It's disgusting. It's ridiculous." Fiona sighs, "Janice, Janice, you're taking it all too seriously. It's over. You've learned something from it. Now, stop brooding and get on with your life." Janice asks curtly, "How do you know it's over?" Fiona stares at her and says, "You're surely not planning to do it again?" Janice snaps, "Of course not. But how do you know there won't be consequences? I could be... you know: I could have a baby." Fiona stares at her in surprise as she retorts out, "And World War III could start after lunch! If you're all that worried about it, there's one very simple way to put your mind at ease: go and see a doctor." Janice protests, "I couldn't! He'd see I'm not married. I'd be too ashamed." Fiona asks, "You'd rather go on being a nervous wreck?" Janice snaps, "It's alright, Aunt Fiona. I can deal with it by myself." Fiona sighs, "Alright, alright, whatever you say, love. But for goodness' sakes, don't worry about it too much..."

Glen is talking on the 'phone on the reception desk at the gym, saying, "How about we do lunch sometime? Throw a few ideas around?... Sure, that's fine. I appreciate it." With that, he hangs up. He then says to Ginny, who's standing next to him, "That's our advertising problem solved!" Ginny asks suspiciously, "If they're so good, how can we afford them? Television commercials--" Glen interrupts and explains, "All in who you know. Spencer's an old mate of mine." Ginny muses, "Another one?" Glen grins, "Everybody's friend, that's me!" Charlie totters in suddenly and trills, "Hello, darlings!" She's holding a carrier bag and a pile of gift-wrapped boxes and Glen asks in horror, "What's all that?" Charlie replies, "I decided there was no sense sitting around moping, so I went for a shopping spree!" Glen asks warily, "How much did you spend?" Charlie shrugs, "Heaven knows, darling!" Ginny points out, "You're supposed to be broke." Charlie, however, tells her, "I didn't pay cash, silly!" Glen snaps, "Charlie, we are living on borrowed money. We are supposed to be economising. All that lot goes back." Charlie gasps, "No! Wait 'til you see this gorgeous new outfit I bought--" Glen interrupts, though, and retorts, "I'm not interested, Charlie. Either all that goes back or Ginny and I walk - and you can wear the new outfit to bankruptcy court." A look of shock crosses Charlie's face.

Gordon and Beryl are sitting on a blanket in the grounds at Dural, a picnic spread out in front of them. Beryl asks her fiancé, "You're not having second thoughts?" Gordon asks, "About the engagement?" Beryl nods, "What it's going to mean to you and Wayne." Gordon assures her, "No. Ever since he was born I've been bending over backwards, doing the best I can. It's time I thought of my own happiness." Beryl smiles, "More than time, I'd say." Gordon muses thoughtfully, "Not much of my life's been my own. When I got that flat a few months ago, I was trying to..." He breaks off and chuckles to himself. Beryl asks, "What?" Gordon tells her, "I hate those fashionable expressions like 'finding yourself' and 'searching for an identity'. That's what I was doing." Beryl asks, "Did you find it?" Gordon replies, "In a way. Certainly a lot more than sitting around the house like an appendage of Wayne or Susan." Beryl tells him, "I know what you mean. For a while, there was only Robert and I; other people coming and going, but no one really cared." She then declares suddenly, "That's one thing we haven't even talked about: Robert. How do you feel about taking on another youngster at this stage of your life?" Gordon replies, "I'm looking forward to it. Let's face it, I didn't make much of a job with Wayne - but I will not make the same mistakes with Robert. I just hope he doesn't have problems accepting me as a father." Beryl assures him, "I don't think you'll have to worry about that. I'm sure he'll come to love you every bit as much as I do." Gordon smiles at her, warmly, and raises his glass of wine to her.

Wayne is walking along the hospital corridor, carrying some boxes. He bumps into Michael suddenly and grins, "He was so excited when I told him I had a surprise at home, I thought 'what the heck! I might as well give it to him now'. Do you want to stick around and see the look on his face? The kid's a nut for computers!" He goes to head into Tick's room. Michael stops him, however, and says, "Wait a minute." Wayne looks at him in surprise. Michael goes on, "I'm sorry. I've got bad news. I've been trying to 'phone you. Richard had a relapse." Wayne gasps, "He's alright, though?" Michael tells him, "He's in a coma. It's touch and go whether he'll pull through."

A few moments later, Wayne comments in horror, "I don't believe it. You saw him when I was here before: the kid couldn't stop running around." Michael replies carefully, "That's probably what brought on the relapse." Wayne murmurs in horror, "He mustn't die. I lost Susan. I couldn't bear to lose Richard too." Michael insists, "You won't, if we can help it." Wayne asks earnestly, "Is there anything I can do?" Michael explains, "That's why I've been trying to call you. The boy needs a transfusion, but he's a rare blood type. We don't have any in stock and we haven't found a matching donor. Since you're his father, chances are you're the same type." Wayne says quickly, "What are we waiting for? Let's do it!"

It's evening-time. Beryl walks into the lounge room at Dural and Gordon asks, "Get him off to bed alright?" Beryl smiles, "Yes, finally! It was a bit difficult, though: he was having so much fun playing with you - and you were worried that he wouldn't accept you!" Gordon comments, "We seem to be getting off to a good start." He then tells Beryl, "I've got something for you." Looking surprised, Beryl remarks, "Something nice, I hope!" Gordon nods, "I think so. While you were picking up Robert from the play centre, I did some shopping." He removes a small jewellery case from his jacket pocket and opens it to reveal a ring. Beryl gasps, "Gordon, it's beautiful." Gordon tells her, "I saw it in the shop window and I thought you'd like it. But do you know what clinched it?" Beryl asks, "What?" Gordon replies, "It has a story. The jeweller told me that it was the engagement ring of a couple who married later in life, after unhappy relationships with other people - and they stayed happily married for the rest of their life. It has an inscription that says 'Love and loyalty forever' - and that's how I feel about us. I hope you like it." Beryl smiles at him warmly. She then removes from her finger the wedding ring from her marriage to David, takes the engagement ring from Gordon and puts it on her finger. She grins at Gordon and gives him a warm hug.

It's the next morning. Wayne is pacing the corridor at the hospital when Michael walks past him. Wayne grabs him and asks, "Any news?" Michael replies, "He's only just hanging on. He needs a transfusion urgently." Wayne snaps, "Damn. Why did his stupid mother pick now to stay out all night?" Michael suggests, "Maybe she's home by now?" Wayne, however, retorts, "No, I've got a man waiting at the house; he'll bring her over when she gets home." He then demands, "Are you sure my blood's the wrong type?" Michael nods his head and replies, "I wish I could say I'm not. The mother's our only hope now." Fiona appears suddenly from around the corner and smiles, "Hi! I brought a little something along to cheer up the patient. How is he?" Neither Wayne or Michael responds. Fiona asks uncertainly, "What's the matter?" Wayne tells her, "Richard's in a coma. Here's a rare blood group. Mine doesn't match." Michael adds, "We're trying to find his mother, but time's running out." Looking worried, Fiona cries, "Oh my God." She then tells Wayne, "You're wasting time. Moya Brinkley isn't his mother." Wayne glares at her and snaps, "Don't start that. Not now." Fiona, however, retorts, "Do you think I'd lie about something like that with a boy's life at stake? She isn't his mother." Wayne snarls, "She is. He is my son." Fiona yells back, "He isn't. And his only chance is for you to accept that and try and track down his real mother. Wayne, you've got to believe me." Wayne glares at her.


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