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    Written by: Boaz Stark   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

It's the next morning, and Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's when Charlie wanders in, sighing heavily. Alison asks her how she's feeling. She just shrugs, "I'll be alright. There must be a lot of people in this world a lot poorer than I am." Alison, however, tells her, "Charlie, there's a big difference between being poor and being robbed. The Hamiltons are going to wish they'd never been born." Charlie says quickly, "You mean Wayne. I don't want you punishing Gordon - even if he did choose Beryl over me..." Alison muses, "Believe me, Charlie, marrying Beryl is punishment enough! I wouldn't inflict any more on the poor man! No, it's Wayne I'm after." Charlie growls, "I've no complaint. Wayne Hamilton deserves everything he gets." Alison assures her, "Don't worry: he will. I found out yesterday that the company plans to buy up huge areas of land for commercial development. All I have to do is make sure Wayne buys the wrong land, then withdraw my shares before anyone's the wiser." Charlie remarks, "I suppose it's going to take that to teach Wayne a lesson. But what about Susan and the baby? You've got to leave--" Alison interrupts her and says hesitantly, "Charlie, Susan's dead." A look of shock crosses Charlie's face as Alison adds, "She committed suicide two days ago."

Craig rocks up at the stud with a bunch of flowers. He walks over to Debbie and asks, "How's it going?" Debbie smiles, "Hi!" They kiss. Craig then looks across at Andy and mutters, "G'day, Andy." Andy just murmurs, "Hi." Craig hands Debbie the flowers. She smiles that they're beautiful. Craig then tells her, "I've got some good news for you, too: I just went down to the police station to make a statement and the guy who stole Sugar's been charged with theft." Debbie exclaims, "Good. So he should be." She then invites Craig to stay for lunch. Craig, however, replies, "I can't - I'm meant to be house-sitting for Doug and Caroline and I haven't moved my stuff over yet." Debbie sighs, "Can't you leave that 'til this arvo? We could go for a ride before we eat." Craig, however, tells her, "I'm sorry. I've got a few things I want to organise, as well: I've thought of a new money-making idea." Debbie exclaims in surprise, "What?" Andy looks on as Craig smiles at Debbie, "It's a surprise!" Debbie pushes, "Tell me!" Craig, however, laughs, "No way! Wild horses wouldn't drag it out of me!" Andy watches them, looking annoyed.

Doug is talking on the 'phone in the lounge at Caroline's, saying irritatedly, "Can't you give me some idea what it's about, Billie?... Yeah, OK. I'll meet you at ten. You've got the address." With that, he hangs up. Caroline walks in as he does so and asks, "Who was that?" Doug replies quickly, "Oh, you know that land deal I've been thinking of: I've just lined up a meeting with Sam Tucker. 'Shopping Complex Tucker', they call him. If I can get him to buy the land I want to develop, we can make a killing." Caroline murmurs, "Oh." She then tells him, "I'm sorry. What with all this business with Billie, I must be getting a bit paranoid; I just thought it was something going on that I didn't know anything about." Doug chuckles, "You are getting paranoid!" Caroline adds, "And jealous, too: I don't exactly like the idea of you being married." She sits down as Doug reminds her, "In name only. I'm yours - I promise." Caroline comments, "Sounds more like a threat to me!" Doug smiles at her, and kisses the top of her head. He then announces, "I have to go out and organise some finance before this meeting." Caroline asks, "You'll still be able to make it for lunch?" Doug assures her, "Of course." He adds, "Why don't we make it something special? - say... a picnic... in Fitzroy Gardens. Meet me at Captain Cook's Cottage at one, OK - and bring a basket!" With that, he heads out, leaving Caroline looking thoughtful.

Billie is standing outside the front door at Beryl's when Doug walks up and says, "Hi." Billie, looking at the house, remarks sarcastically, "Cute cottage." Doug tells her, "A friend owns it - but she's away." Billie asks, "Why couldn't you just come to my hotel?" Doug replies, "It's more private here." Billie suggests, "Less chance of being seen?" Doug admits, "Yeah." Billie goes on, "Scared Caroline might find out, are you?" Doug retorts, "I wouldn't like her to get the wrong impression; put it that way." He then asks, "What's on your mind?" Billie smiles, "Money. Lots of it!" Doug opens the front door and they head inside. They walk into the lounge room, where Doug asks, "How do you intend laying your hands on all this money?" Billie explains, "A casino - one with big bucks flying around the room." Doug tells her, "It's not that easy to get work in casinos in Australia; there are not that many around." Billie, however, replies, "I don't want to work in one; I want to own one." She sits down as Doug laughs, "You'd never get a licence!" Billie shrugs, "Then we won't ask for one." Doug gasps, "Illegal?" Billie just smiles, "With my croupier skills and your contacts, we could make a bundle." Doug says quickly, "What's this 'we' business?" Neither of them is aware as someone appears at the back door, their shadow being cast on the wall outside. Billie tells Doug, "I thought you'd want to come in on the deal. It's easy money. All we have to do is set up some place nice and quiet once or twice a week. You invite some of your business friends. We take a cut of the bets. Instant profits!" Doug sits down next to her and says, "They'd never be in it." Billie, however, insists, "Of course they would. There's not a businessman alive that doesn't like to gamble. That's what they're all about." Doug muses, "Maybe it would work, and we'd probably make a lot of money, but I can't risk getting involved." Billie asks, "Why not?" Doug explains, "Caroline. She's had a pretty rough trot lately. Right now, she needs me more than ever - and I can't help her if I'm stuck behind bars." Billie asks, "What happened to her?" Doug replies, "She was kept in a nursing home against her will. Someone almost killed her." Billie comments, "That's heavy." The person outside the back door continues to stand there as Doug says, "Caroline thought so too." He then tells Billie, "I still don't think it's a bad idea you working in a casino, though: you'd knock them dead in Queensland." Billie, however, replies, "I can't go. We're married, remember? Immigration finds out I'm living in another state and wham! instant deportation. I'm even nervous about them finding out I live in a hotel under a false name." Doug comments, "I'm not surprised; I would be, too." Billie then adds, "I've taken one precaution: I've charged few things and gave them your address for delivery." Doug growls, "You did what?" Billie insists, "I had to. It's proof I live with you." Doug mutters, "Don't make it a habit, OK? I hope Caroline understands..." Billie smiles, "I'm sure she will." Doug then suggests, "Let's get going." Billie exclaims, "What's your hurry?" Doug retorts, "I've got business meetings all afternoon and right now I'm going on a picnic with Caroline in Fitzroy Gardens." A look of delight crosses Billie's face and she exclaims, "I just love picnics!" Doug, however, growls, "This is strictly a twosome." Billie suggests, "Then we'll have one of our own..." Doug glares at her and walks off. Billie follows him. Outside the back door, the person casting the shadow on the wall steps away.

Fiona is talking on the 'phone in her room at the mansion, saying sympathetically, "Oh, Gordon, I am so sorry. You will let me know if there's anything I can do?... Yeah. Alright. Bye bye." She hangs up as the door to her room opens and Janice barges in, snapping, "He will have to go, Aunt Fiona. I won't put up with his facetious remarks any longer. Do you know what he just called me? Tony Anderson? 'Hot Lips'. Well, he might think it's funny, but I don't. I accept the fact that I'm no longer a shining example of Christian faith and self-discipline, but that's no reason to make fun of me, so from now on he keeps his smutty remarks to himself or he goes." Fiona just stands there, looking upset. She doesn't respond. Looking irritated, Janice snaps, "Aunt Fiona, have you listened to a word that I've said?" Fiona just sighs, "Oh, for God's sake, Janice, will you shut up?" The 'phone starts ringing as Janice mutters, "I should've known not to expect you to understand." Fiona goes and answers the 'phone as Janice watches her. Fiona listens and then says, "Oh, Caroline. Where are you calling from?" In the lounge room at her house, Caroline replies, "Melbourne. Doug and I didn't make it to Mexico. Just thought I'd let you know; bring you up to date on the latest." Fiona murmurs, "Thankyou." She then says hesitantly, "Caroline, I've just had a call from Gordon. Something dreadful's happened." Janice looks at her in surprise.

Debbie joins Andy in a stable at the stud, holding two mugs of tea. She smiles, "I wish I could find out what Craig's supposed to be doing before I'm supposed to know." Andy, however, snaps irritatedly, "Look, will you give it a break? The job is boring enough without you going on about Craig." Debbie turns away, in surprise. She then says, "Andy... Look, I know you don't like working here. Why don't you look around for something else? There's no point sticking to something you don't enjoy." Andy, however, retorts, "I want to stay. I've never been one for quitting and I'm not going to start now. Besides - I enjoy being around you. I'd sort of miss it if I left." Debbie smiles at him warmly and comments, "That is the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. I like working with you, too, but there's no point holding yourself back just because we're friends." Andy stares at her and then sighs, "You don't get it, do you?" He turns away. Debbie stares at him and then looks down at the ground in shock as realisation dawns. She says quickly, "Andy... let's talk." Andy, though, mutters, "Later." He walks off.

Doug emerges from Captain Cook's House in Fitzroy Gardens. He walks over to Caroline, who's approaching slowly along a nearby path, and smiles, "I couldn't resist having a look inside. I've been here for years and haven't seen it." He then looks at the empty-handed Caroline and asks in surprise, "What's for lunch?" Caroline retorts, "Nothing." Doug remarks, "I thought you were going to bring a basket." He then notices the expression on her face and adds gently, "What's up?" Caroline hesitates before crying, "Susan's dead. I just spoke to Fiona on the 'phone." Doug gasps in shock, "You're kidding. When?" Caroline murmurs, "A couple of days ago. Suicide." Doug mouths, "Oh no..." Caroline goes on, "Apparently Wayne drove her too far. She just couldn't take it any longer." A look of shock crosses her face suddenly as she stares ahead of her. Susan is standing on the path a few yards away! She steps out of sight as Caroline gasps at Doug, "It's Susan!" She looks back again and starts running down the path, calling, "Susan? Susan!" Doug follows her, looking concerned.

A short time later, Caroline is still walking along the path at a speed. Doug catches up with her as she cries, "She's gone. I must've scared her off." Doug mouths, "Susan?" Caroline nods vigorously, "Yes. She was here." Doug sighs, "Caroline, you've had a nasty shock." Caroline, however, insists, "I saw her. I am not imagining things." Doug tells her, "Sometimes our minds play tricks on us and we see things that just aren't there - when something happens that we don't want to accept." Caroline cries, "She was really here." Doug looks at her disbelievingly. After a few seconds, Caroline murmurs weakly, "Maybe she wasn't. Maybe it was someone who just looked like her." Doug puts his arm round her and suggests softly, "Let's go home."

Back at Caroline's, Doug and Caroline head into the lounge room and Doug asks gently, "Is there anything you want?" Caroline murmurs, "Just to lie down." She then notices a gift-wrapped package on the coffee table, and she asks in surprise, "What's this?" Doug suggests, "Open it and find out." Caroline remarks, "Craig must have brought it in; I can't remember ordering anything." Doug mutters suddenly, "Oh hell." Caroline asks, "What?" Doug, however, tells her quickly, "Nothing. Just something I remembered, that's all." Caroline opens the box and removes a sexy black lace negligée! She smiles, "Doug, it's beautiful!" Doug comments, "Who says I never think about you?!" Caroline then removes a note from the box and reads it. She frowns as she growls, "This says the negligée is for Mrs. Billie Fletcher. Well?" Doug admits reluctantly, "Yeah. That's right. It's hers." Caroline demands curtly, "What is going on?" Doug tells her quickly, "Nothing - I swear. Billie's worried that Immigration's going to find out she's not living with me, so she bought a few things and gave this address for delivery. I only lied because I didn't want to upset you anymore." Caroline snaps, "You have been speaking to Billie, have you?" Doug retorts, "Yes - but before you start jumping up and down, let me explain, will you? She had a business proposition. I didn't want her coming around here because I know you don't like the way things are; and I didn't want to go to her hotel just in case somebody saw us. So, we met at Beryl's house; neutral ground. That's where she told me that she'd given this address to the department store. Nothing happened. I won't even be doing business with her, OK?" Caroline stares at him and then mutters, "Alright - but I think she's taking dreadful liberties." Doug suggests, "Why don't you teach her a lesson? Keep the negligée: it'll look better on you anyway!" Caroline stands there, looking thoughtful, and then declares, "What a good idea...!"

Charlie is talking on the 'phone in her lounge room, saying, "I'm only sorry I can't help, that's all. Bye." She hangs up as Alison walks in and asks, "Who was that?" Charlie replies, "Doug. He wanted to borrow some money for a land deal, but I don't have any spare money to lend anyone at the moment." Alison asks, "Did he say anything else?" Charlie shrugs, "Something about meeting a Mr. Tucker and something about shopping complexes and... oh, I don't know, darling: I'm just too upset about Susan to think at the moment." Alison, looking thoughtful, comments, "Sam Tucker. Doug must be developing land for a shopping complex. This is perfect! If I can make Wayne think that Doug is after the same land as Hamilton Industries, he'll snap it up just to beat Doug." Charlie, looking puzzled, asks, "So? How will that hurt Wayne? It all seems rather pointless." Alison, however, grins, "Don't worry, Charlie. All will be revealed." She then adds, "I'm going to have to stay out of the way for a while so Wayne can't point the bone at me when everything does fall apart. Do you think you can cope on your own for a couple of weeks?" Charlie sighs, "I suppose so. I've got Isabella and the puppies to keep me company - and it's all in a good cause..." Alison muses, "Indeed it is, Charlie. It's time Wayne was taught a lesson he'll never forget..."

Andy is cleaning a saddle furiously at the stud. Debbie walks over to him hesitantly and says, "Andy... we really should talk." Andy just retorts, "There's nothing to talk about. I like you and you don't like me. Subject closed." Debbie insists, "I do like you. OK - maybe not in that way - but it doesn't mean we have to ignore each other." Andy looks at her and then snaps, "You know what I did? I knew all along that there was nothing between Craig and Ginny, but I did all I could to make you think that there was, just so that I could have a chance at you." Debbie stares at him in shock. She then murmurs, "You're sorry now, aren't you?" Andy looks at her in surprise and remarks, "I thought you'd be angry." Debbie smiles, "Why? It's quite flattering, really. I'm just so sorry that you had to get hurt, that's all." Andy muses, "Them's the breaks, aren't they?" Debbie nods, "Yeah! Maybe now, you should think about getting another job?" They suddenly hear a car engine approach and a clapped-out green car pulls up nearby. Craig calls from the driver's seat, "Isn't she a beauty?!" Debbie and Andy walk over and Debbie laughs, "What are you doing with this junk heap?!" Craig climbs out of the car and explains, "It's my new business." Andy asks in amusement, "You going to be a car wrecker?!" Craig, however, explains, "Pizza delivery man!" Debbie and Andy turn away, laughing. Craig, ignores them, going on, "I've got it all organised: I've put posters up in heaps of pizza parlours. From now on, when someone wants a pizza, they 'phone me and I deliver it to their door. And I've printed a few of these--" he undoes his shirt to reveal a T-shirt underneath with 'Speedy Pizzas' printed on it "--for my employees." Debbie giggles, "Employees? I don't think that car can handle more than one person!" Craig tells her, "It won't have to! I just need someone to man the 'phones and push the order through to me in the car; I've got a CB in there." Andy smiles, "You know what? You might have something there!" Looking at Debbie, Craig says, "I was kind of hoping that you'd chuck in your job and give me a hand..." Debbie tells him quickly, "No way." She then adds slyly, "But Andy's looking for a job..." Craig looks at Andy warily. He then asks Debbie quickly, "Can I have a word with you, please?" They step away from Andy and Craig growls, "I don't even like the guy." Debbie cries, "Can't you give him a chance?" Craig snaps, "Do you know what he did to us?" Debbie retorts, "Lying to me about you and Ginny? Yes. But he's sorry - and I know he's a good worker." Craig mutters, "I can't afford to pay him." Debbie demands indignantly, "What were you going to pay me?!" She then goes on, "Just give him a percentage of the profits." She crosses her arms and adds, "I'm not going to give in until you say 'yes'!" Looking annoyed, Craig calls across to Andy, "When can you start?" Andy tells him, "Whenever you like." Craig looks at Debbie in annoyance.

Caroline - wearing her dressing gown - opens the front door her house to find Billie standing on the step. Billie puts on an Australian accent and says, "G'day. How's that?!" Caroline mutters, "Fine." She then adds, "If you're after Doug, he's not at home." Billie nods, "I know." She then steps inside and, heading into the lounge room, continues, "I'm not sure if Doug's told you, but I'm having something delivered here. I just dropped by to see if it arrived." Caroline pulls open her dressing gown to reveal the black negligée underneath, and she smiles, "You mean this?" Billie glares at her and snaps, "That's my negligée" Caroline retorts, "Not anymore!" Billie growls, "I bought it. I paid for it." Caroline tells her curtly, "You should learn to ask before using someone else's address." Billie mutters, "Next time I'll say 'please'. Now, if you'll just give it to me, I'll go. I don't want to cause any trouble." Caroline asks, "Meaning you could if you wanted to?" Billie retorts, "Possibly." Caroline, however, says, "You don't fool me for one minute: first it's the deliveries, next you'll be wanting to move in." Billie shrugs, "If I do, I will." Caroline points out, "It's not even your house." Billie retorts, "Half of it is: it's called 'community property'." Caroline tells her, "The house is in my name, not Doug's." Billie shrugs, "Then maybe I'll buy it with the alimony." Caroline growls, "You're bluffing. You'd have to go back to the United States if you went that far." Billie retorts, "Could be worth it - and if I do go, I might just take Doug with me..." With that, she walks out, leaving Caroline looking annoyed.

Doug is sitting in a restaurant with a businessman, saying, "The first thing I'd do is buy the land. Once I'd found it, I'd make sure it's a good location: plenty of public transport... off-street parking... good-sized population." The man asks, "Then develop?" Doug nods, "Exactly. You take over a fully-developed shopping complex. How about it, Sam?" The man - Sam Tucker - tells him, "I've had another offer." Looking astonished, Doug gasps, "What?" Tucker replies, "Basically, the same set-up you've just explained." Doug insists, "No one's going to give you a better deal than I can, Sam." Tucker just suggests, "Let's see, shall we?" Doug probes, "Where does this other offer come from?" Tucker tells him, "A Sydney outfit. In fact, I'm supposed to meet their representative here this afternoon." He looks across the room. Alison is approaching and Tucker adds, "This looks like her now." He stands up and says, "Miss. Carr?" Alison shakes his hand and replies, "Yes. Mr. Tucker. How do you do?" She sits down and adds, "Hello, Doug." Doug looks at her in annoyance.

Caroline is throwing pots and pans into the kitchen cupboard at her house, looking annoyed. Craig walks in and laughs, "Sounds like World War III! What's up?" Caroline snaps, "Doug's wife. She came over here and practically threatened to take him away from me." Craig comments, "She hardly knows him." Caroline, however, retorts, "I'm not so sure anymore: they've already had one secret rendezvous today." Craig suggests, "Might be an idea if you talk to Doug about it." Caroline snaps, "He's at a business meeting." A look flashes suddenly across her face, though, and she adds angrily, "Or is he...?" With that, she storms out.

At the restaurant, Sam Tucker is telling Doug and Alison, "Both propositions have potential, so it comes back to the land you have to offer. Whoever finds the best location will get my business, so I suggest you contact me when you have land ready to build on. Hope to hear from you soon." With that, he shakes Doug's and Alison's hands and heads off. When he's gone, Doug growls at Alison, "Are you proud of yourself? You stole my idea." Alison smiles, "Don't be so paranoid." Doug snaps, "Paranoid? I 'phoned Charlie to see if I can borrow some money, she spills the beans to you and you grab the first 'plane down here to undercut me." Alison smiles, "You should be a detective!" Doug just snaps, "It won't work, Alison." Alison, however, retorts, "I think it will. You see, Hamilton Industries has the money to buy that land right now. You don't." Doug snarls, "I'll get it." Alison just shrugs, "Fine. Fine. Then perhaps you can pay the bill, too. Bye!" With that, she stands up and walks off, leaving Doug looking annoyed.

Caroline walks up to the front door at Beryl's. She can hear music playing inside, and she gasps to herself, "I thought so." She then goes and peers in through the front window. A look of shock crosses her face suddenly as she sees who's in there. It's a bedraggled-looking Susan. As she spots Caroline staring at her, an expression of horror crosses her face...


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