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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Caroline walks into the lounge room at the country house. Craig and Debbie are standing in there, and Craig smiles at Caroline, "Look at you! The rest has done you the world of good!" Caroline replies, "Thankyou - but I'm fed up with lying around. I thought of helping Doug with cooking the dinner, but he chased me out of the kitchen!" Craig helps her over to a seat and asks, "Anything I can get you?" Caroline tells him, "I'm fine - but if you know anything about electric can openers, could you go and show Doug what he's doing wrong?!" Craig heads out of the room. Left alone with Debbie, Caroline comments, "I like Craig - not just because he saved my life; he's a nice boy." Debbie murmurs thoughtfully, "Yeah... he is."

In the kitchen, Doug has turned to opening a tin of peas with a manual can opener! Craig wanders in and comments humorously, "The word is that I'm going to get yelled at if I try and be useful!" Doug, however, tells him, "Since you're here, you can cut up some spuds!" Craig walks over to where some peeled potatoes are sitting in a pot by the stove. As he does so, Doug comments, "I tell you: this cooking business was a lot easier in the good old U.S of A." Craig asks, "How's that?" Doug laughs, "I never had to do it! I just picked up the 'phone and dialled room service!" Craig smiles, "Sounds like a great life!" Doug, however, replies seriously, "Not really. Mostly it was plain hard work. When it comes to big business, the Yanks don't muck around." Craig remarks, "I'd have thought you'd be able to hold your own." Doug shrugs, "I guess I could've - but when Glen 'phoned, I didn't have much time to think about it; but now that the panic's over, I'm glad that I had the chance to dump that job and come back to Caroline." Craig comments, "Everything's worked out for the best, then." Doug nods, "Seems to have." Craig then asks, "What's going to happen to Wayne?" Doug sighs, "Nothing for the time being. With Jones and Boyle both dead, there's no hard evidence as to what actually happened." Craig cries, "It was Wayne's nursing home." Doug murmurs, "That doesn't prove he was the one giving the orders." Craig gasps, "You can't just let him get away with it." Doug, however, assures him, "I won't; I just have to wait for the right time, that's all." Craig cries, "Why?" Doug explains, "For Caroline's sake. After what she went through in jail, it would just be too much for her. The last thing she needs at the moment is the pressure of an investigation." Craig comments, "I hope Caroline knows how much you care about her." Doug just smiles enigmatically, "She's going to find out soon enough. You wait and see..."

Wayne and Tick walk into the study at Dural. Wayne hands Tick a computer disc and he takes it eagerly and goes and loads it into the computer. As Wayne walks round to the computer screen, he spots the details of the finances of the gym scam listed on there. He gasps in horror, "What the hell is this doing here?" He presses a button to close them down and pulls the disc out quickly." Tick tells him meekly, "I was mucking around with the computer when that came up." Wayne asks suspiciously, "Did Alison have anything to do with it?" Tick murmurs, "Sort of." Wayne bends down to him and says, "You tell me exactly what happened, Richard." Tick tells him, "I was playing with the computer when she came in. She said she worked for you, so I sort of gave her a hand. I didn't mean any harm - honest." Wayne assures him, "It's alright, mate. It's not your fault. It's just the sort of thing she'd do. From now on, if you see her anywhere near the place, you tell me. Understand?" Tick nods, "OK." He then adds, "I don't think she found out what she wanted." Wayne asks in surprise, "Why not?" Tick replies, "'Cos all the stuff came up on the screen after she got angry at me." Wayne, looking thoughtful, says, "Don't you worry about it - it's not your problem - but I'll have a few things to say to her the next time I see her..." He then suggests, "Come on - get this computer game loaded. Let's see how good you are!"

Out in the hallway, the front door opens and Gordon and Beryl - holding Robert - walk in. Gordon comments, "The lights are on; Wayne must be home." Beryl suggests, "I'd better get Robert settled." Gordon smiles at the boy, "You've had a big day, haven't you, little man!" Beryl then says, "I hope Fiona doesn't mind me coming out here to stay, rather than at the boarding house." Gordon, however, points out, "With Susan coming home tomorrow, I'm sure she'll understand that the girl wants her mother with her for a week or so." The study door opens suddenly and Wayne appears. He smiles at Beryl and Gordon, "I thought I heard voices. I've got someone I'd like you to meet." He then turns to look back in the study and says, "Come on: come and say 'hello'." As Tick appears next to Wayne, Beryl and Gordon stare at him in surprise. Tick looks up at Gordon and says, "Hello, granddad!" Beryl looks at Gordon, a bemused expression on her face! Gordon says to Tick, "I may have a few years on you, young man, but I'm not quite ready for the white hair and walking stick brigade yet!" Wayne, however, chuckles, "He's not being cheeky! When he says 'granddad', that's exactly what he means. This is Richard Brinkley - my son." Gordon stares at him in shock.

It's the next morning, and Tick, Wayne, Gordon, Beryl and Robert are sitting at the dining table, eating breakfast. Tick smiles, "These pancakes are great! Can I have another?" Beryl points out, "You've already had three!" Wayne suggests to Tick, "I think you should have a shower and get dressed." Beryl adds, "Come on, I'll find you a clean towel." With that, she picks Robert up and leads Tick out of the room. When she's gone, Wayne says quietly to his father, "I'll never understand that woman!" Gordon asks in surprise, "Beryl?" Wayne nods, "Yeah. I was sure she'd hate Richard on sight." Gordon asks, "Why should she?" Wayne points out, "Well, here I am, married to Susan, and suddenly I uncover a ten-year-old son from a teenage love affair!" Gordon replies, "I don't think she exactly approves - but then neither do I. But I don't think I should hold that against him after everything he's been through." Wayne nods, "I'm going to make it all up to him. He's such a terrific kid; no one could ask for better." Gordon says, "I hope you appreciate how lucky you really are." Wayne replies, "You know the first thing I'm going to do? I'm going to book him into my old school. I want him to have the same advantages I had." Gordon nods uncertainly, "Mmm..." Wayne asks, "Don't you think it's a good idea?" Gordon replies carefully, "Don't you think you should talk it over with Susan first? Just so she feels part of it." Wayne, however, murmurs, "It really hasn't got a lot to do with her. He is my son." Gordon points out, "She's your wife, carrying a child that you're both going to bring up with Richard." Wayne mutters, "We'll talk about it when she gets home." He then changes the subject and tells his father, "Something else happened while you were out: I caught Alison trying to break into my computer files. She conned Richard into helping her. She nearly got what she wanted, too." Gordon asks, "What was that?" Wayne replies quickly, "Er... not sure. Something to do with the gym. But why she has to carry on with all this cloak-and-dagger nonsense is beyond me. If she wants to know anything, all she has to do is ask; it's all perfectly above board." Gordon comments, "That's Alison: thinks everybody is as devious as she is." Wayne goes on, "What really made me mad was: when I caught her, she tried to take it out on Richard. She pulled some stupid story out of the air about Richard not being my son and that it was her idea that he should pretend he is. Does she really think I wouldn't talk to Moya or check the birth certificate?" Gordon suggests, "Ignore her. The Alison Carrs of this world aren't worth worrying about." Wayne smiles, "I was hoping you'd say that!"

Debbie is stroking Sugar at the stud. Andy hands her a brush and she starts brushing her horse's mane. As she does so, Andy says, "I've really enjoyed the time working here with you, Deb. I reckon we make a really good team, don't you?" Debbie, however, isn't listening; instead, she's bending down, looking at Sugar's leg. She gasps, "Will you get a look at this? All the swelling's gone, nearly." Andy mutters in annoyance, "That's great." Debbie continues enthusiastically, "Granddad always said his recipe was magic. Guess he wasn't kidding, was he?!" Andy growls suddenly, "Terrific. Looks like we've got company." Craig is approaching them and he walks over and smiles at Debbie, "Hi. Thought I'd check and see how my investment's coming along." Debbie tells him, "A few more days, we'll get these bandages off, and we can start him training soon." Craig asks in surprise, "Training?" Andy asks, "What's he going to do: jump through hoops or something?!" Debbie smiles, "No - he's going to race." Craig comments in surprise, "You're kidding!" Debbie asks, "Don't you guys know a top racehorse when you see one?" Craig remarks, "Sugar? You're joking!" Debbie, however, insists, "You wait and see. He'll win your money back for you. Might even make you rich!" None of them notices a suspicious-looking middle-aged man crouching behind a nearby fence, watching them. Debbie goes on, "I've been working with thoroughbreds all my life. I can tell a champion a mile away." Craig tells her, "If you're really serious about doing something, go ahead, but if it's all the same, I think I'll save a deposit on the Rolls!" Debbie shrugs, "You'll soon be laughing on the other side of your face!" The suspicious man carries on watching...

Doug's car is parked at the side of a road. Doug climbs out, walks round to open the passenger-side door and helps Caroline out. She has her eyes shut and she tells Doug, "I won't look - I promise." Doug helps her out of the car and across the footpath. As he does so, he smiles, "I want this to be a big surprise.." Caroline comments, "I can't wait to see what all this intrigue is about!" Doug helps her take a few more steps forward and then turns her ninety degrees to her left before saying, "OK. Go ahead. Look." Caroline opens her eyes and glances round, apparently not sure what she's supposed to be looking at. Doug asks, "What do you think?" Caroline asks, "About what?" Doug replies, "About the house." He indicates a house just in front of them, set back from the road. Caroline smiles, "It's great." She adds, "Of course, I'm prejudiced - I love houses like this. Who lives here?" Doug tells her, "You do." Caroline turns to look at him. She asks in surprise, "What are you talking about?" Doug explains, "It's a present. Welcome to your new home, my darling." Caroline stares at him in amazement.

A short time later, Caroline and Doug head inside and walk into the kitchen, Caroline commenting as they do so, "It is absolutely glorious." Doug smiles, "I thought you'd like it!" Caroline, however, adds, "But I can't accept it. Doug, you just do not give people houses!" Doug tells her earnestly, "You do if you love them." Caroline starts to protest, "But--" Doug, however, interrupts and says, "No 'buts'. I wanted to do something for you, Caroline, and this is it." Caroline tells him, "You come halfway across the world and save my life. You buy me an entire new wardrobe - not to mention a room full of the most expensive flowers I've ever laid eyes on..." Doug just smiles, "If you're going to argue, I can see I'm going to have to roll out my secret weapon." He leads her through to the lounge room as she groans, "What else could there be?!" Doug tells her, "It's a proven fact that people just can't argue and drink champagne at the same time!" With that, he picks up two glasses from the drinks cabinet and hands them to her. As he then picks up a bottle of champagne, he says sincerely, "I was a fool ever to walk away from you, Caroline. I knew it from the moment I left. You're the most important person in my life, and I want you to know that, if ever you need me, I'll be here." Caroline replies warmly, "Thanks, Doug - and thanks for all this." She then adds uncertainly, "The only thing is... I'm not sure if..." Doug, picking up on her doubts, assures her, "This is your house. I'll be making my own arrangements." Caroline comments in relief, "I should've known you'd understand. You're one of the few men who would." With that, Doug opens the champagne and fills the two glasses. He then takes one and proposes, "To..." Caroline completes, "The future." They clink their glasses and take a sip.

The front door opens at Dural and Susan and Wayne step inside. Wayne says gruffly, "Take your things upstairs. Your mother should be around somewhere." Tick comes bounding down the stairs suddenly, saying enthusiastically, "Hi dad! Look what I found upstairs. Bit flat; better than nothing, but." He's holding a football. He goes to run off again. Wayne, however, stops him and says, "Richard... this is my wife, Susan. Susan, my son, Richard." Tick smiles at Susan and says, "Hi!" He then runs off. Susan turns and stares at Wayne. Looking shocked, she mouths, "Your what?" Wayne repeats, "My son." He goes on breezily, "I got a girl pregnant ten years ago. I had a son all along without knowing it. As of now, he lives here. He's my son; he's a member of the family. Make sure you treat him that way." With that, he walks off upstairs, leaving Susan standing in the hallway looking stunned. Beryl emerges from the lounge room, smiling at her daughter, "Hello, love. I thought I heard the car." Susan just murmurs shakily, "Wayne just introduced me to Richard..." Beryl, looking shocked, sympathises, "Oh, love... I thought he would have told you at the hospital. Apparently Richard is his son, but the way Wayne's carrying on it seems like he's deliberately trying to punish you. You don't have to put up with that, love." Susan looks at her and then says sadly, "I'm his wife. I'm carrying his child. I guess he's got a right to be angry. Whatever he dishes out, I can handle it." With that, she heads off upstairs, leaving Beryl looking worried. She heads into the lounge room, where Gordon asks, "Was that Wayne and Susan?" Beryl nods, "Yes - but I'd leave them for now: they've both gone upstairs; I think Susan's a bit tired." She sits down and Gordon puts down a tray of coffee things in front of her. He sits down next to her as she comments that he enjoys having Tick there. Gordon smiles, "Yes I do. He's a nice kid. Heaven knows the place could do with some livening-up." Beryl comments, "With Susan's baby and Richard, you might get more livening-up than you bargained for!" Gordon smiles, "I won't mind. It'll keep my mind off... well, you know: worrying about myself all the time, since Barbara left. I'm not the sort of person who's happy living alone." Beryl points out, "You're not exactly 'alone', Gordon!" Gordon replies, "Certainly there's family and friends, but you know what I mean: there's not that sort of 'special companionship' that you get in marriage. I miss that." Beryl tells him, "I think that's why I came so close to marrying David again. It would have been a mistake: just because they're the right sort of person at one stage in life doesn't mean... well, you can't make a marriage work on memories, can you?" Gordon murmurs, "I suppose not - and that's a pity." He then muses, "Can you imagine? You and David back together again. Me and Alison..." Beryl gasps, "You and Alison? You can't be serious!" Gordon smiles, "Of course not! But you know what I mean. When we're young, we tend to marry people without knowing the first thing about them." Beryl suggests, "Maybe there should be a law that we're not allowed to marry anyone unless we know them at least twenty years!" Gordon chuckles, "You could be right at that!"

Craig, Debbie and Andy are sitting on some hay and plastic chairs at the stud. Andy asks Debbie, "How much training do you reckon he needs?" Debbie just smiles, "There's a lot more to it than just being able to run fast. You've got to spoil them with carrots first!" She indicates the bucket in front of her. Andy stands up quickly and says, "I'll give you a hand." Craig looks at him and adds, "Me too." Debbie, however, laughs, "It doesn't take three people to feed a horse some carrot! I'll be back in a second." She walks off. As soon as she's gone, Andy snaps at Craig, "I don't know why you're hanging around; she's not interested in you anymore." Craig retorts, "That's your wish." Andy insists, "She's not." Craig just shrugs, "We'll see." Debbie runs back over to them suddenly and cries, "He's not there. He's gone!" Craig suggests, "He must have just broken loose. Don't worry - he can't go far with that bandage on." Debbie, however, cries, "No. He can't just wander off; someone had to untie him... open the door up..." Andy looks at Craig and comments, "Not hard to guess who." Craig demands, "What?" Andy says curtly, "Your horse goes disappearing then you have an excuse to hang around. Then you find it and you're the big hero. What do you think we are: stupid or something?" Craig, looking taken aback, starts to protest, "You're the one who thinks--" Debbie interrupts, though, and snaps, "Stop it, both of you. I'm sick of all your arguing. If any of you really cared about me, you'd be worried about finding the horse, not arguing over whose fault it was." Andy murmurs, "You're right, Deb. I'll go and find him." Craig, however, snaps, "You couldn't find him if your life depended on it. I'll bring him back." Debbie sighs, "I don't care who gets him back, as long as we get him back in one piece. I can't have anything happen to him now..."

Doug and Caroline are sitting at a table on the patio of Caroline's new house. They have some plates of food in front of them. Caroline, however, is just picking at hers. Doug asks, "Is something wrong with the oysters?" Caroline tells him, "I can't help remembering the last time we had them together: that day in your hotel room. I wouldn't want to crack any teeth...!" Doug assures her, "You won't find any pearls in that lot. However, you may find just about anything in this lot." With that, he hands her two small jewellery cases. Caroline takes them uncertainly. She opens the first one to reveal a bracelet. She then opens the second to reveal a ring with a large pearl embedded in it. She smiles, "They're beautiful, but I can't keep accepting things from you." Doug, however, tells her, "Caroline, you've had a lot of bad luck lately, and I've had it pretty good. I've got more than I need and I just can't think of anything I'd rather do than to help you get started again, OK?" Caroline muses, "A big house to be alone in... and I wouldn't ever know if I didn't give it a try." Doug insists, "That's not what this is all about. I'm not trying to high-power you into us living together. Be sure. You know that I'm quite happy to wait." Caroline tells him, "I am sure. I've been sure ever since that day that I saw the fake magazine article of Wayne's about your marriage. It's just that you might have to be patient with me at first." Doug takes her hand and says sincerely, "First... last... and everywhere in between." He then kisses her hand gently. Caroline smiles at him lovingly.

Susan is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Tick charges in from the hallway. Susan says quickly, "Hey, Richard, no running in the house, OK?" Tick turns to her and retorts, "Dad says I can play where I like." Susan tells him, "I don't think he meant in here. If you want to run, there's plenty of space outside." Tick goes to run off past her. Susan, however, grabs his arm and sighs, "Come on, behave." Wayne walks in suddenly and snaps, "Susan. Let him go. Take your hands off of him." Looking taken-aback, Susan does as she's told. Wayne bends down to Tick and tells him softly, "If she touches you again, you let me know, alright?" Tick nods, "OK. Can I go now?" Wayne smiles, "Sure." Tick runs off. Left alone with Wayne, Susan says curtly, "You didn't have to do that." Wayne, however, growls, "I mean it: you leave that boy alone or you'll be sorry." Susan stares at him and cries, "Wayne, I understand how you're feeling. But what hope is there for our marriage if I'm the only one making an effort? You're not even trying." Wayne snaps, "I'm not the one who was all set to run off without saying a word." Susan stands up and pleads, "Wayne..." Wayne just snarls, "You must've had a great time up there in that cabin - just you and lover-boy." Susan insists, "Nothing happened. How many times do I--" Wayne interrupts, though, and snaps, "It's not enough for you to cheat on me; you insult my intelligence by expecting me to believe nothing happened. How stupid do you think I am?" With that, he marches out of the room, leaving Susan sighing heavily in despair.

Caroline and Doug are wandering along in the grounds of Caroline's new house. Caroline asks, "What is this all about, Doug?" Doug just smiles, "You'll see in a minute!" He looks up at the sky as Caroline says curtly, "You have been saying that for the last half hour. Either you tell me what we are doing out here or I am going to go back inside." All-of-a-sudden, Doug smiles, "Here he comes!" Caroline looks up at the sky. A light aircraft drones overhead. Attached to the back of it is a large banner reading 'Doug [heart] Caroline - Let's Get Hitched!' Caroline stares at it in shock. Doug asks, "Well, what do you say?" Caroline smiles, "It's a vast improvement on your last proposal!" Doug grins, "Does it do the trick? That's the question!" Caroline looks at him and tells him, "I can't afford a 'plane - so I'll just have to say 'yes'!" With that, she kisses Doug happily.

A while later, Doug and Caroline are sitting on the couch in the lounge room inside, Doug saying, "What I'll do is go back to the hotel, pack my stuff and bring it back here. And then we'll go out to some place really classy for a celebration dinner. Sound good?" Caroline nods, "Sounds great. It'll make a change from that slop they fed me in the home." Doug murmurs, "Yeah. Well, that's all over. From now on, we concentrate on the future." He goes on, "I'll be looking for something interesting to invest in and I thought you might like to come in as my public relations adviser." Caroline looks at him and giggles, "Not the bunny suit again!" Doug laughs, "You know, there's something about the idea of you with long ears and a tail that really turns me on!" He kisses her warmly and then says, "I'd better make the reservation at the restaurant." He picks up the 'phone from the coffee table in front of them. Caroline, however, says, "Before you do, there's a call I've been meaning to make." She takes the 'phone from him and starts dialling. The 'phone rings at Dural and Wayne answers it in the study: "Wayne Hamilton." Caroline comes on and tells him curtly, "I just thought I'd let you know that I'm back and in good health. Thought you'd be interested." Looking shocked, Wayne murmurs, "Caroline..." Caroline goes on, "This woman locked me up and tried to drive me insane - and when that didn't work, she tried to put me up for a fake suicide. And we both know who was giving the orders, don't we..." Wayne tells her, "I don't know what you're talking about." Caroline, however, retorts, "Whatever you say. But I've been talking to the police, and if anything else happens to me, you'll be the first one they'll be seeing. If I were you, I'd remember that." With that, she hangs up. At Dural, Wayne does likewise, looking worried.

Susan is sitting on the couch in the lounge room, knitting, when Wayne marches in. He goes to the bar and snatches up some sheets of paper lying on it. Susan sighs, "What's the matter now?" Wayne just snaps, "What would you care? Sitting there knitting that rubbish, wishing you were with lover-boy..." Susan stands up and retorts, "Wayne, if I wanted to be with someone else I would be - and this 'rubbish' happens to be for our child: yours and mine." Wayne snarls, "How do I know that?" Susan gasps, "What?" Wayne yells, "How do I know the damn child's mine?" He grabs the knitting and throws it down on the floor as he snarls, "As far as I know, it could be anyone's." Susan stares at him in horror.


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