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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Craig is lying partly-asleep in the doorway of a pub. A van pulls up at the side of the road and Ruby - who's sitting in the passenger seat - looks across at the building and says to the driver, "You run a fine hotel here, Ted." Ted just retorts, "Yeah, well you can't doss down now: I'm taking delivery of a little more stock today." They climb out of the van and Ruby comments, "From the back of a truck, I suppose?" Ted, however, mutters quickly, "Keep your voice down - we'll both end up in the slammer." Ruby assures him, "I wouldn't dob you in, Ted." Ted retorts, "Only 'cos I'm stupid enough to give you credit - which reminds me: you still owe me fifty bucks." Ruby flutters her eyelashes at him and smiles, "You could take it out the trade..." Ted, however, sighs, "Knock it off, Rube... I'm into the young stuff these days. Mind you, twenty years ago..." Ruby spits, "Twenty years ago you would've had to queue." She goes to march off. Ted grabs her arm, though, and smiles, "Alright... don't get cranky. Come on, I'll treat you to a heart-starter!" They go to walk off. In the doorway, Craig wakes up suddenly and calls out, "Ruby!" Ruby, who hadn't noticed him, mutters, "Oh hell." Craig stands up, walks over to her and says quickly, "I found out this was your local. Been waiting to see you all night." Ruby mutters, "Things have changed." Craig explains, "I know all about that. I told Beryl to stop hassling you." Ruby accepts this. She then introduces Ted. Craig acknowledges him and then asks Ruby if they can talk privately. Ruby nods, "Yeah. OK." Ted heads off into the pub.

A while later, Ruby is sitting with Craig at the the kitchen table at the country house. She's saying, "It's hard to know where to start, really. I suppose when Maisie stopped writing would be as good a place as any." Craig asks, "You two kept in touch?" Ruby nods, "On and off. That pub you went to... it's the only fixed address I've ever had." She then continues, "When Maisie stopped writing I got up enough courage to front Jean and ask why. Could've knocked me down with a feather when she said Maisie was dead." Craig asks, "Did she tell you that I was living in Melbourne?" Ruby replies, "Yeah." Craig asks, "Why didn't you contact me then?" Ruby murmurs, "Didn't think you'd want me to." Craig then asks, "What was my father like?" Ruby reaches into her handbag and takes out a photo. She hands it to Craig and tells him, "I'd only just arrived in Sydney when we met - that's his boarding house." She indicates the photo. She then goes on, "One look at Peter and I said to the landlady, 'I'll take the room, sight unseen!'" Craig queries, "Peter?" Ruby replies, "Yeah - Peter Reynolds. You would have liked him - he was laughing and joking all the time; and he stood on his own two feet, too. I suppose he had to: his mum and dad died when he was 16. He left school and he fibbed about his age and he got a job in the shipbuilding business. He was just out of his apprenticeship when I came on the scene, and it wasn't long before we were engaged to be married." Craig prompts, "But you never were?" Ruby murmurs, "No." She then stands up and starts pacing the floor as she continues, "When I found out I was carrying you, we set the date; even started flat-hunting: found a nice little flat in Elizabeth Bay - right near a little park for you to play in." Craig asks, "What happened?" Ruby's face drops as she tells him, "We were crossing Pitt Street on our way home. A car ran the red. I woke up in hospital... Peter wasn't so lucky. I never quite got over losing him - put me off making plans for good. Not that Maisie would understand that: she was the type who would buy Christmas presents at a June sale!" Craig laughs, "I know: it used to drive dad mad!" He then adds quickly, "Well, he... he... was dad to me for a long time." Ruby assures him, "You have every right to call them your parents. Maisie loved every minute of it, too: she was born to be a mum." Craig asks, "And you weren't?" Ruby tells him, "I had everything against me, didn't I? No husband... not a brass razoo... and not a friend in the world; well, not until I met Maisie: she was in the bed next to me at the hospital - her appendix. She used to tell me how lucky I was I didn't lose you in the accident. When I got out of hospital, she set me up in a flat in her block and looked after me like a slave." Craig sighs, "And talked you out of keeping me." Ruby glares at him and snaps, "She would turn in her grave if she heard you say that. She did it out of the goodness of her heart. Giving you to her was my idea." Craig looks away and Ruby adds more calmly, "I thought you'd be better off. I hope you can understand that." Craig murmurs, "I'm trying to." Ruby mutters, "At least, now, you know the full story." She then indicates the photo and tells Craig, "I'd like you to have that. Go on - I won't forget what he looks like." She then takes out the baby photo that she showed Craig a few days earlier and adds, "You can't have this one, though - I've got to have something to remember you by." Craig looks at her. She walks to the back door before turning and saying, "It might sound like a cop-out, but when the time came to give you up, I nearly couldn't go through with it. I wish, now, I hadn't." She pulls a tissue suddenly from her bag and wipes tears from her face. Craig walks over to her and says gently, "Mum... it's OK."

Debbie is walking along the street towards the pub where Craig found Ruby. Ted emerges through the doors and Debbie says to him quickly, "Excuse me - I was looking for a friend of mine; I was told he might be in there." Ted replies, "Tell me what he looks like and I'll tell you if he's in there." Deb describes, "Blond hair... blue eyes... his name's Craig." Ted comments, "Sounds like Ruby's kid." Debbie smiles, "That's him! Thankyou!" She goes to head inside. Ted, however, stops her and says, "You've just missed 'em." He then adds, "Ruby could've taken him back to my place... it's just down the road if you want to go and have a look-see..." Debbie smiles, "OK!" Ted then introduces himself. Debbie does likewise. Ted then starts guiding her to his van, saying smarmily as he does so, "I think you'll like my place, Debs - I've spent a fortune on it, you know what I mean? Hi-fi... video... even got a TV in the bedroom." As he opens the van door, he continues, "I'm the type who likes to splash his money around. Do you know what I mean? Girl takes my fancy and I give her everything she wants..." Debbie looks at him warily.

A few moments later, Ted is holding the van door open and he smiles, "In you get." Debbie says nervously, "OK..." She then adds quickly, "Gee, I can't wait to tell my dad about you - he patrols the area! Thinks every guy around here is on the make!" Ted asks, suddenly warily, "Your dad a cop...?" Debbie replies enthusiastically, "Maybe you've seen him around. Six foot two, dark hair... Tommy Halliday. He'll be very pleased to know there's at least one good samaritan left in the world!" Ted closes the van door slowly and says, "Listen, Deb, I just remembered: Ruby gave me back the key to my place, so they won't be there." Deb nods, "OK. Then why don't we go and have a cup of coffee and talk about where else they might be?" Ted, looking at his watch, says hesitantly, "Actually, I'm a bit pressed for time, you know?" Debbie remarks, "You had all the time in the world before I mentioned the police. You wouldn't have anything to hide, would you?" Ted says quickly, "No!" Deb smiles, "I'll tell you what, Ted: I'll forget that we ever met if you tell me everything you know about Ruby..." Ted nods reluctantly.

Caroline is walking in the grounds outside Glen's parents' cabin, carrying a bucket. She sits down, looking weary. From a distance away, Glen looks at her. He then walks over to her. She comments, "It's so peaceful." Glen asks, "You glad you came?" Caroline doesn't respond, though. Instead, she indicates another bucket that Glen is holding and asks, "Found any?" Glen nods, "Half a pail." Caroline just hands him her bucket and walks off quietly.

A few moments later, Caroline heads inside the cabin. She walks over to a cabinet and picks up some cardboard folders that are resting on top. She sits down and starts reading them.

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Woombai, talking on the 'phone. A smile on his face, he says, "That's terrific, Ron. What changed his mind; do you know?" From a public 'phone box, Ron Pryor tells him, "He needs money to sue the insurance company He had to sell 'Home in Style'." Wayne smiles again and then says, "I want to be completely silent... no one's to know I'm ever involved." With that, he hangs up. Janice and Owen walk in suddenly from outside, Janice saying curtly, "Stop hanging back, Owen: Wayne's had plenty of time to do his sums." Wayne looks at them and says, "I have indeed. It'll probably send me broke, but since I've just pulled off a deal that'll help pay the bills, let's do it!" Janice and Owen look at each other in delight. Owen picks Janice up and starts spinning her round and round in excitement!

Sometime later, Janice and Owen emerge from the local church with Mrs. Burns. Owen is telling her, "You'll be pleased to know that Wayne has given me the go-ahead." Mrs. Burns comments, "So he's at the house now?" Owen nods, "Yes." Mrs. Burns smiles, "Splendid! I must go and say 'hello' to him." She walks off, leaving Owen muttering, "So much for community spirit." Janice asks, "Who is she?" Owen explains, "Friend of the Hamiltons'. Her late husband used to be the local GP."

At the homestead, Susan is laying the living room table for lunch when she hears Wayne's voice out in the hallway saying, "It's very nice of you to drop by, Mrs. Burns, but dad isn't here." Mrs. Burns, however, tells him, "It's you I've come to see, Wayne." She and Wayne walk in and Wayne introduces Susan. Mrs. Burns smiles at her and then tells Wayne, "You've got yourself a lovely bride." Susan, however, pats her belly and grins, "Way past being a bride!" Wayne adds, "Susie's expecting." Mrs. Burns' face drops slightly, but she then recovers her composure and smiles, "Congratulations. How marvellous. I can't believe you're going to be a father." Turning to Susan, she adds, "It seems no time at since since he was in rompers himself!" Wayne says quickly, "I'll leave you to tell Susan what a little horror I was!" With that, he escapes to the kitchen! When he's gone, Susan invites Mrs. Burns to sit down. As she does so, Mrs. Burns says, "I can't tell you how much I admire Wayne - he's being so brave about it." Susan, looking suddenly worried, asks, "About what?" Mrs. Burns replies, "Well, my dear. Don't you know? Wayne has Huntington's chorea. There's no cure for it." Susan sighs heavily and then says, "I know." Mrs. Burns, looking surprised, says, "You do? Does he?" Susan, ignoring this, tells her, "We haven't known for long - Gordon went through the parish records after he'd seen you. How do you know?" Mrs. Burns explains, "Gordon's visit brought to my attention the condition of my husband's files, and I decided to move them back into the house. During the move I found some other papers about Arthur Andrews. Why hasn't Gordon told Wayne?" Susan hesitates and then says tersely, "Why spoil the best years of his life when there's no certainty he'll contract the disease?" Mrs. Burns comments, "That seems a very irresponsible attitude to me - particularly when you're having a child." Susan snaps, "It won't help him to know something he can't do anything about - so please, keep this to yourself." Mrs. Burns sighs, "If that's what you and Gordon want - but I still think you're doing the wrong thing." Wayne walks back in at that moment, and, having caught the end of the conversation, smiles at Susan, "Ticking you off, is she?" Susan tells him quickly, "Mrs. Burns doesn't approve of natural childbirth." Mrs. Burns beams at Wayne, "I'm too old to change my ways..." Susan then says to her, "It was lovely of you to drop in. Sorry you can't stay for lunch." As she stands up to leave, Mrs. Burns tells Wayne, "You should be spending all your time with your lovely wife. You've only one life to live and you should make the most of it." Susan says quickly, "I'll see he does." With that, she guides Mrs. Burns out to the hallway. When she returns to join Wayne, she comments, "I think she's ready for the funny farm!" Wayne laughs, "That's not the worst thing about her: old Mrs. B. would climb Everest for a juicy bit of gossip - so don't tell her anything you don't want the whole district to know." With that, he gives Susan a hug. He doesn't see the look of horror that crosses her face...

Gordon is sitting having lunch with Fiona in her room at the mansion when May bursts in suddenly through the gap in the bookcase. She's holding a newspaper and she cries, "Fiona! Connie's claiming she ran a first-class establishment. In fact, it was a ramshackle place next to the Chinese laundry." Gordon suggests to her that she should write her own memoirs. May smiles, "Yes, I think it's high time I started writing them. Of course, a few photographs of my old haunts would help to jog my memory..." Fiona warns quickly, "You're not dragging Gordon into it." Gordon, however, insists, "I'd be delighted to take some snaps for you. After lunch?" May smiles, "That's terribly kind of you." She heads back to her room, leaving Fiona to warn Gordon, "You don't know what you're letting yourself in for!" Gordon, however, tells her, "Keeping busy is just what I need. Besides, I love delving into the past." Fiona grins, "I think you'll find May's version of the 1940s just as colourful as Connie Hogg's!"

Caroline is still sitting reading at the cabin when Glen walks in with two full buckets. She tells him immediately, "I've just been reading this article you wrote for the school paper. It's very good." Glen mutters, "You reckon?" Caroline smiles, "It shows you were a very conscientious student." Glen, however, retorts, "You can't got judging by these." With that, he takes the folders back and returns them to the cabinet. Caroline, looking intrigued, asks, "Care to elaborate?" Glen hesitates and then says, "Well... dad sort of put mum in charge of my education: if I didn't do well he'd take it out on her. It was his way of motivating me to be the best. He knew I couldn't stand seeing him get to mum." Caroline comments, "It certainly explains a lot about you." Glen mutters, "Oh?" Caroline tells him, "You've always been the knight in shining armour as far as women are concerned. If you care about a woman you're very protective; very caring." Glen comments sourly, "It doesn't seem to get me very far, does it?" Caroline suggests, "You just have to find someone who appreciates you." Glen just shrugs, "Right now, I need a woman who can cook me blackberry pie!"

Debbie arrives back at the country house to find Craig's jacket hung over the back of one of the kitchen chairs. Looking surprised, she calls, "Craig?!" She dashes into the lounge room - to find Ruby sitting in there. She stands up quickly and tells Debbie, "He's just out buying me some ciggies. You must be Debbie." Debbie just stands there. Ruby goes on, "Craig's told me a lot about you." Debbie retorts, "I've heard a lot about you, too." Ruby smiles, "From Craig?" Debbie snaps, "From Ted." Ruby's face drops as she mutters, "You don't want to believe everything he says - he's a terrible liar." Debbie, however, growls, "He was too scared to lie to me - he thinks my dad's a cop. That's why he told me everything - right down to the name of the junk shop where you got those two old photos from." Ruby stares at her and mutters, "It's not my fault I don't have the real things. I hung on to them for years, but moving from place-to-place--" Debbie interrupts and snaps, "It's not just the photos; you've lied to Craig about everything. His dad's name isn't Peter Reynolds and he isn't dead. He doesn't know Craig exists because you've kept it from him out of spite." Ruby retorts, "I did not. He went overseas and I lost contact with him." Debbie demands, "So what's your excuse for conning that other man into thinking Craig was his?" Ruby retorts, "He wanted a kid. He just didn't want someone else's. Put me in hospital when he found out." Debbie stares at her distastefully and mutters, "What a way to live." Ruby retorts, "Yeah. It's not a nice story, is it? That's why I made up the other one: Craig's been hurt enough." Debbie, however, snarls, "You don't care about Craig; you're just trying to soften him up to get some money out of him." Ruby snaps, "I am not. I've never stopped loving that kid." Out in the kitchen, Craig walks in through the back door. He's holding a box and a packet of cigarettes, and he calls, "I'm back." In the lounge room, Ruby warns Debbie, "If he means anything to you, you'll keep what you know to yourself." Debbie glares at her and then heads out to the kitchen. As she joins Craig, he smiles, "I was just about to send out a search party for you!" Ruby follows Debbie as she explains to Craig, "I went out looking for you." Craig tells her, "You should know I can look after myself - and it paid off: I found mum and she's terrific, Deb." Ruby smiles, "We've already met, son. We've been getting acquainted while you were out..."

Susan is sitting in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead, knitting. Wayne packs away some papers at the table and announces that he thinks he'll get some fresh air. He asks Susan if she wants to come, but she declines. Owen and Janice walk in suddenly from outside; Owen is holding a casserole dish and Janice is laughing, "I think Janelle Dixon's after you!" Wayne asks, "Why?" Janice explains, "She made a boiled beef and dumplings just for him!" She indicates Owen. Wayne laughs, "Owen, mate, I'd watch yourself: the last bloke who scored a Janelle Dixon casserole almost found himself forced into a shotgun marriage!" Janice chuckles at Owen, "If you go the same way, you'd better pray you're as lucky as Wayne - I bet Alison's still thanking her lucky stars that gun was loaded with blanks!" With that, she and Owen head into the kitchen. On the couch, a look of horror crosses Susan's face and she demands of Wayne, "What gun?" Wayne says quickly, "Nothing." Susan, though, persists, "Did she take a shot at you?" Wayne explains, "Caroline made her think I was there to kill her. As far as she was concerned it was self-defence." Susan gasps, "Why didn't you tell me?" Wayne replies, "I told you everything else; I didn't think it was important." Susan hugs him and cries, "Oh, Wayne..." Wayne points out, "It's all over now." Susan sighs, "I know... when I think what you must've gone through..." Wayne tells her sincerely, "I just felt cheated. I wouldn't have a life with you... I wouldn't see my kid... When I realised the gun was loaded with blanks, I felt like a man on death-row who'd just been reprieved." Susan tells him, "It just goes to show that we should look at each day as a gift and make the most of every minute." Wayne assures her earnestly, "Every minute with you is a gift." With that, they kiss. Susan then tells Wayne, "I love you."

In the kitchen at the country house, Ruby asks Craig, "What's in the box? Arvo tea?" Craig nods, "I hope you like chocolate cake!" Ruby goes to put the kettle on. Debbie smiles at Craig, "You'll be getting spoiled!" Craig tells her, "It'll make a nice change after last night - sleeping in doorways isn't fun." Debbie comments, "I had a sleepless night too, you know?" Craig replies, "I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I left you in the lurch with the job, too - but I thought you'd understand." Debbie starts to say, "I do, but--" Before she can go any further, Ruby says quickly, "Craig, love, could you show me how to use the stove?" Craig walks over to it, leaving Ruby looking at Debbie with a smirk on her face...

Mrs. Burns is walking along a track in the grounds at Woombai when she meets Wayne coming the other way. He smiles, "Lovely afternoon." He goes to walk on, but Mrs. Burns says quickly, "So glad I bumped into you." Wayne laughs, "You going to tell me who I should and shouldn't hire for the Reserve, are you?" Mrs. Burns nods, "The Reserve does come into it - but I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I really don't feel you should go ahead with that." Wayne asks in surprise, "Why?" Mrs. Burns tells him, "In the circumstances, you ought to be spending all your time with your family." Wayne, looking puzzled, asks, "What circumstances?" Mrs. Burns looks down at the ground before saying, "I wish I didn't have to be the one to tell you, but since your wife won't, and your father's been weak enough to let her--" Wayne interrupts and demands impatiently, "Tell me what?" Mrs. Burns sighs and then says, "Your grandfather died of Huntington's disease. It's hereditary and incurable - and it won't be long before it kills you, too."


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