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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

A short time later, Andy is staggering along the road that leads from David's property, his legs almost giving way beneath him. A car drives past him, ignoring the fact that he's clearly in agony.

Debbie is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, saying sadly to David, Craig and Ginny, "It just seems impossible: he just didn't seem like the sort of guy who'd do something like that." She then asks David, "Have you only just found out?" David, however, admits, "I've known for a while." Debbie murmurs, "I just can't believe it - I mean, he was so nice to me..." Ginny chips in, "I'm afraid you've got a hell of a lot to learn about Andy, Deb." Craig puts his arm round Debbie. He then says, "I hate to say it, but we've got a job to go to." Debbie sighs, "It just such a shock, that's all." The two of them head out. David glances at Ginny.

Andy is still staggering along at the side of the road. Craig and Debbie turn out of a side road in the limousine and start driving towards him. Debbie spots him, but Craig just laughs, "He must have seen us. He's putting on a good act." Debbie, though, tells him in concern, "He's really sick, Craig. Stop the car; we've got to help him." Craig looks at her and she insists, "I'm serious." Craig brings the car to a halt reluctantly just ahead of where Andy is has stopped at the side of the road.

David is sitting with Ginny at the table in the kitchen at the country house when Craig and Debbie help a sick-looking Andy inside. David stares at them and gasps, "What the hell's going on?" Debbie explains, "We found him out in the road. He's really sick, David. I think we should call a doctor." David looks at Ginny and tells her to do that. Craig then helps Andy through to the lounge room. When they're out of earshot, David warns Debbie, "He can only stay here until the doctor's finished with him, then he has to go." Debbie assures him, "I just don't want to see him suffer. After what he's done, I don't want to know him." Craig walks back in and says, "I've put him on the couch." Ginny hangs up the 'phone and announces, "Doctor's coming." Craig suggests to Debbie that there's nothing more they can do, and they head out. Ginny looks at David and growls, "I reckon you're mad: you should have told him to take a running jump." David, though, points out, "He's sick, isn't he? If I hadn't agreed to let him stay here, that would make me pretty much as bad as he is - or for that matter Wayne." He then adds, "Don't get me wrong: I still haven't got an ounce of time for him and I don't really want him staying here, but he is here, and we have to put up with it. Right?" Ginny mutters, "Sure."

Caroline is talking on the public 'phone in the reception room at the mansion, saying, "I really enjoyed my last job, and since I'm most anxious to spend a few more days in Sydney, anything you can organise would be greatly appreciated... Yes, thankyou. Bye bye." She hangs up just as Fiona comes into the room with some boxes of food and smiles, "There we go: more supplies to keep the wolf from the door!" Caroline warns, "You mind out you don't do too much after that nasty experience with the vacuum." Fiona, however, assures her, "I'm fine, really." Changing the subject, Caroline then announces, "I might be staying here a few more days." Fiona smiles, "Lovely! You got some more work?" Caroline replies, "Could be - I'll have to wait and see." She then spots a couple of bags near the door and asks, "Another tenant moving in?" Fiona tells her, "No, not really." Changing the subject again, she then says, "Oh! Glen has taken Alison to some holiday place of his." Caroline asks quickly, "Where is it?" Fiona shrugs, "Somewhere in the bush, I suppose. Alison is as nervous as a kitten at the moment. She's been getting death threats, too." Looking surprised, Caroline asks, "Alison getting death threats?" Fiona explains, "She seems to think it's someone who owes Wayne money: you know... the bad debt business." Caroline just murmurs, "Oh... yes..."

A short time later, the front door opens downstairs and Wayne walks in. Caroline joins him and smiles, "Hello, Wayne! Back from your business trip?" Wayne nods, "Yes - and a very successful one it was too!" Caroline tells him, "You do go away at the wrong times, don't you?" Wayne asks in surprise, "Do I? Why?" Caroline replies, "It seems as though Alison wasn't sending those death threats: she's been getting some too." Wayne asks knowingly, "Really...?" Caroline tells him, "The police are checking on your bad debt list now." Wayne asks, "What sort of threats were they?" Caroline replies, "Really war-of-nerves stuff: you know - people arriving to collect clothes from 'the late' Alison Carr..." Wayne smiles, "That's a bit sick!" Caroline asks, "You don't know anything about it?" Wayne asks lightly, "How could I? I've just been away." Caroline tells him, "I distinctly remember what you promised before you left." Wayne, however, muses, "You know how it is: we all tend to say stupid things in the heat of the moment." Caroline asks, "So you never seriously intended harming Alison?" Wayne replies, "Of course not." Caroline smiles, "I'm glad: I thought we were in for another bout of backstabbing." Wayne insists, "I've got more important things to do." Caroline tells him, "There is one incident you might be interested in: Andy nearly died of food poisoning. It was meant for Alison, wasn't it?" A look of sheepishness crosses Wayne's face. Fiona appears suddenly and says, "Hello, Wayne - you're back!"

A few moments later, Caroline tells Fiona, "I was just filling Wayne in on events since he left: you know - the threats to Alison?" Fiona nods, "Yes... well, I'm sure they'll nail whoever it is." She then comments to Wayne, "I suppose you're here to talk business." Wayne nods, "If you've got the time." Fiona, however, tells him, "I wouldn't worry too much about it, if I were you. You should get yourself home: Susan's down from Woombai and I'm sure you'd rather be with her." With that, she heads off into her room. When she's gone, Wayne turns to Caroline and growls, "What are you playing it?" Caroline, however, tells him, "That's just the point: I'm not playing at anything." Wayne comments, "I thought you'd have been keen to dob me in." Caroline, though, shrugs, "Why? You didn't start it; Alison did. Serves her right: she deserves a scare. Anyway, I could tell you didn't really mean her any harm." Wayne insists, "Of course I didn't. I'll murder the guy who organised it." He then adds, "That's it, by the way: no more scare tactics. And listen - I won't forget what you just did." He reaches into his wallet and, taking out some cash, hands it over and says, "I know it's not much at the moment, but I'm aware you're going through some financial difficulties." Caroline, looking delighted, accepts it. Wayne heads out. As he does so, Fiona emerges from her room and comments to Caroline, "You're looking very happy about something!" Caroline indicates the money and replies, "Just my bonus, that's all." Looking surprised, Fiona asks, "From Wayne?" Caroline, however, tells her quickly, "No, no, it's from my last job. I've just decided to put it in David's fighting fund." Fiona smiles, "That's very thoughtful of you." Caroline muses, "It's robbing Peter to pay Paul without Peter knowing..." Fiona stares at her, looking puzzled!

Debbie, David, Craig and Ginny are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, eating. Craig asks David, "What did the doctor say?" David replies, "He reckons he can't be moved." Debbie asks if he's still in the lounge room. David nods, "Yeah. The doctor's orders are that he has to stay here at least a few days." Debbie checks, "But he's going to be alright?" David replies, "He reckons he's only been overdoing things." Debbie mutters, "In that case, I've got no sympathy for him." David, however, tells her curtly, "Just because he doesn't care about people doesn't mean we have to do the same thing." Ginny holds up a plate of food suddenly and asks, "Any volunteers to take a little something in to the patient?" Craig tells her that he and Debbie have to dash. They head out. David adds quickly, "I'd better get going, too." Ginny muses, "Oh well... might cheer him up to see my smiling face!"

Andy is lying on the couch in the lounge room, covered by a blanket. Ginny walks in and puts down the plate of food, saying tersely, "There you are: something to eat." Andy, though, murmurs, "I couldn't eat." Ginny retorts, "You're going to have to: the doctor said you have to stay here for the next few days, and we don't want it any longer than necessary - so eat; get your strength back." Andy just asks, "Can I talk to Debbie?" Ginny, though, retorts, "She's on a job with Craig. Anyway, she doesn't want to talk to you: she knows about you and what you did to Dave. We're all the same. I'm only bringing you food out of the kindness of my heart; the others ran a mile when I asked them to do it. So eat: the sooner you get over the food poisoning the better." Andy, however, groans, "Ginny, it wasn't food poisoning; it was real poison put inside a stuffed pepper, probably by Wayne. I'd say he meant it for Alison, but I ate it by mistake." Ginny gasps, "After the things you've done you reckon I'd swallow a story like that?" Andy insists, "I'm not joking." Ginny stares at him uncertainly and demands, "Why would Wayne want to poison Alison?" Andy replies, "To give her a fright. You've got to believe me: I am not kidding." Ginny, looking shocked, murmurs, "Strewth..."

David walks into the kitchen through the back door, puts his keys down on the table and goes to the 'fridge. He takes out a beer as Ginny comes in from the hallway and says, "You wouldn't believe what he just told me: Andy was poisoned - real poison - but it was meant for Alison. Wayne tried to kill her." David laughs, "He'd say anything, wouldn't he? I know Wayne is capable of a lot, but he would never go that far." Ginny, however, insists, "He was telling the truth." David asks, "How do you know?" Ginny retorts, "I can tell, believe me. I'm a good judge of character and I know when someone's being up-front. Hell, I hope he doesn't try to get rid of her again - Wayne, I mean; who's going to pay all my bills?" David stares at her and growls, "Did I hear you right, you selfish little brat? Alison's life could be on the line and all you can think about is your meal ticket." Ginny retorts, "I have to look after number one, don't I? I don't really think he'd try again. Anyway, I didn't think you'd be worried: got the hots for her, have you?!" David just growls dismissively, "Don't be flamin' stupid, girl."

It's night time. In the lounge room at Dural, the furniture and the bar are covered in dust sheets and Susan is standing on a stepladder, washing down the wall behind the doors. Wayne walks in suddenly and smiles, "You're a naughty girl! You shouldn't be back here working." Susan steps down from the ladder and snaps, "I've had enough of the country." Wayne looks at her in surprise and laughs, "There's no need to bite my head off!" Susan growls, "You come in here, no 'hello', no nothing, then you start picking on me." Wayne insists in surprise, "I wasn't picking on you! I just thought a few more days at Woombai might have done you good." Susan, though, snaps, "You wouldn't know what was good for me." Wayne stares at her and asks, "What have I done? Have I said something to annoy you?" Susan looks at him and then bursts into tears. She goes and puts her arms round her husband as she sobs, "Wayne... I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

A short time later, Wayne pulls back a dust sheet from the couch and tells Susan, "Sit down and try to relax. Whatever it is, it can be fixed. Tell me what's wrong." Susan, though, says simply, "I'm just tired, that's all. I wanted it all finished before you came home." Wayne laughs, "You silly twit!" Susan insists, "I'll be alright - really." Wayne, however, tells her, "All the same, let's not take any chances. You could have picked up a virus or something at Woombai. I think we should let the doctor check you out." Susan sighs, "If you insist. I'll make an appointment with the family doctor tomorrow morning." She then adds, "Actually, I've got quite a bit of headache at the moment. I think I'll go and lie down for a while." Wayne kisses her and tells her, "You stay there until you feel up to coming downstairs again, OK?" With that, Susan stands up. She goes to walk out of the room, but hesitates, looking nervous, before finally walking off.

The next morning, Fiona opens the door of her room at the mansion to find Susan standing there. She invites her in, saying, "I can tell by the look on your face you want to talk..." Susan sighs, "When Wayne came home last night I was cleaning down the walls - I needed something to do to keep my mind off... you know. As soon as he came in, I let him have it." Fiona asks, "You mean you--?" Susan replies quickly, "No, no, I didn't tell him - but I lost my temper with him. I couldn't help it; I'm just so tense. I really want children - that's what marriage is for." Fiona checks, "That is why you married him, isn't it?" Susan nods quickly, "Partly." Fiona, however, sighs, "You married him because he can give you children, not because you love him. That is hardly a good enough reason to tie yourself to somebody for the rest of your life." Susan, sitting down, insists, "That's not true, Fiona: it's not as if I've cheated on Wayne; he knew I didn't love him in the same way that I loved Glen - but I do care about him very much, and as far as I'm concerned, the way things are it'll just bring us closer together." Fiona murmurs, "You hope - but you can't be sure." Susan tells her, "The first step is to find out whether or not I'm pregnant. If I'm not, at least I can discuss the alternatives with him - there'd be nothing wrong with adopting." Fiona nods, "Nothing wrong at all." Susan continues, "He thinks I'm at the doctor's now, as a matter of fact - just for a check-up." Fiona suggests, "Then why not go to the doctor's? At least you'll know where you stand. You can't go on tormenting yourself the way you are." Susan smiles weakly, "You're right - as usual! Can I ring from here?" Fiona nods, "Of course you can." Susan stands up, but Fiona sits there, still looking worried.

Debbie is standing by the sink in the kitchen at the country house. Craig and David are eating breakfast at the table, but Craig turns to Debbie and tells her, "You're not looking too good, Deb. Sure you don't want to go back to bed for a few hours?" Debbie retorts, "No, I feel fine, OK?" She turns away and pops a pill into her mouth. She then swallows it with a sip of water. David tells Craig and Debbie that he's got some work lined up later with a mate of his, and he asks if one of them could give Andy something for breakfast. Craig, though, mutters, "Can't he stagger out here by himself?" Debbie adds sourly, "Yeah, why should we pander to him?" Ginny marches in suddenly from the hallway and does a twirl to show off her new outfit. Debbie smiles in admiration, "That is the greatest!" Ginny tells her, "Yeah, I woke up about two o'clock this morning, got up, did a few sketches, then fell asleep again - which reminds me: where were you?" Debbie replies hesitantly, "Around two o'clock...? That must have been when I got up and had a glass of water. I went outside for some fresh air as well." David chips in suddenly to ask Ginny if she can give Andy something for breakfast. She smiles, "No worries." With that, David heads out. Craig looks at Debbie and asks, "You'll be alright to work?" Debbie retorts, "Yes! Will you stop fussing, OK? Come on or we'll be late for work." With that, she heads out. Craig follows her, leaving Ginny to mouth to herself, "Now, what masterpiece can you think up...?"

A while later, Andy stirs on the couch in the lounge room at Ginny walks in with a plate covered with a tea-towel. He asks what kind of day it is outside. Ginny just replies, "As far as I'm concerned, it's perfect." She hands him his plate and says, "Go on - eat up." Andy removes the tea-towel to find a tin of stuffed peppers sitting on the plate, together with a tin opener. He glares at Ginny and growls, "It's not particularly funny." Ginny, however, retorts, "Serves you right for helping Wayne put Dave down." She then picks up the tape player sitting nearby and goes to head out. Andy asks her quickly, "Where you going with that?" Ginny retorts, "Outside, of course. You don't think people want to listen to music in the same room as you do? And unfortunately, there's nowhere else in the house for you to go." She then adds, "Enjoy your breakfast," and she walks out, leaving Andy sighing heavily.

Caroline has turned up at Dural, and as she follows Wayne into the lounge room, he asks her what's on her mind. She tells him, "I couldn't help wondering what your plans are for Alison." Wayne, however, tells her, "Nothing. That's it. After the near-miss with the food, I'm not making another move." Caroline comments, "Sounds a little out of character." Wayne replies, "I just wanted to scare her, that's all: she wouldn't have gone into hiding, otherwise." Caroline suggests, "Unless, of course, it's part of her plan of action." Wayne asks in surprise, "What do you mean?" Caroline tells him, "Trying to give you the impression she's terrified when really she's working on ways to get at you. She'll go to any lengths to achieve what she wants and she likes taking the opposite approach. By going into hiding, it makes it seem more feasible that someone's after both of you. She's trying to make you feel secure." Wayne muses, "It's possible, I suppose." Caroline goes on, "By making you think that somebody on your bad-debt list is after both of you, she's leaving the way clear for her to move as she likes." Wayne comments, "In other words, you're suggesting I watch myself." Caroline nods, "If I were you I would be." Wayne, however, retorts, "She wouldn't want to try anything else - because if she does, she'll pay. I've just about had enough of that lady." With that, he turns away and doesn't notice the smile of delight that crosses Caroline's lips...

As Caroline arrives back at the mansion, Fiona is walking downstairs with the bags that were in the reception room earlier. Caroline indicates the bags and asks, "Whose are those?" Fiona explains, "They're Glen's. I was just going to lock them away in the storeroom for safekeeping; it's silly not to rent his room when he's away." Changing the subject, Caroline then says, "I went to see Wayne earlier on - and I hope the police come up with something soon: he's convinced that Alison is behind those threats; thinks she's doing some big cover-up." Fiona shrugs, "Who knows?" Caroline goes on quickly, "I'm just concerned that if she and Wayne carry on the way they are, sooner or later they're going to do something that either one of them or both of them are going to regret." She then suggests, "Perhaps we could go through Glen's things and see if we can track down where he took her?" Fiona comments doubtfully, "I can't see what good that would do." Caroline tells her, "I thought you might be able to warn her: you know - to stop playing these games before they go too far." Fiona chuckles, "I don't think she'd take any notice of me." She then adds, "In any case, I have no intention of going through Glen's things: it's private property and I intend to keep it that way." Caroline, looking annoyed, starts to protest, "Don't you think that it's--" Fiona interrupts and says, "The only thing I do think is that you're getting paranoid, my girl, and so is Wayne. I think Alison is probably right for once and it has something to do with someone who has a vendetta against Wayne over some dirty dealings. Why don't you leave it to the police?" The front door bangs suddenly and Susan walks in. Fiona smiles at her and says, "Hi there! Have you got any news for me?" Susan murmurs, "If you can spare a few minutes..." Fiona starts walking towards her room, still carrying Glen's bags, saying, "Of course. Come on in." They head into the room, leaving Caroline looking annoyed.

A short time later, Fiona locks the door to the storeroom and then turns to Susan and asks, "How did you make out with the doctor?" Susan replies, "He promised to rush the test through as soon as possible." Fiona asks, "You won't get them back today, though?" Susan nods, "Yes - in a few hours." She then adds, "It was a little difficult, though: he was showing so much interest. Being Wayne's doctor... he was too keen." Fiona, sitting down, asks, "Does he know about the Huntington's chorea?" Susan, sitting down as well, replies, "No. That was my problem. I was so tempted to ask him if there'd been any advances with it, but I didn't want him to start asking more questions. The most important thing to know is whether or not I'm pregnant. I'm so glad you asked me to go through with it; at least now I'll know one way or the other." Fiona sympathises, "It's not an easy time." Susan tells her, "Not wanting something, but still wanting it... it certainly isn't easy." Fiona points out, "Like you said: just a few more hours."

A while later, the front door opens at Dural and Susan walks in. She calls for Wayne. There's no answer. She then heads across to the lounge room doors, which are closed, and opens them. She steps inside and a look of horror crosses her face: the room is full of nursery equipment and toys. Wayne suddenly pokes his head out from behind two giant teddybears and grins, "I believe you've got a surprise for me!" Susan mouths, "Wayne, I--" Wayne stands up and smiles, "The doctor rang and I think it's the best news I've ever ever had!" With that, he picks Susan up and spins her around, delightedly!


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