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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

In the hotel in Noosa, Susan is packing things into a casual bag. Wayne asks her tersely, "Are you ready yet? It'll be sunset before we get to see anything." Susan, looking surprised, asks what's wrong. Wayne murmurs, "Nothing - I'm sorry." Susan tells him, "Look happy, then. It's our first full day of marriage and your face looks longer a marathon!" Wayne smiles, "After last night, I feel I've just run one!" Susan gives him a playful punch and laughs, "Don't be so rude!" They head out.

A while later, Wayne and Susan are heading along the beach on a sand buggy, Wayne driving and Susan clinging on happily.

Sometime later again, they're walking along the beach, eating ice creams.

Later still, they're walking along hand-in-hand. They stop and kiss, happily.

They later run out of the sea and onto the beach, Susan splashing water over Wayne!

Later again, they're lying on the beach, sipping cocktails.

A while later again, they're in bubbling water and Susan pushes Wayne under!

Sometime later still, they're paddling in shallow waters at the edge of the beach. As the sun sets, they kiss, silhouetted against the darkening sky.

Back at the hotel, Wayne collapses onto the bed, sighing, "Something must be wrong: all I've done is walk around and I've had it!" He then asks if they can have a small nap before dinner. Susan sits down on the bed next to him and, giving him a kiss, smiles, "We're allowed anything. We're honeymooners, remember?!"

Owen is sitting on the couch in Fiona's room at the mansion, a glass of orange juice in his hand, groaning, "I think I'm going to die." Fiona mutters, "If you can't cope with a hangover, you shouldn't drink." She then asks him what he did with the piece of cake he brought home from the reception for Janice. He starts reaching into his jacket pockets and eventually finds it. He hands it to Fiona, who says she'll put it in the 'fridge. Owen mutters that it's probably crumbled - and if it hasn't crumbled, it'll be stale. He sighs, "Janice is going to think it's pathetic." Fiona starts unwrapping the napkin the cake is wrapped in, and a look of astonishment crosses her face as she finds the tape lying there. She smiles to herself as Owen groans, "I'm such a fool..." Fiona, however, tells him, "On the contrary, Mr. Brooke: you're a genius!"

Debbie is working at the sink in the kitchen at the country house as Craig lays the table muttering, "What a pain in the neck. We can do without customers like him." Debbie points out that at least he gave them a decent tip. The back door suddenly opens and David comes in. Craig asks him how it went, adding that they expected him back this morning. David explains, "I had to drive Beryl up to her parents' place." Debbie asks, "How is she?" David sighs, "Fairly upset. Came so close to talking Susan out of it - and at the end we couldn't." He takes a beer out of the 'fridge as Debbie smiles, "I bet she looked beautiful, anyway." Craig, changing the subject, then tells David, "Laura called a couple of hours ago." David, looking suddenly annoyed, curses , "Dammit - I was supposed to have lunch with her." He dashes back out.

A short time later, there's a knock on the door of Laura's hotel room. Laura opens it. David steps inside and says, "Sorry." Laura retorts, "So am I." She then looks at the casual clothes he's wearing and asks curtly, "What sort of an impression do you expect to make dressed like that?" David queries, "Impression?" Laura explains tautly, "The point of the lunch was for you to meet a highly-respected but rather conservative financier. I've already had to put it off to afternoon drinks at the last minute and now he's going to turn up with you looking like a tramp. Great for the image." David sighs, "I'm sorry." Laura, going to the bar and pouring drinks, tells him, "So am I." She then adds, "Oh well - it's too late to worry about it. But at least try and make yourself look a little respectable - and for God's sake make an effort when he's here; I don't think you realise how important contacts are." David, though, retorts, "Oh yes I do: I had a run-in with someone at the wedding and he could stop my trucking business tomorrow. From hereon in, I'm after all the contacts I can get..."

At the kitchen table at the country house, Craig sips from a cup of coffee, sighing at Debbie, "I can't believe you're not cold - my ears are about to snap off." Debbie is sitting looking at the newspaper, and she comments that it would be great to go to the Great Barrier Reef. She then exclaims, "Why don't we? Together, I mean. You haven't had a holiday in months. Why don't we save up our money and do it? It would just mean saving every penny, that's all." Craig hesitates but then shrugs, "Alright, you're on." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Debbie goes to answer it. Fiona comes on and asks if David's there. In her room at the mansion, she looks disappointed at the response. She then says, "I wonder if you'd give him a message for me. It's very important. Would you tell him that I've found Glen's tape? He'll understand. And will he please pass it on to Beryl?" Debbie nods, "I'll tell him as soon as he gets in." She then adds, "It's good to hear you sounding so happy." Fiona assures her, "A lot of us are going to be happier now, Debbie." With that, she hangs up, looking pleased with herself.

David is sitting on the couch in Laura's hotel room as Laura sees her financier contact out. She then turns back to David, who says flatly, "Should have gave it a bit more effort, eh?" Laura retorts curtly, "Any effort would have been something. I can count the number of words you spoke on one hand." David mutters, "I suppose my problems are getting to me." Laura sits down next to him and suggests more gently, "It mightn't be as bad as we think. Why don't you go and lie down? Take it easy for a couple of hours. And when you've recovered, we'll start from scratch: I'll teach you how to be a real businessman." David chuckles, "I'm starting to think I'm a lost cause!" Laura, however, insists, "Of course you're not. All you need is a new image... and a new attitude."

Charlie is standing behind the bar at Dural, pushing in open drawers. She asks in surprise, "What was Andy looking for?" Gordon, who's tidying-up by the couches, shrugs, "I've got no idea - he didn't stop to explain. Just apologised for the mess and dashed off." Charlie tells him, "You sit down and I'll clear up." Gordon starts to protest, but he's interrupted by a knock on the front door, which he goes to answer. He finds Maggie standing there. Looking surprised, he invites her in. They head into the lounge room, where Gordon introduces Maggie to Charlie. Charlie looks at Maggie and says sharply, "Oh. Afternoon." Gordon adds, "Of course - you two have met once before." Maggie says to Charlie mutedly, "Yes. Hello." Gordon then adds, "Charlie, thanks for popping over - it was very kind of you." Charlie glares at him and mutters, "No trouble." She picks up her bag and heads out. Gordon and Maggie sit down and Gordon tells Maggie that he didn't expect to see her. Maggie explains nervously, "That's what I'm here about - I mean: the way I was carrying-on when I found out who you are and all... it was stupid. I'm sorry." Out in the hallway, Charlie has her ear against the lounge room doors and listens as Maggie continues, "I should have learnt my lesson from Cassie - she knew you were a nice bloke and that was enough. Kids can teach us a lot sometimes, can't they?" Gordon nods, "Yes, they can." Maggie continues, "She's very attached to you, Gordon. I didn't realise how much until she ran away this morning." A look of horror crosses Gordon's face. Maggie assures him quickly that it's alright: she's back and safe. Gordon asks where she went. Maggie explains, "She went to find you - and when you weren't here, someone gave her the address to the mansion." Gordon gasps, "She wandered right across town by herself?" Maggie tells him, "Thank goodness, she ran into that man at the other place: Glen someone." Gordon mouths, "Glen Young..." Maggie goes on, "He was so kind, I can't tell you. He took her in and he calmed her down and then he 'phoned me. Lord only knows what would have happened to her if it hadn't been for him." Gordon murmurs reluctantly, "Yes... very fortunate." Out in the hallway, Charlie shakes her head in annoyance as Maggie adds, "The whole business has made me realise how unfair I was." She goes to head out as Gordon tells Maggie, "I have a suggestion: why don't you both come for dinner tonight, eh? Cassie can see that we're all friends again." Maggie smiles, "OK. Thanks."

Charlie heads out through the front door to find Ginny walking up the driveway towards the house, wearing an outfit she's thrown together. Charlie stares at her and Ginny demands, "What's the matter? Don't I look posh enough for you?" Charlie assures her, however, "Quite the opposite - I was thinking how good you look." Ginny snaps, "Cut the smart little put-downs, OK?" Charlie insists, "I mean it. I love what you're wearing." Ginny just mutters, "Yeah, well, I'd better get going - I've got to see Andy." Charlie, though, tells her, "Andy's not home. He shouldn't be long, though. Why don't you come and wait at my place? I'd love a chance to talk to you."

A short time later, Charlie and Ginny sit down on the couches at Charlie's, Ginny exclaiming in amazement, "You actually own a fashion house?" Charlie nods, "That's right - with Lisa, a friend, who does most of the designing. We've decided to get more into the young market - you know: the 16 - 25 age group." Ginny nods, "Like me?" Charlie smiles, "Exactly. And when I saw what you were wearing today, I knew that you had precisely the sort of flair that we're after." She then announces, "I want to employ you." Ginny tells her tersely, "I'm going to be a rock star, not a designer." Charlie suggests, "You can be both - and if the singing doesn't work out you can have something to fall back on." Ginny, however, tells her, "Not how it works. If you want to make it in the music business you gotta go for it all day every day. Meet people... practice... make contacts. That's why I've got to see Andy." Charlie sighs, "Oh, Ginny, I don't want to sound like a wet blanket, but Andy doesn't know anyone of real note in the music world." Ginny protests, "Yes he does." Charlie, however, tells her, "No he doesn't. If he did he'd be in a band himself." Ginny, looking annoyed, snaps, "Say what you like; I'm going to make it." Charlie tells her, "I hope you do - but you could make it in fashion, too." She then adds, "You don't have to decide right away. Why don't you come for dinner tonight and we can talk it over?" Ginny asks thoughtfully, "Will Alison be with us?" Charlie replies, "She lives here. I can't see why not." Ginny smiles, "OK..."

Laura is sitting at the desk in her hotel room, working. She's wearing a pink robe. David emerges from the bedroom, also wearing a robe, and he comments, "You don't muck around, do you? Back to work straight away!" Laura retorts, "Can't waste too much time; business won't stop because we do." David, stroking her hair, comments, "I wouldn't say it was a waste of time... I didn't know how much I needed your company." Laura looks at him and then says, "Alright. Let's go shopping." David asks in surprise, "What for?" Laura tells him, "Clothes. Decent ones. Not the Farmer Joe-type you normally wear. I'm going to turn you into a businessman." David smiles, "All you have to do is buy an Italian suit." Laura, however, replies, "And some coaching - which is why I've enrolled you in a course. It starts tomorrow, in Adelaide. It teaches you selling skills... PR... motivation... Exactly what you need." David, looking put-out, retorts, "I don't need any motivation; I'll bust my guts to get this business going. And besides, I can't go to Adelaide tomorrow - I've got Beryl coming down from her parents' place." Laura tells him, "I'm sure Beryl wants you to be successful too." David just shrugs, "Well I can't go there tomorrow because it wouldn't be fair on her." Laura asserts, "David, the next course isn't for three months. It's too long to wait. You can't afford it." David just retorts, "She's in pretty bad shape at the moment." Laura insists, "David, it's a golden opportunity - and if Beryl really cares about you, she'd want you to go." David hesitates and then sighs, "Yeah... I guess you're right." Laura adds, "Anyway, as much as I like working with you, I'm neglecting my other businesses. You're going to have to get out there by yourself as soon as possible."

Sometime later, Debbie and Craig open a box which is lying on the kitchen table at the country house. It contains two T-shirts, and as Debbie picks one up, she smiles, "It's great!" Laura explains, "They're a prize - for putting up with Jeff Dalton!" Debbie asks, "And what did you get David?" Laura smiles, "You'll have to wait and see..." At that moment, David walks in from the hallway, dressed in a dark grey suit and a smart shirt and tie. Craig exclaims in astonishment, "Get a load of you!" David looks at Laura and mutters, "I told you I'd look like a flamin' peacock." Craig, though, explains, "I meant you look terrific." Debbie adds, "It looks fantastic on you!" With that, she and Craig head out to pick up another customer. When they've gone, Laura asks David, "Trust me now?" David nods, "Hmm!" Laura then adds, "By the way: when's Beryl arriving?" David replies, "Tomorrow. Ten o'clock." Laura comments, "What a pity. You'll miss her. The flight leaves at 9:30." She adds, "I can take you to the airport if you like." David smiles, "Thanks!"

It's evening time, and Charlie is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion, showing her some photos from the wedding. She hands her another picture and says, "One of Gordon and me." She adds, "I haven't seen him so relaxed for weeks." Fiona looks at the snapshot and remarks, "You're looking very pleased with yourself." Charlie nods, "I was." Fiona then comments, "You're very fond of Gordon, aren't you?" Charlie sighs, "Traffic's one way, though, as usual. He seems closer to Maggie Hunt; heaven knows why." Fiona suggests, "Give it time." Charlie just sighs, "Story of my life." Fiona asks for the next photo and Charlie picks it up from the coffee table. She then notices the tape that's also lying on the table and asks what it is. Fiona, looking suddenly nervous, blusters, "Er... the tape... erm... er... you've got to keep this under your hat, Charlie." Charlie assures her, "I won't tell a soul. You know me, darling." Fiona, looking suddenly even more hesitant, tells her, "Er... it's rock music, that's all." Charlie asks in surprise, "What's so secretive about rock music?" Fiona replies quickly, "Nothing, as such. It probably belongs to Wayne or Andy. Owen brought it from the reception by mistake." Charlie accepts this. Fiona then asks her if she's finished. Charlie stands up and nods, "Actually, I have to run - I've got a visitor coming tonight. I'll leave the photographs." Fiona picks up her and Charlie's coffee cups and heads out to the kitchen. Charlie goes to walk out through the main door, but then turns and looks back at the tape on the table. She calls out, "Fiona, I'll drop the tape into the Hamiltons', alright?" There's no response and so Charlie shrugs, picks up the tape and heads out...

Later that evening, Ginny has arrived at Charlie's, and Charlie pours her some champagne and tells her to try some caviar. She then asks her, "Have you thought about my proposition?" Ginny shrugs, "A bit. Still not sure if I'm interested." She puts some caviar in her mouth, but screeches in horror at the taste! She then notices the cassette on the drinks cabinet and asks, "What's on the tape? Violin concertos?!" She picks it up and Charlie laughs, "No, it's rock and roll. It belongs to Andy." Ginny says enthusiastically, "Really? Let's put it on!" Charlie, though, says quickly, "No, not now, please." Ginny shrugs, "Alright. I'll take it home with me, then. If Andy wants it, tell him I've got it. I'll teach myself by listening to cassettes." Charlie tells her, "You should take proper lessons." Ginny asks, "Who from? Don't know anybody." Charlie says, "I'm sure May could help. May Walters... she's an old lady who gives lessons part-time. You can't say I'm trying to stop you being a pop star." She writes down the mansion address and Ginny says, "I might look her up." Charlie then suggests, "Let's start dinner and discuss your future." Ginny asks when Alison's getting there. Charlie replies, "I'm afraid she's gone out with friends." Ginny, looking suddenly annoyed, snaps, "You told me she'd be here." Charlie explains, "I said I thought she would. I couldn't promise." Ginny shrugs, "No point hanging around, then." She picks up her bag as Charlie protests, "We haven't discussed my offer." Ginny, walking to the door, retorts, "I don't want to talk about your offer." Charlie pleads, "Ginny..." Ginny turns to her and sighs, "Look, you had to con me to get me here. You can't make me stay. The caviar's all yours. I'll catch you later." With that, she goes, leaving Charlie looking astonished.

Cassie is lying on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, watching television. Gordon and Maggie are sitting at the living room table, eating. Maggie says suddenly, "Gordon, I've got something to tell you. It may seem a bit sudden, but I'm leaving Sydney. I've decided to take a job in a mining town - as a cleaner." Gordon, looking surprised, asks, "When did you decide that?" Maggie replies, "Tonight - before I got here. Well, I've been thinking about it for a long time. You see, towns like that are really good for someone like me: they're modern and there are plenty of miners with money who hate housework! And I reckon it would be good for Cassie to get away for a while." Gordon asks, "In what way?" Maggie tells him, "No offence, mind, but she sees you as a father - and you're not really that, are you? She needs someone who's going to be around for keeps. Do you see what I mean?" Gordon nods, slowly. Maggie adds, "They tell me only a quarter of the miners are married. Pretty good odds, I reckon!" Gordon asks her, "Have you told Cassie?" Maggie admits, "Not yet." She then calls across to her daughter and asks her to come over to the table. Cassie does as she's told and Maggie tells her that she's sorry to drag her away from the telly. She then says, "Darling, what would you say if we were to go and live in another town?" Cassie says eagerly, "With Mr. Hamilton?" Maggie, though, replies, "No - just you and me. We could have a nice new house and you could go to a new school." Cassie, looking put out, cries, "I don't want a new school. I'm staying here." Maggie retorts, "We can't." Cassie tells her, "I'm staying with Mr. Hamilton." Maggie insists, "We can't. I'm sorry, Cass. It's just out of the question." Cassie snaps, "Today you said we could." Maggie retorts, "I said we could see him, not stay with him." Cassie points out curtly, "We can't see him if we go somewhere else, can we? You liar." Maggie admonishes, "Cassie!" Cassie insists, "I'm staying with Mr. Hamilton." She then turns to Gordon and, giving him a hug, says, "Can I? Please? I want to stay here. I want to stay with you." Gordon suggests gently, "I'll tell you what: why don't you and mummy stay the night? We can talk about it tomorrow, eh?" Cassie nods at him enthusiastically.

It's late-evening, and Gordon is standing in the lounge room, wearing his dressing gown, when Cassie walks in sleepily. He asks her in surprise what she's doing up. They sit down as she tells him, "I kept having horrible dreams again: mum and the town and everything." Gordon says, "I'm sure it won't be that bad." Cassie cries, "Yes it will." Gordon insists, "You're getting yourself all worked up. It's not fair on your mother - or on you." Cassie cries, "She's the one not being fair." Gordon tells her, "Cassie, everything she does is for you. That might sound a bit strange, but it's true. You ever thought of all the houses that she cleans, day after day?" Cassie sighs, "Yeah, I know. That was what Glen was saying this morning." Gordon tells her, "Glen's right." Cassie asks, "But why can't you and mummy get married so we can all live together?" Gordon replies, "For two people to marry they've got to love each other. Your mother and I are friends; marriage is a lot more than that." Cassie asks, "We'll still be able to come down and visit you, won't we?" Gordon smiles, "Yes, of course." Cassie then curls up in his arms. He tells her gently, "You can't nod off there." Cassie smiles, "Carry me to bed." Gordon exclaims humorously, "9¼ years old and still needs someone to carry her to bed!" With that, he lifts her up, adding as he does so, "Let's get one thing straight, though: I'm not reading you any bedtime stories!"

Fiona is talking on the 'phone in her room at the mansion, saying in concern, "Hello, Charlie. It's me - Fiona. Look: that tape - you didn't happen to take it home by any chance, did you?" She listens and then exclaims, "Oh, thank God." Charlie, however, adds, "There's a teeny problem: I gave it to Ginny." She listens to Fiona and then exclaims, "Alright! There's no need to yell. It's only a rock-and-roll tape." Fiona screams, "But it isn't." She then says more calmly, "I should have told you. The tape: that's the tape that Glen brought back from Bali. It's got Maria's full confession on it." Charlie, looking shocked, demands, "Why didn't you tell me in the first place?" Fiona admits, "I suppose I should've, really, but I thought the fewer people who knew about it the better. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore; the point is you've got to get that tape back, Charlie - and fast." Charlie gasps, "How? I don't know where Ginny lives; neither does Alison. As far as I know, no one knows." Fiona cries, "Charlie, you must get that tape back. It's crucial." Charlie sighs tersely, "I'm very sorry, but if I could I would - but for the moment there's nothing I can do. You should have trusted me in the first place." With that, she hangs up, looking annoyed.


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