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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Wayne and Susan march out of the marquee, Wayne snapping at David as they do so, "This had better be good." David tells his daughter, "Susie, I wouldn't do it if I couldn't back it up." Susan cries, "If you can't, dad..." Beryl dashes out after them and, grabbing David's arm, says, "You do have something definite to say, I hope?" David tells her quietly, "I'm stalling for time..."

In the marquee, Gordon is telling the guests, "We'll discuss the matter in the house and let you know what's happening as soon as possible - and once again, I do apologise. Please - feel free to help yourself to drinks; I'm sure it's all an unfortunate misunderstanding. Wayne and Susan should be back soon. Thankyou for your patience." He then walks out of the marquee. In their seats, Charlie murmurs to Alison, "Quelle scandal..." Alison nods back gleefully, "I wonder what's happened...?"

Wayne and Susan approach the house. David and Beryl follow them, a few yards behind, David saying, "Glen called and told me to stop the wedding until he could get here. He reckons if he could meet Wayne face-to-face he could still pull it off." Beryl gasps, "He only thinks? He did get some evidence, didn't he?" David starts to explain, "There's a bit of a problem--" He's interrupted, though, by Gordon, who marches past snapping, "If you haven't got something worthwhile to say, David, I'm personally going to throw you off the property." He storms off inside. Beryl tells David, "You haven't answered my question: Glen did get some evidence, didn't he?" David nods, "He got it, yes." Beryl demands, "Then what's the problem?" David explains, "He hasn't got it anymore." They head off inside.

A short time later, in the lounge room, David is saying, "Firstly, let me say that I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't love you, Susie. I'm not getting a kick out of it." Wayne mutters, "You could have fooled me." David goes on, "All I can tell you is that I got a call from Glen--" Gordon interrupts suddenly and snaps, "You're doing all this on Glen Young's say-so?" David retorts angrily, "You said you'd let me have my say." Beryl chips in, "Gordon, wouldn't it be better if you let David have his say?" Wayne snarls, "We both know whose side you're on." Susan suddenly cries, "Stop shouting, all of you. I want to hear what dad has to say. I know everyone's just worried for me. Let him speak, alright?" Gordon murmurs reluctantly, "Alright." Wayne mutters, "OK." Susan then says, "Go on, dad." David goes and sits down next to her and he tells her, "Glen has just come back from Bali where he's been talking to Maria - the girl he was supposed to have done the dirty on, so Wayne would have us believe. I don't want to steal Glen's thunder by telling you what he found, but what he told me on the 'phone was good enough to make me do what I did - and I'm sure he'll change your mind when he gets here." Susan starts to say, "I could never--" David interrupts her, though, and insists, "You will once you hear what Glen has to say--" Wayne growls at him, "You hope. You wanted to stop this from the word 'go'." David just snaps at him, "Shut up." He then asks Susan, "What do you want to do? Do you want to wait?" Wayne hisses, "Don't listen to him." Gordon starts to say, "He's given you very good reason--" David interrupts and snaps, "Shut up the both of you, will you? It's her decision." Wayne insists, "You can't..." Susan interrupts and cries, "Please, Wayne, it's alright. Just let me think a minute." She sits there, looking upset. Wayne starts pacing the floor. After a few seconds, Susan says to David, "I'd like you to promise me one thing." David asks, "What?" Susan replies, "If I agree to wait--" Wayne interrupts, "Susan..." Susan appeals, "Please, Wayne." Turning back to her father, she goes on, "If I agree to wait, and what Glen has to say isn't worth listening to - and I'm sure it's not going to be - do you promise you'll give me away when the service resumes?" David snaps, "I'll never give you away to that mongrel." Susan glares at him and cries, "You want it all your own way, don't you? You barged in here, made fools of us all... you asked me to go along with it... now you're not even prepared to say you'll eat humble pie if you're wrong." David snaps, "I am not wrong." Susan demands, "Then what have you got to lose? It's the only way I'll do it. I'll only agree to wait if you promise to give me away if I don't believe Glen - and promise to apologise to Wayne in front of all the guests if you're wrong." Beryl sighs, "David, for heaven's sake..." David mutters reluctantly, "OK. OK." Susan murmurs, "Good. We'll wait then. Wayne stands there, looking worried.

Outside, by the pool, the guests are milling around. Charlie is standing with Alison, fussing over Isabella. Alison, though, mutters at her, "For heaven's sake, Charlie. World War 14 has broken out and you're chatting to a dog." They sit down at a table and Alison goes on, "We have spent a lot of time trying to get Wayne; now he's going to try and talk his way out of it." Nearby, Owen picks up a glass of wine and gulps it down. Janice walks over to him, but he slams down his glass on the table and storms off. Gordon and David suddenly emerge from the house and Alison, looking over at them, muses to Charlie, "The happy couple aren't with them. Keep your fingers crossed." Gordon and David walk over to the gathering and Gordon says, "Ladies and gentleman: could I have your attention, please?" Everyone turns to look at him and he announces, "There's been a slightly longer delay than anticipated - it's nothing serious, but if you could bear with us and continue to enjoy yourselves, and I'll explain what happened after the ceremony." He then glances at David and walks off.

Inside, in the lounge room, Wayne is pouring himself a scotch at the bar as Susan cries, "This way dad has to come around to agreeing to the wedding. Can't you see what I'm doing?" Wayne just retorts, "All I know is everyone will think you don't trust me enough to go ahead with it." Susan retorts, "I don't care what everyone thinks. All I care about is you - but it's important to me that dad gives me away. Now he'll have to. Whatever Glen's got to say won't change my mind; nothing can do that. I love you - you know I do; at least, you should." She hugs him and he murmurs, "I love you too - so much." Susan assures him, "All Glen's going to do is make a fool of himself again. Why worry about that? How can he have proof? There is no proof, right?" Wayne nods, "Right..."

A short time later, Wayne is standing outside with Beryl, telling her, "Get in there to Susie and persuade her it's a bad idea to wait." Beryl mutters, "Get away, Wayne." Wayne warns, "I'm not in the mood to argue, Beryl." Beryl snaps back, "Neither am I. Now, do you want the added scandal of the bride's mother screaming at you or will you go peacefully?" Wayne threatens, "All I want the bride's mother to do is what I say, otherwise little Robert-kins might go walkabout and we wouldn't want that, would we?" Beryl mutters, "I should tell David." Wayne, however, retorts, "You tell anyone and I guarantee you've lost your kid. Now, get in there." Alison walks over suddenly and asks lightly, "Everything OK?" Beryl nods hesitantly, "Yes, fine, thankyou." Wayne adds, "I was just telling Beryl how upset Susan is; she really could do with some motherly support." Beryl glares at him and then walks off. When she's gone, Alison demands of Wayne, "What were you saying to her?" Wayne replies 'innocently', "Me? Nothing." Alison tells him, "I can't wait for Glen to show." Wayne retorts, "Don't hold your breath." Alison stares at him and walks off. Wayne heads over to where Andy is standing talking to a female guest and mutters, "Come with me." They step to one side. Andy asks, "How's it going?" Wayne says quietly, "If Beryl does her bit, everything should be OK." He then adds, "Come on - we're going to wait out-front." Andy asks in surprise, "What for?" Wayne retorts, "For Glen, of course. There's no way he's going to barge in here before I'm married. No way in the world." He walks off and Andy follows him. Owen is standing behind him, downing another drink and looking the worse for wear. Janice is watching him, sadly.

Inside, in the lounge room, Susan is sitting on the couch and Beryl is staring out of the window. Susan sighs, "You have to be able to see how it's hurting me, mum. Wayne's innocent. Whatever Glen's got to say, I know it won't make any difference. I wish he wasn't turning up; it's just going to make it all so much harder." Beryl turns to look at her as she continues, "You see, deep down, I love Wayne - of course I do - but part of me still loves Glen. I wish... why couldn't he just let go?" Tears well-up in her eyes. Beryl walks over to her and says gently, "You seem to only have one choice, love: that's... to go ahead with the wedding." A look of surprise crosses Susan's face.

Out in the hallway, Alison is approaching the lounge room. The doors are shut. Charlie is following her, saying, "Darling, I don't understand." Alison just leans her ear against the lounge room doors and mutters, "For God's sake, keep quiet - I want to hear what she's saying." Charlie, looking put-out, walks off and heads out through the front door.

Andy and Wayne are walking down the driveway, Andy saying, "You sure those guys got all the evidence he had to show Susan?" Wayne retorts, "They damn well better have. At least if we meet him here we're on the safe side." They stop part-way down the driveway as a car starts heading up towards them. Andy comments, "Here comes someone." Unknown to him and Wayne, Charlie is wandering down the driveway towards them, saying sadly to Isabella, "If Aunty Alison doesn't want anything to do with us, we'll go for a little walk, won't we, darling?" She stops in her tracks as Andy and Wayne step into the middle of the driveway and force the car that's approaching to come to a halt. Seeing Glen sitting in the passenger seat with the driver who picked him up, she mouths, "Oh..." and turns back to the house.

In the lounge room, Susan is gasping at Beryl, "I thought you wanted me to wait for Glen?" Beryl replies reluctantly, "I did, but it's really not going to do any good, is it?" Susan tells her curtly, "Make dad eat his words and then he'll have to give me away." Beryl says softly, "He'll do that, Susie, yes, but begrudgingly - and you don't want that, do you? And think of what it's doing to Wayne." Susan stares at her and snaps, "I thought you couldn't stand him?" Beryl replies, "No, but perhaps I feel sorry for him?" Alison suddenly barges in and demands of Beryl, "What on earth are you up to? You hate Wayne as much as the rest of us; why are you defending him?" Beryl retorts, "Don't be ridiculous - and it's none of your business." Susan sighs, "Mum's right, Alison. Why don't you just go back out with the other guests?" Alison snaps, "Not 'til I find out what's going on." Beryl glares at her and snaps, "You seem to have forgotten one thing: Susan is my daughter. This is our problem." Charlie dashes in suddenly and cries, "A car's just dropped Glen off and Wayne's trying to stop him." Alison sighs, "Thank God for that." Looking at Susan, she adds tersely, "So much for Wayne not worrying about what he has to say..."

Outside, on the driveway, the car drives off. Glen tries to barge past Andy and Wayne, but Wayne growls at him, "You haven't got any proof." Glen retorts, "You made damn sure of that, didn't you? That's something else to tell Susie." Wayne warns, "She won't believe you - not without cold, hard evidence." Glen snarls, "Let's see, huh?" He then starts struggling with Wayne. Andy tries to grab him, but he pushes him away. Glen and Wayne then start fighting, neither of them noticing as Susan runs across the lawn towards them, yelling, "Stop it, both of you." Glen suddenly lays a punch on Wayne that sends him flying over the small bridge and over onto the bank of the stream below. He looks down at Wayne and snarls, "And that's just for starters." Wayne yells at Andy, "Get him." Susan reaches them, though, and snaps, "No, Andy." Glen starts to say, "Susan, I can explain--" Susan just retorts, "Not yet." She then asks, "Wayne, are you alright?" Wayne, glaring at Glen, growls "No thanks to him. He's just the type your dad would stick up for." He starts to climb back up the bank as Susan cries at Glen, "Why did you have to come?" Glen tells her earnestly, "Because I love you. And you love me. And you know it." With that, he leans in and starts kissing her, passionately. Susan kisses him back. After a few seconds, though, she pushes him away and snaps, "Dad said you've got something to say. Come in and say it and then I never want to see you again." She grabs Wayne's arm and, pulling him towards the house, adds, "Come on, darling." Glen watches them go, looking worried.

Alison is strolling along by the pool, with Charlie and May. May comments to Alison, "You didn't think Glen looked confident, then?" Alison, however, insists, "No, no, it was just a reaction to the fight." Charlie adds, "And the kiss. It was so romantic... I went weak at the knees." Alison adds, "She didn't exactly fight him, either - at least, not initially." May concludes, "Then she's still in love with him?" Alison nods, "Of course she is. And without evidence, that's about the best thing Glen's got going for him..."

Inside, Gordon is sitting in the lounge room, demanding, "Why should we believe a word without a shred of evidence?" Glen retorts, "I told you: Wayne's men destroyed the evidence." Wayne, who's wearing a dressing gown, insists, "Bull. I never hired anyone." David snaps, "Oh no, of course you wouldn't." Wayne growls, "Show me anything that will back up his story." Glen, however, retorts, "You cover your tracks so damn well." Wayne mutters, "I've had enough, dad." Glen, looking at Gordon, says passionately, "Don't let him railroad you, Mr. Hamilton." Gordon, however, retorts curtly, "The only railroading going on is from you and David. Now, I will not believe a word without some sort of proof." David starts to protest, "We don't give a damn what you believe--" Gordon interrupts him, though, and snaps, "David, this my house and you'd better give a damn about what I think, or you're out." David mutters angrily, "You talk about railroading people..." Gordon snaps, "I will not put up with being told that my opinion does not matter in my own home." Beryl chips in in concern, "Stop it, the both of you. It's not important." Glen nods, "She's right - we're all getting hot under the collar. If you just think about it for a minute..." Gordon retorts, "I have thought about it and what you're suggesting is absolutely preposterous without evidence." Glen insists, "I told you, Wayne's been--" Susan suddenly interrupts and cries, "Stop it, all of you." Beryl puts her arms round her, sympathising, "There, there, love..." Wayne looks at Glen and snarls, "You'll pay for this, you mongrel." David, indicating Glen, starts to snap at Wayne, "Don't make out he's to blame when you're--" Gordon interrupts, though, and says tersely, "We've heard all the accusations, and to me it sounds like a twisted boyfriend who can't take 'no' for an answer." Glen insists, "You're not being fair--" Susan interrupts him, though, crying angrily, "Stop it. I said stop it, all of you. I've had enough. I'm the one who's marrying Wayne. I'm the one who has to decide what's true and what isn't - so would you all just shut up and let me think?" Glen tells her earnestly, "You have to listen--" Susan interrupts him, though, and snaps, "Shut up, Glen. There's been enough talk already. I just have to think. I need some air." With that, she stands up and walks out. When she's gone, Gordon stands up from the couch and suggests, "There's no point in prolonging this slanging match. Let us know when Susie's ready." With that, he suggests to Wayne that he go and get changed, and the two of them leave the room. Left with Glen and David, Beryl sighs, "If only she could hear that tape." David sits down with her as Glen says suddenly, "But she can. Of course she can. Why didn't I think of it before?" Picking up the 'phone on the bar and beginning to dial a number, he adds, "I hope Susie stays out there long enough for me to get through to Bali." David asks, "You calling Maria?" Glen nods, "Yep."

Outside, Susan walks down the driveway and then stops by the bridge, looking upset. She starts staring into space and thinks back to when she and Wayne were sitting on the beach after Bill died. She'd told him, "The next time I get married, it won't be because of love; it'll be because... because I care for the person; because I respect them; because I can trust them..." She then thinks back to her and Glen standing in the hallway at Dural, Glen telling her gently, "I won't hurt you, Suse. I think you're beautiful." Susan had looked into his eyes and he'd asked, "So what do you say? You want to go round with me?!" Susan had laughed and nodded at him, happily. They'd then kissed passionately. Coming back to reality, Susan murmurs, "I love him..."

Inside, in the lounge room, Glen hangs up the 'phone slowly. David asks, "Well?" Glen murmurs, "She's gone." Beryl queries, "Gone?" Glen explains, "Apparently, after I left she went berserk: smashing things in the house, saying she hated it; hated Wayne. Then she just packed her case and walked out."

Outside, Susan is still staring into space. She then turns suddenly back towards the house.

A short time later, in the lounge room, Susan is saying assertively to Wayne, Glen, David, Beryl and Gordon, "I don't want any argument over this: it's final - and nothing anyone can say is going to change my mind. There's no proof Wayne did anything wrong, so it boils down to me taking Glen's word against his - and I don't believe he'd do the things that Glen said he did. So I'm going to marry him." Wayne walks over to her, a smile on his face. Turning to David, Susan adds, "I expect you to stick to your bargain and give me away, dad. If you're not prepared to, say goodbye and leave - and that'll be it. I mean it." David starts to protest, "Susan--" Susan, though, interrupts and retorts, "I haven't finished." She then looks at Glen and tells him, "I loved you once. I still did 'til this afternoon - but not anymore." Glen cries, "You have to believe me." Susan snaps, "I don't - and I'll never forgive you. Not for lying to me - that doesn't matter - but using mum and dad... dragging them into it... making dad interrupt the wedding... You don't care about me, you just care about yourself; about having me." Glen insists, "I love you, Susie." Susan retorts, "Maybe in your own crazy way - but not in the way that counts. I want you to go, Glen - now. And if you don't, I'll call the police and have them take you away. I mean it." Beryl cries in shock, "Susan!" Susan just insists, "I do, mum." Looking at Glen, she asks, "Are you going or aren't you?" Glen cries, "It's your whole future, Susie. I can't just let you--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "The lady asked you to get out, so go." Glen warns, "Then I'll take you apart before I--" David interrupts and adds, "And I'll damn well help him." Susan warns, "Dad. I told you all. I've made my choice and it's final." She then picks up the 'phone on the bar and dials as she adds, "If anyone has any objections to that, they can leave. Anyone." The call is answered and she says firmly, "Police, please. Yes, I'd like to report a trespasser. We need help immediately." Wayne stands there, a smirk on his face.

A while later, Gordon is standing out with the guests by the pool, addressing them and saying, "As you must be aware, with the sirens and the police being here, things got a little heated in the house." Alison and Charlie look at each other. Gordon goes on, "But let me assure you that it's all been sorted out and the wedding will go on as planned." A smile crosses May's face. There's a round of applause and Gordon murmurs, "That's the way I feel, too." He then continues, "I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that Susan's father, David, has agreed to give her away and that any objection to the marriage has been totally resolved." David stares at him, glumly. There's another round of applause. Gordon adds, "So, if we all make our way back to the marquee, we can get on with it." The guests start walking off. Gordon walks over to where David is standing with Beryl and tells him, "I appreciate you doing the decent thing." David just mutters, "Yeah..." A few yards away, Alison tells Charlie, "You go ahead. I want to talk to Beryl." Charlie wanders off. Alison walks over to Beryl and asks, "When did Wayne make his threat against Robert?" Beryl looks at her sharply and retorts, "What are you talking about?" Alison sighs, "Oh come on, Beryl... I thought to myself 'Why would a mother betray her daughter? Why would she persuade her to do something which would be the worst possible thing for her - unless, of course, her other child was under threat?'" She adds, "You're a fool, you know, to have given in so easily." Beryl turns and glares at her and demands, "How could you possibly understand?" Alison insists, "Of course I could." Beryl, however, growls, "I doubt it." Alison sighs, "Come on, Beryl, you haven't got the market cornered on motherhood." Beryl, however, retorts, "I'm a damn sight better mother than you ever were." With that, she storms off.

Inside, Wayne emerges from the lounge room, telling Susan as he closes the doors behind him, "See you out there, darling." He's wearing a new suit. Fiona suddenly comes downstairs with Robert, and Wayne smiles, "There you are. Young fella had a nice snooze?" Fiona retorts, "Yes, thankyou." Wayne goes on, "I gather you've been filled-in on the day's events?" Fiona just murmurs, "Yes." Wayne smiles, "That's good." Fiona turns and heads off out towards the pool. Andy walks in past her and, holding out his hand to Wayne, smiles, "I hear congratulations are in order!" Wayne, though, snaps, "Keep your voice down. I've come too far to have it stuffed up by your big mouth." He goes to head outside, but then stops and adds, "By the way: Glen kept talking about a tape he'd got; he said it was one of the bits of evidence. Did you remember seeing a tape in that box of stuff?" Andy, though, shakes his head and replies, "No." Wayne mutters, "The boys must've dropped it. Get them to re-trace their steps and you go with them." Andy points out, "I'm supposed to be your best man." Wayne retorts, "I'll send your apologies. Just find the tape and destroy it. I want every loose-end tied up." With that, he heads outside. Andy stands in the hallway, a sly smile on his face...

A short time later, Andy is sitting in his car, reaching into the glove compartment. He removes a tape and puts it in the car's tape player. He turns up the volume and, after a few seconds, an accented female voice starts saying:

"Susan. Although I never met you, Glen tells me of you. Of what a lovely woman you are. As he does, I feel the terrible guilt of what I have done to you. The terrible lies I have told for money given to me by Wayne Hamilton..."

In the marquee, Susan is being escorted up the aisle for a second time, this time arm-in-arm with David.

In his car, Andy listens as Maria goes on:

"Glen was never anything but a gentleman to me - and I loved him, too, just like you. How could I ever tell lies of him? But Wayne came with his money... his promises of a good life. He made me jealous, and he could talk so well. All I had to do was lie. It seemed so easy."

In the marquee, the celebrant is saying, "And Wayne, will you take Susan Palmer to be your lawfully-wedded wife?" Wayne turns to look at Susan and, with a smile on his face, replies, "I will." The celebrant looks at Susan and continues, "And will you, Susan Palmer, take Wayne to be your lawfully-wedded husband?" Susan looks at Wayne, happily.

In the car, the tape of Maria is still playing. Andy listens as she says:

"I swear to you that all I say is true. My baby is not Glen's. Glen has been nothing but a true friend. It was Wayne; Wayne made me lie; he made me. You mustn't marry him, Susan. You mustn't; he is evil. He is an evil, evil man."

The tape comes to an end. Andy takes the it out of the cassette player and murmurs to himself, "Gotcha..."

In the marquee, the celebrant tells Wayne and Susan, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." Susan turns to look at Wayne. He lifts her veil and, as Susan smiles at him, he tells her, "I love you, Mrs. Hamilton." He leans in and the two of them kiss passionately...


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