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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

It's evening time, and David is in the kitchen at the country house, preparing himself some toast. The back door suddenly opens and Craig and Debbie come in, looking grim. David smiles at them and comments that he thought he'd been deserted! Craig tells him, "We've just been over to see Mrs. Banning; trying to straighten things out. She got us to look after this bloke who was pretty important for her business and we thought we did a good job." Debbie chips in, "We did." Craig goes on, "This guy was a real letch, and he tried it on with Debbie. Then he turned round and told Mrs. Banning that Debbie tried it on with him." David mutters, "That's ridiculous - anyone can see Deb's not that kind of girl." Craig adds, "There's more: she reckoned that you sent us there because you weren't man enough to go yourself." David raises his eyebrows and muses, "Did she, now? We'll show her who's man enough." With that, he picks up his car keys and heads out.

A short time later, David is standing in Laura's hotel room, ranting, "I don't know how bright you think you are, but you mustn't be too bright if you can't see what a genuine young kid Debbie is. And as for me using the kids because I wasn't man enough..." Laura smiles, "I know they were telling the truth - but if I'd accepted that, I would have had to tear up the summons, wouldn't I? - and then I wouldn't see you again. All I was doing was making sure I'd see you again in person." With that, she tears up a piece of paper that she's holding in her hands. David stares at it. Laura tells him, "You've got a lot to thank those kids for. When I saw the lengths they were prepared to go to, I realised their loyalty had to have some foundation." She then adds, "Now, how about you staying for dinner?" David stands there, looking uncomfortable.

Wayne and Susan are sitting on the couch at Dural. Wayne is looking miles away, and Susan asks what's wrong. Wayne tells her, "Nothing." Susan sighs, "It's your father, isn't it?" Wayne denies, "No." Susan, though, tells him, "I think it's right that he makes some new friends. He doesn't want to be living in our pockets." Wayne sighs, "It makes sense, but I still feel a bit funny about it. He usually tells me everything; it's the first time he's tried to keep something from me. I thought we were really close, you know?" Susan replies, "It's a bit like mum and me. I've been thinking a lot about how I'll feel if she doesn't come to the wedding. I spoke to your dad about it - and of course, being the person he is he doesn't have any objection, even though he is upset about the way she's been carrying on." Wayne comments, "You want her to come, don't you?" Susan tells him, "It's really up to you, now, but I'd like to go and see her; try and smooth things over a bit - and ask her, yeah." Wayne suggests with a smile, "No time like the present!" Susan gives him a hug and tells him, "You're wonderful!" She then dashes out. As soon as she's gone, Wayne removes a piece of paper from his pocket and heads over to the 'phone on the bar.

Beryl is talking on the 'phone in Fiona's room at the mansion, saying, "That's wonderful, Glen!" Fiona, standing next to her, asks what he's saying. Beryl replies "He's got all he needs on Wayne." She hands over the 'phone and Fiona says to Glen, "Tell me what happened, exactly." From a hotel lobby in Bali, Glen says, "I've seen Maria and I've managed to get a tape of her telling the whole story. She admitted she lied and that Wayne paid her to do it." Fiona exclaims, "That's just what you need!" There's a knock on the door of Fiona's room and Beryl goes to answer it. Glen goes on, "I felt a bit sorry for her when I left - she was quite a mess. I didn't realise how she felt about me. Anyway, I'm coming back tomorrow on flight PR-211." As Beryl opens the door, Fiona says down the 'phone, "I've got all that, Glen." Susan stops in her tracks, looking shocked.

David is sitting on the couch in Laura's hotel room as Laura paces the floor, talking on the phone, saying, "I promise I'll make it up to both of you, Craig. Oh - and don't expect David home for a while: he's staying for dinner." With that, she hangs up and sits down. She then tells David, "I'm so glad you decided to give me another go. I tend to forget that I appear a little too tough at times. Regardless of what people say, business is still a man's world and I have to compete. That makes me appear a little pushy at times." David tells her, "I can understand that." Laura goes on, "The trouble is I started ignoring my personal life. I think meeting you has changed that." David smiles, "Thankyou!" He adds, "It's no good for you to concentrate on work alone. No good for anyone." Laura comments, "I take it you include yourself in that?" David nods, "Yes, I do - but at the moment I've got enough on my mind of a personal nature." Laura asks, "Can I include myself in that?" David muses, "Yes, I guess you can - now..."

Craig is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, telling Beryl that David is out at a business dinner. In Fiona's room at the mansion, Beryl says, "Just tell him that Glen's coming home tomorrow, and would he call me when he gets back?" Craig nods, "Will do."

In Laura's hotel room, David is remarking, "That must have been quite a decision to make." Laura is at the bar, pouring some drinks, and she replies, "It was, at the time - but when the marriage wasn't working..." David asks, "Do you blame him for that?" Laura admits, "Not entirely, no." She then changes the subject and goes on, "I'm interested in something the two kids told me about you." David murmurs, "Oh yeah?" Laura tells him, "They said something 'personal' was behind your wanting to set up a business." David sighs, "They don't know what they're talking about." Laura comments, "I can't imagine a man like you wanting to set up a vast corporation!" David chuckles, "You're not wrong there! I am a truckie, plain and simple. All I want out of life is someone I care enough about to come home to, a few mates and a nice cold beer!" Laura, sitting down next to him, comments, "There's nothing wrong with that." David muses, "I know. It's just that lately I've been forced into a situation where I've got to start pushing myself, and, as you can see, it doesn't come easy." Laura suggests, "You mightn't have the talent, yet, for business - but you certainly make up for it with good old-fashioned personality." David smiles, "It's nice to know I've got something that appeals to you!" Laura tells him flirtatiously, "Oh, that's not all, I'm sure..." She starts stroking his hand. David then leans in and they kiss passionately...

Wayne is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, saying curtly, "Is it out of order?" He listens and then says, "I know it's difficult from overseas." He listens again and says, "It's off the hook? Are you sure? Damn." Susan comes in and he hangs up quickly. Susan asks him who it was on the 'phone. Wayne, though, just comments, "You're back early. Didn't go as well as you thought, huh?" Susan, however, tells him, "Far from it. Both she and Fiona are coming. I didn't stay too long because it was a bit awkward." Wayne, putting his arms round her, says, "The main thing is we have each other. When it comes down to it, we don't need anybody else." They start kissing. Wayne then begins to slide his mouth down to Susan's neck, and he appeals, "Do we really have to wait? It's only a few hours before we're married." Susan, though, sighs, "That's not the point, Wayne - I'm not quite ready. You've been very patient with me; I just need time." She moves away from him and then says, "I was a bit surprised when I got to Fiona's - she was talking to Glen. It threw me a bit." Wayne, looking suddenly very interested, murmurs, "Yeah, I suppose it would." The two of them sit down and Wayne asks casually, "Ringing from out of town, was he?" Susan replies, "No, I don't think so - not from the way they were talking."

The next morning, Fiona is sitting in her room at the mansion as Beryl - holding Robert - paces the floor and sighs, "It's like waiting for the results of a lottery. I know it sounds awful but I can hardly wait for Susan to be confronted with the truth." Fiona smiles, "You're going to miss all the intrigue, aren't you, when it's all sorted out! Life down in Melbourne is going to be as dull as all get-out!" Beryl, though, hugs Robert and laughs, "No it won't - not with this little fellow around to keep me on my toes!" She then tells Fiona, "We might go for a walk or something in the park - just until it's time to go to the Hamiltons'." With that, she and Robert head out.

Sometime later, Beryl has laid out a rug in a nearby park and she's sitting on it, playing with Robert. A few yards away, a woman walks up to the perimeter fence and then nods at another woman standing nearby. The second woman starts walking towards, and then past, Beryl. As she does so, she suddenly slips and falls over on the ground. Beryl looks over at her in concern and then gets up and runs across to her, leaving Robert on the rug. Beryl helps the woman up, her back turned to Robert. As she does so, the first woman runs over to Robert, picks him up and carries him away. Beryl asks the second woman if she'd like her to see her home. The woman, though, insists that she'll be alright. The first woman drives away in a car as the second woman starts hobbling off. Beryl watches her go and then turns back to the picnic rug. Finding Robert missing, and looking suddenly worried, she calls out, "Robert... where are you, darling? Robert..." Looking increasingly panicky, she yells, "ROBERT..."

The 'phone is ringing in the corridor at the mansion when Beryl arrives back there. She dashes to answer it, panting heavily. She listens to the caller and then demands, "Where is he?" From a public callbox, the woman who took Robert tells her, "Listen carefully: if you want to see your boy again, do exactly as I tell you." Beryl pants, "If it's money you want, I'll give you what you like." The woman, though, says curtly, "Listen to me: if you want to see him again, go straight back to the park and wait. Don't call the police. Don't call or tell anyone. Just go straight back to the park." With that, she hangs up. At the mansion, Beryl does likewise and dashes out again.

The back door opens at the country house and David walks in, looking around sheepishly as he does so. The kitchen is empty. He wanders over to the telephone, where he looks at Craig's note telling him to call Beryl. He picks up the 'phone and starts to dial. Craig suddenly appears in the hall doorway, having evidently just got up. Looking at David, he murmurs, "Sorry - slept in." He then adds, "Mrs. Banning must have kept you talking late - I didn't hear you come in." David tells him quickly, "Everything's fine, though - we got on really good, actually. She's going to do the publicity for me - and even offered to give me a few tips." He then adds that he's got to 'phone Beryl, and he returns to making the call. Craig heads off to have a shower. David finishes dialling and, in Sydney, the 'phone rings in Fiona's room at the mansion. She answers and, hearing that it's David, she smiles, "Hi!" She listens and then says, "I'm sorry - Beryl's gone out with young Robert." She adds, "It took you long enough to call back. Have you been out on the tiles or something?" David says quickly, "No! Business, sort of!" Fiona accepts this and then tells him, "The reason Beryl called was to tell you that Glen's on his way back here, with enough evidence to have Wayne kicked well and truly in the pants, so you can relax finally: there won't be any wedding today." David exclaims happily, "That's great news! I bet Beryl's pleased!" Fiona tells him, "Beryl is beside herself!"

Beryl is sitting on a bench at the park, looking worried. A male voice next to her says suddenly, "Hello, Beryl." She turns to look at the man standing there. It's Wayne. He tells her coolly, "I've got a proposition for you." Beryl demands, "Where is he?" Wayne assures her, "He's perfectly alright." He then goes on, "You tell me where I can find Glen, and you get him back." Beryl gasps, "Do you realise what you've done? You've kidnapped a little boy. You could end up in jail for the rest of your life. You've gone too far this time, Wayne." Wayne just retorts, "I don't care. I want Susan as my wife - and I'll take any risk I have to. You might think I'm joking, but even if I end up in jail for life, you still won't have your kid back. I don't see you have any choice." Beryl stares at him and cries, "My God, you're serious. There's something wrong with you. You're mad." Wayne just tells her calmly, "Make the decision, Beryl. It's a very simple choice - your son: do you want him back?" Beryl demands, "Who's got him?" Wayne just says, "Two or three words and he's yours." Beryl pleads, "Wayne... please, where is he?" Wayne smiles, "That's funny, Beryl; that's my question: where is he?"

A short time later, Beryl and Wayne are walking slowly through the park, Beryl saying, "I can't understand how one human being could do this to another human being. You wait until you're a father, Wayne - God forbid. You wait and see what it's like when your child is threatened." Wayne shrugs, "Just tell me where he is." Beryl persists, "Try and imagine how I feel. I'm sure you know what I went through last time Robert was taken from me. I can't believe that even you would do that to me again." Wayne tells her calmly, "It didn't worry me one little bit. In fact, I'm sorry I hadn't thought of it earlier. Out of the whole lot of you, you're the easiest one to get at. Alison... Fiona... Charlie... and you - with child. Now, stop wasting our time. Where is Glen?" Beryl mutters, "Bali." Wayne nods, "Yeah, right." Beryl asks in surprise, "You knew?" Wayne replies, "Pretty much." He then adds, "OK - so what else?" Beryl demands, "What do you mean 'what else'? You asked me where he was and I've told you." Wayne laughs, "But it was no surprise - so there must be something else. He's over there getting information from Maria. He's got to be coming back, doesn't he? When's he coming back?" Beryl snaps, "I don't know." Wayne, though, sighs, "Oh, Beryl, don't try and kid me." As they reach his car and stop walking, he adds, "Nothing's changed. I need information that I can use. Come on, Beryl. Spit it out." Beryl stands there and then murmurs hesitantly, "Flight 211. Philippine Airlines." Wayne smiles at her and then reaches into his car. He takes out a little black book and looks up a number. He then picks up his car 'phone. Beryl asks quickly, "What are you doing?" Wayne smiles nastily, "You don't seriously think I'd take your word, do you?" Beryl tells him, "They're not going to tell you if anyone's on the 'plane." Wayne just dials the number in his book and, when it's answered, says, "Hello. Can you tell me what time Philippine Airlines flight 211 arrives?" He listens and then says, "Thankyou very much." He hangs up and, turning back to Beryl, tells her, "Alright, Beryl, you've earnt yourself a gold star." Beryl snaps, "That's all I know. Now, where's Robert?" Wayne, however, tells her, "Hold your horses: there's one more condition." Beryl demands, "What?" Wayne replies, "You don't breathe a word of this until the 'plane's landed and I've got Glen safely tucked away - and I've married Susan. Alright?" Beryl looks at him fearfully. Wayne warns her, "I'm not joking, Beryl: one word out of place and you've lost your son for ever."

A short time later, a man is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne hands him an envelope and tells him, "There's a photo of Glen Young inside, and the flight details. The minute he gets through Customs, you get your mates to grab him. He's not to talk to anyone; I don't care how they do it." The man asks, "What if there's someone there to meet him?" Wayne replies, "My bet is there won't be - but even if there is, you've simply got to act quickly." The man says, "We'll do our best." Wayne growls, "You'd better." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne goes and answers it at the bar. He listens and then says, "Yeah, I'll accept the call. Thanks." He listens again and then grunts, "Maria. At least you sound sober. What's happened?" He listens and gasps, "What? Which one?" He listens before slamming down the 'phone. He then snaps at the man with him, "Damn. He got an earlier flight." The man asks, "Can we make it?" Wayne mutters, "I doubt it." He adds angrily, "Damn. He'll be through Customs by now. Get your boys out there." The man asks, "What's the point, if he's landed?" Wayne just retorts, "Don't argue. I'll think of something. Just get them there."

Beryl rushes into Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona has Robert on her lap, and Beryl picks him up, crying, "Darling..." Fiona sympathises, "I know what you felt. You must have been feeling it was all going to happen again." Beryl asks who brought him back. She sits down as Fiona replies, "The woman who took him... you only just missed her. She was all rather sad, really: she can't have any children of her own. She just saw Robert and she picked him up." Beryl asks anxiously, "Did you call the police?" Fiona tells her, "There wasn't any time, really - and when I thought about it, she did bring him back, and it just seemed all wrong. Why, did you want to call the police?" Beryl replies quickly, "No, no, you're probably right. As long as he's safe." Fiona comments, "I'm surprised that you didn't come straight back here." Beryl tells her, "I thought he'd just wandered off. I was searching all over the park." Fiona sympathises, "You poor darling. Anyway, it's alright. Everything's alright now..."

Susan is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at Dural as Wayne stands hidden just inside the lounge room, listening. Susan sighs, "That's terrible. I am sorry. What are you going to do?" She listens and then says, "OK. Thankyou. Bye." She hangs up and Wayne quickly steps behind the bar in the lounge room and pretends to be looking at the newspaper." Susan walks in and sighs, "I don't know. I doubt there's ever a wedding without a hitch: my girlfriend in LA... Marian? She's got the measles. She was so looking forward to being bridesmaid, too." A look of disappointment crosses Wayne's face. He then suggests, though, "Why don't you ask Janice? She'd be about the same size, wouldn't she?" Susan accepting this, smiles appreciatively, "I might go and look at the dress; see if it needs altering." She then adds, "At least I won't have to stand around ages at the airport waiting for Marian to go through all that stuff with Immigration and Customs." With that, she heads out of the room, leaving Wayne looking suddenly thoughtful. He picks up the telephone directory and looks up a number. He then moves across to the 'phone and dials it. When it's answered, he says, "Hello. Customs, right? Listen, I've got some information for you. It's to do with someone flying in on flight... um... QF20. His name's Glen Young. I think you might be interested in what he's got in his suitcase." He listens and then says, "No, I don't think my name's necessary." He listens again and then, with a nasty grin on his face, tells the person from Customs, "Let's just say it's someone who thinks he should finally get what he deserves..."


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