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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Ginny reminds Andy that they were talking about Alison. Andy asks Ginny how she knows her. Ginny explains, "We work together. Community Aid Programme." Andy grins, "I bet she doesn't like that much." Ginny retorts, "None of us like it." Andy clarifies, "What I mean was she probably wouldn't fit in, would she? She might even make life difficult for people around her. In fact, knowing Alison, I'd say she's probably a real pain." Ginny nods, "She sure is." Andy smiles, "I'll get us both a coffee. I think we might have a lot to talk about..."

Fiona is dusting in the hallway at the mansion when Owen comes downstairs, wearing just a towel round his lower half and carrying a toothbrush. Fiona stares at him in surprise and demands, "What on earth are you doing here?" Owen explains, "After a most disconcerting incident at the ball, I couldn't spend another night under my mother's roof, so Janice kindly gave me refuge here." With that, he walks off, leaving Fiona looks puzzled. She heads immediately into May's room and rouses her from bed. She demands to know exactly what happened to Owen's mother. From her bed, May comments, "Owen's mother...?" She bursts out laughing! She then sits up and explains, "Mrs. Constance Brooke turned out to be none other than rough old Connie Hogg!" Fiona looks flabbergasted!

Out in the hallway, Owen is about to head back upstairs when Janice comes down and asks him how he's feeling. He groans that nothing's going right: he forgot the toothpaste. Janice takes some out of the toilet bag she's holding and hands it over. As Owen takes it, he asks how he's ever going to be able to look people in the face again. Janice comments that she supposes he didn't sleep very well. Owen nods that that ghastly scene at the ball kept going round and round in his head. Janice insists that it'll work out. Owen retorts bitterly that he doesn't see how.

Alison and Wayne emerge from the study at Dural, Alison complaining that Wayne kept him waiting. Wayne retorts, "Tough. It was a good sermon." He then mutters that he could have signed the papers tomorrow, so what was the rush? Alison tells him that it suited her - and besides, she had to do some shopping for Charlie's luncheon party. Wayne suggests curtly, "In future, don't bother me with trivial matters on Sunday." Alison smiles slyly, "Poor Wayne - hasn't been your week, has it? First you were talked out of eloping. Then there was your pitiful attempt to hold Glen prisoner. Then you got packed off on a wild-goose chase to the Rose View Motor Inn. Not an auspicious week at all, really, was it?" Wayne mutters, "I'm still engaged." Alison tells him, "Not for long." She then adds gleefully, "I wonder what you'd pay to know where Glen is at this very moment." Wayne looks at her, and she adds quickly, "You don't really think I'm going to tell you, do you?" With that, she heads out.

In the lounge room, Ginny is telling Andy, "Public embarrassment: that's what I'd love to see. I'd buy a ringside seat to watch someone really humiliate her." Andy assures her, "You wouldn't be lonely. I'd be there like a shot. She puts me down, too - always knocks me about doing this sort of work instead of taking the real plunge and cracking into the rock scene. She doesn't realise I've been in the music industry for years. I've got the contacts, and sooner-or-later I'll do something about it - but meanwhile, I get good money being an executive." Ginny tells him, "I'm into rock, too. Actually, I'm a singer." Andy asks her what she's done. She replies, "Pub and wine-bar stuff mostly. I've had a few offers, but nothing really interesting yet." Andy tells her, "I might be able to get you some intros. What's your number?" Ginny replies quickly, "I'm not on the 'phone; haven't had it connected yet." Andy tells her that he'll give her his card. Ginny asks him if he can write Alison's address on it. Andy, though, tells her, "No need - she lives next door." The lounge room doors suddenly open, and Wayne walks in, saying, "Andy, I've got a job--" He breaks off as he sees Ginny sitting there, and he then mutters at Andy, "If you want to entertain girlfriends, do it in your own flat, OK? Get her out." Andy says quickly, "I thought you were in a meeting with Alison." Wayne retorts, "It's over. Now, if you could drag your attention back to work for a minute, I'd appreciate it." Ginny stands up. Wayne glares at her and growls, "Do us a favour, love: get lost." Ginny, looking annoyed, goes as Andy tells Wayne, "Ginny is not my girlfriend - I only just met her. The girl you have just tossed out is on the same community work programme as Alison and she hates Alison's guts. I thought someone with that attitude might be useful." Wayne, looking thoughtful, muses, "She hates Alison's guts, does she?" Andy nods, "That's right." Wayne goes on, "She'd probably enjoy going through Alison's things... Might even find some clue to where Glen's hiding... Why don't you bring her back?" Andy mutters, "I don't know where she went." Wayne suggests curtly, "Find her." Andy looks at him and then walks out.

Fiona is sitting with May in May's room at the mansion. May is telling Fiona that there were quite a few shocked faces! Fiona comments that Owen seemed very down in the dumps. May remarks, "I'm not surprised at that: it isn't every day that you find out - in public, and just before you announce your engagement - that your mother's an old pro!" Fiona bursts out laughing and comments, "The poor man - I almost feel sorry for him." She adds, "It was a close shave for Janice - she almost announced her engagement to him. She won't have a bar of him now."

Out in the hallway, Owen is sitting on the stairs, looking glum and groaning, "I feel so humiliated; I can't go on." Janice, though, sits down with him and tells him, "Life marches on. I'll help you - every step of the way." Owen sighs, "I don't know what I'd do without you, Janice." Janice smiles, "Don't worry - you'll never have to find out." She gives him a kiss.

Maggie is sitting on the couch in Gordon's room at Seabreeze Towers. Gordon is telling her that he's sorry: he was exaggerating to make his point. Maggie, however, tells him, "You made me think. I've been frightened for weeks that I'm sick and I'll have to go to hospital. And then I think to myself 'what's going to happen to Cassie?', so I just think 'well, get on with it, live each day and maybe it'll go away'. Pretty silly, eh?" Gordon nods, "Especially if it's something minor, which it probably is." He adds that there's absolutely no need for her to be afraid of hospitals. Maggie insists, "I'm not afraid of hospitals, or having an operation; just what's going to happen to my daughter." Gordon tells her, "If you have to go into hospital, then I'll look after Cassie for as long as necessary. You have my word." Maggie smiles, "You know, Gordon, since my husband died, you're the only man I've trusted - and respected. What say you ring and make an appointment with the doctor?"

There's a knock on the front door at Charlie's. A waiter opens it to find Ginny standing there. She comments cheerfully, "I hope the party hasn't started yet." The waiter looks at her in astonishment and replies, "No, it hasn't." Ginny smiles, "Good. Hate to miss the nibblies." She steps inside and heads into the lounge room. The waiter follows her and asks, "Are you sure you have the right house?" Ginny tells him, "Positive - and I have just as much right to be here as you have." She then adds, "Of course, you wouldn't have heard: Alison and I work together; we're both doing community service to keep us out of jail." At that moment, Charlie walks in from the hallway and, glaring at Ginny, demands of the waiter, "Who's that?" The waiter tells her, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Bartlett - she just pushed her way in." Ginny tells Charlie, "You wouldn't know me because you wouldn't have heard what happened to Alison. I work with her. We're both doing community service to keep us out of jail." Charlie laughs in pity, "You silly girl. If you came here to embarrass Alison, you're going to be rather disappointed. We all know about the sentence and no one cares." Ginny looks deflated. The waiter tells her that he'll see her out. Charlie, however, asks him to look at the other things in the oven for her. He heads off. Charlie then indicates the drinks cabinet and says to Ginny, "Help yourself." As Ginny does so, Charlie comments, "That outfit's interesting." Ginny is wearing a mixture of black leather, white cotton and a headscarf. Charlie asks her where she bought it. Ginny retorts, "All over the place. Jacket here, top there, pants somewhere else. I don't know." Charlie asks in surprise, "It didn't come as an outfit?" Ginny laughs, "You've got to be kidding!" Alison suddenly appears in the doorway and, glaring at Ginny, snaps, "Get out." Ginny smiles at Charlie, "Think I'd better be going. Thanks ever so much for inviting me!" With that, she walks off. Alison immediately demands of Charlie, "What's the idea?" Charlie smiles, "She gatecrashed. Did you see what she was wearing? She's obviously got quite a knack of putting a few pieces of tat together and making it look quite stylish." Alison just snaps, "That's no reason to give her the run of the house." Charlie retorts, "If you didn't want her to come here, why did you tell her where we lived?" Alison snaps, "I didn't. I've no idea how she found out."

Next door, Andy is standing at the bar, drinking from a bottle of beer. Wayne is standing with him and he asks coolly but dangerously, "Where is she?" Andy tells him, "Don't panic. It's all under control." Wayne comments, "You've made a mess of things again, haven't you..." The 'phone suddenly rings and Andy answers it. Ginny comes on - from a public callbox - and tells him, "I've been thinking over your idea of working together to nail Alison. Maybe we could talk about it - over lunch?" Andy nods, "OK - I'll book a table. What's your address?" He listens and writes something down. Ginny then tells him, "It's got to be Vincent's, alright, or it's no deal." Andy tells her that he'll pick her up in half an hour. He hangs up and then turns to Wayne and says, "All under control: she's ours for the price of lunch at Vincent's." Wayne sighs, "You didn't have a clue where she was, did you? Your big plan was to sit back and wait for her to call you." Andy points out, "It worked, didn't it?" He goes to head out, but then adds, "Oh, listen, your old man called last night; said he was staying overnight with a friend." Wayne asks in surprise, "What friend?" Andy replies, "I didn't ask. I didn't think it was my place to."

Gordon, Maggie and Cassie finish lunch at the table in Gordon's room at Seabreeze Towers. Cassie, though, has refused to eat her sprouts! Gordon asks her what she'd like to be when she grows up. Cassie smiles, "I'd like to be an inventor!" Gordon tells her, "You'd make a fortune if you could invent vegetables that kids would eat!" Cassie exclaims, "I'd be rich and famous then!" Maggie mutters, "Money doesn't bring happiness, Cassie." Gordon points out, "It helps." Maggie just retorts, "Too much money makes people greedy so they don't care about others. That's what the bosses are like." Turning to Cassie, she goes on, "Your father worked hard for the bosses, and when he got sick at the factory, from the chemicals, they dumped him. No compo, nothing. The bosses cheated. Working-man's dollar's the only honest dollar about." Turning back to Gordon, she asks, "Did you pay into a Super fund when you were working?" Gordon, looking suddenly embarrassed, replies hesitantly, "Not exactly... I worked out a scheme of my own." He then changes the subject quickly and announces that he's heading off to see his son before he takes Maggie to the doctor. He leaves.

Wayne is walking downstairs at Dural when Gordon comes in through the front door. Wayne asks him if he had a nice night out. Gordon explains that he had to look after a friend; she became ill. Wayne smiles, "Do I know the lucky lady?" Gordon just corrects, "Wayne, before you start jumping to conclusions, let me explain that the lady in question happens to be a friend I met through photography. While I was at her place, she happened to become ill, and I stayed on to look after her and make sure her child was alright." Wayne insists, "Fine, fine, doesn't worry me!" Gordon, changing the subject, asks if Susan is around. Wayne replies that she's out the back. Gordon hands his son the open bag he's holding and heads out there. Wayne takes out a packet of photos from the top of the bag and looks at the picture lying on top. He raises his eyebrows.

Ginny closes the door to her bus and walks over to the road nearby. Andy is just pulling up in his car, and he looks at the bus and comments, "That's home-sweet-home, is it?" Ginny smiles, "Sure is!" She goes and climbs in the car, continuing as she does so, "I went over to Alison's place this morning." Andy asks what happened. Ginny tells him, "She threw me out." Andy muses, "What a surprise." He walks round to the driver's side and, climbing in, smiles, "Where to, madam?" Ginny tells him, "Vincent's, thankyou, driver." Andy starts the car engine and they head off.

Wayne emerges from the study at Dural to hear Charlie laughing, "Didn't she look simply gorgeous?" Gordon, Alison and Charlie come downstairs and Gordon explains to Wayne, "The wedding dress just arrived from Charlie's designer and your beautiful bride-to-be is trying it on." Charlie smiles, "She looks out-of-this-world!" She then goes on, "I wonder who the next happy couple will be; wedding bells seem to be in the air. It could be anyone - life's full of surprises. Look at Wayne and Susan - fate seems to strike at the most unexpected times." Gordon nods, "Yes, it does, luckily." He then announces that he has a few calls to make, and he heads into the lounge room. When he's out of earshot, Wayne mutters, "Subtle, Charlie. Very subtle." Charlie asks in surprise, "I beg your pardon?" Wayne tells her, "It's not hard to guess who you hope the next happy couple will be." Charlie retorts, "If you're referring to Gordon and myself, you couldn't be more mistaken." Wayne tells her, "You might be interested to know that he spent all of last night out - with a 'friend', as he put it." He takes out the packet of photos and, handing them over, adds, "Take a look, if you don't believe me." With that, he heads into the lounge room, leaving Alison to console, "Don't worry, Charlie - he's lying, just to see you get upset." Charlie, though, takes out a photo of Gordon, Maggie and Cassie, and asks, "How do you explain this? They look pretty chummy." Alison indicates Maggie and asks, "Is this the woman you saw before?" Charlie nods, "That's her. She's awful. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if Gordon finds someone nice, but she's positively dreadful. I bet she's after his money. That sneaky little gold-digger's going to trap Gordon and he won't be able to do a thing about it. It's too much..." Alison stands there, looking thoughtful.

May and Fiona are sitting at the table in Fiona's room at the mansion, Fiona suggesting that May tell everything to Beryl when she gets back, as it'll cheer her up. The door to the room suddenly opens and Janice comes in. Fiona comments, "Here's the girl who's been avoiding me all day." Janice protests, "I haven't been avoiding you." Fiona sighs and then asks, "Have you said 'thankyou' to May?" Janice asks in surprise, "What for?" May replies, "For saving you from Owen." Janice, though, cries in astonishment, "What sort of person do you think I am? I'm not going to walk out on someone just when they need me the most. Haven't you noticed I'm wearing his ring?" She indicates her left hand. Owen suddenly calls out to Janice and Janice calls back that she's in Fiona's room. Owen walks in. Fiona shakes his hand and smiles, "Congratulations to you both. I hope you'll be very happy together." May looks at her in astonishment. Owen then escorts Janice out of the room, saying they're going to talk, leaving Fiona to explain to May, "New tactic for a new situation. Janice thinks that Owen needs her. If we keep them apart, she's only going to dig her heels in, so what we have to do is throw them together. In next to no time at all, Janice will not be able to bear the sight of Owen." May exclaims, "That's brilliant - I think!"

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Andy and Ginny come in through the front door, Ginny smiling that she couldn't eat another thing. As they head into the lounge room, Wayne apologises to Ginny for his rudeness earlier, explaining that he had a lot of business problems on his mind. He invites her to take a seat. Andy asks him if he's going to tell her about the special job he wants done. Wayne, though, replies, "I'll leave that up to you. I'm sure you can work out all the details. I'll be in the study if you need me." He walks off and Ginny asks Andy what the job is. Andy tells her, "For a start, it's confidential - but I think you've got the talent to handle it." Ginny says, "If I do it, what's in it for me?" Andy replies, "Big bucks... and a start in the rock scene. You interested?" Ginny smiles, "Tell me what to do."

Cassie is sitting on the floor of Gordon's room at Seabreeze Towers. She's saying to her sick-looking mother, who's sitting on the couch, "Please, mum, there's nothing to do here." Maggie suggests, "There must be something you can do with the kite." Cassie, though, pleads, "Please - the playground's just across the road." Maggie sighs, "Alright. Don't stay longer than half an hour." Cassie stands up and runs out. Maggie gets up from the couch and heads into the kitchen area. There's suddenly a knock on the door and she goes to answer it. Alison is standing in the corridor. Maggie looks at her blankly and asks, "Yes?" Alison tells her curtly, "I'm a friend of Mr. Hamilton's. I've been led to believe you think you're on to a good thing with Gordon. I'm here to tell you you're very much mistaken." Maggie stares at her in surprise.


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