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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Sometime later, Andy pulls up in his car outside the mansion. He climbs out and heads up towards the building.

Inside, May is slamming down the hallway 'phone, snapping, "Engaged. How very inconsiderate." Andy looks at her and she goes on that she could be murdered, for all the police care. Andy asks what's happened. May cries, "Someone's stolen my diamond haircomb. I shall go and report it personally; perhaps then they'll actually do something about it." Andy asks if Fiona is around. May, though, retorts, "Of course not. Is she ever here when she's needed?" Andy tells her, "I've got some important news I want to tell Glen. You wouldn't know where he is?" May snaps, "I do not. You'll have to ask Fiona." Andy asks, "Where's she?" May just retorts, "How should I know? But when she does come back, you can tell her that I am at the police station." With that, she heads out.

Fiona is standing on a road near the beach, holding the diamond haircomb. A man is standing with her and he comments, "It's smaller than I expected. Princess is a big girl - I need something that's going to stand out in the photos." Fiona insists, "I'm sure this will. And look how it sparkles. If I didn't know any better I'd say they were real diamonds!" Glen suddenly runs up to them and Fiona smiles, "Hey! How are you?" Glen explains, "I'm just out for a bit of a jog." He adds, "You're the last person I expected to see." Fiona indicates the man standing with her and tells him, "Bert, here, is hiring some of our costume jewellery." Bert explains to Glen, "Our two star attractions: Princess Python takes on the Masked Marauder. Of course, that's just for the cameras; Princess would win in thirty seconds if it was a serious bout." Glen stands there looking blank. Fiona clarifies, "Championship wrestlers! Bert is their manager." Bert looks around and muses, "I'd like to know what's keeping them." He wanders off. Fiona turns to Glen and asks, "Shouldn't you be keeping yourself out of sight more?" Glen explains, "I needed some fresh air." He then goes on, "I bumped into a girlfriend of mine who works in Manila." Fiona asks eagerly, "Is she going to help you?" Glen, though, admits, "I couldn't meet her going price. I guess that's what being in love does to you..." Fiona, realising what he's implying, laughs, "Got you!" Glen continues, "I've been trying to work out some way I could go myself. Unfortunately, I'm broke." Fiona, looking thoughtful, points out that Alison has money. Glen comments, "We couldn't ask her to foot the bill." Fiona, though, retorts, "Why not?"

David is sitting looking at a sheet of paper in the lounge room at the country house. Caroline and Doug come in and, looking at the expression on David's face, Caroline asks, "Bad news?" David sighs, "Yeah - Susan wants my blessing for this stupid wedding. What do I tell her?" Doug murmurs, "Wish her good luck - that can't hurt." David, though, growls, "Good luck would be Wayne breaking his neck on the way to church. I'd like to go up there and shake some sense into her and punch Wayne's head in." Doug points out, "Even if they go ahead with it, she'll wake up to him soon enough. She can get a divorce - it's not exactly a big deal these days." David, however, tells him, "You don't know Susan. She takes her vows very seriously. When she's committed, she'd stick with him no matter how miserable he makes her. That's why I hate sitting here - I wish there was something I could do. Anything, just to stop her from going through with it."

Debbie and Craig are outside the back door. Debbie is trying to feed Rupert, but he refuses the carrot she's holding out to him. David suddenly emerges from the house and Debbie asks him if he could have a look at the rabbit. David asks what the problem is. Debbie explains that he doesn't seem to be eating, but he's not sick or anything. David suggests, "Maybe he just doesn't like being in a cage. He's already had one go at heading off." Debbie smiles, "I'd say the best thing is to leave him alone, then; give him a chance to get used to it." David, however, suggests, "Why don't you let him go? If someone put you in a cage, with the best intentions in the world, and gave you love and everything you wanted except freedom, would you still be happy?" Debbie replies uncertainly, "Maybe." David goes on, "Well, if you feel that way, keep him. But if you don't, take him out to the bush and let him go." With that, he walks off. Craig looks at Debbie and tells her, "It wasn't just the rabbit he was talking about." Debbie stares a him, a puzzled expression on her face, and he clarifies, "Susan." Debbie murmurs, "Oh yeah." She then looks at Rupert in his cage. After a few seconds, she sighs heavily, "Well, I guess it's your life, little fella." She lifts up the cage and says to Craig, "You want to come for a walk?" As they head off to set Rupert free, Craig muses, "I wish it was that simple for people..."

Fiona arrives back at the mansion to find Andy standing in the corridor. He tells Fiona immediately, "I've got to talk to Glen." Fiona, unlocking the door to her room, asks, "What's your problem?" Andy tells her, "I've come up with an idea." Fiona asks, "What?" Andy, however, replies, "It would save a lot of time if I could just talk to Glen about it." Fiona assures him, "You'd be surprised how quickly I can pass on messages. What is it?" Andy explains, "Yesterday, I had to collect one of those bad debts Wayne took on; ended up repossessing a bloke's ute; it would have put him out of business for sure." Fiona mutters, "What a charming way to make a living." Andy insists, "I don't like doing it, but that's what I've got to do if you and Alison want me to remain working for Wayne." He continues, "Anyway, I thought we could use the debt-collecting to show Susan what he's really like. Say if I had to kick an old lady out of her house... Glen could get a journo and a photographer there. A sob story in the newspapers with Wayne as the villain. I reckon that'd work." Fiona muses, "Yeah. Alright, I'll pass it on to Glen. You let me know when you set up something." Andy, looking annoyed, asks, "Do you realise how much I'm risking for you? - I mean, conning Wayne. And you still don't trust me?" Fiona murmurs, "I haven't said that." Andy, though, retorts, "You're making pretty damn sure I don't find out where Glen is." Fiona tells him impatiently, "The fact is, Andy, when you lose people's trust you have to earn it again - and I'm sorry, but that takes time." Andy mutters angrily, "Thanks a lot." He then storms out.

As Andy emerges from Fiona's room, May walks in through the front door and snaps at him, "Lost. Gone forever. I'll never see my beautiful diamonds again." Andy asks, "Why?" May cries agitatedly, "The police say if it was taken by a professional thief it'll be broken in bits and sold by now." Andy asks, "What about insurance?" May yells, "You don't insure something that's irreplaceable. Anyway, the premiums cost the earth." Fiona suddenly emerges from her room and sighs, "Could we keep all this down to a dull roar?" May, though, mutters, "Isn't that typical? My most treasured possession is stolen and all she can do is complain about the noise." Fiona asks, "What possession?" May explains, "My haircomb. It's unique. It's priceless. If I ever find who took it..." Fiona laughs, "Nobody took it, May. You left it up in the reception room this morning and I've hired it out." May gasps in horror, "You what?" Fiona replies, "Well, it was only costume jewellery." May glares at her and snaps, "Those were genuine diamonds, you stupid woman. They're worth a fortune." Looking shocked, Fiona insists, "It's perfectly safe, May." May, however, snaps, "Get it back." Fiona sighs, "Alright, alright." She then guides May into her room, telling her as she does so, "I'll fix it." When they've gone, Andy heads over to the payphone in the corridor, inserts a coin and and dials a number. When it's answered, he says, "Yeah, Wayne, it's me. There's no way she'll tell me where Glen is... She said she'd pass it on." He listens and then says, "Yeah, it could mean that - but if it doesn't... well who's the go-between?" Further down the corridor, Fiona and May re-emerge from Fiona's room, Fiona saying to May, "Now, you know exactly what to do: just take that note over and give it to him." May storms out. Andy stares at her and then tells Wayne quickly on the 'phone, "Listen, I might have found out who it is." With that, he hangs up and follows May out.

Fiona heads back into her room. The 'phone starts ringing and she goes and answers it. Frances Mason comes on. She introduces herself and explains, "I was wanting to get a message to Glen. He gave me your number over lunch today." Fiona queries, "Frances who?" Frances replies, "Mason. I work at the embassy in Manila." She listens and then smiles, "That's right... Yes, I know, it was petty of me." Fiona asks, "So you're going to help him now?" Frances tells her, "I already have - that's why I'm calling. I got on to my boss over there and asked him to do some checking. He tells me Maria's not even in the Philippines now - she bought a house in Bali last week. I've got the address but I'm afraid that's all I can do." Fiona smiles, "Thankyou, Frances. Thankyou very much. You've just saved Glen a trip to the wrong place."

Bert is sitting against a toilet block near the beach when Glen runs up to him. He asks him how it's going. Bert tells him, "Fine. Princess finally showed - she's in the shed getting changed. No sign of the Marauder, though; I might have known she'd try some smart stunt like this." Glen looks around and spots May approaching. He tells Bert, "Here comes May - Fiona's partner." Bert mutters, "Oh hell - I only hired the damn comb for an hour. She's going to want extra for the thing." Glen then spots Andy following May and he murmurs, "Oh no." He moves to stand in a position where Bert is shielding him. May walks up to Bert and Glen and tells Bert curtly, "I want my diamond haircomb back." Bert sighs, "Yeah, look, we're having a few hassles. I've got to hire it for another hour." May, however, retorts, "I want it now. Mrs. Thompson has written a letter of explanation." She hands over the note and adds, "It's my private property and should never have been hired out." Bert looks at the note but then tells May, "Lady, you've got to understand: it's important to me; I've got costs incurred here." A young, well-built women suddenly emerges from the toilet block. Bert tells her, "Princey, we've got a bit of a hitch here: the lady wants her haircomb back." Princess Python, taking a step towards a cowering May, growls, "She wants what?" From a hiding place behind a nearby car, Andy watches, but his view is obscured as two men carry a windsail across in front of him. By the toilet block, Princess Python is saying in a pleading voice, "It's one of the prettiest things I've ever seen." Glen tells May, "I think you can trust them, May. Of course, if you take the comb back you'll have to refund the hire fee." May laughs weakly and then says, "Well... I suppose it'll be alright - but only for a little while." Princess Python smiles, "Thanks, lady - I'll guard it with me life." Glen then runs off. The two men put the windsail down, but all Andy can see is May, Bert and Princess Python.

Debbie is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking at the newspaper. She's studying the racing pages and talks about a couple of horses - Rosie's Choice and Bold Enzyme - saying she'd have a bet on if she wasn't so broke. Craig mutters, "Personal friends of yours, are they?" Debbie tells him, "I did help train them." Craig looks at her in surprise and comments that he didn't know she was into horses. Debbie explains, "There was a stable down from our farm. I used to help out there every weekend." David and Doug come in from the hallway and Caroline, who's also in the kitchen, smiles at them, "Guess who we just found out is an expert on the gee-gees!" Debbie laughs, "I'm not an expert, exactly." Caroline suggests that they could have a little flutter. Doug asks Debbie what she recommends. Debbie tells him, "Well, in the last, I'd say either Rosie's Choice or Bold Enzyme." She then announces that she'd better get back to work, and she heads outside. Craig goes with her. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Caroline answers it. After a few seconds, she tells David that it's Fiona for him. He goes and picks up and asks, "How's tricks?" Caroline goes and sits down at the table with Doug. He's picked up the newspaper and he muses, "Rosie's Choice or Bold Enzyme? Debbie must know something no one else knows - have a look at the odds!" He shows Caroline the newspaper. Caroline, however, says she's going to try a few dollars. On the 'phone, David exclaims, "That's great! How did you talk her into it?" He listens and then says, "As long as he's going. Tell him 'good luck'. OK, I'll see you later, Bye!" He hangs up and then tells Caroline and Doug, "Alison's lending some money to Glen to see Maria. Fiona's taking him out this afternoon to get his passport and everything." Doug comments, "That's a good omen. How about having a bet with us to celebrate?" David, though, smiles, "Oh no, I've done my money on that before, mate." Caroline pleads, "Just a few dollars - to show that we've got confidence in Debbie...?" David laughs, then reaches into his pocket and says, "I'll see what I've got here!" He takes out a note and hands it over. Doug asks him what his choice is. David, though, tells him, "I'll let you. I've got to go into town to pick some stuff up." With that, he heads out. Doug asks Caroline, "Which one would you like?" Caroline tells him, "I'll have $5 on each one - for a place!" Doug smiles, then says, "I'm going to have Rosie's Choice. David can have Bold Enzyme." With that, he stands up and heads out.

Craig and Debbie are working just outside the back door and Craig asks Debbie how come she never talked about horses before. She shrugs, "It never seemed to come up, I guess." She then adds wistfully, "I do miss them, though - or I miss Pepé, at least. She was my mare back home. She was just about my best friend for years." A drunken-sounding male voice suddenly becomes apparent in the background and Craig comments to Debbie, "It's Mr. Stark from down the road." Stark lurches into view. He looks at Debbie and slurs, "Who are you? Where's Harriet?" He then almost collapses. Craig catches him, though, and Stark slurs, "It's young Craig! What can I do for you?" Craig explains, "You're in the wrong house!" Stark slurs, "I can't be - can I?!" Craig and Debbie just grab an arm each and Craig tells him, "We'll help you home."

Andy is talking on the 'phone in the corridor at the mansion, saying, "It was a wild goose chase, mate: she was after a bit of jewellery. I hung around in case it was a cover of some sort, but no sign of Glen." Fiona suddenly emerges from her room and Andy says down the 'phone quickly, "Yes, she does live here. Can I take a message?" Fiona heads off and Andy then tells Wayne, "Fiona's on her way out... Yes, she might. I'd better get after her." He hangs up and follows Fiona out through the front door.

Doug is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, a pile of money in front of him. Debbie comes in through the back door and Caroline smiles, "Hero of the hour!" Debbie looks surprised and asks, "Me?!" Doug explains, "Rosie's Choice came in at 20/1. Thanks to your tip I made myself a grand!" Debbie just stares at him and gasps, "You bet $50 on my say-so?" Doug smiles, "'Fortune favours the brave', I always say." Debbie asks, "What about Bold Enzyme?" Caroline tells her, "Fourth. I'm afraid that was the end of David's ten." Craig shrugs, "Oh." He then goes on, "We just made some money ourselves: Mr. Stark had a barney with his wife and got so upset that he went and got himself blown!" Debbie adds, "He wandered in here in no shape to drive, so we thought we'd better take him home. His wife thought that he'd run off or something; she was so pleased to see him she made us take $5 for the trouble!" Doug sits there and listens, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Fiona is walking along a street. Andy is following her at a distance. Fiona suddenly stumbles and she bends down by a car to adjust the strap of her shoe. As she does so, she sees Andy's reflection in the car's wing mirror. He's looking at a nearby house, pretending not to be there. Standing up slowly, Fiona heads on her way. After a few seconds, Andy looks round to see where she is - but finds the footpath ahead empty. He runs off down the road, looking for Fiona, but there's no sign. After a few seconds, Fiona steps out from where she was hiding and shakes her head sadly.

In the kitchen at the country house, Doug is telling David, "I'm serious, mate: with the law coming down so much on drink-driving these days there's money in chauffeuring drunks home." David, though, retorts, "I couldn't afford the uniform, let alone the limo to go with it." Doug, however, tells him, "All you need is a driver to run them home in their own car - and a back-up driver and a small company car to pick up and deliver your main driver. I reckon you could set it up for a couple of grand." Caroline remarks, "Sounds like a good idea." Doug smiles at her, "As a matter of fact, I was thinking of you as the chauffeur." He adds with a wink, "You'd look great in the uniform!" Caroline, however, points out grimly, "The last time you suggested that, I ended up as a rabbit!" Craig chips in, "I wouldn't mind being a back-up driver; I'm getting bored with the supermarket, anyway." Debbie adds, "I'd help out any way I can." David, though, interjects quickly, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Even if I could lease the market garden - and I'd have to take Debbie's feelings into account there - I still wouldn't be able to raise more than a thousand." Doug suggests, "Add that to the thousand you won on the race today and you're in business." David looks at him blankly and asks, "Huh?" Doug tells him, "Your horse came in, Dave. 100/1." David gasps, "You're kidding!" Debbie starts to say, "Yeah, but I--" Craig interrupts her quickly, though, and says, "Yeah, left the rest for dead! Wish I knew where to find luck like that!" Doug, still looking at David, goes on enthusiastically, "So, if you like the idea, you've got the money to do it." David smiles, "How about that?!" He then asks Debbie what she thinks. She tells him, "I'd say: go for it!" David then muses, "It'll have to wait for a bit, though - I've got to go away on a trip for a few days." Doug tells him, "Draw up the papers before you go and Craig can get things moving." Craig nods enthusiastically, "You bet!" Doug then suggests to Caroline that they'd better shake a leg. Caroline picks up a suitcase and Debbie wishes her seriously, "Good luck." Craig adds, "All the best, eh?" David tells her, "It'll be alright." Caroline and Doug head out. David looks at Craig and mouths again, "100/1?!"

It's nighttime, and May opens the door to the reception room at the mansion. She escorts Caroline and Doug in, telling them, "The room is a bit bare, I'm afraid, but at least it's spacious." She then indicates across the room and adds, "The beds are behind those folding doors when you need them. I'll get you some clean sheets." She heads off. Doug and Caroline look around the room. Caroline smiles at Doug weakly. He smiles back at her. They then hug each other and Caroline says, "I love you, Doug." Doug replies gently, "I've been trying to tell you that for ages. You just wouldn't listen." Caroline tells him softly, "What you did for David today was beautiful." Doug replies in embarrassment, "Drop it, OK? What are mates for?" Caroline stares into his eyes and says, "If I go to prison, I'm going to miss you. I'm going to miss you so much. I wish I could know if, before all this starts, if there was something permanent I could look forward to when it's over." Doug, however, tells her, "I love you, too - more than ever I expected to love anybody - but you know the way I feel about marriage. I'll give you anything in the world... but I just can't give you that."

Andy walks in through the front door of the mansion to find his belongings piled up in the hallway. Fiona comes downstairs and Andy demands of her, "What are you doing?" Fiona glares at him and snaps, "You'll have to do a lot better than that if you want to keep tabs on me, young man." Andy asks 'innocently', "What do you mean?" Fiona retorts, "You know perfectly well. Quite frankly, Andy, I would not have believed it of you, but as far as I am concerned, you've had your last chance. Now, when you go running back to Wayne, you can give him a message from me: Glen is so close to proving that Wayne concocted the whole story about Maria's baby that it just doesn't matter. Now, you take your things and you go." With that, she heads off back to her room, leaving Andy standing in the corridor, looking guilty.


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