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    Written by: Foveaux Kirby    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

The truck continues down the track towards the road. Craig keeps running after it. He eventually has to give up, and he curses, "Damn." He suddenly spots a car coming towards him along the road and he runs at it, forcing it to stop. An elderly man climbs out and Craig asks him animatedly, "Can you catch that truck? A guy's stolen it and he's got my girlfriend with him. I've got to stop them." The man tells him to hop in.

In the truck, Debbie cries to Ian, "Please. We'll crash. You're going to kill us." Ian, though, retorts, "I can handle it." He suddenly, starts swerving the vehicle across the road, though, almost hitting a boy on a skateboard.

In the elderly man's car, Craig notices smoke beginning to pour out of the engine, and it comes to a halt as it overheats. Craig climbs out of the car in exasperation. He then spots the boy on his skateboard and gives him some money for it. The boy hands it over and runs off. Craig then discovers that the board doesn't have any wheels. Looking agonised, he starts running after the truck again.

David is loading up his ute with fertiliser when his truck roars past him. He climbs into the ute and roars off past it.

In the truck, Debbie yells at Ian that he's going too fast. Ian just yells back, "Shut up. I know what I'm doing." Debbie sits there fearfully.

Craig runs across a field to find himself on the road ahead of the truck. It's heading towards him. He notices a workman with a Stop-Go sign standing in the middle of the road and he pleads with him, "Hey mate, I need your help. That guy's stealing my truck. I've got to stop them. Use your sign, would you?" The workman turns his sign to 'Stop'." The truck comes to a halt. Craig immediately climbs up to the cab and, reaching through the windows, struggles with Ian to get the keys. He manages to pull Ian out as David runs up and yells at Craig, "Call the cops." He holds Ian up against the side of the truck. Craig looks at Debbie, who jumps down and cries, "Thank goodness." David then walks over to Craig and tells him, "You did a good job, cobber." Craig and Debbie hug tightly in relief.

In the corridor at the mansion, Janice is telling Fiona in concern that nobody has seen May at the shops. She adds that she hopes she hasn't done anything silly. Fiona suggests that she's probably gone to visit some of her old buddies to make sure she has a roof over her head if the worst happens. At that moment, Alison walks in through the front door and says to Fiona and Janice, "Thank goodness you're here." Fiona, though, growls, "You've got a nerve," and she pushes Alison back out through the front door. Alison tries to protest, "Would you listen?" Fiona, though, slams the door in her face and Janice snaps, "What a hide." They head into May's room to try and find May's address book. Outside, Alison uses her key to regain entry to the mansion and she heads into Fiona's room. Janice and Fiona hear her in there and walk through the bookcase entrance, glaring at her. Alison tells them immediately, "Before you say anything: May came to see me this morning - she thought I might be able to help her, which is more than I can say for you two. She thought I might talk Wayne out of turning the mansion into flats." Fiona asks, "And could you?" Alison retorts, "No. I told her the truth: I don't have any say in what Wayne does with his own property." Janice mutters, "So much for you helping her." Alison, however, goes on, "After I told her, she broke down, and I realised just how much the place means to her." Fiona asks, "Where is she now?" Alison replies, "I thought she'd be here. That's why I came over: I wanted to explain." Fiona asks, "How long ago did she leave your place?" Alison replies, "Ages ago. After I told her I couldn't help, she rushed out the front door. I followed her into the street, tried to talk to her, she hailed a cab and zoomed off." Fiona asks, "What company?" Alison tells her, "'Rapid' - the one Glen works for." Fiona says she'll call them: they'll be able to contact the driver and he can tell them where May went.

A while later, Fiona and Janice walk out through the front door of the mansion, Janice asking, "What could she be doing at Dural shops? May buys everything locally." Fiona tells her, "You know, I think she's come to her senses in the taxi, realised it was costing her a fortune and then got out to catch a bus home." She then calls to Alison to hurry up, before going on, "What we've got to do is check out all the shops up there; somebody must have seen her or talked to her." Alison joins them and they head off.

Up in an old run-down room on the top floor of the mansion, May is standing, still in her finery, looking around wistfully at old newspapers, antiques and relics that are lying around. She's holding an invitation to a VJ Day ball, and she starts waltzing around the room, looking happy. Reality suddenly dawns again, though, and tears well-up in her eyes.

Alison, Janice and Fiona arrive back at Charlie's, Alison growling, "So much for the shopping centre." She pours herself a drink and invites Janice and Fiona to sit down. Janice mutters that if they'd gone through May's address book, they'd have found her by now. Fiona, though, tells her, "It's alright. I have it here." Alison tells her to make as many calls as she likes. Fiona replies, "Thankyou - and thankyou very much for driving us around this morning." Alison tells her, "If there's anything else you want, don't hesitate to ask - I just hope she's alright." Janice, however, snaps, "It's a bit late to be concerned now. If she's done something desperate, we'll know whose fault it is. She is the most sweetest, most caring person I know, and if anything happens to her I'll never forgive you."

The front door opens at the mansion and Charlie and Bjorn walk in, Charlie smiling, "I hope Fiona hasn't let your room yet!" She knocks on Fiona's door, but there's no answer. Bjorn says, "I'll take my case upstairs. We can go straight over and see Alison - I am looking forward to that." As he heads off upstairs, Charlie calls, "Watch out for Janice!"

In the room upstairs, May holds an antique figurine to her body, clutching it tightly but sadly. She then looks in an old dusty mirror, wiping some of the dirt away, before turning and letting the figurine drop to the floor, where it smashes. Bjorn is passing the room out in the corridor when he hears the noise. He peers into the room and sees May standing there. He asks in surprise, "What happened?" May murmurs, "Dropped it. It doesn't matter - it's only junk." Bjorn comments gently, "But it has sentimental value?" May tells him, "The man who gave it to me used to call me his Venus Di Milo. I looked a lot different in those days." Bjorn smiles, "I'm not surprised he called you his Venus - because true beauty in a woman remains there all her life - and you are one of those rare women who have never lost their charm. Being with you is such a refreshing change from all those silly teenagers on the ship. I'm glad I'm moving back." May points out, "You didn't come back just because of me." Bjorn, however, insists, "But I missed everyone - especially you." May murmurs sadly, "You're just in time: we're going to be evicted." Bjorn tells her, "I'm sorry to hear that." Tears welling again, May sobs, "I don't know what's going to happen to me..." Bjorn, changing the subject quickly, looks around and asks, "What's this room used for?" May, smiling again, tells him, "It's been closed-up for years. It used to be a reception room. There used to be something happening almost every night: parties... cabarets... dances..." Bjorn remarks warmly, "I bet you were a wonderful dancer, too." May, smiling broadly, replies, "Oh, I just loved to dance! I used to waltz right through until dawn sometimes!"

Alison, Janice, Fiona and Charlie are walking along the corridor downstairs, Charlie commenting, "Poor May. Still, you've done everything you can, though." Fiona sighs, "She just seems to have vanished." Changing the subject, Alison asks Charlie what she's doing there. Charlie explains, "Waiting for Bjorn - he wants to move back in." Fiona smiles, "He can stay as long as he likes." A dour look crosses Janice's face. Fiona tells her quickly, "Come on." Janice storms off to Fiona's room. Fiona thanks Alison for helping out and she heads off after her niece. When she's gone, Alison asks Charlie where Bjorn is. Charlie explains that he's upstairs, putting his things in his old room. Alison mutters, "Good. I won't be staying, then." She turns and starts heading towards the front door. Looking surprised, Charlie cries, "Darling - wait. He's desperate to see you - he's missed you terribly." Alison, though, retorts, "Really? Didn't he make it with Caroline?" Charlie looks at her blankly and tells her that she hasn't the faintest idea what she's talking about. Alison explains, "Caroline 'phoned and told me she and Bjorn were having dinner and then spending the night together after the party." Charlie bursts out laughing and comments, "She certainly knows how to get to you, doesn't she?!" Alison growls, "So they did spend the night together?" Charlie sighs, "If you must know, she hardly spoke a word to Bjorn and then she left early. Bjorn and I went with a whole lot of others and had supper and didn't get home until after three." Looking taken-aback, Alison looks up the stairs.

A short time later, Alison is walking along the upstairs corridor, and she hears May and Bjorn talking. May is teaching Bjorn how to waltz. She starts humming The Blue Danube and the two of them begin to waltz around the reception room floor. As they do so, May comments, "This is much more romantic than all that modern carry-on, don't you think?" Bjorn smiles, "Definitely!" Alison appears in the doorway, watching them, a warm smile on her face.

David, Debbie and Craig arrive back at the country house. As they head into the kitchen, David asks, "Do you know if Ian left any of his stuff around?" Craig shrugs, "I don't know." David mutters, "If he has, just send it down the police station; they can hold it for him 'til he gets out." Debbie murmurs, "I hope we don't see him." David points out, "He's been charged... doesn't look like he's going to make bail... I'd say they'll keep him in the slammer until his trial comes up, probably." Craig laughs, "I bet they don't believe the charge: 'stealing a truck-load of nitroglycerine'!" David asks Debbie if she's sure she's alright. She nods, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. It's about the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me!" She then suggests that Craig deserves a medal! Craig replies modestly, "I reckon that man who blew up his car chasing the truck deserves something, too." He then offers coffee. David, though, says he'd better hit the road. He adds that he'll be back tomorrow or the day after. Craig smiles, "Just don't pick up any hitchhikers this time!" With that, David goes. Debbie says she might just ring her mum and dad. She adds, "My mum will have a fit when she knows how close I--" She breaks off, looking suddenly upset. Craig walks over to her in concern and asks what's up. Debbie turns to him and cries, "If you hadn't stopped that truck when you did, Ian would have tipped it over for sure. I could've been..." She breaks off again. Craig tells her gently, "Calm down. Forget it. I'm never going to let anything happen to you. I love you."

May is sitting with Fiona and Alison in Fiona's room at the mansion, saying, "I'm sorry, Fiona, for having caused you so much worry when you have all these other problems." Fiona, glaring at Alison, replies, "It's just made 'some of us' realise how much this place means to you." May tells her, "It is home - but you can count on me from now on: Wayne's not going to get us out of here without a fight." Fiona smiles, "That's more like it!" There's suddenly a knock on the door and Bjorn comes in. He says to May, "Excuse me. Charlie wants to see you in the reception room." May asks in surprise, "What's she doing up there?" Bjorn replies, "She has a brilliant idea - that's all I know." May heads off and Bjorn goes and sits down with Fiona, who laughs, "She's back to her old self again. It's made me feel much more confident about things." Alison, though, standing up, warns her, "I wouldn't get too confident: as you've said, you've cut running costs to the bone, and the place will show a small profit, but..." Fiona concludes, "It's still not enough." Alison tells her, "Not for Wayne. You know how he works: if he wants you out, the profit will have to be in the thousands before he'd take any notice." Fiona mutters in exasperation, "Why is he doing this to us? One minute he's everybody's friend and the next minute he doesn't care who he treads on." Alison explains, "It's Susan: he's in love with her but she's in love with Glen - so he's evidently decided if he can't get the girl, he'll go for the money." Fiona sighs, "I'm not one who usually throws in the towel, but I guess, to be realistic, we'd better start looking for somewhere else to live." Alison, though, looking suddenly thoughtful, muses, "Maybe not..."

A short time later, Alison, Bjorn and Fiona emerge from Fiona's room into the corridor, Fiona commenting, "It's a wonderful idea." Bjorn asks if it'll work. Alison tells him, "I can only try." Fiona remarks, "If it does work, Wayne's plan's finished." She then wishes Alison luck and heads back into her room. Left alone with Alison, Bjorn goes to kiss her. Janice suddenly runs down the stairs and calls, "Mr. Nilsson." Bjorn pulls away from Alison in exasperation. He sighs, "Yes, Miss. Reid?" Janice tells him, "Charlie wants to see you straight away." Alison suggests, "You'd better go. I can't stay; I've got a lot of running-around to do." Bjorn says, "See you for dinner?" Alison smiles, "Definitely." Bjorn then kisses her passionately, as Janice stands there muttering in disgust, "Come on - you're not in a bedroom!"

In the reception room, Charlie is saying to May, "Five hundred and not a penny more." May points out, "I used to let it out for a hundred pounds a night during the War." Charlie, however, assures her, "I know about inflation." She then adds, "Lisa, my designer, will go crazy for this place - it's the perfect surroundings for her new collection." May tells her, "One thousand dollars." Charlie retorts, "We're only doing shots for a fashion house; it's not a television commercial." Janice appears in the doorway as May tells Charlie, "You can take it or leave it." Charlie hesitates and then sighs, "Oh well, it's only money." Bjorn comes in and Charlie tells him excitedly, "Oh Bjorn, darling: remember those fashion shots I was telling you about?" Bjorn nods, "Yes." Charlie smiles, "We're doing them here, tomorrow. I can see it all: the theme will be 'Eternal Woman - modern designs against a Thirties background illustrating the permanence of feminine allure from one age to the next'. What do you think of it?" Bjorn smiles, "You should be in advertising!" He then adds, "Perhaps I could add to the theme by posing with the girls and illustrating male design?" Janice, however, growls, "You ought to be locked up." May suggests to Charlie that they should go downstairs and get Fiona to draw-up a letter of agreement. Charlie tells Bjorn and Janice that she's leaving them in charge of cleaning-up. She adds, "It doesn't have to be perfect - just sweep the floor and get rid of those papers from somewhere." She and May leave the room. Janice starts rolling-up her sleeves. Bjorn looks at her and does likewise!

Downstairs, in Fiona's room, a short time later, Charlie hands Fiona a signed sheet of paper and tells her, "I'll give you a cheque in the morning." She then asks if she can use the 'phone to book the photographer and some models. Fiona smiles, "Help yourself." Charlie stands up. Fiona comments to May, "£1000 plus 5% service charge. I just don't believe it!" May grins, "It's nothing, really - just a little hard-nosed bargaining, that's all" Charlie comments from by the 'phone, "Hard-nosed? More like downright stubborn!" Fiona beams at May, "You haven't lost your touch!"

Up in the reception room, Bjorn is leaning on a broom, staring at the ground wistfully. Janice tells him, "I'll be watching you tomorrow; you know that, don't you? First sign of any funny business with the models and it's downstairs you go and downstairs you stay." Bjorn replies, "I promise I'll be good." Janice retorts, "You'd better be. I'm not having people say I share a house with an adulterer." Bjorn points out, "But you do share a house with an adulterer." Janice starts picking up some newspapers from the floor as she replies, "I know - but there's no need--" She breaks off, uncertainly, before continuing, "No need to broadcast the fact." Bjorn smiles, "Alright, alright. I will be on my best behaviour, just for you!" Janice is staring at the newspapers she's picked up and Bjorn asks her what she's found. Janice looks at him and snaps, "This is outrageous!" Bjorn asks, "What is it?" Janice retorts, "It's disgusting. Thank heavens she was caught out." Bjorn says, "Let me read." Janice, though, goes on, "I'd never have imagined; never. This house used to be a bordello - until 1948. But worse than that: May was the Madam." She looks at Bjorn in horror.


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