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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona laughs incredulously, "I think you've had a touch of the sun, my girl!" Janice retorts, "I heard Cheryl say she was anyone's - anyone who had the money, right?" May suddenly walks into the room and says curtly, "Janice, there are people still trying to sleep." Janice, however, snaps, "You'd be upset, too, if you were related to someone like her." She indicates Fiona, who sighs, "All I did was try a little matchmaking between Cheryl and Barry." Janice cries to May, "She's trying to turn this place into a bordello." With that, she runs out, looking upset. When she's gone, May laughs, "She's a little out of date, isn't she? The place hasn't been a bordello for years!" She adds with a chuckle, "You know, Fiona, you never had the business sense to be a madam - you'd have given credit to everyone!" She then suggests that she'd better go and talk some sense into Janice. Fiona, though, tells her, "Let her go."

Caroline is sitting reading the newspaper at the kitchen table at the country house. Debbie offers her a piece of cake, but she declines, saying, "If I get fat and ugly I'll never find another job." Debbie points out a job in the newspaper for someone wanted to sell takeaway chicken. Caroline, however, tells her, "Forget it - millionaires don't drop by chicken counters!" Debbie sighs, "Why do you always pretend you're a gold-digger?" Caroline, though, replies, "It's not an act - and I've got a mink to prove it." Debbie tells her, "Look, I may not be an Einstein, but I can tell the nasties from the goodies. You're a goody: that's why I like you." Caroline sighs, "Then find me a Dudley Do-right with money." Debbie points out, "You've already found him." Caroline retorts, "Doug used to have money. I've tried poor and I really do prefer rich. Anyway, if I went back to him now, he'd think it was out of pity." Debbie suggests, "Not if you proved you cared more about him than about yourself." Caroline asks how she could do that. Debbie tells her, "Give him back his mink." Caroline, looking shocked, exclaims, "No thanks! I worked too hard to get it. Anyway, now that Doug's broke I'll never get another one." Debbie explains, "That's why my idea will work: Doug will know what a big sacrifice you're making for him and that'll prove it's him you want, not his money - and you do want him, don't you...?"

Beryl knocks on the open door of Doug's hotel room and walks in. Doug calls from the bedroom, "Give me another five minutes before you start cleaning, OK?" Beryl calls back, "Actually, I'm not in the cleaning business!" Doug emerges from his room and smiles at her as he joins her. She hands him a box of home-made biscuits and tells him that it's a freebie. Doug points out, "If you're touting for business, you've left your run too late - I'm broke." Beryl murmurs, "Yes, I know. Rotten luck." Doug tells her, "My fault, really, for being too greedy - but I'll get it back. I've got my contacts... my brains... and my will to succeed. That's all I need." Beryl smiles, "You're a born businessman, Doug. That's why I was so anxious to have David... pick your brains." She breaks off, hesitantly. Doug muses, "It was your idea?" Beryl nods, "Yes, but I outsmarted myself that time: I nearly died when he told me you had him hauling nitroglycerine." Doug muses, "I should have known: there's no such thing as a free lunch. Getting your own back at me with poison cookies, huh?!" Beryl points out, "That would be a bit of a waste of time now you don't have any say with what he hauls." Doug grins, "And he won't be hauling nitro either if you've got anything to do with it, I bet." Beryl murmurs, "That's up to him. Still, I hope he doesn't." She then adds, "By the way, do you have any idea who might be taking over the loan for the truck?" Doug, though, shrugs, "Search me. The creditors are arguing over the remains at the moment. Still, you should hear something pretty soon."

Craig arrives back at the country house with a box of groceries. Caroline walks into the kitchen from the hallway. She's all dressed up and she asks how she looks. Craig asks her if she's going job-hunting. Caroline explains, "Man-hunting - and if it doesn't work, I'll have a bone to pick with Debbie!" Debbie, who's standing by the sink, insists, "It'll work!" Caroline opens a drawer under the sink and takes out a small jewellery case. She tells Debbie, "Doug sent me the ring in this, so I kept it for sentimental reasons, luckily. This is the way he's going to get it back." Debbie hands her the mink, which is hanging over the back of a chair, and Caroline sighs, "The things I do for love..."

A while later, Caroline walks into Doug's hotel room, where a cleaner is polishing the table. Caroline asks in surprise, "Mr. Fletcher out?" The cleaner retorts, "No, he's gone. Couldn't pay his bill any more. You've only just missed him - he left not ten minutes ago." Caroline asks, "Did he say where he was going?" The cleaner tells her, "Her place, by the sounds of it," Caroline, a furious look appearing on her face, queries, "Her place?" The cleaner nods, "The woman he left with. The desk should have his new address." Caroline, though, snaps angrily, "They can keep it." She storms off.

Beryl - carrying Robert - and Doug walk into the lounge room at Beryl's. As they do so, Beryl muses, "I've got a feeling I might regret letting you talk me into this!" Doug tells her, "Me too - I forgot you had a kid." Beryl puts Robert in his highchair and tells Doug that she'll do his room in a couple of minutes. Doug asks if he can make a couple of calls. Beryl retorts, "As long as you pay for them." She goes to walk out. Doug, though, says quickly, "You're not going to leave the kid in here while I'm working, are you?" Beryl just mutters, "There's always the public 'phone." With that, she heads out. Doug puts a pineapple in front of Robert to keep him occupied!

Caroline marches back into the country house and Craig asks, "How did it go?" Caroline snaps, "Great. I get to keep the mink." Debbie, looking surprised at her tone, asks what happened. Caroline snaps, "Doug's moved out with his latest bit of fluff." Debbie asks, "Couldn't it have been a relative or something?" Caroline snorts, "Doug's relatives haven't come out of the trees yet." She goes on angrily, "If I'd got there ten minutes earlier I would've made an idiot of myself. I should never have let a kid like you tell me what to do." Craig warns, "Don't take it out on Debbie." Debbie just says, "I'm sure there's a perfectly innocent explanation." Caroline glares at her and mutters, "You're determined to see the world through rose-coloured glasses, aren't you? The world is full of men like Doug: they use you up and then throw you on the scrapheap." Craig warns, "Don't judge everyone by Doug." Caroline, though, goes on venomously, "When I was young, I used to think that love lasted forever - but it doesn't." Indicating Craig, she tells Debbie, "Make the most of your time with him, because there are no happy endings." Looking upset, Debbie cries, "If you're right, then there's not much point to life, is there?" With that, she storms out. Craig glares at Caroline and growls, "Thanks a lot."

Outside, Debbie is digging over some ground furiously. Craig joins her and asks softly, "You OK?" Debbie just mutters, "Yes." She then goes on, "My mum and dad have been happy for twenty years. If they can do it..." Craig smiles, "Just tell them to give us the formula, huh?!" Debbie gives him a weak smile back. Craig then tells her that he's got a few things to do. He walks off, leaving Debbie looking thoughtful.

Cheryl walks in through the front door of the mansion, holding a tennis racket. Janice is following her, telling her tersely, "I'm sorry for embarrassing you in front of all your friends, Cheryl, but it was for your own good." Cheryl retorts, "If you don't stop hassling me, you'll regret it." Janice tells her, "I think it's time we made a new house rule." Cheryl, though, walks to the stairs and snaps, "Don't bother - I'm going." She starts heading upstairs, but bumps into May. May asks her if she had a nice game. Cheryl, though, retorts, "No, I didn't. Janice told all my friends I was a pro. She wasn't talking about tennis."

Debbie is standing in the lounge room at the country house, crying, when Caroline walks in. She goes and sits down and Caroline sits next to her. She says gently, "I've done a real job on you, haven't I? I'm sorry. You shouldn't take any notice of me when I'm in such a foul mood." Debbie murmurs, "A lot of what you said made sense." She goes on sadly, "For all I know, Craig's probably got heaps of other girlfriends." Caroline, though, insists, "No he hasn't. You're the one and only for him." Debbie, however, sobs, "No I'm not - I'm just one of his other girls. And that was fine before; the problem is you've made me realise how I'd feel if I lost him..."

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Doug asks Beryl where she's off to. Beryl explains that she's going to try and drum up a bit more business. Doug tells her, "You're not going to get rich touting at the corner shop. Why don't you go into mass production; get a loan... set up a factory... you know: think big?" Beryl mutters, "And go broke?" She adds quickly, "Sorry." Doug, though, assures her, "Nothing penetrates my hide!" B goes to walk out. Looking suddenly nervous, Doug says, "You're not going to leave the kid with me, are you?" Beryl asks straight-faced, "Would it worry you?" Doug explains, "I'm not used to kids. What if he cries or something?" Beryl laughs that she's sure he could handle it! Doug stares at her fearfully and she then laughs, "No, when I go out, Muriel next door looks after Robert." Doug tells her lightheartedly, "Just as well - I'd probably end up giving him away or something if you left him with me!" Beryl, though, glares at him and mutters sharply, "Don't say that." Doug assures her, "It was only a joke." Beryl murmurs, "I know. I'm sorry, but just after he was born he was kidnapped; I didn't think I'd ever get him back." Doug assures her quickly, "You're the last person I'd want to hurt - if it wasn't for you I'd be sleeping in some fleabag tonight." With that, Beryl picks up Robert and adds, "Try and keep the place tidy!" She heads out.

Craig walks into the kitchen at the country house from outside. Charlie is with him and he thanks her for dropping over some photos that he's holding. Debbie joins them from the hallway and Craig introduces her and Charlie. Debbie just mutters, "Hi." Craig tells her, "Fiona's just been on a cruise." He adds, "Do you want to see the photos?" Debbie, though, retorts, "Later. I'm right in the middle of something now." Craig tells her, "Don't work too hard - we're going out tonight: one of the checkout girls gave me a few tickets to a revue she's in." Debbie, looking uncomfortable, replies, "Um, sorry, Craig, but I've already got something planned for tonight. If you want to with her, though, feel free." With that, she walks off. Craig asks Charlie in surprise, "What got into her? It's just a revue." Charlie tells him, "You can't expect a girl to be reasonable when she gets green-eyed about the competition." Looking taken-aback, Craig gasps, "That's crazy - she knows I wouldn't look at anyone else." Charlie sighs, "Why do you men always expect us to be mindreaders? You have to show a woman you care: send her flowers... champagne..." Craig, looking suddenly thoughtful, muses, "I know what'll please Debbie. Thanks for the advice, Charlie." With that, he walks out, leaving Charlie with a smile on her face.

Charlie walks into the lounge room, where Caroline is lying back on the couch. She tells a surprised-looking Caroline, "Craig told me about Doug. I just can't believe he could be so fickle, so if you need a shoulder to cry on..." Caroline thanks her. She then asks, "What are you doing down here?" Charlie explains, "Work and play: working out the advertising for Lisa's new collection and I'm on my way to a party, so I can't stay long." She adds, "Would you like to come?" Caroline, though, tells her, "I'm more in the mood for a four-hanky movie." She then goes on, "It's crazy isn't it? Doug's everything I hate in a man: rude... crude... uncultivated... but when I heard about the affair with Alison, all I wanted to do was take a gun and shoot them both!"

A few minutes later, Charlie and Caroline head back into the kitchen, where Charlie says, "Sorry I have to dash, but Bjorn's waiting in the car." Caroline queries, "Bjorn?" Charlie explains, "He's not mine; he's Alison's. She's away on business so I'm keeping him on the leash for her." She picks up one of the photos from Fiona's cruise and tells Caroline, "This is him here." She continues, "I went weak at the knees when I first saw him. Too had he's married." Caroline mutters, "I don't suppose that stopped Alison..." As she looks through the photos, Charlie warns her, "Don't get any ideas; she'd skin you alive." Caroline grins mischievously, "Ideas...? Me...?" She then announces, "I think I will come to that party of yours. I could do with a good dose of cheering up!"

May is standing by the road outside the mansion, calling for Janice. Alison suddenly pulls up in a car. May comments that it's a different car and Alison explains that she rented it for Bjorn to say 'sorry' for leaving him all by himself. She goes to head inside. May calls after her, "He isn't here any more." Alison doesn't hear her, though.

A few moments later, Alison heads inside and goes to walk upstairs. Janice is standing at the bottom of the stairs, though, next to a sign which says 'No Visitors Beyond This Point'. As Alison heads past it, Janice snaps, "Can't you read? It's a new house rule and it'll be strictly enforced." Alison mutters, "I'm just going up to see Bjorn." Janice, though, retorts, "You're too late. He's gone to Melbourne." Alison looks at her in surprise and asks, "What?" Janice tells her, "From what I can gather, he's had his fun with you and now he's gone south to re-cast his net." Alison stares at her and mutters, "I don't find that amusing." Janice just continues, "It must be embarrassing being cheated. Imagine how his wife feels. I know how I'd feel. He'd have cheated on you right under this roof if I hadn't kept an eye on him." Alison asks, "Are you telling me that Bjorn was after one of the girls here?" At that moment, Cheryl marches past her - followed by Fiona. Janice indicates Cheryl and nods, "Her - and she'd have been all for it. She's just like you: morals of an alleycat." Alison glares at her and spits, "How dare you." She then slaps Janice round the face and storms off. Fiona claps her hands slowly before saying to Janice, "You've been asking for that, my girl."

A short time later, in Fiona's room, Fiona tells Janice curtly, "This has got to stop, Janice, before you drive all the rest of the tenants away." Janice snaps, "At least that would keep them safe from you." May suddenly walks in and says, "Sorry to interrupt. Cheryl's father's here to pick her up and he wants to see Janice. He's ropable." A man walks in and, glaring at Janice, demands, "You spreading all these lies about my daughter?" Janice protests, "They're not lies." The man tells her, "Cheryl works as a waitress in a hotel. She is a decent girl - and if you keep up with your smear campaign, I'll sue you for defamation of character." May chips in, "Mr. Harvey, I'm sure we can work this out. Janice didn't mean any harm." Fiona, though, retorts, "She can explain it herself, May." Mr. Harvey, however, sighs, "It's OK. I said what I came to say." May tells him that she'll see him out, and the two of them leave the room. When they've gone, Janice says quietly to Fiona, "I suppose I owe you an apology, too." Fiona, however, replies, "I would rather you just packed your bags and left. I'll organise a refund for the rest of the week's rent." Janice, looking shocked, tells her, "I know you're upset I lost you two tenants but I can replace them." Fiona mutters, "That will make everything alright, will it?" Janice insists, "It was an honest mistake." Fiona just sighs, "I don't want to discuss it Janice." Janice, however, goes on, "But we were getting on so well. It's silly to throw in the towel now just because you're upset. And you can't really blame me for not believing you - not after the life you've led." May walks back in as Fiona sighs, "And I'll never live it down, will I? You can't see the sort of person I am now for the image you've built up in your mind." Janice insists, "I'm trying." Fiona murmurs, "Yes, I know - and it's not working. I'd rather you just left." May cries, "Fiona, you can't mean that." Fiona, though, replies, "It's the only solution, May. Janice and I will never see eye-to-eye. I believe in live-and-let-live; Janice believes in sitting in judgement on everyone. I think we just should call it quits before we hurt each other any more."

Caroline walks into the country house and puts her handbag down on the kitchen table. David is standing by the 'fridge, reading a note on a piece of paper, and he comments, "You look like you've lost a quid and found sixpence." Caroline mutters, "Doug's on with someone else." David asks, "What do you expect? You told him to get lost." Caroline retorts, "He should have known I didn't mean it." Changing the subject, David indicates the note in his hand and asks, "Why didn't Beryl wait 'til I got back before she left?" Caroline shrugs, "Search me." She then goes on, "I must be getting old, you know: I had the man Alison's crazy about in my sights today and I just couldn't be bothered doing anything about it. Doug's the only man I want. We'd still be together if it wasn't for Alison." David murmurs, "Not much you can do about it now." He then announces, "I'm going over to Beryl's," and he heads out. When he's gone, Caroline, looking thoughtful, walks over to the 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone rings at Charlie's. Alison is sitting on the couch and she picks up the handset, which is lying on the coffee table. She says, "Hello?" Caroline tells her, "Just a call to say thanks for dropping Bjorn my way. We just met at Charlie's party." Alison mutters disinterestedly, "Really? Did you get smashed as usual?" Caroline smiles to herself before replying, "Too busy flirting, darling. Bjorn and I are having dinner tonight - and after that... well, you know how one thing leads to another..." Alison suddenly slams down the 'phone, looking furious. In Melbourne, Caroline hangs up the 'phone looking slightly guilty.

In Albert Park, Beryl invites David in and tells him that she was about to put Robert down for his nap. Doug suddenly calls from the bathroom, "Beryl, there's no back-scrubber in here. Would you care to do the honours?!" He joins her and David, wearing his dressing gown. David looks at Beryl and demands, "What in the hell's going on?"

In Sunbury, Craig joins Debbie in the grounds of the country house and tells her that he's got something for her. She looks at him uncertainly as he takes out a small box. He holds it out. Debbie doesn't respond, though, and so he asks, "Aren't you going to open it?" Debbie murmurs, "I've got dirty hands." Craig shrugs, "Who cares?" He opens the box to reveal a ring and tells her, "I hope you like it." A smile appearing on Debbie's face, she beams, "It's a friendship ring. Oh Craig, it's beautiful!" She puts it on but then goes to take it off again, explaining that she's got to work. Craig, however, tells her, "I want you to wear it all the time. I want everyone to know that you're my girl. I love you, Debbie." Debbie gazes into his eyes and then replies, "I love you, too, Craig." They start kissing passionately.


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