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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Andy snaps, "You're off your rocker, Craig. I don't need to steal your stupid money - I mean, I'm going to win anyway." Craig, however, retorts angrily, "The only way you can win is by cheating - like all the other times - except this time you're stealing money instead of ideas." Debbie tries to plead with them to calm down. Andy, though, snaps, "Why should I calm down? I've just been accused of being a thief." Craig glares at him and warns, "Someone's going to get hurt if I don't get what's mine." With that, he picks up Andy's wallet, which is on the table, and takes some notes out of it. Andy asks, "What do you think you're doing?" Craig growls, "Giving you a taste of your own medicine." He snatches off some notes, counts the remainder and comments tersely, "There's about $60 left. You didn't have such a good day after all, did you?" Andy snarls, "Not as bad as the one you're about to get." With that, he goes to punch Craig. Craig, though, blocks him and punches him in the stomach instead. As Andy pants from the pain of being bent over double, Craig storms out.

A while later, Debbie is wheeling the wheelbarrow along outside as Craig tells her that he should get back sometime this afternoon. He walks over to his car. Debbie, though, calls, "Craig." Craig turns to look at her and she goes on sadly, "I expected more of you." Craig asks her in surprise what she's talking about. Debbie explains, "Fighting with Andy." Craig asks angrily if he's supposed to let Andy get away with pinching his money. Debbie sighs, "It's not like you." Craig just snaps, "Yeah, well, you should go and talk to him; he's the one in the wrong." Debbie tells him, "You're not the same person that I met, Craig. You were nice then; I liked you." Craig mutters, "I thought you liked somebody who stuck up for their rights?" Debbie retorts, "I do - but not accusing somebody of being a thief when you can't be totally sure." Craig just snaps, "You might have a problem seeing Andy for what he really is, but I don't." With that, he walks off again.

Inside, Andy is sitting at the kitchen table, a pile of old sheet music in front of him. Debbie wanders in and asks, "Did you really take Craig's money?" Andy retorts, "No. I don't know what happened to it, but I didn't touch it - and that's the truth." Debbie tells him, "I believe you." Andy mutters, "Thankyou. Pity Craig doesn't; I wouldn't be $250 down the drain if he did." Debbie suggests that she could talk to Craig and ask him to give it back. Andy, though, tells her, "I fight my own battles, Debbie." Debbie offers, "Well if there is anything I can do..." Andy sighs, "Any ideas how I can recover the money I've lost?" Debbie asks if he could take it out of his bank account. Andy, though, asks, "What bank account? I'm pretty skint at the moment." Suddenly looking thoughtful, he muses that he could pawn his disco equipment. Brightening up quickly, he smiles, "That's it! I'll have all the cash I need to win Doug's competition by this afternoon - and a darn sight more than Craig will have selling his old sheet music." With that, he throws his own pile of sheet music in the bin. Debbie gasps, "What are you doing?" Andy retorts, "Getting rid of what I won't have time to sell. If I'm going to do the rounds of the pawn shops..." Debbie sighs, "That's not very honest, Andy..." Andy, however, mutters, "The way Craig's carrying on, it hardly matters, does it? I'm going to win that competition, Debbie, one way or another." With that, he walks out. Debbie yells after him furiously, "You and Craig are as bad as each other."

At the mansion, May walks into Fiona's room, all dressed up, and she asks Fiona, "What do you think?" Fiona muses, "You look as though you're going to a 1930s garden party!" She then adds that she wants to get down to the stall as soon as they can. May asks how much it costs to hire. Fiona tells her, "$10 - so we have to sell 2½ cushions before we even recoup costs." May asks, "What about the handouts advertising the boarding house?" Fiona gives them to her and suggests, "Let's hope we find someone looking for accommodation." May comments, "Nice people. Not riff-raff!" Fiona smiles, "Let's go!"

Glen is using a net to clean debris out of the pool at Dural as Susan walks next to him and comments that it's obvious Wayne doesn't want her around. Glen asks her what she's going to do. Susan sighs, "I don't know. Look for somewhere else to live, I suppose." Glen tells her, "You're better off away from him." He then asks, "What do you think of Charlie's shack?" Susan replies, "I like it. I love the area." Glen tells her, "I'm thinking of buying it." Susan gasps in surprise, "You're kidding! I didn't know you had that much money to throw around!" Glen smiles, "I won't - not after I've paid for it!" Susan points out, "It needs a bit of work done to it." Glen tells her, "It's a nice way to spend our weekends, isn't it?" Susan muses, "Our weekends?!" Glen smiles, "If you're interested..." Susan says quickly, "Course I am!" Glen smiles, "Hoped you might be!"

Wayne is sitting inside, working at the living room table, when Glen walks in and asks, "We got any old scrubbing brushes in the kitchen?" Wayne asks, "Why?" Glen explains that he thought he might clean the tiles round the edge of the pool. Wayne shrugs, "I wouldn't have any idea." Glen goes to head on through to the kitchen. Wayne, though, stops him, saying, "Before you go..." Glen turns back to him. Wayne hands him a cheque and tells him, "Your week's wages." Glen comments, "They're a couple of days early." Wayne retorts, "It's because I want you to finish up this afternoon." Glen asks, "Because of Susan?" Wayne tells him curtly, "Because I say so. In fact, I want you off the property after today. Clear enough?" Glen mutters, "Clear as day." Wayne turns and leaves the room. Glen takes out his wallet, but doesn't notice an envelope fall out of it and onto the floor as he puts the cheque away...

Fiona serves a customer at her and May's sewing stall. Fiona then tells May, "We are now a half a cushion in front; it's full profit from now on!" She suddenly notices someone in the distance and gasps, "I don't believe it." She's staring at a middle-aged man. May asks what's wrong. Fiona murmurs, "Oh dear God, I hope he hasn't seen me." May asks, "Who?!" Fiona replies, "Morrie Austin. 'Morrie the Mauler' his enemies call him. He's standing over there on the right." May looks across and asks, "You mean the nice gentleman in the brown suit?" Fiona exclaims, "Nice? I met him on the cruise. He pestered me and half the other women on the ship the whole time. He fancies himself as the biggest ladykiller of all times." May suggests, "Perhaps he was just being friendly." Fiona retorts, "Too friendly." Across at the other stall, Morrie suddenly turns and notices Fiona standing staring at him. He smiles, "Fiona?!" He starts walking across to her. Fiona murmurs to May, "Oh no..."

A few moments later, Morrie is standing with Fiona and May, asking, "When did you move to Sydney, Fiona?" Before Fiona can respond, May tells him, "Fiona's always lived in Sydney." Morrie points out, "You told me you came from a hundred miles west of Woop Woop!" Fiona says hesitantly, "That's where I was originally. I was born there!" Morrie smiles, "Stroke of luck I ran into you here, isn't it?" Fiona mutters, "Isn't it..." Morrie then comments that Fiona's set herself up in a little business. May asks him if he'd like to buy a cushion cover. Morrie looks at one that she holds out and asks, "You ladies make these yourselves?" May nods, "Of course." Morrie goes on, "Very nice work. How many do you have left?" May replies, "About twenty." Morrie smiles, "I'll take the lot!" Fiona, looking annoyed, exclaims, "Don't be so silly. Who on earth could use twenty cushion covers?" May, though, tells her, "Mr. Austin has just said he does. They'll make wonderful gifts." Morrie replies, "Just what I was thinking, Mrs... er?" May smiles, "Walters - and it's, er... Miss!" Morrie comments smarmily, "I can't understand that - a beautiful lady such as yourself! And such fine dress sense." May beams, "Oh, thankyou again." She then suggests to Fiona that she wrap Mr. Austin's purchase. Turning back to Morrie, she asks, "Do you live locally?" Morrie replies, "Not far." May tells him animatedly, "Then you must join us for afternoon tea!" Fiona warns through gritted teeth, "May, Mr. Austin is probably a very busy man." Morrie, though, tells her, "I've got all the time in the world for you, Fiona - and I'd be more than happy to share the company of two wonderful ladies!" Fiona laughs bitterly.

Debbie is washing up in the kitchen at the country house as Craig stands behind her and smiles, "Sold the lot. What did I tell you? Am I or am I not the best music salesman in the business?!" Debbie just mutters, "Andy had to pawn some of his disco equipment to make up that money you took." Craig retorts, "Which he pinched in the first place." Debbie points out, "He says he didn't." Craig just mutters, "You can believe that if you like." He then goes on, "Anyway, it sounds to me like he's still cheating." Debbie asks how he works that one out. Craig tells her, "He probably made peanuts from his music so now he's going to top it off from what he can make from a pawnbroker." Debbie just murmurs, "Yeah, well, I don't agree with that one either." She then says more forcefully, "But that's not the point: Andy didn't take the money and you've got to give it back to him, Craig." Craig just mutters, "He can go begging." He then notices the pile of sheet music in the bin and asks what it is. Debbie tells him, "Music Andy won't have time to sell." Craig comments, "Well I have. Got an idea where I can flog it, too." Debbie gasps in horror, "That is as good as stealing from him." Craig, though, retorts, "Look, Andy's going to make heaps from selling his disco equipment and tell Doug he made it selling music. I'm not doing anything worse than he is." Looking furious, Debbie spits, "You make me sick, Craig. You will do anything to win this stupid competition. Well, I don't want to know you anymore; you're not worth it." With that, she storms out.

Caroline is sitting on the couch in Doug's hotel room as Doug paces the floor, talking on the 'phone and saying, "What? When did this happen?" He listens and then says, "There's been no more word?... Yeah, well let me know, won't you." He hangs up. Caroline asks, "Doug...?" Doug mutters, "My stockbroker." Caroline asks what he wanted. Doug explains, "That investment I was telling you about this morning looks like it's about to collapse round my ears." Caroline sighs, "Oh Doug, why do you have to take such risks involving all your money? It's not as though you need it." Doug mutters, "Keeps the adrenaline running." He then murmurs, "I wonder what the next 'phone call has in store..."

Fiona, May and Morrie arrive back at the mansion and Morrie comments that it's a lovely old building. Wayne suddenly walks towards them down the corridor and snaps at Fiona, "I've been looking for you. I thought you were supposed to be our resident manager." Fiona retorts, "I am." Wayne mutters, "It's a pity you don't spend a bit more time being resident. What if someone had come looking for a room?" Fiona points out, "If they liked the place well enough, I'm sure they'd come back." Morrie chips in, "You have some vacancies, do you?" Fiona says quickly, "No!" Wayne, though, immediately contradicts, "Yes! We have two rooms vacant. Are you interested?" Morrie tells him, "Could be. I live in the Blue Mountains, actually, but I've been staying with my sister while I've been here in Sydney." Fiona suggests, "I'm sure she'd be very disappointed if you moved." Morrie, though, tells her, "No, we are rather cramped - there's three kids." Wayne smiles, "That's settled, then. Fiona will show you the rooms we have available." Morrie, however, insists, "Not necessary - I feel at home already. I'll just pop back to my sister's and collect my things." He then touches Fiona's arm and smiles, "Almost like being back at sea again, isn't it, Fiona? We'll be able to pick up where we left off." With that, he heads out. Wayne says to a horrified-looking Fiona, "I think you and I should have a little talk..."

A few moments later, in Fiona's room, Wayne is looking at a file as Fiona tells him, "I know what you're going to say." Wayne retorts, "You should be trying to encourage tenants, not turn them away." Fiona warns him, "If you let Morrie move in, all the tenants you've got will be moving away." Wayne asks, "You know him?" Fiona retorts, "Yes - unfortunately." Wayne tells her, "That's too bad. We're running a business. We can't afford to let personal considerations get in the way." Fiona murmurs, "You don't know Morrie." Wayne, however, retorts, "As long as he pays his rent, I don't care what he's like." He then goes on, "I don't like handing out ultimatums, Fiona, but you've got two weeks to cut costs and have this place fully tenanted." Fiona looks at him in surprise and insists, "I have been trying. I've been handing out pamphlets advertising this place all morning." Wayne just retorts, "You'll have to try harder - otherwise I'll upgrade the building and increase the rent." Fiona sighs, "You know, for a while there I thought you were changing; that we'd seen the end of the 'old Wayne' - but once a creep..." She breaks off before declaring, "Don't worry: I'll have the place full of tenants - and I'll cut costs. But from hereon in, our relationship will be purely business." Wayne mutters, "Fine by me. Two weeks." With that, he heads out.

Back at Dural, Wayne returns to his pile of papers on the living room table. He pulls out the chair, but then notices the envelope lying on the floor. He picks it up and reads the address: it's addressed to Glen. He then turns the envelope round and looks at the return name and address. He mouths, "Maria Lopez." He reaches into the envelope and takes out a photo. Glen suddenly comes in and snaps, "That's mine." Wayne glares at him and mutters, "Don't you know how to knock?" Glen retorts, "I didn't know you were home - and I thought I must have dropped the letter when I was in here before." Wayne smiles nastily, "Does Susan know you've got a sweet young thing tucked away in the Philippines?" Glen just retorts, "Doesn't your mind ever get lonely living in the sewer?" He then explains, "I was on holiday in Manila and I met Maria in a bar - where she worked as a waitress." Wayne nods disbelievingly, "Go on." Glen continues, "I got to know her and her family - they were very nice people. They also live from hand to mouth, as most people do in the Philippines. After I got home, we started writing, and I'd send Maria money for her family whenever I had some spare - to help them out." Wayne raises his eyebrows and comments sarcastically, "Regular one-man aid programme, aren't you?" Glen shrugs, "Trouble is, now that Susan and I are making plans for the future, I won't have that much to give away, and I have to write and let her know." Wayne suggests lightly, "Why don't you leave it for a bit? You never know - it might not work out with Susan." Glen mutters, "You'd like to think so, wouldn't you? Well don't waste your time." With that, he takes the envelope and walks out, leaving Wayne with a nasty smile on his face. After a few seconds, he goes to the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says, "Operator, I'd like a number in Manila - a place called 'The Paradise Bar'..."

There's a young woman standing with Fiona in Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona is saying to her, "And it would be alright for your girlfriend to take the other room?" The young woman replies, "Definitely - it's exactly what we've been looking for!" With that, she leaves the room - just as Morrie comes in, carrying two suitcases. May follows him as he tells Fiona, "Here I am: your new star boarder." Fiona, though, tells him quickly, "Morrie, I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding." Morrie asks in surprise, "Oh?" Fiona goes on, "I was quite right about there being no vacancies. I've just let the last two rooms to that girl and her friend. By the time I came to explain to Wayne, you'd gone. I'm so sorry." Morrie just shrugs, "Well, these things happen. Anyway, I don't live that far away. You and I will still be able to see each other." A look of horror crosses Fiona's face! She then says, "Morrie, there's something I have to tell you; there is someone else." Morrie asks, "Who?" A look of surprise crosses May's face as Fiona blusters, "Someone I met on the cruise - it's really quite serious and I wouldn't feel right going out with you." Morrie muses, "Turned out a mix-up in more ways than one, hasn't it? Maybe we'll bump into each other again one day." With that, he picks up his suitcases and, after saying goodbye to May, goes. May immediately says to Fiona, "What romance? Who else did you meet on that cruise?" Fiona, though, admits, "No one. That was a lie - to try and keep Morrie at arm's length." May gasps, "Fiona Thompson, you will never go to heaven!"

There's a knock on the door of Doug's hotel room. Caroline is standing in the room alone, and she goes and answers it to find Andy and Craig standing there. She tells them to come in, but explains that they might have to wait to see Doug as he's had to dash off to see his stockbroker. Andy assures her, "That's OK. We have to hand in the results of the competition today." Caroline smiles, "Did you both enjoy the challenge?" Craig retorts, "It was fine - except for Andy pinching my $250." Andy growls, "You don't let up, do you?" Caroline gives them a questioning look and Craig explains, "Money I made selling the music. I put it in a tin at home for safe keeping. The next thing, it's gone." Caroline, looking suddenly uncomfortable, tells him, "I took it." Craig, looking horrified, asks, "What?" A smile crosses Andy's face as Caroline explains, "I thought David had left me some money to do some shopping." Andy turns to Craig and mutters, "I'm waiting. Come on." Craig says quietly, "I'm sorry." Andy retorts, "Yeah, so you damn well should be." The door suddenly opens and Doug walks in. He asks the two boys, "How did you go? How much did you make, Andrew?" Andy replies, "$480." Doug asks, "Craig?" Craig tells him, "$560." Doug smiles, "I guess that makes you the winner. You get the bonus." He hands Craig a cheque, but tells him, "It's all I can offer you, though. Certainly not a quick trip up the promotional ladder." He adds, "As from about a half an hour ago, Doug Fletcher is flat broke..."

A short time later, Andy and Craig emerge from the hotel room, Craig saying to Andy, "It makes it all seem a bit pointless, doesn't it? The cheating and the stealing... Why don't we start again? See if we can act a little bit more mature this time around?" He holds out his hand and asks, "Friends?" Andy, though, retorts, "The only reason you won, Craig, is because it was a stupid competition in the first place and I just wasn't interested. It's all been a waste of time, as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to find myself a new backer. It's no big deal I screwed-up with Doug; there'll be someone else." With that, he walks off.

Wayne is sitting with his father in Gordon's room at Hornsby Hospital, asking, "How are you feeling?" Gordon murmurs, "A bit weak - but getting better." Wayne nods, "That's the main thing." He then says gently, "I've come across a business opportunity that I think could be good for the company: importing furniture - could be a profitable little sideline." Gordon comments, "Bit different to what we usually get involved with." Wayne replies, "I realise that, but what's wrong with a bit of diversification?" Gordon muses, "Nothing, I suppose, when you come to think of it." Wayne tells him, "I'm thinking of flying up to Hong Kong - perhaps Thailand - to check it out; make sure we know what we're getting into." Gordon nods, "That sounds sensible." Wayne smiles, "I thought so..."

Back at Dural, Wayne is lying on the couch, talking on the 'phone, saying, "It's been nice talking to you, Maria. I'll see you as soon as I get into Manila." He then hangs up. The front door suddenly bangs and Susan comes in. Wayne asks her if he can have a word with her. He then tells her, "I owe you and Glen an apology: I've been behaving like a spoilt brat lately. The trouble is, I've never liked losing." He goes on, "The thing is: you don't have to move out; you're more than welcome to stay here as long as you like. I know how you feel about Glen and that's good. I wish you felt that way about me, but you don't, so I'll count myself lucky if we could be friends." Susan smiles, "That's what I've always wanted." Wayne nods, "I know. Do I get another chance?" Susan grins, "I think so!" She then gives him a hug and he thanks her. He adds, "Glen's welcome to stay here any time he wants to." Susan asks, "Can he have his job back?" Wayne nods, "Yes, he can have his job back." Susan smiles, "You're not that bad, are you?!" Wayne tells her, "I just want you and Glen to be happy..."


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