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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Glen knocks on the door of the fishing shack and calls, "Hello?" The door's open and he heads inside. Alison calls from the bedroom, "I'm locked in. Let me out." Glen goes and opens the door and asks Alison in surprise what's going on. Alison, though, tells him, "There's no time. We have to get down to the river." She dashes outside. Glen follows her.

The canoe is floating across the river. Susan suddenly stirs and sits up. Looking around to find herself drifting, she starts breathing heavily and crying in panic, "Oh no..."

Alison and Glen appear at the waterside and Glen spots the canoe in the middle of the river. Alison asks where Wayne is. Glen retorts sourly, "Probably hiding in the scrub, waiting for Susan to freak out." He then starts stripping off and tells Alison to go and look for Wayne while he helps Susan. He dives into the water.

Up in the tree in the field, Wayne snaps at the bull, "Listen, mister: if you don't move soon, I'm going to get really angry. I mean it. This is your last chance. Now shift your hide!" The bull doesn't move. Wayne looks around, but there's no one to help him. He sighs heavily.

Glen pulls the canoe up to the river bank and lifts Susan out. She cries, "I fell asleep and when I woke up the canoe was out in the middle of the river and there were no oars... nothing... and I couldn't swim. I know it's silly..." She hugs Glen tightly as he assures her, "It's not. I'm just glad you're right." Susan looks into his eyes and tells him, "Thanks to you..." She then leans in and kisses him passionately. Alison appears nearby and watches, looking annoyed. Glen suddenly spots her and calls over, "Where's Wayne?" She replies, "No sign." Susan pants, "He was supposed to meet me here ages ago." Glen suggests that they get back to the shack. He then tells Susan, "I've got to talk to you about Gordon." Susan asks, "Is anything wrong?" Glen replies, "Yes. We have to get back to Sydney as soon as we can."

The bull is still standing beneath the tree in the field. Wayne yells, "Go on! Buzz off!" It doesn't move!

Glen, Alison and Susan arrive back at the shack, but Alison takes a quick look around and announces that Wayne isn't there. Susan comments that something must have happened to him on the way back to the jetty. Glen mutters, "Great. What am I supposed to do about Gordon?" Alison replies that she'll drive back to see him, and heads off immediately. Susan suggests to Glen that they'd better keep looking for Wayne.

Sometime later, Alison walks into Gordon's room at Hornsby Hospital and tells him, "Glen showed up at Charlie's shack. He was worried about you." Gordon growls, "I was wondering where he got to. He was supposed to come back here three hours ago." Alison explains, "He didn't think it was wise." Gordon glares at her and retorts, "He's in the conspiracy too, isn't he, along with you and Wayne and everybody else I thought I could trust." Alison asks in surprise, "Sorry?" Gordon retorts, "Why didn't someone tell me Barbara's my wife?"

A few moments later, Alison asks, "Who told you?" Gordon replies, "An old friend tracked me down - he had no idea I was ill. He asked me about a presentation at the golf club today: apparently, Barbara won some sort of trophy and he was wondering if she was going to pick it up herself or have someone collect it." He sighs heavily and goes on, "When I think of the look on her face when she visited me after the accident and I had no idea who she was..." Alison reminds him, "You were convinced you were still married to Patricia." Gordon just retorts, "All the more reason why someone should have put me straight." Alison explains, "The doctors thought the shock might be too much for you." Gordon comments, "When they sent me home, I should have remembered then... and yet there was nothing to remind me." He asks, "Where was Barbara?" Alison tells him, "She stayed in the flat for a few days, then she moved out." Gordon asks in horror, "She felt she had to leave her own home?" Alison tells him, "It was her decision. We all agreed it was the best thing - at least until your memory came back of its own accord." Gordon glares at her and snaps, "Well it's back now and I'd like to see my wife as soon as possible." Alison pauses and then says, "She's overseas." Gordon stares at her and she adds, "It's true." Gordon turns away and murmurs, "She must have thought there was nothing to keep her here." Alison points out, "You'll be able to make it up to her when she comes back." Gordon retorts, "I only hope I can..."

At the mansion, the 'phone rings in Fiona's room and she interrupts some sewing to go and answer it. Beryl comes on and says, "Hi, it's me. How was your trip?" Fiona smiles, "Oh, hi! It was wonderful! I'll remember it for such a long time." She then asks Beryl how she is. She adds that David promised to bring some photos of Robert. Beryl asks in concern, "Hasn't he arrived yet? He should be there by now." She listens to Fiona's response and then says quickly, "No, no, no, I suppose I'm just worrying about nothing." Fiona assures her that she'll get David to call her the moment he walks in the door.

There's a knock on the door of Doug's hotel room. Caroline is standing in the room alone and she goes and answers it. She finds Beryl standing there. Looking annoyed, Beryl mutters at Caroline, "I didn't expect to see you here." Caroline retorts, "I didn't expect to be here. I dropped in some of Doug's dry-cleaning and he told me to man the 'phones while he slipped out. That was an hour ago." Beryl mutters, "Then he won't be very long." Caroline growls, "He'd better not be." She then asks Beryl what she wanted to see him about. Beryl explains, "David hasn't arrived in Sydney. I thought Doug might have some news." Caroline says sarcastically, "Oh, you mean a telex flash saying the truck's been blown up?" Beryl glares at her and snaps, "Don't even joke about it." Caroline asks, "Aren't you being a trifle over-dramatic?" Beryl, though, snaps, "We are talking about nitroglycerine, Caroline." Caroline points out, "David wasn't worried. Why are you?" Beryl growls, "If you had any inkling of the strain of long-distance trucking, you'd be concerned, too. Now, I have to get back: Fiona's getting him to call when he arrives." She storms off, leaving Caroline looking worried.

From his hospital bed in Sydney, Gordon is querying with Alison, "So as far as anyone knows, Patricia is still floating around somewhere in South America?" Alison, though, tells him, "From all accounts, I'd say it's far more likely she's dead." Gordon retorts, "I'll believe it when I see the evidence." He then asks, "How can I get in touch with Barbara?" Alison replies, "I'm not really sure. She's on one of those round-the-world excursion fares, so she could be anywhere." Gordon comments distantly, "Wayne'll be back tonight. He'll know." He adds, "It's a pity he never really warmed to Barbara. Eventually they started getting on OK, but you could hardly call it a 'house on fire'. Alison suggests, "Perhaps you should ask him to make more of an effort when she comes back?" Gordon nods, "I intend to." He then remarks, "Barbara may find it difficult to settle down again." Alison muses, "Wayne certainly knows how to make life uncomfortable at times - especially when he thinks he's not getting your complete attention. I always used to sympathise with Barbara on that point: he made life nearly as tough for her as he did for me." Gordon looks at her in surprise and she clarifies quickly, "I mean, of course, when I joined the company." Gordon, though, continues staring at her and she asks nervously, "What's the matter?" Gordon murmurs, "You're Patricia." Alison smiles, "Don't be silly. A lot of people say I remind them of Patricia..." Gordon insists, "You are. I sometimes wondered why you looked so familiar... you've had something done to your face..." He suddenly starts breathing heavily and pain etches its way across his face. Alison, looking horrified, presses the emergency buzzer to summon a nurse.

Wayne is still stuck up the tree. Glen and Susan are trekking past the sign that says 'No Trespassing'. Glen comments that Wayne must have come that way. Susan, though, points out that there's a bad-tempered-looking bull in the paddock. She adds, "Wayne's not silly enough to go anywhere near it." From the tree, Wayne hears voices and looks across to Glen and Susan. The two of them start to head off in another direction. Wayne, though, calls quickly, "Hey! I'm here!" Glen and Susan turn back and Glen asks in surprise, "Where is he?" He then realises in amusement, "Up the tree!" Susan asks how they're going to get him out of there. Glen climbs over the fence and calls to Wayne, "I'll distract him. You make a run for it." Wayne climbs down the tree as Glen yells at the bull, "Hey! You with the ring in your nose!" Wayne starts running towards the fence and he and Glen both manage to climb over. The bull follows them, but when it reaches the fence, it turns away. Wayne sighs at Glen, "Thanks, mate. I thought I was going to be stuck up there all day." Glen retorts, "If it was up to me, I would have left you there. Serve you right."

A short time later, Wayne, Glen and Susan walk into the shack, Glen still laughing. Wayne mutters irritatedly, "Alright, alright." He then asks, "Anyway, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be taking dad to the golf presentation today." Glen and Susan look at each other and Wayne asks in concern, "What's happened...?"

Janice is sitting on the stairs at the mansion, doing some embroidery. May joins her and comments that she didn't think girls these days were interested in that sort of thing. Janice explains that she's getting the girls in her Home Economics class to stitch samplers on Monday. May then tells her that Fiona is very upset about her and Janice arguing. Janice retorts, "So she should be, after having the gall to discuss my private business with that--" May interrupts her and says quickly, "Man." Janice goes on angrily, "I really thought I was beginning to wean her back to a life of decency until she went away on that cruise." May asks, "You're not going to give up?" Janice whispers, "Don't tell her, but she is the toughest nut I've ever had to try and crack." May sighs, "Really, Janice - I never thought I'd see the day: Fiona's had three weeks on her own - so to speak! - so of course she'll yield to temptation. It just shows how much she needs you! Don't give up now! Where's the fighting spirit of the jungle missionary?!" Janice nods seriously, "You're right: I have to keep trying."

A short time later, there's a knock on the door of Fiona's room and Janice walks in. She says to her aunt, "May said you needed some help with your sewing. Anything I can do?" Fiona just murmurs, "I'm getting there." She then adds quietly, "I've missed you lately." Janice replies, "I've missed you, too." Fiona asks, "Still angry about Bjorn?" Janice retorts, "No - but you can't expect me to approve of him." Fiona assures her, "I don't." Janice goes on, "May made me realise you need me to keep an eye on you. I'm afraid you're still inclined to be a bit wayward." Fiona warns her, "I don't think I'm ever going to change." Janice, though, snaps, "Course you will." She then hands Fiona the piece of embroidery she was working on and tells her, "Here: you have it. Put it over your bed and look at it every night before you go to sleep. Maybe it'll do some good." Fiona smiles, "Oh, Janice! That's lovely - it really is." Janice adds, "I don't want you to think the only reason I want to be friends again is so I can make you change your ways. When we were stuck in that boiler room, I thought we were going to die. It suddenly struck me: I never told you how fond I'd grown of you - so I'm telling you now." Fiona, tears welling in her eyes, gives her niece a hug and then smiles, "You don't know how happy that makes me feel to hear you say that." She holds the embroidery in her hand: it has a some flowers in the middle, surrounded by the words 'Virtue is its Own Reward'.

Wayne, Glen and Susan burst through a set of doors at Hornsby Hospital, Wayne saying, "We'll have to figure out some way to keep him calm until I figure out what to do." Alison joins them and Wayne asks, "How is he?" Alison explains, "He's in intensive care. He handled remembering Barbara alright, then I let something slip and he guessed I was Patricia. The shock must have been too much for him." Wayne glares at her and snarls, "You told him on purpose, didn't you?" Alison insists, "No." Wayne snaps, "You always hated him. He was the one person who never agreed with any of your rotten schemes." Alison cries, "I care about him. For God's sake, I don't want to hurt him." Wayne growls, "You've been trying to hurt him for as long as I can remember. Finally found a way to do it, didn't you? Congratulations. I hope you're satisfied..."

A while later, Wayne is standing in Gordon's empty hospital room. Susan joins him and asks, "Need any help?" Wayne just says, "Can you check the drawers? See if there's anything he needs in intensive care." As she starts to do this, Susan tells him, "Alison's still insisting that she didn't mean to hurt him. I believe her." Wayne looks at her sharply. He then sits down on Gordon's bed. Tears start to well up in his eyes. Susan sits down next to him and says, "I'm sure he'll be alright." Wayne, though, sobs, "The doctors don't think so. He's having exploratory surgery in the morning. They want me to cable Barbara - get her to come back." He adds bitterly, "Today has to go down as one of the worst in my life..." Susan hesitates and then says, "There's one thing about you that always impresses me: you care about your father - and I know you'd do anything for him." She then suggests, "Go home and rest. Gordon's heavily sedated. There's nothing you can do for him." Wayne turns to face her and asks, "Would you come with me? I don't think I could handle being alone at the moment." Susan takes his arm and smiles weakly, "Come on, then."

Beryl is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, staring into space. Caroline arrives back and asks, "Has David 'phoned in, yet?" Beryl just murmurs, "No." She then goes on, "There's was a newsflash: a truck crashed on the highway in Sydney. The driver was incinerated..." Caroline goes and puts her arm around her and says, "It couldn't have been David - you would have been notified." Beryl, though, just mouths, "They'd have to identify the body first. I knew something like this would happen..."

Janice and Fiona are doing some sewing in Fiona's room. There's suddenly a knock on the door and May calls, "Fiona, there's someone at the front door to see you." Fiona sighs, "Oh dear... I hope it's not a debt collector!" She stands up and heads outside. David is standing there, and she runs over and hugs him. She then asks, "What happened to you? We expected you hours ago!" David explains, "I got caught up in a traffic jam on the highway - a truck caught fire, or something." Fiona muses, "I hope Beryl hasn't heard about that." David sighs, "She wasn't too keen on me making this trip." May asks, "Why not?" David explains, "I've got a load of nitroglycerine." A look of shock crosses Fiona's face.

Caroline is trying to make Beryl take a sip of scotch in the kitchen at the country house, but Beryl refuses. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she goes and answers it. She listens and then says, "Oh David, thank goodness... Yes, I heard it on the radio. I thought it was you... Good... Yes, me too. Bye." She hangs up. Caroline soothes, "You see? You got worked up for nothing." Beryl, though, mutters, "Do I have to worry every time he goes on out on the road? I don't care how much the danger money is, Caroline: it's not worth the risk or the strain."

David is sitting with Fiona and May at Fiona's living room table, while Janice continues her embroidery on the couch. Fiona asks David how long he can stay. He tells her, "Long enough to see Susan, have a kip and look around for another load." Fiona warns him, "Just make sure it's something a little less volatile this time, for everybody's peace of mind." David, though, mutters, "Have to take what I can get." He then changes the subject and asks Fiona how she's keeping. She smiles, "Fine, fine - and I think I have solved the cashflow problem." She stands up and goes and picks up some of her embroidery. Without looking at it, she shows it to David and May. They burst out laughing. Fiona looks at the material in surprise and discovers that Janice has embroidered a dress over Fiona's sewing of a naked native girl!

It's night time, and Susan is sitting with Glen on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. She stands up and comments that she should wake Wayne. Glen, though, tells her that he'll come downstairs when he's hungry. He then adds, "Sit down for a minute - I want to talk to you." Susan does so. Glen then tells her, "I have to know how you feel about me, Susan. You either love me or you don't. If you don't, well, fair enough - I'll walk out that door and I'll stay out." Susan mutters, "Don't be stupid." Glen, though, insists, "I'm not. It's just better than hanging around hoping you'll feel the same if you don't." Susan tells him, "I do love you, Glen. I don't know if it's right, but... I do love you." She then leans in and they start kissing him passionately. Neither of them notices Wayne appear in the doorway, an annoyed look crossing his face as he sees what's going on.


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