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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Susan asks Craig curtly how she can help him if he won't explain what's going on. Craig, though, sighs that he just can't explain at the moment. Beryl rejoins them and Craig tells her that he has to talk to her. Beryl, though, orders him again to get out. Susan asks impatiently if someone can tell her what this is about. Beryl snaps, "He's hounding me and I'm sick and tired of it." Turning to Craig, she adds, "You caused me enough worry in Sydney." Susan gasps at Craig in surprise, "I thought you said you were friends." Beryl snaps, "We aren't." Susan asks, "Then how come you told him about me and Bill?" Craig looks at Beryl imploringly and says, "I just didn't think you wanted me to say anything..." Susan cries in exasperation, "Say what?" Beryl sighs slowly, "He has the silly idea in his head that I am his mother." Craig insists, "It's true." He takes out his photo and shows it to Susan. Beryl, though, tells her daughter, "It's not me. Somewhere in this world I have a double." Craig, however, insists, "I've figured out why you won't admit it: it's because of your family, isn't it? You didn't want them to know about it." Beryl sighs at Susan, "See what I mean?" She then growls, "For the last time, Craig: I am not your mother. And when I left Sydney, I made it perfectly clear I do not want to see you again. Now leave this house immediately." With that, she storms off.

A short time later, Beryl slams the kettle down on the stove. Susan joins her in the kitchen and Beryl asks her if Craig has gone. Susan replies that he's waiting on the porch. She then tells her mother, "I can understand how you feel, mum, but it's not fair to ignore his side of it. That kid had to hitch to get here. On the way, he got robbed. When he finally made it he was exhausted and half-starved. That's how much it meant to him to see you again. If you let him stay, it's just a matter of time that we all convince him he's wrong." Beryl listens, but then mutters, "If I let him stay, Susie, he'll be more convinced he's right and that's not fair on either of us." She then concedes, "I'll give him some money for food until he gets a job." Susan, though, snaps, "Keep it. Money's not what he needs."

Craig is standing on the porch when Susan rejoins him. She tells him to try not to let it get to him. Craig assures her, "The trip wasn't a dead loss; at least I got to meet you." Susan just smiles and suggests that they'd better find him a place to stay for the night.

A while later, David is pacing the floor of the kitchen at the country house, staring at the photo of Craig's mother, as Susan says to him, "I can't blame mum, but I was hoping you could put Craig up - at least until he got on his feet." Tim chips in, "He can share my room." David just stands there looking thoughtful. He murmurs, "No worries..."

Sometime later, David is at Beryl's, and as he follows her into the kitchen he says to her, "I told Craig he could stay." Beryl mutters that she hopes he doesn't drive David up the wall with his crazy ideas. David comments, "They didn't sound too crazy after he showed me the photo. Now when are you going to tell me the truth? He is your kid, isn't he?"

A few moments later, David tells Beryl that they've got to talk about it. Beryl, though, growls that she thinks he's said enough already. David snaps, "When we first separated, you could have had a baby then; there was time." Beryl, however, sighs, "For God's sake, David, we separated because you couldn't forget Patricia and it was ruining our marriage. I was hardly in the mood to go chasing after another man." David suggests, "What happens if someone chased you; made you feel wanted?" Beryl glares at him and yells, "I never slept with another man in all the years we were married." David looks at her disbelievingly and points out, "Craig's age fits. If it isn't you in the photo, it's your twin sister." Beryl gasps, "Are you seriously suggesting I could have a baby and give him away? You saw what losing Robert did to me." David retorts, "I'm not saying it would have been easy - but our marriage was on shaky ground and if you'd had to front me and tell me you were having another bloke's kid--" He breaks off as Beryl suddenly picks up the biscuit barrel and throws it at him. He moves out of the way before warning calmly, "Losing your temper isn't going to help." Beryl, glaring at him, repeats, "Craig is not my son - and until you believe that, I don't want to see you again. I mean it, David. You have hurt me so many times before, but this really takes the cake. I don't want any more of your help, I don't want you coming here and I don't want you seeing Robert - not until you can say you can believe in me." David just looks at her and then walks off.

Wayne is working in the manager's office at the mansion when Janice walks in, carrying a suitcase, and tells him that she's moving into the room that leads onto the balcony. She adds, "My parents have agreed that I've got more of a chance of saving aunty if I'm with her all the time." She asks if two weeks' rent in advance will be enough. Wayne nods, "Yes - but can you give it to the new manager, Mr. Potter? He's starting tomorrow. You can help him to get to know the job if you wouldn't mind." Janice smiles, "I'll look forward to it. After that other dreadful man, it'll be a pleasure working with someone you've hand-picked." Wayne, however, admits, "Actually, I got the agency to pick him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they've got me a real hotshot. This place will send me broke if I don't get a full house soon." Janice sighs that she feels responsible; that's why she thought that, if she moved in, it might help a bit. Wayne looks at her in surprise and smiles, "Thankyou."

The door to Fiona's room opens and Fiona and Samantha walk in. Samantha drops some bags of laundry on the bed and Fiona tells her to sit herself down. Samantha, though, tells her, "I can't stay long - I haven't even started to pack yet and I fly out to New Zealand tomorrow. I just dropped by to say goodbye." Fiona assures her, "We're all going to miss you very, very much - but I think you're doing the right thing: your dad's going to need you now that Jenny's so worse." Samantha murmurs, "That's why I'm going - but I do hate leaving the country without even seeing mum. She hasn't been in touch, has she?" Fiona tells her, "No." She adds, "I heard you'd dropped her after the accident." Samantha sighs, "I did - but when she just sold up and left without a word, I worried. She is my mother; I can't help loving her!" Fiona suggests, "You'd better get yourself down to Melbourne and tell her that. She's staying with David." Samantha looks at her in surprise as she adds, "He wanted to call you but your mum wouldn't let him." Samantha gasps, "Why?" Fiona shrugs, "I suppose she felt that you wouldn't call her back and she didn't want to be hurt any more." Samantha smiles, "I'll change my ticket and fly out from Melbourne."

Tim is watering the plants just outside the back door at the country house. Craig emerges from the kitchen and Tim asks him if he got onto the personnel managers. Craig nods, "Yeah - and got heaps for missing my appointment this morning, too. It's OK, though - I'm going to see them on Monday." Tim asks him what sort of work he's after. He replies, "Anything going." Tim suggests, "Maybe you could get Caroline's old job!" David suddenly marches round the corner and snaps at Craig, "I want to have a word with you." He heads inside and Craig follows him. David tells him to sit down. Craig does so. David then says, "I went over to see Beryl." Craig asks, "About me?" David replies, "Yeah - I wanted to get her side of the story first, to see what I could do about it." Craig, looking suddenly downcast, mutters, "I knew it was too good to last, being here. I guess I can't blame you for not wanting me around." David, however, tells him, "I'm not turfing you out. I just want to let you know where you stand." He continues, "First up, you know that I'm not your dad, don't you?" Craig replies, "There wouldn't have been any reason for mum to keep quiet about me if there was." David tells him quickly, "Beryl still reckons it's a case of mistaken identity." Craig asks him what he thinks. David just retorts, "We're talking about Beryl." He sits down as he goes on, "I can tell you one thing: if you keep hounding her the way you are, she's just as likely to go and get a court order to keep you away - so let it sit for a while, alright? Just give it time." Craig cries, "She'll never change; she can't even stand the sight of me." David assures him, "Then she's the one missing out. You're a good kid. I won't forget the way you sent Ted Dawson packing!" The talk over, he suggests that Craig get out and give Tim a hand. Craig stands up and goes to the door. As he does so, David says, "Craig..." Craig turns to look at him and he goes on, "As far as I'm concerned, you're family - and you've got a home here for as long as you like." Craig smiles at him and then heads outside.

Doug is watching boxing on the TV in his hotel room in Melbourne. Out in the corridor, Caroline comes round the corner with Susan, saying to her as she does so that she wouldn't mind pinching a couple of the T-shirts Susan bought for Craig for herself; it's about time somebody brought Doug down a peg or two. Susan asks dubiously if he can take a joke. Caroline, though, smiles, "I don't know. If he can't, I'll lose my job - but who cares? It'll be worth it just to see the look on his face!" With that, she and Caroline both knock on the hotel door.

A few moments later, Doug is standing at the door, asking dubiously, "Is this a delegation of some sort?" The two women walk in and Doug comments to Susan that he doesn't remember seeing her on staff. Caroline explains that Susan's a friend. She then tells him that she's bought him a present. She hands him a paper bag and he asks what it is. He opens the bag and finds a cassette tape inside. Without looking at it, he stuffs it back in the bag and mutters, "That's great, sweetheart - I love music. Hope it's something I can sing along to." Caroline smiles, "With or without the bouncing ball?!" She then goes on, "Actually, it's not music; it's a teach-yourself cassette." Doug takes it out again and, staring at it, mutters, "'Teach Yourself English'? If this is another joke, I don't get it." Caroline tells him, "Think for a second." Doug stares at her and then growls, "You're having a shot at me, aren't you? That's all I need." He throws the tape down as Caroline smiles, "Where's your sense of humour?!" Doug, though, indicates the TV and snaps, "I lose five big ones on a guy with a glass jaw; you waltz in, take the mickey out of me and you wonder why I'm not killing myself laughing. 'Teach Yourself English'... I can talk it as good as the next bloke." Caroline smiles, "'Five big ones'... 'I can talk it as good as the--'" She breaks off, laughing. Doug muses, "Alright! It's nice to know you spare me a thought sometime." He then asks, "Would you like a bottle of grog sent up?" Caroline tells him, "Champagne would be lovely!" Doug, going to the 'phone, mutters, "I want my women blonde and dumb. I'm damned if I know why I'm chasing you!"

That night, Caroline and Susan arrive back at the country house. They head inside to find Samantha sitting at the kitchen table. Craig is standing next to her. Caroline stops in her tracks. Samantha stands up and murmurs, "Hi..." She then demands lovingly, "Why didn't you tell me you were broke?" Caroline retorts, "I didn't think you'd care." Samantha, breaking down, cries, "Oh mum... I'm sorry... of course I care." With that, the two women throw her arms round each other.

The next morning, May lets herself into Fiona's room at the mansion via the bookcase. She asks Fiona if she's finished with the Sunday papers. Fiona, though, replies that she didn't get them. Indicating a book she's holding, she goes on, "I promised Janice that I would plough through this - it's the story of an African missionary. It's really very fascinating." May suggests that they could play cards. Fiona smiles that she'd better make sure the door's locked, as she doesn't think Janice would approve of cards on the Sabbath. May tells her, "Neither would Mrs. Blanchard, my elocution teacher. She was such a stickler for protocol." Fiona starts shuffling the cards as May begins to quote Shakespeare. They're both interrupted, though, by the sound of kids whining outside. May starts mimicking them and then mutters, "Shakespeare would have turned in his grave!"

Janice walks into the boarding house to find two kids - a boy and a girl - in the corridor, fighting. She pulls them apart and demands to know what's going on. The girl snaps, "He pushed me down the stairs." The boy retorts, "Didn't. She's trying to get me in trouble." Janice snaps, "This is a private residence. You've got no right to come in here and carry on." The boy retorts, "That's all you know." With that, they run off back upstairs. Wayne comes in through the front door and Janice demands, "You haven't let rooms to a couple with children, have you?" Wayne tells her, "No. Why?" Janice just growls, "You'll have to put a lock on that front door. There's two very rude children running around as if they own the place." Wayne suggests, "Then getting rid of them will be the manager's first job. Come on, let's go and find him."

The new manager is sitting in the manager's room, looking at a book entitled 'Body Rock for Men'. There's suddenly a knock on the door and the manager puts the book down. It's a tarty-looking woman who's sitting there, a cigarette dangling out of her mouth. Wayne and Janice walk in and she asks sloppily, "Do anything for ya?" Wayne tells her, "Yeah - you can--" He breaks off as the two kids barge in past him. He then goes on, "You can get yourself and your brats the hell out of here." The woman, standing up, snarls, "Wait on, buster. I'm not moving anywhere." Janice warns her, "Don't you speak to Mr. Hamilton like that. He owns this house and you've got no right to be here." The woman, though, stands up and retorts, "I've got every right. I'm Bev Potter - your new manager." Wayne looks at Janice.

A few moments later, Bev comments to Janice and Wayne, "Funny how these little misunderstandings happen, isn't it?" Janice hands over some rent money to her and she stuffs it down the tightly-fitting top that covers her ample bosom. She then tells a shocked-looking Janice, "Don't believe in letting cash lie around, missy. I whack it straight into my treasure chest!" Wayne offers to introduce her to the other tenants. Bev, though cackles that she'll do the rounds later. Wayne muses, "We'll leave you to it..."

A few minutes later, Wayne is sitting with Fiona and May in Fiona's room, saying he knows the woman's a rough diamond, but he doesn't want them giving her a hard time; she was the only one the agency could find that he could afford to pay. Fiona sighs, "I can see your problem, but we are the ones who have to put up with that woman." Wayne retorts, "She stays - and that's my final word."

Tim, Craig, David, Caroline and Doug are all in the kitchen at the country house. Doug tells Caroline that he thought she might like to go out somewhere. Caroline asks, "If I suggested a picnic, could we all go?" Tim chips in that he'll have to give it a miss. Doug smiles at Caroline, "That's what I like about you: just when I think I've got your number, you surprise me. Before I suggested the picnic, I was sure today was going to cost me a fortune!"

Later that day, there's a whole table set up in the park, complete with a waiter. Doug muses to Caroline that he might have known she'd pull a swifty on him! He heads off to speak to the waiter, commenting that he bets he can undercut the caterers! When he's gone, Craig remarks, "I bet he makes money out of today!" Caroline sighs, "First he gets David on-side and now you! Honestly, I'll go crazy if I have to listen to you both singing Doug's praises!" David tells her, "You won't have to worry about me for a while: I got a call from a mate of mine in Adelaide this morning - he wants me to go over there and drive his truck for a few weeks." Caroline asks in surprise, "Doesn't he know you have to run a market garden?" David, though, tells her that Tim can keep that going; the mate of his is going into hospital and if he doesn't drive the truck, his mate loses it. He then asks Craig jokingly if he can trust him to look after the house. Craig beams, "You better believe it!"

Susan is clearing the living room table at Beryl's. Beryl walks into the room from the hallway, followed by Tim, who's carrying a box of vegetables from the market garden. The three of them head into the kitchen and Susan asks how Craig is. Tim tells her, "Fine. They've all gone on a picnic." Beryl mutters that David seems to be going out of his way to make Craig feel at home. Tim, though, explains that Caroline suggested it. Beryl queries in surprise, "Caroline?" Tim tells her, "Caroline Morrell - she used to live in Sydney." Beryl remarks sourly, "I didn't know she was staying there." Tim replies, "Just for a while. Didn't he tell you?" Beryl mutters, "No. He didn't..." Tim turns to go, but Beryl stops him and says, "Just a minute, Tim - I'll be paying from now on." She hands over some money and Tim goes. Susan then asks her mother, "Sure you're not over-reacting?" Beryl, though, growls, "Your father seems to think it's alright for him to jump into bed with another woman, but the minute he thinks I've had an affair I'm the worst in the world." Susan insists, "He's not on with Caroline." Beryl demands, "Then why didn't he say she was staying there?" Susan points out, "When's he had a chance?" She then adds, "They're just good friends, mum. She turned up because she was broke and she needed help. She's going out with the boss, anyway, so it's silly of you to feel jealous of her." Beryl insists curtly, "I am not jealous, Susie. I am sick of the way he treats me; he's being totally unreasonable." Susan insists, "He'll come round." Beryl, though, retorts, "I doubt it. Both he and Craig seem convinced I'm the boy's mother." Susan suggests, "Maybe I should talk to them?" Beryl, however, tells her, "You could talk until you were blue in the face, love; it wouldn't do any good." She goes on, "There's only one way to solve this problem once and for all: I've got to find Craig's real mother." Susan points out, "That could take years." Beryl, though, insists, "I don't care how long it takes; I've got to find her."


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