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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Glen is working in the grounds at Dural - topless and wearing shorts - when Alison storms over to him and demands, "What do you think you're doing?" Glen explains, "Digging - a hole." Alison snaps, "Who hired you?" Glen tells her, "The lady in the flat. Mrs. Bartlett lined it up for me." Alison mutters, "We'll see about that." She walks off. Glen returns to his digging. Alison suddenly turns round and stares at his near-naked form...

Charlie is cleaning a plant in her hallway when Alison walks in. Charlie tells her that she wants her to meet the gorgeous young man who's just arrived. As they head into the lounge room, Alison retorts, "I've already seen him. You should be ashamed of yourself, Charlie. You really should put your mind above the navel from time-to-time." Charlie growls, "Ever since James let you down, you've had a chip on your shoulder about men, the size of a tree." Irene suddenly walks in and Alison snaps at her, "You're nosing around too, are you?" She then asks if Barbara has called in to say 'goodbye'. Irene asks in surprise, "Is she going somewhere?" Alison retorts that she thought it was the best way out. Irene comments sourly, "I can imagine who's behind that, too. I bet you've been digging away, doing your damnedest to make her feel insecure." Alison, however, snaps, "The only thing I did was stop her dashing in to Gordon to tell him Patricia's dead - which probably would have killed him. Stop trying to make me the scapegoat for everything." With that, she storms out of the room. Irene remarks to Charlie bitterly, "She's in good form this afternoon..." Charlie sighs, "She hasn't been herself since James turned on her. She really did love him."

In the lounge room at the country house, Susan is telling Caroline, "I really blew it with Ted last night. I'm not ready to get involved with anyone, but I really liked him." Caroline listens and then replies, "I'm no success story with men, but I know one thing: never get yourself into a position where you can't have a second chance. Ring him. If you like him, go for it." Susan gasps, "Now?" Caroline smiles, "While I'm here to catch you if you faint!" Susan goes to the 'phone and dials. She looks at Caroline nervously. Ted answers the 'phone and Susan says to him, "Hello, Ted?" Ted beams, "Hi, how are you?" Susan tells him, "I'm OK. I had a rotten night's sleep, worrying about what happened." Ted replies, "That was silly. Tell you the truth, I'm feeling a bit down myself. I'd like to see you again." Susan says quickly, "Likewise. Got any suggestions?" She listens and then repeats nervously, "A weekend away...? In the country...? Sounds great..." At the other end, Ted says, "It's my own place. I'm sure you'd like it. You will? Great!" With that, they hang up. At the country house, Caroline smiles at Susan, "Now you're set, I'd better be off to see the dreaded Doug." She heads off, leaving Susan smiling broadly.

A while later, Caroline walks briskly along the corridor of a hotel, knocks on a door and heads into a room. Doug Fletcher is sitting at a desk in the middle of the room and he tells her to take a seat. As she does so, Caroline comments that she doesn't know how he can stand living in hotel rooms all the time. Doug mutters, "Suits me. No responsibilities." He then hands her some papers and tells her that he wants her to double-check all the figures and make sure there's no mistake. Caroline asks him in surprise if he's not going to ask her if she'd like a drink. Doug just says distantly, "Help yourself." Caroline walks over to the 'fridge and, bending down at the waist so that her bottom is sticking out, looks inside. She snaps, "Is this all? I loathe beer." Doug looks over at her and, a smile on his face, suggests, "Plenty of water in the tap!" Caroline turns to glare at him!

A ute pulls up at the side of a road and a dishevelled-looking Craig climbs off the back. The ute drives away and Craig sits down at the side of the road, panting heavily.

Sometime later, Craig is walking along the road when he hears another car coming. It stops in front of him and a police officer climbs out. He asks Craig, "Where you heading?" Craig tells him, "Melbourne." The officer asks, "You got any money on you?" Craig retorts, "Enough." He then adds, "Look, I'm for real, alright? I'm going down to see my family. Here's a photo of my mum. She lives at Albert Park." He takes out the photo of the woman who looks like Beryl. The police officer just tells him that it's a not a good idea to be hitching. He then suggests that Craig hop in the car and they'll give him a lift into town and he can take a train the rest of the way. Craig climbs into the back seat.

At the hotel, Doug shuffles some papers and, turning to Caroline, tells her, "A good day's work." Caroline just mutters, "I'm glad you're satisfied." Doug then walks over to her and, putting a hand on her arm, says suggestively, "Not quite..." Caroline glares at him, though, and snaps, "What the hell do you think you're doing? My salary doesn't cover any extra services, thankyou." Doug says in surprise, "Come on... I gave you lunch." Caroline growls, "A few oysters and a can of beer." Doug persists, "What does it take, then? Furs? Diamonds? A trip round the world, maybe>?" Caroline, however, snaps, "You have no idea how to handle a woman. In fact, I don't know that you can handle anyone with any form of manners. You might be a millionaire, but that's where it ends. In fact, it's definitely the only thing you've got going for you." With that, she picks up her handbag and storms out, leaving Doug with a grin on his face!

Ted Dawson is sitting in the lounge room at the country house with Susan as she does some ironing. He's telling her about his place in the country. Susan comments that it sounds wonderful. Ted goes on that he's never taken anyone up there before; he's always wanted to keep it for himself. Susan smiles, "I feel honoured." Ted, standing up, walks over to her, leans in and kisses her neck. Susan looks disconcerted but allows him to continue. Ted then says, "It's only because you're so important to me that I'm taking you there." With that, Susan turns to him and starts kissing him passionately...

Sometime later, Ted is alone as he dials a number on the 'phone. When it's answered, he says, "Hello, darling. Look, I'm sorry: the damn conference is going on 'til Sunday night and I've got to be here... of course I love you... don't worry, we'll have a big celebration for our anniversary next weekend, OK? Give the kids a big hug for me... yep... OK... bye." He then hangs up, looking pleased with himself.

The police car pulls up at the side of a road and Craig climbs out. The police officer points out the direction of the station and Craig thanks him. The car then pulls away. Craig starts walking in a direction other than towards the station...

In Sunbury, Susan walks into the lounge room at the country house, holding a small box. She tells Caroline, "This just arrived for you, by taxi. Doesn't say who it's from, though." Caroline muses, "I think I know. Romeo's idea of romance!" She opens the box to find a ring inside. Susan gasps at it. She then comments that there aren't any diamonds. Caroline just replies, "Give it time..." Susan exclaims in surprise, "You're not keeping it?" Caroline, though, retorts, "Why shouldn't I? If he's silly enough to send it to me, why should I refuse it? With any luck, this is only the start. If he wants to send me expensive presents, that's his problem." Susan asks in concern, "What does he want in return?" Caroline tells her, "I think we both know that. Doesn't mean I'm going to give in, though, does it?!"

Charlie walks into her lounge room. Alison is sitting on the couch writing out a cheque and Charlie asks her what she's buying. Alison, though, retorts, "I'm not buying anything. It's to pay off that gardener." Charlie asks in surprise, "Glen? You must be joking. Really, Alison, why can't you just let it be? He's nice." She then growls, "It's only to get back at Barbara, isn't it? It's only because she took him on for a few days. You can be so childish sometimes." Alison mutters, "I'm sure he's capable of getting work from some other frustrated female." With that, she stands up and walks out.

Gordon is sitting in his wheelchair in the garden at Dural. Glen is bending down next to him, pointing out where he thinks they could build a rockery and fish pond. Gordon tells him, "It sounds fine by me." Alison suddenly walks over to them and remarks sourly that she's surprised to see the two of them chatting; she thought Glen would be working in the garden. Gordon tells her, "Glen was explaining a few ideas he has - and they're great. I conned him into bringing me out for some fresh air. It's good having him around." Alison smiles, "Yes, I suppose it is..." She then tells Glen to bring Gordon inside. Glen starts pushing him in his chair as Alison watches.

A few minutes later, Glen settles Gordon down in the lounge room. Alison hands Gordon a pill and he sighs, "You're like a mother hen." She then hands him some books and he comments in surprise that he hasn't read them for years. He asks her where she dug them up. Alison starts to reply carelessly, "Oh, I rememb--" She quickly corrects herself, though, "I remembered to look in the cupboard in the spare room upstairs." Gordon laughs, "How on earth did you know I had books stashed away in there?" Alison quickly says, "You told me. Your memory's worse than mine!" Glen wanders over to the bar. Alison follows him and says to him quietly but curtly, "I'm very glad you're helping Gordon, but it does not mean you have the run of the house. Please remember you're employed here as a gardener." Glen asks in surprise, "Have I done something wrong?" Alison retorts, "No, not yet. But I don't trust strangers; I never have." Indicating Gordon, she adds, "To be quite honest with you, I'm only putting up with you because he likes you."

Sometime later, back next door, Alison is telling Charlie, "I decided not to fire him - but only because Gordon seems to like him and I suppose he could be useful." Charlie, however, taunts, "I know why you wanted to fire him. It might have had something to do with Barbara, but there was another reason behind it: you fancy him." Alison snaps, "Don't be ridiculous." Charlie, though, laughs, "I can see through you a mile off; I always could." Alison mutters, "I've never heard anything so stupid." Charlie insists, "There's no point trying to deny it. The only reason you wanted to get rid of him was to prove that he meant nothing to you." Alison insists, "You do get the most idiotic ideas." Charlie, however, tells her, "You're scared stiff of what you might say or do. That's silly: give in, if you want to! I know I'm right. Take a good, long, honest look at yourself and if the mood takes you, give in." Alison sits there, looking thoughtful.

A while later, Charlie opens her front door to a topless Glen and comments that he looks exhausted. They head into the lounge room and she offers him a drink. Glen asks for anything soft. As she pours it, Charlie asks, "How was today?" Glen replies, "Interesting. That Alison Carr's a bit off." Charlie asks him what he means. Glen explains, "She was going to get rid of me, then she changed her mind." Charlie smiles, "I'm glad she did." Glen asks what gives with her. Charlie tells him, "It's just that she's a bit tense at the moment. I wouldn't worry about it, truly. With the bad luck Alison had with that man I told you about, she's just ready to put all men down." Glen remarks, "It seems a bit peculiar." Charlie tells him, "It's just that she's frightened to be attracted to anyone at the moment." Glen asks in shock, "You mean she's attracted--" He breaks off as Samantha walks in and tells him and Charlie that the door was open. Glen asks if he can have a swim. Charlie points out that that's what the pool's for! He goes to head out. Charlie calls after him that she's going over to the Hamiltons' to have a drink with Irene, but she'll be back in time to take him to see those people who are looking for a gardener. Glen thanks her and walks off. Charlie then turns to Samantha and asks, "What's wrong with you? I can see you're not happy." Samantha tells her, "I just came over to say 'goodbye', that's all." Charlie asks in surprise, "Where are you going?" Samantha explains, "I've had a call from daddy in New Zealand and Jenny's getting worse. He doesn't think it'll be long now. So I thought I should go over and give him a bit of support." Charlie murmurs, "Of course you must go." Samantha takes a piece of paper out of her handbag, explaining that it's the address of where she'll be. She then goes on, "I've had a big think about what you and Aunty Barb said about mum, and you're quite right. I feel rotten about the way I treated her. Pity I don't know where she is, but I wondered if you wouldn't mind passing on the address if she does happen to get in contact." Charlie nods that she will. She then comments, "I hope she's alright. Must be awful being out there by oneself."

Craig is walking along the side of a road, looking exhausted. A large motorbike suddenly comes to a halt in front of him and Craig runs towards it. The driver tells him, "Throw your gear on, mate." Craig undoes a strap at the rear of the bike and fixes his backpack on. He then asks the driver, "You going right into Melbourne?" The driver nods, "Yeah - south of the city." Craig then asks him if he's got a spare helmet. The driver, though, tells him, "Don't worry, mate - you won't be needing one." With that, he revs up the engine and pulls away with Craig's backpack. Craig is thrown back onto the road. As he sits up, he rubs his head.

Sometime later, Craig is breaking into Beryl's house. He gets the front door open and heads inside, closing the door behind him. He staggers into the lounge room and collapses onto the couch, where he falls asleep.

Susan is standing in the lounge room at the country house. Caroline is sitting talking on the 'phone, saying, "Yes, the ring was very nice, Doug, but as far as I'm concerned, it only just compensates for your rudeness." At the other end, Doug tells her, "I thought it might get me a bit further - say dinner tonight?" Caroline mutters, "I can imagine what that'll be like: fish-and-chips in the paper on your floor." She listens and then retorts, "Why not? You've been pretty rough on me... no, I'm sorry, I have a date tonight. Bye bye, Doug." With that, she hangs up. Susan comments to her in surprise that she's being rather tough on him. Caroline retorts, "He deserves it." Susan points out, "He's obviously keen on you." Caroline mutters, "Yes... on what he can get from me." Susan says nervously, "I couldn't talk to a man like that." Caroline, though, assures her, "It's not all that difficult - particularly when it comes to somebody like Dashing Doug!" She then goes on wistfully, "It's such a pity. I find a millionaire who's about the right age and he's a slob!" Susan suggests, "Perhaps you can change him?" Caroline sighs, "I don't think that's possible - though that telephone call will do him the world of good: he's so used to treating women like pawns, it's about time he got a taste of his own medicine..."

Glen is swimming in Charlie's pool. He reaches the end and turns to start another length. Alison emerges from the house and stands by the side of the pool, watching him closely. She goes and sits down and pretends to start reading as Glen reaches her end again. He climbs out and tells her, "The water's a bit on the cool side but it's nice." Alison just stares at him and mutters, "Good." Glen goes to walk away. He then turns back to look at her. He finds her staring at him and he smiles at her.

It's nighttime, and Charlie is sitting with Gordon and Irene in the lounge room at Dural. Charlie is telling Gordon, "I'm so glad you like Glen - I think he's an absolute sweetie." Gordon nods that it's good to meet a straightforward young man. Charlie then turns to Irene and asks her what she's doing. Irene - who has a pile of magazines and newspapers in front of her - explains, "I'm cutting out recipes. I doubt whether I'll ever get round to cooking them, but the thought's there!" Charlie asks, "What are they?" Irene tells her, "Basically Australian. They've tarted them up with a few fancy names: 'Banjo Patterson Pie', which is just plain old steak-and-kidney!" Gordon comments that there's nothing wrong with that. Irene smiles, "No - but 'Carolyn Chisholm Trifle'?!" Looking at Gordon, Charlie suddenly exclaims, "That reminds me: talking of famous people, isn't it wonderful Wayne buying a genuine Norman Lindsay? It must be so exciting having an original in the family!" Gordon, looking surprised, comments, "He must be doing very well in the business. Where is it? I'd like to see it." Charlie, though, suddenly looking worried, cries, "Oh dear, there I go again. Please don't say a word. You weren't supposed to know about it; Wayne bought it as a surprise. Please don't say I said anything - he'll be so furious with me for ruining it." Gordon assures her, "My lips are sealed!" He then changes the subject and asks, "Have either of you had any reply to that cable about Patricia?" Looks of concern cross both women's faces. They glance at each other and then start to speak at the same time, Charlie saying, "I think we had the wrong address--" and Irene saying, "The cables haven't been--" They break off and look at each other. Gordon demands, "What's going on? Obviously you're keeping something from me. I think I have a right to know. Patricia is my wife. What are you trying to hide?" Charlie and Irene glance at each other again, looking worried.

Alison is pacing the floor of the lounge room at Charlie's. She then goes and pours herself a drink. Glen suddenly appears in the doorway - topless after a shower - and, indicating her glass, tells her, "You don't need that." Alison mutters, "I don't see it's any of your business." Glen walks over to her and stares into her eyes. Alison stares back at him. After several seconds, Glen starts leaning in...


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