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    Written by: Foveaux Kirby    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

The two cars hit each other and glass goes flying over the road. The cars spin off to opposite sides of the road. In Barbara's car, Gordon sits back, unconscious. Barbara has been flung through the windscreen and is lying unconscious on the ground nearby. In Caroline's car, Alison is conscious, and she quickly takes off her seatbelt and climbs out. Gordon begins to come-to but then lapses back into unconsciousness. In Caroline's car, Alison drags Caroline over into the driver's seat, puts the seatbelt on her and then starts walking away. She's quickly out of sight of the vehicles. A van suddenly pulls up by the crashed cars and the driver turns off his engine and climbs out. He surveys the wreckage. He then walks over to Caroline and asks her if she's OK. She murmurs, "I think so..." The man then asks, "Did your friend go to ring an ambulance? If she's getting help, I won't bother." Caroline just murmurs, "Yes." The man tells her, "You're lucky you had a passenger." Caroline's head lolls back, but she then suddenly becomes more alert, looks around her and cries, "No. Wait. I wasn't driving." The man, suddenly looking nervous, quickly says, "I've got to go. The ambulance will be here in a minute." He walks off. Caroline watches him, hazily, taking in the 'CB Air Conditioning' logo on the back of the overalls he's wearing. She starts struggling with her seatbelt, but then lapses back into unconsciousness.

Alison is saying frantically on a public 'phone, "Please come quickly; they're both unconscious." She listens and then snaps, "It doesn't matter who I am. Just get an ambulance down here."

A short time later, Alison arrives back at Charlie's. She dashes into the lounge room and checks her appearance in the mirror on the wall before quickly sitting down with a magazine as she hears Charlie heading towards the room. Charlie comes in, wearing her dressing gown after having a shower, and asks, "Didn't catch her?" Alison replies, "No, she was so drunk I was lucky she didn't run me down." Charlie remarks, "Looks as if she did." Alison stares at her in horror. Charlie points to a hole in Alison's tights and says, "That wasn't there before." Alison quickly says, "I must have torn it on something coming in. I wasn't looking where I was going; I was so annoyed at missing Caroline." Charlie tells her, "Don't worry, darling, it's not your fault if anything happens. Mind you, it would serve her right if she was stopped by a Booze Bus."

It's evening time and it's dark outside. Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural looking at some papers. He circles one figure, underlines another and then mutters, "That does it." He heads out to the hallway and picks up his jacket and keys. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and he opens it to find Irene standing there. She asks if Barbara is home, adding that she thought she'd make her her last house call for the day. Wayne mutters, "She and dad are at the club. They shouldn't be too long; wait, if you want." Irene asks him in surprise, "What's up with you?" Wayne retorts, "Nothing. Someone's been ripping me off. I'm going over to sort him out." With that, he heads off. Irene walks into the lounge room. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Irene quickly heads back to the front door, opens it and calls out, "Hey, Wayne..." Wayne doesn't return, though, so Irene answers the call in the hallway. A woman comes on and says, "Hello. My name's Sister Jansen from Hornsby Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton have been involved in a car accident and we're trying to contact the next of kin." A look of horror crosses Irene's face and she says to the sister, "Just a minute." She then runs back to the front door and yells, "Wayne!" He's already gone, though. She returns to the 'phone and tells the sister that Mr. Hamilton's son was there, but she couldn't catch him. She adds, "I'm their family doctor; I'll be right over." She hangs up and starts scribbling a note.

A short time later, Wayne is rapping on a door in the hallway at the mansion and snapping, "Barnes." There's no answer, though. He raps again. Janice eventually emerges from Fiona's room and tells Wayne, "He's out betting on the dogs. I came to see him earlier about updating the hot water system but all he was interested in was the dog races. The man couldn't care less about this place." Wayne mutters, "Why don't you move out, then?" Janice, though, retorts, "I don't live here; my aunt does. Who are you, anyway? What do you want?" Wayne tells her, "I happen to own this place." Janice says triumphantly, "Uh huh! So you're the one! Do you know realise what you're doing, asking people to live in these conditions? It's worse than theft. You ought to be ashamed of yourself." Wayne, however, retorts, "Hold on. I'm the one who's being ripped-off: my manager's been fiddling the books. He's the one you should be angry with." Janice, suddenly more calm, muses, "No wonder he panicked when my aunt said if he didn't start fixing things she'd go to the tenants' board. He didn't even show you her list of repairs, did he?" Wayne sighs, "Your aunt wouldn't be Fiona Thompson, by any chance?" Janice retorts, "Yes, she is." Wayne raises his eyebrows and then uses a key he's holding to enter Fred Barnes' room.

In the corridor at Hornsby Hospital, Caroline is telling a police officer, "Alison was driving; Alison Carr." The officer asks, "Then why when the ambulance got there were you in the driver's seat?" Caroline murmurs, "I don't know. I suppose I must have... slipped." The officer asks suspiciously, "Where Alison was?" Caroline suddenly realises, "She must have dragged me over after it happened..." The officer sighs, "Mrs. Morrell... please. Could I just have the truth?" Caroline retorts, "It is the truth; she was driving. Why don't you believe me?" The officer tells her, "It's a bit hard when you keep changing the story." Another officer suddenly joins them and, holding out some sheets of paper, says to his colleague, "The results of the blood alcohol test: point one-five." The first officer turns back to Caroline and tells her, "That's it, then: we'll have to charge you for drink-driving and neg-driving, as well."

Wayne is standing in Fred Barnes' room at the mansion, looking at a copy of Playboy magazine that he's found. Janice is with him and looking around the room, saying, "This is disgusting." Wayne drops the magazine onto a chair and muses, "Quite a pad he's set up, isn't it? Well, he won't be around to enjoy it much longer. I'll kick him out when he gets back and change the locks tonight." Janice says, "I'm glad you're taking such quick action." She then goes on, "What you really need is a better class of tenant. I don't like the idea of aunty living amongst derelicts and gamblers." Wayne retorts, "I'm afraid she hasn't got much choice." Janice tells him, "I've got friends at college who'd jump at the chance of cheap accommodation." She adds, "I'd pop in all the time, to keep an eye on things, until you find a responsible manager." Wayne looks at her closely and then says, "Alright - you've got yourself a job - as long as it doesn't interfere with your college work." Janice smiles, "Of course not."

Alison is listening to the news on a radio in Charlie's lounge room. She's pacing as the newsreader reports on a cyclone. He turns to the local news and starts reporting on road-funding grants. The front door suddenly bangs and Charlie comes in and complains, "I have had the most trying evening of my life. I simply had to escape." Alison continues trying to listen to the news, but Charlie switches the radio off, saying she's had about as much useless information as she can stand for one night. Alison suggests to her that she go to bed. Charlie, though, says she wants to just sit there and think about nothing for a while. Alison says she thinks she'll go for a walk. With that, she picks up her handbag and heads out.

Wayne arrives back at Dural to find Alison waiting on the step. As he opens the front door, he demands, "What are you doing here?" Alison quickly tells him, "I just came to see Gordon." Wayne retorts, "It's after ten o'clock." Alison asks, "Has he called or anything?" Wayne snaps, "How the hell would I know? I haven't been here for the last three hours." Alison walks into the lounge room, but Wayne tells her, "Barbara's car's not here. Maybe they stayed at the club for dinner or have gone somewhere else. I'm sure whatever it is can wait 'til morning." Alison reluctantly heads off again, saying, "Thanks anyway." Wayne turns off the hall lights and heads upstairs, not noticing Irene's note on the pad by the 'phone...

At the hospital, Barbara is lying in bed, unconscious, her head and upper body covered in bandages and heavy bruising around both her eyes. Irene is standing at the end of her bed, looking at her chart. Barbara suddenly comes-to and groans, "Where am I?" Irene tells her gently, "You're in hospital. There was an accident." Barbara murmurs, "How's Gordon?" Irene assures her, "Gordon's fine." Barbara asks, "Can I see him?" Irene replies, "Later. There's nothing to worry about, alright? Just rest."

A short time later, Irene heads into another room. Gordon is lying in a bed, an oxygen mask over his mouth. A nurse is with him and Irene asks, "Any change?" The nurse replies, "It's still touch-and-go. His pulse rate's all over the place." She then asks, "Doesn't he have a history of heart trouble?" Irene sighs, "Could give in at any moment." The nurse checks, "Still no sign of his son?" Irene murmurs, " I left a note at the house. I guess he hasn't come home yet."

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, asking in shock, "When did it happen?" The two police officers from the hospital are standing in the room and the first one tells her, "About a quarter past five." He adds, "Do you know when Miss. Carr will be home?" Charlie replies, "She shouldn't be long. She said she was just going for a walk." The police officer asks if they can wait. Charlie invites them to sit down. She then cries, "This is dreadful. We warned her, too, you know? We told her not to." The first officer asks, "Not to what?" Charlie replies, "Drive." The second officer asks, "Who? Mrs. Morrell?" Charlie nods, "Yes. She'd been drinking all afternoon; Alison tried to stop her." The first officer asks, "She didn't, though?" Charlie sighs, "No, Caroline just took off." The first officer says, "You can swear to that?" Charlie asks blankly, "What?" The officer replies, "Alison wasn't in the car with Caroline?" Charlie tells him, "Of course not, darling. She was here with me." The front door suddenly bangs and Alison comes in. Seeing the two policemen there, she asks, "What's going on?" Charlie tells the police officers, "This is Alison Carr." The first officer tells Alison, "We came to get a statement from you about your possible involvement in a road accident - but Mrs. Bartlett's given us all the information we need." Looking surprised, Charlie comments, "You didn't ask me anything." The officer assures her, "We didn't have to." Alison asks, "What accident?" Charlie tells her mutedly, "Caroline smashed into the Hamiltons on the way home." Alison hesitates and then asks, "Was anyone hurt?" The first officer tells her, "Mrs. Morrell's OK. Unfortunately, both the Hamiltons are seriously injured; Mr. Hamilton's critical. They're in Hornsby Hospital." With that, he thanks the women for their co-operation and he and his colleague leave. Charlie gasps quietly, "Critical... Gordon might be dying." Alison mouths in horror, "God..."

Wayne is asleep at Dural when the 'phone starts ringing. He puts on the hallway lights as he comes downstairs and goes to the 'phone. As he does so, he sees the note on the table. He answers the 'phone and Irene comes on and snaps, "Wayne, why the hell aren't you over here? Didn't you read my note?" Wayne, finishing reading the note, says, "I'll be right there." He hangs up and dashes back upstairs.

A short time later, Wayne dashes into the hospital and knocks over a nurse in the process. He quickly asks for Ward 4. The nurse points it out and he dashes in there. Irene is standing with Gordon and she demands of Wayne, "Where were you?" Wayne murmurs, "I didn't see the note." He then looks down at his unconscious father and asks, "How is he?" Irene tells him, "It's still serious. He's heavily sedated at the moment, to keep everything stable."

The next morning, Janice is tidying up in Fred Barnes' former room. She picks up the copy of Playboy and flicks through it. A look of horror crosses her face! There's suddenly a knock on the door and she stuffs the magazine under one of the cushions on the couch. She then goes and opens the door to find May standing there, and she says, "Hello. Come to pay the rent?" May just comments, "You're not the manager." Janice retorts, "Mr. Barnes went last night." May muses, "I can't say I'm sorry. His heart, I suppose?" Janice, though, tells her, "Theft. He was found fiddling the accounts, and when the owner found out he gave him his notice, no questions asked." She adds - with a keen smile on her face - "Mr. Hamilton's a very forceful man..." May asks, "He's not going to throw me out, as well?" Janice assures her, "Of course he isn't - he's on your side. I'm sure you'll find him fair and reasonable."

Charlie is sitting with Alison in the corridor at Hornsby Hospital. Charlie asks if they should go. Alison, though, retorts that she's staying until she can see them. Charlie offers her some more coffee. As she stands up, Irene joins them and says, "I'm sorry - it's still only family. Wayne won't leave his side." Alison asks if there's any improvement. Irene replies, "A little. A long way to go yet, though." A nurse suddenly emerges from another room and says to Irene, "Excuse me, doctor. Mrs. Hamilton's conscious and she wants to see her husband." Irene stands there, looking worried.

A short time later, Irene heads into Barbara's room. Barbara is rubbing her head. Irene asks her how she's feeling. Barbara, though, just says, "I want to see Gordon." Irene tells her, "I'm afraid we can't move either of you at the moment." Barbara asks, "How is he?" Irene smiles, "I told you: he's fine. You mustn't worry about it." Barbara then indicates the bandages round her head and asks weakly, "What's happened to me?" Irene replies gently, "You sustained facial injuries in the accident." Barbara, close to tears, asks, "How bad is it?" Irene hesitates and then admits, "I'm afraid your face is going to be badly scarred." Barbara asks, "Permanently?" Irene replies, "I'm sorry, but you've lost so much tissue..." She adds, "It's not the end of the world. I know it seems an easy thing to say, but you've been lucky - both of you." Barbara suddenly says, "Can I have a mirror, please?" She adds that there's one in her bag. Irene sighs, "Barbara, you won't see anything - there are only bandages." Barbara insists, "Please, Irene." Irene reluctantly goes to Barbara's handbag at the end of the bed and takes out a hand mirror. She gives it to Barbara and then says she'll be outside. She leaves the room. When she's gone, Barbara opens the mirror and looks at her reflection. Her eyes widen in horror.

Out in the corridor, Irene is standing with Alison and Charlie again, and Charlie is asking, "What sort of injuries?" Irene, though, tells her, "That's up to Barbara to tell you when she wants to. It's not too serious: we had a bit of a chat; she's sitting up." Alison asks if they can see her. Irene, though, tells her, "Not right now." Charlie cries, "It's all Caroline's fault. We pleaded with her not to go; I hope she's feeling guilty, because what she's done is just too..." She breaks down into tears. Irene suggests to her and Alison that they go home for a rest. Alison, though, insists, "I'd like to stay in case Gordon improves." Irene tells Charlie that she'll walk her to the car. They head off.

A while later, Charlie arrives home to find Caroline standing in the driveway. Caroline exclaims, "Charlie! Thank God you're back. Where's Alison?" Charlie, however, snaps at her, "You've got a nerve, turning up here. You've seen Gordon, have you?" Caroline replies, "Yes, but--" She breaks off and then insists, "I wasn't driving the car. Alison was." Charlie snaps at her, "You were so drunk you can't remember what happened." Caroline cries, "It was Alison. You have to believe me." Charlie snaps, "Barbara's injured and Gordon might even die because of you." Caroline cries, "Please, it wasn't me. It was Alison; we have to get her to admit it." Charlie, however, retorts, "If you keep saying that, I'm going to tell her to sue you for defamation." She then storms off to the house, yelling behind her, "Go home, Caroline - and don't bother us again."

Alison is walking along the corridor at the hospital, a tray of food in her hand. Irene emerges from Gordon's room and comments to her, "I'm glad you've decided to eat something." Alison, though, explains that it's for Wayne. Irene says she'll take it in. Alison, though, asks, "Would you mind if I did?" Irene tells her, "It's still only family." Alison, however, replies, "I just wanted Wayne to know I was around if he needed me." Irene accepts this and, opening the door, smiles, "Don't stay too long, OK?" Alison heads into the room. Wayne is sitting by Gordon's bed and she tells him gently, "I brought you some food." Wayne just murmurs, "Thanks." Alison looks at the unconscious Gordon and then runs out of the room, looking upset.

In the manager's room at the mansion, Janice writes May a receipt for her rent. May is sitting on the couch and has found the copy of Playboy. She muses to herself, "That's not how I would have posed for a photograph!" Janice starts looking through the list of tenants in the rent book and comments, "Some of the tenants don't have names." May suggests that they want to be anonymous. Janice retorts, "That will have to change." She adds wistfully, "It'll be lovely having my friends from college living here. Perhaps we could start a discussion group with the other tenants? Try to reform them?" May, however, isn't listening, and is instead busy trying her key in the padlock in a side door in the room. She comments in an annoyed tone of voice that it doesn't fit anymore. Janice explains, "Mr. Hamilton changed it last night in case Barnes tried to get in." May appeals, "Then would you please tell him to change it back? I don't want him poking around in there. That's my storeroom and it's private." There's suddenly a knock on the main door. As Janice goes to answer it, May persists, "I have some very valuable personal possessions in there and I want the key now." There's a middle-aged man standing at the main door and he tells Janice, "I can't pay for me room this week." Janice demands, "Why not?" The man replies, "I had to bury me brother." Janice murmurs, "I'm sorry." She then asks, "Can you pay next week?" The man tells her, "Me brother didn't leave nothin'." Janice snaps, "You can't stay here without paying rent." The man sighs, "Look, don't worry. I've got a couple of bucks: I'll put it through the pokies and I'll give you a cut at the end of the night." Janice growls, "We'll see what Mr. Hamilton has to say about that." She shuts the door again and mutters to May, "That is exactly the sort of person we don't want living here. What this place needs is disciplined behaviour and a code of conduct. I'm going to make up a set of house rules." May looks at her.

Alison is getting herself a cup of water from a machine at the hospital when Caroline suddenly marches up to her, spins her round so that they're face-to-face and snaps, "What are you trying to do to me?" Alison warns, "Don't shout." Caroline, though, retorts, "I'll shout as much as I like. I have been charged with drink-driving... neg-driving... I could go to jail. I'm going to scream blue murder until you own up to driving my car yesterday." Alison just says, "I wasn't there." She goes to walk off. Caroline follows her and tells her, "There was a witness, Alison. That much, I remember." Alison stops in her tracks. Caroline goes on, "An air-conditioning man. He saw you." Alison, suddenly looking worried, murmurs, "That's rubbish." Caroline, though, continues, "He didn't wait around because he thought you'd gone for help." Alison mutters, "The police are never going to believe that." Caroline tells her, "They will when I find him - and believe me, I will find him." With that, she walks off, leaving Alison looking worried.


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