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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

In the lounge room at David's country house, Charlie is asking, "What if he runs away? What will I do then? I couldn't stand it." Spider is with her and he suggests that Tom can't mean all that much to her. Charlie, though, explains that he could eventually: they just looked at each other and she knew. There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Charlie cries, "Oh no, he's here." Spider tells her to get her wig on, quick. Charlie looks at him in surprise, and he clarifies, "If you don't want to lose him, you've got to give him time to get to know you." Charlie cries that she can't; she's made up her mind. Spider, though, guides her towards the hallway and she sighs that she'll be out as soon as she's ready. Spider slicks back his hair, preparing to answer the door.

At Charlie's, Wayne muses to Leigh nastily, "Well, Lazarus Palmer, it's real afternoon paper stuff isn't it? 'Baby stealer, 20, fakes own death'." Leigh murmurs that she didn't plan it. Wayne retorts that it's going to be hard to prove. Leigh mutters that she supposes he'll have a great time telling everyone. Wayne, sitting down, smiles, "If I decide to..." Leigh stands up and asks, "What's stopping you?" Wayne looks at her and replies, "Let's just say I'm an opportunist. I want to hear the full story. If you're up here, Alison must have something to do with it. Maybe we can make some arrangement - unless you want me to call the police now...?" Leigh growls reluctantly, "No. I'll tell you."

In the lounge room at David's, Spider is relating the poem 'The Man from Snowy River' to Tom. He comes to an end and Tom exclaims that it was wonderful! Spider laughs that he used to be featured in all the concerts up in Darwin during the war! Charlie suddenly comes in, wearing her blonde wig and glasses, and Tom stands up and smiles, "Hello. Spider said I caught you in the shower." Charlie replies nervously that she felt like a freshen-up. She sits down and Tom tells her that she missed a fabulous rendition of 'The Man from Snowy River'! Charlie just sits there, looking subdued. Tom then tells her that he knows why she's not working: one of the waiters told him. Charlie continues to sit there in silence. Tom assures her, "If you'd rather not talk about it..." Charlie sighs and says quietly, "It was my son's girlfriend. She was a lovely girl. Hardly a saint, but..." She breaks off. After a moment's hesitation, Tom tells her that, if she'd like to take her mind off things for a couple of hours, how about coming to an open-air concert? Charlie exclaims in surprise, "Now?!" Tom explains, "You've got about an hour to get there... the three Bs are on the programme." Charlie stares at him blankly and asks, "When did they reform?" Tom stares back at her, equally blankly, and asks, "What?" Charlie asks, "After the other one died, was it?" Tom, still looking bemused, tells her, "They're all dead!" Charlie, looking shocked, exclaims, "Ringo too?" Tom looks at her and then bursts into laughter, saying, "The Beatles?! Very clever. One to you!" Turning to Spider, he adds, "I don't know how she keeps a straight face; I never can!" Spider, though, tells him, "I haven't got a clue what you're talking about. What three Bs are you on about?" Tom explains, "The real Bs: Bach, Brahms and..." He looks at Charlie and she suggests, "Beethoven?" Tom smiles at her and hums the opening notes of one of Beethoven's symphonies. Spider comments that he's heard that tune before. Charlie quickly tells him, "You should have. I've played it often enough." Spider looks at her in surprise! Tom then suggests that they'd better shake a leg, and Charlie stands up.

Alison is sitting by the swimming pool at Dural. James climbs out of the pool and joins her, commenting that there's nothing like a quick dip to clear the cobwebs. Alison, though, just snaps, "Well?" James retorts, "'Well' what?" Alison points out, "You asked me over here to discuss the shares, remember? The fine print? So far, you've offered me a drink, talked endlessly about the good old days and dragged me out here to watch you swim up and down the pool. The shares haven't even scored a mention." James smiles, "I had to establish the mood... put you at ease. No point in rushing things." Alison snaps, "What exactly did you want to talk to me about?" James replies, "The shares. Thought we could come to terms." Alison demands, "What sort of terms?" James replies, "Mutually beneficial terms." Alison glares at him and snaps, "If that's the best you can do, I'm leaving." She starts walking off. James calls after her to ask if they can't just talk. Alison stops, turns and looks at him and retorts, "If you had anything vaguely relevant to say, I might. But seeing as you don't, the deadline remains twelve noon tomorrow. Goodbye." With that, she stomps off. James calls after her to hang on, but it's no use.

Wayne is still sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's as Leigh paces the floor and says, "It was just instinct, I suppose. I just knew I didn't want to go to jail." Wayne comments that she didn't plan it, then? Leigh pleads, "Don't call the cops - please..." Wayne muses, "I don't want to, of course. But being a law-abiding citizen..." Leigh glares at him and snaps, "Oh come off it, Wayne. Don't give me that. If you've got it in for me, just come out and say so." Wayne points out, "If I dump you in it, Alison goes too: aiding and abetting. She's the one I want to bring down a peg or to." The front door suddenly bangs shut and Alison walks in. Wayne stands up and, smiling nastily, says brightly, "Alison, do come in. We were just talking about you." Leigh quickly assures her, "He hasn't called the police." Alison snaps at her, "Why on earth did you let him in?" Leigh, though, retorts that she didn't. Wayne explains to Alison, "I was bringing back the key I've had since Charlie let me stay here. Seems I picked a good time, too. James has been convincing me how unpleasant life might become after you get control of the company. I was just deciding whether it was worth seeing Leigh behind bars to see you there as well." Alison growls, "Is it?" Wayne admits, "No. Maybe not - as long as when you do buy the shares, you do as I say..."

A few moments later, Alison snaps, "What are you going to tell James? I presume he'll wonder why you suddenly don't mind my being in control..." Wayne replies, "I'll simply say I tried to talk you out of buying the shares, but no go." He adds, "It won't stop him, of course." Alison asks, "From what?" Wayne explains, "He's trying to balance the ledger: find something on you. I was on the verge of giving him a hand. No need to now, is there?" Alison glares at him and then asks, "What if he does find something?" Wayne asks, "Such as?" Alison tells him pointedly, "I can't serve two masters, Wayne. If I were you, I'd get him to stop looking. Need I say more?" Wayne muses, "Point taken. I'll see what I can do." He then hands over the house key and smiles that he'll knock next time. With that, he goes. Leigh immediately says to Alison, "I've got to get out of here. If I disappear, Wayne's got no proof that he saw me. I can't trust him to keep his mouth shut." Alison points out that, if she disappears, Wayne is bound to go to the police. Leigh, though, cries, "And I won't be here. Just tell them he's lying; you've never seen me." Alison retorts, "I don't want the police nosing around. If Wayne said he saw you, there's bound to be some sort of investigation." Leigh comments, "I thought you wanted help." Alison retorts, "I don't want people asking questions about me. The police, James or anyone."

Wayne arrives back at Dural and James immediately joins him in the hallway and asks him what he found out. Wayne tells him, "Nothing." James asks, "Are you sure she didn't see you?" Wayne retorts, "Of course I am. I waltzed in, searched through her stuff, came home again. Didn't see a soul. I'm sorry: she's clean." James snarls that she can't be. At that moment, the study door opens and Gordon and Barbara emerge. James immediately demands of his brother, "Gordon, what do you know about Alison Carr?" Gordon replies that he doesn't know her all that well; she only turned up a couple of months ago. James growls, "You must have some sort of opinion of her. If I sell her my shares, is she going to take advantage of Wayne and Caroline?" Gordon admits, "Probably." James asks, "Why?" Gordon explains, "Because basically, she's like Patricia. They even look alike. I suppose she made notes in Rio." With that, he heads off to the lounge room. Wayne raises his eyebrows and follows him.

Rod is sitting with Beryl in Beryl's lounge room. They're both looking at newspapers. As they do so, Rod asks Beryl when Leigh's mum left, and she replies that it was a couple of hours ago; she didn't see the point in hanging around any longer. There's silence for a few moments before Rod tries again, saying he knows it's a bad time, but he thinks they ought to start talking about them. Beryl, though, mutters, "Later, alright?" Rod asks her if she's changed her mind. Beryl retorts that she hasn't, but she just can't think straight. Rod sighs heavily. Beryl explains more calmly that it's just that things are so uncertain. Rod muses that he'll give it a rest for a couple of days, until she's ready to talk. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Beryl goes to answer it. She finds Spider standing there, and, as she escorts him into the lounge room, he explains that he was down at the farm, watching Adam weed the garden like it was a jungle, and he came up with a wonderful idea. Beryl and Rod look at him in surprise as he suggests, "What about a memorial service?"

Tom is singing Beethoven's Ode to Joy as he and Charlie arrive back at the country house. Charlie tries to join in, but she eventually muses that she never was much of a singer! She then adds that it was a lovely concert, and she thanks him for taking her. Tom smiles that he was glad she could come. Charlie suddenly notices a note sitting on the kitchen table, and she picks it up and reads, "Gone to Beryl's for dinner. Maybe see you tomorrow." She puts the note down again and comments that Spider certainly gets around! Tom, staring into her eyes, suggests, "Perhaps he thought we might want to be alone together...?" He then goes on, "I'll tell you what: why don't we go to dinner, you and me? We'll hop in the car with a bottle of red and some fine conversation... pick out a little BYO place..." Charlie smiles, "You've won me. I'll just go and change." Tom looks at her in surprise and asks, "What for?" Charlie tells him, "A girl likes to impress!" Tom, though, insists, "I like you the way you are, Charlotte. Don't try to be someone you're not." Charlie, suddenly looking nervous, murmurs, "I'll do my best..."

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Spider is saying, "I remember when a mate of mine was lost at sea during the war. We had one then." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl gets up and answers it. STD pips sound and Heather then comes on and says, "Hello, Beryl." Beryl exclaims in surprise, "Heather!" Looking upset, Heather tells her sadly, "It was Mike's funeral today. I just got home." A look of shock crosses Beryl's face as Heather adds, "He died on Friday afternoon." Beryl says, "I'm terribly sorry." Heather tells her, "I'll bring Jamie down tomorrow." Looking surprised, Beryl asks her if she'd like to leave it for a while. Heather, though, insists, "No. I'll see you about lunchtime, alright?" Beryl murmurs, "Fine." They then both hang up. Looking at the expression on Beryl's face, Spider asks if it was bad news. Looking upset, Beryl explains, "Mike O'Brien died." Turning to Rod, she adds, "Mike and Heather were our neighbours for a while." Spider asks about Robert. Beryl replies, "She's bringing him down tomorrow." Looking puzzled, Rod asks who Robert is. Spider tells him, "Beryl's baby." A smile of disbelief crosses Rod's face until he realises Spider's serious. Turning to Beryl, he exclaims, "Baby?!"

A few moments later, Beryl is saying, "I'm sorry, Rod. I should have told you earlier. Robert's about one year old. He's spent the last seven or eight months with Mike and Heather." Rod asks why that is. Spider, though, tells him not to ask why, as he could be there all night! Rod insists that he'd like to know sometime. Beryl tells him that she'll make a cuppa and start filling him in. She then heads off to the kitchen. When she's gone, Spider asks Rod if it's going to make any difference. Rod muses, "No... It was a bit of a shock, you know, to find out I might have to start raising a kid again, though. Hadn't exactly banked on it, you know?"

Barbara opens the front door at Dural to find Fiona and Irene standing on the step. She invites them in and Fiona asks if Gordon's home. Barbara indicates the lounge room and tells her to go in. Fiona murmurs, "Thankyou," and heads in there. Alone with Barbara, Irene says to her that she hopes she doesn't mind them barging in like this, but Fiona hasn't been too good: she's blaming herself for the Colonel's suicide and she was hoping Barbara and Gordon might be able to cheer her up. Barbara assures her that they'll do their best. In the lounge room, Gordon tells Fiona that it's good to see her. He asks her how she's bearing up, and she replies that she's not too bad. They head over to the dining table, where James is sitting with Wayne. Wayne offers her some fruitcake, but she declines. Gordon tells her, "We were going to play Trivial Pursuit. Now there are six of us, there are three teams of two." Barbara says she'll get a cloth to put on the table. Gordon goes with her to get it. Irene looks at James and he comments that they've got to stop meeting like this! He blows his nose, and smiles that he thinks he's coming down with something: he might have to make an appointment. Irene retorts, "It's called a cold. Put a jumper on!" Changing the subject, she asks how things were this morning. James asks, "With Caroline?" Irene comments, "Don't tell me there were others?" James replies, "No, no... well, it didn't go too well, as a matter of fact." Irene muses that you can't win them all. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gordon answers it. After a moment, he tells James that it's for him; it's Alison. James heads out to take it in the hallway. Wayne watches him go, suspiciously. Out in the hallway, James picks up and says, "Hello?" Alison tells him, "I've changed my mind. I want the shares now." James snaps, "Hang on - it's Sunday." Alison retorts, "I'm aware of that. You've got three hours to track down your broker, get the papers signed and bring them over." James growls that he could be anywhere. Alison tells him, "I don't care where he is. Three hours, alright, or I go to the police." With that, she hangs up. At Dural, Wayne joins James and asks him what the story is. James growls, "She must have seen you." Wayne retorts, "I told you a dozen times: I didn't see anyone." Barbara joins them and asks them if they're playing. Wayne nods, "Yeah." Barbara tells them not to be long, and she heads back inside. Wayne snaps at James, "She didn't see me. I know she didn't." James wipes his nose with his handkerchief and snaps, "Something has got to her." At the table in the lounge room, Gordon is saying to Fiona, "We can't blame ourselves if the truth hurts occasionally. It's still the truth; people have a right to know." Fiona says quietly that she's told herself that a hundred times. Gordon insists, "You've done nothing wrong." Fiona, though, retorts, "Then why is one man dead who would otherwise have been alive?" Irene tells her, "Because he couldn't cope. You didn't pull the trigger, Fiona." Wayne and James suddenly come back in, Wayne snapping as they do so, "James..." James, though, retorts, "I have to ask, alright. Now, pipe down." He walks over to the table and then says to those gathered there, "Listen, I'm sorry to interrupt, folks, but for business reasons, I gotta know everything there is to know about this Alison Carr." Gordon points out, "I've told you all I know." Barbara adds, "So have I." James snaps, "She arrived a couple of months ago. Somebody's got to know something more than that. Where's she come from? What's she done?" Barbara suggests that Charlie might know. James asks, "Charlie? Why Charlie?" Barbara explains, "Because she's had most to do with her - and she and Alison were both friends of Patricia." James stares at her and asks, "What's happened to this Patricia? Where did she go to?" Fiona chips in and shrugs, "Supposedly, she's with David, in South America. But it might not be her. Maybe he never did find her." Looking puzzled, James asks if she was hard to track down. Fiona tells him, "At first, we didn't know that she has a different face." James asks, "Come again?" Fiona explains, "After we'd been there for a while, we found out she'd had some sort of off-the-record plastic surgery in some clinic in Rio de Janeiro." James, realisation suddenly dawning, asks, "The Santos clinic?" Fiona asks, "How did you know?" James stands there, looking triumphant.

A few moments later, James is heading upstairs. Wayne is following him and asking him where he's off to. James retorts, "To get a jumper. Do I need a note?" Wayne demands, "What's going on? You looked as if you won Lotto, a minute ago." James turns and faces him and explains tersely, "A few things just started to fall into place, that's all." Wayne asks, "About Alison?" James retorts, "How did you guess?" Wayne asks, "Has it changed anything?" James tells him, "If you're referring to the shares, I don't know; that's up to her. We've got three hours to win a game of Trivial Pursuit and then I'm going to go over and have a little chat with her. Handle the first few questions for me, boyo." With that, he heads off upstairs, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

Leigh is sitting with Alison in Charlie's lounge room, musing, "There's a reason why James has to sell to you, isn't there, otherwise he would have said 'go jump'. What have you got on him?" Alison asks impatiently if they can't talk about something else. Leigh, though, adds, "Must be good..." She goes on, "Why the rush? That's what I don't understand." Alison just mutters, "I want the shares." Leigh points out, "You would have got them tomorrow; you didn't have to have them today. Anyway, he's about to turn up on the doorstep. What am I supposed to do?" Alison snaps impatiently, "Let me tell you about bedrooms: they're very good for this sort of thing. You go in, close the door, stay quiet, no one knows you're here." Leigh comments that it's still a risk. Alison snaps, "I'll take it." Leigh persists, "Why?" Alison, though, retorts, "I don't have to answer to you." She then sighs and goes on, "You heard Wayne: Biggles is trying to get something on me. That's why I can't waste time." Leigh comments that changing the deadline is hardly going to make James stop looking. Alison, though, tells her, "If he finds anything - which, in case you haven't guessed, there's a chance he might - it'll be a sort of stalemate, won't it? What I'm ensuring is that if there's going to be such a stalemate, it's one where I have the shares, not him." Leigh muses that it sounds a messy way of doing things. Alison snaps, "If you've got any better ideas, do tell me." Leigh pauses and then says, "We need Patricia. She'd know how to fix him." Alison, though, turns away and murmurs, "Even Patricia would have trouble handling James Hamilton..."

It's late when Fiona and Irene arrive back at Fiona's flat at the boarding house, talking about their game of Trivial Pursuit. Irene offers Fiona some coffee, and she accepts, adding that everything is where it usually is! She then goes to the 'phone, saying she might just call Barbara and thank her for the game. She dials, the 'phone at the other end rings and Barbara answers. Fiona says it's her, and Barbara smiles that that was quick! Fiona explains, "I just wanted to say thankyou very much for the afternoon." Barbara tells her, "You know you're more than welcome any time." Fiona smiles, "Thankyou." Barbara then says, "I'm sorry to cut you short, but dinner calls. I'll talk to you later, OK?" Fiona nods, "OK," and hangs up. Irene emerges from the kitchen and tells her, "Kettle's on!" Fiona is just standing by the 'phone, staring into the distance. Irene tells her, "Strike up..." Fiona just turns away and says sadly, "It's just no good, Irene." Irene tells her, "You're going to have to snap out of it. Gerrard Bainbridge was mad. You are not responsible." Fiona, though, sighs, "It's not just that. I'll tell Mary she can go back to Gordon and Barbara's tomorrow. She'll be glad to hear that; she's very fond of them." Irene points out, "She's very fond of you, too." Fiona sighs, "Seeing someone die like that, right there in front of you, makes you stop; ask yourself things that you wouldn't usually - like... what is my life about?" She goes on sadly, "Looking back over the years, it seems the only time my life has had any purpose is when somebody else is in need: Jill... Fee... Hung... Mary..." Irene assures her, "Hey... the world would be a pretty sad place if the world didn't have people whose main concern was helping others." Fiona sighs sadly, "I'm so lost, Irene. I don't know what I want anymore - or what I'm doing..."

James has turned up at Charlie's, and as Alison escorts him into the lounge room, she comments disinterestedly that she hopes she hasn't dragged him away from one of Barbara's Sunday roasts. She then demands, "Where's the share certificate?" James reaches into his trouser pocket, takes out a piece of paper and hands it to her. She stares at it and then demands, "What's this?" James retorts, "Your cheque." Alison mutters that she can see that. James tells her, "I decided not to sell. I thought you'd want it back." Alison growls. "You're not serious?" James, though, retorts, "I'm dead serious. Spit on your grave and hope to die." Alison snaps, "I haven't been bluffing." James assures her, "I never thought you were." Alison mutters, "Alright, I'll call the police now." With that, she goes to the 'phone. As she does so, though, James says curtly, "Really? I didn't think that you'd want them here - Patricia." Alison stands there, her back to James so that he can't see the look of shock on her face.


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