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    Written by: Lyn Ogilvy   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Alison and Mary are walking in the grounds outside Charlie's house, and Alison is saying, "I can't believe it. She was so full of energy. She'd had a pretty rough life, too, one thing or another. The poor kid never had a chance. Never will, now." Mary asks her if they were very close. Alison replies, "No, not really. Charlie was, though. I was closer to her father, David." They sit down on some seats and Alison adds, "He's the person in the world I care most about." She then quickly corrects, "Cared most about." Mary asks what happened. Alison explains, "He married someone else. I loved him so much and I was sure he loved me." She then adds bitterly, "Still, no fool like an old fool, they say. Dead right in my case." Mary, looking upset, pleads, "Don't go hard again. I like it when you show your real feelings." Alison muses, "I think I've forgotten how. I suppose I mistrust too many people." Mary asks, "Not me?" Alison smiles, "No, not you."

At the Morrell town house, Chris is talking on the 'phone and he says, "Thankyou, Sergeant," before hanging up. He then tells Samantha that the police are putting out a call on his dad, just in case he does have Caroline. He adds, though, that there's no proof he does; there could be some perfectly simple explanation. Samantha, though, snaps at him that they both know what's happened; she just hopes he hasn't harmed her mother. Chris tells her that there's no reason why he should. Samantha, though, asks angrily, "Since when has he had any reason for any of the crazy things he's done? If he has hurt mum, I swear I'll kill him." Chris snaps at her that she's not solving anything by jumping off the deep end. Samantha mutters that she's sorry; she's just worried. Chris then asks her more calmly if Caroline said anything that might have upset his dad. Samantha replies, "He got angry when he found out you'd made friends with Hung. Especially when he knew Fiona had introduced you." Chris remarks that it still doesn't explain why he involved Caroline - unless she stopped him trying to do something he wanted to do. He then suddenly says, "He's gone to Fiona's. I bet you. He still blames her for all of his problems." He goes to the 'phone and dials Fiona's number, but finds it's engaged. Samantha murmurs, "He really hates her, doesn't he?" Chris just looks at her and announces, "I'm going to the boarding house." Samantha points out that his car has gone. She adds that she'll come with him.

James and Duncan are walking in the garden at Dural. James asks Duncan what he found out. Duncan, though, replies, "Not a lot. Nothing, in fact." He adds, "There's something that doesn't add up about her, though. How many people do you know that don't have a background?" James snaps at him to get to the point. Duncan goes on, "There's no police record; that's not unusual. There's no credit rating; possible... But there's no birth certificate that I can trace." James snaps, "What are you telling me? The name's a fake? She's not Alison Carr?" Duncan nods, "That might be the go." He then asks, "Are you sure she was born in Australia?" James retorts, "As far as I know. The word is she travelled a lot." Duncan muses, "Bit difficult without a passport..." He then adds, "Picked a real dark horse here, James, me old mate." James growls, "We've got to delay that share transfer. I don't know what that lady's trying to hide, but something's on the nose and I'm going to find out what it is." Duncan tells him, "Well this private eye's going to put his feet up. Give us a nudge when you decide what to do next." With that, he heads off inside the house, leaving James standing looking thoughtful.

At Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Fiona hangs up the telephone and laughs, "Oh wow, can Barbara gossip!" She joins Irene and Andy at the living room table, and Irene smiles that they noticed how she couldn't get a word in edgewise! She then asks how everyone is, and Fiona replies that Gordon is so much better since he and James mended a few fences. She adds that they're coming back down tomorrow. Andy, changing the subject, asks if anybody knows when Mary's going to show. Fiona smiles, "When she's good and ready!" Andy says he thought he might take her to the movies. Irene asks him if he's taken a shine to her, and he smiles, "Yeah, I like her." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Fiona gets up to answer it. She opens the door to find Colonel Bainbridge standing there. He immediately barges in and closes the door behind him, snarling as he does so, "I want to talk to you. You've got a lot to answer for."

A few moments later, the Colonel goes on, "Ruining my life wasn't enough, was it? You had to get my son, as well. Filling his head with their propaganda. Making him think we were in the wrong." Andy walks over to them and tells the Colonel to calm down. The Colonel, though snaps at him to keep out of it. Fiona suggests to Andy and Irene that it might be best if they leave, and then she can talk to the Colonel privately. Andy retorts that he's not going anywhere. Fiona, though, insists that she'll be alright. She then grabs Irene's hand and leads her to the door, saying to the Colonel that she'll just see them out. The three of them step out into the corridor, where Fiona says quietly to Irene and Andy, "Call the police. He's got a gun." She then heads back into her flat, looking worried. She suggests to the Colonel that he sit down and she could make a nice cup of tea. The Colonel, though, snarls, "What do you think this is? A garden party? You're on trial. You made my son go over to the Cong." Fiona retorts, "That's the most ridiculous thing--" The Colonel interrupts her, though, and snaps, "If you can prove that, there's nothing to be scared of. But if you can't, you're in trouble..." Fiona stares at him.

Alison and Mary are still walking in the grounds at Charlie's when James comes over and joins them. Alison comments to him that he's come to talk about the share transfer, she hopes. James replies that he has, actually. He then nods, "Hello," to Mary and asks her if she and Alison are friends now. Alison smiles that it didn't take long for them to make up; Mary appreciated the trouble she went to for Gordon. Mary tells James, "I thought it was very kind of you to go into partnership with him on Woombai. I'm glad Alison persuaded you." Alison then tells Mary that she and James have quite a lot of business to talk about. Mary says she was going home anyway. Alison tells her to come again soon, and she goes. James then comments suspiciously to Alison, "You're trying very hard just to please that kid." Alison retorts that she likes her. James asks why. Alison retorts, "I just do." James remarks that she's trying too hard for that to be the reason. Alison sighs and explains, "She thinks Patricia's her mother. Patricia was a good friend; I feel responsible for her." James mutters, "A regular Mother Theresa, eh?" Changing the subject, Alison asks him impatiently if he's got the transfer papers. James replies that, as a matter of fact, he hasn't. Alison asks why not. James tells her that his stockbroker's out of town and won't be back until Monday. Alison glares at him and warns, "If you're trying to stall, it won't work. Unless I have those papers by twelve, Monday, I'll go to the police about Ben Simmonds, alright?" James smiles, "Cross my heart..."

At Fiona's flat, Fiona is telling Colonel Bainbridge calmly, "Hung was only a baby when the war stopped. He's not the enemy." The Colonel, though, snaps, "Wrong." Fiona goes on, "How would you like it if Chris was blamed for everything you had done? No, of course you wouldn't. And the same applies to Hung. He doesn't know what was going on; he's just an ordinary young boy." The Colonel snarls, "Wrong again." Fiona insists, "He is a human being." The Colonel, though, snaps, "Shut up. I'm not on trial; you are." Fiona quickly says, "I want to show you something." She reaches down to the couch and picks up a copy of the newspaper with the article from when Hung went missing. She then points out, "Here's a picture of Hung. You take a good look at it. Does he look dangerous to you?" The Colonel just grabs the newspaper and rips it up, snarling as he does so, "They never look dangerous. They're always smiling. But you can't trust them. Don't trust you, either. I love my country, Fiona. I'd die for it. I hope you love Vietnam enough to die for it..."

Irene is standing outside in the corridor, her ear to Fiona's door. Andy joins her and tells her the police are on their way. Chris and Samantha suddenly come round the corner and Chris, seeing what's going on, asks what's up. Irene glances at Andy and Chris says, "It's not dad?" Andy replies, "Yeah: he's got Fiona barrelled-up." Irene adds, "He's also got a gun. We're afraid he might use it." Samantha, looking horrified, asks if her mother's with him. Irene, though, replies that she isn't. Chris says he'd better get in there. Irene, though, tells him that the door's locked; they'd better not force anything until the police get there.

Inside the flat, the Colonel is saying to Fiona tersely, "They tried to take over, you know? And you're helping them. How many of you are in it?" Fiona insists that there's nobody in it; there's no plot. The Colonel, though, snaps, "Lies. How did you indoctrinate my son? Did you brainwash him?" Fiona cries, "All I did was introduce Chris to a young boy who was staying with me." The Colonel snarls, "I see. Hiding them now, are you?" Fiona snaps at him, "Chris met a young Vietnamese boy and they became friends. Now that's all there is to it. You should feel very proud of him: he overcame his hatred." The Colonel snarls, "Proud? Of a deserter?" Fiona cries, "Chris is no deserter. He's your son and he loves you and you're making it very difficult for him because you won't get over your prejudices." The Colonel says calmly, "You don't know. You weren't there. You didn't see what they did to my men; to my mates." Fiona tells him, "There was wrong on both sides. But it's all over now. Please... oh please let me help you." The Colonel, suddenly reaching into his jacket and taking out his gun, replies, "It's too late... for everything. Why couldn't you leave my family alone?" He points the gun at Fiona.

Irene is walking along the corridor outside, and she rejoins Chris, Samantha and Andy, saying it took her a while to remember where she hid the damn thing. She's holding a key to Fiona's flat. Chris says he has to go in. Irene appeals to him to wait until the police get there. Chris, though, says he can't: he heard what his father's been saying; he needs him. Irene warns him that he might just be making things worse.

In the flat, the Colonel is saying to Fiona, "I only wanted him to be proud of his father. He's ashamed of me. That's your fault. You told him what I'd done; he need never have known." Fiona cries that she didn't do it on purpose; she wishes it had never happened, but it did, and she can't change that. The Colonel glares at her and says, "Be better if you were dead. Couldn't hurt anyone then."

Out in the corridor, Chris appeals to Irene, "Please. You can hear what's going on. I've got to stop him." Samantha points out, "He might shoot you." Chris, though, retorts, "Better me than Fiona." He adds, "Look, he's my dad. He's my responsibility." Irene hands over the key, reluctantly, and Chris puts it in the lock and opens the door. He then calls, "Dad, I'm coming in. I want to talk to you." He approaches Fiona slowly as the Colonel snaps, "Stay away. I don't need you. I don't need anybody." Chris says to his father calmly, "Put the gun away, dad. You're not going to shoot anyone." He carefully creeps forward until he's standing in front of Fiona.

Out in the corridor, Irene, Samantha and Andy all suddenly jump as they hear a shot ring out.

A few moments later, Irene walks away from the Colonel's dead body, which is lying on the floor in Fiona's flat, and she murmurs, "I'm sorry." Chris is standing there, looking down at his father. Fiona cries, "Chris..." Chris just walks away. Fiona turns to Irene, Samantha and Andy and sobs, "He was going to kill me - and then he turned the gun on himself..." She breaks down into tears. Irene helps her onto the couch as two police officers walk in. The first officer introduces himself as Senior Constable Davies and his colleague as Constable Duggan. Irene tells them, "There's been a shooting. He's dead." Davies tells Duggan to let them know back at the station, and Duggan walks out. Samantha suddenly cries, "They'll never find her, now." Irene asks, "Who?" Samantha explains, "Mum. She's disappeared. He's the only one who knew where she was."

In the boot of Chris's car, Caroline begins to regain consciousness. She tries to sit up, but finds herself trapped. She starts crying for help. It's dark outside, though, and no one can hears her cries or see the flat of her dress that's sticking out...

Sometime later, in the kitchen at Fiona's flat, Fiona tells Chris, "They've taken it away." She then cries, "Oh, dear God, I wish I'd never seen those diaries. How many times have I said that to myself? I feel so responsible. I thought I was being so clever, talking him out of killing me; I never realised I was talking him into killing himself. Oh, Chris, I'm so sorry." Chris, though, tells her, "It's not your fault. It started in Vietnam. He's been feeding on hate ever since." He goes on distantly, "He was terrific when I was a kid. We used to go fishing; we'd spend hours and hours just talking. He was a good man. He was a good father, too." Beginning to break down into tears, he continues, "Always around when his son needed him. When he needs me... why did it have to go so wrong for him? It just isn't fair..."

Out in the living room, Senior Constable Davies asks Samantha and Irene where Chris is. Irene asks him if they really need to see him now. She adds that she's his doctor, and he's rather upset. Davies explains that there are a couple of things they have to talk about: where his father got the gun... where he might have taken Mrs. Morrell. Chris and Fiona join them from the kitchen and Chris says, "If I had any idea, I'd tell you." Samantha pleads, "Please, Chris, mum could be dead by now. Think." He sits down and says, "He didn't have the gun at Caroline's place. The last time I saw him with a gun was the one he buried in the garden of our old house." Davies asks why he'd have done that. Chris retorts, "To save handing it in; I don't know." The officer asks if he could have gone back there and dug it up. Chris mutters, "Yeah. He had my car. I think the new owners are overseas." The officer comments that it's as good a bet as any and he suggests to his colleague that they give it a try. Samantha asks, "Can we come with you?" Davies nods, "Probably a lot quicker if you do." She and Chris follow and Duggan out.

In Chris's car, Caroline starts panting as she tries but fails to raise anybody's attention by banging on the boot lid.

A short time later, a police car pulls up in front of Chris's car and the two officers, Chris and Samantha climb out. Senior Constable Davies tells Constable Duggan to check the house. Chris makes his way over to his car and spots the dress hanging out the back. He calls over to Samantha. She joins him and cries, "That's mum's dress. My God! Hurry! She hates being closed-in. Must have driven her crazy." Chris unlocks the boot. Caroline is lying inside, unconscious. Davies checks her pulse and says, "She's alive, but she needs an ambulance." He goes to radio for one. Samantha puts her head on Chris's shoulder and murmurs in relief, "Thank God."

James walks into the lounge room room at Dural, holding a newspaper. Duncan is standing behind the bar, pouring some drinks, but James warns him to make the most of it, as Gordon and Barbara will be back from Woombai tomorrow and he'll have to move out. Duncan muses that he was just getting used to the place! James mutters, "You'll survive." Duncan comments to him that he's a bit touchy tonight, and he tells him to relax. James, though, growls, "With Alison Carr's threat hanging over my head?" Duncan hands him a drink and tells him to drown his sorrows. James mutters, "I know someone I'd like to drown." Duncan warns him that he doesn't want two deaths on his conscience. James glares at him and he quickly adds, "Joke!" He then suggests that James ask around and talk to some of Alison's friends; he might pick up something that'll help call her bluff. James, though, sitting down, mutters that if he starts asking questions, it'll get straight back to her. A thoughtful look suddenly crosses his face, though, and he murmurs, "There is someone. Hates Alison's guts. Charlie Bartlett told me the day I took her flying." He then smiles, "Well, I think this calls for a celebration. Bit of a party. Ask a few friends down." Duncan smiles, "I'll drink to that!"

The next morning, Caroline is back home, and Samantha is busy placing a pillow behind her on the couch. Caroline tells her to stop fussing! Samantha, though, insists that she's just trying to make her comfortable. Irene is sitting with them, and she warns Caroline not to do too much over the next few days. Changing the subject, Caroline asks Samantha how Chris is. Samantha replies that she's not sure. Caroline tells her to go and see him. Samantha asks her if she's sure. Caroline insists, "Of course I'm sure!" She then adds, "To tell the truth, I haven't felt this good in ages. You know, they say your life flashes in front of you when you're about to die. Well, I don't know about that, but I did realise something when I was trapped in Chris's car: I've been keeping myself miserable by keeping other people away from me. I've realised that life's too precious. From now on. I intend to get out there and enjoy myself! So, the next handsome man that I lay my hands on had better watch out!" Samantha laughs, "I wondered how long it would be before things got back to normal!" Caroline tells her to go and see Chris! Irene says she should be getting off, too. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and James comes in. Samantha asks Caroline if she's up to visitors. Without looking at the door, Caroline smiles "I am if it's Tom Selleck!" Irene and Samantha laugh and head out. James walks in and asks a smiling Caroline if it's something he said. Caroline laughs, "No, but you come a close second to Tom Selleck!"

At Charlie's, Alison is talking on the 'phone to Mary, saying she thought they might go and see a film. Mary, though, says she doesn't think so. Alison insists that it needn't be a late night. Mary, though, explains that she just doesn't want to leave Fiona on her own; there was a bit of trouble there last night, and she's still pretty upset. Alison says she's sure Fiona can look after herself for a couple of hours. Mary, though, says she still thinks she should stay in. Looking disappointed, Alison murmurs, "You do what you want. Goodbye." She hangs up. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Alison goes to get it. She opens the door to find a bedraggled-looking Leigh standing there! The girl murmurs, "I had nowhere else to go. You've got to help me." Alison stares at her in surprise.


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