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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

James growls, "I don't know what you're talking about, lady." Alison, though, tells him, "It's very simple: you killed Ben Simmonds and hid his body." James snaps, "Where did you dream that little lot up?" Alison points out, "The man has disappeared." James, though, growls "He could be anywhere; doesn't have to be dead." Alison retorts, "He is, though, isn't he? One of your so-called 'friends' told me: Duncan - remember him? You can't trust anyone these days. Now, if I was to go to the police and they started an investigation..." James glares at her and mutters, "It was an accident." Alison smiles, "Ah, but can you prove it?" James snaps, "What do you want? Money?" Alison tells him, "The first thing I want is to buy those shares. I presume you'll agree to that?" James asks grudgingly, "What else?" Alison replies, "I want you to give Gordon a fair deal on Woombai." James laughs, "I didn't know you cared!" He then explains, "I've already agreed to give Gordon a fifty-fifty partnership." Alison says, "Good. Just let Mary know I was the one who changed your thinking - and while you're at it, you can explain the little 'misunderstanding' we had about the opals." James, looking intrigued, comments, "You seem to be going to an awful lot of trouble just to please Mary." Alison smiles, "Yes, I am, aren't I?" She then asks, "Do we have a deal?" James growls, "We've got a deal."

A while later, James walks into the lounge room and Alison tells him that she's going to go. James mutters, "I'm not." Alison tells him that they're expected in Sydney to sign over the shares. James, though, growls, "Listen, lady, don't push too hard. You could come off second-best." Alison retorts smugly, "I don't think so." With that, she heads off to get Irene, explaining that she's coming with them. When she's left the room, James heads over to the telephone and dials a number. A woman answers, "Woombai Post Office." James says, "Good morning. I want to send a telegram to Quilpie. Urgent."

Adam and Leigh are sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's as Beryl works at the sink. Leigh suggests to Adam that they'd better get moving if they're going to talk to Charlie about the car. Beryl asks if it hasn't gone back to the dealer yet. Adam explains that Charlie is still waiting for him to change his mind; she won't understand that he can't accept it. He adds that the only thing he can remember about Charlie as a kid is a woman who tried to buy affection with expensive presents; maybe he's got a hang-up about it; maybe he's too proud; but whatever the reason, he can't accept it. Beryl sighs, "You and your mother make a good pair." Adam asks why that is and Beryl explains, "Neither of you can see the other's point of view. Charlie's had plenty of money all her life; you've had to to work hard for what you've got. Naturally, you can see things from a different angle. Take the time to look at it from her side; understand why she bought the car, and it might solve the problem."

A while later, Beryl sits in the lounge room at the country house with Charlie, Adam and Leigh. She says to Charlie, "Don't you think it's time you sorted out this car business?" Adam tells his mother, "What can I say? It's a great car, but I just can't accept something that expensive." Charlie says softly, "Adam, all the years you were growing up: every birthday... every Christmas... I wasn't there to give you things. I even missed your 21st. I'm just trying to make up for all those years. I love you. When you love people, you like to give them things." Adam assures her, "I realise that - but you've got to think of the other person, too. It's the way I was taught: that you work to get what you want. I know you probably don't understand that." Charlie says indignantly, "I work!" Adam, though, tells her that she part-owns a couple of businesses, and that's not what he calls work! Leigh suggests to Adam, "At least take it for another test drive." Adam asks what the point is. Leigh tells him, "I haven't had a ride in it yet!" Charlie agrees, "Yes, take Leigh for a ride. See what she thinks." Adam gives in and he and Leigh head out. When they've gone, Charlie muses to Beryl that she'd hardly think she and Adam were mother and son; he doesn't even like her; she embarrasses him, or something. She adds, "I don't know what he expects me to do. Get a job, by the sound of it." Beryl looks at her in surprise as she declares, "Well if that's what he wants, I will. I'll show him I can scrub floors, if I have to."

Sometime later, Beryl, Adam and Leigh arrive back at Beryl's to find Jess standing on the step. They head inside and Beryl asks the girl if she's been waiting long. Jess, though, explains that she just got there. Beryl tells her that they've just been up to Adam's mum's - about the sports car. Jess comments that Spider said he wasn't keeping it. Adam insists, "I still mightn't." Beryl, though, points out, "The more you drive it, the harder it'll be to give it up!" Adam heads back outside to put the roof up and Leigh heads into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Alone with Beryl, Jess tells her that she just came to say thanks for getting her dad to take Doris back. Beryl says she just didn't think he realised how much they both meant to her. Jess murmurs, "Neither did I." Beryl asks, "Is there anything else, now that you're here? You're still worried about Rod and I, aren't you?" Jess, though, assures her, "No. Doris is back and dad's OK." A car horn suddenly toots outside and Beryl heads out to see what Adam wants. Leigh emerges from the kitchen and tells Jess that she hopes Beryl makes a go of it with her dad as it would be good for her. Jess says, "She's divorced, isn't she?" Leigh replies, "From what I've been told, it wasn't all that smooth, either." Jess asks what happened. Leigh tells her, "Fights over money, I think: David couldn't handle it when Beryl came into some. Suddenly, his pay packet didn't count for much. I guess a lot of men are a bit funny like that." Jess stands there, looking thoughtful.

Back in the kitchen at the Campbell house, Doris comments to Jess that, under normal circumstances, you'd think inheriting a bit of money would make people happier. Jess asks, "It's not going to worry dad, though, is it?" Doris replies that it depends on how much Beryl flaunts it. Jess says she's sure they'll work it out. Rod joins them and tells Jess that he'd better get her back to school. Doris suddenly says, "Rod, before you go: I was going to get some curtains for the front room this afternoon. How does an apricot sort of colour sound?" Rod, though, says, "I wouldn't mind if you could hang on for a while, Doris. I'm going to need all me spare cash for tonight." Doris insists that she can pay for it. Rod, though, points out that he always pays for that sort of thing; the house is his responsibility. With that, he heads out, leaving Doris to muse to Jess, "Let's hope Beryl never wants to buy any curtains..."

Charlie is at Beryl's, and as they head from the hallway into the lounge room, she's saying happily, "It's done, darling. No standing around in dole queues for Charlie Bartlett!" Beryl, looking surprised, asks her if she's found a job already. Charlie smiles, "I start tonight, as a waitress. Tonight, Chéz Capri, tomorrow, Maximes!" Beryl laughs, "Chéz Capri?!" Charlie explains, "I know the owner." Beryl admonishes, "Oh, Charlie!" Charlie adds, "But as far as the manager's concerned, I simply walked off the streets. There'll be no preferential treatment: I'm going to support myself fair and square." Beryl asks dubiously, "On a waitress's wage?" Charlie explains, "Plus tips." Beryl asks her how much she thinks that will be. Charlie replies, "It'll do. Well, it'll have to." She then goes on, "What I was wondering, actually... could you talk Adam and Leigh into coming along tonight? And yourself, of course." Beryl tells her, "We were going out with the Campbells..." Charlie smiles, "Table for five, then. I'll book it for you!" Beryl asks where it is and Charlie replies, "South Yarra." Beryl gives her a look. Charlie insists, "Don't worry, darling. It's not one of those really expensive places." Beryl sighs, "Even so, you're taking a risk. What would happen if your Toorak friends saw you serving them?" A look of horror crosses Charlie's face, and she murmurs, "Oh dear, I hadn't thought of that. Oh, I'll have to do something about that, won't I...?"

Fiona sits down with Andy and Mary in her flat at the boarding house, and she asks Andy if he knows whether Chris has taken his father to the hospital. Andy replies that he doesn't, but his father hasn't been at the boarding house; he's been keeping a look-out for him. He then turns to Mary and, changing the subject, asks how her reading's going. She mutters, "OK." Andy asks her if she needs a hand. She slams her book shut, mutters, "No thanks," and stands up. Andy starts to say, "Sorry, I didn't mean to say--" Mary, though, quickly assures him, "It's alright, I'm just getting a drink." She heads off to the kitchen, and Fiona explains to Andy that it just gets the girl down at times, being so helpless. There's suddenly a knock at the door. Fiona goes to answer it as Andy comments that there must be something else that Mary could read. Fiona opens the door to find Irene and James standing there. Irene steps inside, but Fiona stands there and eyes James suspiciously. He tells her that he knows what she's thinking, but he's come to apologise. Fiona indicates reluctantly to him to come in. Mary emerges from the kitchen and asks him what he wants. He explains, "I want to say sorry for going on about the opals. I've been having a chat with Alison. I want you to know that she's convinced me to take Gordon back as my half-partner at Woombai, too." Fiona gasps, "Alison convinced you?" James replies, "That's right - she can be very persuasive when she wants to be." He then announces that he can't stand round yacking all day. Andy points out that he's only just got there. James retorts, "That's right - and I'm on my way." He then adds, "You need haircut, boyo. You'd never get away with that up at Quilpie. I reckon the blokes in the pub would have something to say about that earring, too!" Andy glares at him and his bushy beard and retorts, "At least I know how to shave, hey?" James laughs, "I didn't know you had to!" As Andy stands there looking annoyed, James tells him to keep his shirt on; he's pulling his leg! He goes, leaving Fiona to smile, "I guess every penny has its shiny side." Irene muses, "I still don't altogether trust him." Fiona agrees, "Nor do I. Still, he's willing to give Gordon back a half-share in Woombai... I guess I haven't got too much to complain about."

A cab pulls up outside the boarding house. James is standing on the footpath, watching as a man climbs out of the passenger seat. He walks over to James and smiles, "Hiya, mate." James replies, "G'day, Dunc. How you going?" Duncan says, "I got your wire. What's the problem?" James growls, "You can't keep your mouth shut, can ya?" Duncan, looking puzzled, says, "Sorry?" James tells him, "You've been talking about Ben. Put me in a very awkward situation." Duncan insists, "I didn't mention Ben." James, though, reminds him, "A couple of days ago, up-north. A very attractive-looking lady: class... money... grog..." Duncan realises who he's referring to and murmurs, "Oh..." He then asks James, "What do you want me to do? Tell her I got it all wrong?" James, though, says he doesn't think she'd believe him. He goes on, "What I want you to do is a bit of research. Anybody who can find a skeleton that quick has got to have a couple of their own hidden away somewhere - and you and me are going to find them."

Mary and Andy are looking at some comic books in Fiona's flat, and Mary smiles that they're great! Fiona joins them and tells the girl that there'll be no stopping her, now! She goes and opens the front door. Alison is standing outside, and she walks in and asks if she can talk to Mary for a while. Fiona lets her through and she asks if James Hamilton has called in yet. Fiona tells her that he told them they'd cleared-up the little misunderstanding about the opals. Mary chips in, "I thought that was real nice of you." Alison smiles, "Thanks." She then adds, "Look, there are a few things I'd like to talk to you about. Would you like to come for a walk?"

A few minutes later, Alison and Mary are out walking, and Mary is asking, "You don't mind coming this way?" Alison assures her, "Of course not." Mary explains, "I'm going to get some comics from the newsagents' - more reading." Alison tells her, "I'll buy them for you." Mary assures her, "It's OK - I've got a few dollars." Alison, though, insists, "No, please, I'd like to." Mary stops walking and demands, "Why are you always trying to do things for me?" Alison tells her, "I like you." Mary points out, "You hardly know me." Alison, though, tells her, "That doesn't mean I can't like you, does it?" She then goes on, "I've always admired you for being honest - and kind. Not many people are both. It must have hurt to be accused of stealing the opals. That was my fault. Look, all I want is a chance to be your friend; make amends." Mary smiles, "OK," and they carry on walking again.

That night, Adam and Leigh are standing in the entrance way at Chéz Capri. Charlie walks up to them, wearing a blonde, curly wig and big glasses, and says in a slight French accent, "Bonsoir, monsieur, madame." Not realising who it is, Adam says to her, "Ah, good evening. We're booked under 'Campbell': table for five. The others will be here shortly." Charlie heads off to find their table, leaving Leigh to comment to Adam, "Bit ritzy, isn't it? I wonder why Beryl was so keen to bring us here." Adam suggests, "She and Rod are probably going to announce something special." Leigh asks excitedly, "Do you think so?" Charlie returns and asks, "Would you like a cocktail while you're waiting?" Adam asks for a martini. Charlie tells him, "The house special is a lime daiquiri, darling. It's simply heaven in a glass!" Adam stares at her and suddenly exclaims, "Charlie?!" Charlie puts her finger to her lips and says, "Shush. I'm in disguise. I don't want any of my friends to recognise me; they'll think I'm hard-up!" Leigh asks her in astonishment what she's doing there. Charlie, indicating Adam, explains, "I'm trying to prove to him that I can earn some money as well as spend it." Leigh looks at Adam!.

Beryl is at the Campbell house, saying to Rod, "Doris not coming?" Rod tells her, "No, no." Beryl offers to have a word with her, and Rod muses that it couldn't do any harm. Beryl goes to head off to the kitchen. Rod calls after her, "Hey - you're looking very good, you know!" Beryl thanks him! In the kitchen, Jess is telling Doris that she won't be in the way. Doris, though, insists that she's decided to go out. Beryl joins them says to Doris, "I was hoping you were coming to dinner with us tonight." Doris, though, says she doesn't think so; she's going out. Beryl asks, "Can't you change your plans?" Jess pleads, "Come on, Doris." Doris gives in and sighs, "Alright, then. I'll just finish cleaning up." Beryl leaves them again. Jess offers Doris a hand. Doris, though, says, "No, I've nearly finished. But you could get my handbag, though - I think I left it on the dressing table." Jess runs off. Doris goes and picks up Rod's jacket - which is hanging on the back of the kitchen table. She suddenly appears to think of something, and she reaches into his inside pocket and takes out his wallet. She then goes and hides it behind a flowerpot before heading into the lounge room and helping him on with the jacket. Rod thanks her, adding, "I'm glad you're joining us." Doris smiles at him.

Later that evening, Leigh, Adam, Jess, Doris, Rod and Beryl are all sitting around the table at Chéz Capri. Charlie joins them to pour some wine. Leigh asks Beryl knowingly who told her about the place. Beryl just replies, "Oh, someone said it was worth a visit." Leigh smiles, "Oh, really...?!" As Charlie pours the wine, she's suddenly knocked by a person walking past behind her, and she stumbles and pours wine all down Doris's dress! Doris glares at her and snaps, "Oh, you great clumsy thing." Charlie offers to help her. Doris, though, retorts that she'll only make it worse. She stands up and heads off to the bathroom to see if she can wash it out. The manager calls over to Charlie, "Miss. Bartlett...?" Charlie sighs heavily.

A short time later, Doris is sitting back at the table. Adam asks, "How is it?" Doris replies that it'll need dry-cleaning. Adam tells him that Charlie will pay for it. Doris comments that she didn't know Charlie was a friend of his. Adam explains, "She's my mother, actually - out to prove a point. But I don't think she'll get to see what a hard day's work is like, after all." He glances over to where Charlie, the manager and Beryl are in animated discussion. Leigh says, "Surely he wouldn't fire her for spilling wine? It wasn't even her fault." At that moment, Beryl rejoins them and announces, "Disaster averted. I explained how it was an accident and he accepted it." Rod smiles, "Well done, Beryl. Good on you!" He puts his hand on Beryl's. Doris stares at them. Jess looks at her.

Sometime later, Rod is standing in the entrance to the restaurant, holding the bill. Beryl joins him and asks how much it comes to. Rod, though, insists that it's his shout. Beryl tells him not to be silly, as there are six of them. Rod, though, repeats that it's his shout. He reaches into his inside jacket pocket and suddenly realises his wallet's not there. As he checks his other pockets, Beryl asks him what's wrong. He explains that he must have left his wallet at home. The others join them as Beryl tells him not to worry about it; she'll pay. Rod says reluctantly, "Alright. I'll fix you up as soon as we get home, though, OK?" Beryl accepts this. Charlie joins them and Beryl hands her the money. Rod says to Charlie quietly, "I'm paying; I just left me wallet at home." Charlie smiles at him and replies, "Oh really, darling! That's the oldest trick in the book!"

Back at the Campbell house, Rod is hunting for his wallet, but he joins Beryl, Jess and Doris and mutters that it doesn't seem to be anywhere in the kitchen. Jess suggests that perhaps he lost it this afternoon. Rod, though, explains that he had it in the kitchen tonight; he remembers because he put the money out for the milko. Beryl points out that at least he knows it's in the house, and she suggests he leave it until tomorrow. Rod mutters, "I'd like to pay you for dinner, Beryl." Beryl suggests, "You can pay next time; there's no need to make a fuss about it." She then adds more quietly, "Anyway, I have heard that things are a bit tight in the business at the moment." Rod retorts, "I don't know where you got that idea from. When I take somebody out for dinner, I foot the bill, Beryl." Beryl sighs, "Alright, go to the bank tomorrow." She then asks him if he can drive her home, as she's tired. Rod kisses Jess goodnight and he and Beryl head out. When they've gone, Jess asks Doris if she's glad she came. Doris retorts, "It wasn't too bad - apart from one ruined dress." Jess adds, "And one lost wallet. Poor dad; talk about red-faced." Doris points out that Beryl didn't exactly help, pushing to pay all the time. Jess, though, insists, "She was just being kind. She's not a snob or anything." With that, she announces that she's tired, and she heads off to bed, leaving Doris sitting with a pleased look on her face.

Rod and Beryl are sitting on the couch at Beryl's, and as Rod finishes a nightcap, he comments that it's good to be alone. He then reaches into his pocket, takes out a little jewellery box and says, "Hey, I remember a while ago, I gave you this. I was wondering if you'd like it back again." He takes out the ring from inside the box and Beryl smiles, "Yes, thankyou!" Rod slips it on her finger, adding as he does so, "How'd you like an engagement ring to go with it?" Beryl looks at him in surprise. He tells her, "I love you, Beryl. I really do, and I want to marry you. If we're sure of our feelings, I don't see the point in wasting time." Beryl, a look of concern on her face, says, "Don't you think things are moving along a little bit too quickly?" Rod comments, "I thought you loved me, too, Beryl." Beryl tells him, "I don't know, Rod. I think I do, but I don't know. Besides, there are other reasons: well, it hasn't been long since Jim died." Rod sighs, "Come on, Beryl..." Beryl, though, retorts, "I can't forget him, Rod; you shouldn't expect me to." Rod assures her, "I don't expect you to forget him." Beryl says, "Good. I loved Jim. I'm not being silly about it - I know he's gone; it's just that I feel it's too soon. Besides, there are a few other things that we have to sort out." Rod asks, "Such as?" Beryl replies, "The money thing, for one." Rod insists, "Beryl, I really, honestly don't care if you're rich or not." Beryl points out, "Look what happened tonight." Rod retorts, "That was different." Beryl asks, "How?" and Rod laughs, "Because I felt like a whacker for losing my wallet!" He adds, "It wasn't as if you could afford it and I couldn't, was it?" Beryl sighs, "Yes, but what if it was something like that?" Rod tells her, "Beryl, look, I don't care if you go ahead and buy a yacht or blow your money; I really don't care. What I'm saying is money shouldn't come between us." Beryl says, "I know it shouldn't, Rod, but it could. It did with David." Rod replies, "Well it won't with me. I promise." Beryl, still looking worried, tells him, "When I'm sure of that, then maybe we can talk about marriage." Suddenly looking annoyed, Rod stands up and snaps, "For God's sake, Beryl. If it's me who's the problem, just say so, will you? Don't stuff around talking about money; just sort out what you're really after then let me know, OK? I'll see you when you've sorted yourself out." With that, he storms off, leaving Beryl sitting looking worried.


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