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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Mary is talking on the 'phone in Fiona's flat, saying, "I didn't know anything about it - honest." Barbara, on the other end in the lounge room at Dural, assures her, "No one's saying you did." Mary points out, "James is." Barbara, though, tells her, "Yeah, well you leave James for the moment." She then asks Mary if she has any idea who put the opals in with her books. Mary tells her, "Yeah: Alison." Barbara, looking surprised, asks, "Are you sure?" Mary explains, "She told me herself: said James was going to buy some shares with them and she wants to stop him." Barbara mutters, "Oh my God, of all the stupid..." Mary cries, "James is furious. I know he's going to take it out on me somehow." Barbara, though, assures her, "No he won't - not when he knows the full story. You leave that to me." Mary thanks her and the two of them hang up. Fiona then puts her arms around Mary and soothes, "Now come on, it had nothing to do with you. We can thank Miss. Carr for this little mess." Mary mutters bitterly, "Why doesn't she just stay out of other people's lives?"

Caroline is vacuuming the lounge room floor at the Morrell town house when Samantha emerges from her room and shouts, "Lover boy gone already? That was quick!" Caroline turns off the machine and retorts angrily that nothing happened; Chris merely came round to see if she was alright. Samantha points out gruffly that that's not what she saw when she walked in. Caroline insists that it wouldn't have gone any further; they're only friends. Samantha, though, sighs, "You don't expect me to believe that?" Caroline retorts, "Look, darling, I realise that it didn't look that way, but we all make mistakes, especially when we're low. He kissed me, that's all." Samantha glares at her and yells, "It's getting pretty hard to feel sorry for you. He's not your first mistake." Caroline snaps, "I beg your pardon?" Samantha retorts, "Ron Castle... Roger... Daddy..." Caroline snaps, "Chris is nothing like that." Samantha asks angrily, "Why? Because he's younger?" Caroline retorts, "Because we don't have that sort of relationship." Samantha growls sarcastically, "Oh of course. Sorry, I forgot." With that, she storms off back to bed. Caroline stands there, looking furious.

In Melbourne, Leigh is polishing the living room table at Beryl's when Beryl walks in all dressed up and asks if it's too much. Leigh smiles that her dress is lovely. Beryl explains that it's important to Rod that the lunch goes well - especially with Jess. Leigh comments that she didn't realise Jess was going to be there. Beryl explains that she's taken the afternoon off school. She then asks Leigh if she's seen her watch. Leigh picks it up from where it's sitting on a shelf and, as she hands it to Beryl, smiles, "I'm sure it will be a raging success." Beryl muses, "The housekeeper doesn't exactly sound like a barrel of laughs - Spider calls her 'The dragon lady'!" There's suddenly a knock on the door and Beryl goes to answer it. Adam is standing on the step and he tells her that there's a cab waiting out there. Beryl says it's hers, and she heads off. Adam walks into the lounge room and comments to Leigh, "Looks like it's all go in the Palmer house today!" Leigh smiles and then asks him why he's not at work. Adam explains that he finished up today. Leigh, looking surprised, asks him if he doesn't have to give them two weeks' notice. Adam explains that he had a couple of weeks' owing in holiday, so they gave him that instead. Leigh looks at him, sadly, but he quickly tells her that he knows what she's thinking but she can forget about it: she and Brett had nothing to do with his resignation. Leigh tells him, "We felt pretty bad about it. Brett's even gone home to Ararat for a few days." Adam points out that she knows he's been trying to quit the force for weeks; he's simply not cut out to be a cop - personal feelings get in the way all the time and there's no time for that in the force. Leigh asks, "No regrets?" Adam smiles, "No. Now I can get on with something I'm much better at." Leigh asks, "And what's that?" Adam replies, "Taking you out on the town full-time!" Leigh grins at him.

Jess is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the Campbell house. Rod is looking out of the window, but he turns to his daughter and remarks that it must feel good to be out of uniform at lunchtime. Jess mutters that it's no big deal; it's only lunch. Rod, though, tells her that it's a special lunch: today, he's going to give Beryl a friendship ring. Doris comes into the room behind him as he shows the ring to Jess and explains that he wants her to see it first so she won't be too surprised. He asks Jess what she reckons, but she retorts, "You can give her what you like. It's none of my business." Rod sighs, "I want you to be happy for us, love. You can see she means a lot to me, can't you?" Jess mutters, "If you say so." Doris suddenly chips in and, looking at the ring, asks, "Is that for our guest?" Rod replies, "Yeah. Do you think she'll like it?" Doris points out, "It's a gold ring. I don't know any woman who wouldn't." She then walks off again. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Rod appeals to his daughter, "Remember, Jess, a big effort for me, eh?" He goes to answer the door. Jess walks over to Doris, who's standing nearby, looking upset, and asks what the matter is. Doris murmurs, "Oh nothing. Forget it. It's just me being selfish, that's all." Jess presses, "Tell me." Doris explains 'reluctantly', "That ring: it made me realise your father mightn't need a housekeeper much longer." Jess assures her, "Of course he will." Doris adds, "Don't think I'm not happy for him; it's just that I couldn't bear the thought of leaving." Jess tells her, "You won't. Don't you think about it." Doris, though, insists, "We have to face it, Jess. If there's someone to replace me..." Jess assures her, "No one can replace you; it's impossible." Doris sighs, "That's very sweet of you, Jess, but we just have to--" Jess interrupts and tells her, "No 'buts'; I wouldn't let it happen." Doris smiles at her.

Sometime later, Beryl, Rod and Jess are sitting eating, as Doris fusses around them. Beryl thanks her for the meal. Rod offers her more punch, and she accepts. He goes to pour it, but the jug is empty, and he heads out to make some more. Beryl finds herself alone with Jess, who says, "Look, I'm sorry about how I carried on when we first met. I guess I just wasn't used to dad having... you know, women friends. Don't think I disapprove or anything... well, maybe I did at first, but I realised I was wrong when I saw how happy dad was. He really does like you." Beryl smiles awkwardly, "I'm quite fond of him, too." Jess goes on, "He's even gone and bought you something expensive." Beryl murmurs, "I'm flattered." Jess tells her, "You should be." She then quickly adds, "What I mean is, he's got a few money troubles at the moment. He wouldn't talk about it - especially with you." Beryl asks, "Why not with me?" Jess reminds her, "You're rich." Beryl smiles that she'd hardly call herself rich. Jess, though, tells her, "Still, he wouldn't talk about it; it would embarrass him. You won't mention it, will you?" Beryl assures her, "Not if you don't want me to." She then adds, "Jess, what I feel about your father has nothing to do with how much money he's got." At that moment, Rod comes back in with a fresh jug of punch and smiles, "You two finding heaps to talk about, are you?" Beryl replies, "Yes, we're managing."

Barbara is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's as Charlie sits on the couch, saying sadly, "I wasn't very impressed with her behaviour this morning at the boarding house, so I left her there. She found her own way home and packed her bags and left, saying she was going to be away for a few days." Barbara mutters, "'Running away' is more like it." Charlie, though, says she thinks it's more of a working holiday. Barbara pauses and then comments, "Charming house guest you've had all this time, Charlie: makes a mess for everyone and doesn't even have the decency to stand up and face it." Charlie, though, retorts, "She was facing it; she was just a bit late, that's all. She was very worried about getting Mary into trouble; she cares deeply about the girl." Barbara, looking taken aback, splutters, "Alison doesn't care about anybody, as far as I can see. Why should she feel differently about a young girl she hardly even knows?" Charlie retorts, "Because she--" She quickly breaks off before continuing, "She's very fond of the girl." Barbara warns her, "Do you know, you ought to be very careful, Charlie? Alison has you fooled. Patricia was exactly the same." Charlie gasps, "Please don't insult my friends." Barbara, though, retorts, "Why on earth do you call them friends?" Charlie, standing up, snaps angrily, "Because they are. And at least they don't laugh behind my back like some people I could mention." Barbara glares at her.

Andy is at the Morrell town house with Samantha. He apologises for getting her out of bed, but she assures him that she's not that sick. They sit down on the couch and Samantha announces, "Mum and Chris are having an affair - or are about to." Andy, looking shocked, murmurs, "You're joking..." Samantha explains that she walked in on them this morning - and it wasn't a friendly peck, either. She sighs, "Why on earth does she get herself into these situations?" Andy asks where she is now, and Samantha replies, "Gone shopping - I think." Andy then says, "You know, it might sound off the wall, but maybe Chris could be right for her?" Samantha, though, laughs, "Are you kidding? He's too old for her." Andy asks, "And you're not. Is that it?" Samantha turns away and mutters, "That's beside the point." Andy asks her, "Does Chris know how you feel?" Samantha mutters that she doesn't know. Andy asks, "How does he feel?" Samantha retorts, "He used to like me. I liked him, too; it's just that I couldn't handle the way he treated Hung. I was the one who brought things to a stop; in fact, that's how he got talking to mum - asking her advice." Andy suggests, "Maybe he's just trying to make you jealous?" Samantha retorts, "If he is, it's pretty damn childish." Andy assures her, "I agree - but it seems to be working..."

Barbara is at Fiona's, and she joins Fiona and Mary at the living room table. Fiona asks if James got off to Dural. Barbara, though, replies, "No, he went on up to Woombai. Gordon and I are going up tomorrow." Fiona asks if that's wise, seeing as Gordon's got to rest. Barbara, though, explains that Gordon insisted - but they're taking Irene too, just in case. She then looks at Mary and asks her why she's looking so sad. Mary explains, "I was thinking about Alison. I told her I didn't want to see her anymore." Barbara growls, "Smart move. You're better off without her." Mary cries, "She was the only one who really knew Patricia." Barbara, though, retorts, "Oh darling, we all knew Patricia - only too well." Mary persists, "But Alison knows she's my mother - even if she won't admit it." Fiona glances at Barbara. Mary sighs, "I know what you're going to say - she can't be my mother, and all of that - but I know it's true." Barbara says gently, "I thought we were your family now: Gordon, Wayne and me." Mary assures her, "You are, but I can't forget Patricia - or Alison, either."

Caroline is heading towards the front door of the Morrell town house when Chris walks up behind her and says, "Hi!" As Caroline turns to face him, he asks if Samantha is in. Caroline replies, "I think so. Did you come to see her?" Chris replies, "Her and you." Caroline comments, "You're worried about this morning..." and Chris agrees, "Yeah, she seemed pretty cut-up." Caroline opens the door and the two of them head inside. Samantha is sitting on the couch, and when she sees them, she remarks sourly, "Oh, together again..." Caroline retorts, "We met at the door." Andy comes out from the kitchen and snarls at Chris, "Trouble seems to follow you around, doesn't it?" Chris snaps that he came there to sort a few things out, that's all. Andy retorts, "It's a bit late now, isn't it?" Chris suddenly shouts, "Nothing happened." Samantha tells Andy to let it drop. Andy, though, goes on at Chris, "How do you reckon Samantha feels? You want to wake up to yourself, mate." Caroline cries at him, "And you ought to mind your own business." Samantha insists that Andy's only trying to help. Caroline, though, snaps, "I don't care what he's trying to do. Nothing happened between Chris and me and nothing's going to happen." Turning to Andy, she adds, "But whatever the case, it's none of your concern." Samantha snaps, "Don't talk to him like that." Caroline, though, retorts angrily, "I'll talk how I please - and if you don't like it, you don't have to live with it. You can move out." Samantha glares at her and then storms off to her bedroom. When she's gone, Andy says curtly to Caroline, "Maybe it is none of my business, but you? You're not even being fair to her. I mean, she is your daughter." With that, he walks out. Chris murmurs to Caroline, "I'm sorry. I honestly came to try and fix things." Caroline tells him, "I know. I just get sick of Samantha always thinking she knows what's best for me." Chris says he's sure Samantha has got good intentions. Caroline growls, "Well she can go and rescue some other troubled relative. From now on, I'm running my own life."

Beryl is standing by the front door at the Campbell house with Rod, Jess and Doris. A smile on her face, she thanks them all and Rod assures her that it was their pleasure. Jess and Doris head back inside, while Rod tells Beryl that he'll wait with her until her cab arrives. As they walk into the lounge room, Jess comments to Doris that that wasn't too bad. Doris, though, tells her, "Depends on how you look at it." Jess asks her if she's still worried about losing her job. Doris replies, "Your father's fallen for her." Jess points out, "That doesn't mean she's out to get rid of you." Doris, though, mutters, "I don't know. She's a pretty tough cookie." Jess says she doesn't think she's that tough. Doris, though, tells her, "You mark my words. I've seen it before. If your father marries her, she'll make his life hell." Jess, suddenly looking uncomfortable, murmurs, "He's not thinking of marrying her." Doris, though, points out, "He's already buying her rings..." Jess murmurs, "He couldn't. Could he?"

Out by the front door, Beryl tells Rod that he doesn't have to wait with her. Rod, though, pulls the door shut and explains that that's not the only reason why he's waiting with her; he has something for her. He takes the ring case out of his shirt pocket and opens it. Beryl, staring at the ring inside, smiles that it's lovely. She puts it on her finger, saying as she does so, "Jess told me you were going to give me something, but I didn't expect this." Rod smiles awkwardly, "I didn't expect to feel like this, either. It's been a long time." Beryl sympathises that it must have been hard for him after Jessica died. Rod nods, "Yes, yes - but not for the reasons you'd expect, though." Beryl looks at him in surprise and he explains, "I discovered something about Jessica after she died that sort of soured the memory, to say the least." Beryl, looking uncomfortable, says she won't ask. Rod, though, assures her that it's alright. He goes on, "See, Jessica... well, I discovered that, after she'd died, she'd spent all the cash that I was saving for our future on some boyfriend that I knew nothing about." Beryl, looking surprised, comments, "I don't know what to say." Rod continues, "When I found out, I just felt sick - 'cos I had no reason to suspect it; she always looked after the money side of things, see? I trusted her." Beryl asks if the children know, but Rod tells her, "No, only Barry. He wanted me to tell Jess but I wouldn't, so we had a bit of a row about it." Beryl asks if that's why Barry left home. Rod nods, "Yeah, yeah." He adds that there was no reason to tell Jess: she thinks her mother's a saint and he and Doris think it's best left that way. He hesitates before then apologises for being so depressing. Beryl, though, assures him that she's glad he feels he can talk. Changing the subject, Rod says he's really got to get back to work. Beryl says she'd better call another cab; she thinks that one's got lost! Rod kisses her gently and tells her that he'll see her soon. He then heads off.

Leigh opens the front door at Beryl's to find Charlie standing on the step, smiling, "Surprise!" She invites her in and they head into the lounge room. Adam stands up from where he's sitting on the couch and gives his mother a kiss. Leigh - indicating the puppy in Charlie's arms - asks who who her friend is. Charlie smiles, "Darlings, I want you to meet Isabella 2!" Leigh laughs that she's adorable. Adam then asks Charlie what she's doing in Melbourne. Charlie explains that nothing much was happening in Sydney: Alison went away and it was a bit boring. Adam tells her that he and Leigh were just checking out jobs. Charlie tells him not to worry about that while she's there; what he needs is some good old-fashioned pampering! Adam groans that all he needs is a bit of peace and quiet. Charlie assures him, "I know. Isabella 2 and I are going to make sure you get it!"

Beryl is back sitting in the lounge room at the Campbell house as Doris clears up around her. She asks Beryl if she got on to her taxi. Beryl replies, "Yes, thankyou." She then asks Doris if she can have a word with her. Doris asks what it's about. Beryl peers behind Doris and asks, "Is Jess anywhere around?" Doris turns to indicate the kitchen and starts to say, "She's um--" She then breaks off and tells Beryl, "I sent her outside to take some clothes off the line." Beryl smiles, "Good." She then explains to Doris, "Actually, I was wondering if you could tell her that I'm not trying to take her dad away from her." Doris shrugs, "I can try, but I don't see why you can't tell her yourself." Beryl replies, "Well, she is still uncomfortable with me - not that I can blame her; I know how she feels about her mum." She adds, "Rod did tell me what happened." Doris asks, "Did he also tell you that she doesn't know anything about it?" Jess, in the kitchen, turns to face the lounge room as she hears Doris say this. She moves nearer to listen more closely as Beryl nods, "Yes, and I can understand why. It would hurt her terribly." Doris says, "Well Barry seems to think she'd be able to cope with it." Beryl asks her, "What do you think?" Doris replies, "Well, maybe she could accept her mother's affair, but not the fact that she stole money from Rod to pay for it." In the kitchen, Jess's face drops. Doris quickly adds, "Anyway, we shouldn't be discussing it." Beryl replies, "You're right. I just mentioned it so that you'd have have a word to her for me." A car horn suddenly sounds outside and Beryl comments that her cab's there. She smiles, "Thanks again," and Doris assures her, "My pleasure." Beryl goes. Jess stands in the kitchen, looking upset.

In Sunbury, Charlie is dressed in funereal black as she places a posy of flowers down on a patch of earth marking Isabella's grave. Adam is standing next to her, and Charlie comments to him that he must think she's a hopeless old woman, carrying-on over a little dog. Adam, though, assures her that he knows Isabella meant a lot to her. He adds that she doesn't have to be sad, though: she's got Isabella 2 and she's got him. Charlie takes Isabella 2 from him and murmurs, "That's true - and I'm going to spend lots of time with the both of you." The sound of a car engine suddenly appears in the background and Charlie, suddenly brightening up, exclaims, "Oh, it's here!" Adam asks, "What?" Charlie replies, "My present. Look!" A smart-looking sports car pulls up nearby and Adam asks Charlie in surprise, "Who gave it to you?" Charlie, though, tells him, "No, silly! My present to you!" Adam stares at her in shock.

A few minutes later, Charlie and Adam are standing by the car and Charlie thanks the driver for bringing it over. He walks off. Charlie then asks Adam what he thinks of it. Adam murmurs, "It's nice, but..." Charlie tells him excitedly, "I knew you'd like it. It's so absolutely you!" Adam, though, tells her, "No it's not, Charlie. I'm an unemployed ex-cop, not Jack Brabham. Anyway, you know I don't like you buying me presents." Charlie retorts, "Tish tosh!" Spider suddenly joins them, gasping that it's a long walk up from that bus stop. He tells Charlie that he was just talking to Leigh on the 'phone and she said she was up here. Indicating the car, he then asks who owns the little beauty, and Charlie smiles, "Adam. Do you like it?" Spider replies, "Yeah. Just like the space shuttle. Corker!" He opens the driver's door and climbs in. He then suggests, "What say we take it for a little trot, eh?!" Adam, though, retorts, "No, it's going back to where it belongs." Spider insists, "Once round the block, mate. You'll be sold!"

Jess is sitting on the couch at the Campbell house, crying. Doris is sitting with her, telling her not to be so upset. Jess sobs, "I'm not." Doris, though, insists, "Of course you are, and you've got every right to be." The front door suddenly bangs and Rod walks in. Doris mutters at him, "I thought you were never getting home." Rod asks what's happened. Doris tells her that Jess is in a real state. Rod asks why, and Doris tells him, "Beryl came back and started mouthing-off." Looking suddenly annoyed, Rod asks his daughter what's up. Jess glares at him and snaps, "Why didn't you tell me about mum? Do you know how it feels learning something like that from a complete stranger?" With that, she storms off. Doris sits there on the couch and Rod asks her tersely, "What did Beryl say?"

Adam pulls his car - with Charlie in the front passenger seat and Spider standing up in the back of the open-topped vehicle - to a halt and Spider smiles, "What a little champion, eh?" Turning to Adam, he adds, "You can't tell me you don't want it now, mate." Adam, though, mutters, "I don't." They all climb out. Adam then says that he's got to admit that it's a wonderful car, but he can't take it; he didn't earn it. Charlie points out that people don't earn presents. Adam, though, insists, "I can't, Charlie. That's final." Charlie cries that he's out of work; he needs a bit of spoiling at the moment. Adam, though, tells her, "That's right: I'm out of work. I'm not going to turn up at the dole office in a Triumph Stag!" Charlie tells him not to be so proud. Adam, though, retorts, "Pride is what got me through all the years when you weren't around. You can't expect me to drop it every time you swoop in and give me things." Charlie insists, "I don't. I thought we understood each other now." Adam, though, suggests, "It doesn't look like we do." With that, he walks off. Charlie looks at Spider.

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Beryl is excitedly showing Leigh the ring that Rod gave her, and Leigh smiles that he's getting a bit serious, isn't he?! There's suddenly a frantic knocking at the front door and Leigh goes to get it. She finds Rod standing on the step, and he immediately barges in and growls, "Where is she?" He storms into the lounge room and Beryl stands up as he spits, "Who the hell do you think you are, eh? I mean, I told you about Jess's mother because I trusted you. I didn't expect you to go broadcasting it all over me flamin' house." Beryl starts to protest, "I didn't. I was only--" Rod interrupts, though, and goes on, "You know, Jess was almost hysterical when I got home. Eight years I've managed to keep that from her and you go and blow it in five flamin' minutes." Beryl insists, "Rod, I didn't tell her." Rod retorts, "No, no, not to her face, no, you were a bit more subtle than that, weren't you?" Beryl cries, "I was talking to Doris. I didn't even know Jess was in the--" Rod interrupts and snaps, "That's not the point. It was meant to be confidential and you shouldn't have told anyone." Beryl snaps back, "Will you listen to me, for a moment?" Rod, though, retorts, "What, and settle for another one of your saintly performances? Not likely, lady." Beryl growls, "Oh, so you don't have any respect for what I might have to say?" Rod snaps, "No, not any more I don't." Beryl, pulling the ring off her finger, retorts, "Right, then you can take this and give it to another friend, because frankly, I like mine to stand by me more than a couple of hours." Rod snarls, "Is that right? Well, I'd say that's a couple of hours too flamin' long in your case." With that, he snatches the ring and storms off, leaving Beryl standing in her lounge room, looking furious.


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