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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

At Dural, James is saying, "It's back-breaking work, I can tell you. Damn risky, too." He's sitting with Andy, Mary, Barbara and Irene in the lounge room, telling them about the mining operation in Quilpie. Mary hands him a cup of coffee as Irene comments that it sounds like quite a life. James tells her, though, that he's had a few drawbacks. Irene suggests, "No women, eh?" James nods, "The other one's no grog!" Andy asks humorously, "What else is there?!" James retorts, "Money - grows on trees up there, so to speak." Irene smiles, "Man after my own heart!" James asks her what she does, and Barbara tells him that Irene is a doctor. James laughs, "A man might have to get sick!" Changing the subject abruptly, Barbara says to him, "How long do you think you'll be staying, James?" James tells her curtly, "That depends - on how reasonable everyone is." Irene suggests that it seems a bit silly, everyone getting worked up over Woombai. James asks her if she's been there. Irene nods, "Only the once." James asks, "It still a dump?" Barbara tells him, "Well, Gordon has let it go a bit..." Irene adds, "If I were you, any offer over say $180,000 - $200,000, I would take it and run." James sits there, looking thoughtful. He then murmurs, "Two hundred, eh? Man could buy a decent 'plane with that." Irene, looking surprised, asks him if he's a pilot. He replies, "Ace Hamilton. Terror of a thousand inland airstrips!" Irene smiles, "There you go, then. As soon as Gordon gets back, you'll probably be able to tie--" James, though, interrupts and tells her to hang on a minute: he hasn't even talked to his solicitor yet - and a bit of haggling could be fun. He adds, "If nothing else, it'll keep me around you lovely ladies for a few more days." Barbara looks away in disgust.

Samantha arrives back at the Morrell town house to find Caroline dozing on the couch. She stirs and asks her daughter how Fiona is. Samantha replies that she's fine; Fiona asked her to stay to dinner. She suddenly notices a vase of flowers on the coffee table and asks where they came from. Caroline smiles, "Chris. They're beautiful, aren't they?" Samantha mutters, "Yes." Caroline goes on that he's quite a likeable young man; they had quite a chat. Samantha sits there, looking upset, and Caroline asks her what the matter is. Samantha just warns her, "Be careful, mum," and she heads off to bed, leaving Caroline looking puzzled.

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, looking upset, as Alison storms in and snaps, "Men are the most thankless creatures invented, Charlie. I was a fool for ever trusting him. Only takes one good-looking woman to make a pass and suddenly all the love in the world isn't worth tuppence." She goes and pours herself a drink as she announces, "David's married someone else." Charlie stares at her in shock and mouths, "What?" Alison explains, "In South America. He found himself one of those dusky senoritas, or whatever they call themselves." Charlie murmurs that she's sorry. Alison snarls, "How could he? All I've been doing for the last two months is trying to clear my name so we can have a normal life together and he--" She breaks off as she suddenly notices Charlie's face, and says, "You've been crying." Charlie sobs, "Isabella's dead. Leigh called a few minutes ago." Alison just mutters, "Oh." She then spits, "I'll never forgive him, Charlie. Not in a million years." Charlie goes on sadly, "Apparently, there was some trouble at the farm." Alison, ignoring her, snaps, "I don't care how it happened or what the excuse is." Charlie sobs, "They just bashed her." Alison snaps, "I shall never forgive him." Charlie stands up from the couch and, glaring at Alison, cries angrily, "You couldn't spare anyone else a thought for once, could you? I loved Isabella. I know she was only a dog, but she never complained... she never asked me to keep a secret... she was happy just being loved. Now, she's gone. And don't act like you're the only one who knows what it's like to lose someone, because you're not." Alison stares at her.

Chris walks into Fiona's flat at the boarding house, with Hung. Fiona asks them if they enjoyed the movie, and Chris laughs that Hung wants to do it again tomorrow night! He then asks Fiona how her night was. Fiona laughs, "Different. A friend of David Palmer's called round." Hung heads off to bed, pausing to say, "Thanks, Chris," as he does so. He goes. Chris then tells Fiona, "It was still a bit awkward at times. I don't hate him, though." He adds, "I was losing my head over a fourteen-year-old kid who's as quiet as a mouse and four foot six on tiptoes. As soon as you start putting it like that..." He then suggests that he'd better make a move. Fiona, though, quickly tells him that she's got a confession to make: she thought those flowers he wanted were for Samantha - and when she asked Samantha how she liked them, all she got was a blank face; she hopes she hasn't put her foot in anything. Chris, though, mutters that he doesn't think Samantha will be too worried about it. Fiona tells him that Samantha is very fond of him - even though they might have had a few differences about Hung. Chris just mutters, "Maybe," and he heads out, leaving Fiona looking thoughtful.

At Charlie's, Alison is saying, "I'm the one who should be sorry. It is sad about Isabella. If I sounded insensitive, I apologise." She then asks Charlie if she's still going back to Melbourne. Charlie sighs, "Probably. Leigh said that Adam was quitting the police force. I don't know why, exactly, but if he's not happy, I should be there." Changing the subject, she goes on, "You must be feeling terrible. I'm sure there's an explanation. David went over there because he loved you; you mustn't forget that." She then suggests, "Maybe he found the woman in the photograph and thought... well, maybe she's dead, so he thinks you are?" Alison, though, says she doesn't know, anymore: he loved her; he wouldn't have married again in a couple of weeks. Charlie says quietly, "Come to Melbourne with me." Alison, though, staring into the distance, says, "Remember the day we bought the farm? David drove us out. He wore his Sunday best. I couldn't go back there; not now..."

Irene is standing with Andy, Barbara and James in the lounge room at Dural, announcing that she has to go. Andy tells James that he'll see him around. He and Irene then head out to the hallway with Barbara, who closes the lounge room doors behind them. In the lounge room, Mary offers James another cup of coffee. James, though, asks if he can have a nightcap instead. Out in the hallway, Barbara is saying quietly to Irene and Andy, "I dislike him already. I don't know how I'm going to be able to keep my temper." Irene suggests, "Get Gordon to offer him the two hundred grand. If you actually put the cheque in front of him, I bet he takes it." Barbara asks, "And what if he discovers how much Woombai is really worth?" Irene, though, assures her, "He won't - not unless anybody tells him. He still thinks it's the old shack his father had." Barbara says, "Gordon won't go along with it." Irene tells her, "Then convince him." Barbara stands there, looking dubious. In the lounge room, Mary hands James his drink and he asks, "What's Gordon like these days? Balding? Glasses?" Mary, though, says, "No." James muses, "Funny, I always thought he'd have glasses!" Mary sits down next to him and he goes on, "You know, in twenty years, he never wrote me once." Mary asks, "Did you write to him?" James admits, "No." Mary points out, "Then you can't talk." James, leaning forward, sighs, "You should have been there: Gordon got Nancy... the old man's inheritance... and little old James got left out in the cold." Mary tells him that he should at least give Gordon a chance; he's been very good to her. James assures her, "Don't worry - I'm a fair man. I'll size him up, see if he's changed, before I make a decision." The lounge room doors suddenly reopen and Barbara comes in, saying, "You will be staying the night, James?" James replies that he'd expected to. Mary stands up and heads off to make up the bed in the spare room. When she's gone, James indicates to Barbara the glass that he's holding and says, "Join me?" Barbara replies, "If you wish." James tells her, "I do. I'm looking forward to a private little chat..."

It's late in the evening. Alison - wearing her night clothes - wanders into the lounge room at Charlie's and switches on a lamp. She walks over to her handbag, which is lying on the coffee table, takes out a leather wallet from inside and stares at the photo in it of David. She then lifts out the photo and rips it into little pieces...

In the lounge room at Dural, James - sitting next to Barbara on the couch - asks her if Gordon will be home soon, as it's getting pretty late. Barbara, though, tells him that rotary dinners have been known to go on well into the night. James smiles, "So... just you and me, huh?" Barbara mutters, "At the moment." James then asks, "You ever played the 'two sorts' game, Babs?" Barbara snaps, "Barbara." James smiles, "Yeah, well, that's where we swap the definitions of the two sorts of people in the world: for example, those who hate their nickname and those who like it." Barbara suggests, "Or those who bear grudges and those who don't?" James nods, "That's it, yeah." Barbara then snaps, "Why don't you just say what you think?" James, though, replies calmly that that would be too easy - and besides, he can see it's a struggle for her to talk to him, so he thought this might be a bit of an ice-breaker. Barbara sighs and appeals, "James, please... I know Woombai isn't the greatest property on earth, but it does mean an awful lot to Gordon." James muses, "So everybody keeps telling me." He then says, "It's all up to you, isn't it." Barbara stares at him and retorts, "I beg your pardon?" James, putting his arm round her, tells her, "Barbara, there are two sorts of women in the world: there are those who do... and those who don't." With that, he pulls her head gently towards him and starts kissing her. Barbara suddenly swings her left hand round and whacks him across the face. His glass flies out of his hand and he stares at her.

A few minutes later, James is standing behind the bar, pouring himself another drink. Barbara is apologising, saying she doesn't know what came over her, but he had no right. She then starts to say, "What just happened... I mean..." James asks her if she's scared that she's just blown Gordon's chances of ever getting his hands back on Woombai. He adds, "Don't worry, Barbara. You win some, you lose some." The front door suddenly bangs and Wayne and Gordon walk in, Gordon starting to say as they do so, "Darling, someone's parked their car--" Barbara quickly stops him and, indicating the bar, tells him, "James has arrived." Gordon turns to look at his brother, who says, "Well well... twenty years, eh, Gordon? Seems like only a couple of decades!" Gordon shakes his hand. James comments, "Can hardly believe it, eh? First time since 1965." He laughs and then pulls at Gordon's neckwear, saying, "Still wearing a bloody tie. Geez, you'd think he was the PM!" He then looks at Wayne and comments, "You must be Nancy's boy." Wayne introduces himself and he and James shake hands. Mary comes back in and tells James that his room is ready. James says he thinks he'll turn in. He then looks at his brother and adds, "You don't want to discuss business tonight, do you, Gordon?" Gordon says, "Whatever you like." James assures him, "The morning's fine." Mary leads him off to show him his room, leaving Barbara to tell Gordon and Wayne that James arrived just before dinner. Wayne asks if he said anything about Woombai. Barbara tells him that he thinks it's an old shack on a couple of acres. Gordon comments that he obviously hasn't seen his solicitor yet. Barbara tells him, "If you don't let on... it's the only way, Gordon. If you offer him a fraction of what Woombai is worth... let him think he's taken you down... well, Woombai is still yours." Gordon mutters, "I can't do that." Wayne chips in, "Sounds fair to me." Barbara tells Gordon, "If you want Woombai, you're going to have to." Gordon stands there, looking worried.

The next morning, Samantha is standing in the corridor outside the entrance to Irene's surgery at the boarding house when Chris comes round the corner. She comments to him that she heard he and Hung went to the movies last night, and Chris replies that they had a good time together. He then goes on that Fiona told him she said something to her about the flowers he sent to Caroline. Samantha comments that they were very nice. Chris tells her that Caroline is a very nice lady. Samantha warns, "She's also lonely, Chris." Chris asks curtly what that's supposed to mean. Samantha retorts that she just doesn't want to see either of them getting hurt. Chris tells her, "We won't be - if people leave us alone." Irene suddenly emerges from her flat, opposite, and asks Samantha if she's ready for work. Samantha unlocks the door to the surgery and Irene heads inside. Samantha pleads to Chris, "Think about it. Please?"

Mary, Wayne, Gordon, Barbara and James are all sitting having breakfast at the living room table at Dural. Wayne is saying, "If it was up to me, I'd say you could have it. It's more trouble than it's worth: you've got to pay all the maintenance on it... employ someone to keep it going... make sure it runs at a loss or otherwise we get taxed to hell... It's just a huge hassle." James nods at him. Wayne adds, "Sentimentally, of course, it's a different story: dad loves the place, which I can understand: he grew up there." James glances at Gordon and says, "Yeah." Wayne adds, "If you think it will get you down, why not sell it back to him? We could probably settle the whole thing this morning." James, though, tells him to hang on; he hasn't spoken to his solicitor yet. Wayne quickly asks why they should bring them into it; they're only after a percentage. He continues, "If we can agree on a fair figure, you'll get the money, we'll keep the property... what could be easier?" James, smiling at him, asks, "What do you reckon Woombai's worth?" Wayne pauses and then suggests, "$175,000... $180,000..." James asks, "How about two?" Wayne muses, "Two hundred thousand?" Turning to Gordon, he asks, "What do you reckon, dad?" Gordon looks at James and Wayne then says quickly, "Right. Done. You'll get the cheque by lunchtime." James smiles, "Great!" He then adds, "Well, I think I'll go and apologise to your neighbour." Barbara exclaims, "Charlie?!" James nods, "Yeah, the cute one I got off on the wrong foot with yesterday." Barbara tells him which house it is and James then says to his brother, "Nice doing business with you, Gordon." Gordon doesn't respond and James walks out. When he's gone, Wayne smiles, "Was that beautiful or was that beautiful?!" Gordon mutters, "It was wrong." Barbara, though, snaps, "Nonsense. You built up Woombai from nothing. He's got no right to walk in and take it away from you." Wayne stands up and says he's going over to talk to Caroline about the shares Roger had. He adds, "If you want to buy back into the company, dad..." Gordon, though, retorts curtly, "No thankyou... one $200,000 cheque for one day is quite enough!"

Alison is putting on her make-up in the lounge room at Charlie's as Charlie stands next to her and says she called Adam earlier. Alison asks how he is and Charlie replies that he sounded quite chirpy: he told her to save her money and stay up in Sydney. Changing the subject, she then suggests to Alison that for someone with a broken heart, she's hiding it very well. Alison explains, "Life goes on, Charlie. I decided last night I could either let things get to me or tough them out." Charlie murmurs, "I just let them get to me. I remember how small Isabella was when I first bought her." Alison recalls, "You came right over and showed me!" Charlie smiles, "Yes, so I did... Oh, I am going to miss her." Alison just stands there, a smile on her face. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Charlie goes to answer it. James is standing there, and he say a bright, "G'day!" Charlie stares at him and he goes on, "I know it's early, but if we're going to catch a 'plane, we'd better move fast." Charlie asks him blankly what he's talking about. He explains, "I want to apologise for last night. I was a bit rude." Charlie mutters, "A bit?" James sighs, "Yeah, I know. But seeing as I got a pilot's licence, I thought you might like to come for a joyride." Charlie queries, "You and me? In a 'plane?" James laughs, "I can't fly anything else!" A broad grin suddenly crosses Charlie's face and she flirts, "Wait here...!"

A woman is standing in the corridor at the boarding house and she knocks on the door of Fiona's flat. Fiona answers it and the woman introduces herself as Marsha Holdsworth from the Department of Immigration. She asks if Hung is home, and Fiona replies hesitantly that he is. Marsha asks if she can see him for a moment, as she has some rather important news for him.

A few minutes later, Fiona is saying in surprise, "He does have relatives in Australia?" Marsha replies, "Yes - but it's his mother's brother, not his father's. Anyway, they saw the bit in the paper and realised Hung was their nephew and got in touch with us." Fiona asks Hung why he didn't tell her, but Hung replies that he didn't know. Marsha adds, "We've checked it out and it is Hung's uncle and he's willing to take him." Turning to Hung, she continues, "Which means, of course, that we can now offer you legal status as a refugee." A broad smile crosses Fiona's face.

Wayne is sitting with Caroline and Alison at the Morrell town house, saying, "I've been in touch with Roger's solicitor and the situation is: all of the shares are inherited by the daughter." Caroline asks if she's going to keep them. Wayne, though, tells her, "She'll probably sell - which means that if you and I bought them together, we'd own 98%." Alison indicates Caroline and chips in, "And if she bought them herself, she'd control the company." Caroline glares at her and she adds, "It was merely an observation." Caroline growls, "Well, observe in silence." Wayne goes on that the thing is, the shares are going to cost; if they want to buy them, they've got to start negotiating for loans now; if they want to save the money, they can wait and hope they get on with the new partner, whoever it is. Caroline asks who it's likely to be. Wayne shrugs, "Could be anyone. As long as they roll up to Carlyle's daughter with the right money, they'll have 49% of the company." Alison stares at him, looking thoughtful.

At the boarding house, Hung emerges from his bedroom at Fiona's flat, carrying a packed bag. Marsha asks him if he's ready. Hung says to Fiona, "I can come back and visit you, can't I?" Fiona assures him that she'll be very upset if he doesn't! They head over to the door. Fiona opens it and then tells Hung that if there's ever anything he needs, for any reason at all, she'll be there. She then gives him and hug and he and Marsha leave. Fiona closes the door and leans against it, a happy smile on her face.

The front door bangs at Charlie's and Charlie waltzes into the lounge room. Alison is in there, a basket in front of her on the coffee table, and Charlie trills, "Oh, darling, you really must let Ace take you flying. It's wonderful. It's not like being in a jet at all... it's the best time I've had in years!" She then notices the basket and asks what it is. Alison tells her, "A present - for you." Charlie asks what it is and Alison laughs, "Open it!" Charlie lifts the lid as Alison adds, "It's for putting up with me, because I hate to see you depressed." There's a small puppy inside; she's identical to Isabella, and Charlie, lifting her out, coos lovingly that she's beautiful. She then says sincerely to Alison, "Oh, you really are very kind." Turning to the puppy, she asks "What am I going to call you?" Alison suggests, "Isabella." Charlie, though, says she couldn't. She then suggests to the puppy, "How about 'Isabella 2'?!" Alison muses that it sounds like a boat! Charlie asks her where she got her, and Alison replies, "From the same kennels you got Isabella 1." A serious look suddenly crosses her face and she changes the subject and says, "Charlie, I need to ask you a favour." Charlie smiles, "Anything, darling." Alison warns her, "It's rather a big favour." Charlie stares at her and asks sourly, "Does it explain the present?" Alison, though, assures her that she 'phoned the kennels before this came up. Charlie tells her warily to go on. Alison says, "I want you to buy Roger Carlyle's shares. I wouldn't ask, but I don't have any money at the moment, and I need to move quickly. Please, Charlie. I need a change of direction... something to help me forget - and I do want to be involved in running the company. Will you?" Charlie stares at her.

James heads into the lounge room at Dural as Barbara tells him that she didn't save him any lunch, but can whip him up a sandwich, if he likes. James, though, replies curtly, "No thanks, Barbara." Gordon and Wayne are sitting in the room and Wayne asks James what he's been doing for six hours. James retorts, "I took Charlie for a joyride." Gordon asks him where they went. James retorts, "We flew up to Woombai." Gordon stares at him and then glances at Barbara, nervously. James goes on, "Charlie was very helpful: she pointed out the homestead... the guesthouse... the stables..." Gordon starts to say, "James..." James, though, snaps, "Don't bother. You cheated me twenty years ago, Gordon; nothing's changed." He goes on angrily, "Two hundred thousand wouldn't even buy the horses in that place. If you've written out a cheque, you can tear it up; the deal's off. Woombai's mine, brother: every last cent of it."


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