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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Leigh - who has put her daytime clothes on again - is about to march out through the front door at Beryl's when Beryl emerges from her bedroom. Leigh says tersely, "I have to go out." Beryl asks who was on the 'phone. Leigh, though, retorts that she can't tell her at the moment. Beryl tells her that she can't just go rushing off in the middle of the night without telling her where she's going. Leigh insists that it's alright. Beryl, however, insists that the last thing Leigh needs when she's on bail is trouble. Leigh just cries, "I have to go," and she dashes out.

At the warehouse, Brett looks round and starts pulling some large crates towards him. He manages to pile one on top of another one and he then then tries standing on them. Unfortunately, he puts his foot straight through the top crate, causing him to curse under his breath. Leigh's voice suddenly sails down to him through the skylight. Looking surprised to hear her there, he calls that he can't get out. Leigh asks what she can do. Brett tells her that he's got some rope. Leigh asks what good that is. Brett tells her, "I'll throw it up to you. See if you can anchor it somewhere, so I can climb out." He tries to throw up the rope, but Leigh fails to catch hold of it. He then tries again, but still Leigh fails to grab hold. Brett tries a third time, and Leigh this time manages to snatch at it. Brett tells her to tie it on to something. As she does so, he asks her how she knew he was there. Leigh calls back, "Tracy rang me." Brett says, "But she set me up. Why would she call--" He breaks off as he realises, "They're trying to set you up, too. The Judge has gone to 'phone the cops; you'd better get out of here quick." Leigh protests that she's not leaving him, and she tells him to let her concentrate. She then asks how they conned him into going down there, anyway. Brett explains that he was supposed to open the doors, but they were locked from the outside - and then they threw the rope down after him. Leigh finishes tying the rope and Brett tugs on it to check it will take his weight. Having satisfied himself that it will, he starts pulling himself up. Leigh calls to him to hurry up. He makes it on to the roof and the two of them then make their way to the side of the warehouse and climb down. On the ground, two police cars suddenly pull up. Adam climbs out of one and he orders his colleagues to run round the back. He makes his way round to the front of the warehouse - and suddenly bumps into Brett and Leigh running towards him. Pointing his torch at them, he snaps, "What the hell are you two doing here?" Leigh pleads, "Adam, please, we've both been set-up by Tracy. We weren't doing anything wrong - honest. If you take me in, I'm gone. Please... we didn't do anything." A few seconds later, another police officer is walking around another side of the warehouse. Adam suddenly comes towards him and the officer asks, "Anyone back there?" Adam tells him, "No. Not a soul..."

Sometime later, Brett and Leigh are back at Beryl's, and Beryl hands them both cups of tea. Brett sighs, "What a night." He then tells Leigh that he doesn't know what he can say to thank her - although he still doesn't think she should have taken such a risk. Leigh muses, "We made it, didn't we?" Beryl, however, growls at them, "You might have made it, but what about Adam? You put him on the spot, didn't you? Lord knows what it's doing to him." Leigh insists that they'll talk to him; tell him the way it happened. Beryl, though, sighs that that's not the point: Adam is a very conscientious young man; he must be feeling terrible, having to go against the rules. Brett chips in, "It's all my fault. I'll take all the blame." Beryl snaps, "So you should." She adds, "You've done some pretty silly things in the past, Brett, but I doubt if Adam--" Brett interrupts and growls, "What could I do? Tracy said that if I--" Beryl interrupts him and yells furiously, "Tracy? All we hear about is Tracy. You should never have got involved with her." There's suddenly a knocking at the front door, and Beryl adds, "We all know who that is, don't we?" She heads off to answer the door, and lets Adam in. He walks into the lounge room and tells Brett and Leigh curtly, "You two better have a damn good story."

At Dural, Gordon is sitting in the lounge room, reading, when Barbara comes in and asks him if he can't sleep. Gordon explains that he couldn't stop thinking about that idiotic brother of his; he's in Sydney somewhere and he wishes he'd show himself. Barbara tells him that it's not worth losing sleep over. Gordon, though, says it's hard not to when you're facing bankruptcy. He then sighs, "I did the right thing when you found that will. I could have destroyed it. Why can't he have the decency to see that?" Barbara suggests that he probably does - but from what Gordon said, he probably also feels he's getting the short end of the stick, and he doesn't seem the sort of person to praise him for being honest. Out in the hallway, the front door suddenly opens, and Wayne and Mary come in, all dressed-up. Barbara laughs, "The stop-outs are back!" As they walk into the lounge room, she then asks them if they enjoyed themselves. Wayne smiles, "Yeah. We had something to celebrate, didn't we! I think we deserved a night on the town after getting a pardon." Barbara reminds him, "She wasn't guilty." Wayne assures her, "I was only joking!" Mary enthuses that it was wonderful: Barbara should have seen the nightclub they went to; there was nothing like it in Brolga! Changing the subject, Gordon comments to Wayne, "With Roger gone, your company must be in a bit of a mess." Wayne explains that they're talking to the lawyers tomorrow - and he'd better call Caroline and Alison to see where they stand. Mary then says to Wayne, "The dancers: weren't they great?!" Wayne smiles, "They were pretty terrific!" Gordon tells them both that it's good to see them relaxed. Barbara suggests, "Maybe we should have joined them!" Gordon, though, smiles, "Or maybe a soothing port would help!" He offers everyone else a drink, but Wayne laughs that Mary already had three after dinner! Mary suddenly hiccups and Wayne laughs, "Told you she'd had a few!"

At Beryl's, Adam is pacing the lounge room floor as Brett says, "Then, when we saw you, we nearly died." Adam retorts, "The feeling's mutual." Leigh pleads, "But do you believe us?" Adam tells her, "Of course I do - it all makes sense. The main thing now is to nab Judge and Tracy. I gather Judge is pretty good at getting other people to take the rap for him." Brett mutters that he's made that obvious tonight. He then goes on, "A lot of videos have been knocked-off from the warehouse in the last couple of weeks. I reckon he thought he could finger me for the lot." Leigh asks Adam why he just doesn't raid Judge's place and catch him red-handed. Adam, though, sitting down, sighs that a fellow like that wouldn't hide the stuff in his own backyard. Beryl, looking concerned, chips in to ask him if he's not taking a bit on himself, not telling his superiors what's happened. Adam, though, tells her, "My decision. I have to stick with it. The answer is to get the real crooks and then we're all in the clear." Beryl comments that she still thinks he's doing it the hard way. Adam, though, says, "I take being a cop seriously. The only way you can play it is by the rules - and I broke those rules tonight. People think it's corny, but from day one, the team is drummed into you; it's the only way you can handle it - and I let the team down tonight." With that, he announces that he'd better get going. Brett stands up and says he'd better make tracks too. Adam tells him that it would be easier if he stayed at Beryl's. Brett muses that he guesses so. Adam warns him that he doesn't want to go back to where Judge can find him, and Brett muses, "You're not wrong there..."

The next morning, Mary is polishing the coffee tables in the lounge room at Dural. She appears to be miles away. Wayne suddenly walks in and asks her cheerfully how she's feeling. She comes back to reality and explains that she was just having a bit of a think about her nan. Changing the subject, Wayne asks her if she'd like to go out again tomorrow night. He adds that tonight's booked-up with a rotary meeting with his dad. Mary smiles that tomorrow night would be great! She then adds seriously, "We'll be getting people talking, though - going out so much." Wayne assures her, "They can talk as much as they like, as far as I'm concerned." He then leans forwards and kisses her gently on the cheek. Suddenly looking horrified, Mary stares at him in shock and says, "Sorry, I have to get something from my bedroom." With that, she dashes off upstairs, passing Barbara - who's coming down them - on the way. Wayne follows Mary out to the hallway and Barbara asks him what's wrong. Wayne says he doesn't know. Gordon suddenly emerges from the study, cursing, "Damn the man. He made an appointment to see the solicitor yesterday and didn't show up." Barbara asks if he means James, and Gordon mutters, "Who else?" Wayne tells him that he's playing right into James's hands; he probably wants him to get uptight about it, and he shouldn't give him the satisfaction. Barbara says, "Yeah, for once I agree." She then suggests a game of golf. Gordon, though, muses that he'd break the clubs, the way he feels! He adds, "I just wish to goodness he'd show up - and we could get the whole thing cleared-up once and for all, be it good or bad."

Leigh and Brett are sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's, reading the newspapers. The TV is on loudly in the background, but Beryl suddenly emerges from the kitchen and asks if they could turn it down, as she has a stinker of a headache. Brett, though, tells her that she can turn it off. Beryl does so. She then says she might go back to bed; she'd like to shake the headache before Rod and Jess get there for lunch; it'll be difficult enough without a bad head as well. Leigh asks, "Jess coming this time?" Beryl replies, "Yes. Rod said she was tired last night, but I think she just said 'no'." Brett suggests that he'd better get back to the farm. Beryl, though, asks him why he doesn't stay with her until things settle down a bit. Brett glances at Leigh and then tells Beryl that he'll stick around for the rest of the day, but he'll have to get back tonight. Beryl accepts this and then heads off back to bed. When she's gone, Brett says to Leigh, "Well, looks like we'll be sitting round here for the rest of the day, just staring at each other. Leigh, though, tells him, "No' I've got something else in mind - a way to get Judge." Brett looks at her with interest as she says, "He must have been flogging the stuff he's been pinching. Why shouldn't he sell a video to me? He doesn't know me." Looking surprised, Brett growls, "Are you crazy? He might not know what you look like, but Tracy sure does." Leigh says she'll take a risk on her not being round. She goes on, "When Judge goes to pick up the video for me, you follow. When you know where the stuff is, we call Adam and Judge is fixed." Brett sighs and mutters that he doesn't want to be anywhere within coo-ee of the Judge if he can help it. Leigh, though, snaps at him that it's his fault Adam's in a mess and now he won't even lift a finger to help put things straight. Suddenly looking guilty, Brett sighs, "OK, I'll do it." Leigh smiles, "First things first. Do you have any idea where Judge hangs out?" Brett replies that he used to talk about a pub near the warehouse, sometimes; he and his poker mates have lunch there. Leigh grins, "Well, I think you and I should join him for lunch today. What do you reckon?" Brett mutters, "Sure." Leigh goes on, "We're going to nail him good and proper..."

Wayne comes downstairs at Dural and heads into the lounge room. Barbara is in there and Wayne asks her if she's seen Mary. Barbara asks if she isn't upstairs. Wayne replies, "No," and so Barbara suggests that she must have gone out for a while. She then asks what happened with the girl. Wayne shrugs, "Search me. She looked a bit down, so I gave her a little kiss... next thing, she went--" Barbara interrupts and grunts, "Uh huh." Wayne asks what that's supposed to mean; is there something he doesn't know? Barbara tells him that it's not for her to say. Wayne mutters indignantly, "Hold on..." Barbara, though, says, "If Mary wants to tell you, she will. Just give her time and be very patient with her. OK?"

Judge is sitting outside the pub in Melbourne, drinking and talking to a couple of mates. Leigh suddenly appears in a nearby alleyway. She's dressed in black, is wearing a leather jacket and has dark, heavy make-up on her face., Brett is with her, keeping out of sight, and he points Judge out to her. He then adds that he'd better get out of there before Judge sees him. He goes on that he'll wait outside for Judge until he comes out, and then he'll follow him. The two of them tell each other to be careful and Brett then walks off. Leigh starts approaching Judge just as he stands up and asks his mates, "Who's for another?" He heads inside. Leigh approaches the table and goes and stands next to it. One of the guys who's still sitting there asks, "Who are you?" Leigh tells him, "Paula." She then asks, "How about a drink? Simmo said you guys were generous." The guy asks, "Oh, you know Simmo, do you?" Leigh tells him, "You could say that..."

Brett is waiting out of sight of the table when he suddenly spots Tracy approaching. He quickly dashes over to her and says, "G'day." Tracy asks sniffily, "What are you doing round here?" Brett tells her, "I've been looking for you. I got out on bail this morning, but it looks like your little set-up worked." Tracy asks, "How did you know where to find me?" Brett retorts, "The Judge used to tell me about this place a few times. I thought I'd give it a chance." Tracy mutters, "I didn't think you'd ever want to see me again." Brett retorts, "I don't." Tracy asks, "Then what are you doing here?" Brett tells her, "I just wanted you to know I was really hooked on you, that's all. I know what you think about me, but... I wanted you to know I was really hooked." Tracy mutters, "You'll know better next time." She goes to walk off, but Brett quickly puts an arm in front of her and stops her, saying, "Do you really think you're going to get away with this?" Tracy snaps, "What are you talking about?" Brett retorts, "Didn't you even care about me at all?" Tracy groans, "Oh God. How pathetic can you get?" Brett asks if they can't just talk about it. Tracy, though, snaps, "Rack off. I'm not interested and I never was." With that, she walks off.

Judge emerges from the pub and places a jug of beer on the table. He stares at Leigh and one of the guys tells him, "Friend of Simmo's. Paula, here, reckons Simmo said you could organise her a, er... cheap video tape recorder." Judge looks at Leigh and muses, "I might be able to help you out." Leigh smiles, "I'm sure you could. I'll need it by tonight, though." Judge shakes his head and so Leigh tells him, "I'm willing to pay extra." Judge asks, "$300?" Leigh nods, "You've got a sale." Judge tells her, "Come back in an hour." Leigh suddenly notices Tracy coming towards the table, and she walks off quickly, in the opposite direction. Tracy joins the guys and Judge tells her that she's just missed another sale. Tracy asks, "Good one?" Judge replies, "$300. Mate of Simmo's." He pours her a glass of beer and she raises it and smiles, "Good old Simmo."

At the back of the pub, Leigh looks round for Brett. She spots him and he runs up to her, panting that he saw Tracy, but he couldn't stop her. He asks her if Tracy saw her. Leigh, though, explains that she saw Tracy first; she had just enough time. Brett tells her that she'd better get going home now. Leigh cries that he might need help. Brett, though, points out that, if Tracy and Judge see her, the whole thing's had it - and Tracy could be out at any minute. Leigh warns him to watch himself. She then runs off.

Adam is at Beryl's, but Beryl is telling him, "I haven't got a clue where they've got to. Neither of them said they were going out." Adam explains that he just wants to ask them a bit more about Judge; see if they know where he can find him. At that moment, the front door bangs and Leigh runs in, calling, "Beryl, are you there?" Beryl looks at her clothes and make-up in surprise and asks her what on earth she's done to herself. Adam asks suspiciously, "You're not trying something, are you?" Leigh admits, "Brett and I have set Judge up. I've ordered a video from him, for this afternoon. Brett's going to tail him; find out where he's hid the stuff." Adam glares at her and mutters, "Stupid. I was going to handle that." Leigh insists that they wanted to help. Adam, though, points out that anything could happen to Brett if Judge finds out he's being set-up. Beryl asks Leigh why they didn't leave it up to Adam. Leigh explains, "We wanted to help. It was our fault." Adam sighs, "If you wanted to help, you can help now. Show me where they are." He then takes Leigh's arm and leads her back towards the front door.

At the pub, Judge climbs into his car. Tracy climbs into the passenger seat. Brett climbs into his car and starts the engine, pulling away just as Adam and Leigh pull up behind him in Adam's car. Adam curses, "Damn. He's going to follow him." Leigh asks him what he's going to to. Adam sighs, "Only one thing I can do." He puts his foot down and starts following the other cars.

Wayne is sitting, looking at a magazine, in the lounge room at Dural, when the front door opens and Mary comes in. Wayne dashes out to join her and asks if she can come into the lounge room, as he wants to talk to her for a minute. Mary indicates the stairs and starts to say, "I was just going--" Wayne, though, interrupts and says, "Please?" Mary gives in and does as she's asked, and they both sit down. Wayne then asks, "What was wrong this morning?" Mary asks innocently, "Wrong?" Wayne continues, "When I gave you the peck on the cheek. Is it me?" Mary, though, quickly replies, "Oh no, it's not you. It's just..." Wayne assures her, "I wasn't trying to suggest anything. I kissed you because I liked you. I like being with you. I was only trying to be friendly, that's all." Mary says softly that she's sorry she was funny about it: she's been thinking about her nan and that made her think of her grandfather... Wayne says gently, "If you want to talk about it, you can. Might be better if you did, don't you think?" Mary hesitates before saying, "He used to... be a bit free with his hands, and that made me..." She breaks off. Wayne assures her, "I understand. You don't have to say anymore. The last thing I wanted to do was upset you, believe me." Mary murmurs, "Thanks."

Judge pulls his car up in a driveway outside a house. He and Tracy climb out and Judge tells Tracy that the videos are round in the garage. Tracy asks, "Does your brother know the score?" Judge replies, "He minds his own business." A few yards down the road, Brett climbs out of his car and starts creeping along towards the house. Adam pulls up in his car on the other side of the road. Leigh watches Brett and murmurs, "Oh, Brett, watch it. He'll get you." At the house, Tracy stands guard out the front while Judge heads off round the back to the garage. Brett tries to approach cautiously, but Tracy suddenly spots him, and she turns and calls to Judge, "We're being watched." Judge runs back towards her. Brett is hiding behind a yellow car parked at the side of the road. In Adam's car, Leigh watches as Judge approaches the hidden Brett and she cries to Adam, "Oh hell. Well, go after him." Adam doesn't move, though, and so Leigh pleads, "Adam..." Adam mutters that if he shows himself, the whole thing's blown. Leigh points out, "But that's where all the stuff is." Adam, though, sighs that he knows, but he can't search it without a warrant - and by the time he's got one, they would have cleaned it out. Leigh insists that they have to do something. Adam, though, suggests, "Wait and see how he handles it." Across the road, Judge creeps up to where Brett is hiding. He then grabs him and pushes his head back against the yellow car, snarling, "You gonna tell us what you're doing here, or am I going to have to beat it out of you?" Brett gasps, "I've come to talk to Tracy." Judge snarls, "Strange you had to follow us all the way over here to do that. I reckon you're spying on us." Brett insists, "I'm not spying." Judge shakes him and growls, "One last chance, kid. Who told you to follow us?" Brett insists, "No one." Glaring at him, Judge snaps, "You asked for it." He then pulls Brett towards him and punches him in the stomach. In Adam's car, Leigh cries, "We can't just sit here; Judge is hitting him." Adam does just sit there, though. Leigh stares at him and then says, "If you won't do something, I will." Adam, though, stops her, saying, "Stay here. I'll go." He takes off his seatbelt. Judge is still laying into Brett, but Tracy pleads with him to let Brett go, pointing out that he hasn't seen anything. She also suggests that someone could be watching and could call the cop? Judge releases his grip on Brett and then snarls, "It looks like the lady saved your neck. Now, if you don't want any more trouble, beat it." He pushes Brett away and Brett staggers over to his parked car. Judge says to Tracy, "Did he see what's in the garage?" Tracy, though, snaps, "He didn't - so stop worrying." In Adam's car, Leigh sighs, "Thank goodness he's alright." Adam tells her, "Keep your fingers crossed he doesn't see us - we might just be able to nab Judge and Tracy." Brett goes to drive past them, but then stops as he spots them there. Adam indicates to him furiously to drive on, and he quickly takes the hint and does so. Adam then tells Leigh to go to the 'phone box a hundred yards back and 'phone the cops. Leigh asks him what he's going to do. Adam replies, "Wait for them to come out with the goods - but I'm going to need back-up, so get going." Leigh climbs out of the car, leaving Adam staring at the house, waiting to pounce...


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