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    Written by: Kay Bendle, Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Leo is gardening in the grounds at the boarding house when Irene joins him and asks how it's all going. He replies enthusiastically that it's good. He then invites her to come and have a look at where he's going to plant some petunias, and Irene smiles, "Lead the way!" They head round the back, and Leo tells Irene that there'll be flowers everywhere in a couple of months! He points out the new bed, all weeded and bordered, and he indicates a compost heap he's started. Irene looks around and smiles, "Keep up the good work!" She then heads off inside and Leo returns to his gardening.

A few minutes later, Fiona opens the door to her flat to find Irene standing in the corridor. Irene walks in and Fiona, looking at the expression on her face, asks what's wrong. Irene indicates some files she's holding in her hand and explains that she just picked them up from the hospital: Roy Keane is suffering from thyrotoxicosis. She adds, looking worried, that she should have picked it up earlier, but the symptoms are so vague, it's difficult to diagnose. Fiona asks, "Thyro-what?!" Irene repeats, "Toxicosis. Basically, it's an overactive thyroid condition. Yesterday, he had what's called a 'thyroid storm'; that's why he collapsed." Fiona asks in concern if he'll be alright. Irene replies that he should be - if he takes a good look at the lifestyle he's leading. She then cries, "He could have died, Fiona." Fiona, though, points out comfortingly that he didn't. She goes on, "Don't go blaming yourself. The number of times he's turned up with these trumped-up symptoms... I defy anybody to be able to tell when he was faking or not." Irene murmurs that she supposes so, adding that she just feels so sorry for him. Changing the subject, she then asks how Hung is, and whether he's said anything more about his family. Fiona laughs bitterly and replies that she thinks he's pretending to be sick so he doesn't have to talk to anybody. She adds that he's certainly hiding something, but how can she help him when he won't tell her what's wrong? Irene suggests to her that she ask him straight out - it's the only way. Fiona admits, "I suppose you're right. He's just got to learn to trust someone." With that, Irene says she'd better be getting back to surgery, and she adds that she'll pop back later to see if Fiona has made any progress. As she emerges from Fiona's flat, Samantha comes bounding round the corridor and exclaims breathlessly, "I've been looking all over for you. Do you mind if I duck out for a while? There's been a bit of a crisis: mum 'phoned and she arranged for an estate agent to come over and look at the apartment, only now she's stuck at the hairdresser's." Irene laughs, "Scoot! I can manage for an hour or so!" Samantha thanks her and dashes off again!

A short time later, inside Fiona's flat, Hung is standing in front of Fiona, wearing his dressing gown. She asks, "What's going on, Hung? That's a straightforward question and I think I deserve a straightforward answer." Hung sits down on the couch and Fiona asks, "How can I help you if you won't tell me what's wrong?" Sitting down next to him, she adds, "I won't let anyone hurt you - I promise." Hung murmurs, "You're my friend..." Fiona replies gently, "Yes. And as such, don't you think I deserve to be trusted? Isn't that what being a friend means?" She goes on, "We have two choices, Hung. You tell me what's wrong, and if there's a problem, I'll do everything I can to help you. If you don't want to tell me, you can go on staying here until your visa is up, but then I'm afraid you'll have to go straight back to Singapore." Hung stares at her and cries, "No. I can't." Fiona asks, "Why? Please. Tell me." Hung looks down at the floor and murmurs, "I have disappointed him." Looking puzzled, Fiona asks, "Who?" Hung tells her, "My father." Fiona assures him, "No you haven't. He'd be very proud of you. You're a brave young man - but now it's time you let someone else help you." Hung just stares at her.

Andy emerges from the Woombai homestead. Gordon is coming towards him and Andy says to him quickly that he was wondering if they should go and have a look at the water tank. Gordon asks what the matter is with it. Andy replies that he doesn't know; he just thought maybe they should check it. Gordon, though, tells him that he had it repaired last month; it should be fine. Looking suspicious, he then asks, "Is there something you want to talk to me about - privately?" Andy replies quickly, "No, no." He then asks Gordon if he got the bill sorted out over at the guest house. Gordon nods, "Uh huh - and you'll be pleased to know that I didn't have to punch him in the nose." With that, he heads inside, leaving Andy looking annoyed with himself.

Inside, Barbara is sitting in front of the fire in the lounge room, holding the envelope she found amongst Gordon's father's papers and looking guilty. Gordon comes in and asks if something is bothering Andy. Barbara quickly says, "No. Why?" Gordon explains that he just seems a bit on-edge. Looking at the envelope in Barbara's hand, he then remarks that he thought they agreed to put his dad's papers in the cardboard box. Barbara retorts, "We are." Gordon asks, "What are you burning? A letter from an old lover?!" Barbara snaps, "Don't be stupid." Gordon then asks her, "What's in the envelope?" Barbara looks at him and then hands it over reluctantly and tells him, "It's your father's will." Looking surprised, Gordon takes it and opens it. As he does so, Barbara adds, "If it's genuine, Woombai belongs to your brother - James."

A few moments later, Andy is standing in the doorway from the entrance hall. He offers to wait outside, but Barbara tells him that it doesn't matter. Gordon is holding the will, and he comments, "There's no denying it's his signature." Barbara growls, "Then why wasn't it declared when he died?" Gordon suggests that no one could have known it existed; a will was read out, but unfortunately, this one post-dates it. Andy asks what that means. Gordon explains, "It means my father re-wrote his original will, leaving everything to my brother, James." Andy comments that he didn't even know Gordon had a brother. Gordon tells him, "I haven't seen him for years. He's something of a black sheep of the family. He had a row with my father years ago and simply walked out." Barbara chips in to suggest that he can't make a claim to Woombai now, surely? She adds, "Your father obviously wanted the will destroyed, otherwise he would have lodged it with his solicitor." Gordon, though, retorts, "We can't be sure of that." He then announces that he's going for a walk, and he heads out. When he's gone Andy tells Barbara that he's sorry he couldn't stop Gordon from coming in. Barbara snaps bitterly, "I wish I'd never found the damn thing. It's too late now..."

Leo is gardening in the grounds at the boarding house when he spots Hung nearby, walking down the back steps and sitting on the bottom of them. He stops his gardening and wanders over to him. He asks him, "Do you live here?" Hung replies, "I'm staying with Mrs. Thompson." Leo then asks, "Do you come from another country?" Hung replies, "Vietnam." Leo asks, "Where's that?" Hung tells him, "A long way away." Leo asks, "Do they have gardens there?" Hung replies, "Some. I used to grow vegetables there." Leo smiles, "Like me!" He then asks, "Where are your mum and dad?" Hung tells him, "In a refugee camp." Leo asks him, "Are you here by yourself?" Hung nods, "Yes. But I'm not supposed to be here at all..."

Fiona and Irene are standing in the kitchen at Fiona's flat, making some tea. Fiona is telling Irene, "He's the eldest son, and his father was pinning all his hopes on the boy that he could get the rest of the family out here to Australia." Irene exclaims in surprise, "But the kid's fourteen!" She goes on, "So he hasn't got any relatives out here at all?" Fiona replies, "Apparently not, so entry into the country on a family reunion scheme's impossible." They head into the living room and sit down at the table, Irene asking as they do so, "What about as a political refugee?" Fiona explains, "They've been up in Singapore for the last couple of years, but nothing seemed to be happening up there." Irene remarks, "So dad decided to force the issue?" Fiona tells her, "That's right: false passport... holiday visa... ticket to Australia. I guess he thought they'd get their foot in the door." Irene asks what happens now. Fiona sighs that she really doesn't know. She goes on that she supposes the best thing she can do is go back down to the Immigration Department and see what they have to say. Irene points out that they'll kick Hung out once his holiday visa has expired. Fiona says she'll see if she can find out what the situation is for a start. Irene warns her that she'll be running a risk: immigration officials tend to be very suspicious of hypothetical friends who sneak in on false passports. Fiona assures her that she'll be careful. She adds that it's just that Hung has been through so much already; if there's any way he can stay in Australia, she'd like to find out what it is.

Outside, Leo and Hung are both digging over a patch of garden. Leo warns Hung to watch out for the worms, as they don't want to kill them. Hung asks who owns the garden tools, and Leo replies that it's Mrs. Thompson. He adds, "Have to be careful with them. 'A worker is judged by the condition of his tools.'" Chris's voice suddenly calls, "Hey, Leo!" Leo looks up and smiles as Chris walks over with another piece of equipment and tells him that he's got the garden trimmer he wanted. Leo thanks him. He then indicates Hung and says, "This is my friend, Hung. He's from Vietnam." Chris, looking annoyed to see Hung standing there, mutters, "Yeah, I know." He then tells Leo that he's got to get the trimmer back to Crossley House today, so no yacking. Hung turns to Leo and says, "See you later." Looking surprised, Leo asks him where he's going. Hung tells him that he doesn't want to be in his way. Leo assures him, "You're not." Hung walks off, though, and Chris tells Leo, "Let him go. He's probably got something else he wants to do." Leo grumbles, "I was going to let him have a go with the trimmer." Chris retorts, "Well, he's gone now." He then asks if Samantha is around. Leo mutters that she's gone out. Chris starts the trimmer and tells Leo that he'll give him a hand until she gets back.

Samantha is standing in the corridor outside the front door to the Morrell apartment. She opens the door and then indicates to a man standing with her - the estate agent - "Tons of room and a view right out to the Heads!" The agent looks around and comments that they shouldn't have any trouble renting it. He then asks about the bedrooms. Samantha points them out and does likewise with the kitchen. She adds that it's a nice quiet block; there are no noisy neighbours! She throws her handbag down on the couch, but it falls on the floor, and some of the items inside roll out. The estate agent asks about the curtains and drapes, and Samantha tells him that they'll all stay, as well as all the furniture. She then reaches under the couch to pick up her one of the items from her bag. Unable to reach it with her hand, she pushes the couch back - to reveal a patch of blood. She picks up the mirror that's rolled under there and then runs her fingers over the blood. She examines her fingers and murmurs, "Looks like we'll have to get the carpet cleaned, though..."

A while later, Samantha is back at the boarding house, in Fiona's flat, with Fiona and Hung. She's saying, "It was a blood stain, I'm sure." Fiona suggests that it was probably someone who cut themselves and forgot to clean up. Samantha asks in disbelief, "Who?" and Fiona points out that Roger was there for a while. Samantha comments that it was a pretty big stain for someone who cut themselves. Fiona, though, assures her that there's probably some perfectly simple explanation. Changing the subject, Samantha says she'd better get back to the surgery. She heads to the door but Fiona follows her and asks her quietly if she'd mind looking in on Hung after a while; she's got to go out for a while and she doesn't like leaving him on his own - he's so down. Samantha asks what's wrong with him. Fiona explains that he came back inside a while ago, pretty upset; he didn't say so, but she thinks he had a run-in with Chris. Samantha mutters, "He doesn't give the poor kid a chance, does he?" Fiona agrees that she's going to have to have a word with him. She goes on that Hung's real problem is his passport: it's not exactly legal; that's why she's going down to the Immigration Department to see if she can find out a few facts. Samantha wishes her luck and she heads off. Fiona then turns to Hung and says cheerily, "Off I go, down to the Immigration Department, to see what I can do for you, young fella." Hung looks at her in horror. She quickly explains that it's the only place she can find out any information. Hung cries, "They'll make me go back." Fiona, though, assures him that nobody will make him go anywhere; nothing is going to happen to him - she'll make sure of that.

Outside, Chris is trimming the lawn with the trimmer and Leo is digging over a patch of ground nearby. Fiona comes down the back steps and says, "Morning," to Chris. He turns off the trimmer and Fiona goes on that Hung told her he was out there. Chris demands, "What's he been saying?" Fiona replies, "Just that. Why, is there something he should have been telling me? He came inside before, very upset." Chris retorts, "I don't know what about. He seemed a bit touchy, that's all." Fiona laughs bitterly and tells him, "I doubt very, very much it was Hung who was touchy." Chris mutters that he can't help it if the boy doesn't like him being there. Fiona, though, retorts, "Chris, if you're going to give this boy a hard time, I think it's better that you move out." Chris insists, "I'm not giving him a hard time." Fiona tells him, "I hope not - because I mean what I said." With that, she walks off. When she's gone, Chris comments sarcastically to Leo, "Poor little Hung. Everyone's supposed to feel so sorry for him." Leo says, "I do." Chris retorts, "Well I don't." Leo demands, "What's he done to you?" Chris tells him that he wouldn't understand. Leo, though, snaps, "Yes I would. How could Hung hurt you? They're probably going to send him back to... send him in the aeroplane. He hasn't got any family here or nothing." Chris asks suspiciously what he's been saying. Leo tells him, "He said he was scared. He said he was here ille..." He breaks off in confusion, and Chris asks, "Illegally?" Leo nods that that's it. Chris, looking delighted, mutters, "So much for the lost relatives story. Been giving Fiona the right old run-around, hasn't he? Well not for much longer he won't." He storms off.

Gordon walks slowly into the lounge room at Woombai. Barbara is in there she tells him that she was just coming to find him. She asks him how he's feeling. He shrugs and replies that he can't believe it's happened. Barbara admits, "Neither can I." She asks him if he's thought about what he's going to do. Gordon tells her, "There's only one thing I can do. I certainly can't pretend that the will doesn't exist." He heads over to the 'phone, and Barbara asks him in concern who he's calling. Gordon replies, "The solicitor. He'll know what to do." Barbara pleads, "No, don't." Gordon looks at her and she goes on, "Think of what we've worked for. Think of what you've worked for. It's not fair that someone can just walk in and take it all away." Gordon, though, murmurs, "It doesn't belong to me; it belongs to James." Barbara snaps that he hasn't been near Woombai for years; he doesn't even keep in touch. Gordon murmurs that that's not the issue. Barbara retorts that she doesn't care; all she knows is that he's handing over to James something that he's worked his whole life for and James isn't entitled to it. She adds bitterly, "If I hadn't found the damn will, none of this would be happening." Gordon assures her gently, "Barbara, I know what you're feeling." Barbara snaps, "I feel you're being cheated." Gordon, though, replies softly, "No. No, I'm not. When you stop to think about it - I'm sure you have - it's the only option available - or the only honest one." Barbara, tears beginning to form in her eyes, murmurs sadly, "I know..."

There's a knock on the door of Fiona's apartment and Hung goes to answer it. Chris is standing outside and he demands, "Where's Fiona?" Hung replies, "She's not here." Looking unsurprised, Chris retorts, "Really?" and he walks inside. He then asks Hung, "How long did you think you could get away with it, eh? Lying to Fiona about all your aunts and uncles - the ones you're supposed to be staying--" Hung starts to protest, "I told Mrs. Thompson--" Chris interrupts and snaps, "We know what you told her, mate: a pack of lies." Hung insists, "You don't understand." Chris goes on, "Someone should dob you in, you know that? Hand you over to the authorities. They'd have you on a 'plane quick-smart; either that or locked up." Hung tells him, "Mrs. Thompson said she wouldn't--" Chris interrupts him and snarls, "It doesn't matter what Fiona says, mate; she's not the law. I'm telling you: liars like you get locked up. Game's over, Hung. You're done for." With that, he storms out - and bumps into Samantha in the corridor. Looking surprised, he comments that Leo said she'd gone out. Samantha explains that that was earlier; she's been back in the surgery for the last hour. Chris asks her if she's got a minute. Samantha replies, "After I've checked on Hung. I promised Fiona I'd keep an eye on him." Chris, though, tells her that he's OK; he's just been in there. He then asks, "Did you know he's an illegal immigrant?" Samantha nods, "Well yes, I gathered that from what Fiona said." Chris, suddenly looking surprised, asks, "What? She knows?" He then demands, "What's she going to do about it?" Samantha retorts that she doesn't know; probably try and save the day for the poor kid. Chris snaps that he's not supposed to be there; someone should turn him in. Samantha glares at him and says, "I hope you're not thinking of doing it." Chris retorts, "Of course not. I'm just worried about Fiona - I wouldn't want to see her get into any trouble." Samantha sighs, "Come on, I'll make you a cup of coffee." Chris glances round at Fiona's front door and then follows Samantha down the corridor.

Inside the flat, Hung finishes writing a note, which he leaves on Fiona's couch. He then picks up a packed bag and heads out.

A short time later, Chris joins Leo outside and suggests that he'd better get the trimmer back to Crossley House. Leo glares at him and frowns, "Why don't you like Hung? You make him scared." Chris tells him, "You don't understand, Leo. I told you that before. Just keep out of it, OK?" With that, he walks off. Leo returns to his gardening, but then suddenly looks round as Hung approaches him. Noticing the bag over Hung's shoulder, Leo asks him where he's going. Hung explains that he has to go away; he's come to say goodbye. Leo asks him why he has to go away. Hung explains, "Some men will come to get me. I have to hide." Leo asks him where he'll do that, but Hung shakes his head. Leo murmurs, "I wish I could help you."

Gordon is still talking on the 'phone at Woombai. Andy is standing with Barbara and he asks what the story is on the will. Barbara tells him, "From the tone of the conversation, pretty grim." Gordon says on the 'phone, "Thanks Peter, I'll be in touch." With that, he hangs up. He then turns and tells Barbara that it's all bad news. He continues, "Legally, the will has to be taken into account. Well, we all knew that. The solicitor's going to try and find James, but until he does, it's all a bit... well... up in the air, to say the least." Andy asks what happens when they do find him. Barbara mutters, "Oh God, I don't even want to think about that." Looking at Gordon, she asks, "What did you call him? 'A most unreasonable character'?" Gordon murmurs that that's a pretty fair description. He then adds, "You do realise we could lose more than Woombai? James is entitled to all the money that Woombai made since dad died. Now that includes the house at Dural. If he plays it tough - and he's likely to - we could be penniless." A look of shock crosses Barbara's face.

Fiona is walking along the corridor at the boarding house with Samantha, telling her, "I didn't give any names, which made things a little bit awkward, but I did ask lots of questions." Samantha asks, "And?" Fiona replies, "One thing came through loud and clear: it's not going to be easy." Samantha sighs but says, "That's never stopped you in the past, from what I've heard! If anyone can keep Hung in Australia, you can!" Fiona smiles and then asks Samantha if she looked in on Hung. Samantha replies that she came up at lunchtime, although she didn't actually see him because Chris had been talking to him. Fiona opens her door and, looking worried, comments, "I wonder what Chris wanted with him." They head inside and Fiona starts calling Hung's name. She suddenly spots the note and picks it up and reads it. Samantha looks at the expression of concern that begins to appear on her face and asks what's wrong. Fiona explains, "It's from Hung. He says 'goodbye and thankyou'." Looking surprised, Samantha asks, "Why?" Looking worried, Fiona sighs, "Silly boy. How on earth is he going to cope? He doesn't know anyone... has nowhere to go... What on earth's going to happen to him...?"


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