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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Roger goes to storm out. Samantha runs after him and yells that Leo was only trying to protect her. Roger turns to her and snaps, "From what? Me making you an offer?" Samantha retorts, "It wasn't just the job." Roger, though, points out, "I didn't mention anything else, did I?" Samantha tells him, "There is such a thing as implication." Roger retorts, "There is such a thing as evidence, which you distinctly lack." Leo suddenly calls over, "You aren't going to report me, are you? I didn't mean nothing by it." Roger glares at him and snarls, "Just having a bit of fun, were you?" He then adds, "You'll be hearing from my solicitor," and he goes. Samantha assures Leo that Roger didn't mean it. Leo cries that he couldn't stand it if they locked him up again. Samantha asks Irene to look after him, and she picks up her bag and runs out.

Outside, Roger is walking back to his car when Samantha catches up with him and tells him they have to talk about it. Roger retorts that they will - through his solicitors. Samantha threatens, "I'll say you tried to rape me and Leo tried to stop you." Roger, though, smiles nastily and retorts, "My barrister would have you laughed out of court in five seconds - not to mention indicted for perjury." He then opens his car door, adding, "See you in court." Samantha quickly asks him to wait, adding that they have to sort something out. Roger looks at her and says, "I'm listening..." Samantha asks, "If we do, will you forget about Leo?" Roger tells her that they'll have to find somewhere a little more private to talk; the street is hardly the place to conduct a business discussion. Andy suddenly approaches them as Roger climbs into his car and Samantha goes round and climbs in the passenger side. He asks what's going on and where Leo is. Samantha replies that he's inside with Irene. Roger starts his car's engine and pulls away, leaving Andy looking puzzled.

Leigh and Spider are sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's, as Beryl puts some crockery away. There's a perpetual-motion toy on the table, and Beryl tells Spider that it was very nice of him to bring it. Leigh stares at it but then stands up and says she'd better go and check on Shane. She leaves the room. Beryl sits down, and Spider comments wearily that he didn't cheer Leigh up very much. Beryl sighs that she's like that all the time - she seems determined to keep people at arm's length, including Shane. Spider remarks that she supposes she's getting used to being without him, in case she goes to jail. Looking uncomfortable, Beryl tells Spider, "Um, I heard what you went through with your father in prison." Spider, though, points out that he turned out alright, and there's no reason why Shane shouldn't. Beryl stands up again and, changing the subject, says she'd better prepare for Charlie. Looking suddenly very interested, Spider asks if she's coming down, and Beryl replies that she's coming to help with Leigh. She adds, though, that she hopes Charlie doesn't get involved with things: she'll probably want Leigh to go back to David's with her, and she doesn't think that's a good idea; not yet, anyway. Spider, standing up and smiling, says to Beryl, "You know what you need, Beryl? You need to kick your heels up a bit. How about a night on the town with yours truly - soon as you've got a free night?" Beryl laughs and replies, "Why not?!"

Out the front, by the gate, Tim is telling Donna that he called Leanne again yesterday. Donna asks, "And?" Tim replies, "I think she was pretty happy when I hung up." Donna muses that they make a great pair: he's lost his girlfriend and she has to face up to going home... She adds that she doesn't know if she can do it. Tim says warily, "You're not thinking of taking off again, are you?" Donna replies, "No. It's just made things so difficult now the wedding's off, that's all." Tim mutters bitterly, "We know whose fault that is, don't we: Brett 'cop-out' Keegan." Donna smiles weakly and tells him, "You know, if it wasn't for you, I think I would never have trusted guys again." Tim assures her, "Not all of us try and get off at the first stop, you know." A taxi suddenly pulls up outside the house and Tim exclaims, "Hey, that's Charlie!" Charlie climbs out of the cab and Tim asks her how she's been. She smiles that she's fine. Tim goes on that he didn't know she was coming back. Charlie explains that it was an errand of mercy: she's come to cheer everyone up!

Samantha and Roger are sitting in Roger's car, which is parked at the side of a road. Samantha growls, "Don't you have a conscience?" Roger, though, retorts, "My conscience isn't the issue. The question is: do you want your friend to wind up in a padded cell or not?" Samantha shakes her head, and Roger smiles, "Now we're getting somewhere." He then reaches out and starts stroking Samantha's face gently as he continues, "Normally, I'd take advantage of a situation like this: pretty girl... all on her own..." He pulls his hand away as he goes on, "But I'm not going to - because I'd much rather establish a successful partnership with your mother." He adds menacingly, "Now, if you just stay out of the way and make sure that dear old mum doesn't know that I was interested in her daughter, I won't even look twice at you." Samantha asks, "And Leo?" Roger replies, "Free as a bird - if you agree to the terms..."

Charlie is putting some presents down on the table in Beryl's kitchen. She asks, "Where's Leigh?" adding, "I was awfully worried about her." She doesn't notice Leigh coming in from the lounge room, and Beryl points out, "She's right behind you." Charlie turns to the girl and throws her arm round her. She then tells her that the first thing they're going to do is go shopping; get her a new dress or two. Leigh murmurs bitterly, "Giving the condemned prisoner her last wish, eh, Charlie?" Charlie, though, points out that she's not in prison yet and she's got a very good lawyer. Leigh mutters, "Thanks, but I think you're better off using the money on something else." With that, she walks off. Tim and Donna come in and Tim tells Beryl that the two of them are going for a walk and will probably be back in half an hour or so. They go again. When they're out of earshot, Charlie says quietly to Beryl, "Something going on there, I wouldn't mind betting." Looking worried, Beryl agrees, "Mmm..."

Roger is at the Morrell apartment, telling Caroline that he just dropped in to go through a few business matters. Caroline is busy packing up her belongings, ready for her move, and she smiles that she can use the break! The two of them sit down, and Roger asks what's happening to the apartment after she leaves. Caroline explains that she's put it in the hands of Amanda's trustees; she's asked them to let her have a say in who they let it to - for Amanda's sake, as much as anything. Roger tells her, "Actually, I know someone who's looking for a place: well-set financially; responsible... quiet...; good-looking, too!" Caroline smiles, "His surname wouldn't happen to be 'Carlyle', would it?!" Roger laughs and Caroline tells him she'll make the arrangements straight away! Roger smiles, "Good!" Changing the subject, he then asks her if she's had any second thoughts about Woombai: selling privately, instead of at auction. Caroline, though, tells him, "Sorry, Roger, I can't. I'm just not prepared to cut Gordon out totally." Putting his arm round her, Roger says, "Fair enough. I wouldn't want to upset my new business partner, would I?" He then adds, "We're going to be good together, Caroline - you and I." Caroline smiles at him.

Irene puts down a tray of tea things in her apartment at the boarding house as Andy demands, "Where the hell's she got to?" Irene assures him that she'll turn up. Leo is sitting there looking glum, and he mutters, "He only gave her them fancy flowers so's he could trick her." Chris asks how long it's been. At that moment, the door opens and Samantha walks in. Everyone stands up and Andy asks her anxiously if she's OK. Samantha murmurs that she's fine. Irene asks what happened, and Samantha replies that they just talked for a while and decided the whole situation got a bit out of hand. Chris asks, "What about Leo?" Samantha tells Leo, "He promised not to take any action. There's nothing to be scared of." Andy asks suspiciously, "So, you just talked him out of it?" Samantha retorts, "Yes." Andy demands, "How much did it cost you?" Samantha, though, asks angrily, "What's that supposed to mean?" Andy retorts that a guy like Carlyle doesn't do a favour for nothing. Samantha retorts that he did this time, and she storms out. Andy stands there, looking worried.

Charlie, Spider and Beryl are sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's, and Charlie is musing that she hopes she did the right thing; the poor girl seemed bored to death. She adds that, perhaps when she gets Leigh home to David's place...; a little country air does wonders. Beryl, approaching the subject cautiously, tells Charlie that, actually, she'd prefer if Leigh stayed with her; she feels responsible for her after paying the bond money; she sort of feels obliged. Charlie points out that David's is her home; she is his daughter. Beryl, though, says she hardly thinks that's the point; Leigh is depressed and needs looking after. Charlie snaps, "I suppose you think I'm not capable?" Beryl retorts that it's a family issue. Charlie points out curtly, "Only by marriage, Beryl." She adds, "And if it's the bond money you're worried about, I'll gladly refund it." Beryl, though, retorts, "It's not the money, Charlie. I'm trying to explain." Spider suddenly interjects and asks them both to calm down, adding that they've got to consider what's best for Leigh. Charlie sighs and tells Beryl that she's probably right: chopping and changing around will probably unsettle the girl; she can stay at Beryl's. Spider, standing up, smiles that that's his good deed for the day, and he goes. Beryl tells Charlie that she's sorry she got so jumpy. Charlie smiles, "Forget it, darling!"

Tim and Donna are out walking. They stop outside a building and Tim turns and looks at the glum expression on Donna's face and says, "Hey, come on. You're supposed to be happy." Donna asks, "You sure you're not doing this for my sake?" Tim assures her, "No way." He then looks out across the road and says, "Here comes the PT." Donna asks, "What?!" Tim explains, "Public Transport!" As a tram pulls up next to them, he gives Donna a kiss.

Adam approaches the front door at Beryl's, a bunch of flowers in his hand. He knocks and Beryl answers. Adam tells her that he was hoping he could see Leigh and give her the flowers. Beryl, though, looking dubious, says she doesn't think that's a good idea. Adam insists that he only wants to apologise, and Beryl sighs and invites him in, adding as she does so that Charlie's there. The two of them head into the lounge room. Beryl calls to Leigh. Charlie throws her arms round Adam, smiling that it's lovely to see him. Leigh walks in, slowly, and Adam, handing her the flowers, says, "For you." Leigh just stands there; she doesn't take them. Charlie eventually takes the flowers and heads to the kitchen to put them in water. Adam tells Leigh, "I just wanted to say how bad I feel. I only wish there was something I could do to make it easier." Leigh retorts, "There is: you can leave." Adam asks if they can't at least talk. Leigh growls, "Bit late, isn't it?" Adam insists, "Please, I hated having to do it, but you have to understand--" Leigh interrupts him and retorts, "All I understand - which you obviously don't - is that Shane isn't going to have his mother with him when he needs her most. And nothing you can say is going to change that." With that, she storms off, leaving Adam looking rueful.

A short time later, Charlie is sitting down with Adam on the couch, asking why these situations have to be so awfully complicated. Adam murmurs that maybe Leigh is right: he could have turned a blind eye once, he supposes. Beryl, sitting in an armchair, points out that he's a policeman: he had a job to do and he did it. Adam sighs that he should have quit when they put him on light duties. Charlie, though, tells him that's nonsense; he can't blame himself for everything. Adam comments, "The hard part's knowing that it was she who brought us to the peace table - and here I am taking her baby away. She's not going to forgive me in a million years." Charlie assures him, "Yes she will - eventually. Just give her time, that's all."

Roger is looking at some papers at the Morrell apartment and he asks Caroline if they have equity in any other businesses. Caroline looks at him blankly and asks, "What?" Roger explains, "Do we have shares in any other corporations?" Caroline replies that she doesn't think so. She then adds that she's sorry; she's not being much more help. Roger suggests that Wayne should be able to tell him. Caroline, though, says she doesn't think Wayne cares about the company one way or another at the moment. Roger retorts that he'd better start caring; the company can't afford passengers; running a business is hard work. Caroline muses that she's got some boning-up to do herself! Roger, though, assures her, "You're no problem. You'll be worth your weight in gold, soon." Caroline smiles at him and says, "There's a bottle of champagne in the 'fridge. I was going to have a send-off drink before moving out - but since you're moving in, would you like to share it with me?" Roger smiles, "I'd be delighted to." Caroline stands up and goes to get it. Roger sits there, looking thoughtful.

A car pulls up outside Beryl's and Brett climbs out. He heads up to the gate; Beryl is standing there, picking up the mail. A look of surprise on her face, she comments that she didn't expect to see him there. Brett explains that he's there to see Leigh - or Donna, if she's in. Beryl retorts that she and Tim have gone for a walk - and she doesn't think they really want to see him at the moment. Brett insists that he just wants to talk to Donna and explain a few things. Beryl, though, tells him, "Well, you can start with me. I'd like to know how you could get a young girl pregnant, lead her on to think you're going to marry her and then run out on her." Brett insists that he's not running out; he'll help foot the bills to bring the kid up, even if it does mean taking two jobs. He adds, "I do care, Aunty Beryl." Beryl murmurs that she's pleased to hear it, adding that she's sure Donna will be, too. Brett asks if he can stay and wait for her. Beryl, though, says she doesn't think it's a good idea, as the mood Tim's in now, he wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. She suggests that she talk to Donna first. Brett asks, "Can you just make sure she knows I'm not going to leave her high and dry?" Beryl nods, "I will." Brett goes.

Inside, Charlie is in the kitchen, arranging the flowers that Adam brought over, when Leigh comes in and asks her if she has a moment. Charlie smiles, "Of course, darling." Leigh tells her, "I want you to take Shane up to mum for me. I would, but I'm not allowed out of the State." Looking surprised, Charlie asks her if she's sure she doesn't want Shane with her. Leigh pleads, "Please - could you just do it? Spider asked Beryl for me, but she hasn't said anything; maybe she just wants to stay out of it." Looking upset, Charlie cries, "Oh, Leigh. Shane needs his mother - and you need him just as much." Leigh sobs, "It's only going to get harder, Charlie. If I leave it any longer, I won't be able to cope at all; I know I won't." Charlie comments , "It's all such a terrible mess, isn't it?" She then sighs, "Maybe it's best if Shane does go up to your mother. But ask Beryl; she'll take him. After all, it is a family matter." Giving Leigh a gentle hug, she sympathises, "You've certainly had a rough time of it, haven't you, darling?"

Tim and Donna are walking along by a river. Tim suddenly takes Donna's hand and, turning her to look at him, asks, "You happy?" Donna nods and they kiss. They then start walking again, Tim with his arm around Donna. A car suddenly passes them and Donna exclaims, "That's Brett!" The car pulls up and, as Brett climbs out, Tim demands, "What do you want?" Brett retorts that he wants to talk to Donna. Tim, though, tells him curtly, "You got Buckley's, mate. From now on, I'm looking after her." Brett mutters, "Yeah?" Tim snaps, "Yeah!" He then takes Donna's left hand and shows it to Brett; there's a ring on her fourth finger. Tim tells Brett curtly, "See this? It means we're engaged." Brett stares at Donna and sighs heavily. Donna just stands there looking worried.

A while later, Tim and Donna are sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's as Beryl asks them anxiously, "Have you thought it through?" She adds, "It's a huge commitment, Tim, not just a way to solve a problem." Tim insists that they know what they're doing. Beryl, though, cries that they've barely met. Donna tells her, "We're in love." Beryl asks incredulously, "At seventeen? You're in the middle of growing up. How can you possibly know what it'll be like in two years, let alone twenty?" Donna insists, "We'll be together." Brett suddenly chips in from where he's standing by the dresser, "You're mad, you know that?" Tim points out, "There's nothing that says you have to be a hundred before you get married." Beryl suggests, "Except experience, which takes more than seventeen years to acquire, I can assure you." Brett suggests curtly to Tim and Donna that they just forget about it. Tim, though, retorts, "No way. We've made up our minds." He looks at Donna and adds, "Haven't we?" Donna looks at him guiltily, but doesn't respond. Tim soothes, "Come on, they're just trying to hassle us out of it." Beryl suddenly stands up and says tersely, "Will you stop acting like a child, Tim? We have enough problems here without you plunging headlong into a ridiculous marriage." Tim stands up and says to Donna, "We'd better go and see your parents. Tell them what's going on." Beryl asks sharply what good that will do. Tim retorts, "At least they might let us make up our own minds. It'll be a whole new experience after here..."

At the Morrell apartment, Roger and Caroline chink their glasses of champagne together and Roger proposes, "To a wonderful apartment and an extremely attractive associate." Caroline smiles, "Hear hear!" They both sip some champagne. Caroline then tells Roger that she considers herself very lucky: it's not every day that you discover that your business partner is so compatible - same ideas... same ambitions... same sense of style. Roger smiles, "I'll drink to that!" They both sip from their glasses and, finishing his, Roger offers, "Another drink?" Caroline smiles, "Yes please." Roger goes to take her glass, but as he puts his hand on it, Caroline pulls it towards her, and she stares into his eyes. Roger stares back and then leans in and kisses her, passionately...

At the boarding house, Irene escorts a male patient into her examination room and, referring to him as Mr. Keane, asks him what the problem seems to be. Keane stands there and says, "You're a woman." Irene smiles that that's very astute! Keane tells her, "I wanted to see a bloke." Irene, a grin on her face, assures him, "It's alright, you know. They've given us the vote now. Even let us practice medicine!" Keane man blusters, "Oh, yeah, I know. It's just that, well, erm--" Irene stands up and assures him that no one is forcing him to be treated by a woman if he doesn't want to be. Keane explains in embarrassment, "It's my backside. Hurts like hell." Irene suggests that they'd better have a look at it. She lays out a paper cloth over the bed and asks him to take his pants off. Looking worried, Keane asks if he has to. Irene replies that it could be a bit difficult if he doesn't! Keane quickly asks if she has a screen or something. Irene points it out. She adds that she'll even leave him alone for a moment - and when he's got them off, he should lie face down on the bed and give her a yell. With that, she heads out to the reception area, closing the door behind her. From the desk in reception, Samantha comments to her, "That was quick!" Irene, though, explains, "I haven't even started yet. He's an unliberated male with a boil on his bum!" Samantha bursts out laughing. Changing the subject, Irene says seriously, "About this Roger Carlyle business..." Samantha snaps, "If you're worried about me leaving, you needn't be." Irene, though, tells her, "I'm worried about you getting messed-up with an out-and-out crook." Samantha assures her that she wouldn't work for that animal if he was the last employer on Earth. Irene, though, tells her, "If he is holding something over you... I mean, if he's using this Leo incident to blackmail you--" Samantha interrupts and says, "No. I told you: he decided to drop everything." Mr. Keane suddenly calls out, "Ready!" Irene says to Samantha, "Wish me luck!" and she heads back into her examination room. Samantha stands there, looking thoughtful.

Leigh is sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's, holding Shane. Donna comes in and, sitting down, murmurs, "Mrs. Palmer seems to think we're just being stupid. Maybe she's right; it's not even Tim's baby." Leigh points out, "Tim likes you, doesn't he?" Donna nods, "Yeah." Leigh continues, "Then I think you ought to be thankful. He's a bit of a hothead sometimes, but he never lets people down. If he says he's going to look after you and the baby, you can bet your life he will." She adds bitterly, "Wish I'd met someone like that..." The doors from the lounge room suddenly open and Beryl and Tim come in. Beryl tells Donna, "Tim and I have been talking things over. If you're that keen to go through with it, I suggest you go to Ararat and discuss it with your parents." She adds, "Frankly, I still think you're being a bit hasty." Leigh chips in, "It's their life. Let them work it out, eh?" Tim smiles, "Thanks, Leigh." Leigh, though, tells him, "Don't thank me. Just make a better go of it than I did, OK?"

Samantha is working in the reception area at the surgery when Caroline walks in and announces, "I thought you'd want to know I got a new tenant for the apartment." Samantha exclaims that that's great, and she asks who it is. Caroline replies, "Roger Carlyle." Suddenly looking worried, Samantha pleads, "Oh mum, please don't get involved with him. You know what he's like." Caroline smiles, "I certainly do: he's witty, charming and a very good businessman." Samantha points out, "With a very suss reputation. You'd be better off without him." Caroline, though, tells her, "I appreciate your concern, darling, but it's too late: I've fallen madly in love with him..."


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