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    Written by: Stuart Ray    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

The person standing at the door is Roger Carlyle. Charlie stares at him and exclaims, "I don't believe it!" Roger tells her, "It's true." He adds that she must be Charlie Bartlett. He then asks if he can come in. Charlie, though, snaps, "Certainly not. In fact, I'd like you to leave this instant." Roger explains that he's looking for Alison Carr. Charlie retorts that she can't help him. Alison, though, steps into the doorway and tells Charlie that it's alright - Mr. Carlyle is the new partner in the company. She holds out her hand to Roger and he shakes it, saying that, after all their telephone conversations, it's a pleasure to finally meet her. Alison smiles, "Likewise."

A businessman and a older-looking man and woman emerge from the front door at Dural. The businessman tells the couple that, if they'd like to look around the grounds, he'll be with them in a second. They wander off. The businessman then turns back to Barbara, who's standing in the doorway, and tells her that the couple are impressed. He adds that they've had quite a few other enquiries, so he doesn't think they'll have any problem getting the asking price. Barbara tells him that the quicker they sell, the better. The businessman says he'll see the couple off, and he goes. Barbara then looks across to where Mary is standing by a clapped-out-looking car. She walks over to it and Mary exclaims, "Isn't it great?!" Barbara asks dubiously, "What is it?" Mary replies, "It's a car!" She adds that she was walking down the street and there it was, with a 'For Sale' sign on it. Barbara asks her how she can afford it, and Mary explains that she used the money from her inheritance. Barbara asks her in surprise how she got it Dural, as she hasn't got a licence. Mary tells her that she man who owned it brought it round. Barbara asks curtly, "Where is he?" Mary replies that he left as soon as he got there; he said he was in a rush to get somewhere. Barbara growls that she bets he was... Mary, still looking excited, asks Barbara if there's any car polish. Barbara points her towards the garage.

Roger is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's with Alison, Gordon, Wayne and Caroline. Alison is introducing everyone to Roger telling the gathering that she'd like them to meet their new shareholder, Roger Carlyle. Gordon glares at him and asks him how on earth he knew they were selling. Roger explains that Alison called and said there was a very good investment prospect in the offing - and she was right. Gordon comments curtly that it's hardly his usual line of business. Roger, though, asks what's wrong with a little diversification. He adds that he's seen from the records that the company has had a rather rocky past, but he's got some ideas that should boost profits. Alison tells him that that's why she wanted him to join; she only has a small shareholding, but she wanted someone who would get the company moving again. Caroline remarks to Roger, "You obviously come with somewhat of a reputation, Mr. Carlyle. If it's true, it'll be very nice working with you." Roger assures her, "We're going to get along just fine." Gordon, though, snaps, "Frankly, if I knew you were behind the offer, I wouldn't have sold a damn share. I would have made sure none of the other Directors did, either." Roger asks, "Why do you think I kept my identity secret?" He then adds, "Still, academic now. You're not on the Board, so your opinion really doesn't count." Gordon glares at him and then walks out. Wayne stands up from the couch and says to Roger that, if he'll excuse him, he thinks he'll disappear, too; there are some people he just can't stomach after lunch. Caroline tells him that they have to know where they stand; he is going to support them, isn't he? Wayne just mutters that he'll think about it, and he walks out. When he's gone, Alison suggests to Roger and Caroline, "Let's not worry about something that hasn't happened. What say we drink a toast to welcome our new shareholder?" Roger smiles, "I'll drink to that."

Gordon is approaching the front door at Dural when he passes Mary's car and stops in his tracks. He looks at it in surprise and then heads inside.

In the lounge room, Mary and Barbara are enjoying a cup of tea, and Mary is telling Barbara that she used to drive her granddad's ute all over the property at home; it's easy. Barbara, however, warns her that the car she's bought isn't going to be quite the same as her grandfather's utility - and besides, she'd like Gordon to check it over thoroughly before she tries to drive it anywhere. At that moment, Gordon comes in, and Barbara, noticing the expression on his face, asks what's wrong. He goes to the bar and starts preparing himself a drink as he tells her, "Roger Carlyle now owns 49% of the company. That's who we sold to." Barbara, looking shocked, asks how he found out. Gordon retorts, "Alison told him. Partners in crime, apparently." He adds that at least he won't have to deal with him. Barbara suggests that they should send a sympathy card to Caroline, as she doubts she'll be any match for those two. Gordon, though, tells her, "It's Wayne who worries me. He's still a partner. If he gets in Carlyle's way, there's no telling what might happen to him."

Alison and Charlie are standing together in Charlie's lounge room as Roger sits next to Caroline and tells her engagingly that they're going to have to talk future plans sometime, and they shouldn't leave it too long. Caroline suggests, "What about tonight at my place? You can talk and I can cook dinner." Roger smiles, "Why not?" He then looks at his watch and announces that he must be off. Caroline goes with him to see him out. As he passes Alison, he says, "Thanks again. I really am very grateful." Alison assures him, "Cuts both ways." Roger suggests, "Let's hope so," and with that, he goes. Charlie immediately cries to Alison, "What are you up to? When I saw that dreadful man at the door, I thought he'd found out you were Patricia and come to do something awful." Alison, though, tells her to relax: Roger's not about to find out who she is; there's no way he can. Charlie asks her how she interested him in the company. Alison explains that one thing Roger can't resist is the chance for revenge; she knew he'd be only too happy to get back at anyone he thought protected her after Luke died. Charlie gasps, "Still... to have him as a business partner... isn't that playing with fire a teeny bit? I mean, he kills people." Alison, though, retorts curtly, "Roger Carlyle wrecked my life. The only thing that's kept me going all this time is the thought that, one day, I'd get him back. That's why I've set all this up: I'm going to destroy the man who tried to destroy me."

Donna is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, talking on the phone and saying, "No, mum, it wasn't Brett; it was my idea. I just don't want to marry him, that's all." She then adds that she'll call again tomorrow and she hangs up. She turns round to find Tim standing behind her. He quickly tells her that he's sorry; he wasn't listening or anything - but he couldn't help overhearing the bit about her cancelling the wedding. Donna sighs, "What's the point? It's obvious Brett doesn't want to go through with it." Tim suggests that it's better to find out now than later, he supposes. He then takes Donna's hand and tells her that it'll be alright; everything will turn out OK. Donna murmurs, "I hope so. Thanks." Beryl suddenly comes in, holding Shane, and asks Tim if he's ready. Donna asks them to say hello to Leigh for her. They then go, leaving Donna with a glum expression on her face.

A while later, Beryl - holding Shane - and Tim are sitting in the corridor at the hospital. A nurse joins them and tells them that they can go in. Beryl asks if it's alright if they take Shane in with them, as they thought it might cheer Leigh up. The nurse assures her that that's fine, but she adds that they can only stay until 6pm, as Leigh has to see a counsellor then. Tim demands, "What about?" The nurse assures him that it's standard procedure whenever they get an attempted suicide. She adds that they can still take Leigh home tomorrow. The two of them head into Leigh's room, where Leigh is lying in bed, still looking upset. Beryl smiles at her that they've brought Shane with them; he's been missing her. Leigh just mutters, "Has he?" and she turns away.

That evening, Caroline is pouring drinks for herself and Roger at the bar at the Morrell apartment. Roger is sitting on the couch, looking through some papers. As Caroline goes and gives him his drink, she tells him that, before they start doing business again, she wants to know all about him. Roger warns her that it would make a pretty boring story. Caroline, though, laughs that she doesn't believe that for a second! She sits down, and Roger tells her that, actually, he'd rather discuss what they're going to do with Wayne Hamilton. Caroline suggests flirtatiously, "Let's leave worrying about him. If we're going to be partners, we really ought to get to know one another." Roger smiles at her come-on and comments, "Maybe I was putting the cart before the horse. Alright then. Let's get to know each other..."

Gordon is at Charlie's, and as Charlie escorts him into the lounge room, Alison asks him if he's there to see Wayne. Gordon retorts that that's one of the reasons, but he doesn't want to wake him if he's asleep. Alison, though, tells him that he just went upstairs a few minutes ago, and he heads off to get him. Alone with Gordon, Charlie tells him that she's sorry he had to drag himself over there at that time of night - it's such a nuisance not having a telephone. Gordon explains that that's why he's there: Beryl's been trying to ring her. Charlie looks at him and he explains, "Leigh's been arrested." Charlie cries, "Oh no..." She then adds that that's why Beryl must have been ringing this morning. Gordon goes on that there's more, he's afraid: apparently, Leigh tried to commit suicide; she's in hospital. Charlie, looking shocked, exclaims, "How awful. I'd better go down and see what I can do to help." Wayne suddenly walks in - wearing his nightclothes - followed by Alison. Gordon asks him if he woke him, but Wayne explains that he was reading. Gordon tells him that he's contacted a psychiatrist and he'll be round in the morning; his name's Harry Sewell. Wayne thanks him. Looking at Charlie and Alison, Gordon adds that Sewell would like to see Wayne alone; he'd prefer it if the two of them had the house to themselves. Charlie tells him that she'll be on her way to Melbourne. Alison adds that she's sure she can manage to be out. Gordon thanks them. The two women leave the room, and Gordon comments to Wayne that he should be right in no time. Wayne replies that he hopes so. Changes the subject, he asks his father if they've set a date for putting Woombai under the hammer. Gordon, though, tells him, "No, not yet. A couple of weeks, probably." Wayne asks him what his chances are of raising enough money. Gordon replies, "It's early days yet, but we should make it. The house has been attracting a lot of prospective buyers and, well, auctions are always a bit risky, but we should be able to make top bid."

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline says to Roger, "You must have loved Luke very much?" Roger retorts, "He was my son. Of course I loved him. Same way you loved Amanda." Caroline murmurs, "Yes." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Caroline goes to get it. She finds Samantha standing there, and, an expression of delight on her face, she gives her daughter a tight hug. Samantha, suddenly noticing Roger there, asks her mother if she's interrupting. Caroline, though, assures her that of course she isn't. Samantha explains that she's wanted to see her since she got back from Melbourne. Caroline tells her, "Me too, but I've had my hands full, what with looking after Wayne and coping with the company problems..." She then turns to Roger and tells him, "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Samantha." Samantha and Roger shake hands, and Roger, staring at Samantha intently, asks, "Well, who was lucky enough to inherit her mother's looks? Two very attractive ladies." The three of them sit down and Caroline tells Samantha that she's glad she dropped in, as there's something she wants to talk to her about. Samantha says, "You've bought a town house." Caroline looks at her in surprise and Samantha explains, "Irene told me." Caroline goes on hesitantly that she was wondering if maybe they could share... Samantha smiles, "I'd love to!" Looking relieved, Caroline tells her, "That makes me very happy." Roger chips in and asks, "Why do I suddenly feel like an intruder?!" Caroline quickly tells him, "Please, no!" Roger assures her that he's only joking - but adds that he expects full visiting rights to her new town house. Staring into his eyes, Caroline tells him, "They're yours. You know you'd be more than welcome..."

It's the middle of the night, and Donna is in the bathroom at Beryl's, standing by the sink, without the light on. The light is suddenly switched on, though, and Tim comes in. Seeing Donna standing there, he quickly says, "Oh, sorry." Donna, though, assures him that it's alright. Tim asks her how come she didn't have the light on. Donna replies that she didn't want to wake anyone. Tim suddenly notices that she's holding her toilet bag, and he asks her what it's for. Donna sighs, "I'm leaving. The wedding's off; there's no point in me hanging around anymore." Looking surprised, Tim asks her if her mum and dad know she's going home. Donna, though, tells him, "I'm not going home." Tim, walking over to her, tells her, "It won't work, Donna. I ran away once, with my old girlfriend, Leanne. It's a bad move, I can tell you." Donna cries, "I can't stay here. I'm pregnant... Brett doesn't want to marry me..." Tim asks her where she's going to go, and who's going to look after her. He adds that she'll be alright for a while, but once that baby comes along, she'll be in a real mess. He pleads, "Don't go. Something will turn up; you'll see." Donna smiles at him weakly and says, "Thanks." Tim takes her hands in his and asks, "You'll stay put?" Donna nods her head, and Tim murmurs, "Good on you."

At the Morrell apartment, Samantha finishes a cup of coffee and smiles that she needed that: surgery was a bit hectic today. Staring at in her in surprise, Roger asks her if she's a doctor, adding that he wouldn't have thought she was old enough. Samantha, though, explains that she's a receptionist for a friend who's a doctor! Roger laughs that he sees. Caroline offers more coffee, but Roger says he must be going. Caroline comments that they haven't been through all the papers yet. Roger, though, tells her that he'll drop round in the morning; they'll both be fresher then. He stands up and adds, "We're going to work well together, Caroline. I feel it in my bones." Caroline smiles, "So do I." Turning to Samantha, he continues, "And I expect to be seeing more of you, Samantha..." Samantha just smiles at him, awkwardly. With that, he goes. When Caroline has closed the door, Samantha comments to her, "He's a bit off, isn't he?" Looking surprised, Caroline asks her why she says that. Samantha replies that he's too smooth; he makes her flesh creep. Caroline tells her that she's imagining it; she finds him quite attractive - and if she's not mistaken, she thinks he feels the same way about her...

The next morning, Tim and Donna are standing in the lounge room at Beryl's as Beryl and Leigh come in. Donna says a muted, "Welcome home," to Leigh. She then indicates a bunch of flowers on the table and tells Leigh that they arrived a while ago - from Adam. She asks Leigh if she wants to read the card, but Leigh retorts, "You can burn it." Tim chips in that he's been looking after Shane, and he suggests to Leigh that she go and say hello to him. Leigh, though, mutters, "I can wait." Beryl tells her that that's nonsense; Shane's been longing to see her. Leigh suddenly snaps, "For God's sake, get off my back, will you?" She storms out to the kitchen. Beryl follows her and suggests to her softly that she go and see Shane. Leigh, though, retorts, "I have to cut off now so I won't miss him." Beryl tells her that she knows it's going to be hard for her, but they'll all do what they can to help." Leigh just retorts, "You shouldn't have stopped me last night, Beryl. It was my only chance to get out of this mess..."

Harry Sewell is with Wayne in the lounge room at Charlie's, and Wayne is telling him that it's not too bad when he's inside the house - he's a bit shaky sometimes, that's all; it's when he tries to go outside that the trouble starts. Sewell asks with an accent, "You have tried to go outside?" Wayne sighs, "Yeah, but I can't do it." Sewell asks him why not. Wayne explains, "Because I get too scared to go through with it." He adds that he knows it sounds stupid... Sewell, though, assures him that it doesn't; it's just one of the symptoms of agoraphobics. Wayne asks him if he can fix it. Sewell, however, tells him, "That's up to you. The more you want to cure the condition, the more likely you will." He adds, "The fact that you want to go out of the house is a good sign." Wayne asks him how long it will take. Sewell replies that that's hard to say, but it won't happen overnight. Wayne asks eagerly, "What do I have to do? When can I start?" Sewell, standing up, suggests, "No time like the present, eh?" Wayne, looking surprised, murmurs, "I may as well get my money's worth."

Gordon is poring over the engine of Mary's car in the driveway at Dural. Alison suddenly walks up to him and, a smile on her face, asks, "Part of an economy drive so you can afford Woombai?" Gordon explains that it's Mary's: she only bought it yesterday and he promised to see what he could do with it. Alison comments that it looks like he's got his work cut out - not that she's an expert. She then tells him that Wayne's psychiatrist just arrived. Gordon murmurs, "Good, good." Changing the subject, Alison asks if Mary is around, as she'd like to have a chat with her. Gordon mutters that he doesn't think that's a very good idea. Alison, though, sighs, "Look, Gordon, I know you're probably not too impressed with me at the moment, but I was the last person to see Patricia. I might just be able to convince Mary once and for all she's not her daughter." Gordon stands up from where he's bending over the engine and retorts, "Thankyou for the offer, but it won't be necessary." Alison pleads, "Please. I'd feel I let Patricia down if I didn't - lumbering her with a child that wasn't hers." Gordon, giving in, sighs that he doesn't suppose she can do any harm, and he tells her that Mary is inside, with Barbara. She heads towards the front door.

Inside, in the lounge room, Mary is showing Barbara a photo of her sitting on her horse, 'Shadow'. She adds that she got him for her tenth birthday. She then sighs, "It would have been nan's birthday today..." Changing the subject, Barbara looks at her watch and says she has to go shopping. She asks Mary if she wants to come, but Mary says she thinks she might stay there and look at the photos. She then pulls out her photo of the young Patricia, but Barbara doesn't see it. The front door bangs and Alison comes in. She tells Barbara and Mary that she hopes they don't mind her barging in, but the door was open. Barbara growls, "Was it?" She then asks Alison what she can do for her. Alison explains that she's come to see Mary; she adds that Gordon said he didn't mind. Barbara mutters, "Fine. See you later." With that, she goes. Alison notices the pictures in Mary's hand and asks her if she's going through some old photos. Mary explains that they're from the farm, with her nan and granddad. Alison asks if she can have a look, and Mary invites her to sit down. Alison does so and immediately notices the photo that Mary is holding of the young Patricia. She stares at it in shock.

A short time later, Mary is showing Alison another photo and pointing out the house they lived in and the stables round the back. Alison asks where the photos came from, and Mary explains that the lawyers sent them to her with some other stuff of her nan's. Alison asks if she can look through them, and Mary hands them to her. As she starts looking through each one, Alison asks Mary what else the lawyer sent her. Mary replies that it was mainly clothes - but none of them ever fitted her, so she let the Smith family have them. She adds that there were some letters, too. She asks Alison eagerly if she can read them to her, and Alison smiles, "Yes, of course." Mary hands her an envelope and Alison opens it and takes out a sheet of paper. She unfolds it, glances at it and her eye then catches the signature at the bottom: it's signed '...sincere friend, Patricia Hamilton'. Mary asks her what it says, but Alison quickly tells her, "It's just a note from your nan's solicitors. It's about her will. It's not very exciting." Mary asks her if she could still read it to her, but Alison quickly suggests that they read one of the others, as it mightn't be quite so boring. The front door suddenly bangs and Mary turns to Gordon - who's coming in - and asks him how the car is. She doesn't notice Alison slipping the letter she wrote two decades earlier into her handbag. Gordon tells Mary that her car isn't the most healthy specimen he's seen, but in the hands of a good mechanic, it should be fine. Mary smiles, "Great!" Gordon then offers Mary a mineral water, and she says, "Yes, please!" Gordon looks at Alison. She's still fiddling with her handbag and, looking miles away, says, "Mmm? Sorry?" Gordon repeats, "Mineral water?" Alison accepts. She sits there, looking worried.

Harry Sewell opens the front door at Charlie's. Bright sunlight streams in. Wayne stands in the hallway, looking out, and Sewell tells him, "All I want you to do is walk up to the door and stay there. You're not going to go outside, but you are going to stay on your feet. Ready?" Wayne, breathing heavily, takes a tentative step forward. He then grabs the doorframe and stares outside. Sewell tells him to just relax and stay there for a few seconds; he wants Wayne to get familiar with the outside world again. He asks Wayne how he's feeling, and Wayne mutters, "Not too bad..." Sewell says, "If you can, just try and stand by yourself. There's nothing to worry about; I'm only a few feet behind you." Wayne slowly removes him hands from the doorframe and starts panting heavily. He's still staring outside. Sewell puts his hand on Wayne's arm and tells him to take it easy. He then helps Wayne take a few steps back inside and he closes the door. Wayne's breathing slows down. Sewell tells him that he thinks they'll call it quits for today - and Wayne can give him a coffee before he leaves! Wayne says he thinks he might have something stronger. Sewell, though, tells him, "Sorry. Until we have this licked, no alcohol. Doctor's orders." Wayne sighs, "I'll do my best."

Roger is back at the Morrell apartment, some papers spread out on the coffee table in front of him. Caroline is sitting next to him on the couch, and he asks her when she's thinking of moving. Caroline replies, "As soon as possible - it's up to Samantha." Roger comments that she's a lovely girl. He then asks if she's been working at the surgery for long, but Caroline shakes her head. Roger asks who the doctor friend is that she works for, and Caroline replies, "Irene Fisher. You're bound to meet her sooner or later." Roger agrees, "Yes, I suppose I will." Changing the subject, he suggests that they get down to business, and he tells Caroline, "I've been going through the company's assets, and Woombai looks as though it might be worth hanging on to. Apart from being quite a large property--" Caroline suddenly interrupts him, though, and tells him, "We can't. When you bought the shares from Gordon, the agreement was that Woombai should go up for auction." Roger tells her, "I'm pretty sure we can find a way around that. It's what I want and it's what's best for the company. Surely that's what counts?" Caroline smiles at him and replies, "Yes... in the long run, I suppose it is."

At Dural, Gordon hands Mary and Alison their glasses of mineral water. Mary asks him if Patricia ever mentioned visiting Brolga, but Gordon replies that, as far as he knows, she's never been there. Mary asks him if he has any photos of her, and Gordon replies, "Yes, yes." Mary asks if she can see one. Alison, though, quickly asks her if it isn't time she forgot about Patricia. She adds that she can't be Patricia's daughter; everyone's told her that. Mary sighs that they're probably right, but her nan must have got Patricia's name from somewhere; she'd just like to see what she looked like. Gordon murmurs, "Very well." He heads over to the sideboard and Mary follows him. They leave Alison alone on the couch, neither of them noticing as she reaches out and picks up Mary's pile of photos. Gordon takes a photo album out of the sideboard and opens it. He turns over a few pages and then shows Mary a photo, saying, "That's Patricia not long after we were married." Mary stares at the photo in surprise and exclaims, "I've seen her before. She's in one of nan's photos!" Gordon asks her if she's sure, adding that, even if Mary's nan had met Patricia once, there's no reason for her to have kept a photo of her. Mary, pointing to the coffee table, cries, "It's over here. I know it is." She goes and picks up the photos and starts riffling through them. The photo of Patricia isn't there, though. Looking at Alison, she cries, "You saw it, didn't you?" Alison, though, tells her, "No, I would have mentioned if I had." Mary cries, "It's gone." Gordon suggests that maybe she was mistaken. Mary glaring at Alison, snaps, "It was there one second ago." Alison, though, tells her, "Mary, you must be imagining it. There was no photo of Patricia..."


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