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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

David is under lying on the ground underneath his truck. Leigh asks him if something's up, but David explains that it needed some grease, that's all. He adds that he was going to do it tonight, when they stopped at the motel, but seeing as she needed a rest stop...! Leigh exclaims that she can't help it - it's all that jumping around in the truck! David laughs that that's all he needs - a truckie's mate who needs a rest stop every twenty Ks! Leigh picks up a piece of equipment that's lying on the ground and asks how you use it, but David tells her to leave it to him or she'll get covered in grease and then like any woman she'll start whinging until they have to stop somewhere so she can have a shower! Leigh laughs, "Chauvinist!" David goes on that, if she wants to help, she can pour him a cup of coffee. Leigh, though, tells him, "I've got a better idea: why don't you pour the coffee and I'll grease the truck? Looks pretty simple to me!" David, pulling himself out from under the vehicle, retorts that it's no job for a girl. He then adds that she's not too old to get a spanking for not doing what she's told! Leigh threatens humorously that if he touches her, she'll squirt him with the piece of equipment that she's holding. David warns, "You pull that lever and see what you get." Leigh pulls it - and a small amount of oil oozes out the end! David laughs, "Now, are you going to make the coffee or do I have to carry out my threat?!" Leigh, handing the tool over, smiles sheepishly, "You win." She then adds, "Dad..." David looks at her and she goes on, "You're not sorry I came, are you?" David assures her, "No, not a bit." Leigh smiles at him, happily.

At the hospital, Irene leaves Shane's room and Roland asks how the baby is. Irene replies that there's no change. She adds that Dr. Forbes is worried that they can't contact Shane's mother. Roland suggests that they could go back to David's - Leigh is bound to ring sooner or later. Irene cries that she doesn't know how she's going to tell Leigh what's happened; it's all her fault. Roland, though, retorts that if it's anyone's fault, it's his. Irene snaps that a wasp sting is an accident that can happen no matter how careful you are; the reason that child's in there fighting for his life is because of a reaction to an injection she gave him. Roland points out that she did what any responsible doctor would have done, but Irene just mutters, "Maybe. It's not going to make it any easier to tell Leigh." Roland puts his arm round her and, leading her off down the corridor, suggests that there's nothing more they can do there.

The 'phone is ringing in the kitchen at the country house, but there's no one there to answer it. At the boarding house in Sydney, Fiona hangs up and says she'll try again later on. Andy sighs that he wishes there was some other way they could fix things; he doesn't want Roland back in Sydney. Fiona snaps that that's just too bad: they can't let Roland go on believing he's running for his life. Andy retorts that he doesn't want to see Mrs. H. and Gordon split up - and they will for sure if Roland comes back. Fiona snaps at him that it's a terrible situation and he and Wayne have made it ten times worse by interfering. A car horn suddenly sounds outside and Fiona says it'll be her taxi. Andy asks her where she's going and she explains that she's going out to the Hamiltons'; they have a right to know what he and Wayne have been up to. Andy mutters, "Mrs. H. isn't going to think much of me when she finds out, is she?" but Fiona retorts that he should have thought of that before. Andy asks her to at least try and explain why he did it. Fiona mutters that she'll try, but she can't see that it'll do any good; if he really wants to make it up to Barbara, he'll keep trying to get Roland on the 'phone; telling Roland himself is about the only decent thing he can do. With that, she heads out, leaving Andy looking worried.

A while later, Fiona climbs out of a taxi at Dural. Wayne comes out of the house and comments that he didn't expect to see her again today. Fiona growls, "I'll bet you didn't." Wayne asks what's wrong, and Fiona explains curtly that she's come to talk to Gordon and Barbara. Wayne quickly says that, if it's about Roland, he'd rather she didn't - they were both pretty shattered by the time Fiona left this morning. Fiona laughs bitterly, "I don't know how you thought you could get away with it." Wayne asks 'innocently', "What?"

Inside, Barbara is talking on the 'phone on the bar as Gordon listens. She's telling Stephen to call her if they find anything; it doesn't matter what time. Stephen assures her that he promises. He then says he'd better go - he has to find Alan Pascoe; he promised to come out with them. The two of them hang up and Gordon asks Barbara, "No news?" Looking upset, Barbara cries, "The police are threatening to call off the search." Gordon quickly soothes that he's sure they won't do that - not if there's the slightest chance of finding her alive. Barbara cries, "She's been gone for days. What on earth has happened to her?" She adds, "I should be at Woombai," but Gordon points out, "Stephen can manage. You've got problems of your own down here." Barbara concedes, "I suppose so." She then stares at Gordon and tells him sincerely, "I still feel very responsible for Roland. You've been so patient with me. I never meant anything to come between us. I love you very much." Gordon smiles, "I love you, too." He gives her a hug. At that moment, Fiona comes in and quickly apologises for barging in. Barbara cries, "Make yourself at home, Fiona. I'll just get some coffee." She heads off to the kitchen, leaving Fiona to comment that she still seems very upset. Gordon explains that she's got a lot on her mind. Wayne comes in and looks at Fiona sharply. Fiona glances at him and then asks Gordon if Barbara has said anything about going to Melbourne. Gordon replies, "No. I think she's made up her mind to stay with me." Fiona murmurs that that's wonderful. Gordon goes on that he never would have stood in the way if she'd wanted to be with Roland, but he hated the very thought of losing her. He then asks Fiona what brings her all the way back to Dural. Fiona, looking at Wayne, murmurs, "I just wanted to make sure everything was alright between you and Barbara." Gordon smiles, "I think I can report that things are definitely improving." Wayne looks at Fiona, a smile on his face...

Back at her flat, Fiona tells Andy that Gordon seemed happier than he'd been for days; she didn't have the heart to say anything to change that. Andy suggests that maybe he's right about Mrs. H. deciding to stay, but Fiona asks him pointedly what Roland will do when he gets back; he'll go straight to Barbara now that he knows neither of them are in any danger. Andy, though, admits, "He doesn't know." Fiona stares at him and asks if he couldn't get through. Andy explains, "I didn't try." Fiona snaps, "You said you were sorry that you helped Wayne." Andy retorts that he is, but Gordon and Mrs. H. still come first." Fiona snaps, "You can't let Roland go on believing his life is at risk. That man is your father; doesn't that mean anything to you?" Andy retorts that Gordon has been more of a father to him than Roland has; he wants the Hamiltons to stay together. Going over to the 'phone, Fiona mutters that she'll call Roland herself. She then tells Andy that that man doesn't deserve the sort of treatment he's dishing out. Andy retorts, "If he's so wonderful, why won't he leave Gordon and Barbara alone? They were happy until he turned up." Fiona retorts that that is something they have to sort out between themselves. Andy tells her that all he's asking is that she gives them just a little more time; probably that's all they need to stop Roland messing things up for them. He adds that, if Fiona waits, he promises he'll call Roland himself. He pleads, "Please, Fiona...?" Fiona stands there looking worried.

Irene is standing at the sink in the kitchen at David's country house, preparing dinner, when Roland comes in with some wood for the stove. He asks if there's any word from Leigh, but Irene explains that they're probably still out on the road somewhere. Roland suggests that she'll probably call soon, but Irene comments that it might be late before they stop for the night; Leigh might not ring until tomorrow and Shane could be worse by then. Roland points out that she's looking on the black side again; Shane could also be better by tomorrow. Irene tells him, "I've always prided myself on being a good doctor, and after today, I realise I was just too damn sure of myself." Roland asks her why she can't accept that she did everything she did for that child. Irene mutters that she should have gone straight to the hospital, but Roland points out that the doctors would have done exactly what she did. He adds that she should stop punishing herself for something that's not her fault; she's a damn good doctor; she should stop wasting energy by feeling sorry for herself.

The next morning, Stephen pulls his jeep up outside the Woombai homestead. Alan Pascoe is in the passenger seat and some other men are in the rear. They all climb out and Stephen tells them to have a decent breakfast, get some sleep and take the rest of the day off. The men murmur, "Thanks." Alan adds, "Mr. Morrell, we're all sorry the cops have called off the search." Stephen replies grimly, "So am I. I can't blame them, though - there's no point in going over the same ground." Alan asks him to let them know if the police change their minds.

A short time later, inside, as Samantha looks on, Caroline rants at Stephen that the police can't do that - Amanda could be lying out there somewhere. Stephen insists that he's been over every inch of the area himself; Amanda is not there. Caroline tells him, "Then they'll just have to start looking somewhere else. Look, call the police; say we know Amanda's alive. We can't give up now." Looking anguished, Stephen cries, "We'd keep on searching if we thought there was any chance of finding her." Caroline asks him why he's giving up, then: because it's easier to think the worst? Stephen snaps, "Look, I know every bush and every rock in that area. Amanda is not there." Caroline retorts, "Look, I--" Samantha suddenly cries, "Mum! Dad! Please! Shouting is not going to help." Stephen snaps, "Your mother insists on clinging to these false hopes--" Samantha interrupts and cries, "I agree with her: Amanda can't be dead." Stephen snaps that he thinks it's time they both accepted that the chances of that are-- He breaks off and murmurs that he's sorry; he's just tired, that's all. Samantha runs out, looking upset.

Samantha heads out onto the verandah. She looks at Alan Pascoe and one of the other blokes still standing by Stephen's jeep and walks over to them. She comments that they must be tired. Alan tells her, "So's Mr. Morrell." Samantha concedes, "Yes." Changing the subject, she goes on, "You hear all the gossip around Woombai. What do the locals say happened to my sister?" Alan looks at the other bloke and then explains reluctantly, "A few months ago, a girl from the district picked up a hitchhiker not far from Woombai. Her body was found later in a shallow grave in the bush. They never caught the bloke who did it." Samantha asks, "You think the same thing happened to Amanda?" Alan replies, "You asked what people were saying. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you." Samantha, looking upset, insists that it's alright; somebody else said the same thing - but they're all wrong; Amanda wouldn't pick up a hitchhiker. She walks off, and Alan looks at the bloke standing next to him.

Inside, Caroline is staring at a photo of Amanda and Samantha as young girls. She's startled by the 'phone ringing, and as she answers it, STD pips sound. A man comes on and says his name is Desmond Bourke; she doesn't know him, but he wants to talk to her about her daughter's disappearance; he may be able to help find her. Caroline asks suspiciously, "How?" but Bourke tells her that it's complicated to explain over the 'phone, and he asks if he can come up to Woombai and see her. He adds that he can be there in a few hours. Caroline warns, "If you're trying some sort of sick joke..." Bourke, though, promises her that he's not - he's helped other people with similar problems. Caroline sighs, "Alright. I don't know what good you can do, but I'm willing to try anything at the moment."

David is sitting by his truck, drinking a mug of tea when Leigh climbs up off a sheet on the ground and joins him. He asks her if she didn't get much sleep. Leigh, though, points out that they've been up since 5am, and she asks why they didn't have breakfast at the motel. David tells her that he wanted to get a go on, make the delivery and then get home. Leigh suggests that they didn't need to stop there, then, but David explains that he thought she'd need to - there's a toilet block behind the bushes! He suddenly notices some bits of metal lying on the road, and he goes over to examine them. As he picks one of them up, he cries out in pain as he cuts his finger. Leigh runs over to him, looks at the wound and then wraps a handkerchief round it, telling him to use it until she can get some band aids. David smiles that she'll be doing Irene out of a job! Suddenly looking worried, Leigh comments that she hasn't rung Irene; she hopes she's coping with Shane. David, though, tells her not to worry - there's nothing much Irene can't cope with...

At the country house, Irene is talking on the 'phone, saying that Shane's mother still hasn't contacted her; she'll let them know when she does. She then hangs up and tells Roland that Shane had a bad night; Dr. Forbes is worried. Roland says he's surprised Leigh hasn't 'phoned. Irene explains that she tried a few motels where they might have stopped last night, but... Roland asks about the place where David is dropping his load. Irene tells him that she left a message, but David isn't expected there until this afternoon. Putting his arm round her, Roland points out that there's nothing more she can do. Irene tells him that she's sorry his trip hasn't been more relaxing, but Roland comments that at least he hasn't had time to worry about his own problems! Irene asks him if he's going to let Barbara know where he is, but Roland replies that it's too dangerous; it's best that he leaves the country without telling her - but he's not going anywhere until he knows how Shane is. Irene murmurs, "Selfish of me, I know, but I'm glad."

At Woombai, Desmond Bourke is telling Caroline that he can't guarantee results, but he'd like to try. Stephen wanders into the room and Caroline introduces Bourke to him. Stephen asks Bourke what he can do for him and Caroline explains that Mr. Bourke is there to help them - he's a psychic. Stephen mutters at his ex-wife, "So you've called in a witch doctor now, have you?" Bourke quickly explains that he's helped the police with cases similar to Amanda's disappearance - with results." Stephen asks, "And they've asked for your help again?" Bourke admits, "No. Unfortunately, the detective in charge of your case holds the same views about psychics as yourself." Stephen tells Bourke bluntly that he'd better leave. Caroline asks what the harm is in trying, but Stephen retorts that he really doesn't believe in this sort of stuff. Bourke hands Stephen a folder of papers and asks him to read it before he throws him out, adding that it might change his mind.

Samantha is standing with Bill Ashley out in the grounds, and she tells him that everyone on the property is convinced that Amanda is dead. Ashley just muses that it happens; people disappear all the time; they're found years later buried in some shallow grave somewhere. He tells Samantha that it would be a lot easier if she tried not to think about it for a while. Samantha explains that she wouldn't feel so bad if she hadn't argued with her sister. Ashley, putting his arms round her, points out that there's not a lot she can do about it now. Changing the subject, he goes on that he has work to do, and he asks her why she doesn't come for a walk with him while he checks the dynamite. Samantha smiles, "Alright." She then comments, "It's cold." Ashley tells her that there's an old jumper in the back of the car, and she walks over to his jeep and opens one of the rear doors to get it. She climbs onto the back seat and reaches across to pick it up, but as she does so, she suddenly notices Amanda's bracelet lying on the floor and she picks it up, looking thoughtful. She starts thinking back to their last argument, when Amanda told her that she could be in danger too; Samantha had taken off the bracelet, thrown it on the table and told Amanda to shut up, as she was sick to death of her and everybody else telling her what to do. From the back of the car, Samantha looks across at Bill Ashley, fear etched on her face...

A few minutes later, Ashley is checking the position of some sticks of dynamite when he becomes aware of Samantha approaching him again. She's wearing the jumper wrapped round her neck, and he asks her if she's warmer. She doesn't respond. He then asks to feel her hands, and he goes to touch them, but Samantha pulls them away, angrily. Ashley asks what's wrong. Samantha holds out her right hand and shows him the bracelet, explaining curtly that she found it in the car. Ashley agrees, "Yes. It's a girl's bracelet. It's yours - I've seen you wearing it." Samantha snaps, "It belongs to Amanda." Ashley, though, mutters that he wouldn't know about that. He reminds Samantha, "You had it on the night you came to the hotel, after Amanda disappeared," but Samantha cries, "That's a lie." Ashley then asks, "What are you suggesting? I mean, surely you don't think I had anything to do with this?" Samantha retorts, "Amanda came looking for me the morning before she left. She must have come out here, thinking I'd be with you." Ashley growls, "Come on," but Samantha snaps, "Why not? It's possible. She must have seen something - I don't know what - but you had to shut her up." She suddenly goes to run away, but Ashley snaps, "Hang on, girly," and he grabs her and wraps his hands around her neck. After a few seconds, Samantha passes into unconsciousness and falls to the ground. Ashley looks around at the sticks of dynamite and then reaches down and starts dragging Sam's body towards them...

At the homestead, Desmond Bourke asks Caroline, "You say you saw your daughter reaching out to you?" Caroline tells him that she knows how incredible it must seem, but Bourke assures her that he's heard of many similar cases; she was picking up a call for help. Caroline then asks him how he's going to find Amanda, but he replies that he doesn't know yet; visions aren't something that can be conjured up at will; he's there because he had a strong conviction that he could help when he read about Amanda in the newspaper; that's all he has to go on. He then asks Caroline if he has a photo of Amanda, and she stands up to get one. Stephen, though, suddenly standing up from where he was sitting at the living room table, hands the folder of papers back to Bourke and mutters that he thinks they've had enough of this mumbo jumbo; they're not going to pay him anything. Bourke explains that he doesn't sell his services; they're free. Stephen, though, tells him, "I think you'd better go." Caroline points out that Bourke is their only hope. Bourke adds that there's nothing he can do if Stephen won't co-operate; 'bad vibes' destroy his concentration. He goes to walk out, but Caroline pleads with him to please stay, and she hands him the photo of Amanda and Samantha taken when they were young. She then tells Stephen angrily, "I won't let prejudice stand in the way. If you interfere, I will never forgive you." Stephen sighs, "Alright."

The 'phone is ringing at the country house, and Irene dashes to answer it. STD pips sound and Leigh then comes on. Irene sighs in relief. Leigh explains that they're on their way home - they'll be back by lunch tomorrow. Irene, though, asks, "Leigh, can you get back as quick as you can? Did you get my message?" Leigh asks, "What message?" Irene explains that it's Shane; he's in hospital. Looking shocked, Leigh asks what happened, but Irene tells her that there's no time to explain; his condition's critical. David grabs the 'phone from Leigh and tells Irene that they're on their way. Irene sighs, "Thank God for that." David hangs up the 'phone in the public 'phone box. Leigh cries, "She said he's critical; that means Shane might die." Grabbing her arm, David tells her, "We can't waste any time getting back to Melbourne. Come on."

Bill Ashley is walking across the grounds at Woombai. Another workman climbs out of his jeep and approaches him, and Ashley, looking annoyed, asks him how long he's been sitting there. The bloke replies that he's only just turned up. Ashley mutters, "Yeah, well, you're late. Let's get on with it." The bloke, though, asks, "What's the rush? We can't start blasting for another half hour. Told the Woombai mob two o'clock." Ashley, taking a drag on a cigarette, explains, "Nah, it's OK - I cleared it with Steve Morrell for any time after one." The workman stands there and so Ashley snaps, "Well come on, I want to get this job done." The workman, looking at him in surprise, says, "OK, just let me go over the wires again." Ashley, though, hurriedly tells him, "No, no, no, there's no need. I checked it all myself. All you have to do is wire the detonator." The workman goes to walk off, and Ashley calls after him, "I'll leave you to it, then." The workman tells him, "See you back in town." Ashley gets in his jeep and drives off. The workman starts preparing the detonator...

At the homestead, Desmond Bourke is staring at the photo of Amanda and Samantha. Stephen mutters that this is ridiculous; he's not getting anywhere; it's a waste of time - he's going outside. Bourke, though, suddenly says, "I think I'm getting something." Stephen stops in his tracks as he goes on, "Your daughter's in danger... I can't see what the... She needs your help." Stephen asks angrily if that's it, adding that it's hardly told them anything that they didn't already know. Bourke explains that the photo isn't enough; he needs something more. A loud blast suddenly rings out outside, and Bourke asks quickly, "What was that?" Looking at his watch, Stephen comments, "It sounds like they've started blasting." Caroline points that it's not two o'clock yet, and Stephen mutters that Bill Ashley must have got impatient. He adds that he'd better get over there and put a stop to it before someone gets hurt. He heads out. Suddenly noticing a strange expression on Bourke's face, Caroline asks him what's wrong. He tells her, "I don't know. The danger. I think it has something to do with the explosion. We'd better go with Mr. Morrell." They head outside.

Out in the grounds, the workman pulls up the plunger on the detonator box and then pushes it down. There's a blast and, a few yards away, earth and smoke fill the air. The workman starts undoing the wires that led to those sticks of dynamite. Unknown to him, Samantha is lying unconscious nearby. He connects a new set of wires to the box, oblivious to her impending fate...


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