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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Back at the boarding house, Amanda emerges from Fiona's kitchen, carrying two mugs of tea. She puts them down on the table as Fiona comes out of Fee's room, and she asks how the little girl is. Fiona replies that she's asleep - at last. She sits down as she adds, "I think." She continues that the poor little kid is so confused, with her mother driving off and leaving her... Amanda says she can't understand it: she never thought Jill would ignore Fee like that. She then suggests that perhaps the guy Jill was with forced her into going, but Fiona says sadly that she doesn't think so - although it was obvious he was trying to get away from her as quickly as possible - and he's going to make it darned hard for her to see Jill again. Amanda asks what they do, then: call the police? Fiona, though, shakes her head and replies, "Jill's a big girl. If she says she's happy, there's not a thing they can do about it." She pauses before musing, "There is one thing I could do." Amanda asks what that is. Fiona explains that she's still got a lot of friends up at the Cross from the old days - she could ask their help; she's done it once before. She explains, "I got Jill out of prostitution some three years ago. And... the pimp she was working for came around causing trouble and I managed to find an old friend who warned him off." Amanda looks at her and asks her eagerly if she could do it again. Fiona, though, says she's not so sure she wants to. Amanda insists, "But if it's going to help Jill..." Fiona replies that she knows, but three years is a long time; those people were all her friends - the very best - but she has to admit that she's changed - and she's not so sure she wants to get mixed-up with them again. Amanda sighs, "I must say, it's hard to believe you were ever mixed-up with them." Fiona laughs bitterly and explains that in those days, she had no choice. She then quickly curses, "Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I had a choice. And so does Jill - and she's got Fee to think about and I've got to do my level best to make her realise that."

A while later, a red taxi pulls up in a main street in the Kings Cross area of Sydney and Fiona climbs out and looks around. She sighs, a look of worry on her face. She glances over at a man talking who's to a skimpily-dressed, bleached-blonde prostitute. The pro gets rid of the man quickly, and Fiona approaches her and says, "Hi" The girl looks at her suspiciously and demands, "What do you want?" Fiona explains that she was looking for an old friend of hers: Eddie Wallace. The girl grunts, "Never heard of him," and she walks off. Fiona stands there, looking concerned. A few moments later, she spots an older, larger, woman, standing touting for business, her back to her. She stares at her and approaches her slowly. She puts her hand on the woman's shoulder and says, "Hello, Milly." The woman turns to stare at her and snaps, "Who are you?" Fiona asks her gently, "Don't you remember? Fiona. Fiona Reid." The woman looks at her more closely and cries, "My God, so it is! What do you know?!" She then asks Fiona cheerily how she is and Fiona replies that she's fine. Milly goes on, "What are you doing here? Not thinking of coming back, are you?!" Fiona laughs, "Oh come on, no way!" Milly tells her, "You could... I still do alright...!" Fiona muses sadly, "Yes, I'm sure you do, Milly." Milly invites, "How about coming home for a short snort? The customers can wait." Fiona explains that she's afraid she hasn't the time: she's there for a reason. Milly comments that it sounds serious, and Fiona replies that it is. She goes on, "I'm trying to locate Eddie Wallace." Milly shakes her head and remarks, "You have been away, haven't you? Eddie's been retired two or three years. Things are different now - a young bloke's in charge: Alex Dobson." Fiona murmurs that she doesn't know him, and Milly retorts, "No, you wouldn't, would you?" Fiona says she supposes she'll have to talk to him. Milly, though, tells her not to bank on any favours - the days are gone when they used to have a bit of fun. She goes on that Eddie was such a soft touch, but he would never have lasted if he hadn't retired; Alex is a little toughie - he mightn't even agree to talk to Fiona - but they should give it a burl anyway! She tells Fiona to wait down in the nearby coffee shop and she'll see what she can do. Fiona takes Milly's hands and tells her warmly that she's a pal. Milly smiles, "Always was." As she walks off, she adds, "Shouldn't be too long."

Stephen and Caroline are still sitting at the living room table at the Morrell apartment, looking at figures. Stephen closes a notepad and tells his ex-wife that that's about it. He asks if it all makes sense, and Caroline replies that it's starting to. She then goes on that, with his knowledge of the company, he should be a Director himself. Stephen explains that he does have some shares in Woombai, as part of the deal when he took over as Manager, but none in the actual company. Caroline comments that it's a shame. Stephen asks, "What is?" Caroline explains, "I was looking back on all the money you had... the way you let it all slip away. You could have been a very wealthy man by now." Stephen, though, tells her, "I'm happy. In fact, I've never been happier. Woombai is sane and relaxed and, well, I love it, simple as that." Caroline smiles that it's a complete change of image; whoever would have thought a playboy like him could settle down to a quiet life in the country?! Stephen muses that stranger things have happened - and they all get older. He quickly adds, "'Mature' is perhaps the word I'm looking for!" Caroline comments, "What a pity we hadn't just met." Stephen asks, "You think so?" Caroline tells him, "Our relationship would be different. Still, people do try again..." Suddenly looking slightly nervous, Stephen stands up, starts packing up his papers and says he'd better be getting over to the Hamiltons'. Caroline sits there, a smile on her face.

A short time later, Stephen is at Dural, sitting in the lounge room with Gordon and Barbara. She smiles that she's amazed: is he still interested in Caroline? Stephen tells her that, after Patricia, he'll be taking any relationship pretty slowly, but he has to admit that, when she hinted that she wanted to give it another go, he couldn't say 'no' outright. Changing the subject, he then asks if the police have got any further with their investigations. Gordon explains quietly that they took Wayne down to the station this morning: they haven't arrested him, but he's been gone quite a while; he'd say it's not going too well. Stephen comments, "It must be a terrible strain on you." Barbara agrees that it is. She then tells her brother that, in fact, he could do them a big favour. Stephen says, "Sure. Anything." Barbara explains that she and Gordon were supposed to go out to a business dinner this evening, but she doesn't want Gordon to have another late night; would he mind going in their place, please? Stephen assures her that he'd be happy to. There's a sudden knock on the front door, which Gordon goes to answer while Stephen muses to Barbara that maybe he should take Caroline. Barbara smiles, "Maybe you should!" Stephen asks her if she'd mind giving Caroline a ring - he has quite a lot to do today. Barbara assures him, "Not at all. I enjoy playing Cupid!" Stephen sits there, smiling. Out in the hallway, Gordon opens the door to find Dan Weller standing there. Dan walks straight in and explains that he just thought he'd drop in with the details of his proposition. He adds that it'll give Gordon a chance to study it before he makes an appointment to talk it over. Gordon takes the file, but tells Dan curtly that he'd rather discuss something else with him. Dan looks at him and Gordon growls, "I'm aware that you tried to flirt with Caroline and I don't Liz getting hurt. What are you playing at?" Dan quickly replies, "Nothing. Caroline must have got the wrong idea - I was only being polite to her." He then tells Gordon that he'll leave him with the file and be on his way - he has a busy night ahead. He makes a rapid escape out through the front door, which Gordon closes behind him. He then heads back into the lounge room, and Barbara asks who the visitor was. Gordon explains, "Dan Weller. He didn't stay. When I told him I knew he made a play for Caroline, he was out that door like a rocket." Upon hearing those words, a look of anger crosses Stephen's face, and he demands, "What do you mean, he made a play for Caroline?" Gordon replies that it's just that: he made a pass at her. Stephen snaps indignantly, "Oh did he?" He looks annoyed!

A short time later, Barbara is on the 'phone to Caroline, who says warily, "Oh, he's picking me up at 8pm, is he?" Barbara points out that the dinner's at 8:30pm. Caroline asks indignantly, "Didn't it occur to him that I might already be doing something? And he could have rung himself - although that's typical of Stephen: when we were married, he always expected me at his beck and call." Barbara tells her that it hasn't stopped Stephen feeling jealous of her! Caroline, looking surprised, queries, "Jealous?" Barbara explains that, when Stephen heard about Dan, he was not pleased - he even admitted that he was interested in the two of them getting back together again. Caroline smiles, "Well, well..." Barbara tells her not to be too hard on him, and Caroline replies that she won't - she promises. She then thanks Barbara for ringing. Barbara asks, "Eight o'clock, then?" but Caroline says she'll have to see if she can make it. Barbara asks what she should tell Stephen, and Caroline replies, "Tell him to pick me up." Barbara smiles, "Fine. Bye!" They both hang up. At the Morrell apartment, Caroline, looking thoughtful, walks with the telephone over to the couch and takes a card out of her handbag. She dials a number on the card, the 'phone rings at the other end and then an answerphone message comes on, saying, "Hi. This is Dan Weller. Sorry I'm not free at the moment, but leave your name and message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can." Caroline says to the machine, "Hello, Dan. Caroline Morrell. I wanted to apologise for having been so short with you when you came to see me - I was upset about something else and I shouldn't have taken it out on you. If you'll let me make it up to you, I'd love to hear from you as soon as you get home. Bye." She hangs up, a sly look on her face...

Fiona is sitting at a table outside a coffee shop in Kings Cross, tapping her fingers in time to some music playing in the background. A large, bearded man, suddenly approaches her and asks, "Are you waiting to see me?" Fiona tells him curtly, "If your name is Alex Dobson, yes. And I've been waiting for quite some time." Dobson mutters, "I'm very busy." He sits down next to Fiona and demands, "What do you want?" Fiona explains, "There is a man called Frank Dwyer." Dobson nods and says, "I've heard of him." Fiona goes on, "He's looking after a personal friend of mine. Jill O'Donnel?" Dobson asks, "You want him warned off, do you?" Fiona agrees, "That's the general idea. She shouldn't even be on the game." Dobson mutters, "That's your opinion." Fiona, though, retorts, "Look, I know what I'm talking about." She then adds, "I know Eddie Wallace very well and he owes me lots of favours." Dobson, though, retorts, "I don't. Stop being so impressed with yourself just because you know Eddie. Lots of people 'know Eddie'." Fiona muses, "Yes, I suppose they do." Dobson goes on, "And I can't say I'm too keen on the idea of being given orders by old broads." Fiona says quietly, looking disappointed, "No, I can see that. I guess it was a waste of time my coming down to see you." Dobson quickly tells her, "I didn't exactly say I wouldn't help you. Just how well do you know Eddie?" Fiona looks down at the table before replying, "Well, I used to work for him - a long time ago. We were very good friends. You ask him yourself." Dobson tells her, "I'll see what he says. If you check out, I might be able to do something for you - Eddie's been pretty good to me, too. But I'm not promising anything - we'll just see how we go, OK?" Fiona thanks him, gratefully.

That night, at Dural, Barbara is carrying a tray of clean glasses from the kitchen to the bar when the front door bangs and Wayne walks in. She cries, "Oh, you're home at last. How did it go?" Wayne just asks, "Where's Gordy?" Barbara tells him that he's upstairs, taking a nap. She adds, "Well?" Wayne replies, "It looks pretty bad. Because the police know I attacked Karen the day before, I'm number one suspect. The lawyer said that even though the evidence is circumstantial, there's still a strong case against me." Barbara sighs heavily and then asks him if he can refrain from telling Gordon how serious it is. Wayne agrees, "Sure. I'll say there's no real proof, so there's nothing much to worry about." Barbara thanks him, looking relieved.

Caroline is pacing the floor at the Morrell apartment when the 'phone suddenly starts ringing. She goes to answer it, but then hesitates momentarily, so as not to appear too keen. Dan comes on and Caroline tells him that she was hoping it might be him. Dan muses, "I must say I was surprised to hear from you. I went out to the Hamilton house and got a very cool reception after what you told them." Caroline quickly replies, "I do apologise - I'll have to let them know it was a misunderstanding." Dan thanks her. He then adds, "About making it up to me..." Caroline quickly tells him, "I am interested in your proposal, Dan. I'm sure I can talk Gordon into having a good look at it." Dan comments that that would be great. Caroline then suggests that they talk about it over dinner tonight, and Dan tells her that that suits him fine. Caroline goes on, "What say you pick me up about 8pm - or perhaps a little earlier...?" Dan assures her that he'll be there. He asks if he should book a table, and Caroline tells him that that would be lovely - she'll see him then. Dan replies that he looks forward to it.

Liz is standing on the front door step at Dural, and as Barbara lets her into the house, she asks her how she went with the police. Liz, though, explains that she hasn't been to see them yet. Barbara points out that they only wanted to ask her a few questions. Liz asks if she can have a talk to Gordon, but Barbara retorts that he's upstairs, taking a nap before dinner - although she guesses Liz is very welcome to wait. She indicates the lounge room, and the two of them head in there. As they do so, Barbara asks Liz if she came to see Gordon because of the way Dan has been behaving lately. Liz looks at her in surprise and asks her what she means. Barbara quickly explains that she just seems a bit down; she assumed it had something to do with Dan, that's all. Liz asks her suspiciously what makes her think that, but Barbara tells her, "Oh, nothing..." Liz demands disbelievingly, "Come on, Barbara, out with it." Barbara sighs, "Well, I suppose you're going to find out sooner or later: Dan made a play for Caroline." Liz stares at her and cries, "I don't believe you. You're making it up." Barbara asks why she should do that, and Liz retorts that it would be a good way of getting back at her. Barbara tells her not to be silly, but Liz cries, "I'm not going to fall for your lies. I can see it would be useless talking to Gordon, too. I'm sorry I ever came back here." With that, she storms off, leaving Barbara looking puzzled.

Sometime later, Barbara and Wayne emerge from the kitchen and walk into the lounge room, both carrying drinks. Barbara curses that she's so angry with herself: she wishes she'd kept her big mouth shut. Wayne points out that she wasn't to know, but Barbara insists that she should have been on to it - the poor girl was so nervous when she arrived, and she was frightened to go and talk to the police. Wayne comments that it's not everybody's cup of tea - he knows how he feels about it: he's tempted to clear out. Barbara warns him that that would be madness - he'd only look guilty. Wayne, though, asks bitterly what the difference would be - the police already think he's the murderer. Barbara tells him to think about Gordon - he'd be shattered - but Wayne retorts that it would be better than him having to wait through a long trial and see him go to jail. Barbara tells him that she doesn't believe it will come to that - he's innocent, and she's sure there must be a way to prove it. Wayne retorts that their lawyer can't think of it. He goes on, "I know how Patricia felt now. I understand why she bolted."

Dan Weller is at the Morrell apartment, and Caroline picks up two drinks from the bar as he tells her that she looks an absolute knockout tonight. Caroline thanks him. Dan then goes on that he took the liberty of bringing over a copy of his proposal - he thought she might like to study it over dinner. Caroline, though, flirts, "I don't think I'll be able to concentrate, sitting opposite you..." Dan smiles, "Of course... I should have thought. Well, we can always leave it to a bit later..." He takes his glass, clinks it against Caroline's and says, "Cheers!" There's suddenly a knock at the door and Caroline hands Dan her glass. As she goes to answer the knock, she says to Dan, "You didn't invite anyone else, did you?" Dan assures her, "Not me." She opens the door partially, to find Stephen standing at the door. She says a taut, "Oh, hello." Stephen smiles, "Don't you look wonderful. Ready to go?" Caroline retorts, "I'm sorry, Stephen, but I've already got a date for tonight." Looking surprised, Stephen comments, "But Barbara said she was going to--" Caroline interrupts and tells him, "Oh, you should have called yourself - at least to check." Stephen, looking puzzled, remarks that he thought she'd definitely be coming - it's a business dinner. Caroline explains that she decided against it. She then opens the door slightly further so that Stephen can see Dan and adds, "It's my prerogative, isn't it?" As he stares at Dan in surprise, Stephen growls at his ex-wife, "Not if he's your date, you don't deserve a prerogative." Caroline snaps, "Don't be stuffy, Stephen. And in future, don't take me for granted. Alright?" Stephen tells her that he's sorry to have interrupted her evening, and he walks off, leaving Caroline with a hint of a smile on her face.

Charlie and Katie are sitting with Gordon, Barbara and Wayne - who's standing - in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara is saying, "Well, that's what the lawyer said to Wayne, so I'm sure he's got a very good chance." Charlie, looking worried, murmurs, "Yes..." Gordon adds, "And he is a very good lawyer." Charlie looks at Wayne nervously and tells him, "The police questioned Katie and I for quite some time this afternoon." Wayne demands, "What have you told them now?" Charlie assures him, "Nothing, darling. Well, only what happened." Wayne asks suspiciously, "What do you mean, 'what happened'?" Charlie cries, "It was so difficult. Well, they asked so many questions and, well, I told them about you getting worried when Isabella dashed down to the stream." Wayne mutters, "Which means they think I knew the body was there. Great!" Barbara asks him why he was worried, and Wayne snaps, "Because I thought I'd have to dig the stupid dog out of the mud. I can just see them believing that, too." He then asks Charlie angrily, "Why did you have to say anything?" Charlie, looking guilty, explains that it was the way they questioned her - they didn't let up. Katie chips in that it was like that. Wayne snaps, "That's all I need," and he storms out, leaving Charlie looking worried. Katie goes after him. Charlie cries to Gordon and Barbara, "Well, I knew I'd done the wrong thing, but..." Gordon assures her that it's alright - they understand: she had to tell the police the truth. Katie closes the lounge room doors behind her and walks over to Wayne in the hallway - he's leaning against the stair rail, looking worried. Katie tells him that Charlie didn't mean to say the wrong thing - they were tough on her. Wayne turns to face her and explains, "I'm not saying she did. I'm scared. They're going to arrest me, that's for sure." Katie points out that she's the one to blame: if the police hadn't overheard her talking to him, they'd be none the wiser. Wayne tells her gently that she's a good friend, and he gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Katie says she hopes they can still be friends, but Wayne replies that he thinks he's going to be something of a loner, from now on. He smiles at her and then heads upstairs, leaving Katie looking worried.

Andy is sitting with Fiona at her apartment, and he comments that going to the Cross today didn't do her much good, did it? Fiona replies sadly that it most certainly didn't. She goes on that, when she saw Milly, she thought to herself, 'There, but for the grace of God'...: it was terrible - her pretending that she could still attract clients... and for her to have to be polite to that young pup: it almost made her sick to her stomach and where has it got her? Andy suggests that Dobson might have had trouble tracking the other bloke down, but Fiona tells him with a grim smile on her face that he's got to believe the grapevine: you've only got to cough before Eddie knows about it. Andy suddenly asks her, "Did you ever really enjoy being on the game?" Fiona smiles distantly, "Yeah, course I did. Well, all the friendships were genuine and we had real laughs." Andy looks at her in surprise, and she quickly adds, "It wasn't all work, you know?" Andy looks down at the table. Fiona tells him, "Don't look so shocked. It was a different time, Andy. During the war, a lot of girls weren't really professional - it was just a way for them to meet prospective husbands. But it's all different now: after talking with Milly after she'd organised the meeting... the way she sees it all, it's really sad... Oh, I don't mean that I forget the bad times: if I want to be truly honest with myself, a lot of them were bad, but like I said, I always had a lot of friends to help me out - and, from what I saw today, there were many of them there wouldn't even know what a friend was." She shrugs sadly before concluding, "I still don't know where Jill is..."

Caroline opens the front door at the Morrell apartment as she and Dan arrive back from their night out, and she thanks him for a very pleasant evening. Looking surprised, Dan tells her that he enjoyed himself too - even though they didn't get around to discussing his proposal. Caroline replies, "Yes, I'm sorry." Dan suggests that they chat about it over a nightcap - there's nothing like mixing business with pleasure... Caroline, though, retorts that she's really not interested - she's feeling very tired. Dan laughs and asks, "Come on... What was tonight all about, then, in that case? You like teasing, do you?" Caroline tells him curtly, "I'm sorry if you got the wrong idea, but you were the one making all the passes." She adds, "Goodnight," and closes the door, sighing as she heads inside. A look of shock crosses her face as she finds Liz standing there, glaring at her.

A while later, Caroline is sitting with Amanda on the couch. They're drinking hot drinks as Caroline tells her daughter that she's sorry she got woken, but she couldn't work out how Liz got in. Amanda explains, "She knocked soon after I got home. We chatted for a while, then I went to bed and let her wait for you." Caroline comments, "She was terribly upset," but Amanda asks, "Do you blame her?" Caroline insists that she only went out with Dan to discuss his business proposition; even though she hardly knows Liz, she didn't want to hurt her - although she does think it's better that she found out what he's like, anyway. Amanda asks her mother suspiciously if she's sure she hasn't got something else in mind, but Caroline asks innocently, "Like what?" Amanda muses, "Well, I don't know, but it seems a bit like game-playing to me. Dan's not the sort of guy you'd normally go out to dinner with." Caroline tells her, "I don't play games. You ought to know me better than that." Amanda muses, "I thought I did..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Liz is telling Gordon and Barbara that, after she left Dural, she went to Dan's house: she waited for ages, but he didn't come home; then she decided to go to Amanda's and face Caroline head-on - to see if there was any truth in what Barbara said. She goes on that, when she heard Dan and Caroline together, she didn't know what to do. She tells Barbara that she's sorry: she should have believed her, but she didn't want to. She asks Barbara if she understands, and Barbara assures her that of course she does - and she is sorry: she could have bitten her tongue out. Gordon remarks to Liz, "You've had one hell of a night, haven't you?" Liz, though, replies hesitantly, "Well, it's been for more than just one night. You see, the reason I came to see you earlier was to tell you why I'm so scared about going to the police." Barbara and Gordon stare at her, and Gordon asks gently, "Do you want to tell me now?" Liz nods slowly as she admits, "I killed Karen." Barbara and Gordon both look shocked, and she goes on quickly, "Believe me, I didn't mean to do it, but I'm the one they're looking for."


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