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    Written by: Betty Quin   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Gordon takes out his and Barbara's suitcases from a cab which has pulled up outside Dural. Barbara stands by the front door, looking apprehensive. The cab pulls away and Gordon says to her, "Welcome home." Barbara weakly replies, "Thankyou." She then comments that the garden looks great, but Gordon tells her that he can't take credit for that, he's afraid - Karen paid a gardener to come in once a week. Barbara murmurs, "Oh, I see." Gordon goes on that Leigh looks after the house, and he adds that, actually, it's an ideal set-up for Karen: she gives the orders and Leigh does the work! Barbara smiles weakly. Indicating the door, Gordon suggests, "Shall we?"

Karen is standing by the door as the two of them head inside, and she tells Barbara that it's good to see her back. They head into the lounge room, where Leigh is dusting the coffee table, and Karen tells her that she thinks they'd all like coffee. Leigh heads to the kitchen to get it. Gordon tells Karen that Barbara was pleased to see the garden looking shipshape, although he had to admit that it wasn't their handiwork! Karen says to Barbara that she thinks a place that size needs a professional touch; she was sure Barbara wouldn't mind. She then continues that Leigh has aired the room and put fresh sheets on the bed. Barbara murmurs, "Um--" Karen quickly asks if that was the right thing to do, and Gordon assures her that of course it was: Barbara is back home now and the sooner things settle down to normal, the better for all of them. Karen tells Barbara that everything is running smoothly now so there's nothing for her to do but relax and get well. She then announces that she'll go and tell Wayne that the guest of honour has arrived and she leaves the room. As soon as she's gone, Barbara growls, "Well she's making damn sure I feel like a guest in my own home, isn't she?" Gordon tells her that she's been through a bad time - she should try not to make hasty decisions. Barbara points out that Karen has never liked her, but Gordon suggests that they just wait and see how things go; as soon as she's settled down, she'll start feeling better.

The dog on the verandah at the Henderson house in Ceedum is still baring its teeth at Charlie and growling at her, but it suddenly gets up and trots round the corner as it hears the sound of a car pulling up. Charlie follows it and comes across a man and a woman approaching her. The man is carrying a basket of washing. Charlie exclaims, "Am I glad to see you!" The two of them look at her and she goes on, "Well I've been here for ages - the dog wouldn't let me move." The man stares at her and demands, "Who are you?" Charlie introduces herself and explains that she's a friend of David and Leigh's. The woman asks if Leigh is alright, and Charlie assures her that she's fine. The man snaps at the woman, "We don't want any of her friends around here." The woman points out to the man - calling him George - that Charlie has come a long way. George snaps that she can turn round and go back again. The woman - Frannie - suggests that they can at least give her a cuppa, but George ignores her and tells Charlie angrily, "Should have picked you'd know Leigh - you're just the sort that she would latch onto." Frannie goes on that she'll make a cuppa and bring it out on the verandah, and George reluctantly agrees, "Alright." He then snaps at Charlie, "I don't know what brought you here, but I reckon there's a few things you should know about our Leigh." He storms off to the house. Charlie and Frannie follow him.

A few minutes later, the three of them are sitting on the verandah of the house. Frannie is holding a baby on her lap and she offers Charlie a biscuit to go with her tea. As Charlie takes it, she comments that their dog certainly doesn't like her. George retorts that he'd say dogs are a good judge of people. Charlie then remarks that it really is a gorgeous baby, and she starts tickling his tummy. Frannie stands up, looking slightly nervous, and says she's got to take him in - it's nearly time for his sleep. She goes, leaving Charlie alone with George. Charlie takes the opportunity to remind him that he said he had something to tell her about Leigh. George replies, "She's a money-grabbing little slut." Charlie sits there and puts on a look of shock, saying, "I beg your pardon?" George tells her not to worry - she isn't the only one Leigh has conned. Charlie exclaims that she had no idea! George tells her that Leigh was nothing but trouble round there; maybe things would have been better for her brother if she hadn't got him onside - but then, when she let him take the rap for the-- Frannie suddenly comes out again and warns him, "George..." He breaks off, stands up and says, "Sorry, I've got work to do." He walks off. Frannie sits down and tells Charlie that she's afraid George doesn't understand Leigh: the poor girl went through a real bad experience, which changed her whole life. Charlie says sympathetically that she's sorry. She adds that she'd like to help if she could, but Frannie tells her that it's best left as it is. She then tells Charlie that she'd better go, as Tim will be home from school soon and he'll get upset if he hears about Leigh. Looking surprised, Charlie comments that she thought they were very fond of each other. The woman replies that they are: Tim thinks about her a lot; he misses her. Charlie sips her tea, looking thoughtful and pleased with herself.

Amanda is walking into Fiona's flat at the boarding house, and she tells Fiona that she knew she'd be a bit late so she tried to 'phone, but Fiona has been nagging to someone for hours. Fiona explains that she had the 'phone off the hook. Amanda asks, "More crank 'phone calls?" and Fiona confirms, "Uh huh." Amanda tells her that she really should report it, but Fiona retorts that that's just probably what they want her to do: get all hot and bothered and go running to the police. Amanda points out that, still, these calls can be very upsetting. Fiona, though, assures her that she'll survive. Changing the subject, she goes on that she's so looking forward to seeing Barbara again - she can't tell Amanda how happy she is that she's back with Gordon. Amanda agrees, "So am I." There's a sudden knocking on the door and Chris calls out for Fiona. She tells him to come in and introduces him to Amanda, explaining that he's Barney's nephew. Amanda looks at him in surprise and queries, "Barney's nephew?" Chris confirms that that's right. Seeing the look on Amanda's face, Fiona asks if something is wrong. Amanda explains that she thought Mitch said Barney didn't have any brothers or sisters. Chris laughs and comments that whoever Mitch is has obviously got his wires crossed, because here he is! Amanda agrees acceptingly, "Must have..." Fiona suddenly remembers that there's something she wants to show Chris, and she goes and picks up a framed photo of her and Barney standing together, laughing. She smiles sadly as she hands it to him and asks, "Do you recognise anyone?" Chris stares at it and tells her that it's good - it looks as if they really enjoyed each other's company. Fiona agrees sadly, "Yep - we sure did." Recovering her composure, she tells Amanda that they'd better get going now, and she apologises to Chris for having to kick him out. Chris asks where they're off to, and Fiona explains that they're going to visit Amanda's aunty - she's been in Melbourne for a while. Chris accepts, "Oh." He then asks if those 'phone calls have stopped and Fiona replies that they sure have - she took the 'phone off the hook. Chris remarks that he can't imagine anyone doing anything like that; placing an ad in the paper. Fiona tells him that it takes all kinds. Chris comments that it's still a rotten trick. Amanda suggests to Fiona that they'd better get going, and they head to the door. Chris tells them that he'll walk down with them.

A hearse is pulling up at the bottom of the driveway, in front of the gates. A funeral director, dressed in black, climbs out of the passenger side and goes to start opening the gate. Fiona, Amanda and Chris are just coming out of the house and walking down towards the road. As they do so, Chris asks Fiona if she locked the front door, and Fiona replies, "Of course I did - why?" Chris tells her that he just can't remember seeing her doing it, but Fiona insists, "Well I did, so stop being such a worrier!" Amanda calls to them to come on and hurry up. They turn the corner in the driveway and suddenly spot the vehicle parked by the road. Fiona exclaims in surprise, "What on earth is that hearse doing here? Nobody at the boarding house has died." Amanda suggests that perhaps they've got the wrong number. The funeral director approaches them and asks if they could tell him which is Mrs. Fiona Thompson's apartment. Fiona, looking surprised, asks, "Why?" The man explains that they're there to care for the body and remove it. Fiona demands, "What on earth are you talking about." The man tells her, "We're here to pick up the body of Mrs. Fiona Thompson." Fiona snaps at him that she's sorry, but she thinks he's got all his instructions muddled up. The funeral director asks if this isn't where Mrs. Thompson lives, but Fiona glares at him and snaps, "Is this your idea of a joke? Who sent you?" The funeral director replies that he's just following orders: he's supposed to pick up the body of Mrs. Fiona Thompson-- He breaks off as Fiona interrupts, "I am Mrs. Fiona Thompson and I am very much alive." Pointing to the hearse she adds angrily, "Now will you go and get into that thing and get it out of here?" The man, looking humbly apologetic, says he's sorry. Fiona cries at him to just get it out of there, and he returns to the hearse and gets in. Chris says to Fiona that if he hadn't seen it, he wouldn't have believed it. An upset Fiona cries, "That is the sickest thing I've ever seen in my life." Amanda comments that she doesn't think the funeral director knew anything about it, and Chris agrees that he looked as stunned as Fiona. Fiona snaps, "Someone sent him." Amanda tells her to come inside; she'll 'phone Aunty Barbara and-- Fiona interrupts her, though, and insists that she's perfectly alright. She adds that, whoever's doing this to her, she's not going to let it get to her. Chris tells her that she should have got the name of the undertaker's so they could see who placed the order, but Fiona retorts, "No, no, no, no, no. They'll soon get tired." She then suggests to Amanda, "Let's go." Amanda asks her if she's sure she's alright, and Fiona insists that she's fine. She tells Chris that she'll see him later, and she and Amanda walk to Amanda's car. Chris stands there, a smile on his face...

Gordon, Barbara and Wayne are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, while Karen stands by the window, talking on the 'phone. Gordon tells Barbara that, when she's feeling better, he thinks she should get back to her golf, and Wayne says he agrees that that's probably a good idea. Barbara, though, looking worried, says she couldn't face all those people at the moment. Gordon suggests that, in a few weeks... There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Gordon goes to get it. Karen hangs up and wanders over to Barbara and Wayne slowly, looking upset. Wayne asks gently, "Bad news?" and Barbara asks what they said. Karen sits down and replies, "He's going to be strapped to a mobile bed for the rest of his life." Wayne, looking shocked, exclaims, "God..." He then asks why he can't be in a wheelchair, and Karen explains that, if he sits up, he could do even worse damage - his spine is so weak, he could risk becoming a quadriplegic. Barbara sympathises, "Oh, Karen, that's awful - I'm so sorry for both of you." Karen stares at her and snaps, "He won't cause any problems here: Alan will have a flat and private nurse." Barbara stares back at her in surprise and retorts, "That was the last thing that was on my mind." Karen tells her that it's important - it's going to be difficult enough for her to readjust as it is. Barbara says curtly, "I'll manage." Karen says she hopes so - but it's not going to be easy, going back, trying to fit in again. Barbara snaps at her, "I don't have to try and fit in. I belong here." Karen retorts, "So do I." Wayne interjects and tells everyone to calm down. He then goes on that a lot has happened to all of them; maybe now is the time to make a fresh start? Barbara mutters, "Yes, I agree." Wayne tells her to remember that it hasn't been easy on Gordy, either - if they're going to make things work, they're going to have to help each other. Barbara assures him that she's very willing to try. Wayne smiles and, looking at Karen, says, "Good. So are we." Karen and Barbara glare at each other.

Out in the hallway, Gordon is telling Fiona and Amanda that the main thing is that Barbara is home, where she belongs, with family and old friends; he's sure that's the best thing for her. Fiona smiles and says she can't see it not working. Amanda assures him that they'll do anything they can do help her, and Fiona tells him that the main thing at the moment is making quite sure that Barbara gets back to her old self again. Gordon thanks them and tells them that he knew he could rely on them. He then goes on that, actually, everybody has been very supportive: Karen's got everything organised and Leigh is keeping the house in order; Barbara is very lucky. He indicates the lounge room and the three of them head in there.

In Ceedum, Charlie is walking along the road just outside the Hendersons' when a teenage boy approaches her. She stops him and says, "Hello. Are you Tim Palmer?" The boy replies that he is, and he asks Charlie who she is. Charlie introduces herself and explains that she's a friend of Leigh's. Tim smiles and tells her that Leigh wrote about her a while back. Charlie says she hopes she wrote something nice! Tim replies that it was just something about Charlie helping her. He then asks how Leigh's going, and Charlie tells him that she's doing very well. Tim asks when she's coming to see them, and Charlie replies, "Maybe later. Well, she's busy working these days." Tim exclaims, "Yeah?!" Charlie quickly goes on that, considering what a bad time she had before she left home, she's doing very well. Tim, looking surprised, asks, "She told you about that?" Charlie nods and tells him, "She knew I'd understand. We talked about a lot of things." Tim, looking thoughtful, asks Charlie if she's been to see his mum, and Charlie explains that she's just been in to tell them that Leigh is alright. She then presses, "I suppose you were the only one she could turn to when such an awful thing happened...?" Tim muses that he supposes so. He adds, "Anyway, we couldn't let those--. We couldn't let them get away with it. I don't care what happened afterwards - I'd do it again tomorrow for Leigh." Charlie comments that Leigh didn't tell her that he was mixed-up in it. Tim replies that Leigh was always covering for him - especially around home. Putting her hand on his shoulder, Charlie says gently, "I am trying to help her, Tim. Why don't you tell me the whole story? Well, that way, maybe I can do more for her." Tim agrees, "Yeah, OK..."

Leigh is clearing away the tea things in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is looking out of the window, and he tells Amanda and Karen, who are sitting on the couches, that Gordy's giving Barbara and Fiona the full guided tour of the garden! Amanda comments that Aunty Barb always loved the place - it must feel good to be home again. Karen points out that it will probably take her some time to readjust, and Amanda muses that she supposes so. Changing the subject, she goes on, "Oh, the police haven't been asking you any more questions about Mitch, have they?" Wayne, who has sat down next to Karen, replies, "No, thanks to you!" He adds, "You did see him, didn't you?" Amanda tells him, "Of course I did." Karen smiles and comments, "Well, that's all over now, thank goodness." Leigh looks at her, a nasty smile on her face. Karen glares back at her.

In Ceedum, Charlie and Tim are standing by the side of the road, and Charlie sympathises, "Poor Leigh. How awful for her. She was lucky to have someone like you to stick by her." Tim replies, "She needed me," and Charlie agrees, "Yes, she certainly did." Tim suddenly notices George approaching and he murmurs that he'd better go. George joins them and snaps at Tim to get inside. He then tells Charlie to get lost, adding that the last thing they need is her around there stirring up trouble. Tim asks her to give his love to Leigh. George snaps that he told him to get inside. Charlie walks off.

Gordon, Fiona and Barbara are still walking in the grounds at Dural. They stop, and Barbara points to a plot in the distance and asks what's going in over there. Gordon replies that he doesn't know; he'll ask the gardener! He walks off to where the gardener is working. Fiona smiles and tells Barbara that he's just so happy to have her back. Barbara smiles and agrees that he's been very good - but he's going to want to talk sooner or later. Fiona tells her not to rush it, but Barbara muses that she can't put it off forever - he's going to want to know how she really felt about Ross. They go and sit down on a little brick wall, and Fiona tells Barbara that Gordon is a very kind man - he'll wait. Barbara muses that he may have to - there's no hope of having a real talk with Karen and Wayne in the house - especially as Karen is doing her best to make her feel like she doesn't belong. Fiona tells her that Karen and Wayne should have a place of their own, but Barbara explains that, now that Alan is confined to a bed, and Gordon really likes having Wayne around... Fiona comments that it's not easy. Barbara suddenly realises, "Here am I, going on and on about my problems, and you've had a lot of your own lately." Fiona smiles and replies that it's just someone playing stupid tricks - they'll tire of it soon. Gordon walks back over and rejoins them, announcing as he does so, "Hibiscus: one white, one pink." Barbara smiles that that will be nice. She and Fiona stand up, and Fiona says she hates to break up this 'grand tour', but she really must get going. Barbara thanks her for coming over, and Fiona assures her that it was her pleasure - she's so happy to see Barbara back. The three of them start heading back towards the house.

Charlie walks into a public telephone box in Ceedum, opens her purse and takes out some notes. Unable to find any change, she puts the purse down on the counter, picks up the telephone handset and starts dialling.

At Dural, Fiona, Barbara - with her arm round Amanda - and Gordon leave the lounge room and head to the front door. Fiona tells Gordon and Barbara to take care, and Gordon assures her that they will! The four of them head out to the car. As the front door shuts, Leigh comes downstairs. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Leigh goes and answers it in the hallway. An operator comes on and says, "I have a reverse charge person-to-person call for Mrs. Karen Hamilton from Mrs. Charlie Bartlett in Ceedum, Queensland." Leigh stands there, looking shocked. The operator asks, "Is Mrs. Hamilton able to accept the call?" Leigh, sounding shaky, replies, "Er, no. She won't be back today," and she slams the 'phone down.

A while later, Fiona and Amanda have arrived back at the boarding house; they walk up the driveway and stop by the letterboxes. Fiona quickly flips the lid open on hers and then flips it shut again. Amanda looks at her in surprise and Fiona explains that she was just wondering if her 'friends' had put any little surprises in there - like a funnelweb spider or something. Amanda comments, "What a horrible thought." Fiona agrees, "Yep, well, here goes." She opens the letterbox again, peers inside and exclaims, "Well, what do you know? No bombs, no spiders!" Taking out the letters inside and sorting through them, she adds, "Only bills! Should have left them in there." She then comes across a letter for Cheri, from the Nurses' Association, and she comments that Cheri won't be needing their help now that she's got a job nursing Alan. Looking surprised, Amanda comments that she didn't think Karen would let Cheri anywhere near Alan. Fiona, looking puzzled, asks her what she's talking about, and Amanda explains, "Well, Cheri nursed Todd when he was in the clinic in Switzerland." Fiona asks, "So? I thought that would have been in her favour." Amanda goes on carefully, "Fiona, Cheri's the nurse suspected..." Fiona, looking shocked, asks, "Huh?" Amanda continues that there's been no proof, but there have been some pretty nasty rumours. Fiona exclaims that she had no idea that it was Cheri. She then adds that surely Karen would know - she was over there. Amanda explains that Karen came home the day after Todd died; Todd's father made all the enquiries. Fiona asks her if she's asked Cheri this straight out, but Amanda shakes her head, and Fiona muses that she supposes it's not the sort of thing you could really hit somebody with just out of the blue. Amanda explains that that's how she felt. Fiona comments that it's still a bit of a worry.

A couple of minutes later, Fiona and Amanda are inside, walking along the corridor to Fiona's flat, and Amanda is saying to Fiona that if Cheri was involved in Todd's death, she couldn't criticise her - he was in dreadful pain and no one could help him; it was just a matter of time. Fiona sighs that everyone has their own opinion - but she couldn't take a life and, somehow, she doesn't think Cheri could either. Amanda asks if they should tell Karen, but Fiona asks what they could tell her - they don't have any proof. Amanda agrees, "No..." Fiona goes on that it would be terrible to victimise the girl and then find out they were wrong. She shrugs and heads to her door, going to put the key in the lock. To her surprise, she finds the door already slightly ajar. She pushes it open slowly and heads into her flat - to find it's been trashed: graffiti saying 'YOU'LL GET YOURS, WHORE' has been spraypainted on the wall and a skull and crossbones has been graffitied on another wall. The whole pace is in a mess, with furniture tipped over and newspaper strewn everywhere. Fiona and Amanda look round in shock.

A few minutes later, Amanda is beginning to clear up the mess as Fiona, talking on the 'phone to the police, thanks the Sergeant and hangs up. She then tells Amanda that they're sending someone round. She adds that they'd better leave things as they are until someone gets there. Amanda says she's sorry. She suddenly says, "Oh..." and Fiona asks what the matter is. Amanda hands her the photo of her and Barney, and Fiona stares at it in shock: the glass has been broken and her face has been scribbled over in black marker pen. Fiona cries, "Oh no... How could anyone do that? How could anyone hate me that much?" Amanda, looking thoughtful, comments that doing that to the photo somehow doesn't fit in with everything else. Fiona asks her what she means, and she goes on that everything they've done so far has been to scare the wits out of her, but this is more personal. Fiona goes and sits down on the couch and suggests that maybe she was wrong to go ahead and publish. Amanda points out that the police might come up with something - fingerprints. Fiona muses that these people must have known they were going out; all that hearse business must have been a set-up. Amanda sits down next to her and asks her what she means. Fiona explains, "Checking up to make sure we were going out." Amanda comments that they didn't have to send a hearse round for that. She then adds that she feels sick. Fiona, staring into space, says, "Yeah. It's no longer a game of pranks, either. Someone is out to get me..."

That evening, Wayne, Barbara, Gordon and Karen are sitting at the table at Dural, having dinner. Leigh is standing at the table, serving, but she heads back to the kitchen when she's finished. Barbara says to Karen that she checked the pantry earlier and she thinks it's about time they restocked; she'll make a list out for her in the morning. Karen, though, tells her not to bother - she's already given Leigh an order to 'phone through. Barbara stares at her and mutters, "Oh." There's an awkward silence, which Barbara breaks by saying she thinks she'll have an early night. Gordon says he thinks that's a good idea, and the two of them stand up, say goodnight, and head off upstairs. As soon as they've gone, Wayne stares at Karen and says earnestly, "Amanda wasn't kidding, Karen. She saw Mitch." Karen retorts, "Thought she saw him." Wayne points out that Amanda knew him better than anyone; she said she was positive. Karen points out that they know better, but Wayne goes on, "Maybe not. What if he wasn't dead? What if he was only unconscious? He could have come-to in the water." Karen tells him that he's grasping at straws, but Wayne persists, "But if she saw him--" He breaks off as Leigh comes back in from the kitchen and he snaps that he's going for a walk. He stands up and heads out. Karen stands up as well. Leigh quickly says to her that she's been thinking: it would be better if she wasn't around. Karen retorts that she told her she'd find her a flat, but it takes time. Leigh explains that she doesn't mean that; she means clear out altogether. She goes on, "You paid Mitch to get lost. I want you to do the same for me." Karen asks why, and Leigh quickly replies that she's just had the whole thing; give her the money and she'll go for good. Karen muses that she's in a hurry, isn't she? but Leigh asks why not. She adds that she thought she'd go tonight. Karen laughs nastily and asks her if she thinks she keeps that kind of money in the house. She concludes, "I'll sleep on it." Leigh demands, "I want out. Now." Karen points out that one more night's not going to hurt, is it? She then realises, "You're scared, aren't you?" Leigh snaps, "I told you: I'm just sick of the whole thing." Karen retorts, "And I said I'd sleep on it." She walks off, leaving Leigh looking worried.

The next morning, at the boarding house, a workman is painting the wall in Fiona's flat to cover up the graffiti and a locksmith is changing the lock on the door. Fiona is sitting at the table, a coffee in her hand, looking upset. Chris suddenly walks in and, looking surprised, asks, "What happened here?" Fiona laughs sadly and tells him that he should have seen it when they came home yesterday. Chris asks her if she was burgled. Fiona replies that they didn't take anything, but they certainly managed to make one heck of a mess. Chris asks when they got in, and then adds, "Oh, while you were at the Hamiltons'?" Fiona confirms, "Mmm." She adds, "Where were you and Andy when I needed you?" Chris explains that they stayed out and caught a few bands; they didn't get home until pretty late. He adds that he wishes they'd been around, but Fiona tells him that she's glad they weren't - if the intruders had had a go at them, she'd feel even worse. Chris comments that whoever it is has obviously got it in for her, and he adds that what worries him is that each time it's getting more serious. Fiona replies that, hopefully, the police will come up with something. Chris remarks, "Maybe - but they don't solve many break-ins. I reckons these guys are building up to something big: I mean, the 'phone calls... the snake... the hearse was really sick - that even shook me up. And to come home to this. Lock or no lock, Fiona, you're staying--" Fiona interrupts him and snaps, "Chris, alright, alright, you've made your point." Chris tells her that he's sorry - he's just really worried for her. Fiona tells him that the police have suggested she go away for a few days while they try and find out who's behind all this. Chris asks her where she'll go, and Fiona replies, "Woombai - they'd be hiking to try and find me up there." Chris muses, "Right. Andy's mentioned it. Sounds like a great place." Fiona tells him that it is, but she'd be running away from things, and that's just not her style. Chris comments that it's sensible for the time being. He adds, "Hey. Look. I haven't got a job yet, I've still got a few dollars stashed, how about I take a holiday and play bodyguard for a few days?" Fiona smiles and asks, "Would you?" Chris tells her that he'd feel a lot happier if he knew someone was around to keep an eye on things. Fiona replies that she must admit, she would be very glad of the company. Chris smiles, "Great..."

Leigh is walking downstairs at Dural carrying two packed cases, one in each hand. She heads towards the lounge room, where Karen is standing in the doorway, and demands, "Well? Did you get the money?" Charlie suddenly appears behind Karen, who retorts, "There isn't going to be any more money, Leigh." Charlie says to her, "I'm sorry - really. But we had to stop you, Leigh. And now we can." Leigh stares at her.


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