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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Later that evening, David is in the kitchen at the country house. Mike is there as well, sitting at the table, and Heather and Katie are standing at the sink. David snaps, "I shouldn't have left her." Mike points out that he wasn't to know, but David retorts that it makes no difference - he should have been there. He goes on that something's gone wrong: it doesn't take all afternoon to hand over a bag full of money. Heather suggests that, maybe, after last time, they're being careful; making things complicated. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and David dashes to get it. A man comes on and says, "Mr. Palmer?" David says he is. The man introduces himself as Detective Brooks and he tells David that they've found his wife. David sighs and cries, "Thank God." He then asks if she's alright, and the detective replies that she's a bit dazed, but she's unharmed. He adds that they've taken her back to hospital. David asks, "What about our baby?" The detective tells him, "I'm sorry, Mr. Palmer. Apparently, your wife handed over the money but the child wasn't returned. We're searching the area now; if there's any news, we'll let you know." David murmurs, "OK," and he hangs up. He then turns to the O'Briens and says, "They didn't give him back..." Mike comments, "You're joking..." David snaps that they've still got him; they took the money, the mongrels, and they didn't give him back. Heather sympathises, "Poor Beryl." David goes on angrily, "What do they want? Monthly payments? That's more Newman's style." Mike points out that they can't prove anything, and David snaps, "No, we can't, can we?" He adds bitterly that the cops aren't doing much to help. He then snaps, "There must be some way to nail him." Looking furious, he announces that he's going over to see Beryl, and he storms out. Katie closes the door behind him, slowly, looking worried but thoughtful.

A while later, David is walking along the hospital corridor with a nurse. She tells him that Beryl is already sedated and she's about to give her an injection to help her sleep, so he won't be able to talk to her for long. David assures her that it's OK - he just wants to see her. They go into Beryl's room. The nurse tells David that Beryl was very upset when they brought her in; it wasn't easy to calm her down. David walks over to Beryl's bed. Beryl is lying on her side, looking hurt and shocked. David bends over her and whispers that he heard what happened. Beryl murmurs, "I paid them the money... did everything they said..." David assures her that he knows. Beryl goes on quietly that she waited and waited; she had the money: why didn't they give him back to her...? David soothes that it's alright. Beryl murmurs that she didn't try anything... The nurse asks David to excuse her while she administers an injection, and he stands up. Beryl cries softly, "Why didn't they give him back to me...?"

Ross is sitting on the couch in his apartment, reading the note from Gloria. There's a sudden knocking on the door and he looks scared momentarily. Katie calls out that it's her, and, looking relieved, Ross calls back to her to hang on a second. He then puts the note in the breast pocket of his jacket and goes and opens the door. Katie walks in and gives him a kiss. She then asks him how he is, and he smiles that he's OK; better for seeing her! Katie tells him that she thought she'd surprise him, and she adds that she hopes he doesn't mind. Ross assures her that he doesn't mind at all - it's just that he wasn't expecting her; she's welcome any time, though - she knows that. He goes and pours himself another drink and, noticing a half-empty bottle on the coffee table, Katie asks him if he's celebrating something. Ross tells her bitterly, "No, it's more of a wake, actually - to a brilliant career tragically cut short." Katie takes the bottle and his glass from him and soothes, "Come here." She puts the bottle and the glass down on the coffee table and tells him, "We're going to have to cheer you up, aren't we..." She starts kissing him and she wraps her arms round his body. As she does so, she asks him what he's got his jacket on for. Ross explains that he came home and he was preoccupied. Katie goes to push it off him, but he tells her that he really should hang it up. Katie oozes, "Don't be boring. Just take it off - or don't you want to be cheered up...?" She kisses him again and he tells her that she's convinced him! As he removes his jacket, he asks Katie if she knows that Humphrey Bogart could shroud his jacket onto a chair from ten feet! He throws his jacket towards a chair by the table and it lands on the floor! Katie pulls his tie off and she smiles as he concludes, "Yes. Well I suppose that is the difference between Humphrey Bogart and me!" Katie puts her arms round him again and asks gently, "What have you been up to?" Ross just replies, "This and that." Katie pushes subtly, "No news at all?" Ross tells her, "No, not really."

Heather is on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, and she tells the person at the other end that it's no trouble - Katie just said she was going back to the flat for the night, that's all. She hangs up. Mike comes in and asks what the problem is: isn't Katie home yet? Heather tells him that Katie just called her flatmate a few minutes ago and said she was staying there at David's for the night. Looking surprised, Mike asks where she 'phoned from, but Heather says she doesn't know - but she pretended she was there; Vivien just called to see if she wanted to meet her for lunch tomorrow. Looking worried, Heather asks, "Mike, why would Katie lie about where she is?" Mike retorts that he can make a pretty good guess. Heather stares at him and he explains that Katie wants to help Beryl and Dave all she can, right? Heather nods. Mike goes on that she heard Dave carry on about no one being able to nail Ross; well he bets that's where she is. Suddenly looking scared, Heather comments that if Ross realises what she's doing... that man's capable of anything. Mike says he knows, and he picks up his jacket and snaps that they'd better get after her.

Ross is sitting on the couch at his apartment, a drink in his hand. Katie is lying in his lap, and Ross strokes her hair as he asks her if she's sure she wants to stay the night. Katie muses, "No, I've been lying for the hell of it! Of course I do, you big idiot!" Ross retorts that he doesn't know, does he? As she stares at him, Katie suddenly tells him that he needs a haircut - that's something he could have done this afternoon. Ross points out that it's not that long, and Katie says she agrees, but it would look nice if it was shorter. Ross half-growls, "Well thanks a lot! What is this: pick on Ross week, or something? We've done nothing but talk about me for the last hour." Katie oozes that he's so interesting, but Ross tells her that he thinks they should talk about her for a while. He sits up and goes to pour himself another drink, but he discovers the bottle is empty and he exclaims, "Oh no. Catastrophe." Katie asks him if he's got another bottle, but Ross replies that he hasn't. He then adds, though, that there is a bottle shop across the road. He stands up, checks his pockets for money and, heading out, says he'll get something to munch on at the same time. He heads out. Katie immediately stands up and starts checking round the place, beginning with the drawers of the dresser, but doesn't find anything. She then tries a bookcase, but still nothing. She moves to the table, which is piled with old books, but there's nothing there, either. She finally goes and picks up Ross's jacket and she starts checking the pockets. She takes out some old pieces of paper and starts looking through them - coming finally to the note from Gloria, which she unscrews and starts reading. She doesn't notice Ross suddenly coming back into the apartment behind her. He stares at her for a few seconds and then says menacingly, "I wish you hadn't found that..."

A few moments later, Ross asks Katie what he does now: he can't let her go. He goes on angrily that all that hug and cuddle stuff was a put-on; she just came round there to get him, pure and simple. Katie snaps that she wanted to know the truth, that's all - she couldn't stand to hear David accuse him the whole time; she had to find out for sure, one way or the other. Looking pained, Ross tells her, "I trusted you." Katie retorts that she was hoping she could trust him; she didn't want him to be involved. Ross asks her if she meant any of it: staying the night... the kisses... Katie snaps that of course she did - she still loves him. She asks him if he thinks she enjoyed finding that letter, and she asks him how he thinks she feels knowing the guy she loves is a kidnapper. She continues, "I gave you everything. Why...?" Ross explains, "Money. I was desperate, Katie. I needed cash so damned quickly." Katie cries, "As if that's an excuse." Ross goes on that he's still got gambling debts and he owes the Research committee; he needed cash to get overseas. Katie cries that he can't; he-- Ross interrupts her and insists that he knows - he's not trying to justify it; he's just trying to explain; he knows it was wrong but it just seemed the easiest way out - nobody was going to get hurt. Katie points out quietly, "Everyone's been hurt." She then asks him what he's going to do, but Ross says he doesn't know. He continues that she read Gloria's letter: he hasn't got the faintest idea where that kid is. He then asks Katie what she's going to do, adding that, if she still loves him, she can't turn him into the police. Katie tells him sadly that she doesn't want to - but she's thinking of Beryl and David and their son: she can't be unfair to them. Ross comments, "If you didn't think I was going to stop you, you'd 'phone the police now, wouldn't you?" Katie asks quietly, "Are you going to stop me?"

Beryl is lying in her hospital bed, asleep. David is bending over her, stroking her face, when there's a sudden knock on the door. He goes and opens it and a policeman comes in. David immediately asks, "What's the news? Have you found my kid yet?" The policeman replies that it shouldn't be long: they've learnt Ross Newman is the man behind it and a squad car has gone to pick him up. David thanks him, and he turns and looks at Beryl.

Katie is sitting on her own on the couch at Ross's apartment when the front door bursts open and Mike and Heather walk in. Katie, looking surprised, asks them what they're doing there. Mike, ignoring this, demands, "Where is he?" Katie asks them how they knew where she was, and Heather explained that Vivien called; Mike guessed she'd come there. Mike asks again where Ross is, but Katie replies, "He's gone. I found this." She hands over the note that Gloria wrote and explains that it's from the woman who helped him; it's proof that it was all Ross's idea. She adds sadly, "I've already called the police." Looking surprised, Mike, indicating the note, says, "He knew you had this and he didn't do anything?" Katie just murmurs, "He loved me..."

David is on the 'phone in Beryl's hospital room, talking to Fiona. He thanks her, adding that he's sorry they have to cut things short, but he doesn't want to wake Beryl up. Fiona assures him that she quite understands. As Jill walks into the lounge room at Fiona's, Fiona tells David to take care, look after Beryl and tell her that she called. David replies that he will and he hangs up. Fiona does likewise and Jill immediately asks her, "How are they?" Fiona explains that she only spoke to David - he sounded very strained, but then who wouldn't be? Jill sympathises that she remembers how she felt when Terry took Fee away - but at least she knew she was with someone who cared about her. Fiona says she wishes there was something she could do, but Jill tells her that she doesn't think there is - and besides, Fiona has got problems of her own. Looking worried, Fiona whispers, "Yeah... true..." Jill asks her if she's having second thoughts about the book, but Fiona shakes her head and points out that she can't back out now - they're launching it tomorrow. Jill reminds her that she's doing what she thinks is right - that's the main thing. Fiona muses that she hopes so, but-- She suddenly pulls herself together and exclaims, "No, I know it's right. I've always lived by the truth and I'm not going to stop doing it now. Barney's story has to be told."

The next morning, Fiona is having breakfast and reading the newspaper when there's a knock at the door. She goes and answers it to find a woman standing there, and she says a blank, "Hello." The woman asks, "Fiona Thompson?" Fiona replies that she is, and she asks the woman if she can help her. The woman retorts, "No thankyou. I think you've done enough. I just wanted to see the woman who destroyed my family." Fiona stares at her.

A few moments later, still standing at the door, the woman explains that her husband's in a mental hospital - he's had a complete breakdown. She goes on that the army was going to court-martial him, but now they'll have to be satisfied with a dishonourable discharge. She asks Fiona angrily, "Do you know what that does to a man? He couldn't face his children, couldn't face me..." Fiona realises with a shock, "You're Colonel Bainbridge's wife...?" The woman retorts that of course she is. She goes on that Gerry loved the army - it was his life; their life; now what do they do? Fiona cries that she's so sorry... Mrs. Bainbridge angrily asks, "What good's 'sorry'? My husband can't work, there's no pension..." Fiona invites her in and suggests they talk, but Mrs. Bainbridge retorts that she doesn't particularly want to talk to her. She then holds something out and tells Fiona that she might as well have it: it's Gerry's original file on her. She goes on that there's not much point in them keeping it - they're not in the business of public humiliation. She continues, "I'm a Christian lady, Mrs. Thompson, so despite what's happened, I don't believe in an eye for an eye. But after reading that, I really can't understand why you're so high and mighty." Fiona stares at her and she goes on, "I suppose it's your bizarre way of pretending to be a decent, honest person." Fiona looks down at the ground, guiltily. Mrs. Bainbridge then adds curtly that she doesn't suppose she'll be seeing Fiona again, and she walks off, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Beryl is sitting up in her hospital bed as David tells her that Newman has got a head-start on the cops, but they're out there looking for him now. Beryl asks when this all happened, and David explains that it was last night, when she was sleeping - Katie O'Brien found the girl's letter. Beryl murmurs, "We'll never get Robert back," but David assures her that of course they will - the police will find him. Beryl, though, murmurs, "No they won't - I can feel it. I was stupid to try and go it alone - I--" She breaks off before conceding, "You were right in the first place, calling the police: I can see that now." David hugs her and tells her, "Don't lose hope, Curly. Everything will be alright."

In the lounge room at Dural, Alan is standing up, leaning on his crutches, and he tells Leigh to cover her eyes. Leigh asks him suspiciously what he's going to do, but Alan tells her to cover her eyes and she'll find out. She does as she's told and Alan takes his arms out from the crutch rests and moves them to one side so that he's leaning on them with one hand. He then lifts them up in that hand and tells Leigh, "Open them - quick!" Leigh looks at him standing up unaided and he tells her, "It's pretty good, huh?!" Leigh exclaims that it's amazing, and she congratulates him! Alan tells her that he couldn't have got this far without-- He breaks off as he suddenly loses his balance and almost falls over. Leigh quickly goes and grabs him and asks him if he's alright. Alan explains that he still needs a bit of practice. They suddenly hear a noise out in the hallway, and Alan comments that it must be Wayne and Karen. Leigh says she'll go and see. Alan says he'll show them his new party trick. Leigh tells him that his mum will freak! She heads out into the hallway, where Karen is putting her things down on the telephone table. She welcomes her home and comments that she's brown, adding that it must have been a good holiday. Wayne is just carrying his and Karen's bags in through the front door, and Karen comments to him, "It was bliss, wasn't it, darling?" Wayne smiles that it sure was! Leigh tells Karen that she thought she'd enjoy it, away from all the pressures... Karen glares at her. Alan suddenly calls to Karen and Wayne to come into the lounge room and Karen heads in there. She stops in her tracks as she finds Alan standing there, pushing his crutches away. She exclaims in shock, "Alan!" Alan stretches his arms out to either side to allow him to keep his balance. Karen runs towards him to help him, but Alan tells her to wait: he wants to see if he can walk. Leigh runs over to him and grabs him, telling him not to be silly - he can't walk on his own yet. Alan suddenly almost collapses to the floor again, and he concedes that she might be right. Karen picks up his crutches and snaps, "Of all the idiotic things..." Alan insists that he knew what he was doing, but Karen asks, "What if you'd fallen?" Alan tells her that he had to try it sometime - he's been a lot better the last few days, and Leigh has been a lot of help. Karen growls, "Has she?" Leigh muses that she hasn't done that much - she's encouraged him a bit, that's all. Alan assures Karen that Leigh has been invaluable. Karen tells Alan that they brought him back a little present from the island, but she's not sure if he deserves it now! Alan exclaims, "For fixing my legs when the doctors couldn't? I reckon I deserve a knighthood!" He then asks where it is, and Wayne realises that it's still in the car, adding that he knew there was something he hadn't brought in! The two men head outside, and Karen immediately asks Leigh angrily what she's playing at, adding that if Leigh has been helping Alan, it isn't out of human kindness. Leigh retorts, "I like him." Karen asks, "Him or his bankbook?" Leigh tells her, "A bit of both." She then goes on that Karen has come back at a good time, actually: she needs someone to get Jill out of the way. Karen glares at her and tells her not to push her luck: she could end up coming off second-best. Leigh retorts that she needs a clear field, that's all - Jill and Alan see too much of each other; she's sure Karen can arrange something. Karen snaps, "Forget it." Leigh asks her, "Don't you want your husband anymore?" Karen glares at her and retorts, "Of course - and I'll continue to pay as we agreed. But that's as far as I go. If you want your little presents to keep arriving every month, you'll leave Alan alone - completely. Do we understand each other?" Leigh growls, "Loud and clear." Karen smiles nastily and replies, "Good." She walks off, leaving Leigh looking annoyed.

A while later, Alan and Leigh are sitting in the flat at the back of the house. Alan reads out a geography question from Trivial Pursuit, but Leigh retorts that she's not in the mood. As Alan then reads out the answer, he adds that he's been meaning to get this game for months; he could have hugged Karen: she got him exactly what he wanted! Leigh just mutters, "Yeah." Alan asks what the matter is, but Leigh replies that it's nothing - she was just thinking. Alan asks what about. Leigh turns to face him and tells him, "I don't know whether it's fair to say it or not, but for your own sake, I think you ought to give up trying again." Alan stares at her in surprise as she goes on, "Look, I could tell inside: all I've helped you do is learn how to balance. You'll never be able to... walk again." Alan asks her indignantly how she knows, going on that once he's got his balance, he'll be able to walk - it's just a matter of time and practice. He insists that she's got to keep helping him; he thought she wanted to. Leigh tells him that she's been trying to make him feel better, that's all - but she thinks now that it's more important for him to face the truth; he can't lean on her anymore. Alan points out bitterly that a couple of days ago, she said she loved him. Leigh replies that that's what she thought he wanted to hear - he's crippled and she felt sorry for him; she's sorry, but she can't keep pretending. She adds that he probably would be better off with Jill: she's used to caring for people like him. Alan mutters, "I will walk again," but Leigh snaps that he won't, and he should accept it - it'll make life a lot easier for everybody. She goes on that she's sorry, but someone had to say it. She then suggests that it's probably best if she stays out of his way for a while, and she turns and walks out. Alan calls after her, "Leigh... no, wait..." He tries to get up on his crutches, but stumbles as he does so and collapses onto the floor. He starts crying in anger and frustration.

Jill is walking into the main house. As Karen escorts her into the lounge room, Jill comments that she thought Karen and Wayne would be away for a couple of weeks. Karen, though, explains that it was only a few days, but it was wonderful - it sparked Wayne up no end. Jill says she's glad he's feeling better. She then asks how Alan is, and Karen replies that he's as bright as a button; he's in the flat if Jill wants to go through. Jill thanks her, and Karen tells her to pop in and say goodbye before she goes. Jill heads towards the kitchen just as Leigh is coming into the lounge room, and the two women exchange curt greetings. Leigh comments to Karen that she doesn't think Jill likes her, and Karen retorts, "Smart girl." She then asks Leigh if she's spoken to Alan, and Leigh assures her that it's all over: she told him that she wasn't into cripples. She adds that she'll be moving out now, of course - there's no point in staying if she can't make a play for him. Karen snaps, "Good." Leigh goes on, "You'll have to set me up in a flat..." Karen growls, "Really?" Leigh replies nastily, "Yes. I know there's a limit to how far you'll go, but then you've got a lot more to lose than I have. And I don't think a flat's unreasonable - a couple of hundred a week in rent: that shouldn't break the bank. Karen warns Leigh not to push her luck, but Leigh retorts, "None of it's luck, Karen. I use people to get what I want - exactly the same as you. Let me know when you've found a place I think I'll like." With that, she walks off, leaving Karen looking furious.

Jill is out by the pool, heading for the flat. As she closes the gate, it makes a noise. Alan hears it and immediately cries out, "Leigh? Somebody - help me..." Jill immediately runs inside, and Alan murmurs, "Oh God..." Jill runs in and finds him lying on the floor. She asks him what happened, and he explains that he fell. Jill bends down over him and tells him that she'll try and get him up, but Alan tells her sharply not to move him; just get him an ambulance.

A while later, a paramedic gets into an ambulance which is parked in the driveway at Dural, and the vehicle roars off, its siren blaring. Karen stands with Leigh, watching it go. Leigh asks Karen if she's going to the hospital. Karen snaps, "Yes." Leigh asks, "Mind if I come?" Karen snaps, "Yes." Leigh insists that it wasn't her fault, but Karen retorts, "Wasn't it?" Leigh cries that she didn't know he'd fallen. Karen snaps, "Of course not. You were having a good time upsetting him. You were happy to walk away." Leigh snaps angrily, "I was doing what you asked me to, so don't come on all holy. If anyone's to blame, it's you - you wanted me to--" Karen suddenly lashes out and slaps her round the face. Leigh glares at her and growls, "Not very good at facing the truth, are you?" Karen snaps that she didn't tell Leigh to make fun of his injuries. Leigh tells Karen not to weasel out of it - she told him to dump him completely. Karen slaps Leigh again. She then threatens, "You're responsible, got that? If anything happens to Alan, it's on your head - and you'll pay. You can bet your life on it."


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