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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Alister Smart

Looking fearful, Amanda runs outside, dashes to her car, gets in and fumbles with the keys as she tries to get them in the ignition. She eventually succeeds and she starts the engine and pulls the car away at high speed.

A short time later, she pulls the car to a halt outside the 'phone box on the main road. She leaps out of the car, runs into the box and starts dialling in a hurry. The call is answered by a woman saying the words, "Fire, police or ambulance?" Amanda cries that she needs an ambulance, and she pleads with the woman to please hurry. A moment later, a man from the ambulance service comes on and Amanda pants that there's been an accident: a man's been shot. The man asks what the address is, but Amanda cries that she doesn't know - it's a holiday house about ten miles out of Burara. The man asks her if she knows the name of the road it's on. Amanda cries that she doesn't. She then tells him to hang on and she'll have a look for a signpost. She steps away from the box and starts looking round. As she does so, Barney, who's driving his car along the road, spots her and pulls in behind her car. As she spots him, Amanda cries, "Thank God..." Barney gets out and asks her if she's alright, adding that Fiona has been frantic. Amanda quickly assures him that she's fine. She then asks what the address of the shack is. Barney asks why, but Amanda pleads with him to please just tell her. Barney replies, "Lot 51, Miller's Creek Road." He asks what's going on, but Amanda ignores him, instead returning to the 'phone box and reciting the address to the ambulance operator. She asks if the ambulance can please hurry. The man says he'll get a unit out there as fast as he can. Amanda hangs up and Barney demands to know what's happened. Amanda cries that there's been an accident.

Jill walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house and muses that she wonders where Karen is. Alan follows her in and asks who cares, as it means he has her to himself for a while longer. Jill, a smile on her face, tells him that she's glad they went away together - it's the best time she'd had in ages. Alan suggests that they should make habit of it, and Jill says she'd like that. Alan goes on that they can start right now, if she likes... Jill smiles and says she'd love to, but she really should go and collect Fee. Alan's face drops and he comments sourly that it's back to the sack cloth and ashes, eh? Jill retorts that it's not that bad - but she does think Fiona might be a bit shirty about the way she foisted Fee on her like that; she should buy her a 'thankyou' present. Alan points out that she probably enjoyed playing the clucky grandmother for a few days, but Jill replies that, all the same, she doesn't think she should string it out any longer. Alan, though, asks what her rush is; he thought she liked being with him. Jill assures him that she does. Alan goes on that they never know when they'll have the chance to be alone together again... Jill smiles and then gives in and says, "OK..." She adds that she guesses another hour or so won't make any difference. They start kissing passionately...

Amanda's car roars back up to the entrance to the shack and Barney follows her a few seconds later. He gets out and tells Amanda that she'd better let him go first. Amanda sighs heavily.

Barney opens the door to the shack cautiously and walks inside. He looks around, but there's no one there. Amanda follows him in and cries that Mitch was lying on the floor, unconscious; his hip was bleeding. Barney tells her that the bullet might just have grazed him - even a minor wound can look pretty serious. He bends down and touches some blood that has spattered onto the carpet. It's still wet. He then asks what happened exactly. Amanda explains that Mitch found a gun and decided he wanted to go hunting - he was really angry about something; she was scared and she grabbed the gun and it went off; the next thing she knew, he was lying on the floor. Barney comments that she made a break for it then. Amanda cries that, no, she didn't - she went to get help; that was when she saw him. A look of fear suddenly crosses her face and Barney asks what's wrong. Amanda cries that it's gone: Mitch must have taken the rifle with him; but he can't have gone far - she has to go after-- Barney grabs her arm and tells her, "No way." He adds that she can stay there and get the police. Amanda snaps that she won't let him get them. Barney points out that Mitch is armed and liable to take a pot shot at anyone who goes after him; the police are equipped-- Amanda interrupts him and retorts that he doesn't know the way Mitch was thinking; she does, and if Mitch thought the police were after him, he'd probably use the gun on himself. Barney, calming down, agrees that, OK, there'll be no police - but they're staying there and she'd better think up a good story to tell the ambulance blokes, too. Amanda cries that all Mitch wanted was for them to have some time together. Barney remarks, "So he abducted you?" Amanda retorts that he didn't see it like that... he was so sure that she'd learn how to love him... it was all he had to hope for... She tells Barney that even he and Terry didn't want to know him. Barney snaps, "With damn good reason." Amanda cries that he should have seen the look on Mitch's face when she told him that she couldn't love him... and all that time she was using him... She goes on sadly, "God... if anything happens to him, I'll never forgive myself." She bursts into tears, and Barney gives her a comforting hug.

Fiona is playing with Fee in her flat. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she picks Fee up and puts her down on the floor, leaving her to crawl around. She has a smile on her face as she answers the door, but this quickly disappears when she finds Jill standing outside. She says a curt, "Jill," and she asks her how her trip was. Jill happily replies that it was lovely. Fiona sourly comments that she might as well come in. Jill does so and immediately goes and picks up Fee, saying, "Hello, darling. Have you been a good girl?" She then turns back to Fiona and thanks her for looking after her. She adds that she did have Mrs. Atkins lined up, but it fell through at the last minute. Fiona curtly points out that Jill could at least have rung to see if it was alright. Jill, looking surprised, explains that she was in such a rush she didn't think - and she was sure Fiona wouldn't mind. Fiona impatiently asks her how she could possibly know that if she didn't ask her. Jill retorts that she thought Fiona would jump at the chance - she's always asking her to bring Fee over. Fiona points out to her that she left the child with a stranger. Jill, though, tells her that Mrs. Longhurst isn't a stranger - she knew Fee would be OK with her for a while. Fiona snaps that Jill could at least have left a note so she knew where to contact her. Jill insists that there wasn't time, but Fiona asks what she would have done if there was an emergency. She adds that, as it was, Fee was ill - it was nothing serious, but she wasn't to know that. Jill explains that she left a message with Mrs. Longhurst to say that Fee had a touch of colic but that it was nothing to worry about. Fiona curtly tells her that Mrs. Longhurst has never been known for her wonderful memory. She goes on angrily that she just cannot believe Jill would be so irresponsible; what if she'd made other arrangements? Jill retorts that maybe she'd understand then how she feels - she's tired of not being able to go anywhere because of Fee. Fiona asks her to at least give her a ring next time. Jill picks up Fee's bags and goes to leave. As she does so, she hands Fiona a small box and explains that it's to say 'thankyou'; next time, she'll hire a babysitter. Fiona asks her if Alan is so fascinating that she would put him in front of the welfare of her own child. Jill snaps that she hardly calls leaving Fee with someone while she has a few days' holiday 'child neglect'. She walks out. Fiona stands there looking worried, and she sighs heavily.

Katie and Andy are in the lounge room at Toorak. Katie is sitting on one of the couches while Andy lies back on the other one. There's a tape recorder on the coffee table, and pop music is blasting out of it. Katie asks Andy if they can listen to something a bit softer, and Andy tells her to go ahead. Katie turns off the tape, takes it out, sorts out another tape, puts it in the machine and turns it on. Calmer, more romantic, music starts playing. Andy, looking surprised, comments that he didn't think she went for the mushy stuff. Katie tells him that it makes a nice change. She then goes and sits down next to him and takes his hand. Andy, looking unsure as to how to react, tries to pull it away. As he does so, he tells her that, when he's doing a gig, he normally leaves this song until last; everyone's usually a bit tanked by the end of the night and they like to dance close. Katie starts stroking his arm, but Andy pushes her away again. Katie tells him flirtatiously that you don't have to be drunk to want to get close to someone you like... Andy warns, "Katie..." Katie asks what's wrong. Andy points out that there's her dress... the way she's been acting since he picked her up... He asks, "Why the big come-on all-of-a-sudden?" adding that he thought they were just friends. Katie gently tells him that feelings can change... Andy comments, "Not overnight." He then asks her if she isn't in love with Wayne. Katie suddenly snaps, "That's over." Andy comments that she's on the rebound, then, but Katie retorts angrily that, no, she isn't - she wants them to be more than just friends. Andy tells her gently that he never thought of her... Katie interrupts him and snaps that it's alright - she gets the message. Andy assures her that he's not trying to be nasty - he's always found her very attractive. Katie seductively tells him to prove it then. Andy moves away from her, but she tells him to come on: if he thinks she's attractive, he should do something about it. She goes to kiss him, but Andy suddenly snaps that her dad was right: she is in a mess. Looking shocked, Katie asks him when he saw her dad. Andy, looking annoyed with himself, explains that it was over at the Palmers' - he dropped in to see if he could give them a hand. Katie growls that it was her father's idea-- Andy interrupts and assures her that he would have come to see her anyway, but Katie retorts, "I bet." She adds angrily that he wouldn't even have thought of it if her dad hadn't given him a shove. Andy snaps at her not to be stupid. Katie turns and heads towards the front door. Andy pleads with her to at least let him give her a lift home, but Katie retorts that she wouldn't want to put him out. She storms off and Andy sighs heavily.

Irene is at Beryl's, and as Heather lets her in and they walk into the lounge room, she explains that she thought she'd just pop round and say goodbye. Heather asks her if she's going back to Sydney, and Irene replies that it's time she got back - she has to make sure Fiona hasn't let the boarding house cave in! She then adds that she's found a good use for Amanda's money: she's given it to the Diseases Research Institute - they could do with more funds. Heather tells her that she'll be sorry to see her go. She then calls to Mike, and he comes in from the kitchen. Irene comments that she thought he'd be out at the Ponderosa! Mike explains that he was, but Dave rang yesterday and told him to go slow as he's running a bit short of cash for all the renovations. Irene asks if he said anything about finding Patricia. Mike tells her that it seems she's been hiding out at Gordon Hamilton's place - well, she was: Dave only found out after she'd flown the coop for some reason. Irene sympathetically remarks that he's not having much luck. She then asks if he has any idea where Patricia went to this time, but Heather replies that, apparently, he hasn't. She goes on that she knows Patricia isn't herself, but you'd think she'd trust David. Irene comments that there's nothing they can do about it. She then suggests that she'd better shove off. Heather says to her that if she sees David, give him her and Mike's love. Irene says she will.

Alan Pascoe is walking along the verandah of the guest house at Woombai with the receptionist, Helen, as she tells him that a couple of guests have dropped out of the four o'clock ride. A cab pulls up nearby and Alan stares at it in surprise as Patricia gets out. He comments to Helen that that's the boss's ex-wife and he muses, "What's she doing there?" Leaving Helen, he walks over to Patricia, who smiles and says, "Hello, Alan." Alan replies, "Mrs. Morrell. I wasn't expecting to see you." Patricia tells him that, actually, it's Mrs. Palmer - she's remarried. She then asks if Stephen is around, but Alan replies that he isn't - he's at a sale down south, looking at horses - they're running short. Looking disappointed, Patricia says she supposes she should have rung first. Alan tells her that he'll be back tomorrow and he asks her if she'd like to stay. Patricia replies that she would, if that's alright; she'll pay, of course. Alan says he's sure he can fix her up with a room. He takes her bag and they start walking towards the guest house. Patricia is limping, and Alan remarks that her knee looks pretty painful. As they head inside, a female guest stares at them. Helen walks over to her and says, "Enjoy your ride, Miss. Grey?" Miss. Grey replies that, yes she did, thanks. She then goes on that she'll be back from the stables in a few minutes and she wants Helen to get a Perth 'phone number for her. Helen tells her that that's OK - she'll see her back at the guesthouse. Miss. Grey keeps her eyes on Patricia as she walks off...

A while later, Patricia is sitting on the verandah outside the guest house, reading a magazine. Alan comes out and tells her that he rang the doctor but he's tied up in surgery and it might be hours before he can get there. Handing her some pills, he suggests she take them. Patricia, though, snaps that they won't help. Looking surprised, Alan says he's sure they're better than nothing. Patricia quickly says she's sorry - it's just that the pain is getting to her. She takes the pills and swallows some of the water that's in the glass Alan holds out to her. When she's done that, she asks if anybody from Woombai has been asking questions about her lately. Alan replies that they haven't as far as he knows, and he asks why she's asking. Patricia assures him that there's no special reason - it's just that she needed a few days of peace and quiet; she doesn't want anyone chasing after her. Alan accepts this. He then asks her if she'll be OK on her own for a while, as he has to get to the stables. Patricia tells him, "Yes, of course." Miss. Grey suddenly comes round the corner and tells Alan that she's come to have a natter with their new guest, to make her feel at home. Alan introduces Miss. Grey to Patricia and Miss. Grey tells her that she's pleased to meet her. She holds out her hand, but Patricia ignores it, concentrating instead on the magazine she's reading. Miss. Grey sits down on a chair next to her and tells her that she saw her arrive. She then asks her what she did to her leg. Patricia just mutters that she fell over. Miss. Grey comments that that's a shame. She then asks her how long she's staying. Patricia retorts that it's just for a few days. Miss. Grey remarks that she won't have time to see too much of the countryside. Patricia mutters that she's seen it before - she's just there for a few days' peace and quiet. Miss. Grey smiles and suggests that she'd better be around to keep her company, then - they can't have her getting lonely, can they? Patricia looks annoyed.

At Fiona's, Amanda tells Fiona that she tried to explain to the ambulancemen that there'd been a mistake; it was a bit tricky, but Barney managed to convince them. Fiona says she thanks goodness that Mitch didn't hurt Amanda; she was so worried after she rang; if Barney hadn't known where to go... Barney comes into the flat at that moment and announces that there's nothing in Mitch's bedsit to give any clues where he's gone. Amanda says she hopes he's gone to see a doctor. Barney suggests that maybe he's gone back to the base, looking for him; they did have words. Amanda, though, tells him that that's the last place Mitch would be: the reason he got angry in the first place was because he read something that Barney had written. Looking surprised, Barney asks her what she's talking about. Amanda explains that she means the exercise books that were in the suitcase with the rifle. Barney's face suddenly turns to thunder and he snaps, "Damn Mitch - he had no right to--" He breaks off and then asks Amanda more calmly if she thinks Mitch took them with him. Amanda says she doesn't know. Barney asks her if Mitch told her what was in them. Amanda replies that he didn't - he was too angry. Looking concerned, Fiona asks Barney what's so special about the books. Barney hesitates before assuring her that it's nothing... they're just private, that's all. He adds by way of brief explanation that, while he was in Vietnam, he kept a diary. Changing the subject, he says he'll go down to the pub and see if he can find Mitch there. A look of worry on her face, Fiona looks at Amanda.

On the verandah at the guest house at Woombai, Miss. Grey says to Patricia that of course, she's only been there two days, but she's fallen in love with the place already; it's a glorious spot, isn't it? Patricia, looking annoyed, mutters, "Yes, it is." Miss. Grey comments that Patricia knows that, though, as she's been there before. Patricia agrees, "Yes." Miss. Grey then tells her that she'll leave her to it, as she has to write some letters. Patricia, looking relieved, shifts her position, but as she does so, it causes her knee to twinge, and she grimaces in pain. Miss. Grey tells her that she ought to give that knee plenty of rest; she should know - she's had bursitis herself. She goes to walk off, but Patricia, suddenly looking puzzled, asks her how she knew it was bursitis that she's suffering from. Miss. Grey turns back to look at her and asks her if she didn't say that's what it was. Patricia retorts, "No." Miss. Grey suggests that someone must have told her. Patricia snaps that she hasn't mentioned it to anyone. Miss. Grey insists that she must have; she's sure Alan told her that she had bursitis; that's right - she remembers thinking at the time how painful it can be. She then adds quickly that she'd better write those letters, and she walks off, leaving Patricia looking worried and thoughtful.

Katie is back at Beryl's and she tells her mother that she could have sunk through the floor when Andy let it slip that he was acting on her dad's orders. Heather gently assures her that it's not like that - all they wanted to do is help. Katie snaps that pairing her up with Andy was a disaster - she'll never be able to look him in the face again. She goes on that Heather and Mike don't seem to be able to accept that she can run her life without them shoving their oars in. Heather tells her that, if they're overprotective, it's because they love her - she's all they have left now that Jeff... She starts breaking down, and Katie quickly says she's sorry. She goes and gives her mother a hug. Heather continues that she knows Katie's upset about Wayne, but she'll find someone else. Katie replies that no one else seems to want her. Heather, though, tells her not to be silly - a pretty girl like her has all the time in the world. Katie sadly wishes she could be that sure. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Katie goes to answer it. STD pips sound and Alan Brandon then comes on. Katie mouths to her mother that it's for her, and Heather leaves the room. Katie then returns to Alan and curtly asks him how he got her number. Alan explains that he got it from Jill. He then goes on that he wants to apologise for the other night. Katie growls, "So you should." Alan tells her not to rub it in - he's a louse - but she's different to most girls. A look of fury on her face, Katie angrily asks him what means. Alan quickly tells her to take it easy - he just meant that she's got class - and he'd like to see her again. Katie says she doesn't know when she's going to be back in Sydney, but Alan tells her that he'll be coming to Melbourne soon and he'd like to take her out then - if that's OK by her. Katie says she doesn't know. Alan assures her that he's prepared to grovel at her feet! Katie smiles, gives in and says, "Alright!" She then adds that she's sorry about what happened, too - she behaved childishly. Alan points out that Wayne upset her. At the Fisher house, Jill walks into the lounge room and Alan quickly tells Katie that he'll give her a call when he gets down there. He adds, "Bye," and hangs up. Jill, looking puzzled, comments that she must have left Fee's teddy at Fiona's. She then asks him what that call was all about. Alan replies that it was business - Karen wants him to go to Melbourne for a few days and he was just making sure he had enough lined up to keep him busy. He adds that he'd better keep in Karen's good books - and he wants to organise it so that the two of them can get a few days off again soon. Jill smiles at him lovingly and tells him that that would be wonderful. They kiss and then hug. Jill smiles happily...

Barney lets himself into the shack. He looks around and spots the suitcase on the table. He lifts up the lid and peers inside. A look of annoyance crosses his face as he finds some of the exercise books missing. He starts looking round again and then suddenly notices the books lying on the floor by the door, where Mitch flung them. He goes and picks them up, sighing in relief as he clutches them to his chest.

Alan Pascoe joins Patricia on the verandah at the guest house and comments to her that Helen said she wanted to see him. Patricia replies that that's right. She then asks him if he remembers her telling him how she hurt her knee. Alan tells her that she fell over. Patricia asks him if she told him what the injury was. Alan replies, "No," and Patricia, looking thoughtful, says she thought not. She then goes on that she's afraid she won't be staying at Woombai after all. Looking surprised, Alan tells her that Mr. Morrell will be back tomorrow; if the guest house accommodation isn't suitable-- Patricia interrupts him and assures him that it's not that; it's just that she's changed her mind. She asks him if he can give her a lift to the station. Alan warns her that she shouldn't be going anywhere on her knee, and he tells her to let him ring the doctor for her. Patricia insists that she has to leave now, but Alan tells her that she won't get far if she doesn't get treatment. Patricia reluctantly gives in and says that, alright, she'll see a doctor before she catches the train. She asks him if he'll give her a lift, but Alan explains that he's pretty busy - the four o'clock ride is due back in a minute. Patricia, looking annoyed, says she knows this sounds crazy, but believe her: she's got her reasons. Alan tells her, "OK - I'll get your bag." Patricia lifts her case out from under her chair and tells him that she's way ahead of him. She hands it to him and he tells her that his car is out the front. They start walking off. From a distance, Miss. Grey watches them go. She then approaches a man who was sitting on the verandah near to Patricia and asks him where Alan is taking Mrs. Palmer. The man replies that he's taking her into town to see a doctor and then she's catching a train. He adds that she seemed very upset about something. Miss. Grey watches as Patricia gets in the car and as Alan puts her bag on the back seat.

Barney is reading the newspaper at Fiona's flat. Fiona comes out of the spare bedroom and he asks her if Amanda is still asleep. Fiona replies that she's dead to the world. Barney comments that it's a good thing she's staying the night. Looking concerned, Fiona tells Barney not to worry about Mitch too much - he's done everything he can. Barney suddenly remarks that Fiona is always concerned about other people. Fiona looks thoughtful momentarily, and she pauses before agreeing that she's always concerned about people she cares about. She continues that she's come to care about him quite a lot... Barney tells her that he's very fond of her, too - it seems they've known each other for years, not weeks, they get on so well! Fiona agrees, "Yes..." Barney goes on that he's realised what he's been missing being single all these years. Fiona laughs that she thought bachelors had all the fun! Barney tells her that he used to think so. He stands up, walks over to her and holds her. He then asks if she reckons they... He breaks off and Fiona gently asks, "What?" Barney muses that he's not making a very good job of this! He pauses before continuing, "Fiona, I'm asking you to marry me." Fiona smiles in delight and cries, "Oh Barney!" Barney tells her that she doesn't have to answer straight away; just tell him that she'll think about it. Fiona assures him happily, "Alright. I'll think about it."

Patricia is hobbling out of the doctor's surgery near Woombai. She looks around and suddenly spots Miss. Grey standing by a car with two well-built men, who are wearing smart suits. Miss. Grey points at her and the two men immediately start walking towards her. Patricia looks round to call for help, but there's no one there. She turns to her right and starts hobbling towards some shops just down the road. The two men quickly begin to catch up with her and the hobble turns into a half-run. She suddenly stops as she comes across two crates of empty milk bottles stacked up outside a shop. She pauses and then picks up one of the crates and throws it down hard onto the pavement, so that the bottles smash everywhere. The two men come to a halt, uncertain as to what to do next. A female customer comes out of the shop, a look of shock on her face. She's followed by an angry-looking man who asks Patricia what she thinks she's doing. Patricia snaps at him that he left a crate of milk bottles on the middle of the footpath; she could have broken her neck. The man snaps back that if she's got a complaint, she can come into the shop; there's no need to wreck the place. Patricia retorts that it's people like him that need to be taught a lesson. Looking astonished, the man yells that he doesn't know who she is, but she's the one that needs a lesson - he's going to call the cops. Patricia snaps at him, "Do that." The man retorts that he will, and he heads back inside. Patricia turns to look at the two men who were following her. They turn round and saunter off casually. Patricia stands outside the shop, looking worried.


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