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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Alister Smart

Sitting in the flat, her headphones on, Patricia suddenly starts to look guilty. Outside, Wayne is still yelling weakly, and Patricia takes off the headphone and dashes - as fast as she can with her painful knee - outside. She heads to the edge of the pool, where she finds Wayne lying face-down in the middle, not moving. She leans down over the edge of the pool and uses her hand to ripple the water to try and get him to float towards her, but it doesn't have any effect. She gets up and limps over to a long pole leaning against the back garden wall.

Inside, Karen storms to the front door. She opens it, but then pauses, a look of guilt on her face. She closes the door again.

Patricia is using the pole to pull Wayne towards the edge of the pool. As he floats towards her, she steps into the shallow part of the water and starts pulling him out. She doesn't notice Karen suddenly appearing in the archway outside the door to the flat. Karen goes to help Wayne but then notices Patricia with him, and she stops in her tracks. Patricia starts giving Wayne the kiss of life as he lies on the side of the pool. She pumps his chest, but there's no response. Karen just stands there, watching. Patricia keeps pumping Wayne's chest and giving him the kiss of life, and she cries, "Come on, Wayne. Breathe." She carries on giving mouth-to-mouth and pumping his chest until Wayne suddenly starts coughing. Patricia encourages, "That's it!" Seeing that Wayne is going to be alright, Karen turns and walks away.

A few minutes later, Wayne is sitting in the lounge room and Patricia walks in and hands him a towel. She tells him to watch for shock. As he takes the towel, Wayne, suddenly sounding less drunk, mutters that Karen reckons she couldn't live without him, yet she leaves him to drown; Patricia hates his guts and she saves him - and risks being found. Patricia suggests that he can use it as evidence that she really is off her head! She goes to pour a drink at the bar, but Wayne tells her that he doesn't think he should have any of that. Patricia explains that it's for her - she thinks she deserves it! She downs the drink in one go.

At the Fisher house, Karen is talking on the 'phone to Roger Carlyle, and she says she knows they're hardly the best of friends, but please can he not hang up? Roger curtly asks her what she wants. Karen explains that she has some information that might put them back on a friendlier level. Roger comments that it'll have to be good. Karen tells him, "I know where Patricia is." Sounding surprised, Roger asks her if she's serious. Karen replies, "Absolutely - she's been hiding at the Hamiltons' in a flat at the back of the house." Roger asks if she's still there, and Karen replies that there's no reason for her not to be - she has no idea that she's been caught out. Roger thanks her and tells her that he won't forget the favour. Karen asks if there's anything she can do, but Roger tells her to leave it to him - he'll have her doctor bring her back to Melbourne and she'll get what's coming to her... He hangs up. Karen stands there, smiling nastily...

Ross pulls his car up outside his house. Barbara is in the passenger seat and he tells her that he won't be a minute - he's just got to check his answer machine. Barbara comments that she hates those things. She tells him to just ignore it, and Ross replies that he wishes he could. He gets out of the car and is about to walk up to his house when he suddenly notices Carl - the heavy who tried to shoot Patricia - standing there, waiting for him. He walks over to him and angrily asks him what he's doing there. Carl tells him that he'd like to talk to him. In the car, Barbara looks across at them but then looks away again. Ross snaps at Carl that they shouldn't be seen together. Carl, though, growls that he's sure Ross will think of something. Ross goes to walk off, but Carl grabs the lapels of his jacket and stops him. Barbara watches them, suspiciously. Carl tells Ross that Patricia Palmer has been found. Ross snaps that he's not interested. Carl ignores this and tells him to go to Sydney, bring her back and do what he's supposed to do. Ross growls that he's changed his mind; he told him. He starts heading up the path again, but Carl follows him. Ross insists that he won't do it - it's ridiculous to go ahead with it now: Patricia's friend is already suspicious of him; how on earth will he explain his presence in Sydney? Carl retorts that he'll think of something. Ross goes on that it's too obvious, but Carl snaps that he doesn't care: Ross made a deal with Roger Carlyle and he's going to stick to it. Ross asks what will happen if he doesn't. Carl muses that he supposes Ross thinks he's found his way out with Barbara Hamilton. Ross asks him angrily what he means. Carl continues that Barbara has got money; his guess is that Ross is hoping that she'll foot the bill to pay his debts. Ross just stares straight ahead, not saying anything, and Carl says he thought so. He tells Ross to go ahead - but he's not to think it'll get him off the hook; Roger doesn't like anybody backing out on him, and if Ross does, money may be the last of his worries... He walks off.

A while later, Ross and Barbara arrive back at Toorak, and as they walk into the hallway, Barbara says, "OK, Ross. You've managed to avoid the subject on the way over here. Who was the man outside your apartment?" Ross retorts that, like he told her, he was a friend. They head into the lounge room and Barbara suggests that perhaps a drink would encourage him to talk. Ross agrees that he'd like that. Barbara goes to pour it. As she does so, she comments that, for a friend, that guy certainly managed to upset him. She turns to stare at him and asks, "Do you own him money?" Ross retorts that, no, he doesn't. Barbara says she's close. She then goes on that she thought they guy might have been talking to him about his gambling debts. Looking shocked at the idea, Ross exclaims, "Barbara!" Barbara assures him that there's no need to be embarrassed. Giving in, Ross asks her how she found out. Barbara explains that it was Irene - she's been mixing with some doctors down there. She goes on that, when Irene first told her, she didn't want to believe her. Ross murmurs that he didn't know people would talk. Barbara points out that they usually do. She then explains that it actually clicked when she thought about his behaviour at the race track the other day: he was a very different man each time a race was run - whatever he won he lost just as quickly. She says, "You are a very heavy gambler, aren't you?" Ross sighs and admits that he did get hooked, he supposes. He then pauses before asking who he's kidding: he was hooked. He goes on that it happened after his marriage broke up - and he is in debt; he's got over it now - the heavy gambling, that is - but he got such a shock when he realised how high over his head he'd gone; it sort of brought him right back to his senses. Barbara comments that he's still in debt, isn't he? - and it's obvious that it's been going on for a long time. She asks what happens if he doesn't pay up. Ross just replies that he does what he can and hopes for the best. Barbara says she knows he brought it on himself, but it just seems all wrong somehow. Ross asks if she means because he's a respectable surgeon and all that. Barbara admits, "Yes." Ross points out that he's still a human being; he's still capable of making mistakes. Barbara says she knows, but it still seems unfair - he's a man of great integrity and compassion. She goes on that she doesn't hide the fact that she has no time for Patricia, but she can't help admiring the way he helped her so much; it seems all wrong that someone like him should be involved with with someone like-- Ross interrupts her and says, "A bookie?" Barbara assures him that she didn't mean it like that... She then asks, "Will you let me help you?" Ross tells her that she is helping, just by understanding. Barbara, though, explains that she means financially - she'll be in a position to lend him money in a week or so. Ross insists that he wouldn't hear of it, but Barbara tells him that it would be a loan; she knows he'd pay her back - and she'd sleep more soundly knowing that he wasn't being threatened by men like his so-called 'friend' this afternoon. Ross sighs that she's very kind - it's such a pity he didn't meet her before...

Patricia walks into the lounge room at Dural, wearing a robe, and she comments to Wayne that one very pleasant thing came out of today. Wayne asks, "What?" Patricia replies that she was able to have a good long hot soak in the bath while Gordon's away. She then says she'd better get back into hiding before he arrives home. She turns to head out, but Wayne stops her and says that, before she does so, he just wants to say that he won't forget what she did for him today. Patricia tells him that, despite what they think about each other, she did watch him grow up... Wayne comments that he can't rip her off now; what say they make the money he's taking a loan? - an investment in the company; as far as Gordy knows, that's what it is anyway. Patricia asks him if he won't try and get any more out of her. Wayne assures her that he won't. He then adds, "Friends?" Patricia smiles at him and asks, "Why not?" They suddenly hear the front door banging, and Patricia nervously says it'll be Gordon. She asks Wayne to hold him in the hall while she slips out through the back. Wayne heads out to the hallway, closes the lounge room doors behind him and stands in front of them. He says to his father, "Hi there!" adding that he thought it was him. He then asks him what his doctor had to say, and Gordon replies that he's improving all the time - and it makes him feel a lot better to be told that! He then asks Wayne if he can move out of the way of the lounge room doors. Wayne reluctantly steps aside and Gordon opens them. The lounge room is empty as he walks in there. As he does so, he tells Wayne that he called in to see Amanda on his way home, but one of the neighbours said she hadn't been round for a while. Suddenly noticing an empty glass of scotch on the coffee table, he asks Wayne who he's had there. Wayne quickly replies that it was no one - it must be Charlie: she's making herself at home these days. Gordon accepts this. He then asks if there were any problems while he was out, but Wayne assures him that there was nothing of any importance...

David and Barney are sitting in Barney's car, which is parked at the side of a road. They are both staring over at a building on the opposite side of the road, and Barney impatiently asks, "What is she doing in there?" David comments that God knows: that dog gets more attention than a kid would! Barney asks if there's any point in following her anymore, but David points out that he's the expert. Charlie suddenly comes out of the building, and David sighs, "At last." Barney comments that the dog doesn't look any different to him! Charlie gets into her car with Isabella, and David muses, "Where to next?" Charlie's car pulls away and Barney pulls away a few seconds later and follows her as she turns right.

It's early evening and Wayne is at the Fisher house. In the lounge room, he angrily yells at Karen that she spouted all that bull about loving him and then she left him to drown; that's what she calls 'devotion'. Karen retorts that she doesn't care what he thinks - she does love him. Wayne indicates the files he's holding and snaps that if he didn't need them, he wouldn't be there. He then adds that, if he'd drowned, it would have been as good as murder. Karen cries, "Don't..." She goes on that it was tempting, but she couldn't leave; she didn't. Wayne snaps that he knows she didn't come back, so she's not to try it on. Karen cries that she did. Wayne snaps that, if she'd come back, she'd have seen-- He breaks off as Karen nods and says, "I did. I saw Patricia saving you." She continues that she knows Patricia is at the house - so he can see that she did come back. Wayne asks her suspiciously how come she didn't have a go at Patricia; what has she been up to? Karen insists, "Nothing," but Wayne growls that she hates Patricia's guts; there's no way she'd let a chance go by to get her. He asks her if she dobbed Patricia in to the police, but Karen assures him, "No." Wayne growls that he doesn't believe her, but Karen insists that she hasn't. Wayne snaps that he can tell when she's lying - she would have done something once she knew Patricia was there. Karen repeats that she hasn't done anything - she made sure he was safe, then she came home, that's all. Wayne suddenly picks up the 'phone and dials a number. Patricia answers the call, saying, "Is that you, Charlie?" Wayne tells her that it's him. He then goes on that Karen saw her dragging him out of the pool. Patricia, sounding scared, asks, "What?" Wayne continues that Karen says she hasn't told anyone, but he thinks she'd better get out of there. Patricia hangs up. Wayne stands there smiling, while Karen sighs heavily.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural. Ross is standing there and he says, "Mr Hamilton?" Gordon replies that that's right. Ross introduces himself and then says he's sorry to disturb him, but he was told that a patient of his - Patricia Palmer - had managed to conceal herself in the flat at the back of Gordon's house. Looking astonished, Gordon says, "I beg your pardon?" Ross says he knows it's a bit strange, but he wondered if Gordon could check it out. Gordon asks him who gave him that nonsense. Ross, though, says he doesn't know - there was a message on the answer machine, but he really couldn't ignore it: Mrs. Palmer is desperately in need of intensive therapy and an operation; he's been trying to find her for days. Gordon tells him that it's a ridiculous idea - Patricia couldn't possibly be there without him knowing. Ross asks him if he uses the flat regularly. Gordon admits that he doesn't, but he adds that there's always someone round the house. He then says he's sorry, but he can't take Ross seriously. Ross says he knows it sounds far-fetched, but if they could check it out, at least he would know he'd done all he could. Gordon gives in and says, "Alright - but it's absurd."

Karen snaps at Wayne that he needn't have worried Patricia - she told him that she didn't say anything to anyone - she's been far too concerned about him; and besides, there's no point her getting back at Patricia now - she can't do any harm when she's off her head. Wayne growls that she's not off her head - he's seen enough of her to know that she's the same as they are. Looking surprised, Karen asks him if he knew Patricia was at the flat all the time. Wayne quickly explains that he means they were talking after Patricia rescued him; they had quite a chat: you can be very friendly to people who have just saved your life. Karen cries that he must believe that she wouldn't have left him to drown. Wayne snaps, "Course not." Karen insists that she wouldn't - she-- Wayne interrupts her and asks her if she's about to say she loves him, again. He then laughs that she does, doesn't she? - despite everything. Karen murmurs that she can't help it. Wayne snaps that she must be the most twisted woman on this earth, and he storms off.

At Dural, Ross is talking on the 'phone in the hallway, and he whispers that he's sorry he can't talk any louder, but Gordon Hamilton is in the next room. At the other end of the call, Roger Carlyle asks what happened. Ross says he doesn't know how she knew he was on to her, but Patricia managed to get out of the place; he must have missed her by minutes. Roger asks if she was definitely there. Ross tells him, "Oh yes," adding that she left a half-eaten meal. He goes on bitterly that she must have a sixth sense. He then explains that he's had to put on a show for Hamilton - calling the police and reporting that she'd been there. Roger snaps, "Damn." Ross continues that he can't see that there's anything else he can do there; he's going to catch the next 'plane back to Melbourne. Roger, though, warns him not to think his job is over. He goes on that Patricia must be feeling pretty cornered by now; he wants Ross to find out as much as he can from Hamilton about her friends - anywhere she might go for help. He hangs up, leaving Ross looking worried. He hangs up and heads into the lounge room to rejoin Gordon.

Charlie is at the boarding house, and she knocks on Fiona's front door. As she does so, Barney and David come round the corner of the corridor, and as she spots them, Charlie smiles broadly and says, "Hello! When a coincidence!" David asks her what she's doing there and she explains that she came to apologise to Fiona for her little outburst at lunchtime. David puts his key into the door lock and lets her in. Charlie comments that Fiona doesn't appear to be home, and David explains that she's taken Fee to the doctor's. Charlie says she hopes it's nothing serious. She then adds that, still, she wanted to see him, too. As they go into the flat, David asks, "What about?" Charlie explains that she wants to make sure he goes back to Melbourne like Patricia wants him to. David, though, retorts, "Not 'til I've talked to her." Charlie tells him that the woman is worried beyond belief about him spending all his time looking for her; she'd much rather he go home, go back to work and wait for her; she's going to appear for the trial - he doesn't have to worry about that. David suddenly yells that that's not the point: Carlyle's blokes are out looking for her, too; she's in danger; he can't just go home. Charlie sighs and asks how she's going to convince him. David retorts that she isn't. He then goes on that he doesn't care if has to borrow money while he's off work, but he's not giving up on Patricia.

By the front door at Dural, Gordon tells Ross that he's sorry but he doesn't know where else Patricia could possibly go. Ross thanks him. The door suddenly opens and Wayne walks into the house. Gordon immediately asks him if he knew that Patricia was using the flat. Wayne puts on an expression of shock and exclaims, "Patricia? You're kidding. Is she still here?" Gordon tells him that she isn't - but some of her things are. Wayne asks him what put him on to her. Ross chips in that he got a tip from someone. Wayne looks at him and Ross introduces himself, explaining that he's Patricia's doctor. Wayne introduces himself. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Gordon goes to get it in the lounge room. When he's out of earshot, Wayne asks Ross if his 'someone' would be Karen Fox, by any chance. Ross, though, says he wouldn't have the faintest idea - it was just a voice on the answering machine. Wayne tells him not to worry, and he opens the door and lets him out. In the lounge room, Gordon is talking to Barbara on the 'phone, and he tells her that he was very pleased with the doctor's report. Barbara replies that so he should be. Changing the subject, she explains that she was wondering about Alan Brandon's investment in the company. She adds that she got Gordon's letter about his involvement; how long does he think it'll be before she gets her loan back? Gordon tells her that, actually, there's a change of plan: he's refused Alan's offer - although that doesn't change their situation. He goes on that Wayne has found another backer. Looking shocked, Barbara asks who'd be stupid enough to back him. Gordon calmly replies that whoever it is would rather remain anonymous. Barbara growls that she's heard that one before; who's Wayne blackmailing this time? Gordon assures her that he's perfectly confident that Wayne is doing everything above-board; the contract is signed tomorrow and she'll get her money as soon as it's finalised. Barbara mutters that she won't hold her breath. Gordon assures her that she has his word, and Barbara quickly says she's sorry - it wasn't him she was doubting. She adds, "Goodnight," and hangs up. Gordon does the same, and Wayne, who has wandered into the lounge room, thanks his father for sticking up for him. Gordon tells him that he just hopes he is doing it all by the book, because if he isn't, there'll be hell to pay...

It's the middle of the night, and Patricia is lying awake in bed in a small room in a motel. There are sirens roaring in the road outside, and she sits up and sighs. She then leans across to her bedside cabinet and switches on the little lamp. She sighs again, heavily. She reaches across to the bedside cabinet, opens the top drawer and takes out the book lying in there: the Holy Bible. She stares at it and then opens it at the front. She starts reading, but, as she does so, she suddenly becomes aware of footsteps outside the room. Looking worried, she quickly turns off the light, gets back into bed and lies down. The footsteps pass.

It's light when Patricia is suddenly woken by the 'phone next to her bed ringing. She stares at it in shock and then answers it, saying a cautious, "Hello?" A woman comes on and says she's calling from the desk: she has a call for Patricia. Patricia insists that that's impossible - nobody knows she's there. She asks the woman if she's sure she's got the right room. The woman asks her if she isn't Mrs. Rawlston. Patricia snaps at her that she's got the wrong room; she's Mrs. Fenton. The woman says she's sorry, and she hangs up. Patricia sits up in bed. The Bible is lying on the sheet, open about halfway. Patricia sits up and glances at the open page: 'Psalm 121'. She looks thoughtful.

In the lounge room at Dural, Charlie exclaims to Wayne, "My dear - she must have missed him by a matter of minutes." Wayne tells her that it may be less. He then goes on that he still can't believe Ross Newman is working for Carlyle, though: he saved Patricia's life and he's a well-known surgeon - and Gordy reckons he was genuinely worried about her. Charlie says she knows it's hard to accept - particularly when he puts on such a good performance - but if Patricia says he was responsible for the way she was behaving, that's good enough for her. She then adds that he thinks she was rational, doesn't he? Wayne replies that of course he does. He goes on that it's odd that she hasn't got in touch with Charlie, though, isn't it? Charlie agrees that she doesn't like it - but then fate is working for Patricia, what with him thinking so quickly and warning her to get away. She smiles as she adds that she always knew his heart was in the right place! She then tells him that if ever she can do him a good turn... Wayne smiles and says, "Right-o: how about putting on a fresh pot of coffee?" Charlie replies, "Done!"

A while later, there's a knock on the front door and Gordon comes out of the study to answer it. Karen marches into the hallway and Gordon says, "Morning." He then tells her that he's finished the list of guidelines and her involvement - but he didn't expect her to pick it up in person. Karen explains that she hasn't come about that, actually. They head into the lounge room. Wayne is still sitting in there, and Karen looks at him as she tells Gordon that she thinks that, when he hears what she's got to say, he'll think twice about accepting his son's money. Gordon tells her to get to the point, and Karen muses that it would be a pleasure. She then says to Gordon that he knows Patricia was staying there, doesn't he? Gordon agrees that he does, and he asks her how she knows. Karen explains that he saw Wayne and Patricia together yesterday. Gordon turns and stares at Wayne in shock. Karen tells him that that was her reaction, too - until she realised what's going on. Gordon asks Wayne, "Is it true?" Before Wayne can answer, though, Karen tells Gordon not to put his son on the spot yet - there's more to come: she realised what's going on: Wayne can't say who his backer is because it's Patricia. Looking stunned, Gordon says he doesn't believe her. Karen, though, tells him to think about it: who else knew Patricia was staying there?; the woman was off her head and she'd have done anything to avoid being turned in - and it fits in perfectly with the way Wayne operates: it's called blackmail - although he probably prefers to call it a 'deal': Patricia gives him money or he reveals her hiding place. Gordon snaps that it's ridiculous. Karen retorts that she doesn't think so - and she doesn't think he does, really. She then tells Gordon that it must be pretty sickening to know he has a son who'd resort to something as low as blackmailing a woman who doesn't know what she's doing. She turns to Wayne and growls that he had his chance last night and he didn't take it: he deserves everything that's coming to him. She storms off. Gordon glares at Wayne and tells him, "I think the only way you can save your skin is by telling me who your backer is. Unless, of course, Karen's telling the truth..." Wayne stares at him, looking worried.


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