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    Written by: Rod Weaver   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

As they stand there, Terry angrily asks Mitch what the hell set that off. Mitch growls back that he thought he cut all the alarms. Terry looks around and suddenly notices that Mitch has one foot on a rug in the middle of the floor, and he exclaims that it must be a pressure pad. He then quickly suggests, "Let's get out of here." He pulls Mitch off the rug and they run towards the front door, leaving the safe door wide open and the jewellery still in there.

The two of them rush outside. Mitch runs straight down to his car, but Terry lingers and closes the door and the guard and then walks more slowly down to the road. Mitch gets into his car, starts the engine and pulls away quickly. Terry stands on the pavement watching him go. He then walks over to his own car, gets in, puts his belt on, starts the engine and drives off.

A short time later, Mitch's car pulls back up in the driveway at Dural. Mitch gets out and then stands and watches as Terry pulls up behind him. As Terry gets out of his car, Mitch walks over to him and growls at him that he had him worried: he thought the cops had got him when he couldn't see him behind him. Terry snaps back at him that it's a wonder they didn't, with Mitch playing rubber halfway up the road. Mitch snaps that he couldn't hang around, could he? Terry angrily warns him that if he pulls another stunt like that, he'll end up-- Mitch interrupts him and snaps, "OK - don't bust your boiler." Terry growls, "Bust your head, more like."

Inside the house, in the lounge room, Charlie asks Mitch where he's been, as she's been looking practically everywhere for him. Mitch semi-nervously replies that he's been outside getting a drink. Charlie chastises him that he was slow - what's he been doing: brewing it himself?!; where's he been? Mitch retorts that he's been outside with Terry. Terry walks over to them and tells Charlie that Mitch is right: he was teaching him how to carry a plate of food! Charlie indignantly says she hopes he taught him well - her wardrobe isn't limitless. Quickly calming down, she goes on that Mitch shouldn't think she's angry with him, though: she knows it was an accident. Mitch agrees that, yeah, it was. Charlie continues that they won't talk about it anymore. She then announces that there's someone she'd like him to meet. Mitch, though, tells her that he has a business call to make. Charlie looks at him in disappointment, but he assures her that it won't take long. He adds that it is important. Charlie smiles and tells him that if he's not back in five minutes, she's sending out a search party! Mitch walks off. Terry watches him go, suspiciously.

Karen is in the lounge room at the Fisher house when the 'phone starts ringing. She dashes to get it and Mitch comes on and says it's him. Karen nervously asks him if everything went alright. Mitch replies, "Not exactly." Suddenly looking worried, Karen asks him what he means: did he do the job or not? Mitch tells her that he made a last-minute decision not to go ahead with their plan. Looking incredulous, Karen asks when he made the decision. Mitch, who's in the hallway at Dural, suddenly becomes aware that Charlie is watching him, and he quickly tells Karen that he can't talk now - he'll fill her in when he sees her. He hangs up and Charlie immediately walks over and snaps that that was some business call. She adds, "It wouldn't be a lady friend, by any chance?" Mitch retorts that, no, it wasn't. Charlie ignores this, going on that they tell her that competition is healthy. She asks if it was anyone she knows, but Mitch suddenly snaps at her that he couldn't care less if she did know them - as far as he's concerned, she's got no competition because she's not even in the race; now why doesn't she shut up and give that mouth of hers a rest? Charlie, looking shocked, snaps back that she never expected manners to be his strong point, but she didn't expect him to be quite so rude. She walks off. Terry joins Mitch and growls at him that he should have left him to stew this afternoon - he doesn't care about anyone else but himself: he used Charlie as an alibi and then dumped dirt on her; and he'll probably drag Barney through the mud, using his car for the break-in, but he doesn't care less as long as good old number one comes first. Mitch growls that Barney will be OK - there was no one round to see the car. Terry snaps back at him that that's no excuse: he's a user, and there's no way he's going to wear it any longer; from now on, Mitch is on his own. He storms off.

A short time later, Gordon is standing in the hallway with a plate of food when Fiona approaches him and comments that he hasn't got much there for a growing man. Gordon tells her that it will have to do - his doctor gave him a strong warning against rich food. Fiona asks him how he's feeling, and he replies that he's not too bad. Fiona comments that she's surprised that he's not upstairs, resting. Gordon, though, explains that he prefers company - and he could certainly do with it after this morning: Barbara was there - she found out about the attack. Looking surprised, Fiona asks why she didn't stay. Gordon just looks distant, and Fiona goes on that he didn't want her to. She then points out that, the last time she was there, he'd have done anything to get Barbara back. Gordon says he knows - and he thought she loved him and that the only problem was Liz; but it's more than that: she cares, but she doesn't love him - she virtually admitted that. Fiona suggests that he give her time, but Gordon says no: he keeps remembering how she reacted when she found out that Roland had been unfaithful - she could never come to terms with that, and it'll be the same with him: nothing ever happened between him and Liz, but Barbara knows that he loved another woman and she could never forgive him for that.

David opens the kitchen door at the country house and steps outside to join Ross. Ross tells him that the hospital gave him his message and he asks what the matter is. David explains that it's Patricia: she had a bad night last night - she went crazy for a while. Ross says, "I see..." David goes on that he asked Irene to have look at her, but that seemed to make her worse. Looking surprised, Ross asks what made him think Irene could help. David explains that she used to be a doctor; she still is, he guesses - but she doesn't practice any more. Ross, looking slightly worried, says he's sure Irene is very competent, but he doesn't think she should be treating Patricia: they don't exactly get on, do they? He continues that, with Patricia's state of mind at the moment, he thinks Irene would be doing more harm than good; he firmly believes that Patricia should remain solely in his care for the time being. David assures him that Irene won't argue. Ross asks if Patricia is inside and David tells him, "Yeah." Ross then continues that he knows David didn't agree last time he brought it up, but he really does think she should see a psychiatrist - just for an opinion - but he knows how difficult it is to bring up. David agrees, "It is." Ross suggests that maybe he could bring it up for him. Looking dubious, David tells him that he doesn't see him doing much good - Patricia is touchy enough as it is without a virtual stranger bringing it it up. Ross, though, explains that he believes Patricia trusts him as a doctor - and he believes it should be done for her sake. David, looking gloomy, agrees that they'll give it a try - but if she says 'no', that's it. Ross heads inside.

Patricia is sitting on the couch in the lounge room, still looking gaunt, upset and worried. Ross comes in and says a cheerful, "Morning." Patricia goes to stand up, but Ross tells her not to, as he wants to have a look at her. Looking concerned, Patricia says she doesn't have to have another injection, does she? Ross replies that that depends - has she been taking the tablets? Patricia tells him, "Yes," and so Ross says they can dispense with the injection for today, then. Patricia, looking relieved, tells him that this is going to sound a bit paranoid, but she really thinks it's that tonic that Irene gave her that's making her behave so irrationally. Ross tells her not to take it, then, and Patricia says she won't. She adds that she told David, but he just thought she was being crazy. Ross assures her that, after what she's been through with Luke's death, she's bound to be very upset - but there is a difference between being upset and being crazy. Patricia sighs that she wishes she could convince David. Ross gently says he knows - and that's why he wants her to go and see a psychiatrist. Patricia stares at him and tautly says, "No." Ross tells her that it's not because he thinks she's crazy, but because he knows she's not - and the psychiatrist can just confirm that she's under enormous stress; in one fell swoop, she can eliminate all David's doubts. Patricia, still looking dubious, says it's just... it's the next step, isn't it? - what if they think she is crazy? Ross assures her that she'll be fine. He adds, "Trust me - please...?"

Out in the kitchen, Mike is with David and he tells him that Heather should be back any minute - she's just gone to get some paint cards. David, who's sitting staring into space, doesn't answer, and so Mike comments that it looks like he's got the conversation to himself. David comes back to reality and says he's sorry - he was thinking of other things. Mike comments, "Patricia?" David explains that she's no better - Ross is in there now: he still wants her to see a psychiatrist. Mike says he's sorry. He then suggests that maybe it's just a temporary thing. At that moment, Patricia and Ross come into the kitchen and Mike says he might just finish out on the porch. He heads out the back door. Ross tells David that Patricia has agreed to see her psychiatrist. Looking surprised, David asks her if she's sure. Patricia replies that she thinks so. Ross says he'll arrange an appointment for first thing tomorrow morning.

A short time later, outside, Heather joins Mike by the kitchen door, and he asks her if she had any problems getting the paint cards. Heather shakes her head. Looking at the expression on her face, Mike asks her if she's OK. Heather snaps that she's fine. She quickly calms down and says she's sorry. She then asks how David and Patricia are coping with married life. Mike replies that it's not good, he'd say: Patricia is acting very strangely and David is worried sick, the poor bloke. Looking surprised, Heather says to him not to tell her that Patricia is still performing her cuckoo act. Mike insists that she isn't well - the doctor wants her to see a psychiatrist. Heather snaps that Patricia has managed to pull the wool over David's eyes, as well. Mike asks her what she's talking about. Heather snaps that Patricia is no more crazy than she is. Mike warns her to calm down, but Heather snaps that she won't - she's had enough of that woman; she knows exactly what she's up to and she's not going to let her get away with it. She slams down the paint cards and heads inside. Patricia is sitting at the kitchen table, while David and Ross stand by the sink. Heather roars at Patricia, "Jail terrifies you more than being declared insane, does it, Patricia?" Patricia stares at her in shock. Heather goes on at her not to look so innocent - she knew she couldn't get away with Luke's murder, but she knew that if she could convince the right people that she's crazy, she might get off on diminished responsibility; isn't that the idea? Patricia cries at her that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Heather goes on angrily that of course: who wouldn't believe she's not mentally unstable after her last breakdown? - it's all so convenient. Mike, looking shocked, snaps at his wife that that's enough. Heather yells at him that she's not leaving until she's heard Patricia say it. Turning back to Patricia, she tells her to say it: it's all a stunt, isn't it? Patricia cries that, no, it isn't - honestly. Mike gently says to Heather, "Come on, love," but Heather pushes him away and yells that she won't until she's finished what she came to say. She rants at Patricia, "You murdered Luke and now you can't shift the blame onto poor Jeff, you're pretending to be mentally ill. But it won't work - not while I'm around. I'll make sure you get exactly what you deserve."

A short time later, Heather and Mike are back outside, and Heather rants to her husband that Patricia is an expert at making fools of people; that's just what he, David and Ross are if they can't see through her. Mike tells her to calm down. He then goes on that he knows why she hates Patricia and he can't blame her, but she mustn't let it get out of control; he knows Patricia is always pulling stunts of one kind or another, but he's been watching her lately and he doesn't think this is one of them; he's pretty sure that she really is close to a complete nervous breakdown.

In the kitchen, Patricia cries to David that he believes Heather, doesn't he? David assures her, "No." Patricia, though, goes on that she saw the look on his face when Heather came in there frothing at the mouth. David, looking wary, admits that he had doubts for a moment - she hasn't got the best track record in the world. Patricia insists that she's not making this up - he has to believe her: she doesn't want to be let off because people think she's mentally unstable; she wants to be let off because she's innocent. David tells her that he said he had doubts for a moment, but they didn't last long - he reckons he's close enough to her to know when she's lying. Ross chips in that she should try to relax - once she sees the psychiatrist, everything will be fine. Patricia cries to David that it will be, won't it? David comforts her that of course it will.

At the Fisher house, Amanda is sitting on the couch, but she stands up and says to Karen that she supposes she should be going now. She then adds that Alan has certainly got a knack of making a girl forget her worries - he's quite like Todd in some ways. Karen, looking surprised, snaps that he's nothing like Todd; she's only seeing what she wants to see. She quickly calms down and says she's sorry - her mind's not very clear at the moment; she has too many hassles. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she answers it. Fay Brandon comes on and asks if Alan is there. Karen growls at her that no, he isn't. Fay asks her if she can ask him to 'phone when he comes in - she needs his signature for the insurance people: they've had a break-in. Looking surprised and shocked, Karen mutters, "Oh... that's bad news." Fay agrees that, yes, it is - they got away with her jewellery. Karen says she's sorry to hear that; she'll get Alan to give her a call. She hangs up, looking thoughtful. Amanda asks her if there's a problem. Karen replies that there is. Amanda tells her that she'll leave her to sort it out, then. Karen growls, "Don't worry- I'll sort it out alright..."

Fiona, Barney and Terry arrive back at Fiona's flat, and as they come in the door, Barney comments that he thought it was a terrific party. He asks Terry what he thinks, but he just mutters that it wasn't bad. Fiona, looking surprised, tells him not to sound so happy about it! She then says she thinks she'll make a cup of coffee. Terry says he won't have one, and Barney tells her that he'll take a raincheck as he's got a few things that he's got to do. Fiona thanks him for the lift and he goes. Terry sits down on the couch, looking worried. Fiona says to him, "OK: what's your problem?" Terry replies that it's nothing. Fiona sits down next to him and points out that he hardly said a word at all all the way back from Dural. Terry reluctantly explains that he was tossing over something in his mind and wondering how to bring it up. Fiona looks at him and he gives in and tells her that he doesn't reckon he can let her set him up with a garage. Looking surprised, Fiona says she thought they agreed-- Terry interrupts and goes on that it would be great, but he's just got to get out there and do it on his own. Fiona points out that there's no harm accepting a little help along the way. Terry assures her that he agrees - but now he's got a chance to make a fresh start, he just wants to prove he can stand on his own two feet. Fiona reluctantly whispers, "Alright..." She then asks him if he's got any ideas. Terry tells her that Freddy says there's a garage up near Woombai that needs a manager, so he was thinking of giving it a go. Fiona, looking shocked, cries that that's so far away; she has to look after the boarding house; she'll never get to see him. Terry, though, tells her that it's not that far - she can nip up for the odd weekend. Fiona replies that, if that's what he wants... She then adds that Mitch will miss him, too. Terry, though, growls that that's his problem. Looking surprised, Fiona asks him if the two of them have fallen out. Terry suggests that they just say he's starting to see Mitch in his true colours: he's already had to drag him out of trouble once since he's been out. Fiona asks what sort of trouble. Terry, though, replies that it's nothing to worry about - but the sooner he puts some distance between him and Mitch, the better. Fiona looks worried.

Karen walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, followed by Mitch. She then stands with her hands on her hips and tells him curtly that she believes he owes her an explanation. Mitch retorts that it's simple: he changed his mind - he took one look at the jewellery and realised that he didn't want to end up a crim. Karen asks if he's saying the jewellery is still there. Mitch agrees, "Yeah." He adds that she doesn't have to worry: no damage was done - he set off an alarm, but he's pretty sure no one saw him. Karen suddenly yells at him not to feed her that rubbish - she knows for a fact that the jewellery was stolen, so he might as well hand it over. Mitch snaps back at her that he hasn't got it - he never touched it; when he left the house, it was still in the safe. Karen growls at him that she spoke to Fay Brandon fifteen minutes ago and the jewellery has gone. Mitch retorts that he left the safe door wide open, so maybe someone else cracked it. Karen angrily asks who - he said himself that the alarm was going; who was going to walk in off the street with that thing ringing its head off?; he's an absolute fool. Mitch yells, "For the last time: I haven't got your jewellery." Karen shouts at him not to lie. She then adds furiously that he'll never sell it anyway, as it's all paste. Mitch suddenly glares at her in shock, and mutters threateningly, "What did you say?" He then goes on angrily that she let him risk everything for lousy imitations; what's she playing at? Karen snaps that it's none of his business. Mitch suddenly grabs her and yells, "Like hell it isn't." He continues that she made out that he'd get money for that job and all the time he was risking jail for nothing more than one of her lousy schemes. He rants, "You're a rotten cow. You hear me? A bloody rotten cow." He suddenly pushes her down onto the couch and hits her round the face. He then walks over to the wall by the door, takes down a picture hanging there and smashes it. He starts trashing the room in fury, knocking over tables and chairs, smashing pictures, throwing down lamps... Karen cowers on the couch, in fear.

A short time later, Karen is still cowering on the couch, her hand against her face where Mitch hit it. Mitch stands there, having finished wrecking the room. He growls at her in fury that he doesn't know what she's up to, wanting him to steal fake jewellery, but whatever it was, she must have had a pretty good reason; well, she should just count herself lucky that he's not in a position to crow, or he'd make sure every man and his dog heard about it. Karen warns him that he'd be the one to go to jail if he did say anything. Mitch growls that that may be - but he reckons it would almost be worth it to see her get what's coming to her - not that she won't eventually. He storms out, shutting the door behind him. A dishevelled-looking Karen just sits there on the couch, her hand to her face.

Charlie is standing by the front door at Dural, thanking the final departing guest for coming to the party. She then closes the door and says to Gordon, "Thanks goodness that's nearly over!" She adds that it was so tiring; then, indicating the lounge room, says, "And the mess in there..." Gordon tells her that the caterers will do it and he thinks Katie said she'd stay back and help. Charlie comments, "What a pet. I don't think I could face it today." Gordon comments that at least the afternoon was a success. Looking surprised, Charlie snaps, "A success? I had food spilt over me and insults thrown in my face. I think it will take me weeks to get over how Mitch treated me." Gordon tells her that she shouldn't worry about it too much - a man with a temper like that... she's better off without him. Charlie tells him that that's easy for him to say. One of the caterers - a young man - suddenly comes out of the lounge room and says to her, "Start cleaning up, Mrs. Bartlett?" Charlie tells him that that's fine. As he goes to walk off, a twinkle suddenly appears in her eye and, watching him closely, she adds, "Come here. I'll show you what has to be done..." Gordon smiles in bemusement!

Andy and Irene are in the lounge room at Toorak, and Andy comments that Mrs. Hamilton doesn't seem her usual self since she's been in Melbourne, does she? Irene agrees that she doesn't - especially not when she agreed to go out with a total stranger just because he gave her flowers. Andy says he reckons she's trying to get back at Mr Hamilton. Irene agrees that, yes, that's probably something to do with it. She then adds that, still, whatever it is, she's sure Barbara doesn't want them interfering - but that's not going to stop her worrying about her, though. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she goes to answer it. Ross is standing on the step and she tells him to come in. She then asks how Patricia is, and he replies that she's much the same, he's afraid. Irene comments that after her little run-in with Patricia the other day, she's all his as far as she's concerned. Ross tells her that he was saying the same thing to David - and they should face it: from what he was told, she hasn't been in regular practice for quite some time. Looking surprised, Irene points out that medical knowledge and skills aren't the sort of things that disappear overnight. Ross quickly explains that he just meant that maybe she wasn't up with the latest techniques. He then goes on that the important thing is that Patricia has agreed to see her psychiatrist tomorrow morning. Irene asks if she'll be alright, and Ross tells her that they all hope so. At that moment, Barbara comes downstairs and Ross tells her that she looks absolutely stunning. Barbara, a smile on her face, thanks him and the two of them head out. When they've gone, Andy comes out of the lounge room and says to Irene that he can't help feeling that Mrs. Hamilton is making a big mistake. Irene tells him that neither can she - something about Ross Newman doesn't quite ring true...

Up at Sunbury, David is carrying a large block of wood from the barn to the grounds. He takes it over to where an axe is lying, lifts up the tool and starts trying to split the wood.

Inside, the 'phone rings and Patricia nervously goes and answers it in the kitchen, still looking tired and upset. She says, "Hello?" A woman's voice comes on and says, "Hello, Patricia. It's Margaret." Patricia asks, "Margaret who?" The woman replies, "Don't you recognise my voice? It's your sister."

Outside, David suddenly hears Patricia crying, "David - help me..."

Inside, the 'phone is hanging down on its cord. The sound of a disconnected call is coming from the earpiece. David runs in and finds Patricia standing by the sink. She cries that it's Margaret - she was on the 'phone; she spoke to her. David runs over to the 'phone, lifts up the receiver and says, "Hello?" There's no one there; only the sound of the disconnected call. He tells Patricia that there's no one there, and adds that there couldn't have been - Margaret's dead. Patricia cries that it was her voice - she heard it. David tells her that it only seemed real because of the nightmares she's having. Patricia, though, cries that this is different - she's not dreaming; she heard her voice. Suddenly flailing her arms around in despair, she half-cries, half-shouts, "I don't know whether I'm dreaming or not. I don't know what's real anymore..." She breaks down in David's arms.


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