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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

A car pulls up outside the front door at Dural. Terry is in the driver's seat with Fiona sitting next to him, and he tells her to go ahead while he parks the car in the shade so that it doesn't get too hot. Fiona gets out and Terry drives off. Fiona watches him go, a happy smile on her face. The front door of the house suddenly opens and Charlie comes out. She tells Fiona delightedly that it's lovely to see her! Fiona replies more excruciatingly that it's nice to see her, too! She then asks how Gordon is, and Charlie tells her that he's very chirpy today. She goes on that she's so thrilled Terry has parole. Fiona agrees that it's good to have him home. Charlie continues that it was an awful ordeal for him. Fiona warns her that it's probably best not talk to him about it, and Charlie assures her that she won't breathe a word. Having parked the car, Terry walks over to the two women, and Charlie smiles dazzlingly as she tells him how lovely it is to see him. Terry smiles back and asks her how she is. Charlie doesn't answer this, though, instead going on that he's looking wonderfully fit - she expected to see him looking all gaunt and haggard! Terry laughs that he's lucky they didn't stick him on the chain gang! Fiona tries to suppress laughter! Terry then tells Charlie that they even fed him meat once a week! Charlie, not picking up on his tone at all, replies that she's very glad to hear it. She then says she'd love to stay chatting, but she must get home. She slips one of her arms through one of Terry's arms and asks him if he'll walk her to the gate. Fiona tells her son that she'll let Gordon know he'll be in soon! Terry and Charlie walk off, and Fiona shakes her head in amusement!

A few moments later, inside, Wayne tautly tells Fiona not to stay long - Charlie has already been and his dad isn't up to too many visitors. Fiona snaps at him that he should have called her and told her that Gordon had had another heart attack. Wayne, though, retorts that he wouldn't have said anything at all if she hadn't insisted on seeing him. Fiona snaps, "But his friends deserve--" Wayne quickly interrupts and tells her, "Not when they go blabbing to Barbara, they don't." Fiona, looking incredulous, asks if Barbara doesn't know he's been in hospital again. Wayne retorts that that's right. Fiona growls that they'll soon fix that - she'll call her herself later. Wayne, though, snaps at her that she won't if she cares about Gordy - Barbara is the last person he wants to find out. Fiona snaps back at him that that's nonsense - Barbara would be on the first 'plane from Melbourne if she knew. Wayne retorts, "Exactly." He goes on that she'd come up and tell him how sorry she feels for him, but they'd only end up fighting and Gordon isn't well enough for that. Fiona insists that someone should tell her. Wayne, though, tells her, "Not if Gordy doesn't want it." He adds that if Fiona doesn't believe him, she can ask Gordon. Fiona says she will. She then adds more temperately that she still thinks it's silly that Barbara doesn't know, but if that's what Gordon really wants, she most certainly won't hear it from her. Wayne thanks her. He then points to the closed lounge room doors and tells her that Gordon is in there. Fiona heads into the lounge room to find Gordon sitting reading. He looks up and tells her that she's looking well. Fiona muses that she wishes she could say the same about him - she was just saying to Wayne that he should have called her. Gordon tells her that it wasn't a serious attack - there was no point upsetting people. Changing the subject, he goes on that he was delighted to hear about Terry. He then adds that he thought Terry was coming with her. Fiona smiles and explains that he did, but Charlie waylaid him outside - she's determined to help him readjust to society! Gordon smiles and says she's determined to be his Florence Nightingale! He then continues that he's sure Terry will settle down without any trouble. Fiona, looking worried, says she hopes so... Picking up on her uncertainty, Gordon says, "Problems...?" Fiona replies that she doesn't know - he was alright when he first came home, but now he seems terribly preoccupied about something. Gordon suggests that it's probably just hit him that he's free. Fiona muses that she supposes so - she just wishes he'd talk about it. Terry suddenly comes in and cheerily asks Gordon how he's feeling. He replies that he's on the mend. He then offers Terry a beer, but Terry quickly says he'll get it, and he goes to the bar. As he does so, he tells Fiona that Charlie has invited them to a party tomorrow arvo. Fiona says, "Has she?" She then goes on that she's not doing anything; how about him? Terry quickly replies that he's not going anywhere near one of Charlie's dos! Fiona, though, tells him that he might enjoy it. Taking a sip from his can of beer, Terry retorts that he'd have to drink out of a glass for starters! Gordon chips in that he might as well go and see what it's like. He adds that he gets the feeling Mitch is going to get an invitation - Charlie has taken quite a fancy to him! Terry, his face dropping, retorts that Mitch won't be there - he can tell them that now. Gordon assures him that Charlie will find some way to lure him there. He adds that she's very resourceful, is Charlie - but well-meaning and a lifesaver: it was her that found him and called the ambulance. Fiona comments, "Thank God she did." She then admits that she doesn't really mind Charlie - her heart's always in the right place; what she can't understand, though, is how she's stayed friends with Patricia. Gordon smiles and tells her that she's not up on the latest gossip: she and Patricia aren't on speaking terms. Looking surprised, Fiona exclaims, "Oh?"

Patricia half-staggers and half-limps into the lounge room at the country house and makes her way to the couch, where she sits down. She picks up her handbag which is lying nearby and starts rifling through it until she finds what she's looking for: her make-up. She takes out her lipstick and a mirror. She looks gaunt as she applies the red lipstick, and her hands are trembling. The lipstick suddenly falls out of her hand and onto her lap, and she looks down at it. She then looks up again and stares at her reflection in her little hand-mirror. As she does so, though, it suddenly blurs momentarily before returning to focus. Looking scared, Patricia closes her eyes and then puts her head in her hands... She sighs heavily.

Irene is standing in the lounge room at Toorak, holding a pink dress up to herself, and she calls to Barbara, who's in the hallway, to thank her for talking her into buying it. She adds that she doesn't know where she's going to wear it, but it's gorgeous! Barbara comes into the room and, seeing the stern expression on her face, Irene asks what's up. Barbara retorts that Andy just told her that David rang while they were out: he wants them to be witnesses at his wedding - this afternoon. Looking shocked, Irene says, "He's marrying Patricia?" Barbara agrees, "Apparently." She then adds that she'll bet her bottom dollar that it was Patricia's idea that he ring them - that woman really is the limit: she knows how Irene feels about David. Irene sadly comments that Patricia finally got her hooks into him. Barbara growls that she's not going to give Patricia the chance to gloat - she'll ring David and tell him to get somebody else. Irene, though, tells her to hang on - she thinks she'd better go: CB will need some moral support. Barbara, looking shocked, snaps at her that she can't be serious; how can she stand by and watch-- Irene interrupts her and points out that David thinks of her as a mate; she'd like it to have been more, but that's the way it is, and some mate she'd be if she let him down now. Barbara tells her that she can't-- Irene interrupts her again and insists that she's going - she'll just have to smile and make the best of it. Barbara retorts that, alright, she's not going to let her face that alone - she and Irene are mates too, remember? Irene smiles at her, gratefully, and then asks who would have thought she'd be wearing her new dress to David's wedding...

In Sydney, a 'phone is ringing on a table in Charlie's back garden, and, hearing it on her way back from Dural, she runs towards it, sits down and answers it. Patricia comes on, and Charlie exclaims that it's a lovely surprise to hear from her, as she thought it was going to be the fumigators ringing to say they couldn't come. Patricia says, "What?" Charlie explains that there's the most dreadful pong in the house - she can't think what could be causing it - but she can't go back inside 'til it's gone. She goes on that it's such a nuisance when she's trying to get organised for her party. Patricia listens patiently and then says she's sorry, but she can't talk for long: she just wants to make sure that everybody up there still thinks the two of them aren't talking. Charlie assures her, "Absolutely, darling. Daggers drawn." Patricia murmurs that that's good - because David must never find out that she tricked him into letting her stay up there. Sounding worried, Charlie asks Patricia if she's alright, adding that she sounds rather vague. Patricia explains that her nerves aren't the best, that's all - she and David are getting married this afternoon. Charlie, looking delighted, exclaims that that's wonderful - she knew everything would work out. Patricia goes on that he's asked Barbara and Irene to be witnesses. Charlie tells her to look on the bright side: she can laugh in their faces now. Patricia suddenly says she has to go, as she thinks they've arrived. She reminds Charlie not to forget their secret, and Charlie assures her that it won't get by her. She then congratulates Patricia again. Patricia hangs up, looking worried.

Outside the back door at the country house, Irene tells Barbara to smile: they're going to a wedding, not a funeral! Barbara growls that she should have brought a black veil - it would have been more appropriate. Patricia suddenly comes out of the house and Irene says a curt, "Hello." Patricia immediately burbles that she still can't understand what possessed David to have the two of them as witnesses. Barbara sourly suggests that, probably, at the back of his mind, he knows he's going to need a few friends when he comes to his senses. Irene warns Barbara to keep it cool... She then turns to Patricia and tells her that she can't pretend that she doesn't think David is making the biggest mistake of his life, but the last thing she wants to do is spoil the day by fighting each other. She and Barbara head inside, leaving Patricia standing there, still looking gaunt and worried.

Charlie is back at Dural, and in the lounge room, she tells Gordon and Wayne that she had to leave the fumigator to it - the smell was driving her crazy. Gordon asks if they don't know what's causing it. Charlie replies that they say there's a dead rat trapped in the wall or under the floorboards somewhere. She goes on that they say it could take ages to find it and her party's tomorrow; she doesn't know what she's going to do. Looking thoughtful, Gordon tells her that he certainly owes her something: she's welcome to hold it there. Looking surprised but delighted, Charlie asks him if he's sure. Wayne warns his father that he doesn't think he's well enough to host a party. Gordon, though, tells him that he wouldn't be hosting it - he can spend the afternoon upstairs with a book. Charlie smiles happily and tells him that he's a dear. She then adds that she'll be over first thing in the morning to organise everything. Gordon assures her that that's fine. As she makes to leave, Charlie then says that, by the way, she should let them in on the latest gossip: they'll never guess who's getting married...

The furniture has been pushed back against the walls in the lounge room at the country house. Barbara and Irene are standing watching as David and Patricia stand in front of them, facing the celebrant. The celebrant tells David and Patricia to join hands. They do so. She then turns to David and tells him to repeat after her, "I, David Douglas Palmer, take you, Patricia, to be my lawful wedded wife." David says this. The celebrant continues, "I promise to love, honour and care for you, in sickness and in health." David repeats the words as Irene looks on, sadly. The celebrant goes on, "Until death us do part." David says this and the celebrant then turns to Patricia. She asks her to repeat, "I, Patricia Elizabeth Morrell, take you, David." Patricia pauses momentarily and then says it. She looks at David, and as she does so, she thinks back two-and-a-half years to when they were both working at Woombai and they met at the waterhole; David was about to walk off, but as he did so, he paused and then turned to look at her; they'd approached each other and had kissed passionately, with the result that they ended up making love. Patricia then thinks about the two of them walking through the woods afterwards, David leading his horse. Her thoughts then turn to David in bed as she leaned over him and told him falsely that he'd asked her to marry him the night before. They then move on to a couple of weeks ago, when they were with Charlie, trying to sort out the mess at the country house, and David had been with her as Charlie spilt a barrel of water all over herself. She comes back to reality as David puts a ring on her finger and the celebrant announces, "I now pronounce you man and wife." He and Patricia turn to each other and kiss. Barbara and Irene look on unhappily. As they pull apart from the kiss, Patricia just stares at David, looking worried.

That evening, David and Patricia are sitting in the lounge room, plates of food on the coffee table in front of them. David tells Patricia to eat up, but she murmurs that she's sorry - she can't. David comments that it's a pity Irene and Barbara couldn't have stayed for dinner; still, it was good of them to come at such short notice. Patricia just mutters, "Yes..." David goes on that, everything considered, it was a pretty good do. He then tells Patricia that she looks done in. Patricia replies wearily that she thinks it's those pills that Ross gave her - it's been quite a day. David tells her that things will only get better from now on - she'll see: he'll finish the house so that it looks like a palace; he'll even buy her a stove, too. He asks, "How about that?" He suddenly realises, though, that she's asleep, and he moves and puts his arm round her.

Irene and Barbara are back at Toorak, and in the lounge room, Irene asks Barbara if David was hurt that they didn't stay. Barbara retorts that she's sure Patricia wasn't - and she couldn't have stayed there another minute without telling David what a fool she thinks she is. Irene admits that she had to bite her own tongue a couple of times; she just hopes Patricia can make David happy. Barbara grunts, "Huh - little chance of that." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara gets it. Terry comes on and Barbara expresses her surprise and delight that it's him. Terry laughs and explains that he thought he'd give her a call and say 'hello'; he's out on parole. Barbara exclaims that that's wonderful, and she adds that she's sure Fiona must be so pleased. Terry laughs that she is - she's cooking him dinner; she's determined to feed him up! He then asks how things are going down in Melbourne, and Barbara replies that they're not bad - she's just having a change of scenery. Terry tells her that, yeah, he was sorry to hear about her and Gordon. He then goes on that he just thought he should let her know that he saw Gordon today - he seems OK. Barbara snaps, "Bully for him." Terry continues that he's lucky he only had to spend a couple of days in hospital, eh? Suddenly looking surprised, Barbara asks him what he's talking about. Terry assures her that Gordon's heart is OK - nothing to worry about. Barbara asks him if he's telling her that Gordon had another heart attack. Terry asks her if she didn't know. Barbara retorts that, no, she didn't. She stands there, looking thoughtful.

In Fiona's flat, Fiona comments to Terry that the cat's out of the bag now - and she promised she'd keep it quiet. Terry points out that she could have let a bloke know. Fiona admits that she should have warned him that Gordon was dead against Barbara knowing. Terry asks why, adding that it seems to him that she'd be back like a rocket if she knew he wasn't a hundred percent. Fiona says she knows, but it's not their business to interfere. Terry points out that he told Barbara that Gordon is coming good, and Fiona suggests that maybe she won't come back at all. She then asks Terry to stir the saucepan, as she thinks she'd better go and call Wayne, just in case.

Barbara is running downstairs at Toorak, a packed suitcase in her hand. Irene runs down behind her and tells her that she just thinks she should wait until the morning, that's all. Barbara retorts that she can't - Gordon needs her. Irene, though, tells her that he doesn't in her state - she's too upset; she should wait until tomorrow and she'll have a much better chance of talking to him without getting into an argument. Barbara growls that Wayne is the one she wants to throttle - it's as plain as day that he's the one that kept her from Gordon. Irene warns her that she's overreacting again. She then points out that if she leaves now, she won't be in Dural until midnight and Gordon will be asleep. She goes on that Barbara should relax, get an early night and then she can catch the first flight in the morning. Barbara, calming down, tells her that she's right - as usual. Irene says she's sure she'll have a much better chance of ironing out whatever problem she and Gordon have after a good night's sleep. Barbara, though, tells her not to get the wrong idea - she's only going up because he's sick, no other reason.

Wayne is talking to Fiona on the 'phone on the bar in the lounge room at Dural, and he says to her that he'll tell him, but he won't be happy about it. He hangs up and then turns to his father and explains that that was Fiona: Terry told Barbara about him having another heart attack. Gordon retorts that he hopes that doesn't mean they have to expect her on the doorstep - he doesn't feel up to another row. Wayne, looking worried, asks him if there's any chance of him and Barbara getting back together. He adds that knowing he's sick might change her mind. Gordon, though, retorts that, if that changes her mind, he's not interested; either she comes back for the right reason or not at all. Out of sight of his father, Wayne smiles in delight...

Patricia is asleep on the couch in the lounge room at the country house. She suddenly yells out, "No! Go away!" David, who's sitting in one of the armchairs, dashes over to her and assures her that it's alright. As she wakes up, he goes to put his arms round her to comfort her, but she suddenly cries, "Leave me alone." David soothingly assures her that it's alright - it's him. Patricia cries that it's Roger: he's chasing her; he's got a gun. David calmly repeats that it's alright - she's just dreaming. Patricia, though, cries that it's real - she saw it. David tells her that she's having another nightmare again - it's off to bed for her. As she goes to move, he adds that she should take one of her pills, as she's shaking. Patricia pleads with him to please not leave her. David reminds her that they just got married - they'll always be together now.

It's the middle of the night, and David walks into the lounge room, looking for Patricia, but he finds it empty. He calls, "Pat?" He then hears a noise out in the kitchen, and he goes out there to investigate. He finds Patricia trying to light the stove, and, looking puzzled, he asks her what she's doing. Patricia asks him if he's got the eggs. She then adds that she can't light the stove. David points out that it's two o'clock in the morning, but Patricia insists that she has to cook breakfast. She then suddenly cries that Margaret's photograph was in her bag but it's not there anymore. Turning to the kitchen cupboard, she says it might be in there... David, though, gently tells her to come back to bed - she's having another nightmare. Patricia cries that she has to find Margaret's photograph, but David tells her that they'll have a proper look in the morning. Patricia insists that she wants to find it now. David suddenly snaps, "I said 'in the morning'." Staring at him, Patricia clasps her hand to her head and cries, "David... what's happening to me...?" She breaks down, sobbing heavily.

The next morning, David is sitting at the table in the kitchen with Irene, and he places two cups of coffee in front of them. Irene suggests that he'd better put a shot of rum in his, as he looks as if he didn't sleep a wink. David retorts that he didn't, hardly - Patricia was so keyed-up that it was after 5am before the pills took effect. Irene comments that they should knock her out for a bit. David says he hopes so - he couldn't stand another performance like last night. He then thanks her for coming over so early. Irene smiles and asks what else mates are for. David goes on that he thought Patricia would be fine after the wedding. Irene asks him if he's spoken to her doctor, but David replies that he couldn't get hold of him - he's tied up at the hospital; that's why he 'phoned her: he had to get advice from someone. Irene says it could be an allergy to her medication, but she doubts it. David asks her about the tonic that she gave her, but Irene assures him that it's as safe as mother's milk. David then asks about all the drugs and injections that Patricia is on - wouldn't they have some side-effects? Irene agrees that it's possible, but she wouldn't lay bets on it. David asks her if she could have a look at Patricia to find out for sure. Looking dubious, Irene tells him that it's been a long time since-- She breaks off and then suggests that Patricia mightn't like it. David looks at her imploringly, and she gives in and tells him that she'll do it - but only if Patricia agrees to it. David thanks her.

Patricia gets up out of bed and staggers into the lounge room. As she looks around, everything is blurred, and she finds herself unable to focus. She suddenly becomes aware of Irene's voice echoing and saying that she still thinks they should let Patricia sleep in for a while longer. She suddenly becomes aware of David's outline in front of her and asking her in an echoey voice what she's doing out of bed. Patricia's speech is slurred as she asks in reply when Ross is coming, as she needs a doctor. David tells her that he isn't coming - Irene is there to have a look at her. Patricia, though, slurs that Irene isn't touching her - she knows Irene put something in that tonic. David insists that Irene is there to help her, but Patricia snaps, "Like hell." She goes on that Irene wants him to think she's crazy; she'd do anything to break them up. Irene walks over to her and suggests they take her back to bed, but Patricia suddenly starts lashing out with her hands and pushing her away. She cries, "Leave me alone. Get your hands off me." Irene takes a step back. Patricia goes on, "He's mine, You're not having him. Just leave me alone..." She breaks down again, in David's arms.

Barbara drives up towards Dural. Just outside the house, Charlie is standing talking to the driver of a truck and explaining where she wants him to put the marquee. Barbara stops her car, gets out and angrily asks what's going on there. Charlie exclaims, "What a surprise! I don't think Gordon is expecting you." Barbara retorts that she's quite sure he isn't. Charlie tells her, "Never mind," and she adds that Barbara is just in time for her party - it's going to be the event of the month. Barbara growls, "Really?" Charlie tells her that, yes it is - just wait until she hears who's on the guest list. Barbara, though, snaps that she's not interested - and as far as she's concerned, Charlie can forget the whole thing: she's not going to have her home overrun by hoards of strangers. Wayne suddenly walks over to them and tells Charlie to ignore Barbara - she doesn't call the shots round there anymore. Barbara glares at him. Charlie makes a hasty exit and goes to talk to the caterers. Alone with Wayne, Barbara growls at him not to cross her - she knows about Gordon having another heart attack so there's no point trying to keep her away any longer. Wayne bitterly asks her why she doesn't leave Gordon alone - he hasn't been happier since she packed her bags. Barbara snaps sarcastically that she supposes he was doing a little celebration dance when he had the attack? Wayne retorts that, OK, maybe his health isn't the best, but she'll only make things worse if she goes in there and starts a fight. Barbara growls that she's come to look after Gordon, not to start a boxing match. Wayne growls back at her that the last thing his father wants is her playing nurse. Barbara ignores this, instead snapping at him to get out of her way. She storms inside.

Gordon is coming downstairs slowly as the front door opens. He and Barbara stare at each other for a few seconds, and Barbara then explains that she only heard last night. Gordon tells her that it wasn't much of an attack. Barbara goes on that she would have been there a lot earlier, except Wayne decided not to tell her. Gordon, though, tells her not to blame Wayne - it was him who didn't want her coming home. Looking exasperated, Barbara snaps at him that, for heaven's sake, she's his wife. Gordon retorts, "Really? I thought you'd tired of that." Barbara points out that she's there now, isn't she? Gordon asks her if it's out of love or pity. He adds that he loves her, but unless she feels the same way, they don't stand a chance. He walks down the rest of the stairs, heads into the lounge room and closes the doors, leaving Barbara standing in the hallway, looking upset. In the lounge room, Gordon leans against the closed doors looking equally upset and worried.


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