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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Sometime later, Patricia is sitting up in bed. A nurse picks up her chart and looks at it, and she comments that Patricia's pulse is up a bit. Patricia asks what that means. The nurse quickly assures her that it's nothing to worry about - it just means she's more nervous about the operation than she should be. She tells Patricia to just relax and leave the worrying to her. Patricia comments that she thought there was nothing to worry about. The nurse replies that there isn't. A buzzer suddenly sounds and the nurse says it sounds like another emergency; she'll be back as soon as she can. She walks out of the room. Patricia turns and looks at the photo of Margaret, which is resting on her bedside cabinet. She picks it up. As she does so, memories go round in her mind: David saying, "Just gave out... Her heart just gave out. Margaret's dead..."

At Dural, Wayne is talking to Katie on the 'phone in the hallway. He tells her that he's sorry if he sounds hassled, but he's just got back from hospital with Gordon. Katie says she won't keep him, then - she just called to see how things were; she's flying back to Sydney this afternoon. Wayne smiles and tells her that that's the best news he's had all day. He then asks her how her mum and dad are, and Katie tells him that they're not good, but there's nothing more she can do - it's just going to take time. She then asks after Gordon and Wayne replies that he'll be OK as long as he can get him to follow doctor's orders! He goes on that he'd better go; he'll see her later. Katie tells him that she loves him. Wayne quickly asks her not to say anything to Fiona about Gordon as they're trying to keep it as quiet as possible for the time being. Katie assures him that she won't. They say 'bye' to each other and hang up. There's immediately a knock on the front door at Dural and Wayne answers it to find Amanda standing there. A look of annoyance crosses his face. Amanda curtly tells him not to worry - she hasn't come to start a fight about anything; she just dropped in to see Gordon. Wayne angrily asks her how the hell she found out. Looking surprised, Amanda asks, "Find out what?" Wayne, realising he may have put his foot in it, quickly replies that it doesn't matter - but she can't see Gordon. Amanda asks why not. Wayne tells her that he's too busy - he's not seeing anyone. Amanda retorts that she's in no hurry; she'll wait. She goes to walk into the lounge room, but Wayne hurriedly tells her to hold on and wait out there in the hallway. It's too late, though, and Amanda has opened the lounge room doors to find Gordon sitting in there, quietly reading. She stares at his wan complexion, but Gordon smiles at her and tells her that it's alright - he's not as bad as he looks! He indicates to her to sit down and she does so. He then explains that he's spent a couple of days in hospital, but he's fine now. Amanda asks why no one said anything; she just came over to see how he was making out with Aunty Barb. She asks if she knows, but Gordon replies that there's no reason to worry her. Amanda asks him if he doesn't think it's up to Barbara to decide whether to worry or not. Gordon retorts that he doesn't want her told; he doesn't want any further discussion about it. He gets up and walks out. As soon as he's gone, Wayne crosses his arms angrily and growls at Amanda that the most dangerous thing Gordy can do right now is get worked up, so she comes along and starts a shouting match. Amanda snaps back that all she said was-- Wayne interrupts her and tells her that if she cares anything for the man, she'll do what he says and not tell Barbara or anyone else for that matter. He goes on that Gordon takes back control of the company at the end of the week and if Karen gets wind of his heart attack, she'll use it as an excuse to try and hang on, and that's the last thing they want.

At the hospital in Sunbury, the nurse walks back into Patricia's room, commenting as she does so that it's one emergency after another round there! She suddenly realises that Patricia isn't in her bed. She looks around the room, but there's no one there. She then looks in the wardrobe and finds Patricia's clothes have gone. She sighs and walks back out of the room.

Karen is sitting outside the back of the Fisher house. Alan suddenly comes into the lounge room and Karen heads back inside and impatiently asks him where he's been, as she's been waiting to see him since yesterday. Alan retorts that he had a late night - he's been catching up on his sleep. Karen growls, "Fine. Now you're up, you can just keep walking." Alan, though, hands her a piece of paper. Karen looks at it; it's a cheque. She snaps at him that it's only a fraction of what she needs and he knows it; her only chance of convincing Gordon to let her stay on is if she can guarantees full financial backing. Alan points out that, to do that, she needs him. Karen reluctantly admits that, alright, she needs him - but he can stop carrying on his stupid games of one-upmanship, as they must be hurting him as much as they are her. Alan, though, tells her, "Not really." He then goes on that, all his life, he's been on the receiving end; now he's calling the tune for once. He continues that, before this is over, they're going to find out once and for all which of them is stronger; if it's her, all she has to do to prove it is hand back the cheque. Karen glares at him.

At the hospital, Ross angrily asks the nurse how she could possibly just let Patricia walk out - she's supposed to look after the patients; it's her job. The nurse retorts that it's also her job to attend emergencies - and even if she'd seen Patricia leaving-- Ross interrupts her and, more calmly, tells her that it's alright. He thanks her and the nurse leaves the room. Ross walks over to the 'phone by Patricia's bed and starts dialling a number, sighing as he does so. STD pips sound and Roger Carlyle then comes on. Ross says it's him. He goes on that Patricia has just signed herself out; it wasn't his fault, though - the nurse let her go. Roger curtly suggests to him that he'd better find her. Ross points out that she could be anywhere, but Roger retorts that that's his problem. He then reminds Ross that he has no intention of paying his gambling debts until Patricia is taken care of. Ross comments to Roger that what he's asking him to do isn't very easy. Roger tells him that he should have thought of that before he agreed to it; he wants Patricia found and on that operating table, and he doesn't want to hear from Ross again while the the woman is still alive. He hangs up abruptly. Ross sighs heavily.

Patricia carries a packed suitcase into the kitchen at the country house and looks surprised to find Mike and Heather sitting at the table. Mike, looking equally surprised, comments that she's supposed to be in hospital. Patricia retorts that that's changed. She asks if David is back, but Mike replies that he'll he back tomorrow, in time for her operation. Turning to Heather, he suggests that he'd better drive her home. Patricia chips in, though, that there's no need to rush on her account - she'll have a glass of tonic and go and sit in the sun. She walks off to her bedroom. When she's gone, Mike tells Heather that he's sorry - he would never have invited her out for the day if he thought Patricia would turn up; he'll take her home. Heather, though, tells him no: she wants to be with him and she doesn't see why she should let Patricia chase her away.

A short time later, Patricia is carrying a blanket outside when Ross walks over to her and says to her that they told him at the house that she was out there. He then asks her what possessed her to run off like that. Patricia just replies that she decided not to have the operation after all; she's sorry if she wasted his time. Ross retorts that his time isn't important; her health is. He tells her to stop this nonsense and come back to the house with him. Patricia, though, snaps at him not to talk to her like a child - she's not having surgery and that's it. Ross tells her that she's in no position to make that kind of decision, but Patricia retorts that she just made it. Ross reluctantly says that, if she feels that strongly about it... He then continues that she can't just ignore it - that would be asking for trouble. He tells her that they'll try a course of injections and see what sort of results they get from those; she can come back to the house with him and he'll give her the first shot. Patricia, though, tells him that she'd just like to be on her own for a while, as she has a lot of thinking to do. Ross points out that there's time for thinking later, and he repeats, "Come on." Patricia, though, snaps at him angrily, "For heaven's sake." Ross, realising he may have pushed it too far, quickly replies, "OK", and tells her that, when she's changed her mind, he'll be waiting for her at the house. He adds that it's very important that they start this course of injections as soon as possible...

Inside, in the kitchen, Mike is stirring some tins of paint while Heather says she thought she'd do a bit of work out in the yard - those bushes need cutting back. Ross suddenly comes in and announces that he's talked to Patricia, but he doesn't think it did much good - she's behaving rather strangely. Mike growls, "What else is new?" Ross, sounding surprised, asks him if he's noticed the same thing lately. Mike retorts, "No more than usual." Heather chips in that what Mike means is that Patricia acting irrationally isn't anything new - she's been in a psychiatric clinic at least once that she knows of. Suddenly looking intrigued, Ross says he doesn't suppose she knows the specific condition that Patricia was suffering from? Heather, looking thoughtful, asks what it is when you think everyone is your enemy. She then answers her own question: "Paranoia - is that the word?" Ross tells her that that explains a lot - now he knows what he's dealing with, the more chance there is that he'll be able to help her...

Wayne pours some cups of tea in the lounge room at Dural. Amanda and Charlie are there with him and Gordon, and Charlie is saying to Gordon that if he knew the amount of work involved in organising a luncheon... she really doesn't know how she'll cope! Gordon says he's sorry if he threw a spanner in the works. Charlie quickly assures him that she didn't mean that - it really would be a sad day if one couldn't find time to help one's friends. She goes on that she knows how awful he must be feeling - it's bad enough being around sick people without actually being one. Gordon gives her a look! He then tells her that, all the same, he's grateful for everything she's done for him. Charlie assures him that it's her pleasure. She then says she does hope they're all coming to her luncheon; everyone is going to be there. Wayne, looking wary, says they'll have to see how the patient is first. Amanda suggests to Charlie that they'd better be going, as Gordon will have to have his afternoon nap. Charlie stands up and tells Gordon to call straight away if he needs anything. She adds that she'll call round again later, and she and Amanda go. Gordon looks at Wayne and Wayne smiles back at him. He then tells his father that he's sorry about that - he'll keep her at a distance in future. Gordon, though, tells him to hang on - whatever they may think of Charlie, she saved his life, and he's not going to upset her by making her feel unwelcome.

As Charlie and Amanda leave the house, Karen is getting out of her car in the driveway. She walks over and Amanda immediately tells her that if she came over to see Gordon, this isn't a good time. Karen bluntly asks why not. Charlie tells her that he can hardly be expected to talk business the moment he's out of hospital. Amanda glares at her. Karen queries, "Hospital?" Amanda quickly tells her that he had to go over there today for his regular tests, that's all - and he was up late last night, working, and he's having a rest now. Karen says she doesn't mind waiting. Looking puzzled, Charlie stares at Amanda and asks her what she's talking about, 'regular tests'. Turning to Karen, she then goes on that Gordon has been very ill and mustn't be disturbed. Amanda looks annoyed. Karen tells the two women that they mustn't worry - she's the last person who wants him taking on more than he can handle. She walks off towards the house, and Charlie growls that some people just won't be told, will they? Amanda gives her a look.

Karen walks into the lounge room and says, "Hello, Gordon." She then turns to look at him properly and adds, "My God, you look terrible." Wayne explains to his father that he told Karen that she couldn't see him, but of course, she walked right past him. Karen explains to Gordon that she's got some papers for him to read, but obviously he's not up to it. Gordon tells her that Wayne can check them over. He goes on that, as a matter of fact, Wayne will be running the company shortly; he's sure she hasn't forgotten that her period of control is up next week. Karen points out that that was only on the understanding that he would be well enough to take over. Gordon retorts that that was her understanding, not his - Wayne will take over until he's ready to come back. Karen growls at him that he knows perfectly well that Wayne doesn't have the ability. Gordon, though, growls back that he's confident Wayne can handle it. Karen snaps at him that he's nothing of the kind. She goes on that the only way out of their financial problems is for her to stay in charge; she has access to unlimited credit, but only if she runs the business. Wayne chips in that Gordon isn't supposed to be worrying about things like that now. Karen, though, retorts that someone has to; if it was left up to him, they'll be in the poorhouse by the end of week. Gordon asks her how they know she really has this money. Wayne snaps that of course she hasn't - it's a con job. Karen, though, asks Gordon whether, if she can prove it to him, she gets to keep control. Gordon tells her that maybe he'll think about it.

Mitch is at the Fisher house with Alan, holding a parcel, and he impatiently asks him where he wants it delivered. Alan points out that the address is on there. He then asks Mitch if he's got another car to smash up tonight. Mitch retorts that, no, he hasn't - he's waiting for Alan to get his repaired. Alan asks him if he's admitting that it was him, them. Mitch, though, asks what the point would be - he'll never prove it. Alan snaps that he's got other things to think about now, anyway - she's quite a little lady, Amanda; he can understand why Mitch would be unhappy about losing her. Mitch growls, "If you've got any idea--" Alan interrupts him and goes on that he and Amanda hit a few of the discos last night; he can't remember when he last stayed out so late - Amanda certainly likes to keep moving-- Mitch interrupts him and snaps at him to shut up. Alan, though, goes on that he thought that, as Mitch cared about her so much, he'd like to know that she's enjoying herself. Mitch growls at him, "Just quit it, OK?" Alan, though, retorts that he's got no intention of quitting it - before long, Mitch is going to realise just how big a mistake he made laying his filthy hands on his car; he's going to wish he'd never heard of him. He walks off. Mitch stands there, a furious look on his face. He then throws the package he's holding down onto the couch, violently.

Wayne is sitting with Katie in Fiona's flat at the boarding house, but he says he supposes he'd better be getting back in case Gordy needs anything. Katie asks if Charlie isn't with him. Wayne replies that she is, but she's not much use in an emergency. Katie points out that she didn't do too badly last time, but Wayne tells her that that was pure luck and he'd rather not push it; Gordon was resting when he left, but he knows he was pretty worked up about Karen putting on the screws about staying in charge. Katie growls that he should have thrown her out. Wayne tells her that he would have, but she got Gordy's interest by talking about this sudden limitless amount of cash she's supposed to have. Katie asks him if he believes her. Wayne replies that he didn't to start with, but he's not so sure now: there's a son - Alan Brandon; Fiona told Gordy that he's not short of money, and maybe Karen talked him into bankrolling her. He then growls that Gordy's finally given him the chance to run things and it's bound to fall through now if Karen torpedoes him with her offer. Katie says, "Not if you torpedo her first." Wayne tells her that he'd do it like a shot if he knew how. Katie smiles and says, "Then let me tell you how. It's time you knew, anyway."

Ross is on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house. He's talking to Roger, and he tells him that he knows he told him not to 'phone again, but he's turned up some rather interesting information, and if he uses it properly, he can get Patricia back into hospital regardless of how she feels about it. Roger curtly asks, "What information?" Ross explains that Patricia is a paranoid schizophrenic - she has a long history of hospitalisation-- Roger interrupts him impatiently and snaps at him not to tell him about it; do it. Ross tells him that he will - but putting pressure on her until she breaks takes a little time. Roger sourly comments that it's starting to sound like another excuse to him. Ross, though, retorts that he can't rush it with the police keeping Patricia under surveillance all the time - and Roger can't blame him for that, as it was Roger's men that sent her rushing off to them in the first place. Roger, though, points out to Ross that it was him who backed up her story and made sure the police believed her. Ross asks what he was expected to do - it was before he had a visit from Roger's heavies; he didn't even know Roger existed until then. Roger growls that he's beginning to wish he'd left it that way. Ross snaps at him that he's not used to being spoken to like this-- Heather suddenly comes into the kitchen and Ross quickly changes to saying, "Sister, if you'll just do as I told you and I'll be back as soon as I can. Thankyou." He hangs up. He then turns to Heather and says he hopes it was alright to use the 'phone - he just wanted to let the hospital know he'd been delayed. Heather tells him that it's David's 'phone - she doesn't suppose he'll mind. Ross then asks her if she thinks Patricia will stay out all day. Heather retorts that she doubts they'll be so lucky.

At Fiona's, Wayne is looking at a file, and he exclaims that he doesn't believe it - it's too good to be true; Roger gave her all this? Katie explains that Alan's father was married and Karen was his mistress; when the wife was away one time, Karen talked him into letting her borrow some of the wife's jewels; if he'd known how desperately short of funds she was then, he might have thought twice about it. Wayne comments that Karen copied the jewellery and sold the originals. Katie continues that she returned the imitations and no one's ever found out; she used the money to put her company into the big time. Wayne asks where the imitations are now. Katie tells him that they're with the wife - Alan's stepmother. She adds that, of course, she still thinks they're the real jewels, but if anyone ever suggested she have them examined... Wayne smiles nastily and says, "It would really hit the fan..." He then suggests that it would be hard to prove it was Karen after all these years. Katie, though, points out that, if he was Karen, would he want to risk it? Wayne agrees, "Not in a million years." He then adds that, as long as those jewels are around, they've got Karen right where they want her. He tells Katie in delight that he loves her - she's brilliant! He gives her a hug and then suggests that they pay Karen Fox a visit.

At the Fisher house, Karen snaps, "No. Not again." She goes on angrily that she went along with Katie's attempt at blackmail last time because she decided that if Katie wanted Wayne that badly, she could have him, but in business, no one pressures her; now they can get out of there - both of them. Wayne smiles nastily and tells her that she's bluffing - if they go, they'll go straight to Mrs. Brandon; either way, they'd get rid of her. He adds that she can suit herself, and he tells Katie, "Come on." The two of them go to walk out, but Karen growls, "You are the slimiest, most unprincipled--" Wayne interrupts her, smiles and tells her that he's been told that before - but coming from her, it means something! Karen angrily snaps, "Alright - you get your chance at the company; but I give you about two weeks to sink the whole operation without trace." Katie warns her not to hold her breath - all Wayne ever needed was a chance and with her out of the way, he's got it. Karen snaps, "As long as you realise this is only Round One." Wayne retorts that he really hopes she's not going to make any trouble for them - because if she is, maybe they should hand her over to Mrs. Brandon here and now?

Ross and Patricia at sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, and Ross tells Patricia that he's glad he waited to talk to her - he wanted to apologise for coming on so heavy before. Patricia, though, replies that the least she should have done was leave a message for him at the hospital - but everything in that place reminded her of Margaret and how she died. Ross assures her that, under the circumstances, it was quite understandable. Changing the subject, he then asks, "Now, how about these injections?" Patricia says that, if she really has to... Ross tells her that he can't guarantee they'll really work, but as surgery is out, they have to do something. He then adds that he takes it she was very close to her sister. Patricia replies that not a day goes by when she doesn't wish Margaret was there so that they could talk about the things sisters talk about.

Charlie is at Dural again, and she opens the front door to find a handsome man standing there. It's Mitch, and he tells her that he's got some papers for Mr. Hamilton. Charlie stares at him and he explains that he's the firm's courier. Charlie smiles at him flirtatiously and tells him to come in. She then introduces herself and tells him that she's looking after Gordon after he got sick. She then flirts, "Imagine my not having seen you before - you must be coming and going all the time." Mitch, looking bemused, just says, "Yeah..." Charlie suggests that they'll be seeing a lot more of each other, then... Mitch quickly says he's got to go! Charlie smiles, "Bye...!" She then heads into the lounge room with the package from Mitch and Gordon asks who it was at the door. Charlie tells him that it was the most divine-looking young man; the courier, he said. Gordon comments, "Mitch." Charlie asks what time he usually calls by. Gordon replies that it depends what time things have to be delivered. He adds, "Why?" Charlie quickly assures him that there's no reason. She then tells him that it's been very selfish of her to let her silly little luncheon take precedence over a friend's welfare - she's sure she'll be able to pop in and out a few times tomorrow to make sure he has everything he needs. Looking wary, Gordon assures her that he thinks he has everything he needs. He adds that Charlie has to face it: it's not much fun visiting a grouchy old invalid like him. Charlie, though, tells him, "It could be, darling. It could be..."

In the kitchen at the country house, Ross rubs Patricia's knee at the point where he's injected it and tells her, "All over." He then adds that she should look on the bright side: if Roger had had his way, that could have been a lot worse. Patricia retorts that it still might be - she doesn't really believe he's given up. Ross says that, now that she's got police protection, he doesn't think Roger will try anything else. Patricia murmurs that she hopes he's right. Ross says he's sure he is. He then tells her to sit quietly and just look after that knee. Patricia says she will, and she thanks him for being so patient. Ross assures her that it's all part of his job. He goes on that he'll come back tomorrow and give her another injection, and he then heads out the front way, leaving Patricia sitting in the kitchen. As he passes the lounge room, he stares in and notices Patricia's handbag lying on the coffee table. Looking around carefully, he pauses and then walks into the room, opens the bag and takes out the wallet containing the photo of Margaret. He looks at it and then puts it in his jacket pocket. He goes to head out again, but as he does so, Patricia suddenly comes into the room. Looking surprised to see him, she comments that she thought he'd gone. Ross hurriedly explains that he's only ever seen the kitchen; he's afraid curiosity killed the cat. As Patricia limps in, he tells her to sit down and rest her knee. Patricia explains that she was just going to get a cigarette. Ross tells her to sit down and he'll get it for her. Patricia sits on the couch while Ross reaches into her handbag, takes out a packet of cigarettes and hands it to her. She takes one out and he offers her a light. Patricia thanks him. Ross tells her that it's a pleasure. He then adds that she should rest - the worst thing she can do is move around on that knee. He goes.

It's early evening, and Karen walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house with Mitch. He asks her what this mysterious job is that she couldn't tell him about over the 'phone. Karen explains that it's not a job - not the kind he means, anyway; it concerns her son. Mitch growls at her that whatever the trouble is between Alan and him, Alan started it. Karen quickly assures him that she doesn't doubt it. She then adds that it might surprise him to know that she's as anxious to get rid of Alan as he is - and she knows a way to do it. She asks Mitch if he's interested. Mitch admits, "Could be." Karen goes on that, if you want to compete with people like Alan, you have to do it on their terms - which means you need money. Mitch snaps at her that she's not making any sense. Karen explains that Alan's stepmother owns some jewellery - quite a bit, actually - and it's worth more money than Mitch has ever dreamed of; she knows a way to steal it, and if Mitch will help her, they'll split the proceeds 50/50; with that sort of money, Amanda might just start taking him a bit more seriously, wouldn't he say? As Mitch stares at her, she asks him. "So, are you interested?" She smiles at him.


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