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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

The next morning, Patricia is brushing her hair in her bedroom. David, who's lying asleep in her bed, suddenly wakes up, and she walks over to him. She then sits down on the bed, kisses him on the cheek and tenderly says, "Morning." David, looking slightly dazed, sits up. Patricia says, "Thankyou." David, asks, "For what?" Patricia replies, "Making me happier than I've been in a long time." Looking groggy, David murmurs that his memory is a bit hazy. Putting a look of disappointment on her face, Patricia asks if she's that forgettable. David quickly assures her that she isn't, but he needs to know what happened. Patricia replies that what happened was everything they've both wanted for a long time. She goes on that she thinks she only started to realise it the night of the fan club reunion; he must have felt it too - all it took was a few beers to relax him. David just stares at her. Patricia leans in and kisses him. She pulls back, but David then moves towards her and they start kissing more passionately...

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather tells Mike that it mightn't have had anything to do with losing that account; Patricia might just want him to concentrate on the Melbourne side of the business. Mike retorts, "Until Luke's ruthless streak pays off the way she expects. Then I'll lose that as well. " He adds that Heather should have heard Luke yesterday: he's as bad as his old man when it comes to sticking the knife in. Heather retorts that Luke is a decent kid - and she's glad he's taking on some of the workload; Mike has been overdoing it; Jeff's hearing is the most important thing right now. Mike growls that he'd like to find out how Wayne got those figures on the Wilson account, too - he couldn't have had that long: when he came to give Jeff's wallet back, Katie didn't leave him that long. Jeff agrees that it was only a few seconds. Mike snaps that Wayne can just wait until he gets his hands on him for a few seconds.

Katie opens the door of Fiona's apartment to find Wayne standing there. He says, "Morning," and Katie, looking pleased to see him, says, "Hi!" Wayne then sees Fiona standing there. He acknowledges her, but Fiona just retorts with a curt, "Hello." A car horn suddenly toots outside, and she goes on that that must be her cab. She wishes Katie good luck with her interview and goes. Wayne walks into the apartment, and Katie immediately asks him what the problem is with him and Fiona. Wayne replies that it's a personality thing - they've never really got on. He asks if he could have a coffee, and Katie tells him, "OK!" She then thanks him for holding her hand with the interview. Wayne tells her that he wouldn't like to see her thrown to the wolves! Changing the subject, he asks her what she's doing tonight; does she feel like seeing a show? He holds up the tickets, and Katie comments that he must have been pretty sure she'd say 'yes' if he went ahead and got them. Wayne, though, explains that, actually, a friend gave them to him - but he can't think of anyone he'd rather share them with.

Fiona is at the Fisher house, and as she and Jill walk into the lounge room, she tells Jill that she's sorry to turn up so early, but she didn't want to interrupt her work. Jill, though, replies that she doesn't start for a while yet, anyway. As they stand there, Fiona tells Jill that she wanted to say she hopes they can forget all the unpleasantness of the trial; she knows it's a lot to ask, but she misses her and Fee so much and would like them to be friends again. Jill, looking slightly wary, says she'd like that too, but she thinks there's something she should tell her first. Fiona replies that Jill has turned down Terry's proposal; she knows: Mitch told her. She goes on that, at first, she was a little disappointed, but if she's honest, she has to admit that Jill did the right thing - in the long run, they would both have been very unhappy. Jill throws her arms round her and thanks her. When she pulls away, Fiona asks her how she'd like to have dinner with her tonight, at the boarding house. Jill replies that she'd love to - but she'll probably have to work late. Looking shifty, she then admits that, actually, Mitch is the problem: he got quite nasty when she told him that she'd written to Terry; she doesn't know if she'd feel too comfortable if he was around. Fiona, looking surprised, says she knew Mitch was upset, but she didn't think he'd say anything. Jill tells her that he did - and it was quite frightening, actually. Fiona assures her that he'll be alright when he sees that she agrees with what Jill did. Jill retorts that he strikes her as someone who'll stick by his mates. Fiona asks if there's something wrong with that. Jill says she supposes not - he just scares her. Fiona asks her if she can give him the benefit of the doubt. She adds that, if he does or says anything to upset her, come and see her and she'll sort it out - but can they give him a chance in the meantime - for Terry's sake? Jill, still looking worried, replies that it won't do any harm, she supposes.

Charlie is standing at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway at Toorak, looking at her watch impatiently. She suddenly hears Patricia saying upstairs that she's feeling on top of the world this morning, and she quickly dashes into the lounge room. David tells Patricia that he guesses he is, too - although his head is still spinning a bit. Patricia assures him that a good breakfast will fix that. As they come downstairs, she asks him when they can start making plans. Charlie casually walks out of the lounge room to join them and asks if they know what time it is. Patricia smiles and says she doesn't know and doesn't care. She then goes on that she supposes Charlie would like to be the first to hear the news. Charlie asks, "What news?" Patricia smiles and replies, "David's asked me to marry him and I've said yes." David stares at her, looking shocked.

A few moments later, Charlie asks when it's going to be. Patricia tells her that they haven't decided yet - and David's decree absolute doesn't come through for another couple of weeks . Charlie excitedly says she must get onto a friend of hers, who can tape it - it'll be very romantic, there'll be soft lighting; he's usually booked months ahead, though-- David suddenly interrupts her and tells her that he and Patricia have to talk. Charlie smiles and assures him, "Not another word." She stands there, and so Patricia explains, "I think he means alone!" Charlie laughs that she's so tactless sometimes, and she leaves them to it. David and Patricia head into the lounge room. Patricia asks David what the matter is. David explains that he can't remember any of this; did he really ask her to marry him? Patricia tells him that of course he did; what's he saying: that he didn't mean it? David points out that he'd had a lot to drink. Patricia tells him that he said-- She breaks off, and David asks, "What? Maybe you should tell me." Patricia 'explains' that they talked about old times and then decided that, despite everything that has happened, they still really care about each other; he said he loved her and asked her to marry him; it made her happier than she's been for years: after Margaret and the breakdown and the divorce from Stephen... she thought she was finally being given the chance to be happy with somebody she's always loved; she's sorry. She walks out of the room, leaving David looking puzzled and frustrated.

Patricia heads upstairs and walks into her bedroom. She sits down on the bed and a few seconds later, David follows her into the room. He comfortingly says, "Come on..." Patricia retorts that it's alright - it's her fault. David tells her that he didn't mean to upset her - he just doesn't think it would work; it's not as though they haven't tried. Patricia retorts that they're different people now - it's obvious they want each other. She adds that there's one thing about being drunk: people say how they really feel. David points out that wanting it to work is no guarantee that it will. Patricia asks him if he can see how much she's changed - because he wanted her to; she loves him and just wants a chance to prove it, that's all. David smiles at her.

Luke arrives at the O'Briens', and Mike tells him that the hearing shouldn't take long - he should be at work by early-afternoon. Luke assures him that he wasn't worrying about it; he just came to say 'good luck' to Jeff. Mike leaves them and goes to finish getting ready. Heather comes out of the kitchen and congratulates Luke on his promotion. Luke thanks her but then comments that Mike seems to feel a bit funny about it. Heather assures him that he's alright, and she walks off. Luke then asks Jeff how he's coping. Jeff replies that he'd give anything for a drink. Luke tells him that it's only nerves. Jeff, though, snaps that as if the hearing isn't a worry, he's got all this stuff with Wayne hanging over him; he wishes he could tell his dad. Luke warns him not to even think about it; Mike would put a stop to it, straight off. Jeff grumbles that that's why he feels so rotten. Luke tells him that he did their company a lot of damage by leaking information to Wayne; this is his chance to make it up to them, and if Mike does find out, Jeff will be in worse trouble than he is now, so he should just stick it out a bit longer, OK?

Patricia joins Charlie in the lounge room at Toorak. Charlie tells her that she came looking for her and David after breakfast, but they'd both gone. She asks what happened: a passionate dash to the bedroom?! Patricia grimly replies that it was more like a rescue operation, really; she thought everything was going to fall apart on her for a minute - but at least she's got David thinking now; that's half the battle. Charlie smiles and says she knew Patricia would have the game all but won. Patricia retorts that she loves him. Charlie says she knows that. Patricia goes on that it's just a matter of convincing him that she can make him happy - she just needs a chance. David comes in at that moment and announces that he's going out to see if can line up more work. Patricia quickly asks if she can tag along. David tells her that it will be pretty boring, but Patricia insists that she'd like to spend the morning with him - as long as she won't be in the way. David says, "Alright. I'll get the car." He leaves them. Charlie smiles at Patricia and says, "One up to you, darling."

Wayne and Katie walk into the lounge room at the Fisher house. As they do so, Wayne tells Katie that, watching her this morning, he's swear she'd been doing deals all her life! Katie replies that it wasn't difficult - she just said what she thought, and it came down to 'are you interested'? Wayne muses that he doesn't think Macintosh has had that kind of approach before! Jill comes into the room, and Wayne tells her that he and Katie are just off to lunch; he thought he'd look in first to see if anything had come up. Jill tells him that there's nothing new - except she's typed up the figures for the Barlow account, if he wants to have a look. Wayne, though, looking wary about the fact that Katie is there, says he'll do it later; it's not urgent. Looking surprised, Jill points out that, yesterday, he was running in crowing about the inside information he'd got his hands on. Wayne just retorts that an hour or two won't change anything, and he and Katie head out, leaving Jill looking puzzled.

Charlie opens the front door at Toorak to find a woman - Irene - standing there. Irene asks if David is there, but Charlie explains that she's the only one at home. Irene admits that she is a bit early. She then introduces herself and adds that she's meeting David for lunch. Charlie invites her in and says he'll be back soon. She introduces herself and adds that she actually feels as if she knows Irene already - she's heard about her from Patricia. A grimace on her face, Irene asks her if Patricia is a friend of hers. Charlie smiles and replies that they're practically sisters. Irene mutters that that must be nice... The two of them head into the lounge room, and Charlie tells Irene to take a seat. She offers coffee, but Irene declines. Charlie then tells her that, between the two of them, she should get ready for a big surprise. She adds that she's sure Irene will be as thrilled as she was when David tells her. Irene says, "Tells me what?" Charlie quickly replies that she couldn't - they'd never speak to her if she let the cat out too soon. Irene, sounding disinterested, says, "Really?" Charlie then goes on that, alright, if Irene promises not to say she told her: it looks like wedding bells for Patricia and David. Irene looks shocked.

A few moments later, Charlie is saying that, personally, she thinks it should be a huge wedding - she knows David is a bit shy, but Patricia has such style. The front door suddenly opens and David and Patricia come in, Patricia commenting as they do so that that was a good morning's work - it should keep him busy for a few days. They head into the lounge room and Patricia's face immediately drops when she sees Irene there. David tells Irene that he's sorry he's late - he thought they'd be back before this. Irene assures him that Charlie has stopped her getting bored. David turns to Patricia and explains that he and Irene have arranged to have lunch; he knows Patricia has a fair bit to do this afternoon, so he thought it would be best if he was out of her hair. Patricia, in a strained voice, tells them to have a nice time. Irene smiles and says they will - she's got a lovely little restaurant all picked out. She turns to Charlie and tells her that it was nice talking to her, and then she and David go. Charlie immediately says to Patricia that if that's her rival, she doesn't see that she's got much to worry about. Patricia just stands there, looking unhappy. Charlie goes on that Irene isn't David's type at all - Patricia should have seen her face. Patricia asks, "What about it?" Charlie replies, "The look on it." A look of horror on her face, Patricia cries, "Charlie, you didn't tell her?" Charlie, looking sheepish, admits that maybe a little hint slipped out. Patricia snaps "You idiot. Now she'll do everything she can to change David's mind." Charlie asks what she can do. Patricia replies that there's plenty she can do - she and David have got a long way to go before they tie the knot. She then asks Charlie in mock frustration when she'll learn to keep her mouth shut!

As they walk down the driveway outside, Irene tells David that she's been having an interesting chat with Charlie. David muses that that doesn't surprise him. Irene goes on that Charlie said he and Patricia are thinking of getting married. Looking annoyed, David mutters, "Geez..." Irene asks if it isn't true. David retorts that nothing's decided yet. Irene asks if there's a possibility. David replies that it's something they've been talking about. Irene comments that it's a bit out of the blue. David, though, tells her that he and Patricia have been getting close ever since Margaret died - and they go back a long way. Irene replies that Fiona told her some of it; from what she said, she's surprised he's having anything to do with Patricia. David retorts that he knows Patricia better than anyone; there's more to her than Fiona thinks. Irene tells him that she's not saying there isn't. David goes on that, lately, she's been trying to change the way she treats people. Irene asks him if that was his idea or hers. David retorts that he doesn't want to talk about it - not even to an old mate like her.

Jeff walks into the O'Briens', followed by Heather and Mike, and exclaims that walking through the front door has never felt so good; he didn't think he'd be doing it this morning. Heather tells him that there was never much chance of him going to jail - not on his first offence. Mike points out that a twelve-month good-behaviour bond is still pretty serious. Jeff says he knows. He then adds that he'd like to say thanks for the way they've stuck with him - he'd never have got through it by himself. Heather reminds him that they're a family and heads off to get changed so that she can start on the housework. Mike suggests to Jeff that they have a talk, and the two of them go and sit down in the lounge room. Mike says to his son that he knows he'll have to stay out of trouble from now on. Jeff mutters, "Yes." Mike goes on that they won't let him off a second time - and if he ever wants to hit the drink again, he's to come to him or his mum; he's not to try to make it on his own. He then tells Jeff that he loves him. He goes on that he knows he's not very good at saying it, but he does - and so does his mother; they'll do whatever they have to to try and help, but they can't do it unless he's totally honest with them. Jeff tells him that he will be, from now on. Mike adds that not that it will come to that - if he can get through today without a drink, he can get through anything. He then stands up and yells to Heather that he's off. Turning back to Jeff, he tells him that he thinks Heather is right: if he'd trusted him a bit more, he mightn't have had such a hard time of things; he supposes they've both learnt a lot in the last couple of months. He goes, leaving Jeff staring into space.

Luke heads down the hallway to the front door at Toorak. As he passes the lounge room, Patricia calls to him and asks him if he's going out. Luke replies that he's getting some lunch. Patricia asks him when she's going to see something happening with Karen Fox. Luke assures her that it's under control - Karen won't take any more accounts off them; from now on, it'll be the other way round. Patricia tells him that she hopes so - it's worth a bonus to him. Luke replies that he'll treat himself to a decent lunch on the strength of it. Patricia warns him that he shouldn't spend the money until it's in his hand, but Luke tells her that it's as good as. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Luke says he'll get it. He picks up the receiver in the lounge. Patricia leaves the room. Jeff comes on the 'phone and Luke asks him how it went. Jeff replies that he got a good-behaviour bond. He then tells Luke that he's got to talk to him: meet him outside the school in a few minutes. Luke retorts that it will take him a bit longer than that - he'll get there as soon as he can. Jeff hangs up as he says, this, though, and Luke sighs heavily.

A while later, Jeff is standing by the school gates, waiting, as Luke pulls up in his car. He gets out and runs over to Jeff, who immediately asks him what took so long. Luke retorts that there are such things as traffic. He then asks what the problem is. Jeff replies that it's everything: his dad put himself on the line for him in court this morning. Luke points out that Mike is his father. Jeff tells him that no one could tell that from the way he's been carrying on. Luke asks him what he means. Jeff explains that he means the way he's been blaming his dad for not being able to run anymore - it wasn't his dad's fault, it was his - and pinching that stuff out of his briefcase for Wayne... Luke points out that he's making up for that, now. Jeff snaps that he's making it up for him and the company. Luke retorts that he told him: it's the same thing. Jeff asks why they can't tell his dad what's going on, then - because it's a rotten way to run a business and his dad wouldn't have anything to do with it; he can't even look him in the eye anymore - especially when his dad tells him how sorry he is for not trusting him. Luke assures him that it won't last much longer. Jeff, though, retorts that it won't last any longer: if he doesn't get a drink soon, his nerves are going to go and he'll end up telling his dad whether he wants to or not. Luke comments that it can't be that bad, but Jeff angrily asks him what he knows. He then adds that, anyway, once the pressure is over, he'll give up - he's done it before. Luke asks for how long that was, answering, "Two days." Jeff snaps that he needs the cash. Luke says he thought his parents were giving him money now. Jeff retorts that they're giving him 60¢ for morning tea at school; big deal. Luke, giving in reluctantly, tells him that this is the first and last time. He takes out some money and hands it over, telling Jeff as he does so that once this is spent, he'll personally make sure he never touches another drop.

Patricia is slowly pacing the lounge room at Toorak. Charlie comes in and asks if they're back yet, but Patricia tells her that they aren't. She bitterly adds that it must be some lunch. Charlie says she really is sorry if she messed things up. At that moment, though, David comes into the house. As he walks into the lounge room, he asks if it's not too late to put another chop on, as he's asked Irene over for dinner. Charlie looks at Patricia. Patricia tautly replies that of course it isn't. She then asks where Irene is, and David explains that she's back in her motel, freshening up. Patricia tells him that she was starting to get worried. David replies that he's sorry he's late - Irene hauled him off to meet a mate of hers who runs a factory; she convinced this mate to give him some work: he starts tomorrow. Patricia asks him how long he'll be away. David replies that it'll be a couple of days. He adds that it's a good deal - there's big money in the long runs. Patricia asks him what he'll do about the trips he organised this morning. David tells her that he's got plenty of mates who'll be happy to take them out - and besides, Irene wants to see the countryside, so he asked her along for the ride. Patricia snaps, "I see." Charlie subtly says she'll go and take the meat out of the freezer, and she leaves them to it. David asks Patricia what's wrong. She replies that she hasn't been feeling very well all afternoon; she couldn't help thinking about how he carried on this morning about them getting married. David tells her to forget it, but Patricia says she just doesn't want him to feel that she's pressuring him. David assures her that he doesn't. He then adds that, well... he knows it wasn't on purpose. Patricia tells him that it wasn't - she swears; she's just so happy - last night was like being given the opportunity to do it all over again without the mistakes. She goes on that the biggest mistake she ever made was not realising how much she loved him; she realised it last night, though. David tells her that she means lot to him, too. Patricia, looking glum, replies, "But not enough - so I've made a fool of myself." David assures her that she didn't. He adds that it's obvious there's something between them; he's just not sure marriage is the right thing; he's not sure it isn't, either, but he needs a few days to think about it. Patricia points out that, if he has to think about it, he doesn't love her. David, though, quickly tells her that that's enough of that. After pausing momentarily, he then goes on that maybe she's right: maybe he is being a bit too cautious. He asks her if she honestly thinks they could make a go of it. Patricia looks at him lovingly and says, "Yes, I do." David then comments that he supposes they're mad if they don't give it a go. He asks, "Will you marry me?" Patricia hugs him, delightedly.

Katie walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, with Wayne. She tells him that she knows he was going to pick her up, but she couldn't wait; Macintosh called and offered her a contract for six new games programs! Wayne exclaims that that's terrific! Katie tells him that she could hardly believe it! Wayne comments that six games is a bit of work, but Katie explains that she's got a whole year to do them; the terms were so good, she could hardly say 'no'! Wayne offers her his congratulations. Katie tells him that she couldn't have done it without him. She gives him a quick kiss and says, "Thanks." She then stands back and stares at him as he tells her he was glad he could help. He stares into her eyes, too, and they then lean towards each other and start kissing more passionately...

Patricia opens the front door at Toorak. Irene is standing on the step and she explains that David invited her round. Patricia replies that he told her, and she invites Irene in. As they stand in the hallway, Patricia adds that David is upstairs organising a bigger truck for the trip tomorrow. The two of them head into the lounge room, and Patricia continues that it must take quite a bit of nerve for Irene to keep hanging around like this. Irene retorts that, so long as it stops Patricia getting her hooks into David, she doesn't mind. Patricia tells her that she's afraid she's left it a little late: David proposed to her this evening and she said 'yes'. Irene retorts that it's not too late for him to change his mind; all it needs is for someone to make him realise how incredibly stupid he's being - and as she's going to be spending the next couple of days with him, it looks as if it's up to her. Patricia tells her that she'll be wasting her time. Irene retorts that that may be - but she wouldn't go sending out invitations just yet; she doesn't give in easily - especially when it comes to somebody she cares about. Patricia stares at her.


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