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    Written by: Betty Quinn   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Wayne is in the lounge room at Dural when the front door bangs shut and Gordon comes in. He hands Wayne a letter and tells him that it just arrived by cab. He looks at the envelope and adds that it looks like Karen's writing. Wayne scowls as he mutters that he wonders what she wants now. He tears open the letter, reads it and then tells his father that it's an apology. He adds by way of explanation that they had words this morning, and now Karen is saying sorry with a couple of tickets to the theatre; she's saying he should use them to take Katie out. Gordon tells him that he should ring Karen and thank her. He then says he's heading outside to get some sun.

At the Fisher house, Karen is sitting reading the newspaper, but she looks distracted. She stands up and puts the paper down. She then looks at the 'phone but it doesn't ring. She starts pacing the room and then stands looking thoughtful. The 'phone does suddenly start ringing, and she goes to answer it - but she pauses to let it ring a couple of times before she picks up. Wayne comes on and tells her that he got her note. Karen just says, "Good." Wayne goes on that it's not like her to turn the other cheek. Karen assures him that she's not playing games - she felt lousy after they hung up earlier; she didn't mean the things she said - it was the pressure talking. She goes on that, now that Nat's home... She continues that Wayne knows how she and Nat feel about Todd - she was so grateful to Wayne for how he helped her she when heard Todd was dying; that's why she sent the note: after what they had together, they shouldn't end it in a slanging match. Wayne listens and then replies that it doesn't have to end. Karen distantly says she wishes it didn't - but she's not very good at sharing. Wayne tells her that she won't have to - there's nothing between him and Katie O'Brien; there never was - he just wanted her to think there was, as he was pretty angry over the way she conned him over Jeff O'Brien; he's sorry. Karen stands there, not saying anything. Wayne asks her if she's still there. Karen explains that she's just picking herself up off the floor! Wayne asks her if she still wants to know him. Karen replies, "As long as you make it up to me next time we see each other." Wayne points out that that could be difficult with Nat around. Karen reminds him that she told him: there's no reason for Fisher to stay now that Irene won't tell him where Todd is; once he's gone, they can pick up where they left off.

Andy opens the door at the Morrell apartment to find Irene and Nat standing there. He invites them in and goes to get Amanda. Left alone with her ex-husband, Irene tells Nat that Andy has been a good friend to Amanda. Nat suddenly spots some photos of Todd, Irene and Amanda lying on the coffee table, and he picks them up. As he and Irene look at them, he comments to Irene that it must have been hard for her to keep that smile in place. Irene sadly replies that it was the hardest thing she's ever had to do. Nat looks at her. Amanda suddenly comes out from her bedroom and says, "Dr. Fisher?" Nat turns to her and says he is. He then asks her to forgive his not ringing, but he's rather pressed for time. Irene chips in to explain that he's flying out tomorrow. Amanda invites him to sit down, but Nat tells her that he can't stay; he just wants her to know that he doesn't blame her for not contacting him - she was quite right to put Todd's wishes first. Amanda replies that it's a pity he missed his son, as Todd would have given a lot to hear him say that - he really does love him. Nat says he knows: Todd left him a letter; he wrote quite a bit about her. He goes on that as far as he's concerned, she's family from now on - if there's anything he can do for her... Amanda sadly replies that she just wants to be with Todd - she loves him very much. Nat tells her that Todd was wrong to leave her behind - but that was his decision and she must respect his wishes. Irene suddenly interrupts and tells Nat that they really must be going. Nat takes Amanda's hand and tells her to take good care of herself. Irene gives the girl a hug and she and Nat then walk to the door and go. Outside, in the corridor, Nat asks Irene why she headed him off. Irene replies that Todd wants Amanda to remember him as the smiling boy in those photos; it's the way she wants to remember him, too...

A short time later, a green car pulls up in the road outside Irene's boarding house and Nat gets out from the driver's side. He walks round to the passenger side and opens the door. Irene climbs out. As she stands there with Nat, she says she hopes he won't have any trouble getting on the 'plane. Nat assures her, "Not First Class!" Irene comments that having a lot of money to splash around must help sometimes. Nat just replies, "Yes..." Taking in the boarding house, he then continues that it's good to see she's invested her money in something that will provide her with an income. Irene tells him that she's never made much out of it - she's always a soft touch for a hard-luck story - but she's got a roof over her head, and a car. Looking at the bright yellow vehicle parked in the driveway, Nat comments that he thought it might be hers! He then notices a sticker in the back window - 'Uranium? No Thanks' - and remarks that she's still pushing lost causes. Irene retorts that she hopes it isn't a lost cause. She then goes on that she must be getting lazy in her old age, as there was a time when she would have been waving banners about - she's a rebel from way back! Nat tells her that, after reading the things Todd wrote about her, he's beginning to wonder if he ever knew her. Irene replies that, for what it's worth, she had a closed mind about him, too - 'til she started listening to what Todd had to say. Nat tells her that he was wrong to keep them apart - but seventeen years is too late for apologies. Irene smiles and says, "Thanks, anyway." Nat then tells her that he won't have time to see her again before he leaves. Irene assures him that there's no need. She asks him if he'll give Todd her love, and Nat replies that of course he will. He adds that Todd won't let it get the better of him - he has her courage. He gives her a quick kiss and says, "Bye, Irene." He starts to walk back to her car and Irene quietly replies, "Bye, Nat." She watches him as he stands by his car. They look at each other and Nat then gets in the car and drives off.

Amanda is at Dural, and as she joins Gordon in the lounge room, she asks him if it's a good book that he's reading. He replies that it's nice to read it again; it's one Liz gave him. Amanda asks him if he's heard from her lately. Gordon just says, "No." Amanda goes on that it's easy to get out of touch, isn't it; look at them. Gordon explains that he's afraid he felt he had to cut out for a while - Wayne needed to know he had his support; but he has been keeping tabs on Amanda through Barbara. Amanda realises that he must know all about Todd, and Gordon replies that he does. He adds that Todd must be a very brave young man. Amanda, tears suddenly starting to well up in her eyes, says, "He is..." She then quickly adds that she's sorry - she'll be alright. Gordon tells her that, if it helps to cry, she should go ahead. Amanda, though, tells him that Todd wouldn't want her to. Gordon tells her that it might help if she found something to do with her time - maybe some charity work? Amanda, though, replies that, if everything works out, she'll have lots to do with her time: she's hoping to have Todd's child; she's done everything she can to make it happen. Gordon, a look of surprise on his face, just says, "I see." Amanda says to him that he's disappointed in her. Gordon tells her that Wayne will be hurt. Amanda insists that she's not doing it to upset him; she wants Todd's baby because then she'll never lose him; can he understand that? Gordon remarks that she must love Todd very much. Amanda replies that she does.

Katie walks out of her bedroom at the O'Briens', holding a packed suitcase. Heather joins her and tells her that she's got far too many clothes for a few days. Katie, though, explains that some of the Sydney companies might want her to stay put for a while. She then adds that she'd better be getting next door, as the taxi will be there soon. Heather tells her that she'll come with her, but Katie immediately warns, "Mum..." Heather assures her that she just wants to see what Terry's friend is like. Katie retorts that she'll embarrass her. Heather insists that she just wants to see the man; she's rather upset that Fiona didn't tell them that he'd be flying up with her. Katie assures her that she can take care of herself; she had to grow up a lot when she and her dad split up, didn't she, so it's not fair to treat her like a kid now. Heather says she's sure most mums worry when their kids leave home for the first time. Giving in, the two of them hug, and Katie then says she's glad she said 'goodbye' to her dad when he was in too much of a rush to make a big deal of it. Heather asks her if she's got her ticket. Katie checks in her handbag and realises it's not there. Heather smiles and tells her that she probably left it in her room.

A man in his thirties is standing outside the front door of the Palmer house, a bag slung over his shoulder. Susie is running around and, as he almost trips over her, he picks her up and says, "Sorry, little fella - didn't see you!"

Inside the house, in the lounge room, Fiona and Beryl are struggling to close Fiona's suitcase! There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Fiona comments that that's probably Mitch now. Beryl, looking slightly nervous, just says, "Yes..." Fiona asks her if she'd like her to let him in. Beryl agrees that it might be an idea, as she's a strange face. Fiona goes to the door and opens it. As she sees the man standing there with Susie, she comments that he's made a friend. The man remarks that he's a cute little fella. Fiona, though, explains that she's a girl! The man says he's sorry! Fiona invites him in and they head into the lounge room. Fiona introduces him to Beryl as Bob Mitchell, but he tells her, "'Mitch' to my friends." He and Beryl shake hands, and Beryl tells him that it's nice to meet him. Fiona tells him that he's just in time - she and Beryl are having difficulties with the case: they can't get it closed! Mitch goes to fiddle with it, and Fiona quietly asks Beryl if she's still worried about her being murdered in her bed!

Later that day, a taxi pulls up outside the boarding house in Sydney, and Fiona, Katie and Mitch get out. The driver goes to retrieve their luggage from the trunk. Mitch looks at the boarding house and comments that it's a nice little place. Fiona tells him that he'll like the lady who runs it, too - she makes a real home-away-from-home. Katie says she'll pay for the cab, but Mitch tells her, "No way." He then asks the driver how much it is, and he replies, "$15.80." Mitch suddenly snaps, "Come off it." Katie tells him that it's the right amount - she saw it on the meter. Mitch snaps that he's rigged it, then. The driver angrily retorts that he hasn't rigged anything. Mitch snaps he's robbing them blind, then. The driver warns him to watch his mouth, but Mitch suddenly holds a clenched fist up threateningly and asks who's going to make him. Fiona quickly interjects, hands the driver a $20 note and tells him to keep the change. Mitch snaps, "Like hell he will." Fiona, though, warns him to watch it - she doesn't want any trouble. Mitch snaps at her that it's her money; the driver wouldn't get a cent of his. The driver retorts that he wouldn't want it. Mitch tells him that he knows what he can do with the money. The driver gets back in the taxi and Fiona tells Mitch that he's been out of circulation for far too long - that was the correct fare. Mitch snaps that he still doesn't care, and he hits the taxi as it drives off. Fiona warns him that he was doing fine until he gave that man a hard time; he's going to have to watch that temper or it's going to land him right back where he started...

Irene opens the front door of her apartment and, as her guests walk in, she tells them to dump their gear anywhere until they've had tea and then she'll show them upstairs. She adds, looking at Fiona, that the builders have done a terrific job on the other flat. Fiona says she looks forward to seeing it. Turning to Katie, Irene asks her if it's her first trip to Sydney. Katie replies that it is. Irene tells her that she should do some sightseeing while she's there. Mitch chips in that he wouldn't mind seeing a bit of the sights himself. Katie, though, says she thinks she'll be too busy working. Changing the subject, Irene tells them to make themselves comfortable and she'll put the kettle on. Fiona follows her into the kitchen to give her a hand, leaving Katie looking uncomfortable at being left alone with Mitch. In the kitchen, Irene remarks to Fiona that Katie seems a bit uptight with Mitch; he didn't make a pass at her, did he? Fiona replies that they were fine until Mitch lost his temper with the cabbie who drove them there. Irene asks what happened. Fiona explains that there was an argument about the fare; Mitch was in the wrong. Irene comments that he was probably just letting off steam after being locked up for so long. Fiona tells her that she doesn't want him adding to her troubles; she knows how difficult times have been for her. Irene assures her that she's coping. She then goes on that, before she forgets, Gordon 'phoned - he wants Fiona to come round for dinner tonight. Fiona, looking wary, explains that she doesn't think she can, as she wants to keep a close eye on Mitch for a few days. Irene suggests to her that she take Mitch with her, adding that she's sure the Hamiltons wouldn't mind. Out in the lounge room, Mitch is taking some small pieces of cake and stuffing them in his shirt pocket. He suddenly becomes aware of Katie staring at him, and he asks if something is wrong. Katie quickly says, "No." Irene comes in, sees what he's doing and says he's going to trade some cake in for a few smokes, eh? Suddenly looking guilty, Mitch mutters that a few old habits die hard. Irene puts down a tray of tea things but then, sensing that Katie is still looking wary, asks Mitch if he wouldn't prefer a beer. Mitch agrees that he would if there's one going. Irene tells him that the local's just down the road; she'll shout him. The two of them get up and head out.

Barbara, Gordon, Amanda and Andy are sitting playing Scrabble at the table in the living room at Dural. Amanda puts down some tiles - Y-A-C-H-T - and then announces that there are no more pieces left so it's her game! Gordon smiles and says he doesn't know why he encourages her to stay around! Andy stands up and says he'd better get going, as he's got a disco booking tonight. Amanda tells him not to forget to pick her up before 11pm. Andy assures her that there are no worries. Gordon and Barbara go with him to see him out. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Amanda answers it. Fiona comes on and says it's her. She adds that she didn't expect Amanda to answer the 'phone. Amanda explains that she's spending the day there, and she adds that she's looking forward to see Fiona at dinner. Fiona, though, says she's afraid she can't make it: a friend of Terry's was freed from jail today and she's acting like an unofficial parole officer. Amanda tells her to bring him along, and Fiona asks her if she's sure. Amanda replies that it would do her good to meet someone like him - it might make her realise that she's not the only one with problems. Fiona tells her that she and Irene make a good pair, coping the way they do - she's proud of them both. Amanda thanks her and tells her that she'll see her at about 7pm. Fiona assures her that they'll be there. The two women hang up, and at Dural, Barbara asks Amanda who it was. Amanda explains that it was Fiona - she's bringing a friend to dinner. Barbara, noticing that Amanda looks upset again, points out that that's no reason to look tearful. Amanda sadly says, "No..."

Nat arrives back at the Fisher house, and Karen tells him that she was wondering when he was coming home. She asks him where he's been, and he explains that he's been getting to know his son. Karen looks at him questioningly and he goes on that Irene told him about the boatyard: he went to see Todd's boss, and he was told that Todd had a lot of talent; he was too ashamed to let Harry know that he never knew the boy had an interest in boat-building. Karen tells him not to upset himself. Nat assures her that he isn't - when he sees Todd, he just wants to be able to discuss things he cares about. As Karen stares at him again, he explains that Todd is in a clinic in Switzerland; Irene finally told him. He goes on that he's booked them on a flight first thing tomorrow; he'll get Mrs. Atkins to pack for them. Suddenly looking worried, Karen says she doesn't know if she can leave the business at such short notice. Nat snaps, "To hell with the business - I need you with me." Karen, realising how important this is, tells him that she'll brief Wayne on what he has to do while she's away. Nat warns her not to mention where they're going, as Irene doesn't want it getting back to young Amanda.

At Irene's apartment, Fiona is alone with Katie, and she comments that the girl doesn't like Mitch, does she? Katie explains that it's not because he's been in prison; it's just that she's never liked bad-tempered people, and he's just so... Fiona says, "Uncouth?" Katie smiles awkwardly and tells her that that makes her sound like a real prig! Fiona assures her that if she hadn't hung around with a few rough diamonds in her time, she'd find him a little hard to take to. The two of them get up and head into the kitchen, where Fiona continues that you'd never think Mitch was decorated for bravery at Vietnam, would you? Katie, looking surprised, says, "No." Fiona goes on that he was - it's probably why he took to Terry: war veterans tend to stick together. Katie comments that he hasn't had much of a life: Vietnam and then prison. Fiona explains that Terry said Mitch really didn't mind Vietnam - his problems started when he was invalided out of the army. Katie asks what happened. Fiona replies that he was in a bar and some fellow tried to chat up his girl; it turned into a fight and Mitch lost his temper - he kept hitting the man until he was dead. Katie looks shocked. Fiona assures her that she really doesn't think he's silly enough to do anything that will put him back in prison, but it's probably a good idea if Katie stayed out of the way. Katie assures her that she will, adding that anyone would be crazy to get mixed up with someone like that. Fiona tells her that Mitch knows he's got a bad temper and she knows he's trying to overcome it. She adds, "Here's hoping he makes the grade..."

It's evening, and at Dural, Fiona and Barbara are standing in the hallway with Mitch. Barbara comments to him, "Trust Irene to whisk you straight down to the pub!" Fiona points out that she knows Irene - any excuse! She points Mitch to the lounge, and he walks in there. In the hallway, Gordon welcomes Fiona back to the city, and she tells him that it's very nice to be there. As he walks into the lounge room, Mitch suddenly notices Amanda standing at the table, and he stares at her, intently. Amanda becomes aware of his presence, looks up at him, smiles and introduces herself. She adds that he must be Fiona's friend. He nods. Amanda tells him that she's glad he could come. Mitch smiles back and says, "So am I, now..."

Wayne arrives at the Fisher house, and Karen asks him how come he's there, as she rang Dural and Barbara said he wouldn't be back for ages. Wayne asks her if she was checking up on him! Karen explains that she needed to see him: Fisher has found out where Todd is and they're flying out tomorrow - but they don't want Amanda finding out. Wayne assures her that she won't hear it from him - he's been turfed out of the house just so she could visit. Karen asks him if he's saying he dropped in on her because he was at a loose end! Wayne explains that he thought he might collect some files to read. He walks over to a pile of folders lying on the table. As he does so, Karen tells him that she'd ask him to stay to dinner, but Fisher is in a funny mood, so they'd better not risk it. Wayne, looking at a sheet of paper on top of the files, asks if these are his instructions while she's away. Karen replies, "Yes." Wayne asks her if she expects him to see the O'Brien kid again. Karen replies that she doesn't if he does a good job while she's out of the country. Wayne, making to go, tells her that he'll leave her to it. Karen, though, tells him to wait. She then asks him to tell her that he misses her. Wayne kisses her quickly and tells her that he misses her. Karen suddenly throws her arms round him and kisses him passionately. Wayne pulls away and warns her to be careful. Karen, though, snaps that she's sick of having to be careful; she can't wait until they can be together all the time. Wayne comments that she's rushing things a bit, isn't she? Karen tells him that it's not a casual affair for her, anymore - she loves him. As she sees the expression on his face, she tells him not to say anything now - she just wants him to know how she felt before she left. Wayne, looking surprised, tells her that she can hardly leave it up in the air. Karen, though, replies that she can hardly handle a serious discussion now. She tells him to just think about it and they can come to a decision when she gets back. Wayne says, "OK," and Karen tells him to take care. Wayne kisses her and goes.

There are some dips on the coffee table in the lounge room at Dural, and Barbara picks up a dish and offers it to Mitch. Gordon says he'll uncork some wine, and he asks Fiona if she'd like to come with him to see what he's laid down. Fiona says she'd love to, and the two of them go. Barbara says to Mitch that she hopes he doesn't mind burgundy with his steak. Mitch assures her that he'll give it a go. Barbara goes to check on the dinner, leaving Mitch alone with Amanda. She offers him another savoury, and he thanks her, adding that he hasn't tasted anything as good as those in a long time. Amanda comments that she guesses the food in prison must have been vile. Mitch stares at her, and Amanda, looking guilty, says she's obviously said the wrong thing. Mitch explains that he didn't know she knew he'd been inside. Amanda explains that Fiona is a close friend - and they all know Terry. She adds that she won't talk about it if he'd rather she didn't. Mitch assures her that it's OK - he feels like he could handle anything tonight. Amanda asks him if he's made any plans for the future. Mitch replies that he's made a few: he wants a house... a job... someone to come home to at night... Amanda smiles and says it sounds pretty good to her; she hopes he finds the right girl. Mitch tells her that he already has. Amanda asks him if she's said 'yes'. Mitch, though, tells her that he won't pop the question until he's back on his feet. Amanda says she hopes everything works out well for him. Mitch, a glint in his eye, smiles at her as he tells her that he'll make sure it does...


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