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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather says to Mike that she thought they might get stuck into the tree near the back door this morning - it needs a good pruning. Mike, though, replies that he can't, as he's got to spend today and tomorrow at the office - he's got a ton of paperwork to catch up on. Looking annoyed, Heather retorts that he didn't say anything last night. Mike explains that he didn't want her to get upset. Heather snaps at him that he's been at work every night this week; she thought he could at least spend some time with his family at the weekend. Mike tells her that he won't be able to attend the 'Lucky Star' concert tonight, either. Heather angrily asks how long this is going to go on. Mike replies that, once he's got the hang of the job, things will settle down and get back to normal. Heather tells him that things would have a better chance of getting back to normal if he spent a little more time with his family. Mike asks her if she thinks he wants to go into work today. Heather comments that he doesn't look very upset about it. In the lounge room, Katie is sitting working at her computer while Jeff is lying on the floor, the newspaper spread out in front of him. They can both hear as Heather yells at Mike that they've got a son with a serious drinking problem and Mike can't even find time to take him to his AA meeting. Mike yells back that he took him last week. Heather retorts that she's taken him there since. She goes on that it's the same old story: he lands himself a decent job and the next minute, it's his whole life. Mike snaps that it's not going to be that way, but Heather tells him that it is the way he's going - and she sees it getting worse, not better. She storms out of the kitchen. In the lounge room, Katie stands up and goes to comfort her. When she's gone, Jeff walks over to Mike's briefcase, which is lying on one of the armchairs. He opens it, takes out a file and hides it under the cushion of the other armchair in the room. He then takes out the card that Wayne gave him, goes to the 'phone and dials a number. It's answered by a woman saying, "St. Kilda Travelodge." Jeff asks for Wayne Morrell. Mike suddenly comes into the room and Jeff nervously tells him that he's talking to a mate. Mike just picks up his briefcase and goes. Wayne comes to the 'phone and Jeff says it's him. Wayne asks him how he is. Jeff tells him that he's got some stuff he might be interested in. He adds that if Wayne wants it, he can come and get it - it'll be under the front door mat. Wayne exclaims that that's great, and he tells Jeff that there's some money in it for him. Jeff snaps that he doesn't want any money - he just wants Mrs. Morrell's company to go broke; that way, his dad will be able to spend some more time at home. Wayne comments that that's fair enough. He asks when he should come over. Jeff tells him to do it now, as it won't be long before his dad finds out that the file has gone. Wayne replies that he's on his way. The two of them hang up. Jeff looks worried.

In the study at Toorak, Patricia tells Mike that she's sorry to drag him in on the weekend, but if they don't get the ball rolling on the Wilson account, they could miss out. She adds, "It didn't cause any trouble at home, did it?" Mike replies that it caused a few ruffled feathers, but it'll be alright. He then asks her if she got on to Luke, and Patricia tells him that he'll be in after lunch - he can catch up on some of the work that's been piling up while they get on with the Wilson account. Mike says he thinks there are a few things they should discuss about the tender, first. He opens his briefcase to take out the file, and then starts rooting around, as if looking for something. Patricia asks what's up. Mike tells her that he's sure he put it back after finishing with it - unless he put it on the sideboard... Patricia snaps that the file is a little confidential to leave on the sideboard. Mike picks up the telephone handset and starts dialling a number. Patricia curtly says to him that if anybody got hold of those figures, does he realise the position they'd-- Mike interrupts and tells her that he hardly thinks Heather and the kids would-- Patricia interrupts and snaps that that's not the point - if files are marked 'Confidential', it means they're confidential.

The 'phone rings at the O'Briens' and Jeff answers it. Mike tells him that he's missing a file - it's marked 'Wilson Account'; he must have left it on the sideboard. He asks Jeff if he can have a look, and Jeff tells him to hang on a minute. Jeff doesn't move, though, instead standing there holding the 'phone in the air for a few seconds, his hand over the mouthpiece. He then puts it back to his ear and tells his father that, no, he can't see it. Mike insists that it's got to be there somewhere, and he asks Jeff if he can hunt round and get back to him at work. He adds that it's very important. Jeff just says, "OK." Mike thanks him and hangs up. Jeff looks worried.

At Toorak, Patricia angrily asks Mike how on earth he could lose it. Mike retorts that he hasn't lost it - it's got to be there somewhere. Patricia tells him that she certainly hopes so - the last thing she needs is a company manager who leaves confidential files lying round the place.

Wayne walks up the path to the O'Brien house and stops outside the door. He then takes a look round to make sure no one's there before bending down, lifting up the mat, picking up the file that's hidden underneath and walking off.

Andy is at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and he asks Irene how Amanda is. Irene replies that she asleep - she's given her a sedative. Andy then asks Irene how she's coping. Irene just replies that she's OK. Andy says that, if there's anything he can do... Irene tells him that she's alright: she'll just treat today like any other day - the world won't stop spinning. She then asks Andy if he's back to stay, and he tells her that he is. Irene says she'll be off then. She adds that, if he needs a hand with Amanda, just give her a yell. Andy says he will. Irene looks at him and then goes. Andy looks thoughtful.

A while later, Irene is furiously digging over the garden at the boarding house. A middle-aged man walks up to her and tells her that she'll wear herself out if she doesn't slow down! Irene just retorts that it has to be done. The man - Jack - comments, "Rather you than me." Changing the subject, he asks her if she's got any bets she wants him to put on, as he's heading down to the TAB. Irene tells him, "Not today, thanks." Jack goes on that he was reading somewhere that you should let the soil rest before starting digging it for another planting. Irene says, "Really?" Jack continues that it was one of the gardening magazines, he thinks. He then adds that Irene has obviously got her own ideas, though. Irene tells him that she sure has. Jack remarks that he supposes she knows what she's doing; he'll leave her to it. He walks off.

Wayne is standing outside the O'Brien house, and he bends down to put the file back under the mat. As he does so, though, the door opens and Wayne finds himself coming face-to-face with Katie. She asks him if she can help him, and he awkwardly introduces himself, adding that he's a friend of Beryl Palmer's. Katie recalls that he took Beryl and the kids to the movies last night. Wayne, thinking on his feet, reaches into his pocket and explains that he found a wallet in his car, and he thought it might be Jeff's. Katie looks at it and says she doesn't think so, unless he's got a new one - but it might be. She tells Wayne to come in and ask him. Wayne walks into the house and Katie calls to Jeff. She then offers Wayne some coffee and he accepts. She heads into the kitchen to make it, and Jeff comes out from his bedroom and joins Wayne. Seeing him standing there with a folder in his hand, he snaps "Give me the file." Wayne hands it over, saying as he does so that he got all the notes he needed. Jeff angrily tells him that it's the last thing he ever gets out of him. Wayne comments that he thought Jeff was gung-ho and wanted to send Patricia's company to the wall. Jeff retorts that he is, but not this way: his dad is worried sick that he's lost the file, and he doesn't want to put him through that. Wayne takes out the wallet he showed Katie, holds it out to Jeff and tells him that, anyway, there's his money. Jeff snaps that he doesn't want it, but Wayne tells him that he's earned it - and he has to take it as he told Katie that that's why he's there: Jeff dropped his wallet in the car last night. Jeff takes the wallet and grunts that he'll tells his mum that he found the file; she can take it to his dad. He walks off. Wayne stands in the lounge room and sighs.

A short time later, Wayne is sitting next to Katie on the couch; Katie's computer is on the coffee table in front of them. Katie puts a tape into the machine and tells Wayne to press 'Start.' He does, and several words start scrolling up the screen, repeating over and over again until the screen is full. Katie comments, "Not bad, eh?" Wayne agrees that it's pretty good. Katie tells him that she's got another one she can show him, but Wayne says he must be going. Katie assures him that it'll only take a minute. Wayne, though, insists that he really has to go, He then adds, though, that if she's ever up in Sydney, she should give him a call: he's got a few contacts up there, and he might be able to open a few markets for her games. Katie explains that she's already under contract with a bloke there in Melbourne, but Wayne points out that it must come up for renewal soon. Katie, looking thoughtful, replies that, yeah, it does - pretty soon, actually. Wayne asks her to say 'goodbye' to Jeff for him. Katie says she'll get him, but Wayne assures her that it's OK. Katie, though, insists, and tells him that she's sure Jeff will want to thank him personally for bringing his wallet back. She walks into the kitchen and calls for her brother, but he's not there. She begins to look worried. In the lounge room, Wayne picks up the file again. Katie comes in and tells him that Jeff must be in his bedroom. Wayne repeats that it's alright, but Katie ignores him. She checks Jeff's bedroom but then returns and says he doesn't seem to be there. She tells Wayne that he'd better go, and she'd better see if she can find Jeff. They head to the door, and Wayne remarks that he's sure Jeff is old enough to go out by himself. Katie, looking worried, explains that it's supposed to be a family secret, but Jeff has got a drinking problem: he's an alcoholic; he's starting to get better but they're always worried that he'll go back on it again - not that there's any need to worry, as he wouldn't have had any money in that wallet Wayne found. Wayne suddenly looks very guilty. Katie tells him that she's sorry, but she'll have to leave him so she can ring her dad and let him know what's happened.

A short time later, Katie is standing by the phone, dialling a number. In the kitchen, Jeff comes in the back door, holding a bottle of scotch. He hides it by the side of the 'fridge. Hearing a noise, Katie calls out to ask if that's him. Jeff calls back that it is. He takes out a breath freshener and sprays some in his mouth. He quickly puts it away again as Katie comes into the kitchen and angrily asks him where he's been. Jeff retorts that he's been in the backyard, playing with Susie over the fence. Katie asks him why he didn't tell her he was going out there. Jeff snaps that he doesn't need her breathing down his neck every minute. Katie snaps that she's supposed to be looking after him. Jeff snaps back at her that she's as bad as mum and dad; some sister she is. Katie retorts that she doesn't like it any more than he does, but it's for his own good. She then adds that, what with mum and dad sniping at each other, she's just about had it up to 'there' with the lot of them.

Heather is standing in the hallway at Toorak with Mike. He takes the file she's holding and tells her that that's the one. He thanks her and asks her where Jeff found it. She replies that Jeff said it was lying between a couple of magazines on the lounge room chair; she looked there but she didn't see it. Mike remarks that Patricia might calm down a bit now - she flew off the handle a bit when she found he'd left it at home. At that moment, Patricia comes out of the lounge room and joins them. Mike tells her that he's got the file. With a smile on her face, Patricia asks Heather if Mike told her that she flew off the handle. She goes on that that's one of her problems, she's afraid - she tends to overreact when things go wrong. They head into the lounge room and, changing the subject, she says she guesses they're both looking forward to the 'Lucky Star' concert tonight. Heather replies that, actually, they're not sure if they're going now. Looking surprised, Patricia asks why not. Heather explains that Mike has to work. Patricia, looking shocked, tells him that he can't. Mike explains that he's got a lot of paperwork to catch up on, but Patricia tells him that Luke can help with that - she'll get him to come in tomorrow, as well. Mike says that, if she's sure it's OK with her... Patricia assures him that of course it is, and she announces that that's settled then! Charlie suddenly comes into the room with a tray of coffee things, and Patricia introduces Heather. Charlie says she'll get more coffee cups, but Heather tells her that she'd better be going as the housework is still waiting. She goes, and Mike heads back to work. Alone with Patricia, Charlie asks what Heather was there for. Patricia just says, "Don't ask!" Charlie pours the coffee and then goes on that it's just as well that they're going out tonight, as it sounds like Patricia needs to relax. She adds that she can't get over Patricia being a member of a fan club! Patricia points out that it was a long time ago. Charlie persists that it must have been a very happy time for Patricia - things must have been hotting up between her and David then. Patricia retorts that she was pregnant to Martin and she was running away with David to get her out of a very difficult situation. Charlie points out that, somewhere alone the line, she fell in love with David and he fell in love with her. She goes on that it's just a shame it all turned sour - but you know what they say. Patricia, looking bemused, asks, "What do they say?" Charlie smiles and replies, "Love is lovelier the second time around!" Patricia points out that, in her and David's case, it's third or fourth time! Charlie asks, "So? David is the same as he ever was." Looking wistful, Patricia says she knows: he's a wonderful man and it would be very easy to fall in love with him again - but too much has happened between them. Charlie, though, tells her that it's water under the bridge. She adds that Patricia would be mad if she didn't make a move on David - he'd be wonderful for her...

Fiona is on the 'phone in the lounge room at the Palmers', talking to Barbara, and she exclaims in surprise that she didn't even know Irene had a son. Barbara explains that it was something she didn't like to talk about much. Fiona comments, that, even so... to see him again after all those years and to find out he was dying... it's no wonder the poor woman was so tense when she spoke to her yesterday. There's suddenly a knocking at the front door, and Fiona tells Barbara that she has to go. She thanks her for telling her about Irene, says 'bye' and hangs up. She then walks to the door and opens it to find Katie standing there. She invites her in and asks her what she can do for her. Katie says that it's about what Fiona said yesterday about helping her if she could: she'd like to go to Sydney to see some manufacturers who might be interested in some of her computer games. Fiona, looking surprised, replies that that's fine, but she's not sure how she can-- Katie interrupts and explains that the thing is, she's not sure her mum and dad would be too keen to let her go on her own. Fiona realises what she's implying and says that, if she happened to be going with with someone they knew, and just happened to stay at her boarding house... Katie nods enthusiastically. Fiona smiles and says she can't why not. Katie thanks her, a broad smile on her face.

It's early-evening, and the front door opens at Dural. Wayne walks into the house, shuts the door and heads into the lounge room. Barbara and Gordon are sitting on the settee, and Gordon comments to his son that he's back early. Wayne explains that he got an earlier flight. He adds that there was something he wanted to talk over with Karen, but she was at some meeting. Gordon asks him if he had any problems in Melbourne. Wayne tells him that he didn't - everything went the way Karen wanted it to... He pours himself a drink at the bar and goes and sits down. Barbara warns him not to go ringing Karen this evening as she's in for rather a nasty shock when she gets home from her meeting. Wayne asks what she means. Barbara explains that Todd left for overseas this morning; the boy is dying, and apparently he felt he wanted to be by himself. Wayne growls, "As long as she doesn't expect any sympathy from me." Looking shocked, Gordon remarks that that's a bit rough, isn't it? Wayne, though, asks why, as she doesn't deserve it.

In the lounge room at Toorak, David hands Charlie a drink and tells her that, of course, Patricia has changed a lot since the days of the fan club! Patricia indignantly asks, "How?" David smiles and tells her that she had more freckles then! Patricia replies, "Did not!" David tells her, "Did!" He adds that they were across her nose and under her cheekbones! The three of them go and sit down, and Patricia tells Charlie not to listen to him. She then adds that, anyway, he can talk: Charlie should have seen the way he wore his hair - a ducktail and about half a gallon of haircream! David says he thought he might wear it like that tonight, for old time's sake! He suggests to Patricia she should wear hers in a ponytail! Patricia laughs and asks if that's supposed to be funny! Charlie, a smile on her face, says she thinks Patricia looks pretty good the way she is; doesn't he? David agrees that he doesn't think she's turned out too badly after all these years! Patricia says, "Thankyou - I think!"

In the lounge room at the O'Briens', Mike calls to Heather that they're going to be late. Heather calls back from the bedroom that she won't be a minute. Mike points out that they've got to pick up her friend, Joanne Baker, yet. Katie assures him that they'll make it! Jeff comes out of his room and asks if anyone has seen his Michael Jackson tape. Katie tells him that it's next to the record player. Jeff then asks his father if they're going to get him to dance tonight. Mike smiles and says he doubts it! Jeff tells him that he should - it would do him good! Heather joins them and Jeff warns her and Mike not to be home late, as they know what their parents would say! He returns to his room, leaving Mike to comment that, if he didn't know any better, he'd say Jeff had been drinking. Heather, though, tells him that she thinks he's just feeling good because he's over the worst of the drying- out process. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Katie answers it to find Luke standing there. She invites him in, but when he sees Mike, he just says a curt, "Hello." Mike suggests to Heather that they'd better get cracking, and they go. When they're alone, Katie asks Luke what it is between him and her father. Luke explains that he and Patricia treat him like the office boy most of the time: anything confidential, they won't talk about in front of him - but they're not backward in coming forward when they want him to do overtime: he has to go in all day tomorrow, so it looks like their picnic is off. Katie tells him that she might not be able to go anyway. Luke looks at her, and she goes on that she wants to go to Sydney - she hopes her mum and dad have a great night so that they're in a good mood when she drops it on them in the morning...

Charlie opens the front door at Toorak, and Heather and Mike come in, along with another woman who Heather introduces as Joanne Baker, the President of their old fan club. Joanne shakes Charlie's hand and asks her if she always got on well with her mother. Charlie, looking surprised, says, "Pardon?" Joanne explains that if her mum had given her a name like 'Charlie', she doesn't think she'd have been too happy about it. Looking indignant, Charlie snaps that it happens to be a nickname that some friends gave her; her mother had nothing to do with it. Joanne remarks that it's just as well for her, then, eh?! The four of them head into the lounge room and, as she stares at the two people standing by the fireplace, Joanne exclaims, "Good God: Patricia and David!" The two of them say 'hello', and Joanne then goes on that they still make a lovely couple: running away together all those years ago and obviously as much in love today as they were way back then. David and Patricia look at each other!

Later that evening, the front door opens at Toorak and David walks into the house, singing loudly! Charlie, though, tells him that the lead singer for 'Lucky Star' sings it a lot better than him! They head into the lounge room and Joanne comments that at least David had a lovely time. David agrees that it was great. Heather says that meeting 'Lucky Star' himself took her right back! Patricia offer everyone drinks. Joanne asks her if she's got a cassette player, as she's brought some tapes. Charlie goes to get it from her room. Patricia stands next to David by the drinks table and asks him if it took him back. David smiles and says, "Yeah!" Patricia tells him, "Me too!"

Katie rejoins Luke after checking on Jeff and tells him that her brother is asleep - he's snoring his head off! Luke asks how he's been lately, and she replies that he's good. Luke gets up and turns the television off. Katie points out that the programme hasn't finished yet, but Luke says he knows. He then asks her how long she's going to be in Sydney. Katie replies that it depends whether she can get many companies interested in her games or not - but that's not the only reason she's going. Luke looks at her intently as she continues that she needs to get away and meet some new people; everyone there in Melbourne has been getting to her lately: Jeff and his problems, and her mum and dad... Luke asks what's wrong with them. Katie explains that they've started to fight again, the same as it was in Perth; she doesn't want to get caught in the middle of it. Luke snaps that she's running away. Katie, looking surprised, asks what that means. Luke retorts that, if she loved her family as much as she says she does-- Katie interrupts and snaps back that of course she loves then; it's just that some things a person has got to do on their own. Luke suddenly cries, "Don't go..." As Katie stares at him, he asks if it isn't obvious how he feels about her, hanging around her during all his spare time. He tells her, "I love you, Katie." He adds that he's been wanting to say that for so long, but he knew he couldn't while she was getting over Terry - and now she's heading up to Sydney to see new people... Katie just stares at him

At Toorak, Patricia and Charlie bid farewell to Mike, Heather and Joanne. As she closes the door, Patricia comments that it was a great night, but she's glad they're all gone. She offers Charlie and David a nightcap, but Charlie says she thinks she'll toddle off for her beauty sleep. She then adds that, before she does, though, she's got a little present for them both. She hands Patricia a wrapped gift and Patricia asks whether it's an early Christmas or late birthday present. Charlie just smiles and tells her that they'll have to wait and see! She goes, and Patricia starts unwrapping the present. As she does so, David says he never knows what to make of Charlie: sometimes he knows what she thinks... other times, he doesn't have a clue! Patricia smiles and says, "Welcome to the club!" She finishes opening the gift wrapping, takes out a cassette tape and exclaims, "I don't believe it!" David asks what it is. Patricia puts it in the cassette player, which is on the coffee table, and 1950s-sounding dance music starts playing. Patricia asks David if he remembers it. David smiles and assures her that he remembers. Patricia sits down next to him and asks him how many times they danced to that. David replies that he lost count, he reckons. Patricia comments that it was their song - she remembers that, every time they played it, he used to make-- David finishes the sentence, saying, "A beeline right across the hall!" He adds that no one else was going to get a look in, as far as he was concerned. Patricia tells him that she wouldn't have let them, anyway! David puts his arm around her, and she asks him if he knows what she used to like about him in those days, David says, "No." Patricia tells him that he was kind - he still is - but what really attracted her to him was that she felt safe with him. David points out that he's still there, isn't he - looking out for them. Patricia looks at him intently. David, suddenly feeling awkward, says that, anyway, it's getting a bit late, and he's got an early start. He gives her a quick kiss on the forehead and goes to stand up. Patricia, though, looks deep into his eyes and quietly murmurs, "Kiss me... please..." David looks back at her and then moves his lips towards hers. They start kissing passionately...


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