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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Heather and Katie are laying the table in the living room at the O'Briens', and Heather says to her daughter that she hopes Mike is home soon, or he won't have time for tea before Jeff's AA meeting. Luke, who's sitting in an armchair in the lounge room, watching TV, calls out that Mike did say he had to work back. Having finished the table, Katie joins him, picking up a pad and pen as she does so. Luke asks her if she doesn't want to watch the TV. Katie explains that she wants to get the letter she's writing off to Terry. Luke points out that she can do that any time. Katie, though, retorts that she wants to do it now. Luke tells her that she could be wasting her time - he reckons Terry is keen on someone else. Katie retorts that the only reason Terry went off her a bit was because he didn't want her involved in the trouble he was in in prison; she doesn't believe there's anyone else. Luke warns, "Katie..." Katie asks him how he knows there is. Luke replies that he just does. He pauses and then goes on that Terry has proposed to Jill. Katie looks at him in shock, and snaps that he's making that up. Luke tells her that it's true - he wouldn't say it otherwise. Katie curtly tells him that she thinks he'd better go. Luke says he will, but he adds that she should ask her mother about it: she's got a letter from Terry and he's sure that that's what's in it; he was only trying to make things easier for her. He gets up and goes, leaving Katie looking upset. After a few seconds, she stands up and heads into the kitchen. She tells her mother that Luke isn't staying for tea: they had an argument and he's gone. She then asks her if she's got a letter for her from Terry. Heather, looking worried, admits, "Yes..." She tells her daughter that she was going to give it to her later, when they were by themselves. She goes on that Beryl Palmer has told her a few things, and she thinks she knows what might be in it. She hands it over and Katie snaps, "We'll see."

A few moments later, Katie is sitting in the lounge room on her own, reading the letter. It says:

"Dear Kate. This is a very hard letter for me to write because no matter how I say what I have to, I'm going to hurt your feelings, and I don't like doing that. I just want you to know how grateful I am for the way you stuck by me. You're a nice girl, Kate - one of the best. If I let myself, I could easily fall for you - but I'm not right for you. For one thing, I'm too old - and I've got a daughter; it's because of Fee that I've asked Jill to marry me. Even if she turned me down, I'd still rather do the right thing by my kid, and the last thing you need is a guy tied down with those sort of responsibilities. So goodbye and thanks for your friendship. I'll always remember you. Regards, Terry."

Katie sits there, tears streaming down her face.

At the Fisher house, Wayne asks Jill when she's going to tell Terry. Jill snaps back that she wishes he'd give it a rest - it's none of his business. She hands him some papers and he tells her that he's sorry - he's been a bit on edge: he can't help thinking about Todd moving in with Amanda. Jill points out to him that he kicked Amanda out in the first place. She leaves the room, and Wayne puts the papers in his briefcase. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and he answers it. STD pips sound and Karen then comes on. She tells him that she won't be able to get back tonight after all - she's still got a few things to do. Wayne asks her if she saw Roger Carlyle. Karen just says, "Yes." Wayne asks how it went. Karen retorts that it didn't go as she expected - it's going to be a little more difficult than she thought. Wayne wishes her good luck, but Karen tells him that luck doesn't have anything to do with it. She then adds that she'll see him tomorrow and she hangs up. Jill comes back into the room and asks Wayne if that was Karen calling. Wayne replies that it was, and he explains about her not coming back until tomorrow. Jill asks if there's a problem. Wayne tells her that it's nothing Karen can't handle: she generally gets her own way in the end - with whatever she does...

In Melbourne, Roger opens the door to his apartment and looks surprised to find Karen standing there. She asks him if he has a moment. Roger retorts that he thought they'd said all they needed to this afternoon. Karen explains that that's what she's come about: she didn't mean to leave on such an unpleasant note - it's been worrying her ever since. Roger, looking bemused, asks if that's so. Karen assures him that, seriously, she'd like to apologise. Roger replies that, alright - if she insists. He tells her to come in and do it over a drink. She heads into the apartment and Roger asks what it's to be. Karen tells him that she'd have a scotch on the rocks normally - but why don't they skip the drink and have dinner instead? Roger smiles and replies that that's a nice idea; he just needs a minute to rearrange a prior engagement - he won't be long.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather tells Katie that she knows how she's feeling, and she's sorry, but she must have realised that something like this was bound to happen: even before Jill went to visit Terry, she was the one who was always pushing - going to visit him in jail... writing letters...; he didn't write back once - it was only ever one-sided. Katie retorts that it wasn't. She bitterly adds that the only reason Terry wants to marry Jill is because of Fee, and that's no basis for a marriage - but she's going to go up there on the weekend and talk to him. Heather points out that she'll only be making things hard for herself. She goes on that Terry did the right thing; why can't she accept that? Katie replies that she knows that, if she talks to him, it would be different. Heather tells her that he's made his decision - she might not like it, but she's going to have to accept it. Katie cries that she loves him. Heather says she knows - but she's afraid it's all over. She adds that her daughter has got plenty of time to find the right man. She then gives her a comforting hug.

Wayne gets back to Dural, slamming the front door as he heads in. He then walks into the lounge room and finds his father sitting by the bar. Gordon asks him if he had to slam the door like that. Wayne says he's sorry - he had a rotten day, and to top it all, he was breathalysed on the way home. Gordon asks him if he'd been drinking. Wayne replies that, luckily, no, he hadn't. Gordon asks him what he's so upset about, then. Before he can answer, though, Barbara comes in from outside and declares that either Charlie is back from overseas or she's got burglars. Gordon asks why. Barbara explains that the lights are on. She then announces that dinner won't be long, and she asks who'll make her a drink. Wayne offers her her usual, which she accepts. She then tells Gordon that she's going to have an early night tonight, as she's playing a round of golf before she goes to work - and she's going to ride her scooter there. Looking worried, Gordon tells her that she hasn't had enough practice to go that far. Barbara ignores this and continues that she's then going into town to see Amanda. Gordon points out that she isn't used to driving in traffic. He asks Wayne to talk some sense into her, but Barbara insists that her mind is made up. She takes the drink that Wayne hands to her and goes to check on the meal. When she's gone, Gordon says to Wayne that he wishes she'd listen. Wayne assures him that she'll be alright. Gordon says he hopes so. He then reminds Wayne that he was going to tell him why he was so upset when he came in. Wayne, though, replies that it doesn't matter; it wasn't important.

Todd arrives at the Morrell apartment, and as he lets himself in, Amanda, who's tidying some magazines on the coffee table, tells him that she was wondering what had happened to him. Todd replies that he's sorry - he got carried away. He then adds that she'll never guess what's happened. Amanda asks, "What?!" Todd excitedly tells her that Harry is going to use some of his design ideas in the yacht he's building; that's why he's late: they were drawing up a few plans. He asks if he's forgiven, and Amanda smiles and tells him that he is - but he's not to do it again: being all day without him is bad enough, without half the night as well! Todd promises her that he'll try not to make a habit of it. He adds, though, that the business is important to him - it's a chance to leave something behind that he's helped create. Amanda says she knows. She then adds that she bets he's pleased that Irene kept on at him about meeting Harry. Todd smiles and tells her not to rub it in! Amanda assures him that she was just pointing out that families are good for some things. She gives him a hug, and as she does so, Todd sadly tells her that, sometimes, he wishes he had one of his own; it's a bit late for that now, though...

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon says to Wayne that he hopes he hasn't minded putting in extra hours with Karen lately - he knows it's been a bit of a strain. Wayne points out that they're trying to keep the business afloat. He sits down. Barbara comes in and tells Gordon that she's left the cocoa out for him in case he wants one before he goes to bed. Indicating his glass of scotch, Gordon tells her that he's happy with that! Barbara warns him not to have too many. Changing the subject, Gordon says he wishes she'd change her mind about riding that scooter tomorrow. Barbara indignantly replies that Andy thinks she's a natural. Gordon says, "Mmm... at falling off!" Barbara sarcastically comments that that's very amusing. She then tells him not to forget to keep the door unlocked so that Andy can get in. Wayne asks where he is, and Barbara replies that he's doing a job at a disco, and she doesn't want to be woken up at 3am with her heavy day ahead. She heads off to bed, and Gordon says to Wayne that he thinks he'll just keep his fingers crossed about tomorrow! He then comments that Wayne is pretty quiet. Wayne explains that he was thinking. He then goes on that Todd Fisher has moved in with Amanda, and when he heard about it, he realised that he still loved her; he had thought they might sort things out, but there's not much chance of that happening now. Gordon asks him if he's told Amanda how he feels. Wayne, though, says he doesn't think she'd really be interested. Gordon points out that she would if she still cared for him - it might still be the case; she might only have turned to Todd because she's lonely; at least he should find out. Wayne admits that he supposes he's right. He then announces that he'll see her tomorrow, but he glumly adds that he's pretty sure what her answer is going to be, though.

Roger and Karen arrive back at the Travelodge after their meal, and as they walk into Roger's apartment, Karen tells Roger that he probably won't believe this, but he was the person she modelled herself on when she went into business. Roger retorts that she's right: he doesn't believe it. Karen insists that it's true: her husband was always very impressed with his business 'expertise', so she always very aware of who he was - then this afternoon, she saw the man himself in action; she didn't like it because she came off second best, but she was impressed by the way he had everything under control. Looking bemused, Roger replies that, before she says anything more, he thinks they'd better get a few things straight: she's very cleverly manoeuvred her way back there this evening, but he's afraid it's all a bit pointless: he has a young lady friend arriving soon, so he's afraid she'll have to go. He goes on that he went to dinner because he thinks it's an advantage to know how your competitors think - and tonight, after the way she opened up, he learnt quite a lot; he also enjoyed himself, but while he found her efforts to flirt with him amusing, he's afraid she's a little bit old for his taste. Karen, eyes blazing, snaps, "Why you--" She then warns that no one treats her like that - he's not to think he'll get away with it. Roger tells her to remember: he has enough information about her personal life-- Karen interrupts him and snaps that he's not to worry - she'll find a way of getting back at him. She storms off, leaving Roger with a hint of a smile on his face.

The next morning, Charlie is heading up the drive way at Dural. Isabella is on her leash, trotting alongside her. All of a sudden, a scooter heads towards them, the rider toots its horn and the machine shoots off past them. Charlie snaps at the rider, "Watch where you're going!" She then picks up Isabella and says to the dog that she doesn't know how some people get their licence. She fusses over her and asks, "Did that nasty bike frighten you?"

In the lounge room in the house, Wayne asks Gordon if the papers he's looking at are OK. Gordon replies that they're fine. He then asks his son when he's seeing Amanda, and Wayne replies that it will be sometime today - while Todd is at work. Gordon wishes him luck, and Wayne thanks him. He heads to the door, carrying his briefcase. As he does so, there's a knock on the door, and he answers it to find Charlie standing there, holding Isabella. Wayne smiles and says, "Welcome back!" He then adds that he's sorry, but he has to dash; Gordon is inside, though - he's sure he'd love to see her. In the lounge room, Gordon looks as though this is far from the case! Charlie comes in, though, and tells him how nice it is to see him. Gordon replies that he thought she was back. He asks how the trip was, and Charlie tells him that it was marvellous - they sold all of Lisa's designs to all the LA boutiques. Gordon looks at Isabella and asks if there's a new addition to the family. Charlie explains that the poor baby is just recovering from the most terrible shock: some maniac on a motor scooter nearly ran them down. Gordon comments that he told Barbara that she wasn't ready to take it out on the road yet. Looking surprised, Charlie says, "Barbara?" Gordon replies that, yes, it was her - he gave the bike to her, but he's beginning to regret it now. Charlie tells him that she hopes he doesn't mind her saying, but she doesn't think Barbara is ready to take it out on the road yet. Gordon points out that she's always been the impassioned type! Charlie suggests that they should just hope that she picks it up quickly! Changing the subject, she then says she was surprised when she was reading the trade journals to see that he's brought Karen Fox into his business; he must have been really sick when he made that decision: she's the type of woman who gives excess a bad name! Gordon raises his eyebrows and comments that Charlie has obviously met her. Charlie tells him that they've had run-ins at the odd charity do. Gordon says he realises she's a tough lady, but he's glad he's got someone strong running the business while he's recuperating. Charlie suddenly cries, "Oh dear - here I am, prattling away, and I haven't even asked you how you are!" Gordon replies that he's taking things slowly. Charlie tells him that that's the best way. She then adds that she just wishes she had time to visit him every day. Gordon looks at her in horror! Charlie, though, then continues that she's afraid she has to go down to Melbourne on business. Gordon, looking relieved, remarks that these things happen. Charlie comments that it's a shame. She then adds that she must say she's looking forward to having a gossip with Patricia and seeing Jill's new baby. Gordon tells her that Jill is up in Sydney now - she's working for Karen Fox. Looking surprised, Charlie remarks that that lady is making her presence felt. She then goes on that she'll just pop in and see Jill before she goes - she's always wanted to see what the inside of the Fisher house looked like, anyway!

At the Fisher house, Wayne takes some papers out of his briefcase, and Jill comments that he's been busy this morning. Wayne explains that he wanted to get everything out of the way so that he could run over and see Amanda. Looking wary, Jill asks if that's a good idea. Wayne retorts that, yes, it is. He adds that, if their marriage is going to have a chance, they've got to do something about what happened. Jill, though, explains that she meant is it a good idea him going over there during working hours?: Karen rang this morning and she was in a bad mood; she's not going to be too happy to find that he's not there when she gets back. Wayne snaps that that's tough - this is far more important as far as he's concerned. The doorbell suddenly rings, and Jill asks Wayne if he can get it on his way out. Wayne goes to the door, and Charlie immediately tells him that they've got to stop meeting like this! Wayne bluntly asks her what she wants. Charlie comments that that's a nice welcome. She then explains that she's come to see Jill. Wayne warns her not to stay too long, as they're expecting Karen back soon from Melbourne, and if she finds Charlie there wasting Jill's time, she's just as likely to sack Jill on the spot. Charlie assures him that she'll only stay for five minutes - she promises. She heads into the lounge room and tells Jill that it's wonderful to see her. The two women hug, and Charlie then comments, "Fancy you working for Karen Fox!" Jill wishes Wayne luck with Amanda, and he goes.

Luke is coming downstairs at Toorak when there's a knock at the front door. He answers it to find Katie standing there. She smiles awkwardly as she says to him that she bets she's the last person he expected to see. She then adds that she's come to apologise for last night. Luke assures her that it's alright. Katie tells him that she wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to have anything to do with her again. Luke, though, points out that even best friends can argue. Katie says she supposes so. Luke tells her that she'll need a friend even more now. Katie replies that she'll probably be a misery bags! Luke tells her that he's sure he can cope - if she still wants him around. Katie says she'd like it if he was, and she gives him a grateful hug.

At the Fishers', Charlie tells Jill that Fee is so gorgeous. She adds that if Jill ever needs a babysitter, she knows where to come! Changing the subject, Jill says she doesn't mean to be rude, but-- Charlie takes the hint, saying, "You've got work to do." She then adds that she did have so much to tell her. Jill assures her that it's been nice catching up on all the news. Karen suddenly arrives home, walks into the lounge room and demands to know where Wayne is. Jill tells her that he's not there. Charlie exclaims, "Karen, darling, how nice to see you!" She adds that it's a small world, isn't it - she was amazed when she found out that Jill was working for her. Looking annoyed, Karen snaps at Jill that she'd rather she entertained her friends in her own time, as she's paid to work during the day. Charlie tells her not to blame Jill - she just dropped in; Jill didn't invite her. She then adds that at least Jill's working, which is more than she can say for Wayne. Jill looks at her sharply, and Karen asks her what she means by that. Charlie quickly explains that she just meant that Karen has to keep an eye on him. Karen asks Jill where he is now. Jill replies that he's gone to see Amanda - he wanted to see her while Todd was at work. Charlie tells Karen that Wayne is hopelessly in love with Amanda; even work has to take second place to that. Looking exasperated, Karen snaps that that's just the sort of stupid comment she'd expect from Charlie; it's bad enough having to be pleasant to her in public, without having to put up with it in her own home - so can she please go? Looking put-out, Charlie tells Jill that she's sorry - she didn't mean to cause trouble. She leaves. Karen tells Jill to get her notebook, as there's work to do. She picks up her handbag, but as she does so, she knocks over a glass bowl of nibbles. The bowl drops to the floor and smashes. Karen snaps, "Blast."

A few moments later, Jill is sweeping up the broken glass and the nibbles. Karen comments that it's a pity about the bowl: it was one of her favourite pieces. Jill points out that accidents happen. Changing the subject, Karen tells her that she's going to leave her on her own for a while. She then hands her some handwritten letters and asks her to type them out. Jill asks her if there's a message to give to Wayne when he gets back. Karen, though, says there isn't - she expects she'll see him at Amanda's...

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda is standing with her back to Wayne as he tells her that they had everything going for them when they were together - it was incredible; no matter what happened, he still loves her, and he hoped she might have changed the way she felt and wanted to give their marriage another go. Amanda listens before spitting, "Not after what you did to me." She then goes on angrily that she thought she loved him once, but she realises now that she just felt sorry for him; being with Todd has made her see that. Wayne snaps, "Come on..." He adds that he's heard about that guy - he's had a whole string of girlfriends and she's just another one on his list. Amanda turns round to face him and snaps that he has no idea - Todd wants her as much as she wants him; she loves him and she's going to have his baby. Wayne stares at her for several seconds and then storms off. Amanda looks annoyed at herself for saying that.

At the boatyard, Todd is working on a boat which is moored in the water. Wayne suddenly calls out, "Hey. Fisher." Todd turns and looks round at him. Wayne angrily tells him that it's time they had a talk. Todd walks over to him and ask what about, adding that he's busy. Wayne ignores this. He tells Todd that he must think he's pretty clever, moving in on his wife when she's upset about them splitting up. Todd retorts that he doesn't think she's upset at all - she just doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Wayne snaps at him that it's only because he's in the way. Todd suggests that maybe it was a case of the better man winning. Upon hearing this, Wayne suddenly lunges out and goes to punch him. Todd, though, ducks and tells Wayne that he doesn't want to fight him. Wayne growls that that's too bad, and he throws a second punch. This one catches Todd full on, and he sprawls back onto the wooden slats of the pier they're standing on. Wayne walks over to him and roughly picks up up. As he does so, Todd punches him back, and Wayne reels away. He runs towards Todd again, though, and the two men start grappling. Wayne lands another punch directly in Todd's stomach. It winds him, and he puts both hands to it. He then suddenly starts reeling backwards towards the edge of the pier. Wayne growls at him, "Come on, son." He walks over to him, but Todd recovers his wind and punches him back. Wayne collapses to the ground and glares at him. Todd puts his hands back to his stomach - and then suddenly falls backwards, into the water. Wayne runs and looks down at him; he's floating, face down, his arms and legs apart, not moving. Wayne goes to walk away, satisfied. He then appears to have second thoughts, though, and he returns to the edge of the pier, dives in and starts pulling Todd to safety.

Karen is at the Morrell apartment, and she tells Amanda that she's sorry for interrupting, but Jill said Wayne was there; they're due at a meeting shortly, and she thought she'd pick him up on the way. Amanda explains that he's gone. Karen says she supposes she'll meet him there, then. She then adds that, as she's there, there's something that's been worrying her about Amanda and Todd. Barbara suddenly comes into the room from the kitchen and tells Amanda, "Your coffee won't be long." She then spots Karen standing there, and the two women exchange curt greetings. Barbara goes and sits down. Amanda asks Karen what the problem is. Karen tells her that Todd is obviously very taken with her, and she wouldn't like to think that Amanda is leading him on if there's any chance of her and Wayne getting back together again; she wouldn't like to see Todd get hurt. Amanda assures her that she won't hurt him - her marriage to Wayne is over. Karen says she's glad to hear that - and relieved - for Todd's sake. Amanda assures her that there's no need to worry - they're both very happy. Having heard this, Karen announces that she'd better be going. Amanda walks with her to the door. As they stand there, Amanda tells Karen not to worry about Todd - he's in good hands. Karen says she can see that. She goes. Amanda shuts the door and then comments to Barbara that it's nice to know Karen cares. Looking suspicious, Barbara replies, "Isn't it just..."

At the pier, Wayne tells a passer-by that he'll look after Todd. Todd is lying on his back, panting heavily. Wayne bends down over him and asks what happened to him, adding that he hardly landed a decent punch. Todd tells him that he must have. He then smiles grimly and adds that he bets Wayne didn't come down there expecting to save his life. Wayne agrees that, no, he didn't - and Todd's not to expect him to let him forget it. He growls at him, "You owe me, mate, whether you like it or not."


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