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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Lynn and Andy pull apart and Andy asks Lynn if she's sure. Lynn nods. Andy tells her that he promises she won't regret it. He then goes on that she and Davey can get ready and he'll pick his gear up at the motel and meet her back at Toorak; then they can go and tell the Palmers. Seeing the expression on her face, he adds that she's not to worry - he'll be there with her. Lynn, looking upset, says she doesn't know if she can face them right now. Andy tells her that she has to - and once it's done, she can walk away and not feel ashamed. They kiss, and Andy tells Lynn, "I love you." He goes, leaving Lynn looking worried and upset. She slowly walks into the lounge room, where Jill is still playing with Davey. She tells Jill that she's going away with Andy. She picks up her son as Jill exclaims, "You're kidding!" Lynn goes on that they're leaving tonight. Jill asks her whether, after all the fighting she's done to save her marriage, she's just giving up. Lynn sadly replies that, if she thought there was any chance, she wouldn't - but she's facing facts: Kevin doesn't want her and Andy does; she thinks she owes it to herself to find a bit of happiness.

A while later, Lynn comes downstairs carrying a packed suitcase. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she puts the case down in the hallway and answers it. She looks shocked to find Kevin standing there. He asks her if it's alright if he comes in. Lynn tells him that it is, and she adds that she wasn't expecting him - she thought he'd be with Nikki. Kevin explains that he was walking around, trying to get enough courage to come and see her. He goes on that he has to go back to London to start work again, and he thought they could stop somewhere on the way for a sort of second honeymoon - somewhere where there's nothing to remind him of Sharon or Nikki. He adds that he can't promise how things will turn out, but he will try as hard as he can; he'll even get a referral to another psychiatrist over there. Lynn listens but then shakes her head sadly and says it's too late: Andy asked her to go away with him. Looking slightly shocked, Kevin points out that he's asking her to come away with him. Lynn cries that she can't - she promised Andy. She tells Kevin that she knows she'll hurt a lot of people, but she has to start thinking of herself and Davey. Kevin comments that he can't blame her, he supposes - the way things are... he hasn't been much of a father, that's for sure; Davey is probably better off with her and she's better off without him. He adds that he doesn't want to lose either of them. Lynn assures him that he can see Davey whenever he wants, but Kevin points out that he'll be in London and she'll be over there. Lynn suggests that maybe he won't always be in London. Kevin just says, "No..." He then goes on that there's not much else to say; he hopes she'll be happy - after what he's put her through, she deserves to be. He opens the door and goes, leaving Lynn looking upset.

Beryl is in the kitchen at the Palmers' when Kevin comes in. She asks him where he's been, but he just replies, "Out." Beryl asks him if he still hasn't been to see Lynn. Kevin tells her that he went there, but she wasn't home - he'll try again in the morning. Beryl smiles and says she's glad to see he's making the effort. She then adds that his dinner is in the oven. Kevin tells her that he's just going to make a 'phone call. He heads into the lounge room and closes the kitchen doors behind him. He then picks up the telephone handset and dials a number, looking worried as he does so. When the call is answered, he tells the person at the other end that he'd like to book a flight to London for tomorrow, please... one way... just the one passenger...

At Dural, Barbara tells Gordon to sleep tight, and she heads downstairs. As she does so, there's a knock at the door, and she sighs as she answers it. She looks shocked to find Patricia standing on the step, and she snaps, "Oh my God, what do you want?" Patricia walks into the house and explains that she got Gordon's message on the state of the company, so she's come back to make sure he and his idiot son don't put her in the poorhouse. Barbara looks annoyed.

A short time later, Barbara and Patricia are in the lounge room, with the doors shut. Patricia tetchily snaps at Barbara not to tell her she can't see Gordon - she hasn't come all the way from London to be told that. Barbara tells her that she can see him tomorrow - he's had a very hard day and she's not going to disturb him. Patricia retorts that, considering what's at stake-- Barbara interrupts and snaps that she's told her all she needs to know: Gordon's doing everything he can to save the company and he wants to sign an agreement with this Fox woman; he'll give Patricia the details tomorrow. Patricia, picking up on the negativity coming from Barbara, asks her if there's some reason she doesn't like Karen Fox or is it just her being her? Barbara asks who said she doesn't like her. Patricia queries, "Do you?" Barbara retorts that she doesn't trust her - probably because she reminds her of Patricia. Patricia comments that Gordon seems to think she can help. Barbara tells her that Gordon is in no condition to do the job on his own; she's just worried that it's affected his judgement - and what worries her even more is that Wayne and 'that woman' are thick as thieves. Patricia remarks that that's an interesting choice of words. Barbara retorts that she doesn't have grounds to believe Karen is planning anything illegal - but she does want to keep control of the company for the first three months. She goes on that she doesn't know much about business, but it seems to her that Karen's proposal is based on the 'what is good for Karen Fox is good for everyone else' principle. Patricia says she sees. Barbara continues that they do need Patricia's agreement for the deal to go through - and if Patricia wanted to stop it, she's sure she could... Patricia, looking surprised, comments that Barbara must be really worried if she's looking to her as an ally. Barbara exclaims, "God forbid!" She then adds that she'll get a copy of Karen's proposal and Patricia can read it and judge for herself.

At the Fisher house, Mrs. Atkins brings a black bag into the lounge room and hands it to Amanda, saying she hopes it fits. Amanda replies that it should do - they're about the same size. Todd comes into the room at that moment and asks Amanda what she's doing there. Amanda explains that she's borrowing a wetsuit; she hopes he doesn't mind. Todd points out that he bought her a wetsuit of her own. Amanda replies that it's not for her - it's for a friend of hers, Barry: he asked her to go to a fancy dress party tonight, so she thought they'd go as a pair of frogmen! Todd, a mock look of horror on his face, remarks that there's someone else! Mrs. Atkins leaves them to it, and Todd tells Amanda that he was hoping they'd go out tonight. Amanda replies that he didn't ring, so... She then adds that she thought he wanted to keep things casual; she hopes he's not upset. Todd assures her that he's not too upset! Amanda tells him to come around tomorrow - but not too early, as she's got a hairdresser's appointment. She goes.

At the boarding house, Irene is counting stitches in the jumper she's knitting for Todd, and she realises she's missed some. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she gets up and answers it. Todd comes on and says, "It's me!" Irene replies, "Hello, me!" She then goes on that she was beginning to think she'd put him off forever, with her career advice. Todd explains that he just wasn't in a very good mood the other afternoon - and he's not in a good mood now, either, so does she feel like some company? Irene, looking bemused, asks him if he's lost Amanda for the night. Todd explains that she's out with one of her other boyfriends - he didn't book early enough! Irene smiles and comments that it's just as well he's not the jealous type! Todd assures her that he's never met a girl who could make him jealous! He adds that he'll see her in half an hour.

Barbara and Patricia are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, and Patricia has a series of files on her lap. She says to Barbara that she thinks she'll take them down to Melbourne and her accountant can have a look; she won't talk to Gordon until she's made a decision. She then goes on that, what she's thinking is that if she cashes in everything she's got, she may be able to pull the company out of this herself. Barbara exclaims, "You?!" Patricia retorts that it's time she got actively involved - it's a big risk, but it's worth it. Barbara, looking dubious, says this isn't another one of her revenge plots is it? Patricia retorts that she doesn't plan on going down the drain just for the satisfaction of seeing her and Gordon going with her, if that's what she means. Barbara replies that she doesn't - she was thinking more of her getting their hopes up and then pulling the rug from under them. Patricia assures her that there's no need to tell Gordon until it's official - and she's not playing games; she doesn't like the sound of Karen Fox; she doesn't see why they should pull in another partner if they can avoid it. She then announces that she'd better go or she'll miss her flight. She adds that if Barbara wants her to give Beryl a copy of the proposal, she'll drop it in tomorrow. Looking surprised, Barbara remarks that she didn't think Patricia would go out of her way to see Beryl. Patricia tells her that if they're going to have any hope of coming through this, the company Directors have got to talk to each other - personal feelings notwithstanding. Barbara comments that that is a pleasant change of attitude, and she adds that Matt Kennedy must have had quite an effect. Patricia, suddenly looking uncertain, replies distantly, "Yes, he did..." She then says she'll be in touch and she goes.

In the hallway at Toorak, David asks Jill where Davey is. Jill replies that Lynn and Andy took him with them. David snaps that he'll put a stop to that. He asks how long they've been gone, and Jill tells him that they've only just left; they were going to the Hardys' first and then to see Beryl. David snaps, "They've got a nerve." Jill goes on that Andy said it was the least they could do, under the circumstances - he wanted everything to be above-board. David growls that he'll give him 'above-board' - he just hopes his son has got enough backbone to flatten the mongrel. Jill, though, tells him that Kevin already knows - he was over there earlier and Lynn told him. David looking incredulous, asks if didn't try to stop her. Jill replies that he wasn't happy about it, but he felt it was up to Lynn to decide what she did. David snaps that those two kids are as bad as each other. Jill then continues that she thinks Lynn might have been having second thoughts after Andy left - she didn't seem all that keen to go. David asks who was holding a gun to her head. Jill goes on that she can understand it in a way - Lynn has had a really rough time lately, and Andy seemed like the best way out; she doesn't know if Lynn's any happier, though. David snaps that he's damned sure she isn't. Jill tells him that, if he hurries, he might be able to catch them at Beryl's. David mutters that he'll do more than catch them - if his son is too spineless to knock some decency into Andy, he'll do it himself. He goes.

Kevin, Lynn and Andy are standing in the Palmer lounge room with Beryl, who, looking shocked, asks if any of them realise what they're doing. She adds that they're going to have to live with this for the rest of their lives - particularly Lynn. Andy says he knows it's serious, but Lynn has had as much as she can take. Beryl snaps that Lynn is quite capable of speaking for herself. Lynn just says she's sorry. Beryl snaps that Lynn says her mind's made up, but she's making one heck of a mistake. She then turns to Kevin and asks him if he doesn't have anything to say. Kevin replies that they've already talked about it and he'll go along with whatever Lynn wants. He adds that he didn't say anything to Beryl because he knew she'd get all worked up; he was going to tell her tomorrow, after they'd gone. Beryl says she doesn't understand: doesn't he care? Lynn tells her, "Not so loud - I don't want Davey upset." Beryl snaps that he's going to get a lot more upset. Kevin tells her that he cares - but it's not up to him anymore. Beryl asks him if he's made any plans for his future. Kevin replies that he's going back to London tomorrow - he's already booked the ticket. Lynn looks at him. Beryl snaps at him that he's letting his wife and his child go off without making the effort to stop them. Kevin tells her that it's because he doesn't deserve them. Beryl stares at him, and he goes on that, before Sharon was killed, he'd made up his mind to leave Lynn for her. Beryl looks shocked as he adds that he can hardly complain now that Lynn is doing to him what he was going to do to her. He walks out into the kitchen, leaving Beryl looking incredulous. She heads out into the hallway. In the kitchen, Kevin picks up Davey and tells him that he won't see him for a long time - but he'll be back one day, so he's not to go forgetting his dad. Lynn watches him, thoughtfully.

Out on the front doorstep, David arrives to find Beryl standing there. She asks him if he's heard what's happening, and David explains that he's going to talk some sense into Lynn. Beryl whispers that she's tried that, but Lynn won't listen. She adds that, if he buys into it, it'll only create more trouble. David snaps angrily that he'll create more than trouble by the time he's finished. Beryl snaps back at him, "Not in my house." David tells her that she's not going to stop him talking to Lynn. Beryl retorts that they've got to work it out for themselves. She then asks him if he'd listen to anyone else's advice when they were breaking up.

In the lounge room, Kevin hands Davey back to Lynn and tells his son that he'd better go to mummy - she's going to look after him now. Lynn suddenly cries out that this is all wrong; she looks at Andy and tells him that she can't do it - Kevin is Davey's father; they're a family; she fought too hard for this marriage to give up on it now; she's sorry. Turning to Kevin, she asks him if he still wants them to come to London. Kevin smiles and says, "Yeah - more than anything." He adds that he can't promise how things will turn out, but he can promise to try, though. Lynn smiles at him gratefully and says it's all she's ever wanted. She looks at Andy, who bitterly comments that he thought it was too good to be true - but as long as she's happy, that's all that counts. He walks out. Beryl and David come in to find Kevin holding Davey again and telling Lynn that he's sorry - he's really sorry. Lynn smiles happily and says she knows. Davey suddenly calls out, "Mummy! Daddy!"

Todd is at Irene's with another, older, man, who's telling a story about how the first mate said, "What's them matter with them lot? Haven't they seen a mermaid before, eh?" Irene bursts out laughing. Todd smiles and says that's disgusting! Irene asks where his sense of humour is! The man says to Todd that his mum tells him he's interested in yachts. Todd replies that that's right. The man tells him to come over and have a look at his operation sometime - he'll show him around. Todd replies that he doesn't get a lot of spare time. The man tells him to come any day he likes - it's a standing invitation. He then asks which way it is to the gents', and Irene points it out. He leaves them. When he's gone, Irene tells Todd that she's glad he's going to make the effort to look at Harry's boatyard some day. Todd, though, tells her not to push it. He adds that Harry seems like a decent sort of bloke, and maybe he will go and have a look - some day. Irene assures him that she won't push it - just so long as he knows she doesn't approve of people who waste their lives doing nothing; she's always felt that way and always will.

Early the next morning, Irene, Todd and Amanda are walking along the beach at the harbour. A dog trots along a nearby pier. Todd is holding a document case. As they come to come buildings, Amanda asks, "What's this?" Todd replies that it's a boatyard, and he asks her what it looks like. Amanda tells him that she can't go sailing as she's got a hair appointment. Irene quickly assures her that they're not going out. At that moment, Harry walks over and joins them, and he comments to Todd that that 'some day' came round pretty quick! Todd replies that he just happened to be in the neighbourhood! He then introduces Amanda and Harry. Harry tells the three of them to take a look around to get an idea of the set-up. He then asks to look at Todd's designs. Todd hands them over and tells him that they're nothing special. Harry tells them to go ahead and he'll catch up. They do so, and Amanda immediately asks what's so important about a whole lot of half-finished boats. Todd tells her that they're not boats - they're yachts. Amanda complains that she'll be late for her appointment. Irene asks Todd how he'd like to design one of the boats they're looking at, adding that he could come up with another America's Cup winner! Todd agrees that it would be one way to keep a part of yourself alive, he guesses. Looking surprised, Irene comments that she wasn't thinking of it in quite so heavy terms. Todd quickly explains that he just meant it would be something to give him an interest. Amanda tells him that she's got an interest: getting to the hairdresser's. Irene tells her that she can't go before she takes a photo. She takes out her camera and tells her to come with her to find Harry.

David and Jill are sitting at the table in the living room at Toorak. Jill reminds David that she told him Lynn was having second thoughts. David points out that they're not out of the woods yet - but he reckons they'll be alright. Patricia suddenly comes in and cheerfully says, "Morning!" She then adds that she's sorry she didn't stay around to talk last night, but she was too exhausted. David tells her that she looks good this morning. He then adds that he'll catch up with her news later, as he's got to get across to Beryl and take the kids to the airport. Patricia says she's glad Kevin is on the mend - she hopes it works out for him in London. David tells her that he supposes she'll be glad to get back there after things are sorted out in Australia. Patricia replies that, actually, she's back to stay - it didn't work out with Matt. David says he's sorry. Patricia assures him that it's alright - she's not looking for any shoulders to cry on. She leaves them to it. David says to Jill that he'd better get a move on. Jill asks him to give her love to Lynn and Kevin, and she adds that she really admires them for getting back together like that. David suggests that maybe they can teach their elders a thing or two!

Irene, Todd and Amanda arrive back at Irene's apartment, and Irene asks her son how it feels to be back in the workforce. Todd tells her that he'll let her know tomorrow, after he starts. Amanda exclaims that she doesn't believe it - him a boatbuilder's labourer! Todd points out, "And an apprentice designer - that's the important bit!" He adds that Harry really seemed to like some of his designs; he knows it sounds crazy, but he can't wait to get started - he's glad Irene pushed him into it. Irene tells him that mother does know best! Changing the subject, Amanda asks if she can use the bathroom before she heads off. Irene replies that of course she can - she knows where it is. All of a sudden, Todd doubles over, as if struck by pain. He leans against the wall, trying to hold himself steady. Amanda, looking worried, asks him if he's alright. Todd replies that he isn't the best - he's been feeling a bit off all morning; he still hasn't got rid of that virus. He suddenly bends over in more pain, but insists that he's alright. He takes his bottle of pills out of his jacket pocket, but fumbles them and they drop on the floor. Irene picks them up, looks at them and immediately asks him now long he's been taking those. Todd, though, just snaps at her not to make a production out of it - he just needs to lie down. Irene tells him that he can lie down there, but Todd snaps that he has to go - he's expecting a 'phone call. Amanda tells Irene that this has happened to him before - she thinks it's more than a virus. Irene tells Todd that she'll drive him. Todd insists that he'll be alright, but Irene repeats that she'll drive him.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Lynn, Kevin and Davey are trying to shut one of their suitcases, which is packed full. They eventually succeed! Beryl comes in and Lynn thanks her for paying for them to have an extra few days in Tahiti. She adds that, like Kevin said, it'll be like a second honeymoon - it might make all the difference to them. The two women hug. David comes in and suggests they get a move on. Kevin lifts Davey up and tells him that they're going on a big aeroplane, all the way to London! Lynn asks him if he's got his tablets. Kevin says they're in his overnight bag, and Lynn asks where that is. Kevin realises that it's in the bedroom, and he goes to get it. Lynn follows him. When they're alone, Beryl asks David if the kids will be alright. David smiles and says, "I reckon." Beryl points out that that's more than they can say... Lynn and Kevin come back in and Kevin says he thinks he's got everything now. David says, "Let's get a move on!" They head out.

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Jill says she'll get it. Patricia heads upstairs. On the 'phone, Jill says it's her. She then asks the person how he is and tells him to hang on. She looks upstairs to where Patricia's standing on the landing and tells her that it's Matt, calling from London. Patricia replies that she's not there. Looking surprised, Jill tells Matt that she's sorry - she thought Patricia was there but she isn't. She adds, "Same to you. Bye." She hangs up and then says to Patricia that she thought she said she and Matt are still friends. Patricia retorts that she knows what she said, but it's nobody else's business. Jill looks worried.

Todd is lying on the couch in the lounge room at the Fishers'. Irene is sitting on the edge of the chair. Todd thanks her for the lift but adds that he's fine now - she can just leave him to get some sleep. Irene, though, asks him what his doctor's number is. Todd insists that he's just got a virus. Irene, though, holds up his pills and tells him that they're not prescribed for a virus. She asks him, "How bad is it?" Todd doesn't respond, and so she prompts, "Tell me: how bad?" Todd looks at her and a wan smile then crosses his face before he says, "How bad can it be? It's going to kill me." Irene looks shocked. Todd goes on that he found out a couple of months ago; he's got used to the idea. Irene cries, "Oh, Todd..." She who else knows, but Todd tells her that there's no one - his dad and Karen were overseas at the time; that's one thing that he can be thankful for. Irene asks him what he means. Todd explains that, if his dad had been there, he would have made him have treatment; maybe it would have kept him alive a bit longer - if you can call it living... but if it happens, he wants it to happen quickly. He then asks Irene if she thinks Amanda has guessed. Irene replies that she thinks she probably knows that it's more serious than Todd has been letting on... Todd asks her if she can believe it: at a time like this, he has to go and fall in love - but he can't tell Amanda that he loves her because there's nowhere for it to go. Irene points out that he could tell her the truth. Todd retorts that, no, he can't - he doesn't want her pitying him; he wants to hang on to what he's got for as long as he can. Irene asks him if he's had a second opinion. Todd replies, "Second... third... fourth..." He adds that there are still times when he can convince himself that they're all wrong; then he gets days like today, and he knows he's just kidding himself. He goes on that he supposes Irene can guess the real reason he tracked her down: he wanted to know what she's like while he still could - but he never meant to lay this on her. Irene tells him that she's glad he did - no one should have to go through it on their own. Todd insists that he isn't looking for someone to hold his hand - he promised himself that he'd do it his way. He asks her if she promises she won't tell anyone. Irene nods. Todd then tells her that there's one thing he lied to her about. Irene asks, "What?" Todd tells her that, when he said he'd got used to the idea, he hasn't even started to. He cries, "I'm scared, mum. God, I'm scared." Irene hugs him tightly.


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