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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Heather storms out of the kitchen yelling that she's not going to go over and over it. She angrily adds that she wishes she'd never heard the name 'Carlyle'. On the 'phone, Roger says, "Katie?" Katie tells him that she's still there. Roger comments that it sounds like there's trouble. Katie snaps that there always has been since he and Luke turned up. Roger tells her that he thinks she should take up his offer. Katie asks him if he's sure Jill won't get hurt. Roger replies that there's no way she'll get hurt - he promises. Katie reluctantly says, "OK - anything to get you and Luke out of my hair." Mike suddenly comes out of the kitchen and yells at her that he thought he heard her voice. She very quickly tells Roger that she'll call him back, hangs up and goes and sits on the couch. Mike angrily asks her how long she's been there. He then goes on that he wants an explanation as to why she's been lying to them; why has she been sneaking around seeing a 45-year-old man with a reputation for seeing young women? Katie retorts that she didn't sneak away; she asked her mum; she asked her to trust her and she did - and she hasn't done anything with Roger Carlyle - he's just got a dirty mind. Mike angrily snaps, "What do you--" He suddenly breaks off, and then continues more calmly that he's worried about her - is there anything wrong with that? Katie, though, snaps that if he doesn't trust her, she'll just move out; she won't stay there if he thinks she'll jump into bed with someone just because they want her to. They glare at each other. Katie suddenly bursts into tears and sobs that she hates all this shouting. She runs towards Mike and he gives her a hug. He tells her that of course he trusts her. Katie cries that she's so unhappy - it's just got to stop; it just has to.

David opens the front door at Dural to find Irene standing on the doorstep. She comments that it's the truckie; she wondered where he'd disappeared to! David comments that they didn't introduces themselves the other day, and so that do just that. Irene asks him where he's been, and he explains that he had a Brisbane haul; he's just stopping off in Sydney on the way to Melbourne. He suggests that they head into the lounge room, and Irene says, "Lead the way, CB." David, looking surprised, asks her if she's calling him that because he has a radio in his truck. Irene, though, explains that the C is for 'Cute' and the B... She slaps his butt! They head into the lounge room. Terry is standing behind the bar, and Irene tells him that she got her gladrags out of mothballs, so she hopes he's lined up a really glitzy restaurant! She then explains to David that they're going out to celebrate signing the papers for the partnership. She adds that he could have knocked her down with a feather, but she reckons they'll make a really good team, the two of them running the place together; Fiona is a real trouper, too. David asks her if she'll be using a lot of Fiona's money to renovate the place. Irene replies that Fiona has bought one of the flats outright, too - she's going to be living there. She asks where Fiona is, and Terry laughs that he was waiting for her to stop talking so he could tell her! He then goes on that Fiona had a bit of an upset this arvo, so she's lying down; she's sorry, and she'll make it up to Irene another time. Irene comments that that's a bummer - she hopes Fiona is OK. Terry explains that she's just feeling a bit down - so Irene is stuck with him and David. He asks her if she reckons she can handle it. Irene smiles and asks, "Is the Pope Polish?!"

Amanda is sitting on the couch, reading, at the Morrell apartment, when there's a knock at the door. She gets up and answers it to find Wayne standing there. He asks if he can come in. Amanda retorts that it depends what he's there for. Wayne replies that he's not there to fight - at least, he hopes not. Amanda tells him, "OK," and he walks in. He then asks what the dreadful music is that she's got on. Amanda snaps that it suited her mood. Changing the subject, Wayne explains that he's spent the last few days telling himself that he didn't want to see her again; he doesn't know who he was trying to kid - he loves her. Amanda says she knows - why else would he act so crazy and jealous? She goes on that she she loves him, too - she's had enough, that's all. Wayne tells her that he's got an idea of how they can fix things. He asks her when they were most happy. Amanda, looking puzzled, says she's not sure. Wayne tells her that it was when they were in Adelaide for a few days - away from everyone. He goes on that he doesn't like the idea of leaving Gordy in the lurch with the business, but he reckons that they should come first; why don't they go back to Adelaide and start again as if no one else exists?; they both love each other - they could make it work. Amanda agrees that it may work - if they ignored everyone else and never made any friends. Wayne asks her what she means. Amanda tells him that his trouble is that if he loves someone, he wants them all to himself; no matter where they went, another Andy would turn up - someone that Wayne didn't like; someone he'd start getting jealous of for no other reason than that she might have smiled at him for a couple of seconds longer than she should have. She goes on that, sure, they could run away from everyone there - but he'd still be taking the old Wayne with him. Having listened to this, Wayne snaps that she's starting to sound like Matt Kennedy. Amanda snaps back at him not to start. She adds that running away won't get them anywhere; if there is an answer, that's not it. The front door suddenly opens and Andy comes in, holding some bags of food and saying that he's not going to that joint again; they take forever. Wayne snaps that he doesn't know why he bothers - he doesn't want to upset their cosy dinner for two. Amanda snaps back at him to grow up - there's nothing going on between Andy and her. Wayne retorts that he can really believe that - with her track record. He storms off. Andy looks at Amanda and tells her that he's sorry - he didn't mean to come in at the wrong time. Amanda assures him that it's not his fault.

Mike is lying upside down on Jeff's gym equipment in the lounge room at the O'Briens'. Heather comes in, kisses him and tells him that Katie said he was being reasonable. She thanks him. Mike turns himself the right way up and climbs down from the equipment. He tells his wife that Jim swears by it if he's in a bad mood - something about blood rushing to the brain! Heather asks if it helped. Mike replies that it did a bit; the kiss helped more, though! Heather grimly remarks that it was a bit like the bad days there. Mike assures her that they're never going to come back again. Heather says she hopes not; she can't help worrying, though - ever since he sold his lawnmowing round; she supposes that's why she flew off the handle before. Mike asks her why she's worried, as he got them out from under Roger Carlyle's thumb. Heather explains that she's worried about what he might get into - and how much he'll throw himself into it; work was what caused the trouble between them before. Mike assures her that no job will come between them ever again - no matter what field he ends up in, he guarantees that. He kisses Heather and they hug.

In the lounge room at Dural, Irene, Terry and David are still standing by the bar, and Irene is telling a joke. There's laughter all round at the punchline, and David comments that she's got a good supply of jokes! Terry suggests that they had better head off; he'll just go and see how Fiona is first. He heads out to the hallway and finds Fiona coming downstairs. He tells her that he was just coming to see how she is. Fiona explains that she was just going through the medicine chest, looking for a sleeping pill, but Barbara's made sure there aren't any. Terry asks her how she's feeling. Fiona replies that she's thinking about how Jill was. They suddenly hear laughter emanating from the lounge room again, and Fiona sadly comments that she used to be able to make people laugh like that once; times change, though. Terry replies that she's telling him - he used to be the big joker around the Woombai area; now, he'll have to save them up to keep the blokes at Pentridge laughing... Fiona says, "Don't..." Terry apologises, and remarks that they've got to keep smiling. He adds that he reckons Irene will be a big help, too.

Luke and Jill are sitting next to each other on the couch at the Palmers', watching TV. Luke remarks, "Talk about slushy!" Jill indignantly replies that she loves it. She gets up to turn it off and Luke realises that she's sobbing. He laughs at her, and Jill retorts that just because he hasn't got a heart...! Luke tells her that he obviously hasn't got the stomach, either, or he'd be throwing up! Changing the subject, he says he'd better be going - he's wasted enough of her time. Jill assures him that she enjoyed it. Luke tells her that he did, too - but he'd better not outstay his welcome - and she probably wants to ring back her friend who called. Jill recalls that Fiona rang, but then says she thinks she'll let that ride. They go to the door. As they do so, Luke says he'll be getting a job pretty soon, so the next time, they'll do a bit better than fish and chips - that is, if she wants to keep on seeing him. Jill tells him that she enjoys his company. Luke says, "Night." He then kisses her on the cheek and walks off, leaving Jill smiling.

The next morning, in the Palmers' kitchen, Katie tells Jill that Luke told Jeff about not having any money. Jill replies that she thinks he was embarrassed about telling her after he blew all that money at The Acorn. Katie agrees that that's Luke... Jill continues that any outings from now on will be el cheapo! She adds that she doesn't mind, actually - she prefers it. Katie agrees that she feels the same. Changing the subject, she asks Jill if she's going to come skating today or not. She adds that Jill has had ten minutes to think about it! Jill says she'll come - she's sure Beryl can look after Fee. Katie explains that she's got to drop a computer program off on the way, if that's OK. Jill assures her that it is, adding that she'll wait outside. Katie, though, explains that Jill might like to come in through curiosity: it's Luke's dad she's going to see - he's helping her get started in the business. Jill comments that Luke was telling her about him last night - he doesn't like him much. Katie agrees that she could say that. She asks Jill if she's curious. Jill replies, "A bit." She adds that Luke made him sound like a monster. Katie replies that he's fine - they'll only be there for a couple of minutes. Jill smiles and says she's game - she'd like to see what he's really like. Katie tells her that she'll see her in fiftenn minutes. She heads towards the front door, but as she does so, she turns to look back at the kitchen, an expression of worry on her face.

Wayne is reading one part of the newspaper in the lounge room at Dural while Barbara reads the other part. Barbara, having finished her section, asks him if he wants to swap. Wayne snaps that he hasn't finished his part, yet. Fiona comes in from the kitchen and asks Barbara if she can borrow some eggs for breakfast. Barbara incredulously says, "Breakfast?!" Fiona explains that David, Terry and Irene made quite a night of it; they're still asleep! Barbara tells her to help herself. Fiona then asks her if she minds if Irene spends the day there; she feels a heel for dipping out on last night, so she wants to make it up to her. Barbara assures her that that's fine, and Fiona heads back to the kitchen. Wayne immediately snaps that that's a great way to ruin Sunday: Fiona's stray dogs hanging around the place. Barbara sarcastically comments, "We are in a good mood." She then goes on that she thought Irene was a very nice woman. Wayne snaps that she's as common as muck, if you ask him. Gordon's voice suddenly booms out, calling for Wayne. Wayne calls back that he's there. Barbara, looking surprised, comments that she didn't know he'd met Irene. Wayne replies that it was a few days ago. Gordon comes into the room and tells Wayne that he's just had a call from Peter McPherson - the bloke who bought the stud from them: he's struck a few problems and wants him to come over and give him some advice. Barbara comments that she thought he wasn't feeling very well. Gordon agrees that he isn't - that's why he'd like Wayne to come as back-up. Wayne growls, "Anything to get out of the house." He asks if it'll take long. Gordon replies that it'll take most of the day, from the sound of it. Wayne tells him that he'll meet him out at the garage, and he heads off to change. When he's gone, Barbara snaps that he doesn't get any better. Gordon retorts that marriage bust-ups are hard enough for anyone; with Wayne... He kisses Barbara and tells her that he'll see her later this afternoon. He leaves the room. As soon as he does so, Barbara goes to the 'phone on the bar and dials a number.

A few minutes later, Amanda asks Barbara if she's sure they won't be sticking their heads in the lion's mouth after last night? Barbara assures her that it'll be fine. She adds that she's really missed them both since they left; please? Amanda assures her that she doesn't have to prove anything to them - they know she's not taking sides. Barbara replies that it's not that - she missed them; will they come? Amanda replies that she'd love to. Barbara tells her that, after a few days of Wayne's charming company, they'll be like a breath of fresh air.

There's a ring on the doorbell of Roger's apartment. In the apartment, Roger says to a man who's sitting with him that that will be them now. He goes on that Katie knows what to do; once the man and Katie are in the study, give them about ten minutes - and be sure to make an impression on Jill. The man nods. Roger opens the apartment door and comments to Katie that he was wondering where she'd got to! He invites her and Jill in, and Katie introduces Jill to Roger. Roger, in turn, introduces them both to the man he's with, Greg Lawrence. They all shake hands. Roger explains to Katie that Greg has been looking forward to seeing what she's come up with. He adds that everything is set up in the study; if she and Greg want to get down to business... He turns to Jill and says he hopes she doesn't mind being stuck with him. Jill assures him, "Not at all."

Luke, who's dressed smartly, crosses a road and stands outside The Acorn, looking up at its grand exterior. He then heads inside.

The lift doors open at the bottom of the apartment block in which Roger is living, Katie and Jill emerge and start heading to the main door. As they do so, Katie remarks to Jill that she and Roger must have talked about more than that. Jill, though, replies that it really was just smalltalk. Katie asks if Roger found out that she knows Luke. Jill replies that it came up, but he obviously didn't want to talk about it; all he said was that maybe it's best if Luke didn't know she'd been there or he might take it the wrong way - and then changed the subject. She asks Katie what she expected him to say. Katie replies, "Nothing. Just--" She then concludes that it doesn't matter, and suggests they go skating. She looks worried, though.

Luke is standing in the entrance area at The Acorn. The waiter who served him and Jill the day before tells him that they don't open for another hour. Luke explains that he wants to see the manager, actually. The waiter recalls, "It's Mr. Carlyle, isn't it? You were in yesterday." Luke tells him that he's got a good memory. The waiter explains that if you remember customers' names, they always like you. He asks Luke if anything is wrong. Luke assures him that everything is fine; he's looking for a job, actually. The waiter looks surprised.

There's a ring on the bell at Roger's apartment, and Roger asks Greg to excuse him. He opens the door to find Katie standing there, and comments that he didn't expect to see her back. He asks what the problem is. Katie explains that she wants to know what this morning was all about. Roger asks where Jill is. Katie replies that she's at home, probably - she left her after skating. She then asks him why he got her to bring Jill there if he wasn't going to shove the knife into Luke. Roger retorts that that's his business; he promised her that Jill wouldn't be upset and he stuck to that - there's nothing more to say. He adds, though, that he can assure her that she'll be seeing the back of Luke and him very quickly. He goes on that he won't ask her in because he's busy - "So goodbye, Katie." Katie looks at him holding out his hand, but ignores it and turns away and goes. Roger closes the door. He then tells Greg that he can make the call - she'll be home by now. Greg stands up.

At the Palmers', Luke laughs, "Talk about a bluff!" He adds that he was sick of not geting a job because of being honest about his experience - so he lied! Jill tells him that being a waiter isn't easy - she's done it. She then comments that she didn't know there were any jobs going when they were there; she didn't hear another waiter being sacked. Luke tells her that it pays to keep your ears open - he knew they'd need someone before Monday so he thought he'd give it a go. He smiles and declares, "I've got a job!" He asks what they should do to celebrate, but before Jill can answer, the 'phone rings and she goes to answer it. A man comes on and asks if that's Jill. Jill says it is, and Greg Lawrence tells her that it's him - they met at Roger Carlyle's a few hours ago, remember? Jill asks him what she can do for him. Greg replies that he knows he's got bit of a cheek, but go out with him, for starters! Jill looks surprised.

Andy is swimming in the pool at Dural. Amanda is standing on the side talking to Barbara, and she tells her that if it wasn't for the cast on her arm, she'd be in there too! Irene comes out and tells Barbara that Fiona thought she might might to look at the plans for the removations to the boarding house. Barbara tells her that that would be lovely, and she heads inside. Amanda calls to Andy that it's time to come out. Andy just splashes water at her!

Inside, Gordon and Wayne are just arriving home. As they come in through the front foor, Gordon warns Wayne to be sensible: so what if it is Andy's van out there? Wayne snaps that that's really great: Barbara sneaks them in while he's out. Gordon points out that she's only being practical: she's fond of both of them, and the way things are, the only time she can ask them over is when he's not there. Wayne snaps that it didn't work today, did it. Gordon replies that that's only because they're back early. He suggests that they go into the study, and Wayne can calm down; there's nothing to worry about. Wayne angrily snaps, "With lover boy trying to bust up my marriage?" Gordon points out that he's got no proof of that. The two of them head into the study. The door that leads to the flat and the pool suddenly opens, and Amanda runs inside, followed by Andy. She laughs that he's still wet - and she can't get water on her cast. Andy smiles and teases that that's just an excuse. He shakes his hair, so that water sprays all over her, causing her to laugh hysterically! Wayne suddenly comes out of the study and shouts, "Hey!" He then turns to Gordon and snaps, "Now do you reckon I've got nothing to worry about?"

On the 'phone at the Palmers', Jill tells Greg Lawrence that it's very flattering, but she hardly knows him, and she's got to go because she's got a friend there. Greg comments, "Competition, eh?!" Jill tells him that it isn't - and it's none of his business. Greg ask her if she's not going to take pity on a poor tourist from Adelaide; show him a few of the sights. Jill says she isn't, and she adds that there must be plenty of people who can do that. Greg replies that there aren't when she's one of the sights! Jill smiles and remarks, "What a terrible line!" She then tells him that she's sorry and hangs up. At Roger's apartment, Roger tells Greg to try again tomorrow. At the Palmers', Jill says to Luke, "Talk about a smoothy!" Luke asks her where she met the guy. Jill replies that it was just at a friend's house. Quickly changing the subject, she asks him what they're going to do to celebrate his job. Luke replies that he doesn't know - it's up to her. Jill, looking uncomfortable, asks him if that call worried him. Luke assures her that of course it didn't; why should it? Jill tells him, "Exactly!" She then adds that she's been through a pretty tough time lately, and she doesn't need anyone pushing things faster that they're meant to go. Luke assures her that she doesn't have to worry about him - he's only there for the fun. Jill smiles and says, "Me too."

In the hallway at Dural, Gordon snaps that he knows what he saw. Barbara snaps back that he's sounding as paranoid as Wayne - they were just larking around by the pool, and that's all they were doing in there. Amanda chips in that that's all it was - honestly. Gordon retorts that he can see why Wayne is concerned: Amanda hardly looks like someone who gives two hoots about her marriage. Andy chips in that that's not fair. Wayne immediately snaps at him not to butt in; he's done enough already. Barbara tells Gordon that they've had a lovely morning, so can he please not spoil it; she trusts Andy and Amanda totally, and thinks he should, too. Wayne angrily yells that she always was the gullible sort - with her precious Andy, too; she trusts him as much with Amanda as she does with Lynn, does she? Barbara snaps at him not to drag that up; nothing happened with Lynn and he knows it. Wayne turns to look at Andy, and says he knows Andy promised nothing would happen, but tell Barbara about spending the night with Lynn - the same day he made that promise. He snaps, "He's a really nice type is our Andy." Amanda warns, "Wayne..." Wayne snaps that, no, he won't shut up - he's got no reason to keep it secret now: he only did then because she asked him to - and now he doesn't owe her a thing. Andy insists that nothing happened between him and Lynn. Barbara looks at her niece and says, "Amanda?" Amanda replies that Andy was in Lynn's room, sure, but nothing happened... Barbara turns and glares at Andy, yelling that he went to Lynn's room when he promised that he wouldn't go near her. Andy yells back that, yes, he went there, but nothing happened; they just held hands. Wayne snaps, "Sure - just like you and Amanda were only 'larking about'." He angrily goes on that that religious mob only brought out what was inside Andy; they thought he was a mongrel up at Woombai, but that was the real Andy Green - not the saint Barbara wants to think he is because he's Roland's son. Barbara yells, "Oh stop it." Gordon says he's sorry, but he thinks Wayne is right: Andy broke his promise to her and now he's coming between Wayne and Amanda; he really doesn't think he can give him the benefit of the doubt. Andy, looking incredulous, snaps that surely Gordon isn't going to believe that creep Wayne over him, is he? Gordon yells that this is his home and Wayne is his son; he thinks it would be best if Andy collects his things and goes. Barbara asks Andy if he went to Lynn's room that night. Andy admits that, yes he did, but-- Barbara interrupts and angrily snaps that there are no 'buts' about it - he broke his promise and Gordon is right: he should go. Andy yells that she's not going to damn well let Wayne get to her, is she? Gordon yells at him, "Don't you talk to my wife like that. You were asked to go; now leave--" He suddenly bends over in pain, and clutches his hands to his chest. As he cries out in agony, Barbara, looking terrified, asks, "What is it?"


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