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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Stephen tells Patricia, "In a minute." He then tells John to take her and Charlie into the lounge room; he and Wayne will take care of Andy. He tells Amanda to go with John. Amanda snaps at Patricia that, once they've explained, she'll understand. Stephen and Wayne start trying to lift Andy. Barbara anxiously asks if he'll be alright. Stephen replies that he'll be fine - but they have to get him in the car before he comes-to; they'll get him out the back way so that his friends don't see them. Barbara grimly points out that Patricia could make things very unpleasant. In the lounge room, Charlie snaps at John and Amanda that Patricia is supposed to avoid stress; something like this isn't going to help. Amanda points out that they hardly expected this. Patricia asks why Stephen hit Andy. John explains that he's been caught up in a crank religious outfit. Amanda adds that they've brainwashed him, and they were trying to get him away so that they could knock some sense into him. John goes on that knocking him out was the only way to do it or he'd have yelled to his mates outside. Amanda explains that they're very dangerous. John tells Patricia that he knows she could cause a lot of strife, but could she please not, as there's too much at stake. Patricia doesn't respond, and Amanda snaps that there's no point in asking her not to cause trouble. John pleads, "Please?" Stephen suddenly comes in and announces that they're ready to go. He asks John if he can handle things there, and John says he can. Stephen then turns to Patricia and tells her that he's glad to see her out of the home; he's just sorry she had to walk in on this. He tells Amanda to come on, and the two of them go. John tells Patricia and Charlie that they'd better leave too - when those guys find out that Andy isn't coming out, they'll kick up a fuss and probably call the police. Patricia tells him that they won't have to - she will. Charlie says she doesn't think they should get involved. Patricia replies that she wants to help; she wants to try and make up for some of the things she's done. She adds that, besides, attack is the best means of defence...

A short time later, Gary is standing at the front door and he demands to know where Andy is. Patricia calmly tells him that she doesn't know who he's talking about - there's nobody there by that name. Gary tells her that they'll call the cops. Patricia replies that she's already done that when she saw their van on her driveway - she doesn't like strangers on her property; they've already been robbed twice. Gary angrily retorts that it's not going to work - they've got Andy in there. Patricia asks him if he's calling her a liar. Gary snaps that they'll let the cops search the place. Patricia replies that that's fine - but he should remember that they're coming there on her complaint, not his - he could find himself up on a charge of trespassing. Gary gives up and walks away. Patricia closes the door and heads into the lounge room. Charlie tells her that she was marvellous! Patricia says she only hopes she can carry it off when the police arrive. She asks John if the boys from The Farm know him by sight. John says, "Yeah." Patricia tells him that he'd better pop out the back way, then. John, though, replies that he wants to hang around; he'll keep out of sight upstairs - if he hears the police coming, he'll take off then. Looking worried, he asks Patricia if she's sure she can cope. Charlie adds that she knows what the doctor said about stress... Patricia points out that it's a bit difficult under the circumstances. John tells her that he thinks she's got a lot of guts. Patricia thanks him. The noise of a vehicle drawing up outside becomes apparent, and Charlie looks out of the window. She tells the others that it's the police. She then adds that this is a like being in a spy novel! Patricia tells John that he'd better go. John wishes her luck and heads upstairs. Charlie tells Patricia that the police are talking to the young men. Patricia walks over to her handbag and takes out a pill. Charlie says she thinks she could do with one!

Jeff is making sandwiches in the kitchen at the O'Briens', leading Heather to comment that he says he comes home from school for lunch because he hates sandwiches, and what does he do?! Jeff explains that this is different - it's good when Jim isn't around. Heather points out that he hasn't been any trouble - and Mike has been getting on with him better than for ages - and he's looking for a job. Jeff explains that it's the way Jim carries on - as if he owns the place. Heather asks him to give his uncle a go - he was good to them when they needed him. Jeff replies that he'll give him a go as long as he doesn't stay around for too long.

Jim is standing outside on the front door step, looking at the mail he's just picked up. He then opens the door and heads into the house. He tells Jeff that there's a letter for him, from Perth. Heather comes out from one of the bedrooms and asks Jim how he went. Jim smiles and replies that he got the job - he starts next Monday! Heather congratulates him. Jim then smiles and asks Heather if she knew Jeff had a girlfriend in Perth - some poor girl pining away since he left, and he never let on! Jeff snaps at his uncle to give the letter to him; he snatches it away. Jim asks if there's anything to eat. Heather tells him to try the 'fridge, and he wanders off. Heather tells her son that Jim was only teasing. Jeff snaps that he's not five-years-old any more. Heather asks who the letter's from. Jeff just replies that it's from a friend. Heather asks if it's from a girl. Jeff replies that it isn't. Heather says it's from Luke, isn't it. Jeff nods but doesn't say anything. Heather snaps that she thought they weren't going to keep in touch with any of the Carlyles. Jeff tells her that he and Luke were mates. Heather says she thought they agreed they'd make a clean break. She asks Jeff if he wrote to Luke. Jeff nods again. Heather tells him that she didn't want them to know where they are. Jeff assures her that Luke won't tell his father. Heather tells him that that part of her life is over. She then adds that Mike would be really upset if he found out. Jeff says he's sorry. Heather tells him not to write back; let the whole thing drop, and she'll talk to Jim and make him see that he has to respect his nephew's privacy.

At Toorak, Patricia and Charlie escort two policemen from the lounge room to the front door. Patricia asks one of the constables if they can make the guys outside leave now. The policeman tells her that of course they can - but they'll have to register their complaint. Patricia points out that they know there's no one else there. The policeman agrees that he's not quite sure what the guys outside are playing it. Charlie says it seems as though they want to case the house. The constable tells her that thieves aren't normally quite as obvious! Patricia tells him that she'd be very grateful if they can get rid of them. The constable tells her that he'll give them a warning and she'll probably hear no more about it. Patricia tells him and his colleague that they've been very helpful. They go, and Patricia closes the door and says, "Thank God it's over." John runs down the stairs and tells Patricia that she was terrific! Patricia asks him how he kept out of the way. John replies that he was one step ahead of the law! He then points out that she could have made a lot of trouble for Stephen and the others. Patricia replies that she admits that that that was her first impulse - but talking to the doctors must have done her good; she's still got a long way to go, though. John tells her that she'll do it - and if there's any way he can help, count him in.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather asks Jim exactly what the company he'll be working for makes. Jim replies, "Herbs and spices." Heather smiles and asks him if he's going to be a spice representative. Jim replies that it's right up his alley, doesn't she think?! Heather laughs. She then becomes serious and tells him that there's something she wants to talk to him about: Jeff. Jim admits that he's not getting very far with him. Heather tells him that that business before, with the letter: Jeff doesn't like that sort of thing. Jim points out that it was a joke. Heather continues that he doesn't like people bowling into his room, either; he's entitled to his privacy. Jim replies that he can have it - he'll steer clear. He continues that he's been trying his damndest to make friends, but Jeff just isn't interested. Heather tells him that he has to go easy with him, that's all. Jim says that, if things don't improve in the next couple of days, he thinks he should push off. Heather tells him to give Jeff time. Jim says he'll see how things go. Heather looks worried.

Gordon hangs up the 'phone on the bar at Dural and Fiona asks if that was Barbara. Gordon tells her that they've taken Andy by force. Fiona asks if Barbara will be back for the court hearing tomorrow. Gordon replies that they're driving back now. Fiona asks, "With Andy?" Gordon says yes: they thought it was best to get him right away from Melbourne. Looking worried, he then adds, "My God - they've broken the law and the charge is kidnapping." Fiona says she's sure it won't come to that - once they get through to Andy... Gordon grimly replies, "If they get through." He then adds that, frankly, he wishes Barbara had never got involved. Fiona points out that he can't blame her - she has a sense of responsibility towards Andy. Gordon retorts that the fact that he's Roland's son shouldn't make her feel any responsiblity at all. Fiona says it not just that: Helen's death was a dreadful shock to her - she still feels a sense of guilt about it. Gordon says he can even see Stephen's point of view: he thought Andy was his son. He continues that he knows they're doing it for the very best of reasons, but it won't stop them landing in a lot of strife.

Barbara is driving her car towards Sydney. Amanda is sitting in the passenger seat, and Wayne and Stephen are sitting either side of Andy in the back. Amanda turns to Andy and tells him to come on - he hasn't spoken a word for hours. Stephen turns to him and tells him that they didn't want to hurt him, but they had to stop him getting out that door. Barbara looks in her rear view mirror and tells Andy that they were only doing it to help him; why else would they risk the charge of kidnapping? Amanda tells him that he'll see things differently once they get to Sydney and he's had a good rest; he'll realise that he's with people who really do love him. Andy doesn't respond.

Heather is visiting Margaret at the hospital, and she tells her that she'll ask Patricia to lunch. Margaret replies that that's so kind of her, because she knows Heather doesn't know Patricia well. Heather says it will be nice to meet her again. Margaret sadly says her sister needs all the support she can get. Heather assures her that she'll do what she can. The door of the room suddenly opens and David comes in. He says a bright, "G'day," and asks Heather how she is. She replies that she's fine, but it's about time she was going. David tells her not to leave because of him. Heather assures him that it's alright - he and Margaret will want to talk - and she has to go and get some meat for tea. Margaret thanks her for the flowers she brought. Heather tells her that she'll ring Patricia; she goes. David sits down on Margaret's bed, and Margaret comments that it's so good of Heather to keep coming to see her. David kisses her and tells her that Heather knows what a lovely person she is. As he takes her hand, he says he wishes she could wear her engagement ring. Margaret looks worried, and she tells him that people would start asking questions. David starts to say that it's just... He then stops and asks what Heather was saying about Patricia. Margaret explains that Heather is going to invite her for a meal. Looking surprised, David asks if she's out of the rest home already, adding that that was pretty quick. Margaret replies that she still needs a lot of help... Realising that she's hinting at something, David tells her that there's nothing he can do. Margaret replies that there is - if he's prepared to...

As John arrives back at the Palmers', Katie follows him into the lounge room as he looks through the mail. She tells him that she called in earlier but there was no one at home. John explains that Beryl has taken Jill out. Katie asks where Andy is, as she hasn't seen him for days. John hesitatingly tells her that he's staying with some people in Geelong. Katie sighs and says she wishes she'd known - she could have told those guys. John looks at her sharply and asks, "What guys?" Katie replies that they were in a van; they called-by earlier, looking for him - she told them that he hadn't been around for a while, and he could have gone to Sydney, for all she knew. John asks if that's all. Katie tells him that it isn't: they asked about his friends - the Hamiltons; they said they knew they lived in Sydney, but weren't sure where; she told them that she thought it was Dural. John sighs heavily. Katie tells him that they seemed really nice. John retorts that they've got some idea now of where to look; they'll bring the police in for sure. He curses, "Hell."

A short time later, back at the O'Briens', Heather tells Katie that it wasn't her fault. Katie snaps that if only she'd kept her big mouth shut... Heather points out that she wasn't to know who they were. Katie tells her mother that John had to ring the Hamiltons in Sydney to warn them that the police could land on their doorstep at any minute. Jeff suddenly comes in, holding a twisted piece of metal, and says, "Look at this." Katie asks what it is. Jeff replies that it's Jim's car aerial - he found it in the gutter; someone must have broken it off. Katie comments, "What a rotten thing to do." Heather adds that Jim will be upset. Jeff asks where he is. Heather tells him that he's gone for a stroll to the shopping centre. Jeff says he'll hang onto the aerial in case it can be fixed. He wanders off, and Katie says she thinks she'll work on her computer program. Heather says to her that she's glad that Jeff is annoyed about the aerial, the way he is about Jim. Katie suggests that maybe he's waking up to himself.

Charlie, Patricia and David walk into Margaret's apartment, and Charlie looks around and declares that she loves it - she really does! Patricia tells David that she's very grateful for letting her stay. David replies that he knows she's had a rough stint. Charlie announces that she has to get back to Sydney. She then adds that she only wishes she could take Patricia with her. Patricia reminds her that she knows she wants to be near Margaret. David says he'll leave them to it, and he goes. Charlie tells Patricia that she was just thinking: is it really wise? Patricia asks her what she's talking about. Charlie explains that she means living there with the man she used to be madly in love with. Patricia replies that everything between David and her finished a long time ago. Charlie points out that you can never be sure with things like that. Patricia, though, tells her that there's one aspect to her living there that she hasn't thought about: the only real threat to David and Margaret is Beryl - and with her around, Beryl's certainly not going to show her face. Charlie smiles and comments that that sounds like the old Patricia to her! Patricia tells her that they certainly haven't got rid of her completely!

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather tells Mike that she felt she had to invite Patricia as a favour to Margaret. Mike asks about the nervous breakdown that she said this woman is having, but Heather tells him that she doesn't know the details. Mike laughs that she shouldn't leave any meat cleavers lying about! Heather laughs, but assures him that she won't be drawn into Patricia's problems. Jim suddenly comes into the house and snaps, "The rotten mongrels - someone snapped the aerial off my car." Katie, who's sitting at her computer, tells him that Jeff came in with it, before. Jim incredulously snaps, "Jeff?" Jeff comes into the room at that moment, and Jim angrily asks him what the hell he was doing. He adds that he knew Jeff had it in for him, but this is incredible. Katie snaps at her uncle that Jeff found the aerial in the gutter; he was really upset about it - it wasn't him who broke it off. Jim calms down and tells Jeff that he's sorry. Jeff, though, angrily asks why the hell Jim reckons he'd do something like that. Jim replies that they haven't been hitting it off too well... Jeff snaps that Jim reckoned he'd do something like that. In the kitchen, Heather and Mike are listening as Jim points out to his nephew that he pinched a car in Perth - is it any wonder a bloke would think that? A look of guilt crosses Heather's face as a look of shock and surprise crosses Mike's. He closes the kitchen doors as Jeff snaps at Jim that he knew he'd bring that up and Jim apologises and says he shouldn't have mentioned it at all. Mike says to Heather that she'd better tell him about this car that Jeff stole. Heather nervously explains that it was about seven months ago - Jeff and a friend took a car for a joyride; they crashed it and caused quite a bit of damage; she was going through quite a rough patch at the time and didn't know where to turn. Mike snaps that she could have rung him. Heather tells him that he knew the way things were between them: he wasn't sending much money... Mike retorts that there wasn't much money to send - the business was falling apart around his ears. Heather tells him that she didn't know that; she didn't feel she could talk to him. Mike asks how Jim knows about it. Heather explains that they kept in touch; he was very good, helping out any way he could; when she told him what had happened, he took complete charge. Mike angrily says, "I see." Heather continues that Jim made the police see that Jeff had problems at the time - because they were separated. Mike asks if Jeff went to court. Heather replies that he went to children's court, but he was released on a bond, and no conviction was recorded against him. Mike mutters that that's something. Heather goes on that that's when Jeff's problem with Jim started. She tells Mike that he knows how Jim used to tease Jeff and he couldn't take it - he used to always see Jim as a big show-off; well, that seemed to make it worse - that someone Jeff didn't like helped him out; he resented Jim all the more. Mike snaps that Jim should have told him. Heather explains that she asked him not to - she was at the end of her tether. Mike asks her why she didn't tell him when they got back together. Heather replies that she couldn't see the point in dragging it up again. Mike then asks who this friend was of Jeff's. Heather quickly tells him that it's no one he'd know. Mike asks how Jeff paid the costs. Heather tells him that Jim paid them - that's why she's so glad to be able to do something for him now. Mike snaps, "Good old Jim, eh? So he can come through from time-to-time." Heather says she's going to get on with the tea. Mike tells her that it was Jim who could never live up to his responsibilities and it comes as a bit of a shock to find he's been dealing with this behind his back. Heather tells her husband that she needed Jim's help - he doesn't know what it was like for her then. Mike snaps that maybe that's because she never told him. He then says he doesn't want to spoil teatime - he'll talk to Jeff later about it.

Barbara's car is parked in the forecourt of a service station, and she and Amanda are walking back to the vehicle, carrying some burgers. As they stop by the car, Amanda comments that they smell good. She leans inside and tells Wayne that she got him one with the lot. She then hands Andy one of the packages, but he doesn't take it. Amanda tells him that he hasn't eaten all day. Barbara chips in that if he doesn't eat, he'll get sick. She then puts her nose to the food and agrees with Amanda that it does smell good. Everyone starts eating except Andy, who remains sitting in the middle of the back seat, staring into space. Stephen gets out and walks over to where Barbara's standing. He tells her that it's going to be alright. Looking concerned, Barbara asks how long Andy's going to be like that. Stephen replies that Samantha went three or four days without eating. Barbara comments that it didn't take long to affect Andy. Stephen tells her that it's a very concentrated programme - and it'll be a long hard road to break him out of it. Barbara says Gordon has got to go to court tomorrow, and them landing on Andy isn't going to help matters. Stephen asks if Gordon is very annoyed. Barbara replies that he wasn't happy when she spoke to him - and she can't blame him: he's had a lot on his plate recently; she doesn't want to put more pressure on him. Something suddenly appears to occur to her, though, and she continues that maybe she doesn't have to...

Heather and Katie are clearing the plates from the dinner table at the O'Briens'. Mike and Jeff are still sitting there while Jim sits in the lounge room, reading his newspaper. Mike says to Jeff that he knows it must have been a rough time for him. Jeff replies that it was even harder for his mum. Mike points out to Jeff that he was the one that took the car. Jeff says it was a stupid thing to do; he and his mate - Luke - were just mucking about. Mike tells him that it's all over now - and he's glad he knows. He adds that they all do silly things when they're unhappy. Jeff assures him that it'll never happen again. Mike replies that it had better not; if he has any problems, he should come to him. Jeff stands up and thanks his father for not getting heavy. Mike points out that it's a bit late now! Jeff goes. Mike looks at Jim and then gets up and walks over to him. He tells him that it's about time they had a talk. Jim snaps that it's his turn now, is it? Mike tells his brother that it seems to him that he's is a bit of a hyprocrite. Jim asks him how he works that out. Mike continues that they were sharing a flat, and there Jim was encouraging him to lead the bachelor life - and all the while, he was rushing off to play dad with his family. Jim retorts that they needed help. Mike says he would have given it to them if he'd known. Jim tells him that Heather made him promise not to say anything; he had to do it her way, and if Mike can't see that, he should forget it. He gets up and storms off. Heather, who's standing in the doorway, looks at her husband. Mike asks her to give it a rest, as he's had enough for one night. Heather looks worried.

Barbara arrives back at Dural late that evening. As she walks in the front door, Gordon comes out of the lounge room and she tells him that everything's alright. Gordon quietly says, "No it's not." As a man follows him into the hallway, he tells her more loudly that two detectives are there - following up a call on a kidnapping, of all things! Looking 'surprised', Barbara says, "Really?"


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