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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Patricia is sitting on the bed in her and Stephen's room at the guest house, crying. Jill tenderly asks her if she wants a doctor, but Patricia cries that she just wants Stephen. Jill tells her that he's on his way. She then gently adds that she wishes Patricia would lie down. Patricia puts on a display of high emotion, and sobs that it was so awful - he just kept grabbing at her. Stephen comes in, and she stands up and runs and hugs him, crying, "Thank God you're here." Jill tells Stephen that Patricia won't let her call a doctor. Stephen replies that it's alright. Jill growls that Terry might have got away with it when he attacked her, but not this time. Stephen curtly says, "No."

At Woombai, Terry is sitting with Fiona, and he explains that Patricia asked him to meet her down by the waterhole; they went for a swim and everything seemed fine - and then they kissed, and then Jill came down and Fiona knows what happened after that. Fiona tells him that she believes him. Jill suddenly calls out for Fiona, and Fiona calls back that she's in the living room. Jill comes in and looks shocked to see Terry sitting there. She angrily asks Fiona if she knows what he did - he should be locked up. Fiona calmly replies that she knows what he's accused of. Jill snaps that he tried to-- Fiona interrupts and says she knows all about that, but she thinks Patricia is lying. Jill cries that she saw him. Terry retorts that she didn't see anything - she just heard a maniac of a woman carrying on. Jill turns to Fiona and asks her if she thinks he's telling the truth. Fiona replies that, yes, she does. Jill shakes her head in disbelief.

Patricia is sitting up in bed, and Stephen is with her. She hands him a glass and thanks him for the drink. Stephen asks her if she's calmed down a bit, and she murmurs, "Yeah." Stephen suggests that maybe he should give the police a call now, but Patricia hurriedly replies that, no, she doesn't want to talk to them - she couldn't bear it; she just wants to get out of there. Stephen understandingly says, "Yes." He makes to go, but Patricia pleads with him not to leave her. Stephen tells her that, if the law won't deal with Terry Hansen, someone has to.

At Woombai, Fiona hands Terry a cup of tea and tells him that it's not him that Patricia was after. Terry points out that he's the one she's accusing. Fiona explains to him that, before Stephen sent Patricia back to Sydney, she swore that if anything ever happened between them that she thought Fiona had caused, she would get back at her through him. Terry incredulously starts to ask whether she'd do something as bad as this, but Fiona interrupts him and tells him that she's done a lot worse. She angrily adds, though, that this time she's got one hell of a fight on her hands. Terry thanks her and tells her that she doesn't know how much it means to him. He then asks her if she's not just doing this because he's her son. Fiona reluctantly tells him to remember back to the first day that she found out what happened to Jill; she came to see him at the garage; he told her that if she pushed him into admitting anything about Jill, he'd say that five of his mates had already...; he blackmailed her into silence. Terry, looking guilty, replies that he was panicking. Fiona tells him that you can't hide your true feelings - and that day at the garage, she saw fear and panic in his eyes; and it's same now - only now, what she sees is honesty; she believes he's telling the truth. She continues that, maybe one day, he'll get punished for what he did to Jill, but one thing's for sure: Patricia Morrell is not going to play God with his life.

A short time later, Stephen walks into Woombai. Fiona is alone, and Stephen angrily asks, "Where is he?" Fiona calmly replies that she presumes he's talking about Terry. Stephen angrily asks, "Who else?" Fiona replies that she told him to make himself scarce, as she knew Stephen would turn up fighting. Stephen asks if Terry left her to do battle. Fiona retorts that Terry never touched Patricia - the whole thing is a set-up. Stephen incredulously says she can't expect him to believe that. Fiona asks him if Patricia called the police. Stephen says she didn't. Fiona says she didn't think so. Stephen snaps that she can hardly blame her - she didn't want to answer a whole lot of questions at-- Fiona interrupts and snaps that if Terry had attacked Patricia, she would prosecute him through every court in the land until she got a conviction, just to get revenge. Stephen tells her that it would be justice. Fiona retorts that, no, it would be revenge. She continues that Patricia threatened her that if she did anything to rock the boat between him and her, then she'd wreck her relationship with Terry; apparently, she's the one to blame for sending Patricia back to Sydney, so she's the one who has to pay; Terry never attacked Patricia - she made it up to get back at her. Stephen snorts that that's the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard in his life - Patricia isn't interested in what happens between her and Terry; right now all she wants to do is get away from Woombai. A wry smile crosses Fiona's face, and she comments that she should have realised: she bets Patricia wants Stephen to go with her. Stephen remarks that it seems natural under the circumstances. Fiona asks him if he doesn't see: Patricia made it all up to get back at her and force him to give up his job and go back to Sydney - it really is very clever. Stephen tells her that she's wrong - his wife is an emotional mess because of what Terry did; Fiona can try and convince herself that it didn't happen, but it did - and Terry has to pay. He continues that she is right: fighting isn't going to achieve anything; he wants Terry booted out of the property and the district. Fiona growls, "Over my dead body. "She angrily continues that she owns Woombai and she decides who goes and who doesn't - and Terry stays. Stephen points out that she's not the sole owner; she's not the only one who has a say. Fiona retorts that, right, they'll get all the partners together and hear both sides of the story, and then they can make up their own minds. Stephen asks her if she thinks they'll support her. Fiona replies that she's pretty sure. Stephen asks what she'll do if they decide that Patricia is telling the truth. Fiona tells him that she hardly thinks it's likely.

Back at the guest house, Patricia, who's still in bed, says to Stephen that she thought he'd tell Fiona what she could do with her job; how could he even consider working for her after all the accusations that she's thrown at her? Stephen explains that Terry should be the one to leave; he's the one that caused the trouble. Patricia says she agrees, but all same... Stephen tells her that it's important that he stays. He continues that Fiona accused her of engineering the whole thing to get him to go back to Sydney with her; if he leaves, it's the same as saying she's right. Patricia reluctantly says she supposes so; it just makes her so angry. Stephen sits down on the bed and suggests that she gets some rest while he rings Gordon and the others to organise a meeting. He asks Patricia if she's OK. She tells him that she'll survive. Stephen tells her not to worry: Terry won't get away with it - he's not running away from this one. He leaves the room. Patricia sits up in bed, looking annoyed.

Gordon is on the 'phone at Dural, and he's saying to Wayne at Toorak that it's a pretty messy business - it's best to get it sorted out straight away. He continues that he and Margaret will fly up this afternoon, and he asks Wayne if he can make the same flight. Wayne retorts that there's no point him flying up at all - Gordon can have his answer now: Terry goes. He goes on that Terry did his dash with Jill, and he doesn't owe Fiona any favours. Gordon tells him that it's his decision. Wayne asks about Beryl. Gordon replies that he spoke to her, and she'd rather stay out of it as she's so close to Fiona; he'll vote for her. Wayne growls that he wishes she'd given her vote to him. In the lounge room at Toorak, Andy says to Amanda that as soon as Wayne is off the 'phone, he'll call a cab. Amanda asks him when his 'plane leaves, and he replies that it's at 3pm. He then thanks Amanda for putting up with him for the last couple of weeks. Amanda tells him that she's glad he was there. Wayne comes in, and Amanda asks who was on the 'phone. Wayne tells her that Terry Hansen has attacked Patricia. Amanda comments, "Brave man!" Wayne snaps that it's nothing to laugh at, and he tells her to look at what he did to Jill. He continues that he couldn't care less what he did to Patricia - that's her look-out - but he's long overdue to be paid back for Jill. He storms out, and Amanda comments to Andy, "Talk about putting my foot in it." She adds that he's never going to forget Jill. Andy tells her that she doesn't know that. Amanda, though, says it's ironic: she's the one having his baby, but he's still in love with his old girlfriend.

Sometime later, Andy is standing in the hallway, and he calls to Amanda to buck up. Amanda joins him and they walk to the front door. Andy asks her if she wasn't saying that they're going to turn the spare room into a nursery. Amanda replies that that's right. Andy suggests that she could go out and buy some wallpaper. Wayne joins them and asks Andy if he's off. Andy suggests to him that he could give Amanda a hand. Wayne replies that he's not very good at that sort of thing. Amanda immediately snaps that it would be nice if he showed some interest for a change. Wayne, surprised at her reaction, tells her that, if that's what she wants, they'll go now. He asks her if she's got the room's measurements, and she goes to get them. Alone with Wayne, Andy says he doesn't think Wayne realises how much Amanda is in love with him. Wayne replies that he's got a fair idea. Andy calls out to Amanda that he's got to go. He then quietly tells Wayne to just be careful. Amanda comes back and she kisses Andy goodbye and thanks him for everything. All three of them head out.

A while later, Wayne and Amanda are walking along the main street, and Amanda comments that she hopes the next shop has something decent. They suddenly pass a toy shop, and Amanda stops and peers at the display in the window. Wayne points out that they came to look at wallpaper, but Amanda says she wants to look. Wayne tries to protest, but Amanda forces him inside! They take a look around, and Amanda spots a doll, which she lifts down from a shelf. She shows Wayne, but he looks disinterested. Amanda then takes down a cuddly cat. Wayne, meanwhile, has spotted some model soldiers. Amanda shows him the cat, but he shakes his head! Amanda next spots a big 'Activity Bear' toy. She shows Wayne, who smiles and agrees to it; he's holding a cricket bat! A few minutes later, he holds out a heart-shaped toy to her, and she laughs. Wayne then finds a rocking horse, and he sits down on it. He's far too big for it, but manages to rock it anyway!

Sometime later, the rocking horse is rocking on the floor at Toorak! Amanda asks Wayne what happens if it's a girl. Wayne replies that a girl can still ride a rocking horse. He continues that he had one just like it when he was a kid; he wonders what happened to it. Amanda comments that he's changed his tune a bit: he didn't want to buy wallpaper, and then buys the most expensive item in the toy shop! Wayne tells her that he admits he got a kick out of it! He then suggests that they get started on the wallpapering.

Gordon takes his bags out of the car at Woombai, he and Margaret having been picked up by one of the workers on the property. He asks Margaret if she's coming in, but Margaret says she'll be there in a minute - she wants to go and see Patricia first. Gordon says, "Of course." Margaret walks off. Gordon suddenly notices Terry standing on the verandah. The two men stare at each other for several seconds, and Terry then walks away.

Robin is in the bedroom at the guest house with Patricia, and he remarks, "Talk about the best-laid plans." Patricia impatiently asks, "Do you mind?" Robin ignores this and continues that she has to hand it to Fiona - it didn't take her long to wake up to Patricia's game. Patricia snaps that the day's not over yet - at least Fiona will be put through the wringer. Robin asks her how she thinks they'll vote. Patricia replies that, as long as she gets Stephen back, that's all that matters. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Patricia 'weakly' calls out to ask who it is. Margaret calls back that it's her. Robin opens the door, and the two of them exchange curt greetings. Margaret sits down on Patricia's bed and asks her if she's alright. Robin listens as she continues that it must have been awful. Patricia replies that it was. Margaret tells her that Terry isn't going to get away with it.

Wayne is standing on a ladder in the spare room at Toorak. Amanda is standing in the middle of the floor, and suddenly realises that she's got glue in her hair! Wayne comes down the ladder and humourously asks her how she did that. Amanda says she doesn't know! Wayne starts trying to get it out, suggesting as he does so that maybe they should call the professionals in! Amanda asks him if he wants to, but he replies that he doesn't. Amanda tells him that she doesn't, either. She then adds that she thinks their baby will love this room. She continues that the next she'll thing have to do is buy some books on bringing up a baby. Wayne comments that he thought she was going to talk to Lynn about that. Amanda replies that she didn't get around to-- She suddenly stops and says to Wayne that she thought he couldn't remember her going around to Lynn's. Caught on the hop, Wayne says he must have remembered that part... Amanda snaps that there wasn't any blackout - he made it up because it was easier than having to tell her that he didn't love her. Wayne tells her that he's sorry, but he only did it because he cares about her. He continues that she knows how it is with people like Jill, Rosie - even Gordy: people who he wants to get close to or who he's been close to... he always ends up hurting them, and he doesn't want that to happen to her - because he does care, very much; he thought it best to pretend that he's not interested. Amanda points out that you don't get anywhere in life if you're not prepared to take risks. Wayne tells her that he's not going against the odds. Amanda replies that she's prepared to chance it if he is... Wayne looks at her, and they start kissing...

Fiona, Stephen, Gordon, Margaret, Jill and Terry are all gathered at Woombai. Terry is addressing the others, saying angrily that Patricia has been setting him up for ages - first of all she gave him the big come-on up there, and then down in Sydney; she 'phoned him at his motel the day he had to give evidence for Alice Parker and invited him over to her apartment. Margaret tells him not to be ridiculous. Terry snaps that she saw him. Margaret retorts that she saw him turn up uninvited. Terry tells her that that's probably what Patricia wanted her to think. Margaret retorts that Patricia didn't want him there - she told her as much. Terry snaps that she's stupid enough to believe it. Margaret snaps that she'd rather believe Patricia than him. Terry angrily asks what the point of this is - they've all made up their minds. Fiona suggests to him that he calm down - he's under great pressure. Stephen interjects that Terry is under pressure becuase he's guilty - simple as that. Terry snaps, "You'd know." Stephen retorts that Jill certainly does. He turns to her and tells her to tell Gordon what she saw. Jill starts to explain that, when she arrived at the waterhole-- Gordon interrupts and asks her why she was going there. Jill explains that Robin had lost some papers that he needed for a meeting, and he wanted her to go and ask Patricia if she knew where they were. She continues that, when she got there, Terry was attacking Patricia; she was screaming at him to stop, and she finally got away. Fiona snaps that it's all part of the set-up - they all know what Patricia's capable of doing. Jill snaps at Fiona that she's only trying to cover up for Terry - she knows what he did. She storms out. Stephen addresses the others and says that, the first time Terry saw Patricia, he didn't realise that she was his wife, and he said she was a bit of alright, and that he wouldn't mind cracking on to her; later on, he tried to make a pass at her, and even though he was unsuccessful, he went around bragging to his mates about it. Terry snaps that it was nothing like that - young Tony said-- Stephen interrupts and says he heard the men talking. Terry snaps that it was all a misunderstanding. He then angrily says, "Jeez - I don't believe this." Gordon says he thinks they've all heard enough. Margaret chips in that she certainly has: she votes that Terry goes. Fiona cries, "Oh no..." She emotionally insists that if she could just explain about what they're all thinking... Stephen asks her what else she can tell them. Fiona asks them why they can't see that Terry's being set up. Gordon suggests that maybe it's because the evidence tells them otherwise. Fiona cries to him that he, of all people... how long have they been friends? Gordon tells her that they have to put that to one side. He continues that Wayne votes that Terry should go, and so does Margaret; Beryl and he have to agree. Fiona angrily asks if that's it. Terry snaps that at least he knows what a kangaroo court is like. He goes on that he didn't do it; if they want him to go, he'll go; sure, he did the wrong thing by Jill, and he'll never forgive himself for that, and if that's what they're paying him back for, fair enough, but one day they'll find out what really happened. He tells Stephen, "Your wife is an evil woman." He then walks out. Fiona stands there looking shocked. After a few seconds, she cries to Stephen, Gordon and Margaret that they're all so wrong - and she thought they were her friends. She continues that, all she can say is that they'd better start scratching around for money; they're going to have to buy her share of Woombai - because she doesn't want anything more to do with any one of them. Stephen and Gordon look at each other. Fiona walks out and goes and stands outside, leaning against one of the supporting posts on the verandah, crying in shock.


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